The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 11, 1946 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1946
Page 15
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'^"^^ ^- ^ 4, SSM-V v-^-^i'^wf xjijfK^W-^t}' 5 '.* ^v- CJ)£ ||alttr*fi'elb CaUfomian Wednesday, December II, .1946 ] 5 Boad of Held ,WASCO,' Dec. ll—With- Donald Higgins and Charles Brateher each] Jjets "bfjthe Club ^Id^ •party, at the home -ot 'Mrs. 'patrick'rfcently. J2&-Tiosi: .-'sa-c^ &* $i ,,v in^ss" cpnfi'ueted. .Ejk. the- presl-'j ' f mas-party.,, to' fee-held; at" T-jpAn:' ^De- Sears Service Station February or March Date ifor System's Completion Predicted ""___ OIIJDALE, Dec. ll.—The Xorth- ol'-the-River sewage disposal system will be ready to,, be' placed in operation-late in, February or early in MarcTi, according to'K, E.'White, engineer for the ~ sanitary district. There is only .one "it" involved in this prediction—the -work will be completed by the stated time "if" 'the machinery- arrives.-. — Work "of laying collecting lines and connections in the Highland Park area, north or Xorris Road and between XortW Chester avenue and JlcCray ,streeti has been virtually completed. Trenches have been filled , and; the^ streets are ready to be oil- topped by the county. The r sanitary district has purchased the oi| lor re-topping the streets, but _the actual work is to be done by the county. Recent rains have delayer! start of this • worTf. It was pointed out that oil cnnnot be applied unless the streets are dry. v Includes Riverview Area Mr. White estimated that all sewer ' lines within the hounds of the original Nnrth-of the-Ri\tef sanitary district, will have been laid hy January 10. This includes, the Riverview area. a ' The sewage treatment plant near Highway 99 and Olive Drive is Hearing completion and should be ready lor Installation of machinery 'hy January 10, Mr. "White said. Delivery of machinery from the east has been delayed by recent strikes. It- was said. Recent rains caused some delay in laying of collecting lines. Work of extending the sanitary jEystem to include one recently annexed area and two other sections which are now 'seeking- to be annexed, will be expedited as soon as the original job is finished. Extension Plans.Prepared Mr. White is preparing plans for extending *the system to Highland Manor, and construction in this area probably will .begin in aTjout five weeks. Collecting lines will be In id throughout the built-up portion of this recently annexed subduision, as well as in an adjoining 40-acre tract whicii is to be developed as s-ion as construction materials be( come available. Collecting lines are now being laid In the section north ot Roberts Lane and east of Xorth Chester avenue, and work is expected to be com- jfleted' ig about a month. Petitiojns",requesting annexation of the area west '6f Higgins" Drive to Eeardsley, . and between .Roberts Z.ane and Beardsley-Canal, are being prepared and will be circulated be, fore Christmas. At the review meeting, conducted by community scout officials, members of the troop advanced to second class scouts, 4 to first-Class, and 1 was awarded star rank, while a total of 36 first-class merit badges •were_ awarded. Membership of the troop -consists of 45 ,boys, 2Z of ^hom are in high school, 7 are otlife rank,,8 are star scouts and 10 others are of first- class rank. The troop, four years old, is led Hovey. by Scoutmaster Byron P. Six patrol leaders and seven other staff of fleers,are of high school age and two new troops are being organized "from the waiting list of candidates. The First Methodist Church is the official sponsor of the unit. During the Christmas vacation 12 members of the troop will go-to Los Angeles ^on a 5-day .tour of_the city and nearby territory. The Exchange Club, Rotary odist Church special trip. Club and >the Meth- are sponsoring this cember, IS, nasium.- All munity are invited. The "Woman's ^ children-* ja! Ihe ^confe* vited. •7 =pv f > "' : - '"-'' „, , 'is sponsoring ' ^ a rummage sale, December Yi'"- '^j'~ Guest, speaker during the-day -waa ; Alec Smith lrom<tliet,Kernr County Culture and, Recreation "committee^ who sppke, on the need ot providing? recreation "for youths' ^leisure 'time."j?i -Mr., Smith j especially, stressed tjttie opportunity to~ enjoy* and participate in good' music made -"possible-, by_ the,; formation' of "'a Philharmonic^ Or-- chestra in Eakersfieldr IThe -violin' section has* openings for interestecf persons. T?ive concerts \vilf te v §^yen this season, Mr. Smith announced,.! Three Girl Scout troops lente'r-^ tained under* the direction of Mrs.- Ray McCoy. The meeting was adjourned Tiy tife, president, Mrs."^Roy- Jumper.^ 'JRe- freshments" were served by -Mrs., 'AT-; fred Hanes, Mrs. C. "W. "Gregg, Mrs.- Hon _of -plans 'toi, nias dtnner-jh!'B-hlch l< f amities ^bfS^.. »members T will joln/% Scheduled' Jorf 7 'o'clock' on the evening'' ot.!.I)eeem= her, 21, v at .the fort, clubrooiri,"- th& turkey dinner r will be fo]16wed"^by a jvisitjfrom" Santa Glaus "and axf 'exchange 6f~!gJfts. M -* .- > - 7-" .The committee ,in charge - of' 1 the ^Christmas dinner, includes, A' kins. ! TWO DELANO BABIES DELANO, Dec. 11.—Babies born at Delano Hospital, December 8, were two girls, one born to Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ingram of McFarland, I and one to "Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cham- I bers of Delano. In order to join the troop, a new I Ralph Grober^and Mrs. Elmo vJ Cal- boy must pass his tenderfoot test,' '-*-pay a year's dues in advance, bring his father for a personal conference with the scoutmaster, and stand ex—j amination before the officers of the troop. Deadline for County Job Applicants Set Applicants for the position of intermediate stenographer clerk and typist clerk for the county merit system must file applications for the job "by December 18, Vance V. Venables, county expert, reported today. Examination for the position will be "held December 28 in Room 121, Baker&field Junior College, at 1 p. m,, he noted. The examination is required of all present county employes in that particular classification who were employed after January 1, 1946, and for any new applicant j.or the posts. Minimum qualifications for the position are that the applicant must have the equivalent of twelfth grade in school, one year of experience or an additional year of school. The examination will entail a written test on grammar, punetua- tioa and spelling; vocabulary, and knowledge of filing, indexing and cross-referencing; a typing test, and a shorthand test. Gypsum Company Takes Over Plant ROSAMOXD, Dec. ll~Gypsum Incorporated, owners and operators of 38 gypsum mines in California, Nevada and Arizona, have taken over the Diatom plant at ~ Rosamond, and will produce JRoseite hard wall plaster and wall board. "Roseate" is the company's trade name, and the daily output is expected to be 200,000 bags of plaster and 350,000 square feet of wall board and lath. Qther products to be produced at this plant will be Perlite board ,and agriculture gypsum lor use as soil conditioner,. James K. Pierce, president, states that when full production is attained, at least 150 men will be employed on a 24-hour basis. Associated .with Mr. Pierce are E. B. itorse of theTjSrorse Lumber Company, Great \Vestern Construction Company, Southern California Plumbing and Heating Company and Pre-built Lumber Com. pany of Willetts. " ' .• Mr. and Mrs.' Pierce plan to -build a temporary home-In Rosamond," for occupancy when they plant. are at .the , chairman, assisted by-SIes- dames Ed Fitzpatrick;- E. Schaef, Ray Pelton, G. A. 2Tieberg, Edwin Ftopatriek, G. -W. Johns, H^ G. Sachs, jWis Martin, Adolph Arnot arid "William Auti-ey.' . ' , „ - pifve Clark, a teacher Snathe released- time program in the Taft city Shcools, will become supervisor ot tlJe_ Valley Acres - Sunday 'School "clas"se's starting January 5,, it was announced. ' J "^ f 7 " "> -~ Mrs, H. G. Sachs, chairman of the iazaar given 1 recently" *by the 1 club, reported that $146 had been-cleared on_the affair. , - - • _j~ v - An appeal by Mrs. G.'A. Meberg, club chairman for the. 1 Memorial Cancer Hospital in Los Angeles, resulted in , a collection w of $7 Ijelng contributed \o the cause ^b^r those present. Authorized was a purchase of a bond and stamps 'from, the Kern County Tuberculosis 'Association^ -Kext meeting of the club will be. held at the home of -ilrs, -Harold Richard/ January 2. The door prize j was awarded to Mrs. O. A. Taylor. Mystery friend gifts were exchanged and refreshments served to the following: Mesdames William Autrey, C. L.' Mitchell, Edwin Fltz- patrick, G. A. Nieberg, John L. House, Harold Richard, J. L,. Loperena, G. Vf. Johns, H. J. Sachs. Lewis Martin, Dave Ekdahl, "Ray I'elton, O. A. Taylor, Miss Mable Gay-West and Mrs. Philipp Barry, a guest, and the hostesses. Seventy Men Injured During War : Games LEWIS, Wash., Dec. 11. UP) HEADS ZIONISTS BASEL, Switzerland. Dec. 11, Doctor ChaJm-\Veizmann,of London was elected chairman of the twenty- second World Zionist'Congress here Tuesdaj';. FORT Severity men were injured during, the southern California- war games ' from Tvhieh the Second Division troops are now returning-, army offi- ' cials said Tuesday, with most from vehicle accidents In blackouts. TWINS BORX : , DETROIT, Dec., 11, Iff)—Sirs. Alta Cahale gave birth "to twin sons-.Mon-1 day night—one in a doctor's office ! of a downtown sk5 r scraper and the ! other 2 miles a^ay in a hospital.'! Mother and sons are doing fine. • I GROWERS You've rung the beii with another fine Sugar Beet Crap Americans have more sugar because California's beet growers'harvested a record crop this year. The beets you sent our factory have resulted in one of the largest sugar campaigns in our-history. This^ great quantity of sparkling beet sugar 'is" a welcome contribution" to the ' ' " ~i J \ shorfeJLL S. supply. ^e:;.at x 'Spreckels are proud we could lielplnereas^bur .nation's supply of sugar". . r -.;aiid w,e thanfe-you growers for -maMri^ our ; help,, possible; In the.face'df a'coritaiiuihg sugar shortage, we kn^w-you ,willi?produce a record crop of beets again4n/194'h , * r, Manteca Factory of tK&Sprecfcels Sugar Company '" h - ^ '-a **'- ^ ' ' i'' • • T "- * , . ... a California -institution , ; „ „" • -5 V -^ '-H- 1 ,! * •* r -, *i-'$*<*? GROWERS: YOUH SPREGKELS AGKICGLTUSAL -KEPRESENTATiyES •' AND JACK HILLS. 462 HABERFELDE" BLDG., BAKEESFIELD /. '. PHOKE EAKERSFIEIJ5 " *- V' '^JT- - !,' ~<?t -^ h'j ";^ XV" •'" ' _.j ;J New, Good Looking,*Long Wearing NYLON SEAT COVERS Installed in Coach or Sedan Regular SI 9,95 at Other Seat Covers as Low as $ 14.89 for Sedan Sears Easy Terms See Sears line selection of auto seat co\ers today! For the filled . . , buy these emnlity nylon cov- -ers for your auto seats. Excellent 'workmanship throughout. Tes, we install them at no extra charge. Sears Allstate j Q 1« Ethyl Gasoline.. I»2<* «al. Sears AlMate |fi« E<-g. Gasoline-.. • ' 2* Prompt Courtesus Service Located at Eighteenth and K Streets BRAKE SHOES CARBU- . RETORS MOTOR TUNE DASH LIGHTERS Exhaust Extensions E^ch. For safety sake' replace those worn brake shoes. 2 wheels. For Model A . Ford, '39 to 41. F5RE EXTINGUISHER Exch. '41--42 Chev. or ' -,. Plymouth 5 6.95 Exch . 4S C Pint 1.69 29' Rebuilt . . , as or better than original equipment. Free sticky valves:" Gets more mileage from your car. Peps up motor performance. No car Is complete without an .electric cigar liKhter. Jlounts < easilv on Sash- i board. Complete With, bracket. Streamlined prewar quality, Imy proves appearance. 'Pits all cars. Chrome slated. t S," Q.J3.,double ae 1 -, 'tioa, extinguisMer ^ . quickly and easily - ,pnt3-'ont all types of fire! Snfe to u«e! "Underwriters approved. AUsiate SPARK- PLUGS C each" Exclusive "D" shaped side electrode with larger flat area—gets all tlie power out of , gasoline. Choose ALLSTATE for i the faesti Cross Country Paste WAX and «$ll c CLEANER . . . SH ca. 10x13 Chamois 49c Sponges 79c ami 89c Hose Mops $1.19 Polishing Mitts 3oc WoolSkinWashMill69c Touch-Up Enamel 35c Liquid Auto Wax 45c Combination CLEANER and POLISH . . . Chrome Polish 29c 18x27 Chemically Treated Polishing Cloths... 49c White Side-Wall TIRE PAINT, pt. GIVE SEARS CRAFTSMAN TOOLS You Can't Buy Better - - - and They're Budget Priced! Craftsman Welder Craftsman Tool Box 150 Ampere $174.50 Just plug it In and weld! Does professional-type ore welding' fob. Com- . - plete with accessories. Streamlined," %ay." No sharp edges to tear metal cabinet with parts enclosed. clothes. Full length hinges. FO> Mechanics $530 Croftimqii Wrench Set Modern design, handy features . Complete 34-Piece Set >echanics like. Removable "tote- A popular set with mechanics. 14 and 54-inch drive sockeis ranging in sizes %' z to lyi-inch. Each piece heat-treated steel for longer service. Packed in hip-roof steel box. Purchases Totaling $10.00 or More May Made on Sears Easy Payment Plan! «r SEARS Gift Coupon Books Make Happy Christmas Surprises! Polishing Head - Dunlap Quality . '„ Tough Twist Drills Craftsman 1^ set Socket Wrench Set 16-Pc. Socket Set .A Ipw^jriced head, Weaf'fojjpol-, ishing, buffing, grinding when eqwipped with proper wheels. Gray Von, cold roBed st*6i flanges. , ,u~ *& Hand Grinder . . 7,95 100-Watt Electric Soldering Iron . . . I . $4.5O '"'>',; . '' T '-'\' ''TV: . SHOP'EARLY .Carbon steel, perfectly tempered tsrist drills in sizes from 1/16 ,to<^ in. diameter. Precision .-^roimd:". For use in hand or ,_ireast drills, Breast Drill, 4- ta, $3.45 12 Pieces Fine quattty !4-inch square drive. For working in tight, out-of-the-way Craftsman GJuality Oaftsman quality, %-taeh drive. Mode of "Super-Tuff" steel Seven "* pioces..Ten" 12-pfc sodteh, 15-in. 12-pt. sockets and necessary o«e»> flex "T handle. M steel box. lories. In steel box. 5©-lnph Craftsman Flexible Shaft . and SAVE! " : , $9.95 i v -^ Open Titt $P,M. Satu.rdaylliffi Delsini&er J4, 1948 1317 Jfin^elhtir Sirlet, Bakefsfield, Phone 6-6501 S

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