The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 12, 1946 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1946
Page 2
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-3K- 2 v th'ursdqy,"D'ecember 12,1946 •For she help rnsk&.a take a room arrangement ana "tie it*' There'smb too as""" • Chttstroas ' * lection!" .. Lovely, Lamp. Table," up from , , . , . -$7.58- End Tables, up from . . . . . . $7.50 Handsome flrnm-Top Table, up from . . $21.95 Drop-Lea! sJEable jwith • Drawer, "up from ~, $22.75" Distinguished- Cocktail Tables, up from . . $7.50 Maple Table -...,'.. $13195 Attractive Tier Tables, ( up from ..... $13.95 Hand-Rubbed Commode Tables, ap from . $24.95 CONVENIENT BUDGET PAYMENTS A UNIT OF C, N. JOHNSTON BODY WORKS Incorporated CORNER NINETEENTH AND Q STREETS IRWIN DETTRA, Manager LOCATED IN THE NEW CENTRAL-SHOPPING DISTRICT ReadffoFnte&s A complete new'_,course "In. elec- 'tronics-.'lias "been "designed by Jfhe navy and high~school graSautes with J3C- kho-vvJedge. o£ mathematics and 'phj'sJcs'-'axe being-accepted foe'the 42-weelt, basic training i course; Jo- geph jNipSQtibert recruiter in charge jbXJt|ie 3ocal aiavy recruiting station,' .ajinqulJceJPlodayr --' -", --High school graduate»Awho can pass the required'aptitude-teSf ,will receive training during- the'Tiasic course * plus extensive advanced- courses, Hibbert said^ Further jn- 'formation may be obtained at 'the recruiting station, • ' ,„ GET:&1KE THIS YEAR EiTHtt " NEW ^BRITAIN, Conn., t l>ec. 12. t&>)—One Xew Britain youngster faced the prospect today 'of ftnd- >N ing an empty, sock ~in Tiis home on „ If Sajata_passes him by it'll he because ^of a sock. A sock'to Santa's jaw hy the five-year-old lad. : .Severely reprimonded hy Ms mother after he had landed a right to the jaw of a Xew Britain department store's Santa Clans, the hoy moaned: '•Well, he didn't hriag me the bicycle he promised me last year." Jap Diet Considers Reparations Program TOKYO, Ttec. 12. 01PJ—Members, of the Japanese Diet met in secret sessions today to discuss the government's official reaction to the reparations program proposed by United States Reparationr Ambassador Edwin C. Pauley. Premier Shigeru Toshida planned to see General Douglas MacArthur soon to ask^that reparations be eased to allow industry to- function at its 1937 level, it was reported. The government contends tKat this is the level necessary for maintaining SO.- 000,000 people at a 1330 standard of living. At Least 8 Dead inTenementFire Continued From P^sc One on. The re.scuers> toiled unceasingly in a light mist. "" , The list of identified dead: ilrs. Peter Sloane. a tenant of the wrecked building, which was at-Amsterdam avenue and One Hundred Eighty-fourth street. John Popper, Jr.. 10. a tenant. Rose Rag-UM), 20, a fenant who •ft as carried out dead. She had lived on the third floor with her mother, who was rescued earlier. Fank JMoorhead. a fireman among the first to answer «hat then appeared to be a routine run. Anthony Biancardi, 11. who was taken from debris fried high on the THE COURT JUDGMENTS FILED Fred C* Rutherford, Jr., et al, vs. Make C. Garorie, et al, dismissal. 'CIVIL SUITS FILED Appointment of trustees for Wester Brown Oil Company. Petition- to establish death of Charles Jj. .lobe. Year Predicted Before German Pact Is Written NEW YORK, Dec.llMUB—Ameri- can experts on Germany, on the eve of ndjounrnment of tlie New York meeting ot the Biar Four Council of Foreign Ministers, pessimistically H. Adams, et al, complaint for dissolution of partnership. TKIAL CALENDAR Chester Bowles, OPA, vs.' Frank tenement's third floor and died en 1 R. Ellck, et al. route to Cabrmi Hospital. i Drilco Ltd., et al, vs. Lawton Kus- Daniel Dorato, 21. tenant. ["sell. Thomas Phillips, TO. a tenant. j Robert A. Graves, et al, vs. Pay- Xick Sloane. \vho had been pinned ' streak Cafe, et a!. down for liours bv a beam, said '. when-he was freed his wife and i three children and hi-s bi other were j in his apartment w hen the building | caved in. Firemen h<xd ) eached him [ by following his cries ot "get me out j of here/' , "I don't know_ whether they are j dead or alive," he -said. Bleeding- pro- j fu^ely, he was given a hypodermic •}- F. Brown, et al.'vs. Fuissell , lredi( , tefi today that'it might be th-» Jm « »t »i o«™»i=, n , f^,- rt,«_ I sprlng . (l£ 194S be f 0re the riej-nan peace treaty is ready for signing. They feared it might take a: least as lonsr nncl possibly longer to wi-it» the German peace lor Germany as it has taken to write the treat!""* for Italy. Rumania., Hungary. Bulgaria and Finland. The la'.ter jnb has taken 15 months and a day. Bt'Sin March 10 The German peace talks won't Virgin until March 10. If the job takr-<. a year it will he n year from next spring- before the Allies can formally resume a peaceful status with Germany. This outlook was presented a« th* Big Four council called what it . N. to Decide Soon qn Rockefeller Offer TCEW YORK, Dec. 12. tS>>—Ac- and, taken to Mother Cjbrini Hos-! ceptance or rejection of the JS,500,- j honed would be its last meeting in pital. ! 000 gift site offered by John D. ' Xe "~ Yoi>k for Irlto ("day. The Bti; Peter Lagatta. 6S, who lett for ' Rockefeller, .Jr., is expected tonight • Four wl11 tr - v to <-°mple'.e (lie lone work shortly before the ciash, said| from fl, 8 United Nations permanent ^^^'•t^^^J^^T^T"^; « , A subcommittee -ot the 54-nation OF CAUFOBlHA; ' -':£ for-lounfflngl'orround-the-house wear. ™T T 'I '«V- - f t •- T , f Of ,O * + , ft crushed kid leather. ££e'&S' 5 L ^ ^°&™ b ^S^! ea ^ /^Ctrr^ZZ&z-^a*. n SR 5 *? the ac^i' e in a X 2S^P" vnii '11 discover minutes.- JJ^ ~ _,^^ twfl. 1 :' 'i::"-..'':•-:• ^:.: : ..'-'-':-fe-^''."v '•;•".; : .-..>;;^;' : '*?-^--v : ,- '.•'•'.••y^"-',-:.' AROUND THE CLOCK 'It's etsy to take snapshots indoors, and it's low cost too with our, inexpensive lights. Come in today and we'll show yon how. towne Photo Supply Formerly- Edwards Camera Exchange I 1609, Nineteenth Street . J • Bakersfield 516 Center Street, Taft * GREEN ACRES HARDWARE. on Rosedale Highway in GREEN ACRES Kiddie Kars , . , $2,95 Boys' Wagons . . $8.00 Scooters , . . . j $3.25 Dbiis . . $3.25 to $7,50 PLENTY OF TOYS > LAWN MOWERS GARDEN HOSE PAINT Plenty Parking Space *" QUEEN ACRES HARDWARE Jack W. and Nellie M. Alien, Proprietors FINE WATCH REPAIRING 2027 Chester Avenue 5575 BETCOF fRiSNO* BAKERSMILD floor and probably were dead. All a\ailable emergency equipment was called out to fight the fire and to aid rescuers digging frantically in the ruins for victims, many of them women and children screaming for aiti. JMan> of the Mctims were trapped in their bods as= the blast sheared off the entire ^ear wavy of the tenement and sent tons of brick, mortar anc" plaster into a massive pile of debris two stories deep. One of the walls of the tenement and one of the ice house were f-tanding at perilous angles and firemen feared that if they fell many of those still alive in the rubble might be killed. Thousands of spectators, including friends and relatives of the victims, were held behind fire lines while tortuous rescire work proceeded. Several o£ them described the shock; felt and sounded "like air earthquake." Special Army Cut Proposed by U. N. Continued From Page One ments. This proposal, demanded by delaved first phase of peacemakini;, so home for Christmas, and meei a'saiii in Moscow in March to start the more difficult task of writing- German and Austrian peace treaties. The way for adjournment hrra site committee inspected the IS-acre area bounded by the East IliveY and First avenue in mid-Manhattan and|«aa prepared Wednesday when the then was closeted drawing up a re-' Big Finn-: port lor presentation to the full 54- nation. committee meeting tonight. Persons close to the committee said that if the Rockefeller offer was rejected, the committee was expected 1. Agreed to appoint special deputies for Germany and for.Austria to meet in .London January 10 and !>!-• gin hearing the views of the littla United Xations in advance of the to act favorably on a tabled United . Moscow Big Four meeting. hite House support. Russia, would enable international en £' is;l \ - , inspection agencies to visit th te j ^reedon iraa managw of con«ruc- country to verify the extent of the States resolution to postpone for a year the selection of a site. President Revamps Wartime Agencies Continued From Paso OTI» wartime agencies except those concerned with housing. He split up the functions formerly performed by Housing Expediter Wilson W. AVyatt, who'.resigned last Aveek, and named two men to succeed, him. Mr.- Truman named Frank Creedon to succeed Wilson W. W^att as j Byrnes' t "Vequest''7hut "chinT'be ... housing expediter. Wyatt resigned i ]ow e(1 to participate in the drafting because he felt he was not getting | o£ lne German and Austrian treaties, Pet Signing Date 2. Decided to sign the treaties f"r /taly, Rumania, Hungary. Bulgaria | and Finland—completed on all majnr issues—in • Paris on February ,T). Special representatives of the foreign-ministers will dti' the signing. 3. Agreed upon a six-point agenda for the Moscow meeting on Germany and Austria. 4. Rejected Secretary of Ktale James F. Byrnes' reciuest to add his proposal for limitation of Kuropeau occupational forces to Bi'0,000 men. But Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov agreed to discuss it in Moa- j cow, I 5. Failed to reach a decision on United Stgtes A-bomb stockpile. ~~ Joins U. S. Shawcross joined the United States in demanding that the TT. N. General Assembly steer clear of any action which might interfere with efforts of the U. N. Atomic Energy commission to draft an atomic energy control plan. The United States maintains that such a plan must precede any action on arms account Molotoy objected. of the atomic bomb plant at Oak Ridge, Tenn. Since then he has served as deputy administrator of' the Civilian Production Admimstra- j tion in charge of its construction ' and housing activities , ' Raymond M. Foley was made head , of the National Housing Administra- j •—-—— tion. He has been in the federal! »LOS A'XGELES, Dec. 12. <#>— Krog Adjuged Father of Ex-Wife's Child houslng prog-ram since 1934. At the same time, Mr. Truman's j Holding that wealthy Roy Krog, HO- i-old real estate man, had post- executive order setting up the new I divorce love trysts with his former office of temporary controls oidered wife, Aftress- Dolly Darn, the !- ; n- tng or an^an .arms reduction pro- the termination of the- Economic ' perior Court today adjudged him. to gram. Australia and Canada suggested revisions in a U. X. arms reduction program now under debate.' Paul Hasluck of! Australia tolt members that the resolution was "surrounded by confusion and shad ows"—that it.'provided no specific remedies for the heavy burden of world armaments. Stabilization Boaid and the termi- i be the father oC her baby, nation of the wage stabilization ! Superior Judge Klmer D. Doyle Board as of February 24, 1947. i ruled that there had been no recon- -tThe President called a major hous- dilation, legally, since the coupl« iBfrconference this afternoon whh 'was husband and wife until the all the officials he named today, plus * Interlocutory decree l.ecnmc final. other government agency heads in- Krog's di>fpn«> to his divorced volved in the housing program. These include George E. Allen, a di- wife's . paternity suit was .that a bicycle accidp.nt when he was 14 rector of the Reconstruction Finance , > parh olcl permanently prevented Corporation, with whom Wyatt had hinl from becoming a father. TAK-Q physicians who examined him ported to the court :that they re- bo- trouble. Mr. Truman declined to make anv atatement on housing pending his !lev p(1 Kl °K Wils i'lcapablo ot father- conference othis afternoon, but he , hf " Kl - Krog admitted tbe trysts but did discount reports that an inci ease i toW tnp CDU1 ' t he »»recd to th'.-ni in rent ceilings was in immediate berause Miss Dare's doctor had told her that her health otherwiseTvould prospects. •Steelman Switched bo impairrd. The court ordered Krog to pay John R. Steelman has been recon v J monthiv for support, of the babv but version director and also head of the economic stabilization office. In the reorganization he was switched from these posts to a new role as "assistant to the President." Mr. Truman: told reporters Steelman would Continue to aid him "in co-ordinating federal agency programs and policies." declined to ret aside the interlocutory divorce decree. SHINERS FOR BIRTHDAY LOS AXGELES. Dec. 12 UP)— Actress Eloise ]\fack expected a present on her birthday from husband Leon Godman. stage manager. The President explained that .OPA ! and she got it, she testfied as she controls on rents, sugar and rice j won a divorce. When he came home that night, she said,- he, gave her would be continued by the new overall agency. He said'-that the new office would be responsible for carrying out the remaining, continuing responsibilities of OPA and CPA and .certain reconversion functions. He--. remarked that the priorities powers under which Civilian Production Administration operates expire March 31. except for building materials, unless extended by Congress. The former heads of OPA and j CPA have resigned. OPA Administrator Paul Potter is going to head ' a United States economic mission to Greece. CPA Administrator John D. Small is returning to private business. two black eyes. ADVEKTINRMKNT Threats in Bilbo Case Charged Continued From Pasc One friends and constituents for jobs. then it disqualifies three-fourths of the-Senate'and all of the House." 1 The key field contiact was ' • H«re'» o @eef ixp&etorant the? Aelt fast to Ease Coughing Spoilt Spend 41 ctnti a! any drat «<or« today tor » boat* of BUCKLEVS CANADIOL MIXTURE—I^pl* actiaK~^a relieve such coughing (ait. TaV« a icupoonfu! and hold it on the tongue a moment, then ewallow elowfr and Ceef it* powerful, pungent action eprcad through throat, hex) arid bronchial iubei. BUCKLEY'S MIXTURE ecu- prompUr u help loosen up thick, Micky phlegm—eoothe' irritated throat membrane* and eaM hard coughing apclla. Mow elf Can.di know. BUCKLEY'S—folk, who live up North where • nuth mixture hee sot to do a real job, keep.BUCKLEY'S hand?. So try it the very next time a cold awarded to a combination made up ! ««"lu in a wracking, atubborn cough—-find of Friend, the Volz Construction < ?" "J, 'if,""*.' J^^JJ,^ Q^ e«e«iv« h i» Company, the Rock City Construe- CANAifjOL""MIXTUBE_"m.j. i- E ^? the Pvock City Construction Company, and the Flint-Xtordan Construction Company. Kock City was a Tennessee outfit; the rest were from Mississippi. I The original estimate of the job's ! cost was $1,515,090. Final cost was ?1,731,029. Officers Testify High-ranking officers testified i Bilbo got in touch with them many times about awarding of $25,932.381 of war contracts in his home state. Major General Thomas M. Robins, retired told the Senate war, investigating subcommittee that as early as 1940 Senator Bilbo "brought contractors down to our offices" and recommended them for many multimillion dollar jobs. U.S.A. — TODAY — at al! drug etorw. SAVE MORE DRUGS Jack Landson Drug Store ADVERTISEMENT Relief At Last ForYour Cough , Creonmlslan relieves promptly be- ejuise it goes right to tHe seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germladea phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous mem* cranes. Tell your druggist to sea you a bottle of Creomulsioii with the un- deratanding you most like the way it gulckly allays tbe cough or you ate to have your money back. forCoyzhj.Chejt Colds, Brcnchitis Phone 5-5829 S91S "EYE" STREET Hay Building

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