The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on September 27, 1996 · Page 30
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 30

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1996
Page 30
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2 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1996 THE SALINA JOURNAL SUNDAY September 29 MORNING 5:00 Q Murphy Brown (CC) Q .Community Bulletin Board a Entertainment Tonight (CC) Q Take Away This Anger: Children, Violence and the Church fQ (5:15) Movie **x The Jackals" (1967) Vincent Price, Diana Ivarson. (1:45) 13 Mickey's Mouse Tracks (CC) Bl Movie *** "The Tuskegee Airmen" (1995) Laurence Fishburne, Allen Payne.'PG-13'(CC) (1:46) BB Moneyweek (CC) BD Personal fX: The Collectibles S3 Benny Hlnn ED Music Videos EB Prime Cuts BD Scholastic Sports America 03 C-Net Central GD Our Gang Shorts ffi Mr. Wizard's World (CC) ffi Nature of Things ffi Timothy Flemming 0D Notlclero Unlvlslon QD Main Floor QD Mac Hammond (5) Headline News TCM Movie * * "She Couldn't Say No" (1940) Eve Arden, Roger Pryor. (1:30) 5:30 Q Andy Griffith IB Phantom 2040 IB Wuzzles(CC) IB (5:45) Movie **« "First Men in the Moon" (1964) Edward Judd, Lionel Jeffries. (1:42) EB Your Money BD Zola Levitt EQ Top 20 Video Countdown EB Futbol Mundlal SD Sportscenter EE) Outdoors EQ Superman Batman Adventures CD Rudy and GoGo World Famous Cartoon EB It Is Written (CC) ED Key of David ffi Lassie ffi Creflo A. Dollar Jr. ffi Nuestra Famllla QD U.S. Farm Report (5) Wall Street Journal Report 6:00 B Home Again (CC) Q News for Kids Q Backyard America O On Kansas City 19 Pastor's Study IB Speak Out IB Gumml Bears (CC) EB Busy World of Richard Scarry EB Daybreak Sunday EtD Greatest American Hero EQ Joy of Music EQ Ben Haden fD Movie * * "The Strawberry Roan" (1948) Gene Autry, Gloria Henry. (1:30) E3 Mystery Science Theater 3000 EB Talking Baseball EB Mighty Max CD Rudy and GoGo World Famous Cartoon EB Scooby Doo Where Are You? ED Oral Roberts ffi Arcade EQ Movie *** "D.O.A." (1950) Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton. (2:00) ffi T.D. Jakes ffi La Santa Misa 02 Sing Me a Story (CC) QD Rod Parsley (5) Jesus In the Inner City (10) Bailey Kipper's P.O.V. (CC) TMC (6:05) Movie *** "Fate Is the Hunter" (1964) Glenn Ford, Nancy Kwan. (1:46) 6:30 B This Old House (CC) B Key of David B Life Worth Living B Hour of Power (CC) B Lighter Side of Sports B Mass for Shut-Ins B Charlie Brown and Snoopy fig Movie *** "Best Friends" (1982) Burt Reynolds, Goldie Hawn. (2:00) B Busy World of Richard Scarry (CC) B Pro Golf Weekly 5 Songs of Praise James Kennedy B Inside College Football B PGA's Greatest Legends ED Double Dragon B Fllntstones S New Adventures of Captain Planet Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries CHANNEL INFORMATION SALINA CABLE CHANNELS SALINA CABLE CHANNELS NOT LISTED Channel VCR+ Station Channel Station Q 09 KOOD, Bunker Hill, PBS ID Prevue 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i % I 1 1 1 • 03 KSNW, Wichita, JVBC IE 18 KAAS, Salina/Wichita(UHF18), Fox IE 13 WIBW, Topeka, CSS B! 06 ACCESS 6, Salina, Community Access EE 23 WDAF, Kansas City, Fox EE 08 KPTS, Wichita, PBS & 26 KMBC, Kansas City, ABC EE 1 0 KAKE, .Wichita (UHF 22), ABC EE 12 KWCH, Wichita/Hutchinson, CBS EE 40 KSHB, Kansas City, NBC EE 92 Encore! EE 53 Disney EE 45 Clnemax S 0 75 Starz S 33 HBO (Home Box Office) S 41 Showtime E I 42 CNN (Cable News Network) GE 89 f/X fH 82 F&V (Faith & Values) B 47 FAM (Family Channel) Q 35 AMC (American Movie Classics) 49 TNN (The Nashville Network) 48 MTV (Music Television) clla 77 Comedy Central 5 Weather Channel Education Access - Salina • Government Access - Salina I Headline News (CNN) I • C-Span I Home Shopping Network I QVC Country Music TV VH1 I Cable Health Club I C-Span 2 I Court TV 9 America's talking I Mind Extension University I FYI - The Information Station I Spreel I Food Channel I Newsport | EB BD fQ fB Request (pay-per-view) 1 Playboy NON-SALINA CHANNELS nnel VCR+ Station ] OS KHAS, Hastings, Neb., NBC 56 Prime Sports Network CD ur MJSH, nays, oos | 34 - EspfJ ® 22 KPNE, North Platte, Neb., PBS 76 ESPN2 U 44 USA Network <E 52 TNT (Turner Network Television) Qa } 1 1 KTWU, Topeka, PBS } 04 KHGI, Hastings, Neb., ABC 3 73 Trinity, Santa Ana, Calif. (UHF 15) 43 WTBS, Atlanta, Independent <°> *" iwiv. Kansas uiw, CHS 83 Prime Sports Showcase < 10 > 10 KOLN ' Lincoln, Neb., CBS 55 WGN, Chicago, Independent/WB <*" 27 KSNT, Topeka, ABC dK Lifetime ICM 72 Turner Classic Movies 74 CNBC (Consumer News & Business IMU °° ineiwoviecnarmei 65 TVI 37 Discovery Channel 51 TLC (The Learning Channel) Fo 38 Nickelodeon Fo 39 A&E (Arts & Entertainment) Fo 57 BET (Black Entertainment TV) Fo 30 Unlvlslon (en Espafiol) p Q 63 El (Entertainment TV) SATELLITE STATIONS Satellite stations and their originating stations: r PBS Lexington, Neb., see ID r ABC Superior and Hayes Center, Neb., see QD r NBC Great Bend and Oberiin, see B r CBS Dodge City and Goodland, see Q r ABC Colby, see O GD 78 TOON (Cartoon Network) CC = Close Captioned PA = Parental Advisory • NOTE TO READERS: Networks and stations reserve the right to change programming without notice. VCR PLUS+ INSTANT PROGRAMMER: The numbers that appear above next to each channel, as well as the PlusCode numbers on the prime time grids, sports log and some daytime listings, are for the convenience of viewers who own VCR Plus* devices for VCR taping. The guide channel numbers above must be programmed into the VCR. Then, to tape a program, enter the PlusCode number printed with the program listing and the program will be automatically recorded. For general Information or technical assistance, call 1-800-4321 -VCR or 1-800-2584- VCR. PlusCode numbers © 1995 by Gemstar Development Corp. Movie ratings **** Outstanding **** Excellent *** Very good **»Good ** Not bad *« Fair * Poor ffi Family Double Dare S3 Greater St. Stephens Baptist Church 0D El Club de los Tlgrltos QD Animal Adventures (10) Story break (CC) (27) U.S. Farm Report TCM Movie *** "Wallflower" (1948) Joyce Reynolds, Robert Mutton. (1:30) 7:00 BOD Sesame Street (CC) B IB 0(27) Today (CC) B Your Question Please B Headline News B Kenneth Copeland BB In Touch Ministries IB Movie * * * The Four Musketeers" (1975) Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch. (1:45) IB Donald's Quack Attack (CC) ED Neverendlng Story (CC) EB Movie *** "The Santa Clause" (1994) Tim Allen, Judge Relnhold. 'PG 1 (CC) (1:37) B9 Sunday Morning EtD Batman B The Word With Father Manning B(S) In Touch (CC) B Scoreboard Central S Inside the Senior PGA Tour Action Man S Scooby Dooby Doo Dexter's Laboratory EB Anlmanlacs S Muppet Babies Breakthrough SLa PIAata Loca Art of the Western World (CC) QD Life Quest OS Cornerstone (10) Beakman'a World (CC) 7:30 B Dragon Ball 8 Feed the Children In the Zone (CC) 8 Coral Ridge Ministries QD It Is Written SDucktales (CC) Movie **» 'Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home" (1995) Jason James Richter, August Schellenberg. 'PG' (1:36) Bl Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child (CC) BD Batman E0 Teaching of Christ fD Gene Autry: Melody of the West ED Sports ' EQ Inside the PGA Tour EQ Ultraforce EB Jetsons ED Anlmanlacs ffi Beetlejulce ffi Bountiful Blessings QD Martha Stewart Living (CC) (5) Black Archives TMC (7:50) Movie *» 'It Happened in Athens' (1962) Jayne Mansfield, Trax Colton. (1:32) 8:00 BCD Sesame Street (CC) B IB(27) Meet the Press (CC) B Lord's Way B Day of Discovery (CC) B Community Bulletin Board B News(CC) B Cabin Country B Good Morning America/Sunday 8 Kenneth Copeland LD (5X10) Sunday Morning (CC) B Chip'n'Dale Rescue Hangers (CC) B Movie ** "Tommy Boy" (1995) Chris Farley, David Spade. 'PG-13' (1:38) S Swiss Family Robinson Catholic Mass B Popeye S Shadetree Mechanic Week In Rock B Politically Incorrect B NFL Match-Up B Auto Racing NASCAR SuperTruck Series — Lowe's Warehouse 250. From North Wilkesboro Speedway, N.C. (Taped) ED) Street Fighter (CC) I Taz-Manla (CC) Fllntstones Bozo Super Sunday Strictly Business ffi Home Matters ffi Homebodies ffi Looney Tunes ffi Breakfast With the Arts ffi Bobby Jones Gospel CD Haven OD Mister Rogers (CC) QD Home Again (CC) QD EarlPaulk TCM Movie ** "Calling Philo Vance" (1940) Margot Stevenson, James Stephenson. (1:30) 8:30 B Garner Ted Armstrong B Search B News(CC) B Sunflower Journeys IB (8:45) Movie ***» "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" (1989) John Neville, Eric Idle. (2:15) IB Goof Troop (CC) 6D} Movie ** "Me and the Kid" (1993) Danny Alello, Alex Zuckerman. (1:45) EQ Worship: Marble Collegiate, N.Y.C. Effl Family Challenge fQ Movie ** "Blondle Has Servant Trouble" (1940) Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake. (1:30) EB Shadetree Mechanic ED MTV Jams Countdown B Politically Incorrect 60 Sportsweekly 09 Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm (CC) CD Gllllgan's Island (CC) EB Fllntstones 03 Weekly Business ffl Start to Finish EB Furniture to Go ffi Temas y Debates CD Jack Van Imps Cffl Barney & Friends (CC) 03 Your New House 9:00 B Shining Time Station (CC) B News BB Jack Van impe B News(CC) Q Naturescene B Dimensions ID Hour of Power (CC) IB Haven IB Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School IB (9:15) Movie **% "Little Giants" (1994) Rick Moranls, Ed O'Neill. 'PG' (CC) (1:45) EB Movie ** "Butch and Sundance: The Early Days" (1979) Tom Berenger, William Katt. 'PG' (1:51) EB Evans & Novak (CC) SO Okavango EQ Baptist Hour EB Inside NASCAR ES Politically Incorrect 09 Wing Commander Academy (CC) CD In the Heat of the Night (CC) EB Andy Griffith ED Pinky & the Brain ES What Every Baby Knows (CC) EE) How to Succeed In Business ffi Housesmartl ffi Renovation Guide ffi Rugrats (CC) ffi Video Gospel ffi OndaMax CD Day of Discovery (CC) CD Kldsongs(CC) QD Magic School Bus (CC) QD Slskel & Ebert QD Relnhard Bonnke TMC (9:25) Movie ***x "The Awful Truth" (1937) Irene Dunne, Can/ Grant. 9:30 B Puzzle Place (CC) B Coach Bill Snyder O Steps to Life •3(10) Face the Nation (CC) B(5) News (CC) B Rod and Reel BOD This Week With David Brlnkley BCD Martha Stewart Living (CC) B Prevention's Bodysense ED (9:45) Movie ** "The Night Before" (1988) Keanu Reeves, Lori Loughlin. •PG-13'(CC) (1:25) EB Inside Politics Weekend SO Okavango EQ New Fall Preview ED Singled Out ES Politically Incorrect ED Sports Reporters 09 Savage Dragon (CC) EB (9:35) Movie **x "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979) William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy. (2:55) ED Superman EB Kids These Days QD Management Today ffi Renovation Guide ffi Aaahhlll Real Monsters (CC) ffi Lead Story CD Catholic Mass CD Magic School Bus (CC) QD Kratts'Creatures (CC) OH Winning Walk TCM Movie * ** "Calling Bulldog Drummond" (1951) Walter Pidgeon, Margaret Leighton. (1:30) 10:00 B Big Comfy Couch B Know Your Bible B Key of David B Sunday Morning (CC) B Chiefs Update B New Yankee Workshop (CC) B This Week With David Brlnkley BOD Guidelines B Coach (CC) Oil (10:15) Movie ***» "Double Happiness" (1994) Sandra Oh, Stephen Chang. (CC) (1:30) EB NFL Preview (CC) BD Grizzly Adams EB Voice of Peachtree B9 Movie **» "More Than Friends" (1978) Rob Reiner, Penny Marshall. (2:00) fD Movie * * * "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" (1938) Shirley Temple, Randolph Scott. (1:30) EB Motor Trend Television ED Road Rules Q Movie *u "Once Upon a Crime" (1992) John Candy, Cyblll Shepherd. (2:00) EB North American Fish and Game ESI Sportscenter ED Auto Racing NASCAR Winston Cup —Tyson Holly Farms 400 Qualifying. From North Wilkesboro Speedway, N.C. (R) ED World Wrestling Federation Superstars CD In the Heat of the Night (CC) 03 Road Rovers SO Commlsh(CC) B Great Chefs of the East QB History's Turning Points 08 Hen 4 Stlmpy (CC) O Movie ***» "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" (1962) Bette Davis, Joan Crawford. (2:30) B Our Voices

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