The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on September 27, 1996 · Page 41
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 41

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1996
Page 41
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1996 13 Q GO Bananas In Pajamas El DAYTIME Sept. 30-Oct. 4 MORNING fQ IB 5:00 BB AgDay Q Shepherd's Chapel O Community Bulletin Board (Tue- Fri) B This Morning's Business Q ABC World News This Morning fQ CD Kenneth Copeland IB NBC News at Sunrise IB Mickey's Mouse Tracks IB Movie (Won) *** "Sail a Crooked Ship" (1:28) 684295 (Tue) **x "Living Free" (1:32) 448449 (Fri) ** "Arrow in theDusr (1:20)590384 GO Friendly Giant (Mon) Around the World In Eighty Dreams (Tue, Thu) Gulliver's Travels (Wed, Fri) B) (5:15) Movie (Fri) ** "Dennis the Menace" (1:36)52888433 EB Business Day BD Personal fX: The Collectibles EQ FIT TV CD Movie (Mon) **H "Escape to Burma" (1:30) 429295 (Tue) *** "The Sign of the Cross" (2:30) 301604 (5:05) (:05) (Wed) **» "The Sleeping City" (1:25) 66909444 (Thu) **» "The Rawhide Years" (1:30) 574195 (5:15) (:15) (Fri) **is The Sun Never Sets" (1:45)52986029 EB Rude Awakening EB Prime Cuts (Mon-Tue) BD Sportscenter EB Flex Magazine Workout EQ Bloomberg Information Television CD Rudy and GoGo World Famous Cartoon EB (5:05) Captain Planet and the Plan- eteers EB Press Box ED Jimmy Swaggart EQ Today's Business ED Show and Tell EB Bookmlce EB Adventures of Tintln EB Evening at the Improv (Mon) EB Marilyn Mickey EB Notlclero Unlvlslon CD Homestretch (Tue-Wed) QD Behind the Scenes (5) CBS Morning News TCM Movie (Mon) * * "If Winter Comes" (2:00) 2962108 (Tue) ** is The Crowd Roars" (2:00) 7198333 (Wed) *** "Rose Marie" (2:00) 7165005 (Thu) *** "Going Hollywood" (2:00) 7132777 (Fri) *•** The Cameraman" (1:30) 7118568 5:15 Q3 JohnAvanzlnl 5:23 IB Treasure Island (Tue, Thu) Kukla, Fran & Ollle (Wed, Fri) 5:30 O(27) NBC News at Sunrise O IB (3(10) CBS Morning News DO IB News IB) This Morning's Business |Q (5:45) Movie (Mon) **u The Birthday Party" (2:15) 88861721 (5:45) (:45) (Tue) **x "Viva Us Vegas" (1:30) 92721246 (5:45) (:45) (Wed) **n "Diamond Head" (2:00) 52944463 (5:45) (:45) (Thu) *** "See No Evil" (1:30) 92758390 IB Tale Spin IB Kukla, Fran 8. Ollle (Mon) ED Kids on Kids on Kids (Mon) EB Training and Nutrition 2000 (Mon- Tue) EB Co-Ed Training EB Bloomberg Information Television CD Garfleld and Friends EB (5:35) Scooby-Doo Mysteries EB Press Box (Tue-Frl) S EB Kenneth Copeland Family Values EB Iris, the Happy Professor EB Alyln and the Chipmunks EB Profiles (Tue-Thu) EB Cases de la Vlda Real CO Earth Revealed (Mon) Western Tradition (Tue) Discovering Psychology (Wed) Destine* (Thu) Writer's Exchange (Fri) OS AgDay OS Benny Hlnn (5) Bright and Early TMC (5:55) Movie (Tue) *& "She Always Gets Their Man" (1:05) 37308159 (5:40) (:40) (Thu) *** "Lady in Cement" (1:35) 45633406 (5:35) (:35) (Fri) ** "Butch and Sundance: The Early Days" (1:50)76677520 6:00 BBHBfBfBt0ffl<10)(27) News EB Community Bulletin Board (Mon) (6:15) Stretching for Life Short Subject (Fri) Goof Troop IB Movie (Wed) *** "Sunday's Children" (1:58)840956(6:15) (Thu) *** "Bite the Bullet" (2:11) 19882661 IB Friendly Giant (Mon) Around the World in Eighty Dreams (Tue, Thu) Gulliver's Travels (Wed, Fri) HI Movie (Mon) *u "Magic Kid 2" (1:27) 792653 (Tue) **K "Permanent Record" (1:31) 556807 (Wed) "Dreamrid- er" (1:32)430869 Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (Thu) EB Busy World of Richard Scarry (Mon) Treasure Island (Tue-Fri) EB Early Edition EB Family Affair EQ Grind EB Victoria's Body Shoppe (Mon) Basic Training (Tue) EB Sportscenter EB Gotta Sweat EQ) Highlander: The Animated Series CD Pink Panther (6:05) Jetsons Press Box Feed the Children (Mon) Winning Walk (Tue) In Touch (Wed) Love Worth Finding (Thu) Jack Van Impe (Fri) ED World News EB Rory's Place (Mon, Wed-Fri) Rory and Me (Tue) EB Welnervllle EB Classroom EB Lawrence C. Callahan (Mon) Lovell (Wed) Life In the Word (Thu) Benny Hinn (Fri) EB Tres Generaciones GO Earth Revealed (Mon) Western Tradition (Tue) Discovering Psychology (Wed) Destlnos (Thu) Writer's Exchange (Fri) OH Body Electric QD ABC World News This Morning QD T.L Osborne (Mon) Dean and Mary Brown (Tue) Laverne and Edith Tripp (Wed) Answer With Dan Sheaffer (Thu) Mike Purkey (Fri) (5) Bright and Early TMC (6:10) Movie (Wed) **x The Big Show" (1:55)53977734 6:15 d Movie (Fri) ** "Anzio" (2:00) 2280346 IB Kukla, Fran & Ollle (Mon) 6:23 IB Treasure Island (Tue, Thu) Kukla, Fran & Ollle (Wed, Fri) 6:30 O Beast Ware (Mon-Tue) VOR- Tech (Wed) Reboot (Thu) G.I. Joe: Extreme (Fri) BO News O QD Bloomberg Business News B News (Tue-Frl) IB Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers IB Movie (Mon) **» "Love Has Many Faces" (1:45)9935160 (Tue) **xThe First Texan" (1:22) 227517 (Fri) ** "Oblivion" (1:29)863365 ED America's Dream (Thu) EB Busy World of Richard Scarry (Mon) Paddington Goes to the Movies (Tue) Treasure Island (Wed-Fri) EB Nanny and the Professor ED Movie (Mon) *** "It's Only Money" (1:30) 656011 (Wed) ** "Black Bart" (1:30) 394227 (Thu) * * is "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" (2:00)814222 EB Most Wanted Jams EB Caribbean Workout (Mon) Bodies In Motion (Tue) EB Fitness Beach EQ) Street Sharks CD Taz-Manla EB (6:35) Fllntstones EB Press Box (Tue-Fri) EB Andy Griffith EB Everyday Workout Ql Global View (Mon) World Report (Tue-Fri) EB Pappyland EB Beetlejuice EB IV Milliard (Tue) Bill Winston (Wed) Bethel A.M.E. Church (Thu) Life In the Word (Fri) EB Carrusel de las Americas ® NBC News at Sunrise CD Morning Business Report QD Reginald Cherry (Mon) Dale Evans (Tue) Betty Jean Robinson (Wed) Walt Mills (Thu) Steve Brock (Fri) (5) Bright and Early TCM Movie (Fri) *** "Spite Marriage" (1:30)5724452 TMC Movie (Mon) *** "Alfie" (1:50) 6223978 6:45 CD Stretching for Life 7:00 B Bloomberg Business News BIB S3 (27) Today 81407 763943 2554744301 B Aladdin B Morning Show 32635 B Nightly Business Report ODD (3D Good Morning America 24547 69905 72759 03(3(10) This Morning 87301 43943 69905 O (7:15) Movie (Tue) **» "24 Hours to Kill" (1:30) 5271975 (7:15) (:15) (Thu) ***x "In Cold Blood" (2:15)93036796 IB New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh IB Movie (Mon) *** "Madame Sousatzka" (2:15) 37166672 (Tue) **» "Getting In" (1:31) 1700352 (Wed) "Bonds of Love" (1:45) 3453192 (Thu) **J4 "Widows' Peak" (2:00) 9778796 (Fri) ** "Like Father, Like Son" (2:15) 75211891 ED Movie (Thu) * * The Legend of Bil- lieJean" (1:36)7043929 Death on the Job (Fri) 03 Busy World of Richard Scarry (Mon) Treasure Island (Tue) Movie (Wed) *** "Inside Moves" (1:53) 315799 (Thu) *** "Leningrad Cowboys Go America" (1:18) 3505375 (Fri) **x "Muscle Beach Party" (1:34) 1395162 BD Fantasy Island •'EE) Highway (Mon) Songs of Praise (Tue) Americana Sunday Sampler (Wed) Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Thu) Joy of Music (Fri) EB Highway to Heaven ED Movie (Fri) * * * "Happy Go Lucky" (1:30)246549 EB Rude Awakening EB Politically Incorrect 9379160 EB Scoreboard Central (Mon) EB Sportscenter EB Flex Appeal EQ) Mighty Max CD Real Adventures of Jonny Quest EB (7:05) Brady Bunch EB Body Squad EB Bugs 'n' Daffy EB What Every Baby Knows EB Capitol Gains ED Scoreboard Central EB David the Gnome EB Looney Tunes EB Columbo (Mon, Thu) McMillan and Wife (Tue, Fri) McCloud (Wed) EB Breath of Life (Mon) John A. Cherry (Tue) Amazing Facts (Wed) Breakthrough (Fri) EB Plaza Sesamo CD Sesame Street QD Barney & Friends QD Joy (Mon-Tue) Pamela Carter (Wed) Our Town (Thu) Alvln Slaughter (Fri) (5) News TCM Movie (Mon) *** The Prisoner of Zenda" (2:00) 2980295 (Tue) *» "Within the Law" (1:30) 9418943 (Wed) *** The Girt of the Golden West" (2:15) 92499734 (Thu) **** "Man on Fire" (2:00)4868609 TMC Movie (Tue) **» "Boy on a Dolphin" (1:50) 8588642 (7:15) (:15) (Thu) *** The Endless Summer" (1:30) 9847883 (7:25) (:25) (Fri) *** "City Slickers" (1:55)40021636 7:30 B Body Electric O Bobby's World B Puzzle Place (Mon) Imagineland (Tue) Big Comfy Couch (Wed) Wishbone (Thu) Huggabug Club (Fri) ED (7:45) Movie (Wed) *** Tales of Terror" (1:30) 14005024 IB Little Mermaid ED Movie (Mon) *** "Crime of the Century" (2:00) 508740 (Tue) * * "Like Father, Like Son" (1:38) 5216420 (Wed) *x "Dream a Little Dream 2" (1:31) 413192 EB Movie (Mon) *» "Houseguest" (1:49)797672 (Tue) ***Tap" (1:50) 551826 EQ Marble Collegiate Church (Mon) Breath of Life (Tue) Word for Today (Wed) From the Heart (Thu) Worship: United Methodist (Fri) ED Movie (Tue) ***» "Cleopatra" (1:45)5218888 EB Dally Show 9398295 EB Bodyshaplng EB Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog CD Scooby Dooby Doo 8 (7:35) Bewitched Body Squad EB Anlmanlacs EB Kids These Days EB Squawk Box EB Scoreboard Central EB Chicken Minute EB Peter Poppoff (Wed) fiB El Chavo QD Puzzle Place QD Dino (Mon) Alive (Tue) Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Networking (Wed) Helen Pen- santi, M.D. (Thu) Diane Blsh (Fri) 8:00 BBQD Sesame Street O Samurai Pizza Cats B(5) This Morning 23473 795547 B Community Bulletin Board (Tue- Fri) IB Movie (Mon) ***« The Prisoner of Second Avenue" (1:45) 9379382 (8:15) (:15) (Fri) ***x The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" (2:15) 65917433 IB Adventures in Wonderland 03 (8:15) Movie (Mon) ** "Bom to Be Wild" (1:40)18856301 (Tue) ***«"A River Runs Through It" (2:03) 38967352 (Wed) *** "1492: Conquest of Paradise" (2:25) 916024 (Fri) **x "Fandango" (1:31)417100 CD Movie (Fri) **x "For Keeps" (1:38) 1712346 EB (8:15) Movie (Thu) ** The House on Carroll Street" (1:41) 15349116 EB Morning News EQ Trapper John, M.D. EB Daily Mass EB Waltons ED Movie (Mon) *** K "Make Way for Tomorrow" (1:30) 869498 (Wed) **ii The Fat Man" (1:30)590314 EB VideoMorning EQ Movie (Mon) *** The Big Picture" (2:00) 9382818 (Tue) *K The Heavenly Kid" (2:00) 6553361 (Wed) **» "Rude Awakening" (2:00) 3291383 (Thu) *x "Vibes" (2:00) 4153785 (Fri) ** "Happy Together" (2:00) 3402097 EB EB Press Box EB Sportscenter EB Crunch Fitness EB MacGyver (Mon-Thu) Weird Science (Fri) EB (8:05) Little House on the Prairie ED Woody Woodpecker EB Sisters ED Early Edition 6834301 EB Assignment Discovery (Mon) Once There Was a Forest (Tue) Cheetah — The Winning Streak (Wed) Making of The Leopard Son (Thu) Mandela's Fight for Freedom (Fri) EB Little Star EB Rugrats EB Screen Scene (Mon-Thu) First Business (Fri) EB Chesplrito CD Shining Time Station QD Richard and Lindsey Roberts TCM Movie (Fri) ** "Doughboys" (1:25)4050487 TMC (8:20) Movie (Mon) ** Tough Enough" (1:50) 99749837 (8:05) (:05) (Wed) ** "Chu Chu and the Phllly Flash" (1:35)84590956 8:30 B Tlmon & Pumbaa (Mon) Quack Pack (Tue-Thu) Mighty Ducks (Fri) IB (8:45) Movie (Tue) **x The Conqueror Worm" (1:30)9905623 IB Under the Umbrella Tree JB Movie (Thu) * * "Imaginary Crimes" (1:44)9468512 DO Hollywood One on One (Tue) 9988791 (8:45) Movie (Wed) **» The Defector" (1:45)46004260 CD (8:45) Movie (Thu) **« "Andre" (1:34)23789883 EB (8:35) Movie (Fri) **»"GungHo" (1:51)98830948 EB Nuestra Famllla (Mon) Christopher Closeup (Tue) Accent (Wed) Search (Thu) Teaching of Christ (Fri) ID Movie (Thu) **» "Kansas Raiders" (1:30) 261338 (Fri) ** Texas Terror" (1:00)716984 EB EB Press Box (Tue-Fri) EB Co-Ed Training EB Facts of Life (Fri) CD Flintstones EB Bewitched EB Ivory Wars (Wed) EB Rory's Place (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) Rory and Me (Wed) EB Busy World of Richard Scarry EB Columbo (Mon) Banacek (Tue) EB Talk (Mon-Thu) Benson (Fri) CD Barney & Friends OH John Hagee Today TCM Movie (Tue) ** "Swing Fever" (2:00) 6833284 TMC (8:50) Movie (Tue) **« "A Million to Juan" (1:40) 90840352 (8:45) (:45) (Thu) ** "In the Army Now" (1:35) 40768715 9:00 B Barney & Friends B(5M10) Live — Regis & Kathle Lee 401122897854160 B Gargoyles B Doting Game B Community Bulletin Board (Mon) B Fox After Breakfast 45092 '' B Mister Rogers (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) Sedgwick County Commission Meeting (Wed) BOD Sally 532030 40194 BD Rosie O'Donnell 54160 IB (3 Montel Williams 89856 45498 IB Pat Bullard 585498 13 (9:15) Movie (Wed) *** "Divorce American Style" (2:00)2508918 IB Groundling Marsh IB (9:15) Movie (Mon) ** x "Miracle of the Heart: A Boys Town Story" (1:45) 45271769 (Tue) *** "Rome Adventure" (2:00) 6209265 (Thu) *** "Assault on a Queen" (2:00) 6243609 (9:15) (:15) (Fri) **x "Ride the Wild Surf" (1:45)77010636 CD (9:15) Movie (Tue) ** "Iron Eagle II" (1:45)32722246 Southern Justice: The Murder of Medgar Evers (Wed) EB Movie (Wed) *** The Freshman" (1:42) 1404956 SO Vega$ EB Central Message (Mon) Frazer Family (Tue) How Can I Live? (Wed) In. Search (Thu) Scriptures Alive) (Fri) ~ EQ 700 Club ED (9:15) Movie (Tue) *** "Ride the Pink Horse" (1:45)32740642 ED MTV Jams EB Caribbean Workout (Mon) EB Sportscenter EB Flex Appeal EQ Murder, She Wrote CD Gilllgan's Island EB (9:05) Who's the Boss? EB Get Fit ED Andy Griffith EB Designing Women EB Money Wheel CO FIT TV EB Home Matters EB Kitty Cats (Mon) Pappyland (Tue- Fri) EB Rupert EQ Lovejoy Mysteries (Wed-Fri) EB Hit List EB Papi Soltero ® (27) Leeza 43030 536856 CD Lamb Chop's Play-Along QD Sesame Street QD Rod Parsley TCM Movie (Mon) ***x Tea and Sympathy" (2:00) 3436924 (9:15) (:15) (Wed) **is "Northern Pursuit" (1:45)., 43398918 (Thu) **» The World, the Flesh, and the Devil" (2:00) 7951574 (9:25) (:25) (Fri) ** x "Free and Easy" (1:35)74057029 TMC (9:20) Movie (Fri) **u "Young Sherlock Holmes" (1:50)66248839 9:30 B Mister Rogers B Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandlego? B Newlywed Game B Reading Rainbow (Mon-Tue, Thu- Fri) IB (9:45) Movie (Mon) ***x "Reds" (3:16)94119721 (Thu) **** The Late Show" (1:45)71675116 IB Welcome to Pooh Corner IB Movie (Fri) * * x "In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing" (1:36) 3082810 CD Movie (Mon) *x "Switching Channels" (1:48) 713585(9:45) (Fri) ** "Revolution" (2:03) 13522181 EB Movie (Mon) ** "Bikini Beach" (1:40) 995127 (Tue) ** "State Fair (1:58)742081 EB Quentln Road (Mon) Crossvlew (Tue) Hope for Life's Journey (Thu) 2915135 Today's Life Choices (Fri) ED Movie (Mon) * * * "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break" (1:15) 3031672 (Wed) **K The Naked Dawn" (1:30) ; u 713043 (Fri) **» The Redhead From Wyoming" (1:30)555029 EB Get Fit (Mon) EB Crunch Fitness CD Gilllgan's Island EB (9:35) Family Ties EB Body Squad ED Empty Nest EQ Our Home EB David the Gnome EB Muppet Babies EB El Doctor C6ndido Perez CD Puzzle Place QD Marilyn Hlckey TMC (9:40) Movie (Wed) *** "I Don't Want to Talk About It" (1:45)60131192 10:00 BCD Storytlme BIB Leeza 86634 762450 B Fox After Breakfast 15740 BIB(3(5)(10) Price Is Right B Jenny Jones 87092 B Barney & Friends (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) B Rolonda 36382 IB 03 Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends 71740 84276 *

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