The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 6, 1964 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1964
Page 2
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PAGE 2 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE, Tuesday, October 6,1 §64 TIPTON DAILY TjUBUNE SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Carrier, In'CHy,' Per Week : . 35 cents By Mail, One Year, Tipton and Adjacent Counties $8.00 Member United Press International News. Service Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4, 1895 at the Postofflce in Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3,.1879' ' ; ~ PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY ~ ' TRIBUNEPUBLISHING COMPANY 221-223 East Jefferson Street. Tipton, Indiana. Telephone OS 5-2115 ROUND TOWN .••AND THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. D. Manej by the people themselves—and private enterprise was better than we have. One great cause of POVERTY just might be—too much government! WE BELIEVE there are a lot of businessmen ready to help raise the standards of living—as scon as the brakes are taken off! OH BOY! WHAT IS GOING to happen to Bobby Baker? Your guess is as good as mine . . . 'but we believe that a great disservice has been done the people by allowing the Congressmen to go home . .. who were to start that investigation yesterday. Two men showed up—one a Republican—one a Democrat. No quorum! TODAY'S TIDBIT THERE ARE FEWER snooty pecple these days ... . mainly because fewer people have anything to be SNOOTY about. It begins to look as though the Reds have another secret weapon—given them by^ bur government . . . arid they intend to use it. Not a week ago two spies were released—to be deported ... to help keep the identities of counter intelligence men and others in government circles secret, although a 169 year old law says that they should be given to the court and the defense lawyers allowed to use them. R T RATHER THAN DO THIS . . . two agents of the Soviet.. . who were to be tried last week— were released—in order that the law would not be invoked—and the identity of the government agents disclosed. It will be very interesting - to see what is done - with the two now on trial.- IF THE GOVERNMENT again does not divulge the names—the men will probably go free ... and be deported. It will depend on Ihow bad the government wants to keep the names of agents a secret. However—from what has been observed in the past—not many agents are unknown FOR LONG—to the enemy. '• < IT'S A MYSTERY IT IS A mystery why we are constantly advised that our relations with the Soviet are more friendly—yet we find that three Americans and a Britisher were held in custody in their rooms on the Red China Border . . . while the Russ ransacked the rooms. Maybe one day we will learn that diplomatic immunity means nothing to the reds . . . if the shoe is on the "wrong foot". COULD IT BE that the 'dropping' of the espionage charges against the two reds last week— had anything to do with, the incident? R T THEY NEED TO BE REMINDED! A CARTOON we obsereved in the current issue of American Farm Bureau Official News . . . shows a chauffer—tagged as an ELECTED OFFICIAL . . . with itwo passengers who seem to be I upset . . . and remark: "YOU'!RE driving—but let's not forget '•—it's MY machine!" i WE WOULD ALL do well to i remember this cartoon . . . when we enter that little booth in November. Think-think-think! Don't let oratory whic[i always seems to be forgotten later on— or what you might term 'loyalty'—block your 'think tank' on | that day! You—and you alone— are the MASTER in that cubicle! R T ] SNEAKY — BUT EFFECTIVE! | THE LATEST BIT of 'polling' I . . . and perhaps—in addition, what one might term a 'sneaky' one ... is the latest conducted on a portion of the Los Angles FREEWAYS-—of all places! It is a BUMPER-STICKER poll . . . and the car owners don't even know about same—but probably do now! THE G.O.P. claim 5 to 3 against L.B.J. If California is the KEY—as some pundits say —the battle for real! THE LATEST in bumper stickers is said to read: "PLEASE-^Uncle Sam—I'd rather do- it MYSELF!" Kinda strange for a nation which is becoming a "do-it-yourself" out fit . . . to be accepting the "let Uncle do it KIT!" WE WONDER whether the •average American . . . who 'tinkers' to save here and there . realizes what 'services' by the government is costing him? POVERTY? WHILE THEY ARE talking of the Poverty Program . . . what about Foreign Aid . . . which is costing the ' average American family a pretty penny? '•• AND THE ;FARM program which also steps into the income of every American family. AND HOW ABOUT the 19,000 losing commercial' enterprises, - the Defense Department is said to operate ... why not sell them : to private'enterprise '. .'.that would cut the budget one heck of a slice? „ WHAT ABOUT A commercia WAR on the REDS?. By terminating government aid to them This would indeed help alleviate poverty- and .at th*- same .tyme strfke. « blow «» tbexaOsA - ; : > IF! ONE. READSTthe |>fftory botes' . •.'Vhe *will not-fin* the large -scale poverty in the last century- Buf then— we <£idn 't have the. wonderful federal innovations . . 'modern**—that M y^t the rate of proareii*. "MOST WANTED" — William Hutton Coble (above) is added to the FBI's list of "Ten Most Wanted" criminals. Coble, 41. is a bank robber and escapee. He is 5-feet-ll, weighs 165-178, has a ruddy complexion and brown eyes. He dresses well, yis soft- spoken and well-mannered. Obituaries By United Press International FORT ORD, Calif. (UPI) — Retired Navy Capt. John L. Reinartz, 70, a .pioneer inventor in radio communications and a leading" developer of radar, died Monday at the Fort Ord Army Hospital after a long illness. TOKYO (UPI)—Former Japanese imperial army Lt. Gen. Saburo Sato, 83, died here Monday he was commander of the Manchuria independent garrisan command before World War II. TELEVISION PROGRAM 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 7:30. WISH-TV (Channel B) Tuesday, October 6, 1964. : 4:00 Secret Storm Early Show Early Show News-Cronkite News-Hickox Greatest Show on Earth (c) ."; 8:30 v Red Skelton 9:30 (Petticoat Junction 10:00 Doctors and Nurses 11:00 - News-Hickox 11:15 Sports—Late Show* 12:00 ~Late Show Wednesday, October 7, 1964 7:30 Chapel Door • ' Cartoons Capt. Kangaroo Coffee Cup Theater Mike Wallace News I Love Lucy'' Real McCoys Pete and Gladys Love of Life Search for Tomorrow Guiding Light World at One ^ Farm and Home As the World Turns Password Houseparty To Tell the Truth Edge of Night 7:45 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:0 WFBM (Channel 6) Tuesday, October 6, 1964 4:00 4:30 5:00 6:00 6:30 Match Game WFBM Presents WFBM Presents WFBM Presents Huntley-Brinkley MCLAUGHLIN, S.D. (UPI)— Clarence Gray Eagle, a 92-year- old Sioux Indian and brother-in- law of Sitting Bull, died Sunday at .Fort Yates, N.D. DES MOINES, Iowa (UPI)— Dr. Henry G. Harmon, 63, president of Drake University for the past 23 years, died of a heart-ailment Monday in Iowa Methodist Hospital. QUAKE HITS TOKYO TOKYO (UPI)—A light earthquake ; shook Tokyo today, but caused no damage or injuries. EASES TRAVEL BUDAPEST, Hungary (UPI) — The Hungarian Communist government announced Monday eased travel restrictions for foreign tourists. Visas may be obtained within 24 hours at airports, at ports on the Danube River, and at certain frontier roadblocks. . ••• Also, the government said, entry visas will be valid "for three weeks instead of the present two weeks. . ;.' Television In Review By RICK DU BROW United Press International HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — NBC- TV Monday night unveiled three new half-hour situation comedies in the disguise of a s,o-called 90-minute series: "90 Bristol Court." The idea is that the shows are linked by a common setting, a Southern California apartment court. If you can think of anything more sadistic than three situation comedies in a row, you are a. born program packager. The opening half-hour is entitled "Karen," and is about a teen-ager who is old enough to drive and date, who looks like a sure bet for a beauty queen title, and gives the impression of having once read the fore- ward of a'book, maybe. Locally, at least, the opener was! spiced by being preceded bysyr/j: commercial plugging the moviis' "A House is Not a Home." After that, everything was downhill. The- premiere concerned "how the young lady picked up the wrong blind date from Italy at Los Angeles Airport. As the fam- cook, Bobo Lewis, a fine, professional comedienne, does her best to get in some tart licks. Other than that: strictly Hicksville. The second series is entitled "Harris Against * The World", and stars another highly accomplished • performer, . Jack Klugman, as a soft-hearted movie studio employee who has problems fighting the "system" and is not exactly an overpowering husband or father. Klugman, you may remember, won last season's best-acting Emmy for his performance in an eip- sode of "The Defenders" as an actor who. could not get work because of past political affiliations. Although the idea of "Harris Against The World" is hardly exciting, the premiere had a good many funny moments but almost .all of them belonged to a guest, not a regular —the wonderful kook whose name is Hope Holiday. She portrayed a dumb,' inefficient typist with such comic efficiency that one wondered why NBC didn't tie up her and Klugman for a series, put them in their proper element and drop everything else connected with "Harris, etc." The third show • is called "Tom, Dick and 'Mary," and tells of a young intern, his new bride and their boarder, whoMS a colleague of the husband. The premiere was a sad mess, full of people who look pretty much like all the other people on sit uation comedies. All hands went down ingloriously in a concoc tion of goo and childish humor that centered around the newlyweds' desire to be alone, which resulted in their boarder being mistakenly given an apartment also occupied by the wife of a jealous young intern. Since the alleged setting of "90 Bristol Court" is Beverly Hills, Calif., I guess you could call this neo-realism. „ - ; .7:00 News-Caldwell 7:30- Mr. Novak 8:30 Man from UNCLE 9:30. That.Was the Week .';•-'Vv^' That Was (c) 10:00 Telephone Hour (c) £1:00' News-Caldwell 11:15 Weather-Sports 11:30 Tonight (c) 12:00 Tonight (c) Wednesday, October 7, 1964 7:30 Today 8:00 Today 9:00 Movie Party 10:00 Movie Party 10:30 .Word for Word -(c) 11:00" Concentration 11:30 Series .'Preview 11:45 .World Series (c) 12:00 World Series (c) 1:00 World Series (c) ^ 2:00 World Series (c) 2:30 Series Wrap-up 3:00 Another World 3:30 You Don't Say (c) WLW-I (Channel 13) Tuesday, October 6, 1964 4:00 Trailmaster Bill Jackson Rifleman News-Atkins News-Cochran. Cheyenne Combat McHale's Navy . .•:' Tycoon • 'Peyton Place The Fugitive News-Weather-Sports News-Young . 77 Sunset Strip. 77 Sunset Strip Wednesday, October 7, 1964 7:30 Geo'. Willeford Casper & Co. Jack LaLanne Kindergarten College King and Odie Don 'Melvoin Show Paul Dixon (c) Missing Links' 50-50 Club (c) 50-50 Club (c) Tennessee Ernie Ford Price Is Right Day in Court General Hospital Young Marrietds 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:15 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 11:00 11:15 11:30 12:00 7:45 8:00 8:30 9:15 9:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 WTTV Channel {41 Tuesday, October 6, 1964 4:00 Mickey Mouse Club Superman 'Popeye and Janie Rocky Popeye and Janie Peter Potamus Leave it to Beaver Adventures in Paradise The Untouchables Lloyd Thaxton News-Ungersma 10 O'CIOCK Movie 10 .O'clock Movie Desilu Playhouse Wednesday, October 7, 10:30 Spanish Course (Frontiers , Billie Boucher ! Lunchtime Theater Girl Talk The Texan Milady's Matinee Milady's Matinee Lone Ranger 4:30 5:00 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:00 9:45 10:00 00 00 On Thie Lighter Side 1964 _ ByOIC^WEST United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI)—We-' all know that cookbooks have been getting increasingly specialized, don't we? Some specialize in ethnic dishes French, ' Italian, Chinese, Lapland, etc. . .Some specialize in specialties hummingbird tongues, pickled mongoose, etc. . .Some specialize in a type of preparation (frying, baking, broiling, barbecuing, fricasseeing, etc). There are outdoor cookbooks, fireplace cookbooks, cookbooks for bachelors and cookbooks for people who "don't like to cook. For all I know, there may be a cookbook just for boiling water. Where will it all end? I cannot say for certain. But an indication of what may be the ultimate in culinary specialization can be found in a new book, "Sex and the Office," by Helen Gurley Brown. Training Manual This volume is a sequel to Mrs. Brown's earner eyebrow- raiser, "Sex and the Single Girl." It is definitely not; a cookbook. Like its predecessor, it is.a sort of training manual for wayward spinsters. But Mrs. Brown seems to be able to find something sexy about (just about anything). Even, apparently, c u c u mber salad. There is, therefore, an occasional reference to food. Both books are filled, with hints that •purport to benefit tKe career.girl. I don't know whether they have helped any of the readers, but they certainly have done a lot for- the author. They have propelled Mrs. Brown onto the best-seller lists and into the ranks of the syndicated' columnists. Which is certainly a lot more than sex ever didfor me.. In her new book, Mrs. Brown discusses at' some length the pleasures and problems of office romances. One chapter is devoted to office romances in which the participants meet during the . noon hour at the girl's apartment. Sheltered Life That was a new one on .me, but I lead a rather sheltered life. Mrs. Brown not only sets forth the "ground rules" for noontide assignations. She also provides menus and recipes, although conceding that "food may be the least important factor." You can't hardly get' more specialized than that. "Mrs. Brown having pointed the way,'I'm sure it is only a question of time before some publisher brings out an entire cookbook for career girls who entertain under suck circumstances. , Mrs. Brown, incidentally, was visiting here this week, which gave me a chance to clear up a point I was curious about "I two or more girls. in the same office are having lunch hour romances, do they get-together and swap" recipes?" I asked. "Not if it's the same man,"' Mrs.(Brown replied. Wall Street Chatter NEW YORK (UPI) — The Alexander Hamilton Institute says that fear of inflation is undoubtedly providing demand for good quality stocks. The institute feels that the market has underlying strength and continues to recommend retention of quality shares plus some''cash reserve pending further market developments. Bache & Co. continues to rec ommend purchase of attractive issues on price dips.' The international statistical bureau sees no major peak in prices yet and feels that any decline will be temporary. 11:00 11:30 12:00 1:00 1:30 2:00 . 3:00 3:30 BAD LUCK FRATERNITY LOS ANGELES (UPI) — The 42 residents of tho Kappa 'Sigma fraternity house near • the University of Southern California had just finished repairing damage from a July 4, 1963 fire when a faulty water neater started another blaze that caused damage estimated at $3,500. Leslie M..Pollack of Reynolds & Co. says'that from a technical standpoint all that is lacking is a breakout in the Dow- Jones, rail' average. He feels that such an event would signal another extended rise is about to begin. Quirks HELL IS RESURFACED DESERT: CENTER, Calif. (UPI)—Hell, is finally going to be paved over The state division of- highways announced 'Monday that the state has bought and taken possession of Hell, a service station and restaurant near here in the Mojave Desert. Officials said the faculties were purchased for widening of a freeway. SUSPICIOUS CABBY S£8£A- cMONICA,; Calif. Cross word Pu z z 1 e ACROSS 1. Scheduled 6. Weight unit U.Cat 13. Bottle , 14. Deduce 15. Complete 16. Friend: Fr; 17. Merits 19. Water ,i barrier•,• ;: 201 Chinese coins 22. Encount- , iered 23. Brazilian money 24.'Observe 26. Firecracker 28. Fabrics 30. — cocheres 32. JeUies- 35. Young dogs 36. Material . 38. Knocks 40. .Consumed 41. Melody 43. Rodent 44. Exert 46. Employ '• again 48. Directed Aniwir lo Puxxl* ••••• sacaaa EDQEIHB ••ED Euacaa oaa EH5JE •••• •••••• ••••••• SDHQ B3Q BG3E3D ••••3 BSQD~ 49. Narcotic 50. Malicious burning 51. Perfume DOWN 1. Present ' 2. Ice dealers 3. Sheep 4. Man's name 5. Bird 6. Containers' 7. Skill 8. Attacker 9. Fearful 10. Generates 12. Gang 13. Middle 18. Rests 21. Celestial . bodies 23. Demolisher 25. Suffix: agency :27.Game 29.>Part of -• speech 30. Golf club 31. Musical dramas 33. Lasso 34. Ancient state 35. Turkish title, 37. Perry: var. .39. Cattle 41. Demeanor 42. Spanish cape. 45. Fuss - • 47. Strike (UPI)—A silver-haired robbery suspect who refused to identify himself to police was captured early Monday when he called a cab but got a cop. Alerted by a suspicious taxicab dispatcher, police Capt. Ed Hicks and officers Roy White and Curtis Frank caught the suspect shortly after he held up a J.C. Penney Co. store and telephoned for a taxi to make his getaway. SKUNK ATTACK BELLE FOURCHE, S.D. (UPI)—Police in this South Dakota community are battling an invasion of skunks. Nearly 60 skunks have been killed by police in the past three weeks. A typical police blotter for last Saturday night read: "Four persons arrested for speeding, and three skunks and one raccoon shot." Tipton County Library open Monday-Wednesday- Friday till 8:00 p.m. C-tf WORR6ED? NERVOUS Over Change-of-Life? fate your mind. Cat welcome relief with ipec/al woman'* medhln* Don't dread those years of misery,'of sudden hot flushes, waves of weakness, irritability. if you are going- through the change, don't despair,. Do as countless thousands of women do —take a special woman's medicine—Lydia E. Pinkham Vege-' table Compound—developed by a woman —specially la help women by relieving such func­ tionally caused female distress. In doctors' tests woman after woman found that Pinkham'i Compound gave dramatic help without costly shots. Irritability is soothed, hot Hashes sab- sided.. So don't sit and brood and feel unable ti help yourself. You can feel better. G?t Lydit E. P'nkham Vegct»b 'e Compound today. Thm «*niU midklnm wflh iheWmlle »«»• LYDIA E. PINKHAM THIMBLE THEATRE bv ALEX RAYMOND WATCH FOR IT BIG10-DAY ORIGINAL 1 START**"** AMERICA'S GREATEST \^ DRUG STORE EVEHT //i RAINS FLOOD ROME ROME (UPI) — Torrential rains 'hit Rome Monday, flooding manjr streets and cellars. 2 FO* THE PRICE Nationally •VJv.'if.ti .ed Nelw^ii Hf,;!iv ii lek.-i 'ion SUbday Ni-w papers CARNEY'S DRUG ST0RE Your Support Will Be. Appreciated McADOO mm CL0USER Democratic Candidate far JOINT RIPRESENT&flVE Tipton-Howard Counties ;Elec)«oi»;November 3, 1»64 * %•> PAID POLITICAL ADVIRTISBMBNT BLONDIE By Chick Yawn* WELL., WHAT" DO THE, "TWO Of? YOU HAVE IN COMMON "TP 3 WE~B (LIKE TO BOTH PLAV , . PING-PONG ^BAREFOOTED HOW COU'—O A MARP!A!3E UKE THA" GO WRONG"? 'J &os.^lo-b BRICK BRADFORD By Clan""* tee*

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