News-Press from Fort Myers, Florida on February 7, 1974 · Page 29
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News-Press from Fort Myers, Florida · Page 29

Fort Myers, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1974
Page 29
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ports Reports From Staff Writers, Bureaus And Wire Services News-Press SECTION C THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1974 Giants Claim 'Burger Bowl1 Title . . . Burp! NEW YORK (AP) - Emerson Hoozer dropped a pickle and was penalized five seconds. Randy Rasmussen lost precious ground when a fried onion fell to the floor. A rock band rattled the light fixtures with "Time in a Bottle." Rich Houston burped. It was all part of the "Hamburger Bowl" - a wild, whopper-eating contest between picked members of the New York Jets and New York Giants football teams to kick off the opening of a new burger joint in the heart of Manhattan. It smacked of the era of the Golden Twenties, the age of Wonderful Nonsense which spawned flagpole sitters, marathon dancers and college kids who gulped goldfish out of a lady's slipper. The madcap extravaganza made P. T. Barnum look like a prophetic genius. Traffic on 59th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues was paralyzed as hundreds jammed the street to watch the principals and celebrated guests enter the restaurant (Burger King) for the big brawl. It was like Madison Square Garden before the Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier fight. Inside, some 300 people largely agency representatives, food men, the press and the gate-crashing curious tussled for elbow room while sparsely clad waitresses served hors d'oeuvres and champagne. The rock band played "Guitar Man." The rival teams were introduced just as they are on Sunday afternoons on television. One by one, the players in numbered jerseys trotted down a fl ight of steps and took their positions on a miniature 20-yard field of green artificial turf with goal posts. Representing the Giants were wide receiver Rich Houston, linebacker Pat Hughes, running back .lack Rizzo, receiver Don Herrmann and fullback Charlie Evans, the captain. Wearing the Jets' green were giant guards Rasmussen and Dave Herman, linebacker Ralph Baker, running back Boozer and a pretty lass named Kathy Price, subbing for Eddie Bell. The rules were simple. Each of the players received a wrapped hamburger. At a signal they began eating away. The team finishing in the quickest time won. After the first hamburgers, it all was done again after a half-time intermission. Marty Glickman, a well-known broadcaster, broadcast. A guy in white served as referee. A high school band played marching music and' baton twirlers twirled. The gallery included Percy Sutton, Manhattan Borough resident; Howard Samuels, retired head of Off-Track Betting but taking no bets and ambassadors from Zambia, Nigeria and Spain. Evans, the 220-pound, mustachioed Giant, was the star of the show. He devoured his two whoppers-pickle, onion, lettuce and all in the combined time of 53 seconds. He ate as if he thought the Russians were landing on Montauk Point. Evans used an effective overlapping grip. One of the rules was that the hamburger must be held with both hands. Boozer was the laggard. He was the last to finish in both halves. "I just had breakfast," Boozer apologized. "Besides, why didn't they have fripd chicken?" The Giants won and got a $1,250 check for charity. The Jets got $1,000 and a good case of heartburn. The competitors were served by bikini-clad water girls. The Giants' water girl almost lost her halter and the Jets charged distraction. There was no penalty. Afterward the restaurant owner, Arthur A.-Rosewall, invited the contestants to stay for lunch. The fare: Hamburger whoppers. Burp. MM mMmJBII lllll MM J Vets Having Problems Bill Miller Outdoors News-Press Outdoor Editor Rookie Hayes In Hope Lead Poison Of Blowfish Con Be Fatal The cat isn't gonna die but he may never be the same. The vet called my home Sunday. Now, everybody knows that doctors, even animal doctors, go fishing or play golf on Sunday. So I knew it was an emergency. "Bill, do you happen to know what type of toxin the blowfish has?", he asked. "I've got a cat down here that's in bad shape he ate a blowfish and I'm afraid he's going to die." Doc said the feline had been vomiting until it was dehydrated (which probably saved its life), had muscular twitching, difficulty with breathing and a lack of balance and appeared as if it were about to become convulsive. He said he had called the local people hospital but the nurse who answered wasn't much help. Doc was told the animal had a 50 per cent chance of using up all nine of its lives in an hour or so, so he was treating the symptoms. I had always heard that there was no specific antidote for the puffer or swellfish poison, and in checking the first aid charts in "McClane's Standard Fishing Encyclopedia" I found this is correct. The type of toxin is tetrodontoxin, and there is no antidote. I relayed this information to the vet. This very dangerous toxin, which works on the nervous system, is present at all times in certain parts of the common southern puffer and several other swellfishes in tropical and subtropical waters. Specifically, it is found in the bile, liver, skin and reproductive organs. PALM DESERT, Calif. (AP) - Mark Hayes, a drawling rookie from Oklahoma," fashioned a wind-blown, 4-under-par 68 and took a surprise lead Wednesday in the first round of the $160,000 Bob Hope Desert Golf Classic. While Hayes, a 24-year-old, managed to tame the gusty desert winds at Indian Wells, the sandstorms dealt severe blows to some of golf's great names in this opening round of a five-day, 90-hole tournament. Arnold Palmer, for example, suffered a major jolt in his quest of a record sixth title in this tournament. Palmer, the defending champion who has won only this tournament since 1972, had a 76 at Bermuda Dunes. And Johnny Miller, the young man who has dominated the tour this year, failed to break par for the first time this season. He matched it with a 72, also at Bermuda Dunes. Miller, who swept the first three titles of the season, had a string of 15 consecutive rounds in which he'd broken par. Hayes, obviously surprised to be leading, held a one stroke advantage over Lee Elder, one of the few blacks on the tour, and obscure Mike McCullough, a one-time school teacher-in Monroe, Mich. Each had a 69, Elder at Indian Wells and McCullough at Bermuda Dunes. Labron Harris, Rick Acton and John Lister of New Zealand followed at 70. Harris played at La Quinta, Lister and Acton at Eldorado. Under the unique format for this tournament, the 128 pros play one round on each of the four desert courses and have a different three-man team of amateur partners each day. After 72 holes the field is cut to the low 70 professionals for the final day's play at Indian Wells. Palmer and Miller weren't the only ones to have their problems with the swirling, tricky winds. Bobby Nichols, a winner two weeks ago, had a 74. Millionaire Billy Casper was at 75. Former Hope champion Bruce Devlin of Australia was at 77. Rookie sensation Ben Crenshaw took a fat 81. In addition, his amateur team-headed by astronaut Gene Cernan was disqualified when Cernan signed an incorrect scorecard. Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Tom Weiskopf are not competing. "The wind," said Harris, whose father coached Hayes at Oklahoma State, "was bad enough that you couldn't see the group in front of you. It kicked up that much" sand. AII-you could see was a brown haze." Hayes, however, said he thought the scores would be lower and admitted he was surprised to be leading. Hayes joined the tour only last fall and has. made a check in all five tourhaments so far this season. He missed only one green in his steady round over the easiest and most sheltered of; the four courses and made bogey on that' hole. He dropped a couple of 12 foot birdie putts on the front nine then birdied three of his last five holes to take the lead. Two of them came' on par fives that he reached with his second shot and he dropped a 13-foot birdie putt for the other. Associated Press Wirephoto of the Atlanta Hawks (left) found it impossible to get off a short as the 6-11 Wesley planted a foot on Bellamy's toes and then used a long reach to block the attempt. No foul was called but Atlanta defeated the Bullets, 121-103. Sneaky Move Walt Wesley (31) of the Capital Bullets and former Dunbar High star in Fort Myers, got a little tricky during the first quarter in Atlanta Tuesday. Walt Bellamy Injured In Houston Tuesday Future Uncertain For LA s West Mark Haves Lee Elder Mike McCullough Looron Harris John Lister Rick Acton Jim Colbert Vern Novak Tom Snow John Mahalfey Dave Hill Bert Yancey John Ruedl Jack Ewing J. C. Sneod Johnnv Miller Don Fairfield John Schiee Bill ZioBro Mike Reosor Bob Rosburg Hubert Green Don Bies Grier Jones George Knudson Terrv Small Bob Stanton Rockv Thomoson Jerrv Heard Miller Barber Rod Curl Tom Jenkins Lionel Hebert Bob Unger Richard Mast Bob Menne Ken Still Bobbv Nichols Gov Brewer Rav Flovd David Graham Steve Melnvk Jim Dent Joe Inman Bob Murrihy Bill Oaden Dwight Npvll Rik Massengale Dick Lot; David Jiminez Mac McLendon 34 34 68 35 34 69 34- 3569 36-3470 35 35 70 36-3470 39 32 71 34 37 71 37 34 71 35 36 71 32-3971 34 37 71 36-3571 35 36 71 35- 3671 38 34 72 36- 3672 36-3672 36 36 72 35- 3772 34- 3872 34 38 72- 36 36 72 36- 3672 35- 3772 36- 3672 35- 3772 34-3872 36- 3773 34- 3973 36-3773 36- 3773 35- 3873 37 36 73 37- 3673 36- 3773 37 36 73 37- 3774 37- 3774 36-3874 36 38 74 37 37 74 38- 3674 36-3874 36- 3874 39- 3574 37- 3774 35-3974 37-3774 37-3774 37-3774 "He lost control of the ball and I reached for it, but before I could get it, he picked it up. I tried to get into a defensive position and I shoved off. That did it." The injury was to the left side of the groin and West commented, "I really did it this time. It really did hurt when it happened. "When I first came back, I was afraid this would happen and I was very cautious not to do the things that could lead to this." Then he added, "If we had won the game, something like this would be easier to accept." But the Lakers lost in overtime 116-112 long after West had left the game in the first quarter. Coach Bill Sharman said the possibilities do not look good for West's return to the lineup this year, even for the playoffs. "It will be up to Jerry and the doctor, but it looks worse now than it ever did," the coach admitted. "Right now, I'd say it is doubtful that he'll be back." When he went out of uniform for a week last Jan. 25 to try and regain physical conditioning, West commented, "Physically, I'm not good. It's a matter of conditioning. I've been in and out of the lineup for 22 months and it's difficult." West missed the preseason because of contract disagreements on a pact believed to call for at least $300,000 a season. Then he pulled the lower abdominal muscle that has led to his current problems. Jerry has averaged 27 points per game during his career and set six playoff records most points, highest scoring average, most field goals, most field goal attempts, most free throws made and most assists. He is the last of the original Lakers who came to Los Angeles in 1960 from Minneapolis. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jerry West's latest injury could end the basketball career of the superstar from Cabin Creek, West Virginia. The 35-year-old veteran of 14 National Basketball Association seasons, was hurt Tuesday night in Houston. Aker flying back to Los Angeles, he was examined by Dr. Robert Kerlan and the Lakers announced he had "aggravated an abdominal and groin muscle strain and would be lost to the club indefinitely." West will undergo daily treatment but there was no estimate when he might be able to play if he decided to return to action. West returned to the Laker lineup less than three weeks ago after being out with the original injury. Originally, it had been expected he would retireat theend of the season. The latest injury could bring the retirement earlier. Describing the latest injury, West said he was guarding Houston's Calvin Murphy. Form Of Russian Roulette There are hundreds of fishermen in Southwest Florida who are regularly playing a game of Russian roulette by eating the flesh of the common puffer. Some of the old-timers around here have been eating them for years, find them delicious, and tell every visitor or newcomer they meet that the puffer is "perfectly safe to eat if it is cleaned properly." And it ain't necessarily so. Although the flesh is usually non-toxic if none of the bile or other internal juices get on it, or a scrap of skin overlooked, the flesh itself is occasionally found to be toxic even if it is properly cleaned. People have died from eating these "delicious puffers." Some of the fishing guide books being published sometimes encourage people to eat puffers by saying the edibility is good, "if properly cleaned." If, after reading this, you still decide to eat your puffers, swellfish, blowfish or whatever you care to call the little monsters, and then suddenly find a tingling sensation about the mouth and tongue, salivation and nausea, you had better act fast. First, induce vomiting, then get to a hospital or it may be your last "delicious puffer." Cooking tends to reduce toxicity, which is probably why more people die from swellfish poisoning in the Orient than here. The eastern peoples eat a lot of raw or pickled fish. Doc didn't know whether the cat had been fed a raw or cooked fish but after intensive treatment the cat began to take a little nourishment on the third day. There are several other ways a person can become poisoned by eating fish in a tropical or sub-tropical climate. There is ciguatera fish poisoning, found at times in many species of the coral belt. The common agents include the great barracuda, some species of grouper and snapper, tropical mackerels, jacks, triggerfish and moray eels. The name "ciguartera" (Spanish) was applied by early settlers to the Caribbean. The poison, believed to be a neurotoxin, is not caused by spoiled fish, but may exist in perfectly fresh and otherwise edible species. The cause is not known but it is thought to be caused by their feeding habits. Continued On Page 4-C Inside Today's News-Press Judge Gives Spurs Gervin, For At Least Next 1 0 Days Golf EDISON BEGINS its 1974 season in the 36-hole Valen cia Invitational tournament at Orlando 2C THREE CHARITIES to benefit from proceeds of the eighth annual Tony Lema Memorial Pro-Am .. 6C PAIRINGS SET for the 36-hole Pabst Blue Ribbon Invitational at the Fort Myers Country Club . . 6C SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) - A feder.i judge ruled Wednesday all-star forward George Gervin of the Virginia Squires can play the next 10 days for the San Antonio Spurs. "I'm glad to be here at this time and I want to win and 1 want to give 100 per cent all the time," said Gervin of his new-found home in the American Basketball Association. The 6-foot-7, 180-pound Gervin will play his first game for the Spurs tonight here against the Utaji Stars. San Antonio gave Gervin No. 44 for his new uniform. A smiling Jack Anderson, general manager of the Spurs, said "This really puts us in great shape for what we call the second season the playoffs." San Antonio and is forbidden to play for any other ABA club. During the 10-day period, the Spurs also play San Diego, Denver and Indiana. Spears said "This order does not say George Gervin must play for San Antonio. It does say he cannot play for any other team." Spears set a Feb. 15 hearing here on motions to turn his order into an injunction. He said his order must be obeyed by ABA commissioner Mike Storen who intervened in the case. In New York, Storen said the league would obey the court order. "We have scheduled a league meeting on Feb. 13 to discuss the Gervin matter." The Spurs introduced Gervin at a hastily called news conference after the ABA club won a court victory over the ABA front office and Earl Foreman, owner of the Virginia Squires. As a Virginia Squire this year, Gervin averaged 25 points per game and is the league's fourth leading scorer. On Jan. 13th, however, the Spurs say Foreman dealt away yet another of a long line of superstars or near superstars when he sold Gervin to San Antonio for $225,000. Foreman did not produce Gervin on Jan. 31 as he had agreed. The Spurs gained a 10-day temporary restrainingorder Wednesday from U.S. Dist. Court Judge Adrian Spears, saying Gervin would be allowed to play for Motorsports A PAIR of broken legs lead Johnny Barnes onto the Grand National circuit 3C Classified In this section

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