The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on April 6, 1961 · Page 4
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 4

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1961
Page 4
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4 THI lWTON CONSTITUTION; Thuradoy/April 6/1961 Mil-Salvador Officers See "In Six army, officers from"EF Salvador today started a three-day Fort SOI. The officers arrived at the Law- i, ton Municipal airport at 6:30 p.m. ' Wednesday, and were greeted by Capt. Warren M. Schaub. of the'.Visitors Bureau at Fort Sill. Included in the visiting party j were Maj. Ignacio Armando No- chez Palacios. third-in-command, 2nd fnfanrry Regiment: Maj. Geo Lopez Y- Lopez, training officer, 10th Infantry Regiment: Maj. Victor Manuel Guardado, chief of Administration and Logistics for National Police: Capt. A r m a n d o Mon^e. adjutant of the Escuela DC Armas, and Cap;. Jose Carlos Flores Bcnitcz. commandant of Headquarters Batiery of the Anil-1 Icry Regiment. Highlights ol their visit will .include a briefing on the organization, mission and functions ot the U.S. Army Artillery -and Missile School by Col. J. L. Cantrell. director in instruction, USAAMS; a tour through the.Redstone, Lacrosse and Corporal labs at Kno.x Hall, and a visit to the 34th Artillery Brigade for a briefing on its · operations. j Tile Allied visitors are scheduled to depart from the Lawton'airport- «t 11:50 a.rh. Saturday. Congo Chief Hits Federation Plan LEOPOLDVTLLE. Th« '.- ('UPD--Antolne Gizenga. leader of Oriental Province's leftist regime. has agreed to meet with Congolese leaders, but remains bitterly opposed to a federation of Congo states, it was disclosed today. Leopoldville Premier. Cleophas Kamitatu. who called on Gizenga in Stanleyville on Monday, told a news conference the leftist' chief was willing to meet delegates from the central government at Stanleyville or at some point on the border of Oriental Province. Gizensa specifically suggested the village of Bunduki. 1S6 miles northwest of Stanleyville. He named Vice Premier Jean Boli- kanpo and Minister ot Interior Cyrille Adoula of the central government as acceptable negotiators and guaranteed their safety. Kamitatu uaid Congolese Premier Joseph Ileo also has agreed to the talks and is now making a final decision as to their site and date. . . . Gizenga, iri stating his' opposition to a federation, was o^oted by Kamitatu as "saying. "Such a decision can only be taken or up-1 proved by the Congolese Parlia- j mcnt." Parliament has not met since last fall when it was suspended by strongman Maj. Gen. Joseph Mobutu. Many of the deputies are now dead, imprisoned or have disappeared. Kamitatu said Congolese Pre- stood Gizenga had proclaimed himself interim head of the Congo on the grounds that President Joseph Kasavubu is "unable to carry out his duties." The refusal of followers of slain ex-premier Patrice Lumumba to join a federation is the main stumbling block in efforts to work out a peaceful solution to the Conjo's political troubles. · · . . - .· Contiriued. From' Page One.- ."..' highly unlikely it'could," Nes' " ' *i"-j-?}j i -TM . - T -- - 1 - '^o"·';·'---r .·-,-----;--.i ' AnTS. : iA. rn. BrOWTI.' ';-'£££''battle .;"{ver.. : ..rurnpfe.j.legislatioitj ":v_,.; - ;j. .;' ; . 'ufr^' erupted"'in'the state Seriate. Wefines^ . : '."Services' fc "·-·'-·' day when .a motion .to .can up a-'95. of 204'Summit, bill to repeal the*, controversial | 5-p.m.Tuesday-in her home,"were ait 10. a.m.' Thursday in.;' : tawton .Xuneral home 'chapel....... ,'!· .'-.Rev;' John Evans, director of missions for the. Comanche-Corton Baptist association-, officiated.. assisted by Rev. Henry Wall,, pastor ol Calvary. Burial..was' in Highland : cemetery-. Bearers were Homer Smith. Leopard-'Nix, 0. T. Perkins and Don ·Taylor^' '. · . ": "·' Mrs.R. W.Word Mrs. Raymond W. Ward;-'45,-of trust fund-was defeated by a-r^o 1 vote margin.";-'' " - v' . ' . ' £ : ' _ -The motion'by .Sen. Gene Stipe. j McAtester, to'spend the rules 'and. i$s£ J call up the bill lost on. a 21-21 tie vote. with.23'votes needed. The vote' came- -daring-- another bitter debate '.over financing.'for new turnpike construction and;one day after the Senate passed ^Govv J. · Howard Edmondson's. contrpy er-, sial turnpike resolution.. ;:,'/ · The'resolution state's legislative intent that an earmarking; tax. provision of, the 1959 turnpike law.- is permanent-. eastern Oklahoma." Sens.'. Stipe,'' Cowden, ..'· (AF · Wlreltoto)' AFTER CUBAN ARREST. Don Swerison, left, of; Fremont, Mich., and Linden Blue, Denver, Colo., were released by Castro's secret police yesterday after being held for 12 days. Bound for Nicaragua' in a light plane two weeks ago, the pair was forced to laud at Havana even though'they had clearance to fly over Cuban soil. -; · CEASE-FIRE Continued From Page One aides, were considering diplomatic strategy for the international conference on Laos which would take place when a cease- fire went into effect. · · _ Reports from_ Moscow and from j Lawton beauty shop operator who PluTnlee car. Appeals Court Reduces City Woman's Sentence A District court conviction of a ! to be loaded into the trunk of the authoritative diplomatic sources 1 shot and killed her son-in-law was here were that British and Russian officials in the Soviet capital had virtually completed details of a joint call for a truce in Laos. Both sides in. Laos have informally accepted the idea of a cease-fire. Officials said Kennedy and .Macmillan also were ready, to .discuss-in general-terms their position on Berlin.and Germany. They , upheld Tuesday by the state court of. criminal appeals, but the ap- Evidence showed the piece of furniture belonged to Mrs. Plum- iee. and that she had-asked her peals court reduced the life s e n - j husband to return ii. to the Plumlee home because the Rutkowskis were preparing to leave for his' tence to 25 In altering the sentence, the ap- Chari'dler, and.Everett S. Collins, Sapulpa, pushed' for'repealing the law. · ''Stipe moved that, a bill by Sen. Walt Alien. Chickasha. be pulled from the Roads and Highway Committee and passed. It is the Allen bill that would repeal the earmarking provision of the 1959 law and thus virtually kill chances of financing the two new toll roads, j Support Rallied : Sens. · Harris"/Lawton;"and, Don Baldwin. Anadarko." rallied 1 enough support and got some senators to vote a-gainst-the i-ep.ea! mo- . a'.nv. today; .. . Reverse Stand.,;'j. p Q Wa sh.,-former La'wton resi- = r ;The senators who,; pushed.-.^-^^^ j^ a - La ^ on . hos?it al siondson s resolution through .tneJ · upper chamber Tue'sclay.'.werc^iiTe-: same ones who' WednesdayMed. r tlie. drive for repealing the ~]a\vv allowing earmarking of SI million , a- year of "gasoline taxes to help" pay turnpike bond interest if necessary. Officials have said that without the, earmarking provision, there, would .be little ;cha_rice of financ- irJ£ ; '':.the proposed"; ·'· southwestern turnpike or another-" toll road for '..) Services .-/will be at '10:30- a-rn. "Saturday ' in Becker -'. ?/Iernorial chapel .with burial in Sunset Me- 'tnona'I Gardens. t '·-·'· . Mrs. -Ward was born April 13, 1915. · ' in Roosevelt-' arid ' ·' married · Raymond W: Ward Dec; 10; .1939, in Duncan. ..The family', had lived in -·Califocnia.-.-Arizona," Washington -,arid; ^ew --Mexico -during the p.ast 35 years:'. to-..Lawton Sunday. -She/nad been : ill since January.. . - . " ' , ; ' " . ; She.; is.^surviyed by .her busba'nd, 61'. Pasco; : hvor.sons,-. Willis. ;trell, !1314 . .; and Barney " . . trell:"0kiahoma City:" her parents, Mr,, .and Mrs. Waiter Gibson. 1501 S. Sixth; one 'sister, Mrs. Elton Nottingham. 1501 S. lOtrc one brother, Arthur W. Gibson.. 711 Jefferson, and six grandchildren. . John Ellis Sammpn MAPwLOW (Special)-- Rite's are pending, for John EUis Sammon, SO, who was found dead at his tion'even though-they, have been , critical of the Edmondson resolu- h °TM ''" Marlow early today. Mr. Sammon was born Jan. 23. Grimes, couniy, Tex., and tion. · . - ·- - Harris and Baldwin .led Tuesday's unsuccessful fight" to halt. Jived in Marlow tlie past 37 years. passage of- Sdmondson's rcsolu- He ; -was a retired'farmer and mem- ton. Harris maintained "the reso-i ber of the First Baptist church, lution could .bring corruption and { He was married to Lillie Davis Baldwin . argued there was ."a | at Polar, .Tex., in 1902. peals court reduced the charge hom e slatc - Wisconsin: from murder to first-degree man- Testimony also showed Mrs. booger man in this piece of legislation. 7 ' - . · . . Cowden. who had introduced' Edmondson's resolution, was incensed Wednesday about a newspaper editorial that the resolution, placed a' mortgage on the Tumor and Will Rogers turnpikes.. He .then said the 1959 law should be amended to repeal "a provision for diverting tolls from, the Turner and Win Rogers turnpikes lo help pay off the ne\v .toil ..roads. slaughter, Plumlee and Rurkowski' had- en- Convicted was Mrs. Macie Lee j f Plumlee. -16, of 1S12 Fort Sill Blvd., | was under , . _, " '11U3C UO31. WC13 U I 1 U C 1 d U M C C l l 1UL s^tfy oppose Soviei demands ^ ovc [han a yoar . Mrs P ) um lee that the Allies whndraw from lo has been in the state prison, since epa ; shortly after her convicdon an in an argument at the Rut- home the ^ day. at Mrs. Plumlee went'home j and got her husband and a .38 cali- I ber revolver which -\yas 'used in I the shooting incident.''".- .;!'''·''; v''- peace treaties with East and i 20 I960 West Germajiv. ! " ',, ~. . Macmillan also was invited to i *^J^?' cpe J^, lunch at the Capitol as a guest o f ' the MOOUn ° death ° f Chairman J. William Fulbright, Darwin E. RmkbwsTri, 22, in the front yard of his home at 1608 D. The jury Witnesses said Mrs. Plumlw; . . . . , hvirled the revolver on her finger icted in " cow boy style" while .Rutkowski lations Committee. Kennedy and Macmillan con- i ferred for more than seven hours ' Wednesday. Their talks began at H a.m., EST, ran through a White House luncheon and continued until aigiitfall. American and British officials listed these major results of The initial sessions: --Agreement on a need to increase military, political and economic cooperation among the 15 NATO powers to meet the ever increasing pressure of the Soviet lay on the driveway and. as she waited for officers to arrive. ' She did not deny the shooting I deliberated four nours and 42 ram- but claimed she acted in self dei utes before reaching a verdict. fense because of alleged threats Testimony in the case indicated i against her. She said she saw Rut- Rutkowski was felled by a hail of bullets while he and his father- in-law. Sfc, Jesse M. Plumlee, were carrying a chest of drawers kowski take an object from his pocket, a re'el-type steel measuring tape, which she mistook for a small caliber pistol. Heart Surgery Patient'( Union and its satellites. --Determination to stand firm A Lawion boy who underwent '*"«'* ***** Wednesda " V ta Sill Orientation Class Graduates U. S. Army Artillery and , tqa'ay. ; nesday during ceremonies in Snow Billy Ben Bradford. 11'. son of .Mr. j Hall au ditorium. : Bridge Tourney Starts Tonight Competition in the bridge tournament planned for Lawton and Fort Sill today through Sunday will begin this evening with a competition open to any couple. Col. C. A. Murphy, chairman, said. The Pcrshing Pair competition ... , t n y.- f-vla " "Han "'"" " x -* 1 - ia ^' W yuniuvi-- uiuuu *C;IIL LU ^r. will begin at i p.m. toaay in uan j _ Agrecment Io work for closer ! honia City Wednesday morning to i si on of the School, "delivered the T \ronrp h a l l at j-ort bin. coordination of economic aid pro--'donate -blood for the operation, i graduation address. grams for underdeveloped areas. ' Memoers of the American Busi- j The graduates of me. class in- working through the new develop-1 ness club provided transportation i eluded 64 Army Preserve officers - ' " v1 °' Tht K*t;TM,i r.,,vr* ^n\^ 0 ^ against the Soviet demand for the ! an Oklahoma City hospital has j Missile School "graduated 12 offi- removal of U.N. Secretary G e n - j been reported in good condition, a ! cers from Field Artillery Officer era! Dag Hammarskjold and his . Heart association spokesman said ! Orientation course No 12-61 Wed- replacement by a three-man ex-' · · ' - - ' - ecutive committee, subject to Communist veto. , . --Decision to shelve for the ; and I v s - B VTMn Bradford. 201 -V i HonOL - graduate was-'Lt. Reuben time being their disagreement on j Fifth, is a patient in University McCain Pate, a Reserve 'officer, whether Rsd China should be ad-1 hospital F B (Fuzv.1 Barnes, I who was graduated with an over- mitted to the United,Nations. Sub-1 . '',, ' , ' ,,. t - nh · ' I all average of 96.52,per cent. He ordinates will try to reconcile dif- i county Hearl Association chau- ! jg presen( ^ y assjgned £ Cajnp Wo] . fering views before the m a t t e r , m a n - sa ' ci - ' ; ters, Te.\.. comes up at the General Asscm: Nine Lawton residents with type i . Col. Marcus \V. Adams, chief, bly next fall. "0 nosiiivc" blood went to Okla- ! Combined Arms and Staff Divi- T. Moore hall at Fore Sill. The 9 a.m. session Friday, Reveille pairs, will be held in the Hotel Lawtonian. First team-of-four session will be held at 1:30 p.m. Friday in Moore hall, with the Caisson pairs competition scheduled for the same time. Men's and women's pair competitions will be held at Moore hall at S p.m. Friday. ilitary Attaches To Arrive Monday Military attaches from 45 dif- j raent assisrance group in Paris. Democrats Finish Big Dinner Plans group. and eight National Guard officers. Africans Keep Tab On Soviet Vessels State Storm Help Sought ^ut^African of s.000 Oklahoma Democrats for cra{t m keepln2 a close wa tch i U. S. Weather Bureau needs vol- the party s annual Jefferson-.Tack- ! on nin vessels o( a Russian Ssh . | untwr help in Oklahoma on the flect that has ^ m operating : national severe storms project.' . .- .Continued.-From 'gagej.One'". '.'· Sill will continue .to work : togeth- '· er''successfully for.thc''protectiqn; ' of. the · United States ; arid'' the .free world," Gen. Griff'ihg .concluded. · . . ' · ' . New Comniander At the completion of, the cere-, monies. Ge-n. Hartshorn escorted the new commanding-'general · back through the missiJe archway to greet Fort Sill's senior commanders. Center staff offi- 'cers and School directors, who were assembled in three ranks in front of McNair Hall, Gen. Griffing first greeted Brig. Gen.. H. G. Sparrow. 1st Field "Artillery Missile Brigadc--command- ing seneral: Col.. John \V. Hansborough, 34th Artillery; Brigade commanding officer, .and Col. C l a y ' O . Collier, U. 'S. Army ' . Training Center. Field .Artillery commanding officer. . -.He-then greeted each'. Center, staff officer and School- director who attended the ceremonies. Throughout the., proceedings. Mrs. Gri fling, accompanied by. Mrs. Hartshorn and -Mrs. Spar' row, watched the activities'from the steps of t h e ' Center. Head- o^jarters building. ' Gen. Griifing is the "96th Post commander and 26th School commandant Fort "Sill. He will reside in Sherman House, tfw traditional residence o/'.Fort Sill commanders. ( Lawton Man Fined For Littering Road Survivors include his wife: two daughters, Mrs. Fred Vandever. Clovis,' N.M., and Mrs. 'Claude Roark. RoswelJ, N.M.; 'two sons. AdeH. Sammon..Mai-low,, and Brady Sammon, Dallas. Te.\., and a sister,-Mrs. \V, H.. Stultz. .Marloiv. Rev. E. Alexander MARLOW (Special) -- Services arc set for 2 ' p . m . Friday at the Marlow First Methodist church for i Rev. Edgar Erby Alexander, 77, who died late XVednesdiay. 1 'Revr'Alexandet'was'born July 25. , ]SS3,-' at Crawford'ville, ; Ark.. and j was. pastor at'churches in Shady [ Grove,--! '.Kaly,.'.-Cbyeris-. Ferry and Hopo.--He- lived-,ih Hope many years., donating.the- l_and,.bn which the ;church was constiiicted. . .He wasTnarried to Mina Parker ·at Hope' Feb. IS, 1912. "and Uicy -lived · in Marlow the past 17 years; and were members of die Cumberland Presbyterian church. Conducting the 'Services will be Rev. Lloyd Estes, Austin, Te.\., and Rev. 'Bob Hull. Marlon'. Burial will be'in the Hope cemetery. · Surviving are', the wife, of the home jn Marlow; two daughters, Mrs. George Collins, Tampa, Tex., and Mrs. Leonard Davis, Lawton; .three, sons, E. E. Alexander Jr.. A. J. Alexander.and Earl D. Alexander, all of Marlow. and a brother, E. .L.- -Alexander, Duncan and a sister, Mrs. Willie Mansell, Duncan;. 11 ..grandchildren - and sbc great grandchildren. ' Bearers. w i l l ' be Charles Arington. J. C. Goree. Owen McConnell, C., C. Moore, Charles Siotts and Tip- Graham. Honorary bearers will be members of the Marlow ministerial alliance. Orlando C. Crooks Seiviccs for Orlando C. Crooks, .70. of 1S03 D, a resident of Lawton since 1901 who died in his home Wednesday, will be at 2 p.m. Friday in' Ritter Funeral home chapel. · ''Rev: Bob Harris, pastor of Trinity -Baptist" church, will officiate and buria! will be in Flower ; ' , ' . Continued.From P^ge One-V..... meat, ; which will" pro vide; .50-50 matching., funds --for the: cbnstruc- tioni.. ;a; ;.a v 20p,OOO.v' l ..'acldition:/;--'« l as planned.'"-."..'.·:: ' · - . . . " , . . - ..: , ,-. .. A.. : ;proposal will be Cbmanche countians: next Tuesday to -see' if. th?y \\-ani :the. facilities expanded to properly care for the expanding population, · A -total of 7S beds, additional obstetrical, nursery, surgery, laboratory. X-ray, storage "and waiting room'..facilities ."wUl be added to the present 1 structure. The bond issue is for S550.000. The remainder, of .the 51^00.000 for the construction would be furnished - .by- the. federal government and $50,000 from me hospital's general revenue fund. A: big business indeed.. is Memorial hospital "Payroll lor the .non-profit institution last year was S42S.440.2S. Also, expenses of opera tog the -hospital were' more than S550.000 to boost 'the total-ex-, pensesi of the operation'to -S991,- .862.24.'.-. : - . ' . · · · · · ' , . .'. , . -.. AH Spent Locally Nearly- all -of this amount .was : spent .locally. The laundry. bill alone for the hospital.runs, nearly $2,000 a month, providing five, jobs in a', local industry. All food and most '· other, items- are purchased locally. Memorial an outstanding example of well-managed' community property. Employe morale is high; the building- is kept spotless and in top repair and records are in order. ) The hospital operates in. the black, keeping its cost to the patient as low as possible. The average patient'pays $21.93 per day compared with a stiile average of 525,13. Expansion Needed Expansion of the facilities of Memorial, hospital is needed, an impartial survey reported last . year. The explod'ing population of I j Comar.che county has pressed the I existing hospital to rhc limit. Last i year, the institution reported it was filled to capacity nearly all the time. For the entire year, it averaged 9S.1 per occupancy. This is an unusually high rate, considering special problems involved in handling patients ol different sex, age and illness. Comanche county is rapidly becoming the medical center of the southwest and the hospital facilities represent a major industry. Approval of the bond issue next ! Tuesday will greatly increase medical facilities as well as encourage the growth of an important industry. · COURTHOUSE TO CLOSE 1 Oflices i n . t h e Comanche county! courthouse \yill be closed Tuesday j for the special county-wide hospi-1 tal bond issue election. Emil Woes- j ncr, centra! district-;! commission-. er. reported today. . . i .Arca_ofikers. were-.; asked : .today to:-'.help.' -locate-;.-a-Lawton: man's car --which was . stolen' during. night ' -.-·.· .. · : , ; .:-..- ·- · ' . ·· ·The" car theft Teport-.'.was filed, by .Charley Dotson.'Best Motel. who ; · said, the' vehicle is a 1952 Chevrolet bearing: Oklahoma 'license, plate N T o...-i-M567.. . . . In" other cases, police" patrolmen Frank Williams -. : - arid. Johnny Rhodes, arrested.--a';-: 25-year-old southside man- lor nvestisation ot arson ; in connection, with a fire at 1301 I,. where 1 the suspect formerly roomed. . ,' " '·'-·' Vandalism cases were reported by.Ed Pannell. 906 B, who said vandals tossed:a rock through Che .windshield of his car., and Mrs. Carl Hobbs. 915 'Jefferson, who- said someone smeared lipstick on her car..«' . Police officers .worked with Juvenile Officer'Charles High in an investigation o£ the alleged neglect of three' small"' children who reportedly.: u"ere : ;.. left' 'alone- in a "filthy"· so'uthside ..home. . i . The mother. 37,' was 'taken into custody and the children were removed to the emergency children's shelter after firemen. were .called to the house to extinguish a. blaze in the kitchen. '· · It was believed, the children. who were scantily clothed, built a fire on -the living room floor to keep warm ' during. Wednesday's chilly weather. ' . Catholics Plan Capital Display; An institute on Roman Catholic religious vocations in Oklahoma City Friday and Saturday, is expected to attract move than 5,000 persons. ;··' f - · '- ·-. A. total of 3t. different communities of priests, brothers " and sisters will have/ displays...'at the meeting, to be' held in 'McGuinness high school. ' .The Oklahoma City Scrra club is sponsoring the institute. Proclaimed bi) btau ami £oca( \ Officials J OKLAHOMA PEST CONTROL WEEK APRIL 3-9 A statewide campaign for healthier Tiving! i.Call a member of.-the-Oklahoma State Rest -Control Association 'for ·a.- professional inspection today! . '" , (jN T o Obllcition. of course) city d u m p 'ground owner, j Mound cemetery. Hi'lJ. cited.a recent Special · Born Aug. 5, 1; The Con hie Sessions court case to point out it may be costly to litter roads in son Day Dinner arc nearing com- · OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The j ^.^''TS f the dum , P , Sr ° U "- oc i member I Alfred H. Lessman, 33, of li26 I N . 4-lth, paid a S10 fine plus SS | | court costs on a charge of 1S90. in Iowa, .he married Mrs. Faye Frakes on Dec. j 23. 1941 in Clovis. N r , M. He was a the a Trinity Baptis Constifution Carrier Subscribers in LAWTON FOR ONLY ., _ An- Force Secrearj- Eugene M. \ oft South and South West Africa ·: John Hamilton, weather bureau Zuckert will be the main speaker i for several weeks. j chief here, said today observers at the \Dril 15th dinner h£T Wth Moscow strongly support, are needed' in all parts of Okla-1 at tne April lath dinner neie. .. .. . , ',- · ..?;,,,,_ ! tmrrr^ rr,- T-^^nH ,-=,-^^11 ,,,* v,=iii ; a county road ;.wo miles west and ) four- south of Lawton. Constable Eddie Hill signed the cienda Phillips, hostess ins the of other 'African ' homa to' record rainfall and hail, ui ULUCI -i..i^a . and said he ·w coop- ferent countries will arrive in the ! chairman, said 49 hostesses had ' n a t i o n s lo , end ^J 11 " 1 Afrri 5 a ' s - c ^ n "! , D a t a fathered b y _ i h e volunteer Lawton-Fort Sill area Monday tor j been selected from over Oklaho- ?°l, of ..,^° u:h a two-day orientation tour of the j ma to assist in seating guests. U.S. Army Artillery and Missile; . i -Ce J!:! r - .,, . ;, -_.,,!General To Turn First They will arrive at Post.,-Field ' , at 4:45 p.m. and are scheduled to i ^ M ^ Q^ j^f, p 0| , J 0 |j depart Wednesday morning. April! Appropriate miliiaiy honors ·will be accorded the visitors upon their arrival and departure, Fort Sill's ' · pbser\'crs. .would be -used by South African government is high-' weather researchers ivho are rry- ly suspicious 'of the Russians'-1 ing · to- determine the specific presence, | cause of tornadoes. ' "The point of the network would be to" observe . severe storms and TOO BfG ... _ T .. _ .,,. _ _.. RALEIGH. N. C. (A 1 ?) -- Ra,-.Maj. Gen. L. S. Glirfing. Fort: ]ei5h Huma i, e officer E. H: Whal- Sill commandant, next week will particularly .hailstorms." said Hamilton. "Hailstorms sometimes move between regular reporting | eraie with county' officials in efforts to stop the practice of dumping trash alons roadways, The dump ground owner said many 'persons haul trash 'to the city dump each day., but added that many others "don't quite make it. to the dump ground .and leave their trash and refuse on county road right-of-way." r ^ A r W f i - - r P h C i A reporc 0[ his of ihe posts .new ; some '. e - v Jound - ° ne ^ ob to ^ bi " to h . andle -'.| stations and \ve 'don't know about - ' of them 'for davs. .The hailstorms can- . at large .read- · ! be' verv- narrow '·-' - , - . . - - _ , ' ; -· ' -«* · v . ._ headquarters commandant; Maj. j SS65.000 non - commissioned otfi-; "Three lane white -' faced here- j-. Hamilton-said "persons desiring Bernard W. Reed, will be-the-es-: cers open mess, i fords, one female and TWO bulls.i'ito-become-weather observers can cort officer during their --- -"-- -"- - - - - - - - - - - ' - - - - ·- .. , . here, ' (south." MARKETS tour. The ceremony is scheduled at j Unable to 'locate owner . . . unable i write i h e ' U ; S Weather Bureau 11:30 a.m. April 11 at Sill's 5400 j to put in truck. Last seen headed:; in - Oklahoma Ciiy for forms and 'i detailed instructions. Mr. Crooks was a civil .service j e at Fort Sill.' ; i Surviving are his w i f e . ' o f the | j home; one step son. Dale Frakes, · Walters, 'and a sisLer, Mrs. Lnca j | R.ichardson, west of Lawton. INSLTRORS - REALTORS EL 3-06SS area. GRAIN Wheat Prairie Hay She]] Corn ' Alfalfa ___ ·'. __ ; Oats -------- - ---- ... FKODUC3E Light Hens Heavy Hens Cream ...... Eggs, dean Cbcts and Stags . .72 j 22.W j 1-25.! 1-45 i · 30.00 .06 IB' 52' .. .36 ... .05 HAROLD'S PHARMACY UOl Gore Bird. · Prescription · Film Processing · Cosmetics' . .FREE CTTTWIPE DELIVER!"! PHO.VE EL S-UOO FRESH MILK GOODIN'S DRIVE-IN DAIRY 3 3IILES SOUTH OF^XKIN'S: DRIVE-IN THEATER BOTH SIDES OF HJGH\VAT! EL 3-3164 EL 3-40 H B U Y I N G - A ' NEW OR BETTER USED CAR?? SEE US FOR "FINANCING FIRST! COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE THE SECURITY BANK frTRUST CO. 'StK'.an'd C Avenue :·' · Member FJ)iC. EXTRA PER WEEK WE WILL DELIVER TO YOU THE SATURDAY EDITION OF THE LAWTON MORNING PRESS PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW! JUST CALL EL 3-06 20 AND ASK FOR "CIRCULATION"

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