Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 9, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1908
Page 5
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' Whtn qaslltj; !• main eonalt- •ratloia we bajr thajbMt Wbm damandi will jlastUy. w« carry til gmdai'andjprleaa. •••bi IMc •qiary; Uli. I«M. i;«IJf»rBia, Arltoiw. £tr. Dailr milil OctabecSl, 1908.|«S0.(KI from lola, kas. Liberal stoiwrer jjrivileges Personally conducteid ex^ursioni Tickets acepted in tourlti sleepers;on pay- jment of PullniBJii rate, and fin chaii car. Xd better jway jnf hecmninp; ac- iquaintedj with the threat Sbutliwest. : where small farnis yield a rohii»eipnc». I than by traveling over the Santa Ke. ! Let me send you Isome Miier;iiurc- about California] .Arizona, t'tc. I w. E. ; RAL»STON, : Agent.. - ' lola.- Kansas. Short Stories on lola Happenings A trJihkrar^YilUrdaV.' f H .H. Jones and wife tii O. M. Bandy.- of Story. la., north' one-hiOf. south' west one-fourth 17 -24 -19. Consideration J4.000. —Remember the Wall Pa|)er. stock at Burrell's Drug Store. . Diptheria at Savonburg. , County Health Officer Chjrisiian received word yesterday that there were several cases of diphtheria: at Savonburg. The homes have been quarantined. —It—Our Way Soda Water. tailed The direietdni 6t ^ banic at Hnmboldt held a meetinji; on Friday and ielected J. B. Flint president, in place of James Lockbart. who died a month ago. J. V. Lintner wais elected cashier and L. R. Flint, assistant cashier. —Before buying your fall and winter millinery, see my elegant line,— Mrs. Pefly, 108V4 E. Madison. First to Build, J. W. Parkins will be Uie first to build in the new Hosford addition. Saturdsv morning he purchased two lots, and in the afternoon began haul- ling brick for an eight room house. Court .Adjourned Yesterday, , - „ ,.. . Court was adojurned yesterday uh-, The lots are selling rapidly, about a third of them being sold by Satur- til next Monday when the jurors ha\' been ordered to report. Many of thA^day^Humboldt Herald, attorneys wanted to go to the Moran fair this week, hence the adjourn ment. —The l .iff slock of Wall Paper and Room Mouldings at Hurreirs drug store. —Ante Garage aid Kcpalr Shop far all kinds of repairing. Antomobne llTcry. Phone 898. Are Pleased With the Plant. X. D. Kendall, president of the I Humboldt Portland Cement Co., and Nicholson Gives $25,000. ! I- W. .Millis, a member of the con- Baker University has complied wit hi struction committee, were In Hum(he requirements of George NIchol- boldt yesterday looking at the prog- son of this city to raise $7,''..n(i0 to- ress that has been made in. the con- ward the endowment fund of the unl- structlon of the plant. Tliey are well versity. and will give the remaining pli?aseil with the work that has been 125,000. done so far. The engineers have al-— most completed their estimates of the $2.'i.00 Keward. I cost of the plant and as soon as this Twenty-Hve dollars reward for tl.ej'f <'o"<*.,the contract for the eonstruc- . • , ., , . w'll be signed.—Humboldt Her- arresl and conviction of party or par- 1 ^i^j ties or return of all my clothing that was taken from my home on Garfleld avenue in Harpe on the night of September 1st. TL'RA NORTON. Want Another Train. Thore is sufHciout business on ^he Katy l)etwoen St. Ix )ui8 and Texas points now to add another throilgh train. Business never was betjter betw«'en these points. Every morn- inK the lircaktast order sent out | of hert* for tlie Flyer Is from 75 to 1!75. Both Fivers are usually packed |! to the fiuards at the present time.—Fort Scoit Tribune. j! —I)r. J. n. Pepper. Dentist Phone 163. Returned to Lawrence. .Mrs. .lohn Taylor and dau=hter Flora .returned today from lola. wliere they have been visiting relatives.-.- l.awrencc Gazette. Whitlow Case on the 18th; In the asslBument of cases i made j-estenlay afternoon the trial of Sam Whitlow.' charKod with i>erjury, will Oome up on September ISth. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind. —CiO to Iturrell's druK store for your wall paper and room mouldings. Car LMe l«tot Changed.: The lIosforiL Investment company which is layin{| out the addition north of town desires to correct an impression which has been in circulation that because of its new addition the niutc of the street car line will have to be changed. The company has no desire to change the route of the street car line and has made no attempt to do so. It wishes instead to boost the line and will go out of its way to do so. The street car line will not Wants to Transfer Land.! B. K. Stout has applied to County Superintendent .Maude , Funston to , ^ . . have 95 acres of laud^ transferred! be changed because of any desire ot from the Gas Citv school district to I the Investment company,—Humboldt the MHarpe district. He says' his! Herald. Ian dis nearer the I^Harpc kchool} than to Gas. Oelone Won a Prize. •'Contractor F. P. Delone. formerly pf this eity.' won a prize of J2. T at the J '.I^^bor Uay exorcises at Independence Mondav for having the best decorated float. —Drs. Lathrop, Osteopaths, Phone Supt. Webb Went Through. Superintendent A. H. Webb of -MLs-Kouri Pacific, was in the city niKht. He reiunied to Wichita morning.—Ft. Scott Tribune. Horton at Indeoendence. Mr. and .Mrs. F. J. Horton. Miss Ruth Horton. Mrs. McCarty and (|apt. L. P. Stover, came down yestprday from lola in the Horton automobile jflid returned this morning.—lnde]j>en deuce Reporter. the flver this llola, to —Fre.-ih Oysters—Our Way. Kelsey at Independence. .Mr. and .Mrs. Roy Kelsey of came Adown Sunday afternooii spf nd Labor Day and were the guests (It .Mr. and .Mrs. James Hllderbrjindt. <if r.iK Snith .Ninth .street. They attended the relebration yesterday morn ing a:nl with Mr. and Mrs." Hilde- braud^t took in the sights at Cdtfey- ville 'ill the afternoon, returning to lola last ni»;hi, .Mr. Kelsey iJks a liarber shop in lola.—Independence Star. —FItsircnild Storairr and TriMfw Co. Ilnnschold and piano moflnr: Isnrriit and best store room In the Phone Sifi. Burlington People Here. Mrs. .1. I. FJeroing went to lo .Monday where she will visit a da>s with relatives and friends. H. N. Ford, accompanied bis g .UiUL*liter. Miss Florine Wealheriy to ros. WHOLESOME GROCERIES OJiir stock' of (;i -iM .ei iui= tiiid Mea|ts are kid oji ihe iiieiits of their high ;^taIld^Id as to <iual- Ity. They are ii|iie. wliolesonie and' alwavs iraii lie relied uiion. Try a sai-k of N". * Fi <iiir. |ier sack i ... j *U0 Japan. loipeiiul or Gmipow- deri Tea. iiey pound 4or Th^ best ill' (.owij for ilie money. Fryer Bros. lola wli<re they will visit for !in!»f.—Burlington Relmblican. icitr. la on few ¥ el-and- To and Tro.m Burlington .\jr and .Mrs. Wm. Hellyer t|6turn- ed -Monday from a visit at lol i and other points. * • • Tom Flory cf The Democrat, reiurned Monday frim a visit at lola and otl-er points. I* • ' Mrs.. P. F. Saiierssig of near (Utum- wa. went to lola Monday for B few days' visit with relatives.—BurI||ngton Republican. some —Six per cent money: no commission; no delay.—Smith A Travis. John Percy Was Here. John Percy, superintendent of theJ county poor farm was in the city yes terday to see the commissioners'. llA says the county farm is in good coii-V dltlon. —R. H. Cnnnlngham, 6 per cent I monej. A Cunningham Reunion. Tt.e Cunningham family of wjiotu Reason Ctinningham is the patriarch held a family reunion at Stewart's i^ake Sunday. There were sixty; relatives luesent and a quiet faiiiily picnic was. held by thetn. J. M. Cuiw! ningham of Houston. Texas, who ha^ not been seen hy the family for thft-- ty-four years, was present as well as a nnmbcrj of other children from a distance.—rHumboJdt Herald. —Two residences in lola lo tradq for laud.—^\•bitake^ & Donnell. / Liqhts the Street. ,/ A string of electric lights has been placed across South street, across from the Majestic theatre, which with the varied colored . sign, gives the street a handsome and well lighted appearance after dark. —Insist on baTlng "H. S." floBr. R. N. A. Meeting. R. .N. .\. camp 12S1 will have a special meeting on Saturday evening. A large attendance is desired. —Oysters any style at Our-Way. -• Til Kill I'p Ijike fniiolcy. The county has closed a deal wiili the city to flII ui> the hole on the west side of the court house squai'e. In the wpt sea.son a |»ond of water, which was anything but iiicturesqiie. stands in Jhe ^prcsslon. Cajit. Schwickardi Writes "I Have the FoUest Confidence in the —Be a Booster—Home indii^try— .Neosho River Cat at Our Way. Up From East ^Cottage. T..J Alford of East Cotta|!e(jGmve and son-in-law. W. T. Cation, o; Iowa, wen- in the city yesterday. )|r. Ca tioii moved to Iowa about eigh i years ago. Will Visit Here. .Mt.-;. .1. v.-SaneressJR of l.e>o and Mrs. I^la Wheelan of Terra jHante Ind.. went to lola .Monday for a few days" visit with relatives.—Burlington Republican. —Dr. V. E. Yinfh. Dentbt, Pii |>B« tS. Refund on a Church. Tlie commissioners yesterday | araiit ed refund on a church at IjjHarpe The property gut on the tax ilolls by mistake. John Saop Was Here. John Sapp was here from vestterday to confer with the offlcejrs with regard to the suit against §ua Whitlow. Moran county j|»erjur>- -Our. drsters. W«r. of Pe=ru=na." RUDOLPH b. SCHWICKAnOI. A War Veteran's Trlbure to Pc-ru-na. Rudolph B. Scbwickardl,C»pt.39th X. Y. Vol. Inf., writes from 18IS G St.. X. Wi, Waebington, DC, ss follown: "Hmvlttg the fullest caatUeaoe in the efficacy of P/sruna, both ma a tomic\afid aa a remedy for catarrhal trouble. I commend its use la the BtroiJfiekt possible terms. It should be in every household.'' 1 War Left AllniefltS. j duties, bat from the use of PeriuiH I am Mr. William J. I^c. 5.101 Mor^-an St.. "l^-*""^ .'"'""uLV * St. Louii, Mo., meml>er Frank P. Blair P<irt Ni»J 1, Grand Army of the RRpuhlic, and exic |omma3der of the U. S. H. Ben- toiiMiija. Squadron, writes: ••The|Y«rleft me with* complication of stomach, liver and kidney troubles, and I iieoided to take Peruoa for my afBictipn. I b(>gan to use it about Bre years »do »t the earnest odiicjtatlon of, some /fiends. At ihat timij I waaonly Secretary of the State Normal ....1 and Industrial College of Texas, writes convinced that it ha.* helped me from chrome catarrh, to whirh I am subject. It hs« alro heneflte<l my throat. "I can truly re<-ommeDd it a«.the best all-round medicine it has been my privilege to l>ecome acquainted with. "Of this I am qnite convinced from my own experience."Mr. W. C. Rollins. Prairie View, able tUjbe up about half of the time, and lUy be«t|thwasoimplymiiierabie. Iwn- ^ider a|l>ottle off and on its a prerentive. I; "I aerialQly do endorae your remedy, ind a!i>t 'glad ^o do «o." Hcj^ rrom Chronic Catarrh. . Lemuel M. HntcblnMU, Mont- 7t., writes: yes me pleasure to write yoa thU this time on •ccoont of the good lU has done me when I was apwIthaTeiyiiadeoid^ i . budl7 ^ciitorm|iiiy onUawry that for years be had cbilU and f<?ver, and after takihg Pernna his appetite retaroi-d, he b«<ame stronger, the fever left' him, and be ia now in exeellcnt health and vigor. Pe -nHoa TaMeU. Some people, prefer to take tablet:), rather than to lake oiadieine in a fluid form. Such people can obtain P.eruna tablets, which repteaent the m^iclnal ingretUenta of I^irnna. Eaeh iabiet it eqiUT*'*iBt ta sh* aterage doae' ot V»- ruta.. A Sale of Ladies Fine Sil% and bloom Finish Fletticoats at Thursday we* jjenuiDe Simon's l)lacks and colors. 18.50. Your eacb, only place on sale 5 dozen Ladies' iTaffetta Silk | UnderskMsi in Actual valtjds jftom $7^0 io choitte, while they |ast SeEWIHDOW One special Itit of Ladies' fitte black PfetdccMlts "heatherbloom" finish, made with embroidered flounce, Jengths itom 38 to 43, regular |150 flMlU value, choice at . .j...: vOb Still on Sa'e 1500| yards new School Ginghams, all fast color?, beiutifal patterns inp choice, yard ..•••>•• • iUu R ^uiar 50c Dress Gdods; to 42 inches in width, plun colors add fancies, choose from this lot white jthey last, at i ^IIA yard cin! j'j v2fu "THB Store Tkat Hms The Opeds" i ^ i : ----- J- - : —Merchant's liincb at Our Way. The Dei |hocrHt.«i .Hct. At ttie call of trhalrman John Goj^h- orn.j the Democratic county central committee met y'sterdayafterhtion In the Masonic hall In the' language o{ a prominent D^iocrat. the meeilug was! called to liy plans, dark deeji planjs. to lick toe stufTIn out of the Republicans." | -Frank S. BeatUe. V. S. Phono 139. To and ifrom Clunatr. 1^ n. Keifer ^ent to lola yesterday afierntwn. * * 'I C: C. Hatiscjime was in Tola yesicrdav. • • • F. M. Oawdy went to lola yesterday afternoon to transact bustne^s.-^haniite Tribune a —Always time! .Mr. and Mrs. were in the city and Mrs. .M. A. .Mrs. H. B. Meadt to cat at Our Way. VIslt> mi Nelrthont. phas. Stebbiti-« of lola yesterday \isiting Mr. \\Tiitson and .Mr aiitl •r on Santa Fe These three families tirmerly lived at Flagle Grove, Iowa, so of lowans.—Chi rhannte Atorney Ross Ibis, morning to tv district conr lit was a little reunion nute Tribune llttomeys Here. .R. Smith went to lola [attend the Allen coun- wblch convened this i^iorning. • ' ' County Attorney It. H. GrlEsby wen to lola this afternoon on legal business.—^Tribune. Parsons Pioneer Dies. Parsons, Kasj . Sept. 0.—W. H..Coff- 7-2 years old, died this morning. He in this city, coming He made a small for•y business, from which ey, . . was a pioneer] hern in 1871. tunc in the dai . he retired a f<w, years ago. S. & Df of 4. to .Meel. The local chapter Sons and Daughters of Justlc^ will havf a regular meeting tomorrow eveniuK • Y. W. C. A. NOTES. REV.HARNISHI Li-ttti?$ Tomorrow for Lincoln After Which He Uoes on to School at Hartford, Conn. | I —— ( . Rev;. L,.-C. Haruish will go to Lin|Coln. jNebr.. on Friday to attend jthe mcGtihg of the Synod of the Reformed chitrch. at which time and [pidce his si ^ccessor as minister at lola will be selected. At the close of the synod .Mr. Harnish will meet his family} at Kansas City and go directly to Hartford. Connecticut, where, as has bjeen previously announced, he wiil etiter the school of Religious Pedagogy jfor |a year of religious study. Mr. Har- aish 's exi>erience in the ministry has led him to believe that the ihost tunda mental need in the Christian world today is that of elementary ' rcllgi >us leaching, and the purpose ofjhis st |idy in Hertford is to Ht himself esi <ecially ^or that work. During the many years oe| has lived and labored in lola Mr. Harnish has wou golden opinions from everybiody with-'whom he'has come iin contact, and iias done au immense amount ot luuseifish and most valuablej work.] It was through hJs personal efforts that "l ^uyon Center." and "Petrolia (Renter" 'were established, both] of ^which have; been an influence for good in their respective communities. His host of friends all over the county will "part with: him most Tegretfullyj. but jwill sfieed him with all good wishes upon the liew work he has iindertakeri.j MK.;srOTT .\T tiARL.iNH TOll.VY. Wlir Speak the Most of the Week Itm the District , | Congressman Chas. F. Scott and pri vatci secretary. B. F. Culley,! left j this morning for Garland. Bourbon county, fvhere Mr. Scott will jaddreifs a farnier^s picnic. Barney S|herldan of Paola Is also billed to speak iher^ today.! Thursday Mr. Scott withJ. 1.^ Brls- *! towi candidate for senator on the: Re• ....ul: Regular meiting of th..- board of directors Thur sday afterno«jn at three o'clock. The Tenuis ci)mmittee are iijess to enterf the i "shower" Sieptember 10 rumors of '.publican ticket, wi.'i speak at a fa^r at ..««*.>•>•* •'spring Hill, an annual event which is always widely attended. Saii^rday Mr : Scott is billed to speak at ^Ich- nui -id in Franklin county club and th.> .social getting.things in read-,, ain those who rome tfS >. on Thursday lb. There are already ^ofa pillows ;ikture8, v|i808, jwtt^d plants, BR well as datntv white china J cholocate cujis, tiny plates, and lefass sherbert opps. The SAW CHAKLIK fAMABEL!,. Jail Bn-akw Said to Br in Salt Uke ntj. eveniiio..* .\!n lola man who was j recently in Sa;i Lake City saw Charl Sa;i wh(^ ^let enrolled ijiay do so at the •show- housekeeping, The gymnia dum iiromisea to be a cUter of mmh Interest and on Monihtv: September 14th, th^ first class Alii be held. Those who have not jet enroled way do so at the "show-' r" on Thnnaay. , ..14 .gjiraas s BONDED ABSTRACfORS Consoli^dated wiih ' *tki:r Abstract Co., Jan. I, i'lpa We ojwn the o^y coi B] .set of abstnurtrecbxdsiii Cotintyi We art tinder. thottsuid dollartbotid t( 'g^r anteetlie correctness ofQiur work. I OfSce first door Iota Suie Bank. lob, Xjiiistt; Telephoxie, office Main 467, 'residentie Mainxosi. •A Fraiik WiiiMl; t 1: Cankpbelj with -Ciiripy- Shea jund "Ijtusy' county jail •Sevijer. esca{ied from the a yi<-!tr ago last January t^r the night l)efi..-e Sheriff Bollinger wient into his otB<-e. - Campbell was drivin» i cab lUeie. Not lonis an" Curley Shok was seen In a town In Arkansas. Th«j coun ty officers have knikwn for some time of the. reiiorts as to the' whereabouts of ihe two fugitives, hut iare npt es- peqially anxious to put the county to cotislderable expense ini appr^hend- Ine the men If they stay away. Sevier ga^e ^hbnseif up shortly after Ills escape and was later paroled. (H ^MEXieO ^ .TOT : • •; '.: AND - VIA ON SALB Sept. ItttopdLaiflt •!,:J Dr. Ch!WB|«in-2Eai^rdtarne4 « now h»f^m^'^^ja^t^^^

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