The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1951 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1951
Page 6
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FWBAT, OCTOBER 1§, 19SI Our Boarding House with Ma}. Hooplc OUT OUR WAY ... .J9RO/-n... SCARO, STARTED 6Y ACCIDENT, 0AD AT AULf.~. AM SMALL I TRAIN I OW.' ( 1 HATE FACE THAT !' PILE OF BUSINESS? COME ON, 1 CAN'T BEAR TO STICK HE CANT, BUT EVERYBODY ELSE SEEMS MOT ONLV WILLIWG BUT AWXIOUS TO STICK THEIR NOSES IN.' AN IMPERIAL UK6 gUFFALO BILL'S ? — L)\\! THfc PRESIDENT WAS COPV fHKT LlkS AMD (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By J Political Announcements •ubject to Municipal Election November 6, 1951 tft Mayor DAN A. BLODGETT B. H. JACKSON DOYLE HENDERSON For Alderman First Ward DR. J. P. BROWNSON HOMER WILSON Third Win! L. O. NASH .For Alderman Fourth Ward LESLIE MOORE Smart bride, choose Meyer's Bread, For e»cn »n<j every meal, It keeps hubby itraight. and he's never lat«, f Meyer's Bread has bridegroom appeal! Concrete Culvert Tile BtM IP to M In. Corrugated Metal Culvert* *r to M to. AmtnuMe Flood Oat*. Concreti Septic Tank* Metal Septic Tank* Stwtr Ttl* *•» Ft**. w« DcHT«r A. H. WEBB Hlfhway *1 al Stata IJn. Phon* 4711 FIRST SEE YOUR DOCTOR Then Sec Us! Fresh Prescriptions Expertly Prepared ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE 4Z3 We«t Ash Street SHOES Repaired -Restyled SHOES DYED and CLEANED H-fl LTCRS QUHLIT ' SHOC SHOP .11 w M O I M ST. NO SURVIVORS BY THE STOUT, i;,,,r,t »; *i..r Caledala Crmty Karat aftrr lac Felteraaa «a*«arre. John Clmj- *•*• «-on««r ar ia« Confederate • r *»7. aa« »e*» Breepie* fcr rkc ladjaa ,rll>e K.I Cl.rt.a eee.ll. Stmi M rke Konk. a» ladlaa aalr »«"•". »k. inr.ra km r* kecllk *Tlft kl» -„„„,). a«<l < r.ij II.r., aa-rrt. I. Ct.yin. «, ker. .1- iaoua-k Claytoa u warned taal ke ' eaniiot kave ker and lire. : ... XI J HAD covered three-fourths of the distance to the falls before discovering tracks Hence a few minutes' trailing brought me close in under the dizzy granite walls from which the water took its rioting plunge into the calley Her* were denst woods o» pine the ground rising sharply under me as I went forward. The sound of the falls was becoming deafening, indicating any moment must brine me to their base. On the side of the main pool nearest me, a great flat boulder Ji'tled out. In the surface of this a depression about 10 feet deep and 30 across had been formed by cen- turl« of ,pi ashing bacitspnly This depression was kept full by constant replenishing spray, forming a natural bathing pool. To the rear of the pool a aherl of granite stood out from the encroaching cover of timber, providing a diving platform for entry into the water I had scarcely rim- to note these things when any thought of natural beauty was devastated oy the startling appearance of a ?irl on the diving-rock below. She stepped quickly out of the darkness at the pines, walked to the edge of the diving rock. For an Instant she poised on th« rock's edge, balancing as lightly as a butterBy on a flower petal then she was gone in an arching' clean dive and a rainbow spray of green water, her slim body cleaving the sun-dappled surface of the pool, a slender arrow of red lancing into a bright shield of blue-green. As she s-wam, darting, diving, j MSTtUUTED »Y KEA SE»VIC£. INC twisting, rolling In the icy waters below. I stood stunned. This was she. ThJ5 was my dream. I had found the North Star. JN all she could not have swum more than three minutes before she was back on the rock, her gorgeous body diamond-dewed by o million sun-glancing droplets of green water She was gone, then, and my long-held breath expelled itself with an explosive burst. I do not know what madness then impelled me, for J leapt downward upon the diving-rock lunging on unthinkingly toward the black pines which had closed behind her. The blind spell passed and my mind cleared, but not before I had burst through the thick cover and stood, dumb-struck, before her She froze as she had been at the instant of my entrance, leamnp slightly forward to retrieve her garments of white doeskin and woll fur from the ground where they lay. Her great green eyes widened imperceptibly, the ripe- berry lips falling apart In wonder. Yet no alarm nor least embarrassment marked her movements The haunting half-curve smile of my dreams was on her lips as she spoke the words which gained her a slave for eternity and lost me a rieart forever. "You have come to me. then, Cetan Mani." Her voice was soft and cool and musical as spring water among moss and smooth stones. I could say nothing, think nothing, only stand there, dumbstruck by her words. I don't know what I expected, if/I expected her to speak at all: possibly an angry tirade, a cry of alarm, a haughty rebuff. Around her neck ran a thin strong chain cf silver, fitting snugly and high, like the choker ribbons RENT A CAMERA Mori* Cameraa Flub Camera! B«i Camtru Th« Inexpennira Frt»erT« Important BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 West M«tn Phone 3647 FOR SALE Canerele cilrerU. n t, M Inch, plain »r reenferce*. Also C.ncrete B.lldlm Blacks cheaper thin limber for b.irni, chicken hawse*, h»se> tenant honMs, to*] »h«ii. We iellfw Call u f« r tre* estimate. ' OSCEOLA TILE «, CULVERT CO. rh.n. Ml CHRISTMAS CARDS The same special prices advertised in Memphis stores. Priced as low as 25 for $1.00 Including your name printed. Gift Wrapplnir*— Unusual Gifts Samuel F. Norm SUtlonera—Printer! Office Outfitter* Driving Too Fosf Can Cost You Money And the only way to know Just, how test you're going is to have an accurate speedometer, v/e repair speedometers for all makes and models of cars and trucks. One day service T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. ChrT»Ier-Plynw,th DMler 121 E. Miln Phone 2122 affected by fashionable women In the Slates Pendant from this hain, m the manner of a lockel was a silver amulet no more than two inches In diameter, neavily worked, and grasping securely in the exact center of its carving a perfect cobalt-blue star sapphire of tremendous size and brilliance The opalescent lire in the heart of this great gem flashed and burned against (he copper-red of the girl's skin. The design ivlilcii held the jewel was in the motif ot two entwined reptiles supported an the spread wings of a bird The former appeared to be renderings ol the Montezuman feathered-serpent God, while the latter was most certainly a quetzal, sacred bird symbol of the Nahuatlan Indians at the time of Cortez There could be no question, even in such a cursor! examination, that the odd talisman was Aztec in origin. Immediately my mind returned to actual!!?, a region for which disposition and training had far better fitted it. Blushing in a style to shame any peeping schoolboy I turned my back to North Star, standing patiently until she srxjke again. _. From behind me. presently came a typically Indian Instruction. "Hopo. let's go," said North Star, her low, husky voice setting me to quaking all over again. • • • AD from head to foot hi cotton-white furs and snowy doe- sKina. replete with colored moccasin and legging beadwork of the rarest Sioux workmanship, caped and hooded by a parkalike garment of prime arctic fox pelts. Star's appearance made a memory with which any man might live forever, knowing he had seen true beauty! "Everything is good for the eyes," 1 managed, worshiptully my gaze sweeping in the whole wonderful picture of her. "Hook a hey!" she answered, laughingly. suiting motion to phrase by setting oil down-trail, walking lithe-hipped and panlher- ish. I fell in by her side and we traveled silently, our tongues as hushed as the fall of our moccasins in the fresh snow. (To Be Continued) STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Railroad & Ash Phone 6888 Tour Friendly Stndebakcr Dealer "Prices Are Born Here— And Raised Elsewhere" 1950 Studebaker Commander Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Mile* Extra Power Get The 4 Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phon. 2089 Here's a beautiful, light grein Sludfhaker (2-door Sedan) equipped with everything . . . overdrive, radio, heater. One of the finest you'll find, T950 Sfudebaker This Champion Z-door Sedan 1$ a good-looking llyht frey ear . , . take a drive in IL 1947 Studebakcr Commander 4-door Sedan loaded with all accessories Including overdrive, white sidewall tires, etc, 1946 Chevrolet A beautiful black S-pusenirer Club Coupe . . . Jnst like new. Has radio and heater, too. 1948 CHEVROLET A Kooot-IookIng black 2-door Sedan with both radio and heater. WE HAVE A MCF. SELECTION OF '42 AND OLDER MODEL CARS. '51 Studebaker H-Ton Truck This l!4-Ton Truck has stake bed. A low mileage truck in first clans condition. Bargain! STUDEBAKER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MBM4U, Uriel*. AFTER LAST WIGHT L MOPE L Nlve C EE ITS ALL A eipr FROM MR. "I'm not so anxious to make a sorority—it't a fraternity "'n I'm crazy about!" PRISCILLA'S POI BY AL VERMEER REMEMBER THE NIGHT WE WENT TO SPUMONI'S GRILL FOR A "SPAGHETTI DINNER? THAT WAS THE NIGHT YOU , WISHED YOU ) ST ~^ AND 1 SAID, DON'T WORRY, SOME DAY YOU'LL -• WELL, LET'S GO THERE AGAIN SOME TIME! I'M HUNGRY FOR SPAGHE7JI.'/ An Evening Out BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE IVE SOT $<«.O3 LEPT IN THE BANK, LIBBY KNOW WhUvT? I'M TAKI MS >DU OUT FOR A LAOSE EVENING. WE'LL HAVE DIMMER AT - <» AMD-- CONT KID ME VIC FLINT YOU'VE BEESJ WORKINS FOR FBEE TOO LONS M TWaV PRIVATE BYE GAME, MISS LAN& VOU ALWAYS FJS-URE RlCM DAME WILL iHOW UP... CAPTAIN EASY Who? Where? What? BY LESLIE TURNER I CMTT SEE WW WU HWEM'T BOUGHT THEIR STOCK. McKEE! BUT HOW ' LOCMED'EWl.I IMTENB TO! 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