The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on September 27, 1996 · Page 43
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 43

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1996
Page 43
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 28, 1996 15 DAYTIME Sept. 30-Oct. 4 AFTERNOON 3:00 IB Movie (Tue) **x "Viva Las Vegas" (1:30) 5724265 (Wed) **« Tales of Terror (1:30)5791937 IB Movie (Fri) * ** "The Karate Kid, Part Two" (1:53)138181 BO) Movie (Mon) ** 'Running Free" (1:45) 8224295 (Tue) *** "Sweet Charity" (2:30) 9517333 (Wed) *x "Wagons East!" (2:15) 44044227 (Fri) ** "A Chorus Line" (2:15) 44908471 CD Movie (Mon) *is The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" (1:40) 8556547 GB Movie (Mon) *** "Educating Rita" (1:50)760653(3:05) (Wed) *x The New Adventures of PIppI Longstocking" (1:40) 43164289 (Fri) **!i "Harmony Cats" (1:44)160655 EB Inside Politics 0D Mission: Impossible S3 Born Free (Mon) Family Theatre (Tue) Campbells (Wed) Peaceable Kingdom (Thu) Prime Time Playhouse (Fri) IB SmallTalk CD Movie (Fri) * * * * The General" (1:30)976278 IB Dallas ID MTV Jams (Mon-Thu) Weekend Warm-up (Fri) 63 Movie (Mon) *** "Silent Movie" (2:00) 7215498 (Tue) * is The Heavenly Kid" (2:00)6642371 (Wed) ***"Rude Awakening" (2:00) 6619043 (Thu) ** The Experts" (2:00)6686715 (Fri) **x "Divine Madnessl" (2:00) 6653487 IB Kid Club (Mon) Motorsports Hour (Thu) Rodeo (Fri) OD NFL's Greatest Moments (Mon) Major League Baseball Playoffs (Tue- Fri) 09 Auto Racing 03 America's Most Wanted: Final Justice ED Movie (Mon) **» The Last Challenge" (2:00) 113301 (Tue) *** The Guns of Fort Petticoat" (2:00) 977555 (Wed) *x "Branded" (2:00) 828289 (Thu) **x "Billy the Kid" (2:00)502715 (Fri) *** The Far Horizons" (2:00) 580075 GB (3:05) Taz-Mania GB Casslus Clay vs. Doug Jones (Tue) NFL Night at the Classics (Thu) ED Beverly Hills, 90210 03 L.A. Law QD Market Wrap CD Muchmusic Countdown (Mon) Z Music (Tue) Delivery Room (Wed) Classic Concerts (Thu) The Box (Fri) EB World Class Cuisine GB Essentials 837059 EB Loyejoy Mysteries (Wed-Fri) BD Crlstlna5l943 CD The Mask QD Homestretch QD Scoop 3011 QD John Hagee Today (5) Rlckl Lake 28653 (10) Oprah Winfrey 82295 (27) Rosle O'Donnell 76063 TCM Movie (Mon) ** "Love and Learn" (2:00) 4164585 (Tue) * *» That Certain Woman" (2:00) 2872197 (Wed) **» "Flirtation Walk" (2:00) 2849869 (Thu) * * "Age of Indiscretion" (2:00) 2809241 (Fri) ** "Paradise for Three" (2:00) 2703013 TMC (3:10) Movie (Tue) * * * "Citizens Band" (1:35) 75531642 (Wed) **» "Next Stop, Greenwich Village" (1:50) 3872227 (Thu) ** "Radio Inside" (1:35) 5288406 3:30 B Wishbone B Dating Game O Adventures of Batman and Robin QQD Imagination Station IB(Tl Jeopardyl IB Charlie Brown and Snoopy O Movie (Mon) *** "Heartsounds" (2:15) 29695437 (Tue) *** "Stuart Saves His Family" (1:35) 3282343(3:50) (Wed) **u "Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog" (1:20) 91950463 (Thu) ** There Goes the Neighborhood" (1:28)427970 ID Movie (Tue) ** "Like Father, Like Son" (1:38)9232325 Ghost and the Darkness: First Look (Fri) BD Early Prime 09 Ramona (Tue) Brooklyn Bridge (Wed) BD Wait Til You Have Kids Q| Movie (Wed) ** "Singapore" (1:30)416032 IB Journal (Mon) Triathlon (Wed) Q3 Top Cops GB (3:35) Real Adventures of Jonny Quest GB Reflections in Gold (Mon) CD Z Music (Tue) EB Great Chefs of Hawaii (Mon, Wed) Great Chefs — Great Cities (Tue, Thu) Great Chefs of the West (Fri) CD Gargoyles QD Marilyn Hickey TMC Movie (Mon) ***x "Man on a Swing" (1:50)2593276 4:00 B Kratts' Creatures B Kansas Live Q Big Bad Beetleborgs B Montel Williams 16276 B Precious Memories: Generation Gap (Mon) Sallna Wheatland Cluster Dog Show (Tue) All God's Children: Divine Weaving In Progress (Wed) Smoky Hill Vineyards & Winery Wine Festival (Thu) At the Coffee Gallery: One Year Later (Fri) S B Extra BOD Where In the World Is Carmen Sandlego? Q IB [3(27) Oprah Winfrey 94634 964984574081160 B9 Judge Judy IB Rosle O'Donnell 453030 ID Movie (Fri) ***» The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" (2:15) 85885181 BD Tale Spin CD (4:15) Movie (Wed) *u "Dream a Little Dream 2" (1:31) 38962376 (Fri) *** "Crime of the Century" (2:00) 498094 BD Fall Guy EQ Christopher Closeup (Mon) Center Street (Tue) Scriptures Alivel (Wed) Illuminations' (Thu) Nuestra Famllla (Fri) S3 New Family Challenge ED Movie (Mon) **x "Our Little Girl" (1:15) 1361924 (Tue) *u The Duel at Silver Creek" (1:15) 1361352 (Thu) * * * * "America, America" (3:00) 217864 IS Wildhorse Saloon 03 Road Rules EB World Championship Wrestling (Mon) In-Llne Skating (Tue) Golf Colorado (Thu) To Be Announced (Fri) BD NFL's Greatest Moments (Mon) Q3 Wings GB (4:05) Saved by the Bell GB Sports Challenge (Mon-Tue) Visions of Victory: A Century of Sports Photography (Wed) GD Family Matters 03 Commlsh CD Z Music Top Ten (Tue) Big Ticket (Wed) Straight Ahead (Thu) Twitch (Fri) EB Travelers EB Great Country Inns EB Are You Afraid of the Dark? EB New Mike Hammer EB Teen Summit 408856 EB Primer Impacto CD Tlmon & Pumbaa (Mon) Quack Pack (Tue-Thu) Mighty Ducks (Fri) GO Reading Rainbow QD Day & Date QD Praise the Lord (5) Hard Copy (10) Inside Edition 4:30 BBQD Bill Nye the Science Guy B Power Rangers ZEO B Strictly Sallna (Wed) B Access Hollywood DO Hard Copy fD Movie (Mon) ***» The Prisoner of Second Avenue" (3:30) 4810127 (Tue) **» "24 Hours to Kill" (1:30)8755517 (Wed) *** "Divorce American Style" (2:00) 9129821 (Thu) **** The Late Show" (1:45)2400319 IB Ducktales d) (4:45) Movie (Mon) * * * "Madame Sousateka" (2:15) 55398363 Hollywood One on One (Thu) 8230116 10 (4:45) Movie (Mon) * * * * Terms of Endearment" (2:12) 91128092 (Thu) ** The Legend of Billie Jean" (1:36) 5762154 GB (4:35) Movie (Tue) *** Tap" (1:50)46517401 89 Showbiz Today Q9 30 Good Minutes (Mon) Family Times (Tue) Perspectives (Wed) Midpoint (Thu) Today's Life Choices (Fri) ED Movie (Fri) * * * The Agony and the Ecstasy" (2:30)129810 03 Rockumentary (Mon) To Be Announced (Tue, Thu-Fri) Tom Hanks (Wed) IB To Be Announced (Wed) Golf Colorado (Thu) BD NBA Inside Stuff (Mon) 03 Wings GB (4:35) Saved by the Bell GB Home Run Derby (Mon) Main Event — Carmen Basillo vs. Sugar Ray Robinson - I (Tue) NFL Night at the Classics (Thu) Greatest Sports Legends (Fri) GD California Dreams CD Spotlight (Mon) PPV Sneak Peek (Fri) EB Homeworks EE) Rocko's Modern Life CD Step by Step ® Wishbone (5) Jeopardy! (10) American Journal TMC (4:45) Movie (Tue) ** "Man of the House" (1:40) 70506604 (4:50) (:50) (Wed) ** "Rave Review" (1:35) 52420208 (4:35) (:35) (Thu) ** "Short Circuit 2" (1:50) 77881375 (Fri) **x "Convict Cowboy" (1:40)5953907 5:00 B Reading Rainbow B B B B 03 ra IB (3(5) News B Fresh Prince of Bel-Air B Dotsero — Second Set (Mon) See- Ing Through New Eyes (Tue) Community Access Presents (Wed) American Royal Horse Show (Thu) We the People (Fri) B Little House on the Prairie S3 Chip 'n* Dale Rescue Rangers IB (5:15) Movie (Tue) **« The Indian In the Cupboard" (1:36) 45771739(5:15) (Wed) *** "I.Q." (1:35) 45731111 (Thu) *** "Singles" (1:39) 782767 (Fri) * * The Next Karate Kid" (1:44)820839 03 (5:15) Movie (Wed) ** "Class Acf (1:45) 94054753 (5:15) (:15) (Thu) **» "Widows' Peak" (1:45) 94021425 (5:15) (:15) (Fri) ** "Like Father, Like Son" (1:45)94925297 CD (5:15) Movie (Tue) *» "Brain Smasher... A Love Story" (1:28) 61223468 EB Movie (Mon) *» "Houseguest" (1:49) 877721 (Wed) *** The Freshman" (1:42) 870314 (Thu) ** "End of the Line" (1:45)466661 (Fri) **u"Gung Ho" (1:51)277723 EB WorldView GO) A-Team S3 Old Country Church Songbook (Mon) Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Tue) Highway (Wed) Joy of Music (Thu) Americana Sunday Sampler (Fri) 09 Carol Burnett and Friends ED (5:15) Movie (Mon) *** The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima" (1:45) 15255108 (5:15) (:15) (Tue) *** "I Want You" (1:45) 61218536 (Wed) * * * "Saboteur" (2:00) 689024 EQ Club Dance 03 Ren & Stimpy 03 Tracey Ullman 09 Pro Beach Soccer (Mon) To Be Announced (Tue) Cycling (Wed) World Championship Wrestling (Thu) Auto Racing (Fri) BD Up Close (Mon) 09 Outdoors (Mon) Men's Journal (Tue) Bass Profiles (Wed) American Angler (Thu) Sportsman's Quest (Fri) QjJ Renegade CD In the Heat of the Night GB (5:05) Family Matters GB Los Angeles Dodgers at Houston Astros (Mon) Center Court Classics (Tue) Way It Was (Wed, Fri) Sports Challenge (Thu) Q3 Saved by the Bell GB Supermarket Sweep GO) Business Insiders CO Animals A to Z (Mon) Roots of Goofy (Tue) Company of Animals (Wed) Year by Year (Thu) To Be Announced (Fri) EB Goforltl EB Furniture to Go EB Clarissa Explains It All ED Qulncy EB El Doctor Candldo Perez QD Coach GOOD Kratt*'Creatures QD Home Improvement (10X27) Jeopardyl TCM Movie (Mon) * 'Subway in the Sky" (2:00) 6159059 (Tue) *** "Ada" (2:00) 4613739 (Wed) *** "Advance to the Rear" (2:00) 4673111 (Thu) **** The Adventures of Robin Hood" (2:00) 4640883 (Fri) ** "Balalaika" (2:00) 4544655 TMC (5:20) Movie (Mon) *x Three Spare Wives" (1:15) 61825108 5:30 B Nightly Business Report B IB CE)(27) NBC Nightly News B Roseanne 013(3(5X10) CBS Evening News B Strictly Salina (Wed) Sallna & Its People (Thu) B National News B B3 QD ABC World News Tonight IB Goof Troop IB (5:35) Movie (Mon) **» "Crime- wave" (1:23)21736585 DD Movie (Tue) ** "Charlie's Ghost" (1:30)2645130 03 One In the Spirit (Mon) God Squad (Tue) On Main Street (Wed) Faces on Faith (Thu) Lifestyle Magazine (Fri) B9 Carol Burnett and Friends 03 Superock B3 Dream On BD Sportscenter (Mon) 09 Auto Racing (Mon) Racing Legends Volume 1 (Tue) Racing Legends Volume 2 (Wed) Stock Car Racing Explained (Thu) Racing Legends Volume 4 (Fri) GB (5:35) Family Matters GD Saved by the Bell 03 Debt OD Business Tonight CD Kitty Bartholomew: You're Home (Wed) QD Home Pro EB Tiny Toon Adventures EB Screen Scene (Mon-Thu) News (Fri) 0D Noticlero Univision GD Bill Nye the Science Guy QD Wishbone 6:00 BBGDQD Newshour With Jim Lehrer BBBtUBfQQ CD m QD(5)(10) (27) News B Home Improvement B Sallna Wheatland Cluster Dog Show (Mon) All God's Children: Divine Weaving In Progress (Tue) Smoky Hill Vineyards & Winery Wine Festival (Wed) At the Coffee Gallery: One Year Later (Thu) Salina Parks & Recreation Baton and Dance Recital (Fri) IB Movie (Tue) **x "Diamond Head" (2:00) 2746888 (6:15) (:15) (Thu) *** The Cincinnati Kid" (1:45) 22817796 (6:15) (:15) (Fri) *x The Return of the Musketeers" (1:45)22711568 Q Movie (Mon) **x The Goonles" (1:51) 528924 (Tue) **** "Mary Poppins" (2:20) 686352 (Wed) * * * "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" (1:25) 205289 (Thu) *** The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter" (1:29) 258357 Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School (Fri) CD Family Video Diaries (Wed) (6:15) Movie (Thu) ** "Hiding Our (1:38)66202086 Inside the NFL (Fri) BD Moneyllne BD In Living Color 03 Inspiration, Please! B3 Waltons IB Dukes of Hazzard 03 Singled Out 03 Politically Incorrect (Mon-Thu) 7276160 Brett Butler: The Child Ain't Right (Fri) IB Coach Bill Snyder (Mon) Coach Fisher DeBerry (Tue) Auto Raclnct (Wed) Coach Tom Osborne (Thur Coach Dennis Franchlone (Fri) GD Sportscenter (Tue-Fri) 09 RPM 2Nlght (Mon-Wed, Fri) Weekend Klckoff (Thu) 03 Highlander: The Series ED In the Heat of the Night GB (6:05) America's Funniest Home Videos GB Center Court Classics (Tue) Links to the Past (Wed) Great Debate (Fri) GD Family Matters O3 Hope & Gloria OD Money Club CD Room by Room (Wed) History Alive (Thu) EB Beyond 2000 EB Hometlme EB Doug EQ Equalizer EB Hit List EB Cancion de Amor 66450 QD Lifestyle Magazine (Mon) Charisma Magazine (Tue) Jerry Barnard (Thu) TMC (6:25) Movie (Tue) ** The Christmas That Almost Wasn't" (1:35) 31846623 (6:25) (:25) (Wed) ***"Ma'> Max" (1:35) 31813395 (6:25) (:25) (Thu) ** "In the Army Now" (1:35) 31880067 (6:10) (:10) (Fri) **« The Quick and the Dead" (1:50)34256568 6:25 EB Cyberlife 6:30 BCD Seinfeld B Mad About You B ra E)(5)(10) Wheel of Fortune B Strictly Sallna (Tue) BIB Entertainment Tonight B(27) Inside Edition ra QD Home Improvement IB Movie (Wed) *** "See No Evil" (1:30)8735753 CD (6:40) That Thing You Do: First Look (Wed) GB On the Set: Extreme Measures (Tue) EB Crossfire 358011 GO) No Relation B3 Courtship of Eddie's Father 03 Best of the '90s (Mon-Thu) Week in Rock (Fri) 83 Daily Show (Mon-Thu) 7290740 One Night Stand (Fri) IB Coach Larry Smith (Mon) To Be Announced (Tue) Baseball, Minnesota (Fri) BD NFL Prime Monday (Mon) Up Close., (Wed) College Football (Thu) 03 English League Soccer (Mon) Auto Racing (Tue) Major League Soccer (Wed, Fri) RPM 2Night (Thu) GB (3:35) America's Funniest Home Videos GB Legends of the Fall (Thu) GD Bzzzl Q3 Designing Women (Mon-Thu) Soap Opera Update Awards (Fri) QD Steals and Deals CD Movie (Tue) "Magic Island" (1:30) 7036772 What's Your Hobby (Wed) EB (6:35) Next Step EB Hometlme EB Rugrats QD Bishop Jakes (Mon) Hal Lindsay (Tue) This Week In Bible Prophecy (Thu) TMC (6:35) Movie (Mon) *** "Runaway Daughters" (1:25)90462905 Rain Or Shine The Salina Journal comes to your door every day, rain or shine. No matter what the weather, the Salina Journal is there for you!

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