News-Press from Fort Myers, Florida on September 11, 2001 · Page 39
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News-Press from Fort Myers, Florida · Page 39

Fort Myers, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Page 39
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THE NEWS-PRESS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 3E Lifestyles GRAMMY: Awards to be handed out in 38 categories covering multitude of styles From Page 1E shows the amount of talent that : we have, that we are more than Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias, especially to the mainstream media, which mostly pays attention to the big names." Lasalle is particularly pleased that the Latin Grammys have a traditional tropical album category, which gives a home to ensembles such as Puerto Rico's Plena Libre groups that otherwise might get misplaced in the salsa category. . Between performances the Latin Academy will hand out awards in 38 categories that recognize excellence in a multitude of Latin styles that have long been lumped together under the same musical umbrella, even though they are rhythmically and culturally distinct The categories include rock, pop, salsa, merengue, Latin jazz, ranchera, tejano, norteno, tango, flamenco, sambapagode and hip-hop. But in the wake of the Latin Grammys' controversial last-minute move from Miami to Los Angeles a switch organizers said was necessary because of potentially disruptive protests by Cuban-American demonstrators outside Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena the Latin Academy must now confront another challenge. In giving a dizzying variety of genres their due an acknowledgement that was sorely lacking last year, according to Mexican performers and others who felt slighted the Latin Academy is paying homage to the artistic success of musicians from throughout Latin America and Spain. While that may play well in many of the more than 120 countries to which the Latin Grammys will be broadcast live, it may not translate into a ratings success on US. televisioa Even though Hispanicscare a fast-rising segment of the population, and expected to overtake blacks as the nation's largest minority this decade, Latin music comprises less than 5 percent of the VS. market Moreover, with so many different Latin American genres, each essentially represents an even smaller niche market here. And then there's the language barrier. Last year's telecast was largely bilingual with several winners opting to speak in Spanish; some commercials aired in Spanish. Jack Sussman, a CBS senior vice president, said the Latin Grammys help fulfill his network's commitment to serve audiences that are increasingly more ethnically and culturally diverse. But he said the network is also intent on capturing ratings. With that in mind, the academy has to balance the need to showcase so many genres with the need to attract a mass viewing audience in the United States. Enrique Fernandez, executive director of the Latin Recording Academy, said the show aims to satisfy both aims by honoring the best recordings and weaving a "multitextured fabric" of performers. "I think the nominations pretty much reflect the depth and breadth of Latin recorded music, as much as one can in one awards process with 38 categories," Fernandez said. "At the most pop ular end of the spectrum you have artists who are monsters in Latin music but unknown to the mainstream VS. public or artists who are on their way up in the Latin market but of such high caliber that they were nominated this year." . SLIME: Parents, grandparents also like to get involved From PagelE we're supposed to follow, but they encourage us to ad lib. I look it over, get a feel for what I'm supposed to say and whatever comes out comes out" Holmes does have it a bit easier than host Dave Aizer and co-host Jonah Travick, who both get hit in the face with whipped cream pies everyday. "When you have hair and makeup and a pie in the face, it's not a good combo," she said. "It's sticky, but the kids love it I get it once or twice a month." All that whipped cream and slime keeps wardrobe supervisor Mel Haines hopping. As soon as a segment is finished, she rushes out with a pile of white towels to clean up the hosts and contestants. Holmes has learned to enjoy her time on camera, sticky or not Tve always been Shy, so I never thought I could do something like this," she said. "It forced me to come out of my shelL I don't think I'm all the way out yet It's a work in progress." Holmes' roommate, phone contestant coordinator Jamie Dasting-Nisbett, plays a large role in making sure that things run as smoothly as possible. She spends her day prior to the broadcast lining up future call-in contestants and making sure that day's contestants are on the line when they should be. The day before, a contestant disconnected just as he was supposed to be on air. Time zone-wise, things get & little difficult," Dasting-Nisbett said after rushing through the stu- BIRTHS Information is provided by local hospitals. - Gulf Coast Hospital, south Fort Myers Clem, Catherine and Edgar El, Fort Myers, Meredith Anne, 8 pounds, 9.6 ounces, Aug. 20. Kiger, Jill and Dan, Fort Myers, Jeremiah Thomas, 8 pounds, 3.4 ounces, Aug. 22. Mayfield, Eleanor and Brian, Fort Myers, John Allen, 7 pounds, 3.4 ounces, Aug. 25. Monteza, Marisel, Homestead, Bradley, 8 pounds, 9 .9 ounces, Aug. 18. Nave, Amber and Charles, Sanibel, Rachel Jaelynn, 6 pounds, 53 ounces, Aug. 17. Pritz, Crystal and Albert, Lehigh, Destin Casey, 8 pounds, 8 ounces, Aug. 17. Quijada, Blanca and Willi, Fort Myers, Julio Cesar, 7 pounds, 8.9 ounces, Aug. 24. Ramos, Dineris and Wilson Alvarado, Fort Myers, Kyarrha Angelique, 5 pounds, 82 ounces, Aug. 25. Sanchez, Yaritza and Erick, Fort Myers, Derrick Daniel, 8 pounds, 55 ounces, Aug. 23. Tanner, Winn and Scott, Felda, Zachary Dean, 7 pounds, 155 ounces, Aug. 22. Tursky, Dorothy and Stuart, Fort Myers, Noelle Clare, 9 pounds, 6 ounces, Aug. 16. Walker, Nichelle, North Fort Myers, David Wayne, 7 pounds, 5 ounces, Aug. 19. HealthPark Medical Center, south Fort Myers Abner, Jaime, Cape Coral, Jameson Joseph, 7 pounds, U ounces, Aug. 9. Berberena, Omayra, Cape Coral, Justin Saul, 6 pounds, 8 ounces, Aug. 17. Bowles, Jamie and David, Kelley, Bonita Springs, Sage Gavmen, 9 pounds, Aug. ZL Boyer, Nanyamka and Troy, Fort Myers, Trinity Alexandrea, 6 pounds, 10 ounces, Aug. 12. Bucholtz, Amber and Mark, Cape Coral Noah Christopher, 8 pounds, 6 ounces, Aug. 23. Calderon, Telma and Felipe, Naples, Keila, 6 pounds, 11 ounces, Auk 15. Canete, Barbara and Joseph, Fort Myers, Hunter Thomas, 7 pounds, 35 ounces, Aug. 22. Connor, Jacquelyn and t Michael, Fort Myers, Calie Elizabeth, 7 pounds, 14 ounces. Aug. 23. GET SLIMED All contestants on Nickelodeon's "Slime Time Live" must be between the ages of 8 and 1 5. D IN-STL'DIO CONTESTANTS: ; Auditions for Universal Studios park guests are held at 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Line up on Nick Way for free show tickets, and the contestant team will announce audition instructions. Between 30 and 150 kids i audition each day for 21 contestant slots. D PHONE-IN CONTESTANTS: Send your name, age, address and phone number to Slime Time Live, P.O. Box 4845, Orlando, FL 32802. dio to make a phone calL The first season, I thought I called Arkansas but I called Alaska and didn't realize they're four hours behind. (The contestant) woke up at like 6 in the morning to be on the show." Dasting-Nisbett's sister, audience production assistant Tracye Kearney, also lives with them. She said Holmes may get glammed up for the broadcast but she does most of the work at home. 'Jessica's the clean freak," she said. "She's the one who cooks and does everything." Kearney's job on "Slime Time Live" is to entertain the audience "with trivia games off camera and get them cheering wildly on camera. (Giving them free stuff always does the trick.) She doesn't hesitate to answer the age-old question: Where does slime come from? "It's a natural organic substance that comes from the center of the earth," she said. "It's pushed through the Slime Geyser outside every 10 minutes." Mystery solved. Although the show is targeted for kids, Kearney said parents and grandparents in the audience seem to get more excited. "Grandmas are the craziest ones," she said. "The kids are kind of shy, but the grandmas are like, YEAH!"' aSMtOfl AIL-YOIJ- f CAN-EAT! SUNDAY CHICKEN $C99 TUESDAY RIBS $749 DINING ROOM - . 5980 Uiinkto Rd. 481-0090 4840 Palm lk Blvd. 1t mlia Ihxa l-7 694-7117 H ffi n,ir ' r j nl a, a ',Vi ?nv !''' THE MUSKETEER (PG-13) (2:00 5:00) 7:35 10:10 OB ROCK STAR (R) - ID REQUIRED (1:40 A.JW iu:uuwg BROTHER (Rl- ID REQUIRED (1 20 4.10) 7:15 9:45 ob STARTUP.COM (R) - ID REQUIRED (1:10 4:00) 7:05 9:35 ob CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN (R) ID REQUIRED (1:O04:OU :00 9:oUDB THE DEEP END (R) - ID REQUIRED 1:204:40) r:iu 9:400"G SUMMER CATCH (PO-13) (2:00)7:30oB HAT RACE(PG-13) (1:50 4:30) 7:30 10:05 ob AMERICAN PIE 2 (R) - ID REQUIRED (2:10 5:UUJ :bO iu:iodb THE OTHERS (PO-13) (V40 4 50) 7:40 10:10oB THE PRINCESS DIARIES (G)1:30 4:20) 7 20 9:50 OB JEEPERS CREEPERS (R) - ID REQUIRED lonui iu:uoob JURASSIC PARK Ml (PO-13) (1 00 5 20) 7:45 ob O (R) - IO REQUIRED (3:101 9 55 OB 1 lidEM K-l'JlllliC Advance Tickets On Sal Now For EXTREME DAYS (PG) ROCK STAR (R)-ID REQUIRED (1:10 3:50) 6:50 9:30 OB STARTUP.COM (R) - ID REQUIRED (12:304:10) 7:00 9:50OB BROTHER (Rl-ID REQUIRED (12:00 2 35 5:10)7:45 10:15ob TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME (R) - ID REQUIRED (12:25 2:40 4:50) 7:20 9 350B THE MUSKETEER (PG 131 12 05 2:45 5:15)7:50 10:10ob 0(R)- ID REQUIRED (12:15 2 30 4 50) 7:25 9:45 ob THE DEEP END (Rl - ID REQUIRED (12:35 2:55 5:20) 7:50 10:15ok ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE (PG) (12:30 2 45 5:00) ob JEEPERS CHEEPERS (R) - ID REQUIRED .12:20 12.50 2:30 3:00 4:45 5:15 7:00 :30 9:15 9:45 ob PEARL HARBOR (PO-13) 7:30 OB BUBBLE BOV(PG-13) (1:30 3:30 5 301 7:30 ob THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION (PG 1 3) (1:05 3-15 5 25) 7 45 10:15wc. JOHN CARPENTER'S GHOSTS OF MARS(R) -ID REQUIRED 9:40 OB SUMMER CATCH (PO-13) (140)7 10OB JAY AND SILENT BOB S T HIKE BACK (HI - ID REQUIRED (5:00) 10 10OB RAT flACE(PG-IS) (12 45 3 30) 7:10 9 45 ob FHfc SCUnfc (H) - ID ncUUIHcO (12:10 3 1516 50 9 45OB CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN IH) ID REQUIRED (12:40 3 50) 6 50 9 40OB AMERICAN PIE 2 (R) - ID REQUIRED (1:00 4:00) 7:15 9:45 ob THE OTHERS (PG-13) (12 00 2 30 5 00) 7:30 10 00 OB PLANET OF THE APES(PO-13) (3 45) 9 40 OB IHfc PHINCtSS UIAHIt3U) (1Z:1U 2:45 5 20)8:00 10:30 JURASSIC PARK lll(PO-13l (12 05) 7 150B THE MUSKETEER(PG-13)i2 10 4:20) 7:00 sw ROCK STAR R- ID REQUIRED (2 00 4 30) 7 30 fn THE OTHERS (PG-13) 12 20 4 40) 7' 1 0 STB JEEPERS CHEEPERS IH) ID HfcUUIHtu (2.30 4:45) 7;10" SUMMER CATCH (PG-13) (2 10 4:30) 7:15m RAT RACE (PO-13) (2 15 4 40) 7:20in AMERICAN PIE 2 (Rl - ID REQUIRED (2:00 4.15) 7:20tw THE PRINCESS DIARIES (G) (2:10 4 40) 7:15 tw PLANET OF THE APESIPO-13) i2 00 4 30)ST AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS (PG-13) 7 00sr JURASSIC PRKI(PG-13 (2 154.20) 7 301" a., n .11 .. upiilmp Mtf ... ... MU) WV IMP ay K f If.' T " ' ? ' s L A 1 J 1 1 ' Tl'SSAY8:3SPM-12:3CPM THI COUNTRY'S ' . PRZMIZRS "ELVIS" . SHOW NO TRACKS NO KARA0K1 ?CLUB 'ill 4 Comfort. Protection. Peace of Mind. TLI US Storm Panels IN A TURBULENT WORLD, AN OASIS OF CALM 12220 Towne Lake Drive Suite 20 Fort Myers. Florida 33913 Lee 561-1743 Collier 262-3459 Charlotte 625-8950 taiiuscom CGC 0278412 . ,, .. .. - TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME .30(5:45,8:15 ("l-D BfOUIBED THE MUSKETEER O0i5O07 45 (P0-1J) ROCK STAR 3015:30)8.00 D-0 REOUWEO Oi00(5:45)tt15 (R)-0 HtUUHfcO JEEPERS CREEPERS 45(5:15)8:15 (RI-0 HeuulnbD SUMMER CATCH 3 00 (PG-13) JAY A SILENT BOB 530) ID) -10 REQUIRED THE OTHERS ?T5 14451 745 ire-131 RAT RACE 145 15-00. 6-00 ITC-1JI CAPT. CORELLI'S MANDOLIN :30 (4.45) 7 46 (B)-B REQUAEO SPY KIDS 2-0015 301 (PG) AMERICAN PIE 2 2:15(515)800 (Rl-B KOUIREO RUSH HOUR 2 On 2 ScrMns 1:30 (500) 7-45 8:15(PG-13) PRINCESS DIARIES 1:45 i5:15l 800 (G) PLANET OF THE APES 2:15 7 45 (P0-13 LEGALLY BLONDE 2 3015 451 PG-13l RMyenBeack 642S Eslero Blvd. Sou bid a RMamleadi 765-SOOO &eWl I heateX, Evening $7.00 Full Menu with Beer & Wine mi 2 !! mm ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Business Digest By Russ Sebring Does your business qualify? Call 1-941-795-5657 "Batteries Plus" Stocks Thousands Of Batteries I'm very excited to tell everyone about a wonderful store called "Batteries Plus", located at 11200 S. Cleveland Ave. in Ft. Myers, phone 278-3388. "Batteries Plus" opened locally in 1994 and is part of a nationwide chain of successful franchised full service battery stores in the United States. As the name suggests, "Batteries Plus" is a unique company specializing exclusively in batteries -batteries of every size and description. From rechargeable battery packs for camcorders, cell phones and cordless phones to batteries for watches and autos as well as special batteries for all types of commercial and industry use, "Batteries Plus" is your headquarters for batteries. Also, "Batteries Plus" has their own on-site Tech Center where they rebuild all tvoes of recharqeable bat tery packs for just a fraction h of the replacement cost, f They analyze and test bat- it teries and recondition origi- J"- i iai cl(ui)ji i ici ii uaiici y f;awo b ; - : i. for customers. Plus, tney off-r." -ij -rJr-J j er free installation when vou r ' -J - i buy a new battery for your car or watch. The courteous and knowledgeable service staff at "Batteries Plus" is an added bonus. They make replacing any type of battery quick and simple. - Don't forget to stock up on extra emergency batteries from "Batteries Plus" now that we're in hurricane season. ri, r y r f "1 . '"a.. American leak Detection specializes in pinpointing hidden leaks in pools and spas as well as otner concealed areas. High-Tech Equipment Used To Find Hidden Pool Leaks Over the past twelve years, American Leak De-tection (phone 337-0034) has located thousands of leaks in local swimming pools, spas and homes. Water leaks in pools are far more common than you might think and if the water level in your swimming pool is dropping by 12" or more each day, you probably have a bad water leak some-where. Before the professionals at American Leak Detection came along, finding hidden water leaks was a difficult and messy affair. Often you had to dig ugly holes with a jackhammer and hope that you guessed right. What makes American Leak Detection unique is that they can find hidden water leaks without digging any holes. They use special testing procedures and high-tech electronic equipment which utilizes radio and sonar technology designed specifically for the task of finding leaks. American Leak Detection can pinpoint hidden leaks in swimming pools and spas as well as under concrete slabs, behind walls and in your drain and sewer system. And once they find the leak, the problem can be repaired. American Leak Detection is the 1 leak detection company in the country, and their service is guaranteed. If you think you might have a leak, don't delay and call them at 337-0034. Quality Home Remodeling By "The Home Improvement Store" If you're thinking about having a new kitchen, house addition or any other kind of remodeling project done to your home or con-do, I encourage you to contact a wonderful remodeling company called The Home Improvement Store" (phone 274-8330 or 1-800-798-2960). They also have a phenomenal showroom you can visit at 3940 Metro Pkwy. 1 1 5 in Fort Myers. Here in Southwest Florida, Tom Youts, owner of "The Home Improvement Store" is considered one of the best remodeling contractors in the business. Since 1986, Tom's been doing beautiful, impressive remodeling work for local home and condo owners. He's a perfectionist who doesn't cut corners on quality and Tom's very active in local building and community organizations. "The Home Improvement Store" is a full service remodeling contractor who does it all including full kitchens and bathrooms, cabinet refacing, house additions, glass rooms and vinyl rooms, extensive interior redesigning and more. If you can dream it, they can make it a reality. The Home Improvement Store" will be glad to assist you in any way they can. You're invited to call 274-8330 for a free on-site estimate (or visit their web site at They do an outstanding job.(CGC-061568) it - V ',,!. - "The Home Improvement Store" invites yon to visit their Showroom where quality cabinetry and hundreds ot other exciting home Improvement products art on display to see. The Following Questions Are Fictional and Intended Only As Promotional Material J . :- t? if Q - The two front tires on mi car ira almost completely worn out Where can I get a good deal on new tires? A There's an excellent place called Pam's Motor City Automotive at 1 1 625-5 Cleveland Ave. (Dragon Plaza, directly behind Honey Baked Hams) in Fort Myers, phone 278-0086. Pams Motor City can save you money on top quality tires lor all makes of vehicles. They sell most all maior brands and provide excellent service. Pam's also has an award winning service department where they do wheel alignments, auto air, brakes and all types ot general auto repairs. Q When I climbed on our root Hie other day, I saw that some ot the shingles were loos and coming apart Does this mean the root needs new shingles? A - Betore jumping to any hasty conclusions, get in contact with a licensed rooting contractor who can give you an honest evaluation of me proWem. Here in Lee County, one ot the finest people you can call is Gary Flesher at Custom Hoofing (phone 334-0334 in Ft. Myers or 549-6212 in Cape Coral). Gary and his start do excellent work at very sensible prices, and Custom Roofing specializes in all types of rooting repairs and re-dos including shingle and tile roofs. They do a great job Pius. Custom Rooting is the area s exclusive contractor tor "Shmgie-Care". which is the best way to dean and extend the lite ot dirty shingle roots (CC-C036982) 0 We're pluming to lb brand new carpeting Installed throughout our homo, who in this area sells good quality carpet at competitive prices? A You H find impressive values on new carpeting at A & G Floor Covering. 11220-15 Weiro Pkwy m Fort Myeis, phone 939-7847. They have one ot the largest and nicest selections ot lop designer floor coverings m Southwest Florida and carry many unique and beautiful products not found anywhere else. Plus, they also sell gorgeous lines ot wood flooring, We and laminate flooring. Just as important. A & G provides great customer service and does outstanding custom installations using their own staff of CFl certified installers. Also, no one has tower prices than A & G Floor Covenng They ve been m business 31 years and have an excellent reputation in Ihe community. 0 I could us somt new furniture, but my budget it wry tight Where can I get good deals on quality furniture? . A - You'll find One of the area's finest selections of top name brand furniture and accessories at lennys Furniture They stock beautiful pieces and complete furniture groupings ot every tie-scnpnon and tor every room, perfect for Florida homes You II love Lennys gorgeous furniture dis plays, excellent customer service and very competitive prices Lennys Furniture S located at 1S485 S famiann Trail m Ft Myers, phone 482-7744 I v ) : V1' L.,- -J Q - Our fifteen year old air conditioner broke down on us recently, and we're debating on whether we should have it repaired, or replaced with a new unit How do we decide? A - For all types of residential and commercial air conditioning work, I suggest contacting Southern Comtort Heating S Air Conditioning, located at 3327 Railroad St. (at R.R tracks on Palm Beach Blvd.) in Fort Myers, phone 334-0692, Southern Comfort has been serving folks for 30 years and is one of the most respected family owned air conditioning firms in ttus area. Their experienced techs can tell you whether or not your air conditioner is worth repairing based on the age, symptoms and condition of it. Considering its age, replacing the equipment is probably your smartest move. Southern Comfort sells and installs most all major brands and provides prompt, courteous service. (RAO015520) Q - I've been told by my doctor I need my i hearing tested. Ho says I might have to wear hearing aids. Where can I go? A You're welcome to contact Leonardi Hear ing Center at 16251 Cleveland Ave. (comer of Littleton Road in Norm Ft Myers, phone 997- 6288. Leonardi has been serving Lee County tot 51 years and s one of the area's finest heanng aid centers. Owner William "Hunter" Huntley III can screen your heanng and fit you with the proper hearing aids. Leonardi Hearing Center offers the best pnees on too name brand heanng aios mciuoing tne new oigitai instruments. Q -1 just bought a new home, and I'd like to purchase a new patio furniture set Who around hart carries a good selection and offers low prices? A You'll want to visit The Patio Corner of Cane Coral, located at 1403 Cape Coral Pkwy. in Cape Coral, phone 945-0800. This store a factory warehouse outlet and offers unbeatable tow discounted pnees on one of the largest and most beautiful selections of patio furniture m Southwest Florida. They carry many of America's finest designer brands including attractive outdoor wicker, welded aluminum and popular European style resm patio furniture hi addition, The Paho Cornet of Cape Coral also manufactures and sens their own designer PVC patio sets, chairs and PVC accessories. You II also like their outstanding section of unique paf,o accessories. Q My wife and I are both retired. We want to buy I nice motor home we can take with ut traveling around the country. Who in ttvt area sells top quality motor homes? A You'll definitely want to visit Francis" Fort Myers Truck S RV Land located at 16065 S. Tamiann Trail m Ft. Myers, phone 482-4511. This outstanding local owned RV and used truck dealership has one of the best selections ot new and used motor homes around At Ft Myers Truck & RV Land, they sen superb motor homes that are impeccably droned and bum to gne lasting value Also they sell used travel trailers and Mh wheels. They also have a wondprtui RV service department and can repair ail brands of RV s m MiAm Ft. Myers Truck & RV Land stocw one of the latest invntons g top quality used trucks vans and sport utii.ty vehicles m Southwest Florida

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