The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 11, 1946 · Page 23
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 23

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1946
Page 23
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|For Saia—Automobiles JS43;CHEVHOLTST i Park. • ,,." • *" s down. -1606, Stockton-avenue, HfEhljind f SALE—EQUity rn','lS?8' Packard *e^ SfV** 8 ** ter * :3 ° '»• m- at "0 jit Eighth .street..'".' - - 1 , VETERAN-raajt sacrifice -.ear to EO to ,«chooU--'lS37-Bontlac;Sncoupe, eooa condition,,throughout.». Can-be Been at IMS H Nineteenth. In, rear. 114 FORr S,AI<E~ms -P,ontl»c''4-dobr sedan. goo3 J>amr % soexr bods;,,..6eal, beam head"? h t s /. 1 -.f 0 s-'lshtB-'run« ' Booa - -A-real buy at ,f«)0. Can be seen at" 4:2 Hughes Lane o? cull 8-8063. . '. - , \H FpH SALE-rl»36 Chevrolet coup« master <Se luxe,- -excellent 'rubber, <»potlisht and heater. Can be seen, after' 6:80 at 2145 Kentucky gtrett. ,. - . '-; 114 FOR SAr.E-Bo.uIty ia 19*1 Pontlac 6 .sedan. Phone 2-03% after t p. m. 13 C THADE - equity in'jf 1940-v Chevrolet club coops tor cheaper!! car. Has four n-%v tires.-radio. JreaterJi ro'otor. "OSody In Bood condition. - Phone f«-C636 after 6 p. TO . Prefer 1836. 1937 or 1SSS Ford or Chevrolet. '' jj,- POR SALE—1931 Model 'A tudor sedan, 16-inch wheels,- motor A-l.' S62B-B Sixteenth street.. - ' jl6 1933 CHEVROLET coach (SSH4Q9). Plenty of transportation in this jrooa runnlnsr automobile. Motor work ju«t completed. $380. See owner.- at Jai-k's Service. TVenty-f1r»t ana "Eyg" street. 116 TOR 8AI.E—1931 Hudson sedan, a good -work car for $125. .Phone 2-509C. A«k for F. P. Miller. 116 DON'T pass tins before drlvine. Guaranteed . mechanically perfect. 1910 Lincoln *-door, all 'accesories; paint, upholstery Unblemished." Five new tireo. Lifeguard tubes, overdrive. 12150; - Phone 2-1630. ' 116 1941- FOIlD^ coupe, radio. Will take older *ar in trade. Call 7-7608 or see at 2205 Mllvia. - f . . MUST eell this iveck. Perfect 1939 Bulck 4-tloor gedan. 'Call 9-9929, 116 FOR SALK—1M1 Ford 2-door super <Je .luxe «eds,n, low mileage, good tlrer, radio and heater. Cain. Pbone'7-76'8 or 2-5210. • - 118 FOR •SAL.E-j-lSSr. ~DodRe> -pickup. after 4 p. in. 826 -Pearl "street. Phone 3-3539. " - Trucks for .Sale ONE 19^6 Ford tractoi, 6-wheel, Brownie", 2-speed axle.' One. 1946 .refrieeratea waiter, 8-wbeel. One 1S46 114-ton van type Ford truck, 2-speed axle. One 19^5 1-W-tnn" Chevrolet truck, Tan type body, • Brown-Lipe transmission. One 1934 Diamond .T-6,-slake body. B. K. Vacuum brake.", new motor, sood tires. One 1946 van type body, fli« 1^-ton truck. One pajiel -truck body, fits H-ton Inter- national. 1500 P Street > 116 FOR SALE—13S4 Terraplane 4-dpor sedan, nice working car, good tires, grootf motor. J335. (S3DB67.) 1115H Delores. Eaut Bakerafield. , 114 FOR SALE—1938 Ponljac club coupe. Clean, excellent motor. Good rubber, good paint. Tou have to see to appreciate. 203 Kast Mnneta avenue. 116 WE HAVE lots and lots of 1948 Cbevro- let«. FordP, ' Plymouth!*. Dodges, Mer- curies, - Nothlnit over $2500. Just like new. - We also have-lots of 1942 and 1941 models on down to 1929 Model A Ford. They all roust sell. Xo trade-ins neces- «aiy. Coin* on-qut tn the Arvin Used Car Lot and see* Silas' Winter or Heeler XVII- «ra. Located corner of Arvln avenue and C streets.- one block north of Safeway •tore in Arvin. Calif. Phone 45-W, Arvin. -. 116 193* CHEVROLET sedan, tour new tires. | FOR SALE—Good 1934 Ford coupe, new for &a!&—-Automobiles 1929 JPORD Model,A pickup, good condition. S15 Washington.. 'Ehone .'6-6403. _ FOR SALE—1941 XSodge J-aaor- tedan In coad condition. Rubber Jik«. new,' {1600. 209 Hughes a-vfnne, Olldtle.- ~ 116 FOR SALE—1»29 Model -A' Ford, motor -and tires In excellent condition. Phone 3-9882. - 116 FOR -SALE—1937 Ford, five good tiree, good condition. 1304 Monache Drive. 118 TWO 1945 10-wbeel International 8-yard dump' trucks for sale or trade. Private party. Call S p. in. to 8 p. m. Modern Trailer Cqnrt. south of International Cement Company. ' . , us FOR SALE—1935 Plymouth aedan. fair condition. Call 2-6748. 2158 Nineteenth street. II & D Auto Sales 1941 PONTJAC 4-door .S1595 " 1941 Chrmler 'New Tork nedan - S1695 1940 Pontlac Estate Wagon • 11095 1S3« Chevrolet coupe " ' S345 1S34 Dodee 4-doar sedan ' *250 19S6 Chevfol't 2-door $395 19«2 Buick Sedaneue S169S 193S Chevrolet 2-door ' 1995 We also, have Home 1941 Chevrolet coupes and »pdan». If the car you have in mind Is not on our lot we wfll get it far you. Sff M 4 D Auto Sales for better cars for lass. / . II & T> Autn^ Sales 50i North Chester Avenue. Oildale 314 FOR SALE—Well cared.for 1841 Packard Model 110 coupe, new 1942 motor, new 6-ply tire*, new -paint and custom sent covers. Office. «01 HsberfeMe building during day; evenings, 1304 Richland. Mr. Murray. " 118 1939 INTERNATIONAL pickup. Chester. Phone 3-4211. 2711 118 1846 BUICK super sedanette, 2711 Chester. Phone 3-4213. like new. 318 1940 MERCURY convertible club coupe, Carson top, new paint. 1322 Twentieth street. .Jloss Hardware. Ask for Ray Spauldlirg. 120 1940 CHRYSLER Royal 4-door sedan. This is a clean car. 3130 Hiver Boulevard. 118 EXCELLENT family car. 1937 Nash .sedan, new tires, new paint- Call 7-7129 or 2514 Cheater Lane, after 4. 116 1927 PLYMOUTH 4-door sedan, new tire*, veiy clean car. Will take older car aa trade-In. 2T31 Prospect slieet. 116 1938 CHEVROLET 4-door sedan. In eood condition. Radio and heater. Call 7-7578 between X a. m. and 4:30 p. m. and ai.k for Martin. ^ 116 FOR SALE—One «mooth running 1928 Dodee sedan. It you need cheap, denend- able transportation, sec this at the Rose- data Garage *n Roaedale. 118 1941 PONTIAC Streamliner sedanette, excellent condition, radio * and heater. May be seen at 2700 La Cresta Dnv«, between a and 7 p. m. or phone 3-058S. 116 Wanted to Buy—Autbmobitos . pay cMb,;3No 8-7389.- or V »--2S-tf WANTED" TO BUZ—Good; , private pa^r. ^aoie 3-8547.-:, 3415 Jewett .-Automotive Service, Parti* • .- ' ". ,;' Motor Centw".-- i-"- >,-{•*' i ,' - - -BatterlM- \\f--~' ," r f->, ; Newly .Dealmed Hydraulic Btfmp»r r j»ck» " Nice Stock of Seat'Cover*-'^ *' Twenty-mecond and Chester Ebon** '' ' - " Automotive Service- Company » nnn . £v r,- MOTOR tuneup. expert nmjmetD,<*enera.tor. atarter, carburetor.~ilt«tributor «ad"»p«ed- -oroeter repairing. - When you'-need, that motor overhanlea. see u«.-Promirtr:Mrvice. . till, Chester Avenu Pbon* 7-7971 ,"» Auto Painting"* 1, r ' Let WHake Tour Car 'Lik* New" - , 155"and Up- ' " '" „ ' Immediate Servics ' , "* . Auto Repairs , Motor Overhauled! ' , New Motors' Wheelj-Alignment", " -, Brake Service - - ' . . Baker-Adams Motor Company ''-.' «l Chester Avenue -• ^ Phone 9-9745 -- - - • 4-9-tf CHABLES VIGSTHOM Gara'ge,' »pecis;lii- Ing in Joofiy and fend«r repairinr and painting. Free estimate. 100 North Chester Avenua Phong i-0'92 . -. ' „ 148 Holiday Greetings Thirty-fourth Street Body * Paint ,Worte A SMALL, unique paint £bop, modern iy equipped to- ser\'s you, best. Where low prices and Quality workmanship prevail.' 'Synthetic Enamel"—the* new -prewar' paint. GiV9 your car a long-laisting. "hard, lustrous finish. Free Estimates Phone 3-S336 128 4336 SHOP Prank and Manuel Spring SHop OUR SPECIALTY is iprln..- .making and repairing, repair broken frames 'and hangers, fishslating, reinforcing housings and axles, ring .gear riveting and welding. Emergency calls. Frank Claudino. 2U3 Q street. Phone 3-4765. Residence,* 3-0449. ' - , ' ' c 114 Motors ;' ' - VfE B1A.VE just received a limited "number of Ford and Mercury rebuilt,motors. ; KHcben-Bjjyd ^Motor Company v Lincoln and Mercury Dealer 2230 Chester Avenue . ' >lf-t-U FACTOB.Y rebuilt .Chevrolet motors', $149.50 exchange. Factory rebuilt Plymouth motor, $149.50 exchange., pins state -and federal tai. H. C, Landstrtim. 2S10 ChestBr. - - lS-6-tf FOR SALE—1942 Studebaker Champion 4-door sedan. Good tires, heater, tailor- made seat lyjverH. Mechaincally A-l shape. Can foe seen at 105 Lincoln street, Oildale, any time. 116 FOR SALE or trade. 1936 Chevrolet Master coupe. Nice little car, worth the mohey. Charles Vigsttom's Garage, 100 Nnrtli Chester. Bakersfield. - , 114 WJLL TRADE clean 1941 Chevrolet coupe for 1940 Chevrolet convertible. Call 2-9292. " 118- good motor. Runs sood. May be seen after 5:3« P. m. 734 Ea«t Third street. Phone 2-5471. - *• 114 FOR SALE—Three' G. M. C. semi-trucks at $8500 each. Inquire at- 524 Twenty- first atreet, or phone 6-50B4, Bake'rsfleld. Calif. ^ < . 10-23-tf J939 CHEVROLET 4-door sflan. new rubber.. Signal Service, Greenfield. Phone 2-3032. 114 J941 OLDSMQBIL-E, late model. A-l condition; wonderful car. By private cwner, -no agencies. Call Arvln'31. from 6 a. m. to 6 p. m. 1 : alter 6 p. <ra,, call 132-.I, •Arvin. _ • 114 FOR "SALE—1940 model Buickf 4-door sedan, torpedo type body, 2-tofte, good condition. Inquire Box 532, //DiGiorgio Farms. { 114, FOR SALE—1935 Pontiac. new tttss-^Sst overhauled. Snow Road, Route 4, Box 56S. Phone 3-2823. - 114 1836 motor. See at 1017 Woodrow. Oildale. Phone 2-476S. FOR SALE—1936 Chevrolet tudor sedan, good condition, good tires, heater and spotlight, $650 cagh or will take older car as trade-In. Call at 264 Rose street, Lamont, after 5 p. in. 'Texas FMS996.) FOR SALE—19S~7 Chevrolet master 1H- ton flatbed truck, good condition. Phone 2-1682. ' 116 GOOD solid Model A Aedan. excellent tires, motor just overhauled. $195. See at 110 Roberts Lane. . 116 PICKUP—1933 Chevrolet, good tires, ready to go, $295. 110 Roberts Xane. Phone 2-2663. 116 1929 CHEVROLET coupe, runs'good, 16- /Snch tire*,' $195. 310. Roberts Lane.. 116 1934 CHEVROLET coach; fa|r tires, new " clutch, transmission: «eal beam headlights, fair paint: 8400 cash. Call 2-OS62 und ask for Jlmmie between 9 a. m. and 6:SO p. m. or call at 2305 Monterey street after 6:30 p. m. . 114 1542 CHEVROLET cluu coupe, dual fog lights, dual mirrors, spotlight, new seat covers. Rubber and motor sood, a clean car throughout.. Priced under market. Phone 2-3S1S. ' J 114 FOR SALE— 1928 . Phone 5-5868. Chevrolet, reasonable. 114 FOB- SALE—1940 Dodge coupe, lent condition. Phone 3-1385. excei- US 1934 DODGE panel,- good condition, good ^tires, $450. Phone 4631. Young's Gro-^ eery. North Shatter. 116* FOR SALE—1940 Dodge Luxury Liner de luxe 4-door *cdan. 51300. Good condition thtoughout. Can be seen at 2207 Mnn- J terey gtreet.' ^ 114 1936 CHEVROLET sedan, very clean, motor Just overhauled, five good t'.ref. Priced tn sell. SMI Sunset. Phone 6-6633. Call after 5 p. ra. 114 1937 CHEVROLET I is ton truck. Quantico. .Phone 3-2261. 1100 116 FOR SAtE^-1934 Plymouth coach, excellent running: condition. Inquire 1905 Tnix- tun avenue, apartment 2 116 FOR SALE—192S Whippet -coach, 4-cyl- ' inder, excellent mechanically, fair tires. new battery. • See at 1SS1 Lake street after 4 p. m. 116 FOR SALE or trade for cheaper car, 1846 Mercury 4-door sedan, many extras. Phone 5,6049. 114 1942 DODGE 3-ton, with K-ll Interna- -tinnal&motor, 35-foot semi-trailer. Good ^rubbfr. 709 Washington, Oildale. Phone j-6269. , " IK, 1941 BUICK Century 4-door ecdan; new tires and paint job. tailor-made seat covers, all in good condition. Will trade for smaller car. 712 Eighteenth stieet. 116' 19S3 FOBD' 4-door *edan for sale. Phone 3-2724.. HI Sacrifice 1941 2',4-TON G. M. C.. motor just overhauled, excellent condition throughout. For sale' on the Job. Reasonable. . Pee 2012 E street. HI I9S7 BUICJC 4-door sedan;'radio, overdrive. Can be seen at Richfield service station. Pumpkin Center. ll« FOR SALE—1945 Autocar diesei, ISO- horse, 82-foot; 18-foot semi \veber trailer: truck' and trailer In first class condition. Thong 617. Shafter. 12_2 FOR-SALE or trade'for cheaper car. 1941 Buick special sedaneUe. Good buy. Rusk's Dairy. 3 miles west o4»9 on Norris Road. 1161933 CHEVROLET.4-aopr sedan, six tires and rndio. Phono 2-8529. 114 193B FORD 5-door fle luxe sedan. Hadio and heater. 308 PecaUir. Olldalp. US SIT EQUITY 'in -J937 Bntck sedan, radio, ' heater, sood rubber. Call at 116 Washington avcnne, Oildale after 4:30. Phone 2-488$. • 114 LMJY'S IjfcycJe. Phone 3-2481. , very Rood onciiti ion. BOY'S bicycle. 28-inch. Phone S-16S5. 116 1\VO boys' 28-lnqh bicycles, one prewar, also new paint, JM, $30. Phono 3-0485. .1906 -Quiney. ^ 1937 Plymouth coupe, priced to sell: also four-yard Etecl dump, complete with hy- fliauliK holat..BOOd bondltlon. 1ST Hoj)- TtJns. Rlverview. ^ H6 1934 PONTIAC eetlan, ovei-al! excellent cdndition, reasonably priced. 1717 Quincy. Phone 3-218 T. • Hi 1311 "MERCURY sedan coupe p-iih new motor, heater, radio, good tires. See at 710 L street after 1 p. m. Phone 4-4284. FOR SALE—7slS-foot flatrack bed wah 6-foot stake sides. See at Richfielil pump- Inc station. Grapevine. 11*. 1338 DODGE 4-door sedan^. good paint and tires. Fair condition. Call 3-{o"2 5:30 p. m. 2013 Mount Vcrnoii. after 11(5 BY OWNER—1941 Chevrolet pickup, dual wheel, truck transmiaaion. stake body. Bood condition. Can he seen at 1129 Barlow all day, Saturday,- after 4:30 p. m. other days. 1-- b-TOX Hatrach. 1336 G. II. C., Rood condition, new paint. $1160 cash. 21 IS Verde. Phone 1-3795. FOR SAtE—1942 2-door Plymouth sednn, A-l condition, color, blue. Call at 1*12 "Hyc" Mreet in poreon. 118 192 CHEVY hot 'rod with extra rootur. Third bouse on right north of RexUnd Drive on Snarka Drive. Xo. 14. IIS 1340 CHEVROLET truck tracts!-, 5-speed transmission.".Eaton rear end, .sleeper cab, 8>25 tires; Good condition: 18-foot semi with S.OO tires. IS.000-pound Tlm- Uen axle.' Good mech'anlcal condition throughout,' Half mile west of high -school -in Porterville, corner - Cobb ami Olive. .-Phone 35-W-12. IIS THE best 1S29 Ford coupe in to'wn with new-tires. 327 -Sycamore Prive.or call 3-3817.- < ••?•< > ' • .' 116 FOfe SALE—1311 Chevrolet l«.ton dump, new 1942 G. M. C. 27.0 Wptor. 4000 miles. EOod Urea. Phone,6S6 SHafur. - 116 -19U MEBCDHY'" coupe, 6-paaseneer. or will trade for older car. Phone 3-S38S. 19S7 TWO-DOOR i Dodee sedan. Can be eeeii" 201 Decatur ^evetiitiRs. Phone 2-5'^t>9. FOB SALE or trade for bouVe trailer. 1939 Lincoln Zepbyr tedart overdrive, heater. IGotliKhtB, JoElishts. 700 Monterey. 116 ]1IODK.L, A Fot-rt ton "pickup." good • runiiins condition. Heavy duty tires.-See 110 Roben.-, Lane. . 116 FOR SAJ-i^ or trade for cheaper ^ar. 1946 &Iercury~4-iloor sedan, lots of extras. Thone 5-5048. 116 FOR .SALE—1942. Oldstnobile hydromatic club sedan tudor. five food tires, spotlight, radio, heater: car in A-l -condition, sood paint, upholstery very sood. Trailer No. 63. Santa Fe Trailer Court. West Sixr teenth street. No dealeiA. Call befween 10:30 a m. and 2 p. m. 116 1940 PLYMOUTH aedan. 1846 motor, new paint, new tires, seftt covers, heater, radio. J1300. Eucalytps and Park Drive. Phone 4-4653. 116 FOR SALE ot trade tor cheaper car. 3940 Plymouth, tudor. 705 Curtis Drive. Phone :-ss2n. ' us FOR 8ALE- ard aedan. -1935 4-door Chevrolet stanri- 2920 L street. 118 For Sale 1941 CHEVROLET de luxe club coupe, new titeg $1450 1941 Ford de luxe coupe, new motor J1375 1941 Chevrolet de luxe.-4-dooi- seda.n.;S1350 1941 Chevrolet special de luxe 2-Joor eedan. heater and radio $1395 1940 Ford de luxe 4-door^.sedan, radio and heater 11240 194(1 Chevrolet .special de luxe 4-door sedan, heater $1250 1940 Ford de luxe 4-door sedan, spots and fog. radio and heater $1275 1941 Chevrolet special de luxe club coupe, 39,000 mile*, a beauty. 1941 Cheviolrt special de lute 2-door nedan, heater, radio, a Rood buy. 1937 Studebaker 4-door sedan, heater and radio .$595 11)34 Plymouth coupe; good: transportation $350 Xo Trade-Ins Requn «1 Open Sundaya Till 12 Noon Simpson's Psed Cais 617 Wast Third. Arvin Phone Aivin llfi 11C FORDH—A roaster, sport inure, . A-i. AVade'a 3'exaeo, Third and Chester. 1942 BU.IGK club .convertible: 1946 Chevrolet sedan. 1940 Ford convertible coupe. Sell or take trade. , 2711 Chester Phone S-4^11 j 118 IXTERXATIOXAL Vton Bltkup. 1942 motor, five sood tires. Will take small car in trade. Call 1311Edison Highway. 118 FOR SALE—1942 Pontiac 2-door. has new jiiotor. new front and, good tires. Body In, good condition; tlSSO. Phone 6-606S. FOR SALE—193S Chevrolet stake truck with four practically new tires. Can be seen one block west of Pierce Road on Union street between Shell and Gulf. 1934 OLDSMOBII/E 6. four-door sedan, irood. work'car, $3'JO .cash (7ST508),. 1«OS Talisman Drive, Rose Gardens. Phone 3-IS97. . IIS DODGE 1940 pickup in first class condition. Apply 1716 Sixteenth street. US FOU SALE or take car as part payment, 1944 :6-foot single axle semi trailer, with 6-lnch, brake block.. One mile south of Greenfield Corners. Phone 2-9038. IIS FOR SALE or trade, 1940 Ford, 5-passen- Ber convertible. Mercurv motor, leather upholstery, good paint and.tirca.>dual lofc- liffhts, -spotheht. radio, automatic top. :A-1-condition throughout. Phone 2-3319. 9tU HeiKht street". US Come to 61S North Chester and Buy That New Car for Christmas 194C BVJt'K Super 4-Door Sedan 1946 Chevrolet Fleetlme .* ero Sedan, color led 1946 Chevrolet Fleetline Aero Sedan, color black - ••• 1946 Chevrolet Fleetline Aeio~ Sedan, color two-tone blue 1546 Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan 3945 Plymouth Club Coupe ' 19i6 Pljuiouth 4-Door »'edan 1946 llercury 4-Door Sedan 1048 Ford Sedan. 4-Door Super De Luxe 1946 Hudson «-Door Sedan 1946 Nash 4-Door Sedan 1942 Bulck Special Sedanette 1S42 Cheviolet Aero Sedan 1941 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible Coupe 1S41 Chrysler Windsor 4-Door Sedan 1341 Oldsmobile S Hydromatlc Sedan- 1941 Bulck Super Convertible Coape 1941 Studebakpr Commander Sedan 1S41 Studebaker Champion. 4-Door Sedan ' 1940 Ford Panel Delivery 1940 Dodge '«-Ton Pli Itnp 1S40 Ford Truck 10-Wheel with Eaton and Irtfnwnie rear end. No Tiade-lns Required. Pee These Values at Tom Gilium Upeil Cara i, 1 North Chester OiMnlo, Caltrornia 115 LOOK—If you want to buy a car at low price, see Phillips Csed Cars. Immediately. Good l>uys. one 1940 Chevrolet 4-door sedan witb good ilres. and 1941 motor; 1932 Chevrolet 4-door sedan; 1934 Chevrolet, four new tires, ffood motor, convertible, 1130 Rio pick-up; 1930 model A panel in A-l shape. Rood buy, see us At once. 2425 Edison Hieli'vay. ' 114 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles WANTED—Late mods! new or used station wagon. Must be in very rood condition. 401 Nineteenth street. Phone 2-6450. 1-2 WILt, BUY that car. any matte or model. Highest cssh prices paid. . Motors. East Nineteenth and Edison Highway. Phone 2-3611. 11-15-tt LOOK—Do - you have a car, wrecked or running,, for sale? We buy. cell or trade. See HB first for top prices. Louie's Phon» Z-S1SS. ]6J WANTED—A cood late model pickup. Will trade 1941 Ford V-S 4-door sedan, excellent shape in every way. Saxby'g Cabinet Shop, 2155 EtKson Highway. 114 MONTGOMERY WARD has truck tires.- Vlsit our -ttre department. 600x20 (-ply. 650120 8-Dly, 700x20 10-ply. 750x20 8-ply, 900x20 10 and- 12-jj|y. 1000x20 12-ply 1100x20 12-ply. 1100x22 12-ply. Main store. 2426 Chester avenue. 114 FOR SALE—1937 Ford V-8 60 h. p. eine. complete, $50. Phone 2-5807. Thirty-fourth street. en- 831 FOP. SAM;—One new 7.00x16 tire and tube. Office ot Palomar Trailer^ Court, yorria Road and 99 Highway. , 116 FOR SALE—6031 Brown-Lipe transmission. $25(1. South on Oak to White Lane, west-half mile, last house. Ph'ons 2-40S5/- • ' " 124 Motorcycles arid Bicycles FOK SALE—Boy's 26-inch bicycle. ' 2-1S39. ., — _,.,_ Chemical"and .Dye, UMlis Chalmers, „ ~AmerIcan r Can,^_...«.J..4-i...J;vrt™.Jl__. Jrti,. American* Car and c Fcnndry.,^-'.'-.. 49% •! J Anieriean->:LocotrioTiVe-', "~ "> . 2S*i American'Baa.'t-?Sfa. San.-. " , American . 'American Tel. and Tel."_-_ :: 168 j Amerioan Tobacco '.'B"..,_: ~^ S2!4 American -Viscose." :_:L_i.— i 55 Armour and Company,'^.; ,-14, a ,i -AtchisonrTopcka & Santar Ff_ ~i."-S6V •Atlanlic'Reilninl.-'^.-!, ^_, 34% "•Aviation Corporation •_ ~ ^ Baldwin^ Locomotive U:.ii ,-Beodix Aviation •„ *_:;-_ "-Bethlehem Steel '"Boeing "Airplane Borden . ;. , , t 49 Borg Warnei- „..,__! L.J™^ . 41 Brig'gs JWanufacturingv-: ^ .^. .,' 34 ''California. Packing, ^.C..^.^ . 29 Calumet A 'Hecla ;..-j . 1.' s ' G'anacla Dry s-jj; i '. la Canadian Pacific _^ . : ' 13=1 Case (J. I.) 2 -i._; ,;. •_ 3714 Caterpillar Tractor _.. :..:.~.r. 61 ~Celanese Corporation .-. ^..... 21 Chesapeake & Ohio .-^~..™ . 55'& Chrysler ssii Colgate Paim , ,...4...,. 51=4 "^Columbia Gas and Elecrrlc.. 10% Commercial Credit , 43 »i Commercial Solvents .«.4 u—,-._. 21 'i Commonwealth Edison S . '. 34" Commonwealth i Southern _..i »'i Consolidaled'Edison „..'. ... 27^2 ^ Consolidated Vultee 1..,. f .~ *.. 16 % Container Corporation ...-..^2.. ™ 45 ICOntinentai Oil Del..........^a Crown Zellerbach (ex-tliv.) - Curtiss Wright 4. Douglas Airraft J>u Ponbde Nemour Eastern Airlines ,_ 20'i Eastman Kodak ; ,224 Electric Auto UtB 37'i Electric Boat „ ... .„ 13H Electric Power & Lieut US General JEIectvic 37'^ General-Foods , F , •_ 44^ ^General Motors , „.. t>3i* ^Goodrich f „...„ L.i 64 Goodyear ,._ , L 55 Qreat'JvorUiein Railroad pfd 49 Greyhound Corporation r.K^t ^Homestake Mining ....... 87 Houd Hersey ..._.. 17 ^ International Harvester' 76 Intarnatlonat~Nickel Cnn:_ _„ .."._ 33H Phone BOT'S bicycle. Columbia special, eood condition, recently overhauled. Phono 3-2129 114 1935 JJATSLEY 74, four-speed'transmission, •rubber-mounted bar. EngliKh -throttle, chrome wheels. 220 Plymouth. 116 .FOR SALE—New Harley-Davidson motorcycle, 4600. extras; J650. ?. Delano. See at'Bodce 116 SMALL boy'a bicycle. J4S. nearly new; Irish Mail, good as new, $12.50. Phone 2-5152. 1415 Niles. 116 FOR SALE—Man's large bicycle. Has basket and shock absorbers, $40. Phone' 2-1340 or see at 126 Decatur'street, Oildale. • 114 185. 118 SCOOTER in good condition, »75 ot 210 Bernita avenue. Phona 4-4123. • FOR SALE—Good English Villiers motor- cjcle. 616 Lincoln. Oildale. Phone 3-4174. , 116 FOR SALE—Man's bicycle. Phone 2-3324. 718 Quincy. 114 1935 BARLEY .DAVIDSON motorcycle "74." new tires and battery. Phone 2-0738 or call at 1812 Forrest anytime. 1940 CUSHMAN motor scooter. 2-speed transmission, rebuilt motor, side-car if" wantfd. 200. 102? ',4 Truxtun. 116 FOR SALE—Girl's used , bicycle, good condition. >35. Phone 2-8225. 116 BOY'S bicycle- 3-2061. with extras. J25. Phone 116 GIRL'S bipycle. very good condition, skirt guards and backet. Call after 6 p. m. Phone 4-4C30. i lit BOY'S 24-inch Schwfnn bicycle for sale, $30. 613 East Casa. Loma Drive. ^Phone 4-M59. ' BOY'S bicycle. .Monterey. good condition. $25. 1031 116 BOY'S 20-inch bicycle, new paint, reconditioned. 820 East Twenty-first. Phone 3-3.1S9. • FOR SALE—Boy'* Richmond sticet. 26-inch bicycle. J[AN'S*8chwin bicycle, imported, British Brook seat, new tires and ..extras. Phone 5-5454, 204 Niles. ' - > MAN'S bicycle, practically new.^ extra equipment. See at 8 Quincy street. BOY'S bicycle for sale, $25. Call 2-0570. 20: McCord avenue. Rlvervlew. 116 FOR SALE—1940 Indian "74" motorcycle. Inquire at 2207 ' Monterey -street* after 6 p, m". . 118 FOR SALE—19t6 Cushman motor scooter, model 54. Boule 3. Box 494, Bakerstield. Calif., ' % mile south of Panama Cotton <iin. on A«=he Road. 116 FOR SALE—1946 Cushman Airborne motor scooter, good condition. Phone 3-4S62. - 114 GIRL'S good used Elgin bicycle, new paint lob. Phone 8-8759. 2720 Kentucky street. . 118 FOR SALE—Three-wheel chain drive bicycle $25; good condition. Phone 2-X906. _ For Sala—Lumber FOR SALE~-16 sections tongue and groove, cork insulated siding for walk-In box, 137.50 each. Route 6. Bos 156: Pioneer Drive. Phone 2-10SO. " -116 ALUMINUM roofing or aiding. Now, for the first time, your home, your farm and other buildings can have lifetime roofs of aluminum. Will never rust or rot and you wan't navo to paint. Protection against sparks and lightning. Sizes 26x27, 26x96. 2.6*120 and' 26x144 inches. $2.10 to $4 20. Montgomery Ward. 2426 Chester. - 114 G.ARAGES and' utility houses. Finance bnder FHA Title I, -Garage. 18x20. ready for stucco. »220:.wlth siding. $347.. Utility house. lsi?0. with doore. windows and siding. $544. Also have ons and two- bedroom houses. Pre^Kut Houses Eighteenth Street Call 7-750S "10-23-tf Just Received A CAR of 3x4, 3x6. 3x8 and' 3x12 rough, good grades. Can -be used for rig floors, etc.. or can bt eawed into 1 or I'-mch for building.^. There is no priority on"*this lumber and priced at $79.50 a. 1000, it is well below OPA ceiling. - , Bouts & Box Cut-Rate ^ ^ Lumber Ysrd. ' - _-I200 Edtaon Highway " J2-5-tf WE HAVE plenty of 1 and 2-inch rough lumber, redwood shakes and cemenr. also 2000 feet of good 1H-tacit used "lubine in 31-foot lengths. Hot water rTeaters, $47.50. Bargain on lumber in quantity, Clears Lumber Company, >,213a Edison Highway. Phone 2-9451. ~ — Legal. Notices **V*r*f~*f*r*f^*nf*r***vvvv*SV*'l . RESOLUTION ~ - ' December 2, 1946 Before the Board of Supervisors of tin Counts: of K>rn, State of California. In Re: Ridsecrest County IJjre Piolec tlon District: Resolution Calling Election Adopted. The following resolution was adopted b> the Board of. Supervisors of the Tountj of Kern, Stale of California, on motion of'Supevvisor Woollomes, spgonded by Su Pervisor Salzer. this 2nd day of Decem her. 19«, to-wit: _ 'WHEREAS, the Boar) of Supervisors o the County of Kern have decided fo estab llsh the TFUdiecrest County Tire Protection District: THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, tha this Board does Jiereby order the holding of a special election within the propose! Ridgecrest County fire Protection DIstiic and the submission to the Qualified electors therein, on the 14th day of January. -1947 of the proposition of forming such dis trict; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED", that no tice of said speplal election shall be in tht words and figures following, to-wit: ' Notice is hereby given to the qualified electors ot the hereinafter described terrl tory that an election will be held therein on the 14th day of January. 1947, between the hours ot 7:05 o'clock A. M. and 7:00 o'clock P, if., at which time they wll vote upoirthe following proposition: "Shal thn Ridsecrctt County Fire Protection Dis trict ho established?" * USO Hall, Rideecrest. California is hereby -designated a» the polling place- for said election. The following named persons, qualified elector* of the said here inafter described territory, shall act as election officer* at said election nnd con duct the same, to-witr Oliver Franklin. Inspector: Mrs. Eva M. (luulrlfe Judge; Mrs. Lucille H. Lauraine, Cleifc 4nrf -Mrs. Frances Robbins. Clerk. "AHj of said proposed district for the purposes of said election is hereby designated as one precinct. The boundaries o! Raid proposed County Fire Protection District are described as follows: Bifeinaine at tbe southwest corner of the northwest quarter of Section Four (4). f*ownship Twenty-seVen <27) South, . Ranfe Forty f40) East. Mount Diablo Base nnd Meridian, and running thence east. 1 mile lo'the southeast corner of the Northeast quarter of said Section 4; thence southerly along section "lines 1 mile to the southwest corner of tbe northwest quarter of Section "1 0 of said Township; thence ' east one-halt mile to the center of said Section 10: thence north along half-section lines 4 H miles to a point, which point lies northerly -a distance of 30.00 "feet from the si.utn x boundary line of Hection-,14, T.- 2S-S., • "R. 40 E,. M. D. jr.: thence 'westerly and parallel to said south boundary line J -s mile to- a point, which point lies easterly a distance of 30.00 feet from the west boundary line of said _• Section 34: thence northerly and parallel to the "west boundary line of »aid Section ,14 and ot Sections 27 and 22 of Iast-namrd_'Eownship to a point, which point lies'northerly a distance of 30.00 feet from the south boundary line of said Section 22: thenre westerly and parallel to the south boundary -line of said Section 22 and of Mention 21 of last-named Township to the west boundary Jine of said Section 21: thence southerly alone Section, lines 2'-4 miles to the place ot beginning." The Clerk, of thin Board is hereby directed lo cause notice of said'election In saio> proposed 'district to he posted and published in the "form nnd manner and for the time as required bv the provisions of Section 14429 and Section 14430 of the "Health and Safety Code of-the State of California. . The notice of election shall be published in The Bakersfield^ Califoruian, a newspaper of general circulation, circulated- wilhin said proposed district, which newspaper ifi deemed by_thf Board 'of Suppr- vjsors to be the mpst likely to give notice election to the electors of said t. ie foiegoinF re.solm : o« was parsed and adopted l>y said Roar'1 of Supervisors by the following vplf>, to-wit. Ayes: Woollomes. Karty, Pauly, Xoon, Salzer. Xoes: Xone. Absent: None, ' STATE OF CALIFORNIA, County of Kern—ss.-. I. R. 3. VEON'. County Clerk and ex- Offlcio Clerk of the Boaid of Supervisnia ot the County of Kern, State ot California. 'do hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution was passed foy sail' Board at its meeting on the 2nd dsy of December. 1946, and adopted by the vote referred to tiierein. (SEAL) " . . R. J. VEON. County Clerk and ev-Qffklo Clerk of the t Board of Supervisors, Kern County. California. " Dec. llanrtlS CLOSE NOTICE TO CREDITORS Ntt. 9858 FOR SALE—Lumber. 2x2. "2x3. 2x4, 2x6. 2tS, 2M07 This Is- all high grade-S-4~-S kiln dned. Some 2x12,-. 2x16, i'r,ugh. Combs Brothers Yard. South 99 "Highway. ' . ' US 3S Bl*NDLES wood shingles. 211S Verde. Phone :2T37S5. 5000 Feet of LumberM -No. 1 Dry 1x10. 1x12, 1x14. 1x16 You Haven't Se»n This Kind of Lumber for Years. Also Utility Houses Built to Order Lloyd A. Warn * 1019 North Chester in Oildale Phmw 3-419S '11J! FOR SALE—Three doors 2-8065. . ' 3x7 feet. Phone FOR PALE—We have_sheetroi-k. hard wall plaster, flooi ing and windows. 1927 East California avenue or call 2-IS89. VIS FOR SALE— J600 42 pieces J2xl4, 2-5618 or 2-7740. feet used IxSs 38 * feet long. rough. Phone , 116 Legal Notices NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENGAGE X THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES—December 10, ia46.~ To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby riven-that 35 days after" the date posted, the undersigned proposes to sell alcoholic, beverages at these premises, described - as follows: flanning's, Highway 99. 130 feet north of Equalization for issuance by transfer'-of- an alcoholic beverage license (or licenses} Tor these premises as follow*: Oh .Sale Senoral. Off Sale Genera], Auyonei'dealr- ps to protest- the- issuance "off"such icense(s) may fUe a verified protest' TOth- th« State Board of Equalization at Sacramento, California, etatmg grounds for denial as provided by law,. Thi> premises" are now licensed for the sale of J alcoholic beverages. Dec. 11. CHAS. JLAXNING. In. the Superior Court ot the State of California, in and for the County of Kern. in the matter of the estate of HEG'rKALD ALLBX MONROE, also Jtnown as Jicslnald A.-Monroe, also known ag R. A. Monroe, deceased. ' -Xotfce is hereby given by the- undersigned GLADYS E. MONROE. Executrix Ot the last will and testament of. Reginald Allen Monroe, also known as Reginald A. Monroe, also fenown as R. A. Monroe, deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to present them with the necessary voucheis within six months after the first publication of this notice, to said. Executrix at the law office-ofHARVEY. 3OHXSTQX, BAKER & . PALMER. 359 ^ Haberfelde Bulldlnc, In the city of Bakersfield. "Kern county. California, which said offico the undersigned selects as a place of business In al! matters connected with said estate, or la fil* them with tha necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice in tbe office of the ,c!erte of the Superior Court of the State of .California, in and for the County of Kern. Dated and first published December 4. 19 is. GLADYS E. MONROE. ExecutrSi-cf the last will and testament of Reginald Allen Monroe, also knon-n as Reginald A. Moncoe. also known as H. A. Monroe, deceased. Harvey, Johnston/Baker fc Palmer. 359 Haberfelde Building. Bakersfield, California, Attorneys for Executrix, Dec. 4, 11, IS, IS: Jan. 1. •NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENGAGE IN' THE SALE OF ALCOHOLI& BEVERAGES—December JO, 1946. To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that fifteen days after tbe date posted, the undersigned proposes to sell alcoholic beverages at these premises, described as follow.-: S3 Cafe: 2S93 South Union »ve- mie. Bakersfield. Pursuant, to such intention, the undersigned is appliyng to the Slate Bnard ot Kqijsiliratioti for issuance on- ordinal application of _a.n alcoholic beverage license' (or licenses) for these premises as follows; On Sale Beer. Anyone desiring to protect tbe Issuance of such licensed) may file a 'verified rrotest with the State Board'of Ftmalization at Sacramento, ,'California, stating grounds for-denial as provided by law. The, premises are.Jiow licensed for the sale 'of alcoholic Beverages. ELTON H. McGFLL. ' 'Dec. 31 _. -,.^ |, ' i , NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS I ; Notice is hereby given that'the,'Board of Education. 'BakersfieTd Softool 4 District, will receive vbide for one "V>-ton "Pickup .track, - ' _.Bids -will,be received at 1600 K Street. Bakersfield. California, until S ,P:- M.. December 11. 1946, Bids will be opened in 1 nubile at fhe office of, the Board of Education,. 1600 K Street. Bakersfiel'd. California, at S P. M. on December 12, 1946. B- F. STINSON. President? ' RAY MEAGHEB, Secretary.' NOT, 27, Dec. 4, 11, • * -International Paper ^_ ILJ_. International Tel. & TelJ, Johns ilanvjlle Kennecott . 1-ibhy-Qwe.ns-Pord- Giass_ .Loewr s. lac. .„.„... : Martin (G.. LJ.._- Z._ Martin Parry , McKesson &' Robbins - V 3fontgoraery -Ward Kaslt Kplvlaator ._- ;_ National Biscuit J N8J r mnai Cash Register. Xational Dai'.y Products - National Distillers 52'i IBt, _ts; Slii 5S*i 28b SS ..i«H «:H cs'ii . is . 29 . as 3 , . 2t'i . 2S . 34« 1(1 ' 2 J^ . Eii'n National Lead r ,«New Tork Central ., „ : „ North American Aviation North American -Company , v Northern Pacific , . , Ohio Oil .„•.__ 'Pacific Cas & Electric Packard Motors e% Pan American Airways .„..„., 12 a i Paramount Pictures , 34 J i Penney*K .' .._. , , v , . 45^ Pennsylvania Ralhnad . 2SH Eepsi-Cola * -. .• i_ 26'-J 'Phelps Dodge ... , . ^ " 39 3i Philip Morris _* „ 17"; 'Phillips Petroleum „ "_, _ 56$i _ Public Service of. N. J 22 "Pullman ... , , 5.4 • Radio Corp. of America 10 Radio-Keith-Orpheum -„ 15% Rayonier. Inc. . , •. 24" 1 Republic Steel „.. 27 7 <i Reynolds Toba'-co *'B" .' 39S( Schenley Distillery ". 59% Seara. Roebuck , 37% Shell Union _, .-. '....„ 31 • Sccony Vacuum* ... 4 14^ Southern California Edison MH Southern Pacific 1 : 4SS Southern Railways' .,, , 43 »t Sperry Corporation .. . _ CO^i Standatd Brands , _ 38»i Standard Gas fc Elec.. $4 pfd _ 31'4 Standard Oil of California 6 7 i Standaid^Oil of Indiana. . 41 Siandatd Oil of New Jersey „ 69H Studebaker ..:' _ , _.., 21'i Texas f'ompany . 59^ Tide Water Associated Oil 19% Transamerica .... „ .... ...™«14*s Transcontinental-*: Western Air 20*fc Union Carbide ._ , 94 Union Oil _, _ 21 s .i Union Pacific _l"2',z United Airlines 23 United Aircraft J IS 1 * X'nited' Corporation _..„..... . 3^i -United Gas Imp ... „ _. 24 s -* United States Rubber 53 ?i United States Steel . 7,1 Warner Brotheis _ „ .. ,. 17^i -Western Union 20 West Inghause . , . . . 25 '-s Woolworth „ 48 \ Younestovn Sheet t Tube_ ._.... C7 COTTON FUTURES The cotton futures market today made gains ranging from §1.50 to $2.00 a bail, the California Cotton Co-operative Association reported a't 11 a. in. today. Quotes at that time were: Maroh, 31.57; May, 31.01; July, 29.98; October, 2T.05: December. 26.62. San Francisco Stocks SAX FRAXCISfO. Dec. 11. (j9P)—Anglo California Bank, 34 ! 2'. Atlas Diesel, JU\; Calamba Sugar. 64; Oalaveras dement. 6; California Packing, 30; Central Eureka, 86; Colorado Fuel pfd., 17: Creameries ot America, 23'.i: Crown Zellwbach pfd., 185 H; Farnswortb. S'i; GladdinE McBean. 29; Golden State pffl.. 103; Holly Development. 1.10: Hunt Foods com.. 30: Kaisei-Frazer, 85*: LanBendorf. 26: Menasco Manufacturing. 3 ] i; Pacific Gas 4- Electric, 4L >3 «; Pacific Oas ft- Electric 6 pet. pfd.. 39 3 i; Pacific Gas t Electric &'• pect. pfd. 35%: Paraffine com. 74; Puget Sound. 2474; Rheeni Manufacturing, 2'^; San Maurlum, .22; Southern Pacific. 4S^; Spring Valley. 1.1.",: Standard Oil California, 5C»i: T.ile Water Oil, 19 s i: Traiu>- america,-14 J .j: Union Oil California, 21'4; pnion Oil pfd.. 101i»; Victjr Eauipnient, Poultry, Butter and Eggs LOS ANGELKS. Doc. 11. OIK—Eggs, wholesale prices consumer grade: Larse grade A 57'!H3r. medium grade A oOlii 56f. small grada A. 40S43C, largo grade B 43<?l>46r. Candied eggs to retailers: Large grade AA. cases 70if?72c. cartons 72C-74C; medium grade AA. <jOi®64c, rnrtons 62® CCc; large grade A. cases SCfaTc, canons 58(&-59c; medium grade A. cases 55 <i cartons 5SS02c: small grade A, cases SjOp. cauon 50S«32c: Inige giade B, cases >*^50c. carton 47@52c. Retail' prices lo consumei.i (rnrtnnrt: Large grade AA 77'S 1 83c, medium 68i®74c; large grade A 6j®77c, medium (i5|e.71c. small 4Sig!gC('; large grade B 54ig>SSc. Poultry <-hanges: . Broilers 2-3 Jhs. and -under 32StS5c. fryers 2-3 Ibs, 32®i.",7i,-, 3-4 :lis. 32W37c; roosters. 4 Ibs. and over 34® 38c: colored fowl 36(0400; ducks 27@31c; •"mng torn turkeys 26(^29c. Butter unchanged. Uos Angeles Livestock LOS ANGELES. Dec. 11. «P>—fnrtle fialuhie 1300. active on nil classes, ateo/ly to strong: medium lo good steeis 20<S24; common to medium $15.50@19; mediunrto :ood^ heifers Sl(i®20. medium to good cows JIT.25^15; cutler to common *9.7Sf|13; cannera down to SS.50; medium to good sauj-age hulla J13.50® 16.65: medium to good stocker* and feeders J15®17. Oalves salable 100; active, fully-steady: julk medium to good calves SIS.stfiS'lT 60; few" good to- choice $1S®19. Hogs salable 200; steady; bulk good 185275 Ibs. truck-Ins 124: top 524.50 on few '"^3 Ibs. weights; medium to good sows Sheep salable none: good to choice wooled arnbs uoted to around J2L'. Los Angeles Stocks LOS AXGELKfs Dec. 11. UP>— Bandini 'etroteuni, 3l-j: Blue Diamond CVrporn- lon. 8: Bolsa C'hica Oil A. 6?.: Broadway Jepartmr-nt Stores com . IS: Menasco Manufacturinfr. 3',^: Mpichanls Petrolpum. 15- Searsr Roobuck i Company, 37%; rransamerica. 14 vs. 3SETV TORK. Dec. 11. (UR)—Sugar stocks and "a few "inclividual issues .featured., an otherwise stock market today. ^ irregular ^afeerrfitlb Csltfomtan Wednesday, December II, 1946 23 Greek Spokesman Charges Bulgaria Arms Bandsmen for Thrace Thrust .,. - SALONIKA. Dec. 9 (DelajT-ci) —A *** -<*—«« ness," largely on Secretary Snytler's | tonlsht that 6< > 0 to 100 ° bandsmen invitation to House and Senate lead-1 "openly supplied with food and arms ers to meet with him for a discus- .'sion on proposed 1947 cuts in taxes. '[ 'I>emand for the sugar stocks came in' the heels o£ a. report from Ha- •vana that,the government and sugar growers had reached agreement on price '"thaY will mean improved in a better outlook in 1947. Gains in ranged to more than 2 points in Francisco Sugar. Twd 4 * individual stocks that provided . features were Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific preferred, up 2 3 ,i on declaration of a $5 dividend, and Schenley Distillers, up 3U on unconfirmed, rumors of another splitup' in the issue- The splitup would follow a. lfl-for-7 from Bulgaria" had opened a three- mile front around the village -^' Cory- mvos in, western Thrace near the Greek-Turkish border town at Didy- moteikhon. . * Tlie spokesman said the "new Communist thrust" began the night of December 6 and 'is now opposed by a battalion of Greek troops. Greek forces, he said, are desisting from use of artillery 10 defend the village, which is only 9 few kilometers from the border. The spokesman, an intelligence major, said bandsmen were observed "openly carrying wounded t>a:k into Bulgaria" and supply carts \vere seen moving across the border at •Lilt? 3LI1IIUU VVUU1U J.U11UW a. -ltJ-lUI-1 . . .JK, i. . Jt ,, split approved last March 15 and i °'f ht%fter the ' bandUs-signai Bui which boosted outstanding shares to j 3;600,000 from 2.520,'OtiO. . | Wall Street was somewhat fa-j vorably impressed by disclosure that j General Motors Corporation last i week, in spite ot the coal strike, held its pro'duction to 30,938 units, up 1129 over the prior week and only 1055 short of the postwar peak. This report appeared to bear out talk of a bulge' in - car production, now that miners have returned lo work. GRAPE AUCTION" NEW YORK, Bee. 11.—Sold at auction in,New York today: Freight, 9431 Emperors, $3.86; 2453 Almerias, $4.47: 1040 ila- -lagns, ?1.C8; 300 Ribiers, $3.90; 1100 Olivettes, §3.36. Cotton Futures NEW YORK. Dec. 11. UP)— Col ion futures gained more than S3 a Imle today on aggressive nvili buying against textile orders. The l.uymg met only scale-up heilse of Tei ings and profit taking. Futures closed 32.70 to 14 20 a bale higher than the previous clone. December 3J bid: Manh ?1.73, Hay 32 23. July 3J1.17, October 27.20, .Derpmfoer 26.73 bid. March (194SI.-;8.39 nominal. .Middling spot 32.31* nominal, up 5S. Los Angeles Produce I,OS ANGELES. Dec. 1. UP> —I-ettui-e Dry pack, 4-doz . 1'iinia and Blytlie, i~ 25 "2.7«: Santa Maria, J182. Peas: Imperial valley, bushpl tubs. best. t2.504j'3; crates and uackt, 7(8 So; China peat,, Arroyo Grande, r>0c Ib. Potatoes: Stieet sales. 100-lb. sacks. "JVblte Rose, Ferris valley, T". S. 1-A, $2.75@3.1f>: commercials. $2&2,25; Bakers 1 , commercials, $3.25; Porterville. U. S. 1-A. 52.5082.75. Su'eet potatoes: T.orjil and San Jna- fjum valley. Key "VV>M, 7SSi' Ib : jumbos, 5c; Puerto Ricoa, 5$7c; jumboa, 4c; Jerseys, B&'c. Los Angeles Citrus M>S AXOELES. Dec. 11. <JP\— Orances were slightly weaker today on larger s.zes on local sacks other than rarlots. Navels, per box. San Joaduui-valley, 12fi». *5<5'5.50: 150s. S.1 75*6.25: 17Cf. f5.5Cff3.75; 20(lp. 54.73^,1; 2JOs. 5<.2.i<9' 4.RO; 2.."i2s, $1S'4 5ti: 2S 3t4s, $3: loose, jnpdium lo lai-se, J3^j 3.50;/small, J2<82.50. Lemons: Steady. Per box. local, loose. J,7j6t6.50: fair. S4(fJ 4 ."JO: lanty packed, 360s. and larger, *9; 43'Js. $0.50. Los Angeles Hay LOSI AXOKLBS. Dw. 11. CS>> Stocks Extending Monday's-Gains KETV TORK. Slocks extended, gains in a quarter session today. Dec. 10. (UP.!— yesterday's wide garian border posts with very lights." He also said the army was seeking to apprehend a "central commit--' tee of six men" allegedly "directing bandit activities in Macedonia," He said the committee ivas composed of three Greek Communists and three- members or the KOF (Slav Macedonia Liberation Front), Which ha said is a part of a Macedonian autonomy campaign. A' press dispatch In the Athens papers from Alexandroupolis- said "more than 100 corpses" of bandits w,ere found in the battlefield'' after an eight-hour fight near Corymvos and that more than 150 were captured. Another pi-ess report said a portion of t her band which fled into Turkish territory was completely "wiped out" by Turks. Scene of the battle is approximately 20 miles from the Turkish frontier. -. Exchange Fight Check on Futures WASHINGTON, Dec. 10. W>— The New York Exchange objected at a Rovernrnent hearing today to Secre- A brief period of profit-laking j tnr >' of Agriculture Anderson's pro- brought" irregularity in the early i I 10531 to place further restrictions on dealings but this selling soon ran ! sp ! c " laUon , in cotton its course and the market resumed I And , erson s pro the uturn which ' he smu b ' cak the upturn which still was being influenced by the end of the soft- coal strike and a 17 S per c?nt freight rate increase given by the Xet gains ranged' to more than a point in the main list. Some specials and preferreds rose as much Anderson's proposal grew out of in cotton prices during October, which 'cut the staple's price nearly ]0 cents from a postwar peak of nearly 33 cents a pound. Frank J. Knell, president of the exchange, told tho commodity exchange commission speculators as 5 points. Steels moved higher suol ' ld not De Warned for the price while the motors ruled firm. Rails I t " rab '^'., ., , had gains ranging to a point al-', He , ] i ufl b V me lar « el >' °» the cot " though Union Pacific, an exception, I°" in ^ ry s . ""certainty ns to fu- ,.a^,'e.t A ,.»^ « i— _* . .,.. . ture ut A price ceilings on cotiotl registered a loss of more than a point and pulled.down the rail average. Merchantiles, utilities, oil,«. tobaccos, and amusements firmed. High School Debate Teams in Tourney *S!x Bakersfield High School students will leave early Friday for I^os Angeles to participate in a speech tournament sponsored by the University of Southern California on Friday and Saturday. Three debate teams will enter to h ^ elec « discuss the question: "Resolved, that! "" ore & products, an October increase in farm marketings of cotton and adjustments from a wartime to a peacetime economy. Anderson's proposal would limit daily speculative trading and holdings of individual traders to 30,000 bales in 'all futures contracts combined in a single market. Selection of Jurors Begins Here Today e!ec ' ion a 3ury began today ' ; l ' cise K ' B ' Lamben damage suit of .losh ' apalnsl: Leonard Davis and Vol 'k over injuries received "--v M ut,»?i.*vi.t(. j-kcoui* ru, LiitiL j !„ t i &>t~ the federal government should pro-} "va,."*,. "'.vide a system of complete medical care at public expense." Debating: i- .~~..,.. both sides of the question, the teams "? . a " »"tomobile accident on the are composed of the Misses Shirley ^°, s . edale H'gnway, November 25, Myers and Lorraine Lackey; Miss Florence Xewcomb and " Frank for Xo. 1 *oiiis at $48&30. Cailnt arrivli.lsi 7. wheat. 3 harlpy. 5 corn, 2 o;it«. 13 railb, 1 millet, 2 bran, 2 ceieul and /I nny. — - £ Government Bonds YORK. Dec. 11. I.JP) —Closins: ?riOP8 of Kov^inmnnt bomiw on the Xe\\ Tork Stork KxrhaiiKe: Tieasury, 21is, 2-67, Decembei. 102.!<i. Crosby f Hal Aifalta Johnston. liss THE COURT CALENDAR SUITS FILED Clement llorin, Leon Morin and Holloway and Fred an ? Holloway also 1945. Appearing- for the plaintiffs are Don-is, Fleharty and Phillips, while 'Edward West is rounsel for Lynmore- 1'ork and Richard Borton appears for Leonard Davis. -will participate in oratory. The former's speech is entitled "With Malice Toward None," and discusses racial tolerance and democracy. The latter will deliver a talk on the problem of the migratory worker, "The American Tragedy." Miss Kewcomb and Johnston will . _._...„ enter the extemporaneous speech di- mn £ commission will be held today vision while Jliss Lackey and Crosby at 7: . 30 P- !n - to render a decision re- will compete in the impromptu cate- sarding zoning of a imall area at the corner of Terrace Way and South Chester avenue, according to Planning Commission | to Give Zoning Decision , A special meting of the city plan- Elvin Hedgejjock is speech instrttc- tor at the school. He and Miss j Walter McC. Maitland. city planning Cathleen Dyer will accompany the engineer. A proposal to establish a group. cor.oxrzE SAKHALIN TOKYO, Dec. 11. UP>—Japanese repatriates Just arrived at Hakodate Raymond Morin vs. James-Toillion ' from southern Sakhalin were quoted S22.SOQ, auto accident damages. today in the newspaper Asahi that - State of California vs. James Crof- i the Russians are colonizing and Com- 011, suit for easement for highway ', mttnizing'that former Nipponese tern Sec. JQ and 17, 3I--2. I ritory. Vet Administration. Seeking Physician Services of a full-time physician are" needed for the treatment of veterans and their dependents in the new medical department to be activated soon at the Veterans' Adfhin- stration subregional office in Bak- jrsfield, it was announced today by E. C. Bryant, manager". Applications ,for this position are now being taken at the Veterans' Administration, office, 1100 Golden State avenue. Interviews may be arranged by calling the office of the manager, telephone 8-8623. KOTARY CHIEF—Clarence IV. Petcisoii, governo : of District 106, Kotary, International, will visit the local notary Club at its luncheoa" Thursday. Notary Club Members to Greet Governor Bakersfield Eotarians on Thursday ill welcome Clarence "U". Peterson, overnor o£ District ( 106 of Rotary nternatlonal, which covers 50 clubs n central California. Mr. Peterson will meet later-with Fred Carlisle, president of the akersfield club, Charles - Linfesty. ecretary, and other officers of_the > to'-discuss club activities. , member of the Tracy Kotary lub, Mr. Peterson is an ice cream manufacturer in that city. Jean Bern! vs. Bakersfield and | ern Electric Railway, $5UUU, personal injuries. JUDGMENTS Petition of Alice iledina to compromise claim, approved. County of Kern vs. AV. A. Coleman, et al., interloucutory judgment for plaintiff for condemnation of land. Carmen Green vs. Kathleen Me- Xutt, dismissed. Carl S. Hale vs. Southern Pacific et al, dismissed. Title Insurance and Trust Company vs. Tracy Development Company dismissed. Alfred Slemon, et al, vs. A. Tjands- dale, et al, order vacating order of sale, appointment of referee. sma " retail area 'at the intersection has aroused some controversy, with views of citizens equally divided. IX TAFT TODAY Members .of the Kern county Brand jury were in Taft today inspecting county operations there in the routine investigation of county departments and districts. Winter Sports Motion 'Pictures Scheduled A winter sports motion picture will be shown at the Bakersfield Ski Club's monthly meeting at 7-30 p. m. Thursday in room 117, Bakersfield Junior College, according to President "Wilfred Wiebe. Mr. "VTiebe invited all persons interested -in winter sports to attend the meeting, at which club business and jskiing^ for this week end wilLie discussed. Fair Weather Locally, Predicts Weatherman Modern Cose Library Aids Kern General Physicians Continued From Page Thirteen resents the compilation of" all the only interested In the nature of.the past medical records of patients from the various files, while A'olume 2 represents all of those patients wjio have entered the hospital since July'l, including old cases already registered in the first series. Shortcut Taken - When a pre-.Tuly 1 patient returns to the hospital," the medical records library staff refers to Volume I and records on a special summary form the various Burgical diagnosis for the patient so that the physician can check without having to read the entire original report. a, The Volume 1 files at present are going- through the process of microfilming', which is simply the photographing of each case history into a miniature form for permanent filing. tion. timature lorm for permanent filing, elation of Medir-il p^ i T"K , An index is kept of the micro-film %£ '° tne "LS? %%?££ b ™2%? and each newly photographed case is assigned to the Volume 2 series where a summary of past diagnosis is registered. The process of microfilming, it ivas noted, has been slow, with little progress made, because each past case has to be studied by- clerks in an effort to catch any The hospital records of each pa- Kast winds aloft blew log from the t!e nt is kept in confidence, pri- Bakersfield area and the influence of i m&rily for the protection of the in- the high barometric pressure will' dividual, Mrs. Russell emphasized. bring 1 continued fair weather with',. The fin al use ot a medical case mild temperature today, Thursday'" and Friday, There will be fog patches during the same period. The maximum temperature on Tuesday was 4J degrees, the minimum this morning: was 40 and the maximum forecast is 58. BODFISH RESIDENT BURNED BY FIRE IN TRAILER HOME Deuoy "Hodge. 70, of BodfL«h received-first and second degree bums on his face, hands and back wheff Tils trailer home burned at Bodfis'h -Tuesday pioruing, the county fire department reported today. Tb.e trailer was owned by his son, -Soy Hodge, of 1210 Alia Vista Drive, it was said. The injured man -was admitted to Kern General Hospital, after receiving emergency treatment at Bodfish. He was reported to be in "good" coffdition -today. The blaze started, fire department officials said, apparently from an-overheated oil heater. — •••«**** ut?i^ V*L a.. JijcUJvcli tilBc history is for pcientific research. Then, the physician or scientist Is ailment and how it was « treated rather than the patient. This impersonal use of the records has a special place in the medical record 7 room, Mrs. Kugsell declared. One of the big jobs o£ Mrs. Egg- sell's department is to keep a constant record of admissions and discharges. By using the ditto machine, this record is expedited and a card form report Is sent to tha admitting desk, information desk, the health department and welfare department, as well as to the records department. Graduate Librarian Mis. RUSSPII was graduuted as a medjcal records librarian from tha University of Rochester, X Y., and is a member of the American ASSO- southern California associa- When the riSw system was put into effect by the county Board of Supervisors, the governing board ol the hospital, a special medical ret-. orda committee was appointed to a!c' in organizing- the project. They were Dr. Sophie Invert Goldman, chairman; Dr. Alfred E. Rhoden and Dr J. T. McKibben. The staff of the department total' some 37, with S assigned to microfilming work alone. The others are either assigned to the steno-pool 01 lo clerical work or dispatching of reports. OBITUARY NOTICES BLACK. JO ANX—Graveside service, for Jo Ann Black, infant dsushler of Jlr and Mrs. Douglas D. Black of Route ;. Box 2S4. who died Tuesday m a local hospital, were held at 11 a m today in Oreenlavrn Memorial Park with DooKhty-Calhoun-O'Meara i~hap<=l in charge of. arrangements. SurvK-inK. Iw- maes are parents-, are h«r srandparent.-, Jli. and llrs. H- Y. Btartc of VaHejo and Hr. and llrs. Ben Johnson of Los Aneelea, an dtwo uncles. L. IJ, and J. H Black, both ot Bakersfield. DCSPITA, AMO.V AI.DRICH—Funeral services for Anton Aldrich Diwpiva. 60 of 1201 Pacific street, who died Monday in a local hospital, will be held at 2 p. m. Thursday in Greeniawn Chapel with th» Heii-rend R J. Jagel* jlfkiatlns. Cremation will follow In Bakersfield Memorial Parjt. A native of Czechoslovakia. Mr. Duspiva. a blacksmith, had resided here for three years. Surviving are his w idov. Jlra. Anna Duspiva. and a daughter, Vlaata Von Oeten o£ Babersfleld. GI.EASOX, WITXUU H Funeral and interment services will be contacted at Idaho Sjinnss, Cola., for William H. Gleaeon. 41. who died Monday in his h.->me at Tupman. A native of Idaho Sprinca, Colo., Mr. nieason. who T«« associated with Richfield Oil Corporation, bad resided in this county for nine lears. Surviving is bis widow, M*-s. Zvslyn. Gleason. HOWARD. WALTER WILLIAM—Funeral 5»rv;ces for Walter •SVilliam Howard 77. p£ 319 Roberts Lane, who d.efi Monday in a local hospital, will be held at 10:30 . UK T h""day In Greenlawa Chapel with th* Kevw-end Wlllarcl J. Hand. Jn, offiuatiaB. Burial mil be in Greenlavi^n M»monal Park. A native of K?££S county. Mr. Howard, a. retired cH wojk.r, had reMd»d here one "car? Surviving: are b.« widow, ilr £ . JJoui,,, M .ri 6 Konard; i ton. Ueorge G. of Bakers- JBa leV^botS™ 1 ^- Gtor «"-°<<i wPirtt v^, r , ' . rf ^ Fresno; a stater. Nell J, „ , t, Fr 5f!P and ) £our srandchil- dren. Jack, BiUv. Ronald and Wanda Howard, all ot Bakersfield. MIXOCK. UAXIKI, JESSE—Funera' «erv. ices will be held at 2:30 p m. ihu«- r ay ' n ,-P ou 8*ty-CaJhoun-O'Mear,T. Chapel tor Dalbel Jesse Mulock. 5:. of Jamet- town, who died in a local hospital Monday. Services iiyll be conducted by Uia Reierend Wiljard 3. Band, Jr.. whilo Imeonent will be in Union Cernetsry. Mr. Mulock had resided in Bakersfield lor «a years previous to movins tt> Jamestown a year ago. HB waa vislt.- Ine hera at the time of his death. XICHptS, EARNEST READE—Funeral" servicea for Earnest Beads Nichols. 41 of 2115 South Union avenue, wHo diedst today In a local SoiBital. will ba held , t. p -. m - Thursday In Hopson Mortuary with the Reverend Arthur Wallace offi- ciatmtr. Bunzl will be In Unioa Cemetery. A native of Teias. Mr. Nichols » erorery clerk, had resided in Bakers- ' f V* I< L for ,/ our 5 " ears - H « w »s a veteran ot World War lu are hli widow. Mrs. Evelyn Nichols: his father, w il.iam Nichol? of Texas, and a sister Mrs. Pauline Lallar of Texas.

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