The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 11, 1946 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1946
Page 16
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'^ Zi* ^T*lr *- ^ ? ^'i ** ^V^-v *•?» ?* k t "tJ^cSj. -.-, -IJHV *•- i * r • < j-j '3^. M ' V » i I", --, ,V- "'Backed '.by members, of|5£he"-'-i946 Bi&ersHelci: Indians baseball - .team,;. ~ tt»£ Viiiceats team -.last Bfeht ' BQored -a" classy-.^ to 18 victors over", 3. >C. Penney "in an in- - *- - Itf J tHe contest. other Industrial League fame jplayed on;-the Bakersfiel4 -School Cojirt, Eagles came ' with" g 122 to 21 victory over Eato i .quintet, , i -~the. East -BalcsrsfieFd _ Court,'-Nazarene and Presbyterian , ^Church .fives- scored. Church" League Payl : MuriDz,Morjn~ Baftfe to Draw Here Papl Muiioz and Eay JVIoria, color- 'ful'~ local tantam weights, slugged it v out from-bell to bell through four rounds Monday .night' at Strelicli' Stadium to^ a draw;- -> ' " Neither went down and the pair threw caution" to the wind as they • battled -in the JJest bodt oe the evening. x Beferee~ Tommy Hart called the event even. 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"Unbloek" your intestinal tract for rea! relief vibtprJes.'i; 'Nazarene ; defeated -Mexf- •- ; can 'Methodist,- 27 to 22 , .Itsg eharnpa* PrssbyterJan : ,outscoredL. Trinity ^Ietho3ist, - la to K-V "•"• "'"' 1 " ;,- r Al^Trieto and ,-MUt-Neilsdn, ihe-,Vfncents team jwith 12 a; points respectively^ Miller of 1 .: the evening's'.top 'scorer//, VitjffiS ^points. '. ^- r "L '•-•-, 4}; '• Tonight/ -fhevChurch loop Js > 4wiet r Xfrife ""the" Industrial cirjCait^ moves H s t» East Bakefsfield for a pair- of tilts, first.,"game, -starting* ^at tTjlS o'clock. *La-Cre3ta rlays. Independents, xyhile-Sniders Cyclery -versus Bell''Club." ' , _,.__> :: -;; Last "night's "scores: _-*."' ',, I Stirr.r Miner,* Dale, o- HaJl, e NAZARENE to ft pt t» « 1-2 -1 a o-l is '5-2 0 1 0, 0 i-4 1, -0 t a METHODIST ' - »9'1t Jll tD' B.TEstrada,f- 2 3^3 1 Comales, f *-0'"ff 1 fl ; Sohart. ci, 2216 Soiis, f S. Estrada Crlston , , 0 I" 0 "2 'i, 1 - 9 s i .2 a Both B 1 ,0 c 1 Tomb 12 3 10 27 Half score:"-, Mexican Methodist, 12; Nazar- enc, 12. . " _ f Totals .7 8 11 22 TRINITY METHODIST Jj ft pf tp o o^o;o 0 0 ' 2 0 Potter, f > Henry ,c S.Kirbj, 0 Tfcrane, S-- Conc.g Stem 0 1 o- o Prosset Totals 2 4 II 8 Half score: TrlnHj-, 2 RAMSON^STARR »« ft pf tp 2105 0000, 1002 5 3 0 13 0000 0 1 fr 1 PRESBYTERIAN " : fi «>f tp 0111 0 O.T. 0 •Slater, f PenfUW. f Bennett, c CoofcS ' Kinnejv g Bivas . Briwie " lessen Ctenlcy Wetterliolm Wheeler Totals 3 1 0, 0 o-o V 0 a' a 0 o 1 o o, o o-o-a Kolatad ' C. Starr J.D.Starr Condlt A. Starr Simpson VanX*nd'us 0 B. Starr 0 Totals 8 5 0 21 8 2 11 12 , 5. EAGLES ' IS It Pf tp Slieppatd v 1 o 3 UcUsn- Q 0 "W.MeWh'er 2 0 Icvrls 2 0 Bandore! Clajton Armlsteid Sueblire G.JCWii'ier Hensley Kabbri Ilaras Totals * i 4 0 22 Half score: Itarason-Starr, 12: Eaeles. 12.-' L.Slieets Stephens Hogan Scott •Helrelin' fg ft pf «p 220 0 0 0 B. Sheets •Jones Bobl&son Uarkoo 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 ft 0-0 t) 010 000 000 Prleto Notae O'KaM Knoraes Nielsen Cromer Clark I'ayne Brand Copp VINCENT'S fg ft pf tp 5 2 0 12 0 1 » 1 0- 2'0,2 2004 0 1306 e o o 0 o o- o 1 o 19 11 0 49 bf-'wresfling'is .expected^ tonht'atjStrelich' Stadium I. as/^ombter"stey«j"S{reliclt -presents" 'aT cblortut teajtn-tag;i''aiatch j between Karol L Krauser - and -Gorilla Ramos . against ^Nanioj: Singh ^and Morris " 'beloved" nnc 'player of- t called by , dekth ^Tiie^day * nigbK He bad been jq. since^Jast April. ^ MELBOURNE, ' UP} — Jack V- Kramer and - 'Ted - Schroeder-niade-sufe^of playing in the Davis Cup Soubles match against Australia" by Trotfncin^ 7 Gardner Mulloy and Billy "Ta1b.ert, '6-3 r 6-3,> 6-3, in a-full-^ress-cup' trial at Koo- youcg Stadium today.^t^ " • Although v 'the , two" captains -will not name "their •" four-man squads' until Monday, it -isXpdsslbie to -say; now that the_.Ameriean_team will consist' of Kramer^Scnroeder, Frank Barker and -Mujloy. Tom" Brown's unfortunate illness- before, the .Victoria tournament 'knocked "him out of consideration/ In practice* he has not .approached his 1 form at .Wimbledon or-Forest Hills. Talbert had no hope of winning a -singles berth. The Australians J 'also held a "crucial" doubles trial before the American mdtch. For the first .time they paired Jack Bronrwieh^with Adrian Quist and they came^through-with , , 1 Jour "- of'^tHe- gcapplers i know what they°are.;doirig"-irt the'ring, and ,at. least ^ Ramo? ,^and 'Krauser krioif .they should" Hkerfi3"get "at 'the -Indian -user of ifhe cobra Mdcl& - - „ s " : ;The-a£fahr"'wni be"*bver" two Hours qr.two^put'of, ffiree fails to a ,de" ~ ,'i-George Dusett« and Tommy- Nilaa, a-pair 9! colorfu} wrestlersj will work a "two'-ouf.'of' three .jTalls^l^mlnute,, affaic.c flbacKihg-" .Tip the • team-tag" " ' " ' T a - • < ,ViPuse£te is \prie-- of * th6 strongest men. in';the^Mng, "-while Nilan is a fast •moTJngnight-heavyw^ight Opening^therevehing's= events ;wili vbe Karl 'Grajr and 'Mike"' Nazarian in a "two, but ;f alls i45-minute "time limit, affair., r ''*-.<-' Travis Tilwell Top'] .Grid Grbuhd Gainer j NEW YORK,-Dec. 11. tffi—Travis I Tidwell, ' Auburn's havd-wor'king j freshman, is the ground-gaining-king; of college football for 1946.- - j Closing with ra terrific" burst in ; his * last two games, Tidwell FOOD SUPPLY'— Hunters -drive down Chicago's Michigan Boule• v^rd follo\ving invasion of Michigan woods. Bach down' a deer, augmenting winter's food supply, • • Pairings for Second Round of Fall Golf Tourney at Up River Made "% With the original fields of 16 meni versus Clyde Turner. in each flight cut down to eight, sec-! \ersus John Bauei Eme Lunc'eford „. ~. . , r -— ~._ _„ 0 ., „„ . Moore versus Jim Jlello. Hii years as the 1 Individual offensive i this wcpk ' versus Bill Fenuck. c. t. Voice \eisus Ray --- — - ' ""? _»rci4. Jac-kson ~ Pairings for the second round play Consolation round: - \ ,— ----- ,--— -f —i and consolation round matches were Championihip Flicht T ~ couegiate athletic bureau announced today by Gene Hochsted- Hoccitedier versus Jaik p. t ii e . f.ou corn ler and "Doc" Chaffin, in charge of " r ™ 3 w*°™ L> - ?- a ' ° Dalto " vcrsn a running the affair. Half scorer Vincent's, 25: Tenney's, 12. BOT71ED UNDER AUTHOgtlTTXOP .THE COCA-COIA COMrA'NT BY - ) *•• \,M.^I» mfylll, \--Ut l.»VJ»Jl (.V Ctfelll-, OCVi" I „,' ^ n T. -J 110 , 8631 T>l ? s ^ e , rs1 . and I ond rou "d matches in the first an- replaced Bob Fenimore'of Oklahoma nual Kern River country Club fall! Grant Ansor, A. and M., who had reigned for two handicap tournament are going on "" years as the- i individual ofjens'— ' ' ' • ' leader of'the'collegiate gridirons. Statistics' released today by the i national "show Tidwell. not,only popped the country in^combined yardage gained on tlie ground and in thg.air but also was* the -2>fo. 1 passer- on the basis "of,, total completiops and the seventh best, ball carrier? - ^ ,• Tidwell, who' threw or carried tlie ball 339 times to be far and away the workhorse* of the country, accounted-for a total of~ 1715 yards In Auburn's 10 'games. He completed 79 of 158 -forward passes for a .total of 943 yarfis and picked up 772 yards on 181 running plays. E \ ersua K<> Bepvers. THE COCA-COLA BOm : l^JG/epMPA^slY Of-BAKERSFIELD^ " , 414'Nineteen^ Street . -' . \ Hear Morton Downey, -KPMC, 2:45 P. M. Second round pairings are:- Champiannhin Tlicht "Doc" Chaffln versus Bert Combs. Otto CombB versus Marshall Smilh. Jack Combs versus Bill Foley, O, D. Shipman versus Luther Grouse. niftht A Jacfc Andrews versus Karl Jensen, Dal Hutto versus Gene Rannond. Wall, Combs versus G. Sargent. Br. C. E. Kadabaugh versus L. L.,Peiris. Tlisbt B K. J Jensen \eii-us I\ TV. Bills, Orvillc Peabody versus Harnlu Crotiie, SI. H. Thqmas versus O. C. BrowninB. Orrie Lut- treil veisus G. Hudson. - Hisht C Bud Ralston versus Doyle Holder, Xeal Barnhart verbiia Lloyd Dodson, Frert PhelDs Versus Paul Kamson. Stan Segal versus C. Cross. Flisht D , Mike Lorenzi versus K. C. Thll, Al Dol- aon versus AI "V\ r aldrnm, Bepnie 311ncb Manley vers-js' W. Carl Walker. Gardner. night A 'U'tllmm McCloud \ersiis Ken Brantley, Bill Miller \ersus J. Sheftlei. Rudy J.oflm versus T. J. (,'ratitree. Chet Cusman \eraus L. Jl. Echemque Flisht B T-es Bo>Titon -versus Marvin ^losconl. Bud Hargis leisus Ed Mctztrn. fiuy David versus How aid Hollett, K \\. Volte veraus B. D. Bsine, FllEht C Pete Brogan veraus "\V. \v Matthews. Ed iloyes versus Don Tiacv Andy Minner veraus rieorpre Pierno, John Echnique versus Bud Harftathorn. Johnson Suffers Brain Tumor; Loved by Many * WASHINGTON. Dec. Jl.- ';<OTJ— Walter Johnson, who rode to baseball immortality on his fabulous fast ball, passed on today to the "biggest league of them all. Death, caused by a brain tumor, claimed" the '73ig Train" at the age cf-5S and plunged, four decades of baseballdozn. Into moui'ning-r-from the major league executives Vho knew and loved him to the .grade- school saridlotters lo whom he was only a legend. The, magnificent heart that never conceded^defeat in a pitcher's battle, finally-yielded last night at 31:40. Death came to the one-time pitching ace of the Washington Senators in the stillness o£ a white-walled hospital room, only a few miles from Griffith Stadium, the ball, park wli«-e thousands—from presidents to peanut vendors—once roared'tribute to his hurling genius. TH Since April John had been critically ill since last April when he suffered a stroke induced by what then was described as a. "progressive blockage of a small cerebral artery." It developed, however, that he was suffering from a-brain tumor which paralvzcd his left side. ' The fabulous fireballer, whose achievements are recorded in base- bail's "hall of fame" at Cooperstown, 1C. Y., did all his major league pitching for the Washington Senators. He broke in with them in 1907 and closed out his active playing career in 3927 after suffering a broken \ leg in spring training." In that span, the big raw-boned right-hander from Humboldt, Kan., i fashioned one of the greatest pitch-' ing records in baseball history. He won 414 games, a record surpassed only by Cy Toung. Those triumphs, achieved with a team that finished in the second division during 15 of Johnson's 21 big league pitching year.-.-, earned him the nii-k- name "Big Train"—he always was pulling his teammates through without much support. He compiled an , all-time major league record of 113 shutouts. It was Johnson's blazing fast ball that inspired the famed, and unanswerable, baseball alibi—"Yoii can't hit 'em when you can't 'see 'em:" And it was his high hard one that brought him a big league strikeout record that hasn't even been approached—3-197. His strikeout victims Included all of the : mightiest American League sluggers of bis time—shoeless Joe Jackson, Ty Cobb, Eddie Collins, Babt> Ruth, Harry Heilmann, Tris Speaker, George Sisler, LiOU Gehris, Jimmy Foxx. 56 Scoreless Innings» • Johnson led the American League pitchers in slrikeqjuts for 12 years, set a, record, since tied, of six consecutive strikeouts in one game, and struck out 313 batters in one season —35 short of. the new record fashioned in 1946 by Cleveland's Hob Feller, Johnson'g successor as the speed ball king of the majors. Among his many pitching feats were 56 consecutive scoreless innings and two no-hitters one a mill-shortened 7-inning affair. After he hung up his pitching In 1927. Johnson turned to managing. Hepilbted the Senators from 19:;!) through 1932 and ended his major league career'managing, the Cleveland Indians from 1933 until August, 1935. HONOR GUEST. •BECKfKY, W. Va.. Dec. 11. G«— Stan JluMul, star lu'^t-baseman of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals who was voted the Xa- tional League's most valuable player, will be honor guest at the annual award dinner o£ the West Virginia Sports Writers Associations December 30. Lee Hlllberry versua T-Yark Allen. Bill Greeiilee veisus Rod Voicp, Warren O'Kane versus L. D. EVeland, Bud Riden versus Ken Duncan. PllKht E Frank Buttcn versus Blase DiffcnbauKh. John Biacchi ver.sus-R. Srhrnedei. AI Carter versus D. Strumpf. Pete Epp versus K. Mayberry. MIDSHIPMEN'S DANCE ANNAPOLIS, JId., Dec. 11. ~ A midshipmen's dance has crowded Navy's • basketball opener—Saturday's encounter with Hampden- Sydney—clear out o'f Dahlgren liall, usual scene of the Tars' court engagements, The game will be played instead in McDonough hall, which accommodates fewer spectators. 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Dodgers' one- c man gang, will get a chance to add •' further laurels in bis final gamp Pri- [ day night against the Seahawks at * ' Dobbs 'n-on the total offence crown by a big margin, having added 341 jards rushing for an overall total of 1919 yards, Other leaders included: Pas? i-e- ' ceiving, Dante Lavelli, Cleveland l and Alyn Beal«, San Francisco, At} > catches each, although Lavelli made ' more yardage, 843 to Bcals' 588 LOS RECONVERTS i AXGELE!i_ Dec. 11. (,a?>— . that bright new postwar world is coming, after all. A laundry • advertised today: "Xew customers welcome. "Weekly delivery service (Called for and delivered)." ' BROS. - LOUIS Announce the Arrival of a Shipment of 6-Ply RAYON TIRES ;FOR BSMEDIATjE PURCHASE " 't £ „•* ^ - ' '..'!-" In Sizes , : 5 - 6.00x16 . , . REGULAR PRICE- 6.58x16 . . . REGULAR |>RICE _, iZ.OOx!6 . . . REGULAR PRICE ^ r >^,00xl5 . . . REGULAR PRICE ? 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