The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1950
Page 8
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(AKK.)' UULJHIPJH 'MI.WS FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 1950 Tfc« Nation Today: Dcntiam's Pow«r— '8ac/ Weather Snags Truman Nl /? B Plan By Jamct Mariow WASHINGTON, April 21. (*) — President Truman's Plan No. 13 is running Into rough weather. i This is one of 31 plans Mr. Truman writ to Congress several weeks ago for reorganizing parts of the government. .'• No. H would wipe out the powers of Robert N. Denham. general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board and give them to the board. Denham and the four-man board haven't been getting along well. That's putting it gently. ' Under the Taft-Hartley act. If a union or employer wants to complain the 'other is unfair, Denham is the man to go to. : Under the powers given him by T-H Denham alone decides whether to listen to the complaint or throw If'oul. Board Can't Act It he decided to throw it out. the board can't ' do anything. If he thinks It's all right, he prosecutes It before the board which then can judse. .Since T-H was passed two years ago and Denham wasi given the general counsel's job. there's been a growing feud between him and the board. This was a strange situation. Denham and the board are both being paid to see that unions and employer live up to T-H. ' Both are supposed to be fair and impartial. But Denham broke the feud wide open In a Jan. 13 speech accusing the board of being pro- labor. i Everyone here wondered where this explosion would lead. Tt led right to Plan No. 12 which Mr. Truman handed Congress March 13. two months later. : Denham's Powers V Under this plan Denhnm's job— general counsel—would remain but his powers would be given to 1 the bpard. That would finish off Denham. : Denham strongly opposed) the Idea. So did the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers. So did Senator Taft. Ohio Republican and one of the authors of T-H. He's leading the fight against Plan No. 12. But, just as strongly, the chairman of the board. Paul Herzog, was all for the plan. ; - He said the present, divided re- 'spbiulbility has caused friction within the NLRB and confusion among management and labor. -'': tTaft said transferring Denham's ^powers to the board would make Hereofr the "most powerful labor czar" In America.) Unioni Back Plan Labor unions also backed the plan, accusing Denham of being unfair to labor. This was a pretty kettle ol fish or something. Now the plan will become effective May 24 unless a Constitutional majority of the House or Senate- just one branch Is enough—vote against it. Ordinarily, a vote in House or Senate on any bill is by a simple majority of those present at voting time. But a constitutional majority Is something else in either house. For nstance. a Constitutional majority of the 96 Senators would be 49. So a Constitutional majority — for or against anything—Is always harder to get than a simple majority. The Senate expenditures committee took Plan No. 12 under Us wing to examine It and hear some arguments about it. This week the members of the committee had a vote to see how they felt aljont it, 'Hie vote was 9 against 11, 4 for 11. This wasn't any final vote. Like any other vote by a committee he- fore some measure goes up to the full Senate for action, It was advisory. Yet. the full Senate pretty often follows the views of its committees. Solon Proposes Congress Talk Less WASHINGTON. April 21. W)— Rep. Scrivener (R-Kas.) has offered the House a new—and probably unacceptable — economy proposal: talk less. Srivcner said the savings to the federal treasury would be considerable if senators and House members would have their breath during floor debate and "ration" the number of articles they.' Insert In the appendix of the Congressional record. Every word of Congressional debate gels Into the record, as *ell as numerous unspoken words which the lawmakers ask to have Included In the appendix. The cost, Scrivener said, conies to $82 a page. "If there were fewer words spoke," he said wistfully, "the cost of printing Ihe record could be reduced." At one time or another In history, men have made footwear out of wood, ivory, metal, textiles, straw, paper, rubber, raw skins — usually when there was not enough leather for soles and .uppers. - Russia Demands U. S., Britain Leave Trieste MOSCOW, April si. ftp,— Russia demanded today that the United States and Britain get their 10,000 troops out of Trieste «nd th»t the slralcgtc Adriatic urea be organized as n tree territory immediately. Charging the United States, Britain and Prance with "grossly violating" provisions of the Italian peace treaty designed to make Trieste a free territory under United Nations supervision, « Soviet note Insisted on "liquidation of the illegal Anelo-Amerlcan naval base" It said had been established In the port city. The note was handed here last night to diplomats o! the U.S.. Britain and France by Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Groinyko. Published by the Soviet news agency Tass. It charged Trieste "has been converted, . . into a military spring- hoard occupied by the armed forces of the United States and Britain, which constitutes » threat to the peace and security of Europe," (In Washington, American officials said the U.S. and Britain were within their legal rights In keeping troops In Trieste until the free territory Is established. They asserted Russia u r ns chiefly resoonslble for the delay in setting up the territory because, they • charged, the Soviets would not agree on a governor to administer the area under a United Nations mandate. Yourti Held For Murder PEOIUA, April 21. (fP) —Two young boys were held in Jail, one on B charge of murder, in connection with the slaying of a 62-year-old coal miner during a robbery. Assistant state's attorney Robert Calkins said the boys had signed statements that they fatally shot Hcnjnmln Pannier as he walked Into his farm home Wednesday. The boys related In their statement Calkins said, they took Pannier's wallet containing $43 and dragged his body to his barn and covered II with liny. Pannier's body was found by police after they had found his car abandoned on a highway. Calkins said a charge of murder was placed against Donald Sirti- mons, 14, who he said admitted firing a single shot with a .22 caliber rifle Into Pannier's chest. No charge was nmrle against the second boy Jimmy Chatman, 9, Donald's cousin .indstrom Files )/vorce Suit "or Desertion LOS ANGELES, April 21. (/P) _ ngrld Bergman Is charged with de- ertlng her husband. Dr. Peter Indstrom. In the In tier's counter Ivorce suit. But Roberto Ffossel- nl. the other man, goes unmen- oned. The Swedish surgeon's suit (tied esterday also specifically asked the ourt to issue an order forbidding vllss Bergman to take their daugh- er. Pia, 12, out of the United Slnte.s t such times when the actress will ave custody of the child. Dr. Llndstrom, who also alleged nenlal cruelty, stated that on April 5. 1949, his wife "In violation of er vows, left her home here" and deserted and abandoned him." The etltion explained that Miss Bergman actually left the Beverly Hills ome March 15. 1949, but a month lapsed before the husband realized iie had gone for good. The suit made no mention either f Rossellini or the Mexican dl- orce which the actress obtained Feb. 9. a week after a son, which "lossellinl claims Is his, was born to er In Rome. But Lindstrom's at- orncy. Isaac Pacht. told reporters he Mexican decree is a "complete iiillily." The petition also asked superior ourt to approve a property settle- lent reached after weeks of dick- ring between Pacht and Miss Rergnmn's lawyer, Gregson Banter. "Soy It Wit h f/owers" Blytheville FLOWER MART Mempbii Hiw.y Phone MM FOR A FARM LOAN SEE YOUR FRIENDLY BANK The First National Bank extends you a warm welcome to come in and talk over a farm loan. Prompt, courteous service awaits you. That's just one of the reasons why the First National Bank is one of the fastest Avowing hanks in the Mississippi Delta. For farm loans...for any hanking services... come first to the friendly First National Bank in Hlyfheville—(he only national bank in Mississippi County. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Tht Only Hational Bank in Mississippi County MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION EDSON Continued from pace 6 minima. A worker would thus be eligible for unemployment insur- ance <1) if life earned 30 times as much as his weekly Insurance benefit, (2) if he earned onc-ar.d-one- half limes his highest wage In any one quarter-year, or (3) if he was employed 20 weeks. Washington Is probably Ihe only state that would have to change iUs law lo meet this. On computation of weekly benefit, Ihe McCormack bill would set the minimum insurance payable at one-half the weekly wage, up to maximum insurance of $30 a week for anyone making $60 a week or over. Nearly Iwo-thirds of the states now authorize unemployment insurance payments of from 50 to 75 per cent of the weekly wage. The other third would have to change their laws to meet McCormack bill standards. No Stale Meets McCormark Minimum Actually, no state has paid In- surance of as much as SO per cent of wages. Massachusetts and Louisiana In December paid 47 per cent of, the waee, Utah « per cent, Rhode Island 45, Arkansas 44 and 10 other states paid over 40 per cent. No state Li paying a $30 a week maximum. The high Massachusetts average last December was $23.66. The low slates were West Virginia, Illinois and Florida, which paid 30 per cent of the weekly wage. The payment in Florida averaged $13.88 a week, in Georgia In Mississippi it was $14.37, In Tennessee $15.34. Only Alaska and 10 states—Ari- ?.ona, Colorado, Connecticut Mary- 1 a n d, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio and Wyoming—now authorize additional insurance paid Lo the unemployed with dependents. The McCor- mw. INNOVATIONS IN MODERN MUSIC fOR i 9 5 0 MEMPHIS AUDITORIUM, WED., APR. 26 Centra! Box Office—1C5 Union—Tel. 37-38M Prices: $Z.15, $2.50, 5Z.OO, ?1.20, Tax Inc. Mail Orders Accepted. Unclose Self Addressed .Stamped Envelope. mack bill would set standards of 60 per cent of the wage up lo a payment of {36 a week for unemployed with one dependent. 65 per cent up lo $39 for two dependents, 70 per cent up to $42 a week for ihrec or more dependents. On length of time which the unemployed could draw benefits, the McCormack bill would set a standard ol 26 weeks. New York Is now the only state that pays unem- ployment Insurance for so long a lime. All the other states would have to amend their laws to m«t such a requirement. Biggest change which the Me- Cormack bill would require would be n revision of state lax laws. Thi« would come through the provision that unemployment Insurance taxes be collected on each workman'* annual wages up to $4800. The present limit is $3000. CESAR ROMERO, romantic screen star, say«: "Smooth, sociable Schenley is the drink for me!" You,too, will enjoy ble BlENDEDV;HiSKEY 86 PROOF. 45% GRAIN NEUTIiAlSPI8ITS.SCHENlEYDIST.,INC.,N.Y« i-l^T 1 * •' ** ' ft-i \< Take Your Choice/ ONLY NORGE HAS ALL 3 Whatever freezer arrangement you want your new refrigerator to have —the full-width, the full-length, the sid« freezer-NORGE has it! And we at LOW, LOW PRICES. Come in. Look 'cm over. See for yourself. America's newest ( handiest , refrigerator! Eye-level, full- widtfa freezer! Door opens down for use as loading shelf—saves steps! Space for 32 pounds of frozen storage! Coldpack for fresh meats—Crisper Drawer for fresh vegetables. And big room-temperature storage bin below! EASY TERMS Amazing refrigerator capacity for such low cost — jtisi can't be matched! Lots of adjustable shelf space PLUS sidc-frcczcr space for 17 pounds of frozen storagc-PLUS big Coldpack for fresh meats and fish—PLUS large Crisptr Drawer for fresh vege table. BisKCM news a buJcct e\^er heard! EASY TERMS Full-length freezer provides for 35 pounds... yes, 35 ... of frozen storage! And there's more than 16 square feet of convenient shelf storage. Roomy dry- scoragc bin, too. Equipped with fnmous NORGE Sell- D-Froiler Syilemt EASY TERMS HARDWARE CO.IrtC HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN ST. PHONE 515 4

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