Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 9, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1908
Page 1
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The Re^Mer VOLUME X. X I 'M BK l{ 273. SIX PAGliS. Ham fheLargemtCirauimtion in Atfea Gottn^ of Any New»paper\ Published In the County. 6 TO OIL THE STREETS WILL FURNISH GRAIN DOORS. A nrni.ic IIII'K(»VKMI;M' TO lu; MAiu:. GET THE :OIL FREE COMrANY HAS MAIMl rOIXII, itmiiTTKK A I'uorosniox. Members of Coiiiinidcc Are Said Faror riaii—To CtiiiM- I 'li at \rxl CcMiiiril Mirliutr. to The Missouri Pacific Aslji|s Where They Are Lacking in KJansas. T(i|>oliii. S(>iit. n—Tlie (itiiln lli-alcis" Association aslioil l)y the Kailsas l)oar road conuniBsionors to lui^ji* plaint altoiit tlu< s^orlaKi iloors on Missouri I'acillc s|icclllr. Tlio association cliaj till' railroail oompaiiy was aliiv- attains! iion-conti>otiti n fiirnisliing sirain doors piTs. TIio complaint was llic railroad ooniniissionprs lal<pn np witlr tlio oon)itan>| tor to tlio hoard says that pany is famishing t!;«> doots to all stations and asl<s for spocifb instan c<'s whore tho doors are not jirovi;! promising that tlic company; will set that the doors aro fnrn'sht-d iat ojic<>. A pi an for hijttorin;.' the nnpavod streets in tlio .'iiy will be prescnti'd at the next mopting of the city coun- \ cil. The ownci-s of tlio big cimihinod 'oil and gas well which was druled in ; on the Mort Meanfe farm tliroe and one-half, miles south of l.aHarpe sev- leral weelvs' ago have agreed to furnish ithe-oil for the oiling of the streets. jSevbral of the citizens have talion the i matter in hand and have ])resented it to Street Commissioner J. S. Wallcer and the.^ members of the street - arid alley committee of the city council, all of whom are said to be lieartily in fax or of it. Oiled- streets have proven, a decided success in other cities and those who wish to grasp the opportunity of getting tlip oil free are .saying "Why not have oiled streets here?" Since the oil will cost nothing tlie expense of oilina; the streets will he sirall.' The only expense will bo grading the sfn>ots and haulin .i; the oil from the well. Those who claim to Unow say tliAt the oil from this big well is just the Ivind usually used in oiling the strotMs. . Dirt roads, according to horsomon .->i hoyil TO CLEANSE FUND Kansas lias heen of rail' com- bf grain liirs more •ged that iscrlinln- e points !to ship- (jled with and wa.-5 A lot it he com FOR A BIG PIPE LINE lOLA, KANSAS. SEPTEMBEU ». pws.— W EDXESDAV EVEMM;. TO WAGE F'iGHT ON HIGH PLANE (JEth .MATIIIAS WANTS 0>E FKO.M III MlttU.OT A.MJ (K-MfiNT IM,A.\T. TREAS. TULLY WOULD, SCHOOL FUND MADE HAVE (^OOD. Urges an Appropriation for This Pur- pose.—Also a Change in ; Law. the Topok;.. Kas!.. Sept. it.—Stat • Troas uror Marl< Tulloy wants to cleans* the state .sohoJ)! fun 1 of its worthless holdings ami in his annual reiwrt. just complotod. ho urges the legisi ituro to apiuoiiriato sniliciont funds ibr that purpose. Tie .»;chool fund ho ils $21.- THO in-boiuls wliich have been pronounced frauiiulont by the courts. Tl\oy are nvostly school district bonds issued in tlii> early da The only oxcvption is a bate i of $.">. Si)i> in Kearny county luinds j These bonds are now carried as an usset of tlie school fund. They have bi>en car RUNS FROM A FINE FIELD FI .\E IVKl.I.S KIttM (;ilT IN iW .MAK Tlx ANO iuEt .-O FAKMS, I 'itr .Mator of lliitnlMildl Tliinkv Ncn Field Is About tlic Hest in tin- Connl.v. Ci 'orge .Mai was before tli i:oi (he rigli highway' over from the .\latliii iliiinlioldt. to This line will ind is l)eiug "as company. lias, mayor of ilunibohir. ' cnuiini.-sidiiors today to -of-wav on ilie pulili.- which to lay a pjiie line farm southeast of the eilv of llumbtililt. be alioni six mile.-; I 'uig built liy the llumlioldt However, the .Monar<'h Kansas Reublicans Will Keep Person alties'Out of Campaign. Topeka. Sepi T.—(Special.> Tii< itopuitllcan stall- executive committee and most of the canilidates for statV offices and congress held a nieoting ai tile Copt-'innil tonight to discuss tli4- political situation and lay: plans for the campaign. Chairman polley ill calling them togethi -r. said li wanted to find out their irleas- as to canilidates and what sort of a cam paigu he shoulil liial;*-. All of present subinittod eucoiiniging rr ports and doclarod that the Itepnbll cans woulii win. from iiresidi-nl down Tbiy iall favored Dolleys plan of l;oopiii-.- persor.alilios out of thi> cam paigu iaiid waging the fight on a high plane.: THoasurer adoW busi- lioff the make tV.o best liriyeways. wliei; t are kept dry. The oil which turns jriea that way for years, water would make evi^iy street a Tiilley says it's time to driveway. 'ue ^s nv-tliods and wipe tl ^om The matter will bo ieferiod to the .-late, city council at" their next regular | tinier the state const itutio.^i. the meeting. " ; pitiioiiial of the state school fi|;nd can »—I—: -. . JiK'V.-r lie diiiiiiiislied: so it ii .:>cesHarv to get enough nioiu] i wheio. dol'ar for dollar, to SiniNG AS A COURT COUNTY Jiiill be k olse- h'place ley are Avay to that is frbm the COMMISSIONERS APPLICATION OF COCKERILL ! SMELTER. Plarit Would l^e Set Outside; Limits of Gas.—The Citizens arc Remon­ strating. \ The. county commis.^ioners are sit ting today as a court." hearing evi the fraudulent bonds in case \ dostrOyoii.- T!i.i\- is oi'.'.y ;;:;e it. the treasurer says, and l>y .-I., dirert appropriation HEAR Megi.slatnre. "•1 liopo tlio lo.iri.^laturo noj; tor will set aside t::e Ji'l.TuO: savy to take up tlie \v<irtl;les.j Ihonds."' sai .i Treasurer Tulley to.iay. ••|lt cant veil afford to do it. The ofIl|faI? Kan .-jas during tlio last fen;, li-ivo cortaiu'y shown good judcmont in handling the stati funds. Xo hank or trust c-onn othe- financial institution Iinsihandl- fii so much money with so littjic less. The fund now contains ii^orje It'.oftii.iioo in principal and riiore tlian ;$."i.(MM\il(i.i in interest. It is constantly lieiiig re-invested. i'erhaps the t win- neces- of yoavs bkjisiuess jschooi I liny or ;t tho I losses Many harge tl at dence in the application of the Cock-• <"f.i,noi fund commissioner.-; in tltie last . erill smelter people of Gas CitM wlio f.^Ttv years have handled morK- than j iisk that their property he set onfsidc srj .i .i-o'i.ddd hi that fund an i j the city limits. ^Tlie smelter is set- ' I ting up that their land can never be i iplatted into lots for t!;e reason that ; the fumes froni the plant w'ould Biak«- i* ilhem uninhabitable. They also say that no private rightP would be injiir- ; ied hy their being sot outside tlie city. ! ! Citizens of Cas fibd a remonstranc<- : stating tha* the citv was lieavily : |bonded- to^ i>ay for the water works fiystem. whicn sy .stem tliey say ha.s' -been of mwch benefit to the smelter. frhey alfeo claim that the plant fur• ^ilshes a good share of the taxes of jGas. ! The matter came up for lloday. Kach side catuo li i. Iboard -with HStorucys ai:d !: |helr claims. Witnesses w ' and examined ai» In a court. .V large f umber of people from das wore in ttendance at (!:•• hearing which had Jjot closed at three o'clock; '•erords show that the total havo acgrogat.-d only .«-.'I.Tf"'. of tlx- bic liaukiti:^ iiistitiitions 'off from three lo liv tini' au'oiint in losses p;i."h year."' Tlio ^|:^t.• tr-'-astiror a'.-^i war^ls the l .-'w ill rosard to stalo deposits (-hanged souv-whal. .\. .Ii - presoni ome it inaUo.s no iirovision iVir f!i< I toil iroos substitii of nno l.auk for another out of business. The the which ^tate's hiiiheit hid- Ire se- epos- a hearing •fore tlie presemod •i-o swoni Tv .nnev is lot out to der. !ind only enough bjinks a! l.ctod to carry tro maximum Now. if a goes out of busi ^torii i right ;i.-ss. as ouo of the slate depos locosit!-.- did. the board has no to S*^b^OT pl -ii -o .1-; th with tiuuiey I'tutland Cement company, now under r-onstriictioii there, and possibly oih- r factorie.-. will use 'sas fnini this iiipe line. The line will touch upon .-i-veral thousand acresjof land leased the .Monarch and s.fveral huudied icics leased by the cit.\f. Se \eral wells have ; lately l .ieon iroiight in cm the .Majiin fiiriii and h-.!t vicinity whieli le;ii^ tlie peop'e of Iliimlioldl to beli.-ve that the field j.-; an excepliotially fine oii«-. A well brought in last week on the Trego farm in this locality is leported to be 1 IT million gasser. Wlien asked ;is to ilie truth of the report liiis moruitm .Mr. .\Ialhias saiil: : ••.\'ii. I doii'l Ibink the well is lliat bii;. bi:t il is pm'ialily millimi. However. I think that iliis l,eld is aboin ;h,- liost ill the cimaly. The wells so far iiidi.-ate (iiai tlie lield Is rich in uas." .\alicipatint; lliat Ihe c^uiiniissi«uu-rs vill grant Ihe righi-ol-wav for the :d ;ie line, a force cf men in the eiir.doy if liio uas cimipany at Humboldt be•-'.•n loi'.iy digging the ditc-h fiu- thi- pipe, 'I'lie Hera d says: l-'raiik I-'nssiuaa !-e-4aii work on the pipe line from tin- Martin faini to Humboldt today and will push the work as rapidiy as po.--- :ble The line is for I'ne, purpose of '•ringing tie- big .Martin gas well to •he fac ;<i ;ies liere." There is a mon'.h's v.-nrk for :i hu.J-o force c :f men as m-icli •>;ast:i!g amst be done.. .\ li: million gasper was round near -hero '.I the .T V. "I'r-^-'o farm Siin- \\:\ .\ 17 ii !ii !!<ui well wa.- fonad Thnr.-ciity. MURDER CASE FIRST MARTHA 'WILLIAMS TO BE TRIED NEXT MONDAY. Whitlow Perjury Case is Set for the 16th.—Order in Which Other Cases Follow. REALTY MIEN BUSY Records of the Reaister Show Activity in the Estate Business. of Deeds Real another bank to take its a ,i .M >os:iory. .\s a ir>'S"l' state in-asury is bnlsjinu it cannot i.ut it iill in It lacks (Uioibank APPLICATION IS GRANTED Mnt Heaton w "iTl ' Not Bt Tried at ! This! T^rm. l>-\- b:iii! s. lioeans. of .''Hv|n^ enonuh. Tlu-ro iiiigM bo lui iiocoss-tv M Ihe ''i;«;u -.i- If wo simply going Sii li--- ^'(oi cii!o )iank." said Troastireij'Tul- l .A. -fo!- the stato could lose t !J:«< !u- tiji 'st ot< tl'ai deiw^sit aii.l not f<]H It, Itat if a bal! dbn-n doinisllorie.-s .sffould •V> out of I >i!siu<ss. thou wo jijlouM h.•|^o a pile of u 'oiiT -y on hainl ' would he drawing no interest. o!i.'<n"o would not revolutionize at, alt. It would simply perfe; system, and t foe] sure that thjf Mrs Arlie Hoatou. who is charge! j «"ith the murcier of her <lii-orct>d hit.-*- paild. Clint Hoaton. will n^t Ve tried juntil the Januar>- tonu.> J'oust l>assed on the application for a ron- Intiaitce and found that there was fcufficient prounds for the case to .gO|i«laturo wil look at the mattejr over. : .-aiue way." j Mrs. Heaton came up from JJartles-j jrfle yesterday afternoon and gave - -..m^.v ri ri«tiwr i onMt ktiarked evidence of weakened ph.vsi- i SUNDAY CLOSING LOOMS ical condition. Her aftorne.vst asked' Jfor a continuance on the grout^s that , Prospect ^the. defendant was not able to 'go • :|throiigh a trial at this time. l' Good That Council Wre«tle With Subject. lli-hich The lliinas the loathe Tlw real c-stato busiiu-ss s<-oins lo bo picliing iil> tills month. ,.\iigust. accordini: to the records of Iho ofIic<- of the register of clf-eds. was rather quiet for n-ali.\ nion. Nearly ••\et-y day this month from two to ;i do/.on transfer;; l.-ive l>< cir made. s'-v<-r;it iii- volviii;; largo siinis of money. The followln:^ :iro Hio transfer:- inaile feday: Frank :i!;i! and wif'- to I'has K.\aii. lot-s I. ::. f. »>. 7 and >•. block !-. Highland Pla '•. ronsi.l'-r- 'ition. S.nniln. .Tanu s liutchor to the lola State Bank. 1" f-•t of wo.s: end lots I. s. hlock in Klioades addition to lola. $1..-i'Vi. M. (I. I.i'-iirauce to Clias. .\iipli'. secretary, .laek.son c-ouniy. Mo., lots S aad :•. block .Mi'dred. Consideration Si. ' .\mos Uo.s.-: 1(1 .1 n n:ii(li!«-r of Hum lioJdt. lots 1 and ".', tdoc-k '.'. Humboldt first ndditloii. C.ui>i,Ioratiou $l "jr.. Iti-foco adjourning court yc-s(<-rday Until iioxi .Monclay. wren tlie jurj- is ordi-roii to report. .Iiidtte Foust set the case for lh<» Sopionilior lerm. The i-rliiiin.-il c -asi-s will b.- dispii$>>d of first. Tin- initial casi- will hv that of Iho stato vs, .Martha Williams, colored, who is char ^f-d with the mnrdt-r of I'.iid Sc-ipio. her svvec>tlu-art. This is the only mu-'ioi!- c-as>- to be- tried at 1' is )o |-iii. 1 Tlie Whitlow c!aso is set for Soptoiii lior Kith. This cas" will likely be folb)\vod r'os'-ly lis it is an outgrowth of till- trial aiiil acquiMal of \\1iiilow fcir th- murder of May S.ipp. It is cii.-iruod Iliat h<- pt-rjitroil himscdf i-.i his t(-stimon.v given at the coroii '-r 's iniiiiost and the trial;' T; o foUowiiic is tho ordi-r in wliicii the eases are to I>o taken up: Criminal Docket. .Moi -i !a\. S-ptoui 'ier II — State V-:. .Mariea Williams. Stale vs. Harr>- Itradford. Stato vs Sam Tills. •Tuesday. Senloniber Sint"- vs. W. P. Xnrint.i. fit\ vs. H. Itaniard. ("it. vs. R. S. Barnard. City vs. Clarenc-o Bresnohaiv Citv of Humboldt vs W; H. tJordini. Slate vs. 1>. (J. Beck. jWedn-'sday. Sent'^mber H'-.— State vs. Sam Whitlow. Civil Docket. .\!i<h,-ioI Troiiwine vs. I,aii\<iii I'ompany. .Mary K. .Vortlirup vs. L.-iiiycn Comiiany. Thiirsil .-iv. S'-pt'-mber 17.— . !) Cox Son. vs. Katy. A. .Mooberrv vs. lola Porllaiid (••-m<-nt Company. Catherine .''tewart vs. S-Ili Stewart. Fvilav. S.iiieinbor W. .!. .Inclr'^cu vs. City nf Hiiiiiiioliit. <;. M. Kri b r. <•• al. Vs W. .1. Conloy. .1 al. II, P. Alorc-o, vs F. H. pot.-rs, .le \-aii Clint) vs. W. .1. Pri"'-. SIX PAGES. TAKE MORAN TODAY lUNCII OF IMMtSTKBS WENT ovKK TO noosT IOL|\. WERE HEADED BY THE BAND AFTER SINWAV TIIE.VTEK.S. Tnciitj.Four Alleired Violulop< llaTO Ocni Arrested I'arsons, Ka.<!." nn.A>s I'lcKivvKEO TO SHOW y\{\. KAN VIsrroKS ri.'OliUESSIVKNK .S.S, Will l>i>tril.iile Ad>« rti>*iiiL' .Matter, n«i»tln!r lola. Shonini: lt> Adiant- aai->. and liniliiig Home Se«-lier>. I! nni'-^i be ea'ehiir^—this P.oosier piiii. Kvery time ilir Daiid get.s out iiid plays, and the Hoosiers march, it never fails to ailia<-i just a few more than those who liad said' they would go on a boosting triji and. as the ine >r niareh procec-ds. tlie parade le.'iglh- eii.s. One liy one. the faltering Booster falls in line—much like a .snow ball, this parade, the fariher it goes, the I'ire there is of it. Todtiy was ihe opening day' of the .Moraii a«riciilturai lair W. K Stiibbs the next Kovernor of Kansas, spoke there liiis afternoon and while he was. course. Ihe steliar allruciicui. it's it if<r liel lh;it the Boosters finished a no se;'oiid. .\t this niiMniiig. tlie I'.oo-ters.— Oh. aboiii lull of ibeiii—more before hey arrived al Il-.e Pacific depot — formed a line of m.irch i:i from of liib headiiuarters <ui South ^tn-ei Kvery niarclier carried a hand or u-riji full of Icda I!oostc-r card.-, were- one in his hat and in addition, .-i cement .sack sliaped card, indicalive of one ol l;)l;-.'s principal indnsiiies. w:is given :i eroin iiietit place in the lloosler aceounire- leesii Baaiit-rs. badues. wbistl.s and every novelty th:(t a Bcnosier ihoui;lit would allr.'.ci atteniion was taken aiotm with the crowd and wii! t-e used to tiiebest adviiiitage lcHl :iy. Headed by the W (>. \V. iiand the Boo>iers marched to the lieiiol. halting ai .lefferson and .Madison avenues long enough lor a (dioiogn'pher to ^lake a •shol." .\t the cleiMit. while waiiinc for the train, the band pla)ecl st'.e.-,ions to ea liven the few moments of wailing. Besides the Booster de}e,!--ation. a large crowd of Icda people went lo Mcu-an to visit tlie faif. It promises to lie th'- evetlt .Moran has known for ye.irs Parsons. Kai*.. St -pt. —Twelve more :ii rests were made- yesterday of iln-a- t>-r people charged with violating the l(i-v :mainsi Sunday lahtM This in- .jliidt-s the manager of the theaier ac-- I'os and actresses. ;i!id 'eader of Ihe ctrchrstra. .\ commit'ee of the- W. C. t. r, attended llie the-il<r Sunday iliglit :iiid secured rvicbnce and swore ill the c-oniplainls. 'This makes iwen- l.\-fonr persons arresti-d^ under the Sunday closing law. j. i The trials of twelve of will be U'eld today. The theater jjeople claim lo be donating the proceeds ofjSun- cfciy night performaii<-es to charity and will make this defense. T IN AIR < SO OKVII.LE nKldUT BEATS W0BU1<^ AEKOPiyE B£COBDi • i PREVIOUS TIME 29 MINUTES^ • : 1-Li- ^ , 1; I I ' ^ • - - • 4 TKAVEI,EI> .IJT^PEEp OF 86 lOIJES PER HO'UR ,IX S8 TRIPS. TRANSFER IS MADE HUNT ENG. CO. TURNS CEMENT PLANT OVER TO ASH GROVE CO. Hunt People Operated : Months in Order to : Machinery.—Stone to Plant Two Test the Michigan. •/in< Zinc; j IT IS A LOVE FEAST Illinois Republicans Are Mcctinn Harmony—Select Electors and Adopt Platform. LAWYERS Sliriugfield. III.. Sept. :».- Kepubli- caiis of Illinois met here tociay in slate convciition to iicMiiiiiate trustees for the Cnivt-rsity of ois. .select pr<-sidential c-b^efors adopt il platform. Koy (). West, chair- i,:an cd t/e- slate cn'.ral committee c -al !<-d t) <• cotivenrioii to or'ler and in- troclucefl .Iosc>|ih C.iiiiion its chair- of III'- f-on vent ion. The convention is act as largely aM'-nded as rriK-r ji-ars because no interest ly eon.sefiueii(-»- for th'- primary el- I <-cfion .\ugiist Sih. determiii'-d the ; c-andidatc-s for slate olfu-'-.-. The con- r vent ion is more of a haniiony meet- four lllin- and in of Annu.-il Event to Occur on Octobc Fifth.—Making Preliminary i iifg- Former 'Leslie y\. Shaw made an address as yWWV. FINO.S FOK BAKI.iC. Pre t)P. Will ENGINEER SHOT HIMSELF. Chas. Singleton Was Well Known Railway Men - Here. Charles! Singleton, a Missouri The CpfTovville Journal says: ' Sunday elosine is looming a^! the 'probable discussion of the city to; cil Tuesday nieht. It was sta ' hall Tuesdav morjiing the time of t^e forthco Pa the cit part of iotin staffb at hat iiting cific eiicineer. shot and killed him- 1 session jof the council Tuesday ^ieht self nlcht before last in his room at|wbnld lirohaWy be given over to i(|i nt Xiirlin AnnoiinrtS ltiii>iug of !^7.rfM> Endonuicitt. BiiMwlii. K:i.-. Sep! i'—Pre^idi >:it i. !l Muiii:; i-i P<:;k>-r iinivc>i>ii\ a:i- liimiH -es that tluoii.;:h the eT.i;.' of .1 \ .Vic Iter, bi;.-:t:ess ni in:i.':er and Harry .\. K'r.c. c -.!;!cai !oi,a! si -cietary. ?;:7..".s;l has rai.-od fer endow- nie;:t. This mere than cover;, the •jiiiiaia: nec -ssaiy to se';ire the addi- ;iona: sift c I $ILMMM» from .Mr (av- nig:e for the liiifary btii'ding to which Ik- has already uivcn $"J.">.Ol»0 and lo whirli .ludge C:«se has given $1."f.'Miii. making the total cost of the building $.'.2 .uiMi. This $A7.r..S3 may also be counted tcnvards the offer iif Vu\o. K. .Viehol .soii I') give jL'.''iO . when 'h- friends have subscribed $7r,.'>im niak- i'ls a toial of $10I!.'m)O for endowment. Motter and King believe they will be able to the balance. J.'IS.'iuu. with in the next few months. Plans. Oetol" r fifth has been ;Ic-<-idi-d upon as t^o il;»t<> <»f tit.- annual banciuet of I 'lO .\lb-n Conatv Bar .\sso~iation. .\t •!ie mcetini: of the bar y-siercja.v af- ',c-ri'0on it was decide<l to hold the annual banqiu-t again this year and a coii>nviiti-e Was aimointe'l consisiius; of rhris Kit!- -. K H. neiinc-t! and B K ( llffcud lo h:i\«- chargi- of ar- ra'-cemc-nt.*, Th>> annual banciuei i,s a dolishiful nc»-a.sion with th'> law>ii-s an'I thev locL-k fc>r«ard to i* from y<-ar to'year A p:o!:ran-. of toad's will be liixt-ii ar th.' br-'-ip-et aii>' it IS likely that a e ;;• U-- of mir of town sjH -alior* will be- i resent 'dil S«-.iiaior l )i-nt-en. Secretary of Treasury 111 a Hopkins and <:overnor FUNSTON IS THERE Genera! and Commandant Is Attend Ing Reunion of Twentiem Kansas at Topeka. Tc.Hh.i Sei>t, "->, -Ti,e ninth a «BH al lon-ilon Of the T». Ulteth Kan<j»S io -.;im>-nt is in pi >>.:r'-ss oral r ••'I Funstc^n, now of »: o Arni.\ School a: wort h. and (oriuerly Tvv .-tiiii -th Kansas, i '.ciday, CfW commandant Fort I.eaven- Colonei of the tho most con- TOWNS IN DANGER spic nous person present. it"'-'! -, Santa Fe Waot.s Kefiiod. One of the matters to come up be- 'ore the commissioners at their pres- :at ses .sion is the application of the Santa Fje, for refund on taxes In the city of Humboldt. X levy; of eight He ran through I and was then'droi >oed as something Ijniils was made In the city and a prates Genter, Kas. Despondency and , ttioublesomp subject. Just what action |IU health are supposed to have been'will be taken po one seeirs to kfc about 48 years'The matter wjas up some tim? !the cause. He was |o 'd and not married. pcola for a number of years and was Jtb ^e carefully avoided if possib'ij, jvell .known amon^ the office men at j ! Parsons' has had a warm fight itiie local Hissoprl Pacific offices. about tlj^ree weeks and it is beli ttxat CnlTeyvHle has caught wi" tiiie helliKcrent cowtaeion. Tl:e ~ lOW. arc XoTef OfBee. -B.-S.. .Gilflllan .baa mored his office :T: U . has-been leading the uEast JactooQ strept'to the old j Parsons. If [the matter is ' -;j '^iajrance . oa North Jefferson hare it wlU "lX "., - V 'movement for red of C. at uo school levy of !..=> mills, under which levies the Santa Fe jpaid $J27J;7. The road claims that.the; levy is lltegal and asks for a refund. ' W«»NT TAKE FIKST STEI'S. iMio^.iuri Poiitcal Parties I>cla}> Pnh- MINNESOTA PEOPLE SPENT THE , li>hlneJM|Hf.)rw;^ i .'.•frer^<lIl Cirv. Mo., i^rit. :<.—Both 'the heniocraiic and Hppublic-an plat,' fiin.-i cotiveHtions are idayiug a waii- .iiig ::anie today .Veithrr wants to Driven_niake cuiiiic its platform ahead of .the other, and e;ic\i eonveniioa has taken NIGHT IN FIGHTING FIRES. Residents of Hibbing Have Back the Flames.—Other Localities to be Protected. rec-ss until thi.-^ afternoon. Accordr \xiA to stipu'ations the p!i\tforms must be made public by six o'clock tonight. A TKAI\ IIEKAILEII. tlat thr on am the ing Ithilutli. .Minn.. Sept. 1». —Ail y^sfer afternoon and last night iflres «^,„tl, Bound St. I- k S.T. Passtenifer -atened a half/dozpn larger towns, Id Wreck, the range. More than one thoiis-j Ka iaa.s City. Sept. 9.—The south residents of Hibbin-r fougtt back |,ound St. Louis and San Francisco flames all night long. .This,mom- throiich passenger train number Ave reports say the town is safe. At hundred ntae that left St. Louis yes- Tlsited His. Brotbrr. P. O.jCroacli. of Hutchinson, was ]ri^rds}vthe''soest'St his 'brotli- The- formal transfer of tin- ik.-w c«-- nunt plant at Chantue from the Hunt Kngineering company of this city, its builders, to the new owners, the Ash Grove I.imi- and Portland Cement coinpaii.v. has been made, •iriie Cl><iiiutc» Tribune says:' The transfer was made Saturclay night. W. B. Hill, president of the .\.-ai Crove compan.v. acted on behalf of; lis associates. Fverylhing connected with th.o c-oiistnietion of the plant was founil to be correct and In aefordance with the terms of the contract, and oiier.ition for more than two months h ;ul shown that the machinery is ill good runnin.i;" condition and operated by a force of capable mem. Xot much chan.ce in the personnel of ;t':e employes at the plant wi'I In* cau.seci by the change. I... L. Slone. wl<o was superintendent for the Hunt coO'pany. has. been sncceeded by C. .1. Van I>,>ren. the su!"TiiiIfiident for the .Ash Grove company. -Mr. Van IJoren comes to ChaniiteJ froim Yankton, S. D.. wlic>re he hadj been for the jiast three years, as suj>- erint"n-|ent of the Western Portland Cefiient company's plant. He has cliarge of several plants in the east aud previous to that time was night s'li-erintendc-nt of the lola Portlan Coiiient company's plant in lola. Cnder the contract between Mr Huiit and the ..\sh Grove-company, the liiini comi>any was to not only bull tho plant ami to place it in opera lion, but lo man it as well. Beca-.ise of this arran;;enient the changing of its management fnim one company to th'i other was accomp'is'r;ed -without makin-.- any change to speak of in the personnel of the working force. Cha nut"! people- are -glad of this, for the Hunt company has brought a sood ein .jis of workmen here. Thev seem to Jil:'- the (leople b<-r«r and the peo- lile' Iiere like ti-ein .and are glad that they are to remain. .Vr SioiK- will |e:ivo Tliiirsday of xh\\ wild; ho thinks for Michican. He will n'ai ;e tJse trip in his automobile an<f -.vill n-niain there this winter lakiiic spe<-ial work in school and at lenilinc to business affairs at the sa.'i 'o time-. He; had remarkable success here. The construction of the cenient plant was accomplished without; a serious accident of any kind .Vol a life was lost and no one was .iseriniisly hurt. Everything went well fron; the- first. The plant was plac­ et! in op-r:Uion on the v.erv day .s;-.ecf fie.iiia Ihe contract and the niaehin .-ry 'started off without a liobbl.- of any kind. Tin* new jilani is one of which t c-iiy is vt-rv pruu 1 It furnish sfeadv eniidoynn-nl- for a 'arKo body of ^leii. atid the for .-e will be in cr »-«^ed from now cm until the pbi?it hcs j- ••(••',e 1 i'^ maximum t >rc< liidlen .Mr illljl. prvsld. Ill of the r-omnany. s-»!d !' \\a,. the int-ittion to re.tch the maxitnme of producthui as fast a.< po.s «I>>I,.; "We cannot '|o It. however, until we cot oi^r ciuarrios anil shale idts well «)i>oiioiI." he remarked, "and that win take some tim'^l yet." OAicial Itccord PiCTloitsfr JUide' IVan Scored in Fraace Last -'IVeek.'-- t : Washingloii, Sept. 9.—A new world's i^' record in aeroplane flights Was estab-t lished as Ft. Myer, Va.. today when, , Orville Wright circles above the .pa.-'j^ rade grounds there flftjf-eighlj.'tildes; and remained Kin. the -air flftr-seven'' minutes and thirty-one seconds, of- , j^* ficial time, l -fei traveled at a~B ]ieed ap.-, f ? proximately tlilrty-six to thirtrrelghfc miles per hour. . • T By his wonderful flight at Fort Myer today. Orville Wright practlcftlly^ doubled the bestfofficial record" ever ..''^ made hy a heavier ttan air mhehln^ - * It was only SjatidaV last that iLeod^ " Oelagrange. president of the Aviation °' Club of France, established .ai neirtv': world's record Up to that time by rf;| : malnlng iu: the air twenty-niner'mni.r -. ntes; lifiy-four Kiirope agog. seconds and set all; COIKT HOUSE They »AX£ GOES An- TaklBJr in RepnbileaB Dsy at Voran Fair. The court house is almost deserted; J,Iiis afternoon. Among the court of-N ficcrs who are at Moran taking In the: Republican day are Sheriff BoUluieni' County Clerk Emmet Cnlbeitaon, €oan I ty Superintendent Flihston. 'lti^(iBtier j of D(jeds R. L. Thompson, Judge X iR Smith and Countjr Treasurer : M. Pi; Sickly. Judge Smith ttimed Iiis keys-; over to ;Mrs9 Blanche Thompson.'defh^ { uty lecorder. Should any wi8& to M ' married Captain Stover'wlll be drafted : TO perform the ceremony. ti: . I IS STILL PERSUED Damage. Action's Fqllow Ringlings on Their Journey South. .\ui:ora. Nashwauk. Buhl. AVrenshall. terdav afternoon, is reported partially Bovey and Coleraine, residents fought the fires all nighL { THE WEJLTBEK. Forecast far Kaataai r Fair aii4. TInwMaf; derailed at a curve one mile north of Scbniler, Okla.. about fift^- miles south of Mn8ko«;ee. .Neither tl^e. officials -at KansasijClty :nor: B\ have. njtceiviBd aflir 'TlHleage suits seetn '.6 be following Pin.iling.V circus which is to he here September 17 on their journey to the south. Thej: were sued at St. .Toe Satnrrlay and now parties in Topeka have brought an action foi; damages. A dispatch sa.vs: Tbiieka, Sept. !».—Willard Hall, and his wife. Laura K. Hall, brought suit ngainn Ringling's circu-s here today. Shotrl property was attached by the shenfjf and a bond was eiven. Mrs Hall -*as dririn^r t6 hrr home on t night I of September 2S. 1906. wh her borse became frightened by t Ringltng elephants. In the runaw the K|ie«ry was smashed. Mrs. H was injured and the horse was hurt. Wi^ I ^aU asks $1,500 for her injoriea. wants $«OCj for the damage 'hcurs^ and bug^. IS IN A DEADLOCK ' 1 *' I THE 1<»WA LEOISL.ITGBE HIS 111* •lOlKXED USm THUBSDAY. Cuniniins Has ReceiTcd. Siztf-sfic Votcv^Flrst Ballot a Dead< lock. ' ^ De .s .Moines. la.. SepL 9.—^Adhs.,».-*i »j of Co'vernor Cummins claim tha&ldtir< ing the night the six te^elato ^lili^ vc ;ted against him hayfe consent^,to vote for him. giving him sefeilty ToteBrj in a joint session at noon today.. ,SW-r I enty-seven is neiiessarytoj elect., 'i. The standpatters, however, cudhr. thev can maintain ^e de^Iocklr If a deadlock is the result ofeth^Totei: some standiiatters wiirmojfe* to![,a% jciurn. if tlie. primary i blll^'hasrcbeea- adopted. The Det^crate vfib iU}]olB'< ...^ „ fn voting for adjournment'kn* leijnet Iowa without a senjitbr for ai'riSkwt pj-'-\| term. .The tirst hallbt for United; senator resultjed in a deadlock, i niins receivedl 66 ;V0tea. a gala ol |:ime-| over yesterday. ^ Des Moinea. la., S«pL 9.--(fi }t«Tji J 4 .\fier casting I one vote for aMatoE;*;' joint as-seiiibl.^- of lowa'a-SBMtilrll^ isluiure dead.j >cke4 and adjoaniM ii»<|^ (il -II' oclocfe Thursday. •rtffJtW 'i;siihmI: Cumu)!lQ «:88, Port•r,^^aBlecxat.^' tS. .•icutlerins '-43.i , STUBBS WAS H Stnbbs. on t ^ei Repnbllau)|>t(dfait. .1 lou thii^ aftemcmloiL^tiM.' >rxt l.oipraor efiKakiM W «rtf< ran ia. AajtowaUk^ Hon. W. R. governor came to 12:45 train and #as drtvea;ln'!tir,o'Pj i S. .Mitchell's auiionjoblle J to ' where he will sp«|ak this the Republican day, exerdaee'.') fair; The VZiAi waa'.latft {fidas ing it imjwssible foTviMc^': take th3 1:30 'Kiiy tO.iMoraa planned. By. tal |:&ig an'auto- ll the engagemeiit at fhe^ nounced, ' '' (• 1 E»rR mu^s-^issKstt^. in oa ' E 'A four mlUion last evening', three and one ' La Harpe. ThiB.- drllled in on,the' which Is said t» T cons TTt was rejp this inbmlBgt

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