The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 7, 1964 · Page 9
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 9

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1964
Page 9
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PAGE 8 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Wednesday; Oct. 7, f9<&4' TH»TON DAILY TRIBUNE SUBSCRIPTION RATES Sy Carrier, In City, Per Week . —, 35 cents By Mail, One Year, Tipton and Adjacent Counties . .$8.00 Member United Press International News Service i Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4, 1895 at the.Postoffice in Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879 PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY 221-223 East Jefferson Street. Tipton, Indiana. Telephone OS 5-2115 ROUND TOWN AND THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. 0. Manej ANOTHER DAY . .. another land .. . and three more. American beys killed! Yes^-three more soldiers were killed near Saigon, when .their helicopter was shot down! We presume .it was on another of those famous "recon" flights.. ' WHICH BRINGS to mine? the, — —;—— fact that Secretary McNamara that Halloween is just arounc" is about to.'give up the ship'-- - • »- «... J. __J ... as he is reported being 'bypassed' these' days by the brother team cf iBundy. Accustomed to running the job himself—in private business . , . . Mac. is finding that government busi ness ... is vastly different from private. Like all good servants of the government though—he is waiting until after the election to have his say. Someday we are gcing to witness a man 'still in command' make his statements . . . and the lid will be off! • i THE LID IS CuF as far as the candidates for President are concerned. Barry is hurling a new charge that President Johnson ... while scoring him for his nuclear statements J . . has done exactly what he I recommended—delegated authority to the supreme commander of the NATO group . . . regarding same. It will be interesting to hear the reply of the President ... and that might just be appear- made at his Indianapolis ance tommorow. R T THE PACE gets faster—the public a little less informed as time gees on. It may turn out to be a cold winter . . .. but there should be enough 'blasts' to keep us all warm . . . for November! THE MARINES HAVE LANDED! L ,.. NOT GIVEN' TO much 'loose talk', the commander of the Marines has finally advised' that a 'Gun'Gap' exists in naval forces that would support "over the ' beach' landings. THE SWITCH has been made so fast—from the conventional gun to the missle -. .' . that the above capability might seriously hurt . . . says the general. YOU DON'T HEAR too much from the Marines—they general* ly 'do it' . .'. so let's hope the top- brass listenes ... . and acedes to their call for help. VANDALISM BEFORE IT STARTS ... let ' us remind the people of 'the communities of Tipton county'. the ccrner—and in this day anc! age—that means NOW . . . as they don't wait until that week to start with sometimes harmful antics. THIS might be a good time for parents to sit down and talk things over with their children . . . regarding the season . . . and caution against acts that might be of a destructive nature . . . endangering property . . . and calling for a visit of mom and c!ad ... to the local police station . . . after a violation. Parents are responsible for acts of vandolism done by their children . . . and the children should be made to realize this fact. .This is not a LOCAL law—it is a STATE law . . . and can be enforced. NO STATEMENT has been forthcoming as yet—from '(the local police . . . but we hope to have one, clearly outlining the local rules in today's or tommor- row's paper. ROUND THE COUNTY AN INDICATION that" IT IS TIME ... insofar as candidates era concerned . . . was observed yesterday at Windfall—as one of the local candidates was making the rounds—'door to door'! This we observed as we passed through the community. R T WE URGE ALL citizens' to start thinking of the coming election . . .and 'know' their candidates. For this identification we give them briefly . . . and will carry a story on each in the TRIBUNE at. a later date. (See page 1). TRY THIS FOR SIZE THE UPPER LIMIT for poverty—according to some standards is said to be. $3,000. Another figure is $6,000. ACCORDING TO THE first, the family earning less than $3,000 is impoverished; If so— what made them that way? Interesting question. WE HAVE SOME figures from a census bureau—and they are —local and federal, spent $185.2 BILLION last year . . . which may tell the math student that this amounts to something like $3,000 jper annum Ifbr every family in these United States! The Labor department says that the average annual. income of the (average) factory worker is near $6j000. • R T IF SO—comes * the dawn! Government last year cost every family whit it would cost to provide each family in America, With minimum livelihood, in this great land. _ ' ONE SENATOR who is in charge of a top program in government . ... is said to have made this statement: "Government by the people is possible— but highly improbable." Why; not give it a chance ... no administration has for quite some time!. . THE BAND • THE FOOTBALL TEAM, according to a letter we received (unsigned) ... did a" great job Saturday against Cathedral.. . . but another team ... did a great job too—our BAND! • TO. THIS- we agree' wholeheartedly . . . and apologize for not giving, the band then- due praise. IN THE .LETTER ...'.,. the writer asks what kids go out in the cold . . ..almost.every morning (early) . .'. and put together a; ten minute show • for each week? THE BAND! And the thanks? THE LETTER ADDED, that I if the community does not carei-da>" —why should the band? R T SO—let's take it on the chin] Cross Country Team Named For CIC Meet Peru swept to an almost perfect score against Tipton in a cross country meet yesterday Tipton Moves Up To 14th In State Grid Poll By KURT FREUDENTHAL INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)— South afternoon on the Tiger golf"B ena - St. Joseph's regained un course, but coach John Woods ! disputed first p i ace m ^ got a lot of consolation from, UP r Indiana high school foot- the fact that the first five men! ball eljte nosmg out Kokomo by across the finish line for the Blue Devils were underclassmen. The .race also determined which runners 'will represent Tipton in the CIC championships over the same course Thursday. With Dick Heron sidelined for the season following leg injuries suffered against Windfall several weeks ago, Ron RoaHruck was the first Tipton finisher in fifth pace. He is a junior. Next was sophomore Floyd Becktell in 7th place followed in order by Junior Stillwell, . sophomores Danny Tragesser and Griffy, senior Dave Massey and Bill a scant 2 points The two powers were tied for first .place in last week's coaches' board ratings, but St. Joe pulled ahead, 94 . to 92, this week. Both own 5-game winning streaks.. Independent St. Joe won a hard-fought battle at LaPorte last weekend, 27-20, while Kokomo beat Logansport, 17-7, to remain the only team still undefeated in North Central Conference play. The South Benders received 6 of 10 first-place votes while Kokomo was backed by three panel members. The other first- Yearv Those seven will run in! , the coherence ' championship, 1'P 1 *" J 01 * ^lanapolis- uie i-umcic / „ ' Cathedral, which moved up thereby earning .leIters for <&< ^ de season. Also (spite the fact it barely beat Tipas an alternate will be ^g ;ton last Saturday, 13-12. ON THE SIDELINES BY HAM RICC We wrote Monday that "weather and camera cooperating" we hoped to announce Tuesday our choice of player of the week. Well, the camera in that instance failed to cooperate, for when we went to get it, it was gone, out on use by another member of the news staff for local photos. We hoped then to get the photo Tuesday afternoon for use today but again were thwarted when we remembered the Tipton-Peru cross country meet to which we had to take a. car load, of the runners at the Peru golf course. Rather than delay the announcement any longer, we'll name him now and perhaps later be able to use his photograph, i Ninety-nine times out of a hundred it's a backfield man, a ball­ carrier, who gets the headlines because.of a, great run or the ser it's Danny Crouch 24/ Destry Lambert 19, Bill Moore 18*, Jim Rumba ugh 17, Greg Haley IS, Lex Boyd 13, Mike Rice 12, Dick Burkhart 9, Bill Grishaw 8, Ron Long 6, Ken Mahaney' and Bob Florey & Colin Meyer 4, Terry Weber,. Dick Ballard and Jim Hannah 2, and Denny Weber, Max McNeal, Lynn Lightfoot, Mike Renie, Bill Elliott, Danny Speer and Rex Dunning one each. -So here's a very-sincere doff of the derby to Lennie Tragesser! We said Monday also, that we didn't ordinarily believe in such awards, for too often it is only an excuse to play politics and rotate the honor from one boy •to another whether they deserve it or not. That's for the birds. So we'll reserve it for the boy winning touchdown. Too many I who does an exceptional job. place finisher, sophomore. Kline, Temperatures (Continued from, DW 1) eked Bend to 63 at Evansville Tues- • nvpr , Bloomington 10th Unbeaten Bloomington was the only "Big 10" newcomer, climbing from 11th spot to 10th and replacing Indianapolis Sacred one- point • decision over city rival Overnight lows tonight will Wood in its last contest, range™ lower than the 40s, : Evansville also was de ; 1 ° „„ .„.__«_ moted, from third to seventh, £ aPS this° mS 's. "SE bei »* heW * *™ and remember we have two.• "'"™ frnm thP by New Albany, teams . . . football . . . and the^hursday win range from the .* EMi zrt, last year's mythical band! Give them a great big hand the next time out—and! 'every time'. .. from now on in. low 60s to around 70 f 'state champion and winner of The five-day outloocalledI for * temperatures to average near * norma highs of 67 .to 75 and J • promoted from fourth normal lows of 43 to 50 through ^ » 6? next Monday. It will be -a little warmer during the weekend. Once again, the and East Chicago Roosevelt outlook « umDed from sixtn P? ace to , - j ,...r u' „ c n J„_„M , • fifth to round out the upper showed btUe hope of a drench- hrMo[ ^ „ Bi 10 „ witn In . mg * IT .? itpnth n ^dianapolis Ripple, which was pected to, total one-tenth ,of an £ last week inch or less with a chance of showers Sunday or Monday. United States (Continued from page 1) won experiences of a free press ^ ^ could have a real impact in Af-' b e xoe ~rt7rthe ~same num- " if AmpriraTi newsmen - i. '± i. -» T .n South Bend Riley moved up from ninth spot to eighth to tie city foe Washington. Appropriately, the two city rivals battled to a 26-26 standoff last weekend. Only 20 teams were, selected Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: John Wood, Frankfort; Stephanie Holtsclaw, Tipton; -Sheila Shock, 1 Tipton; Kathy. Elliott, Tipton; Gary Morris, Atlanta ;Darlene Downing, Frankfon;. Brenda Bowd, Hobis; Todd Scott, Atlanta; Charles Walker, Atlanta; Jay Middleton, Tipton; Margaret Class, Frankfort;' Andrew Nipper, Anderson; Mary Crail, Atlanta. DISMISSALS: Esther Ferguson, Hillisburg; Beatrice Hubbard. Tipton ;^ Vjvian Fisher, Kempton; Freida Amos,' Tipton; James Delph, Jr., Tipton; John Lee, Tipton. BIRTHS: Mr. .and Mrs. Darrell §hock, Tipton; girl, 4:04 a. m. October 7. . ' < Bertelson, managing editor,-St.! BIG SPLASH " . 1 I Louis Post-Dispatch; John C. RUGBY, England <UPI) — jQuirin, managing editor, Provi Headmaster Cyril Wellington dence (R.I.) Bulletin; Eugene dived fully clothed into the Patterson, editor, Atlanta Con- ""V ~— ••Harris Church of England' stitution, • and Alfred Friendly, „ ° omfln £;° n -r.-—~~. 20 School's new swimming pool managing editor, Washington' u - •"•ast Lliicago Washington, Tuesday. After his ceremonial; Post. * opening, 189 pupils jumped ini Lyle C. Wilson, UPI' vice after him. . [president and Washington manager, retired, was guest speaker at the'* final banquet. rica" if American newsmen ber as last week NewAlbany could find a way to _snare ith?m and Hobart were the only newcomers in the group. The Breakdown The breakdown, with with their counterparts in Africa The afternoon panel discussion was on "Massive Report- first places and total points: ing: Is it Really Necessary?" |x gB st Joseph . s (6) 94 Participating were Robert G. g Kokomo (3) Shand, executive editor, New 3 York Daily News; Arthur R ..." 92 Elkhart 67 4. Indpls Cahtedral (1) 52 FORTUNATE FIND UFFCULME, England (UPI) —Three days after Mrs. C. Cumbes lost a diamond from her three-stone engagement 5. E> Chicago Roosevelt & ' Indianapolis Ripple 48 7. Evansville Reitz J ,31 8. SB Riley & SB Wash. 26V£ Indianapolis Sacred Heart 11; 13. Gary Wallace 9; 14. Hobart, Hammond, Tipton 3; 17. Muncie South, Evansville Memorial, New Albany 2; 20. LaPorte 1. EAGER BEAVER LONDON (UPI) — A read..^ —„— .er's letter to the Daily Express , ring, her husband found it — today quoted a five year-old boy . Uiat the government—state in a street gutter. - ' |as saying after his first day at school that his teacher was nice, but "she's not very clever. She hasn't taught me to read yet." 2 to 3 lb. Avg. OUR OWN HOMEMADE Gr. Beef Patties For $^39 only L 51b. Breaded Pork FRITTERS IA Portions $}S3 HU For Only L BEEF BRAINS For $j (J0 51b. Only Fresh Oysters Just Arrived EMGES Cheese lb. 69c Souse lb. 59c HOMO. CHICKEN FAT, y 2 lb. Pkg: 39c ckrich • EVERY DAY LOW PRfCES Round Steak — lb. 89c " Emges Srloin Steak lb.89c Blue Chuck Roast— lb. 49c Ribbon Chuck Steaks — lb. 59c Beef TIPTON MEAT MARKET 117 S. WEST ST., TIPTON IND. PkoM OS 5-4410 TO GET BALL PAY LONDON (UPI) — The London Subway Authority announced Tuesday that train guard Amar Singh, a Skih who won the right to wear his turban while working, will receive most of the pay which was suspended during the three-week headguear dispute. ;' ESCAPES BOYS' SCHOOL PLAINFIELD, Ind. (UPI)— Four boys escaped from the Indiana Boys' School here Monday evening. Missing when roll call was taken at the evenjng meal hour were Robert Jordan, 18, Kokomo; Thomas Sweeney, 16, Greenfield; Billy .Huffman, 16, Kokomo, and Michael Wells, 16, Cedar Lake. .... RUBBER STRIKE OVER IFORT WAYNE, Ind. (UPI)— About 800 members of ,the United Rubber Workers Union Local 715 returned to their jobs at the B. F. Goodrich Co. tire i plant today, ending a "wildcat" strike which began last Thursday. Union officials said the men would return while grievances are negotiated. PAINTINGS MISSING LONDON (UPI) — An exhibition of French impressionist prints worth $5,600, .packed in crates and sent by truck to a Scottish museum more than a week ago, was reported missing today. JUVENILE DRIVER HAVERHILL, England (UPI) —A nine year-old boy playing hooky from school started a car with his penknife and drove it along a road until a storekeeper, stopped it as the boy tried to negotiate a curve. The boy was put under ponce probation officer for three years. Smorgasbord and bazaar Saturday, October 10, from 5 to 8. Adults $1.25. Children 50c. 4-H Community- Building. Sponsored b y Petersburg Christian Church. ' C-5 LENNIE TRAGESSER PLAYER OF THE WEEK times the work of the lineman who opened a hole on offense, or who broke through to nail the opposing ball-carrier for a loss on a fourth down situation, or blocks a punt, is overlooked . . . but not so this time. Player of Week To Lennie Tragesser, junior guard, who earned s a starting be^fhm-.the line as a sophomore, goes' IK js week's tribute as last ftiturqa'y'fc .."Player"-.- of '.the Week." As coach Moses told radio listeners immediately after the game, "If Mike Haley (Cathedral tackle) is All State, then certainly so is Lennie Tragesser."* Weighing only 170 in full equipment, Lennie was in the Cathedral backfield so often Saturday night it's a wonder the Cathedral quarterback didn't mistake him for one of hi? own halfbacks and hand him the ball. In fact he just about did, that one time Lennie scooped up the ball from just in front of him and scampered for that disputed . touchdown. Moses told Lennie after the game that the T-D mightjnot show in the news- paperSj but'Moses was going to give him credit.for it in the statistics. > : : Tragesser led the team in tac-' kles with 13, five more than lany others boy on ithe team, came up with; and that was against a team that has always been considered one . of the strongest defensive units in the state. No Accident And for anyone who thinks that was an . accident, coach Moses' season-long figures show that the team leader, in tackles at the halfway point of the season is Lennie Tragesser with 29. In' order, on season, statistics, the tackles follow; after Trages- St. John's Bazzar and Turkey Dinner, Sunday, October 11th. Dinner 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. Children 50c — Adults $1.00\ Public invited. C-6 ELK'S FREE FISH AND HAMBURGER FRY This Friday, Oct. 9 after .the EIwood-Tipton Football Game. All Elks and Wives Invited BILLY MARTIN Is a true cnuntry music entertainer. Starting in the business as a country disc jockey. This gave him the chance to Ret familiar with the kind of mualr the country music fans wanted to hear. After working as a 'DJ for p while, Billy cut his - flrat record and things started to happen. He then formed his fine band. The Sundowners, and played show dates all over the country. But, Billy felt his show still was lacking that little something- that makes a show tops. So the search was rn to find the answer and • soon found : the misslnfr parts of his show in the form of Debhlo Lane, female vo- coIUt and Bobby Nmith. Since (bene two fine entertainers Joined the show, Billy and his fine croup have been pleasinfr crowds' where- ever they chance to play. V. <F. W. POST NO. 1129 PRESENTS . COUNTRY MUSIC SHOW Starring BILLY MARTIN & DEBBIE LANE . Bobbie Smith — Bob Brandon — "The Sundowners" SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11 SHOWS AT 3 AND 8 P.M. Tipton County 4-H Building S. R. 19 South - , Tipton, Indiana ADMISSION: ADULTS S1.2S CHILDREN 75c Other iFigures Other statistics which indicate some of the boys! values to the team as compiled by coach Moses show that for the season, Tragesser and Lex Boyd lead the team in recovery of opponents' fumbles with two apiece, while Chip Foster and Mike Rice each have'one. And in interception of opponents' passes, Bill Elliott leads with two, while Jim Rum- .baugh,.Bill Moore and Greg Haley each have one. : fln passing, junior Jim Harmon who also rates a lot of credit for his smoothness under fire last Saturday has 18 completions in 36 tries this, year, good for a total of 329 yards and five touchdowns. He has had just one pass intercepted. Danny Crouch has completed six of nine passes for 97 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. Terry Mcintosh has thrown four completed one for 20 yards and had .one intercepted. Bill Moore has only thrown one which was incomplete.- " Pass Receivers Moore and Rumbaugh lead the team inj>asses caught, each with seven.' *Moore . has gained 123 yards on those seven or an average of' 17.5 per completion, with one good for a touchdown; Rumbaugh has gained 93 yards on his seven for a 13.3 yard average and has scored four touchdowns . on them. 'Crouch has caught three passes good for 60 yards or an average of 20, and one touchdown; H a. 1 e y has caught one-for 65 yards and a touchdown; Mason has. caught one for 27 yards and Lex Boyd }ias caugljt four Jbr a total yardage of 55~br 14 yafd^average.' Rumbaugh leads in average yardage gained per carry, rushing from the line of scrimmage 43 times for 326 yards, has lost 28 for a net of 298 and has 'an average carry of 6.9 yards per try. Crouch is right on his heels among the starters with 83 carries for 573 yards, 19 lost and a net of 554 and a 6.7 per carry average. Billy Moofe has carried 36 times for 187 yards, has never lost a yard and has an average of 5.2 per carry. Hannah Doing Well Among the non-starters, Jim- Hannah leads with 100 yards in 14 carries for an excellent 7.1 average. He too has not been thrown for a loss. Jim Harmon has carried 12 times, gained 33 yards, lost 45 and has a minus 1.0 average. •For a quarterback, who" can often be trapped looking for a pass receiver, that is excellent.. Terry Mcintosh has run six times, gained 14 yards without a loss and has a 2.3 average. Pat Beaver has carried five times, gained 27 yards for an average of 5.4. Moses Told Us In advance of the game last week, coach Moses told us to watch Jim . Rumbaugh. We loubt if anyone knows the tremendous job Danny Crouch is doing this year. As a midwest All • American nominee, Danny has been a target in every game in which he appeared. Opposing coaches gear their defenses to stopping Crouch, and Moses knows that. He told us: "Don't Print It" "Dont put it in the paper. Ham., for I don't want Cathedral to pick up the information and change their defense, but Jim Rumbaugh is just starting to come into his own. I know they (Cathedral) are going to be watching Crouch, and Rumbaugh may just be the big difference in that ball game." f" Well, anyone who saw Rumbaugh score thai final touchdown, shaking off several tacklers who had their hands and arms on him, and finally dragging by sheer determination that final tackier the last couple of yards over the goal line, knows now how correct Moses was. Jim told us just as he was boarding the bus to "naptown" that he had a 'bad case of "butterflies" in his stomach. We guess all the kids did. As Gene Conard said yesterday, if they'd received the ball instead of having to kickoff, they'd have gotten over them quicker. But it sure didn't take 'em long to settle down. That's a game we'll always b,e proud to remember. ELK'S DANCE This.Sat, Oct. 10 9:30 - 1:30 A.M. KENNY AND .HIS COUNTS All members invited to attend. Square Dance Lessons Sunday, October 11,1964 2 to 4 P.M. Sponsored by Tip Toppers Place Announced Later TONIGHT'S BARGAIN NIGHT - 2 SHOWS AT 7 & 9 P.M. Tonight Only DIANA "TARZAN'S 3 IN ALL SEATS 25e CHALLENGES COLOR — STARRING JOCK MAHONEY Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. - Double Feature A crackling new comedy | PLUS THIS HIT ? ' with Nancy Kwan as the only gal in a sc'rtool for boys I ! * MM* SmnArtiProuJ&re See what happens when the boys take to the sea and the girls take to the boys I I Sun.-Mon.-Tues. CONTINUED SHOW SUNDAY STARTING AT 2 PM. The Rmntest sfohl ever put Between omttre! ledtime Sfory^cow iiXT Wf DNESDAY —• "THE CARPETBAGOBRS"

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