Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 9, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1908
Page 4
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f V S3 at lolB. Kankaa, PoBtofflc^, ai ^«»nd-Cla«[ Itotteri •; i^T^flng Rates. Made Known on Application. ", , S 3B8CBIF1<IOir BATES, ir Can 1^ Is loia. Gas Citj, Laaxm. j ' iTlIle or LaUarpe, ' "toe fWe* •. 10 cenU dne iMoiitta ..44 cents ^ne Yeatj., 16.00 ' ! i By Hall. Onf year Inside county .13.00 •Vat) yen - jontslde connty HUM) Bltjree M mths. la advance tllOO One Moi^Oi, In advance ..44 Baliln'esa Bd|torlal I Telephone! OAce - - i - - - 18 Rooni - ... - - 22J WnCIJOi PIPER, CITY SET. iTHE VWO PER CENT FRAUD. Th ^ipu -pose of the Legislature In defining rn intoxicatin;? driuk to be one cont< [liing more than two per cent alcolidl. thereby by imp.ication declaring hat, a drink containing two peij cent ir less is not intoxicating, •was no doubt honest aiid intended to promote r ither than hinder the exe cution of ttie Prohibitory Law. In p'racti se, however, it results ver .v differently. IBeer containing two per cent of alcohol and beer containing three br four or five per cent all looks alike. It Requires a chemical analysis to determine the difference. It is ^asy enough for a "restaurant" to secnre heeij properly labeled as "two per cent" but really containing the usual amount of alcohol. When charged with violating the' law it i easy also for the restaurant keeper to submit a bottle dt rea^ two per cent as a sample a ;5 goods THE lOLt Dittg jgEfliSTEB. WEPICESdIiy JETEKIXC. JSEPTEMBEB » H0& that he sells all the time, j^nd who is able to detect the fraud? An intoxicating liquor is liquor -whith will make driink the man wlio uses it,- and the man iwlio sells a liquor wbicl will do th.-jt should bo arre sted an( punished whether 1:e is able apparently to show that he sold "two per c!nt" or some other per cent. The rext Legislature would do •well to consider the advisability of revlilnir its definition of ail intox eating drink a pit}' to bav' 1 ,R<^pubUcan > will joiti with Democrats in regiettlng the outbreak of ^il^ which have been giving Mr. Bryan so much discomfort and >vhldh threaten to interfere yiHh\ at least one of his speech miikirg tours. >.lr. Bryan enjoys Icampalgi ing so much and it does the fcountry so, little harm that it is him interrupted. Bj* assignnient of (ho Uopuhlican Kattonal Comkuittoe speaker Cannon flit dates {in Kansas and moetingK havej been arranged for him at Inde- pendancc next W'ednesday. September the !l6th, and at Topeka the day following. ' This {will be a good oppor- ^ tunity for those vpho seem to think that I Mr. Cannon has hoofs, horns and a. spiked tail to personally inspect hiin land'find but for themselves. And now i the] storv is that Governor Hoch. will follow Bryan's illustrious example and establish a paper or mag- afilnje in some city fwhich he will plan to !give a general circulation. Governor Hoch has so decided a- talent for platform oratoi-y tiat it will probably ^be hard fori him to get regular?*- baclc into the n'ewspaper harness. But if he dobs eveo'body will "be glad of \ it for any pajijer with which he is connected is hbnnd to preach the bright side of jliie and give courage and|hope to everybody .who reads it. >U SEltlOlS TKOrBLt. Ctiacleti Bameii,' Insnranee (oniuiis- sioner, Taliiji of K. U of .S.. The State Journal says: Charles Barnes, state suj crintendent of Insurance! is plannini; to hoid an investigation of the affi irs of the Kniglits & Ladiles of Securty as soon as 1. M. Jone |S, a deputy uf tlie department who examined\he order about GO days ami. retuj-ns from his vacation. Some of the ofllcers of tlw; order object to tli^- findings i^ade b\..Iones in bis reporii. arid l ^ant I to present their side of tlic jcascilto Si)i|)erinteiiident ("liarlea Uarnetsi Ij "li-should be distinctly understood,*' Bald) Mr. Barnes "thai there is n<> r Ehaiige of sijorta ;e <>r crookedness ln| .l >e management »r tii(> oruer. It Is a ;ood, strong fralternal order, and is 'Weill managed." ,"here Is u difrtrcncc iof oj>inion conceinluK th<> ie<:i(l jiii>ili- ods adopted ftir I le paynieni of lertatn in on^j-ti and we. irf going to gf'i to- j'fiBthJBr and -talk tlil!i«s over. • (• "This story 4 'ri m Chicago scum.s lt> 1 b3 a| sort of local row among sunic 'of tl e Officers up th ^re. and 1 don 't kiiow Biyt ^lng about it. .Mi I know is thai ft]r: pones made ^is inrestigatiun. and ed his ^report here. It is a vory voljtitnlnous document, and it has not yet] beeti approved, becatise 1 want to givfe the officers of the cider a chance to be heard. | The differences between th'ej Management bf the order and this department are of a minor nature." • r\. \ —__|—_j— • COLORADO ofeMOCRATS IVtEET- I. intion Held in Pueblo to Nomin- , ate ^ull Ticket (bio, Colo./ 'SepL 9.—The Demo- state confventlon called for the ic of^ nojini latlng a full state and ^aiao t<i declare the party's foriTJn^teiI States Senator;to r ipenry-; M. Teller, was opera C^^rman iMttton; Tomorrow we plac^ on sale four gross of Mennen's and Colgate's Talcum Powder, Cashmere Boquet, Borated, regular 25c value, for one da37i only, per can 10c; limit of two cans tci a customer. Auto Coats Kubberlxfd Coals are belter ilia'n over this .season; liciii-r in (lualiiy. style and fit and Iowit in iirite. Aiil'i Cciats. like piciine. in fant-y stripes and plain colors, new sU 'fVes, new collars, now pockets and altogether ii vory now coat: price Auto or" L'tility Coats, full rulihor- izod'iii dark t-nioke colors, a cual well- worth $7..-><t; special price Butterick Fashions help you to decide pn the style of garment yo.u want. Price 25c with coupon attached,making the libok cost you 10c Storm Capes! .Mlssos" kuldioriz.d Slorni Capos in fancy sl^ipo^ wiih htxid altacliod. si-/e i!. S. :1'> liild I::. So cliiid shmili! 1 )0 without i)!io vi; w(<nti $.".1111; t-pf.'cially prir^.a at l;l;n k l{iii:l>oii/«-d Morot-n. a •vviiiuiui all oquai. v.ide collar, oiiffs. reiilfoicod .voko. Our ---l' price : • yU \y.hl Tan Anto Coat, full riil.lui- ized, leather triiuniod collar, cuffs and pookot.s. a'coat worih $12siioc-ial 1-4 ^00 • : • BIG SPECIAL CORSET SHOWING TL .Voitio. Kaliii. Thdinpstm's 1 Glovo Fitting and l>aVicloiio Coicetlf. I're- vailing styles ctill for s]ieci|il corset styles and with an ever wlsitchriil eye wo have piannod and prepared for 0110 of tho j;rcatest Corset seasons in the histoiy of our buslnoss. Call and got acquainiod with the best cmiipped corset department in siniih| asjtern Kansas. ' SELK-HEIM(i.\ii COHSE'IS. .\oiuo Ciirsot .No. tripltj strip, made «.r extra quality batiste, velvet srip supporters on o .xtra widoK -lastlo )>MH\. This Cor.sot Is s<) consjructod that ii i.-i impossible for bonis and stools to cut tbrougli. Price .. .!K{.(H> 1 «fiIiARANTffOi .jomARuatinoii iTHAHAMV OTHER i I = CORSET BECAUSE: linzoiTQKmm r 'il^EMTS BOflES .•' ,,?ANd5T £Ei3nWN/ i/^QiTnWG THROUGH .•] THEKATlRIAL .\fiin> .\o. '•'•-» i;; a tUv aliovo ti;it with I 'ru-o .-^i .vlo sjiiiil;ir III llatoiiiii}; back. Jit ;j.oo mom Kalii' Cor.'^i'ls in all tin- latest styles, piiood ai .-,0c TO Sli.OU Tlioiiipsiiil Ciluvf KiltiiiK Ci .Msots Ml si\ <>f tho lo;<diii,:; .'-tyli -s. priood at Jrl.lM). 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DRE^ GOODS DEPARTMENT Fancy Hair Goods pe per ()|iera Satin, ail <-olors. .'{« iiielies wide, wear Kuarar .lced : prico por .vard Skinners' Taffeta ::<; iiK -hos wido. wear guaranteed. Skinners' 'I'alTeJa is-iiol "just as pood." but i -s iK -tior than the host. j -'ancy Aliovor l-aco.-; and Itaiids to iiiaich. allover priced at S! S.'i-.IO Hands iiriced at, yard .. .2jC * to GJjO I'.laok Taffota iii| tlia' cannot Ic.' dup! under %\:i'.> per \ard. .\<-.v Uice Mow white and coior.i: [rlirS wido. a siik oiit<.Mi ally |vl:icc jSpocial price per ami Collars ii; :2;-> AND .11 )c- .Moiieylcik V i.Ie. went- uuurani .v .'i\ aeo, wv pivc yrm .•::iieo Willi every ya .'.:'k. Sjiccial price. } Hl:u:k TiilTef •tjd, a; w Another express order of Tinsel Neck i lirdfes receiv- today, price 25c tb Kauey Side I'.aiid KIoOi'mI Waisnri ^i. inches wide in. tan. ijl'ic and; price per yard ^ ."iC* FIND SOLDIERS BODY HOIIY r>KAI{IIIi;D (»>• .M<>.\AI«II I'lMciXAND (Kjn;\r sriK. belt, a liU |0f Uullet^ ft eiisslon caits t?i;g I •was, Dlscbtcri'd by the <>nidiuir (iunu: tVhiir Uiiildiuiira Duitt—Koues Are tVell PrP!ier>'ed, I'rlday afternoon wliilnj at worR with a scrajier helping build a dam aci 'os* Coal Creek for the Monarch Portland Cement company.| Henry dernian unearthed the bhnes of a maa's body, says the Uuniboldt Herald.; . \ The bones were well preserved and were those of- a man fY-otn twenty to thirty bears of. age, jadsilng from a wisp if fine brown hair; which was 3tl|! clanging to the skull./ All the.jbo of the hotiesj be found iui army butioiis a nnnibi-r i for the work un the (!.un tho body r a pistol and some per-,would liav< never boci'i dtsoovored. were mixed in with t'lie The hones an' in i.r.;..'eN.-.i«in of .Mr bones aslwdil as his clay pipe. !>lltp.u(l \\l;.lt w:l! be done with iiintier or coii- jjeciiire. 11 IMC liiKiv wa-; that of .n liirther search. The bones,soldier ii is ii.n nioie than liuht that If«'vfere fouud e >5ceiit one j ih« Ml. is of <-iiii!-.-o a of the leg and that may jociiire. It" the l.od.v oven at tlii.-, laie clay. were taken ^harse «f by Mr. Shepardithey should be uiven a soldiers l.iirial foreman of (he grading. Tho various' articles wertf taken by the boys. Henry Lindcrmaii and .Marvin llarrackman have the tiio.-ji of them. No one skeins to know anything about the ui;4tter. The fariii was o'.vn- ed by a niaii named Hull ^uriug the war and tlii- springs dow creek made I it a popiiar ground. a iiiiiiilier of by the cam|)iu Hiiniholdt GS^ HOME TO VOTE! lM)rKtMI> ( or.MY, T(»>. Don't Wait 'oii<n(iou.<iiu.o to l{|lrlte^ Law! Are liar There. ; lto|ijilfllraM (onmiHtie lias Made! lar \Va>hltii:lon (hiirv- ., ht »;iler>. icoiititie/Viiei ^^J' the condition]^ are siiii- j discomfort. We can take liar jare giTlug the luattor ioftsidorable ) care of ^ large amotint of this kind Since the decision of .Iiidge I-'ousi on the Harnoh hi.ixll >chool Iijiw. other j till the season'.s rush to have yotir hcatine stove set up and connected. Do it now, and.avold .liuacc- and i.^lliI;^t'•|ll. Si.'pt- :•.—Kiglitj iliou.'- viite.>!.ih tho ballot box I for (». T\V(» I'K(MM»SITM).\S. li.inij tl. Taft may be I ho ro> .Sliieial ({iiolioiiN (II He Voled on This etfoiii which will bo started 'ingt.On; iic^xt week by f^enry Fall. T«o propositions are to l>o voted on at the Xoveiiilior >-lert:ion. Today County Clerk Kuiinott Ciilbertson re- Iceived word from V.. Denton, socre- i living who were here at'tary of state, tauifyit'g hviii that twnjpol • Mrs; L.otIle Sh-SJelds said I propo.'-itions: were eniitlod to be plac-itlic There are people siilj the time. that she haij.heard her father spe.nkje.i on the ofHc-ial ballots, of a man Wlp was'shot as a spy nearj The prsi ijroi)c:.;ilion is; the place ^1 ere the bones were found •» »•«»»»»•• But if he tod been shot liy soldiers'* he wjbuld'nijt have been buried lu thei* Shall the fotluwiu-' ho adopted: position in tehici he was found. S^ei» An anioudmcrit to the eonsti- may I have the "story mixed with chej* tution reating to oompensatifin "' ' of members of the legislature; atleijition. ; Tho foliowi \Vii-j|,-, ^^xx. RepiiDlicaii; ing is'from the ult of aiij flc peoi>le tif Fort Scotl and i'.ou b \\ash-|i,„„ on einitssary of the Kei)ub!ica|n nation-|(,ut al cijniniittee. .Mr. Camp hasj been di-;„,.,j. rectldi to send Republican \ioterb iniuMi 'f. Washington home to vol esta oliil kiiees. The grave had \ been; about three f :et square and four or ftVe feet deep. On the man's feeft were a pair of sho< 3 and by his side were anotbef T. lu-ouQd one wrist waa A tp. Jhpse;: itlai shooting the ^eiserter near ttfe \M i,. , . • ^ ;. . . , .Humwldt House for deserting andj* The body was found m a |BUting steal ng Co'lonel Aiithony's horse. aIiss . positioj, with the head/between the Barhira ^nner ^as an ej-e- witi ^e.s The second proposition: . ! of ,tl at .shooting; and said that the.......*. ..o*^"....*.* man was purled jWhere^ he If ell. 1 » -.v^t L ?nT .«^«°L^Ti^*°, T.^^r^"' i' S'^'*" '•'^ f->il"*JnB be adopted: • ar tl^e Injilans and buried to hldi the . An amendment to the consU- • thoseilavl^8,idajr8-ihere|* tutfon relating to the Judicial ilijrh headquarters In iti Xatioual bank buil'-Jing. e. - He,will:.,nj the Metro- f.^n, In! iccnt oil ^av. "t 111! is lie lia! of work and do it right. county are . 1 I , face lo face with a L_ •-.^iV'^'' 1 l""oi>osiUi<a that may eutlreiiy knock, he piysoni bigh school !aw, and resuliidisastrotrsiy tor ^ .iiotiie decided steps are taken | jihe cuiunty coinnii.s.siouers remain , in their onler made at iilieir re- | meeting, lev.ving an aKs .;ismeut sm'i'Jrv Tw« HMM he support nf the school. Tne o.T hiiii. sriiool law. nniler whi^h CO-N aws and.tuher iBforniatlon 1^,..,)^.^.,, „, , , j^,,, iupp ted clerks and, offlicalop^^L ho, (mldlng that it was cot prop :,y! .go home to vote !erl.v%assd.i. and as simi'.ar circum- eii.imated that each of the ^1.-:^,,^^^^ ^^.^^ here, ihti^e opposed to mbltcansin the District cf Co-, jlaw riiv." bring an mjuiictior, to u-iil sway;three votes in their j^.^^.^e^t ,he r<.l;et;tion of the taxes;as- nnd this ^-i!l swell the total scs/ed fori high .school purpt^sca. : In f .^1, Na^ihington to 8.)..iO... An j„,jH,on ci.unty the t.otal amount bis ng niade to get the ran- e,i,^or thi-s purpos'? is twelve ihonsand- lb agt ee to/a rate of one and one ^^U^^^ tkousaud ct.which goes to ctnti.ji miJe for the election dayit^^ high stehool In this city.jand the I collecting of this tax might result the closing of the acbool as the bount - is \ t9o. igreat I tci j be r|tised 1»7 tieudijiiarters state booths will he'fy|.' placi'di w-horc a'l intorniaiion as loijjj,., rallijiiajd i[ates. riieihods of registration ! jj^^erp.;',; !',;^. collected, has been de- oleciii • • • ' ' • ' will who It IMtO Inml hoiutf vote effor road third] itt^t-to Wo. The fril made his MILL IS STBICKEX. Strokes Apoblcxj; ut Kockrir.e, Ind. . of ^nds of Mr. Con Mull who has home in loia and Alleii cotin- ' ty most hi the time for the past forty ' years bu who is now with relavives In Rpckvillf. Indiana. wlU deeply regret tb learn that, he has recently suffered two slfdht strokes ^of apople.xy which have reJQdered him almost blind and so nearly helpless that he needs constant antention. Mr. Mul! was a good soldier, not;Oiily during the Civil Afar but wihthe 19th Kansas in the Indian v ir and his present condition is no dou|bt due tp'the exposure ai^d hard eudiiired

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