The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 5, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 TH€ TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Monday, October 5, 1964 Coffee (Continued from page 1) Ruth Maines. A coffee hour slated from 2 .to 3 p.m. will be held at the home cf Sirs. Elsa iFetters, 222 West Jefferson Street. Virginia Hoo- \er and Juanita Zaloudek will be assistant, hostesses.. In addition, & Feighner Caravan will- tour- Tipton County on .Thursday, visiting each township. CLUB TO MEET Members 'of Mix-h-Fix Home Demonstration club will meet at the home of Mrsj Marion' Henderson, route 4, at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday. SORORITY TO MEET Verus : Cordis sorority will meet at i the home of Mrs. Russell Hoover, 408 North Conde street on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. . SCORERS NAMED NEW YORK (UPI) — Louis Hatter of. the Baltimore Sun AFTERNOON MEETING Rural Needlecraft. club will has beeen named chief scorer,meet on Thursday afternoon at for the World Series by base- 1:30 p.m., in the home of 'Mrs. ball commissioner Ford Frick. Bertha Barr, oute 3. Co-hostess Tommy Holmes of' the New will be Mrs. Ruben Beatty. York Hearld - Tribune" will be game scorer when the series is WCTU TO MEET at Yankee Stadium and Jack j The Friendship WCTU will Herman of t'-.e St. Louis Globe- meet with Mrs. Lottie Duncan, Dispatch will handle the chores Sharpsville. on Wednesday at at Busch Stadium. jl:30 p.m. President Mrs. Grace . . ISoaulding will be in charge of IN MEMORIAM jthe meeting. In loving memory of Lionel' : Steve Tyra who passed away l.NEWS BRIEFS— : year ago today. I FIND LARGE' DIAMOND msmv-i^-TT^i jr - : -" r> -asmo *** f t mptomi M<- THIS HOUSE ' urn * The Sun. will shine MOSCOW (UPI)—A 69.4 carat The stars will shine idiajnond has .been found in a But in our hearts you will always'Soviet mine at Mirny, the So- shine For you are with Jesus now. Sadly missed by mother and father, sisters and brothers. I.K«;.\I. NOTICE f iCli:>v«7. St-rial !"-."unili.r C3-VAS- 1M will }t" s-i'«? lo eo'-..r storat-'e :i*i<] r«*pp-ir rh'ii"'.-<, t<i thi- l'i-liest ltid<Vr. oi.l ' "V-t;.!>t'r ?(Mh. 4:"'» p.m. ;•> >iunny Mclluirv*.* Kt-pair Shop at Tct.Tilmr,". I'-l-7 viet news agency Tass said 'Friday.. The largest diamond found there previously was 56.1 carats. SEVENED OUT—Pickets carry uieir placards in tront ot me Hacienda Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Nev.. in what Is believed to be the first strike in history by legalized gambling employes But the gambling went right on inside. A Labor Board decision on union representation right is pending. Loval "Order of Moose Meeting Tuesday 8:00 E.S.T. $300,000 DEPAUW GIFT GREENCASTLE, Ind. (UPI)— Dr. William Kerstetter, presi- j j dent of DePauw University, an- : .nounced Saturday a $300,000 1 I gift from Greencastle business-, jman Edgar Prevo to. help pay j for - a science building at, his alma mater. RALPH GRAHAM Gov. CHAS. O'TOOLE, Sec.' J «K¥l&> Rotar * C,ub ^j>S£> Tuesday, Air Tom s .afeterij Merle Appleton, President- ELEVATOR FALL FATAL INDIANAPOLIS (TJPI) — Abe White, 54, Indianapolis, a porter at Abels Auto Co., was injured | fatally Saturday when he fell 20 feet down an elevator shaft at the place where he worked. KILLED IN OHIO RICHMOND, Ind. (V P I)— Donald D. Loper, 21, Richmond, was injured fatally Saturday when a car in which he was riding went out of control and p>„ -J » c i overturned on a curve of Ohio David McGaw, Secretary [m ^ New , pariS( ohio JOHNSON TO SPEAK GARY, Ind. (UPI)—A compromise agreement in Lake County will have 'President Johnson speaking to between 25,000 and 30,000 at the East Chicago Washintgon High School football stadium next Thursday. Previously, Gary and East Chicago Democrats had been trying to get the northern appearance for a major political speech, scheduled in their area. The announcement of the compromise location was signed Saturday by mayors of East Chicago, Gary and Hammond. Johnson will arrive at Gary Municipal Airport for a motorcade to East Chicago where all local and state candidates of the party are expected to join him. •The address will b eg i n at 9:45 a.m. and Johnson will then go to Indianapolis for another appearance during his first campaign swing through Indiana. Jments had cooperated nine years to found the institute at Bangkok, which,, leads to a master's degree in public ad(ministration. I Under IU guidance, a research division was set up to publish a.journal of facts ^nd information as well as manuals of instruction for various related jobs. • Prof. Walter Laves, chairman of the government department, will represent the university at Thammasat University. An in-service training division provides programs to insffuct 9,000 governmental officials and a library project brought 17,000 volumes together for use by the school and government officials. Presidential Outlook Kiwanis Club Hull's Country Kitchen _ Tuesday, 6:15 p.m. Richard Smith, President Joe Watson, Secretary HIGH AND LOW NEW YORK (UPI) — The lowest temperature reported to the U. S. Weather Bureau this morning, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, was 21 degrees at Casper, Wyo. The highest temperature Sunday was 106 at Needles, Calif. MAKE-UP ARTIST HILDA CU&TIS ; PRINCE l|yLA LABORATORY . i . Call for affciintment —Free facial . Hilda Curtjs will be expecting you . . COLJONIMBEAUTY SALDN OCTOBEii Gth THROUGH 10th OS 5r64M TIPTON I. U. HONORED - BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (UPI)— Indiana University will be honored at special ceremonies in Thailand Oct. 8 for" "strengthening the governmental and educational services" 'of that country by launching an institute of public administration. The U. S. and Thai govern : ELK'S MEETING AND INITIATION ... District Deputy's-. Visitation • This Wednesday, Oct. 7 8:00 P.M. Steak Supper 6:30 P.M. DROWNS IN OHIO RIVER MADISON, Ind. (UPI) — The wake of a passing speedboat was blamed Saturday for moving . a dock and pitching Gary Schnitzker, ,5, Muncie, into the Ohio River iwhere he drowned five miles east of here. JOHNSON*BARRY 39V4 LEBANON, Ind. (UPI) — Blood donors who turned out Friday Svere given one presidential vote for each pint contributed. President Johnson beat Sen. Barry Gold water 44V£ to 3S!£. The half-votes were due to one donor breaking his ballot in .two and casting half a vote for each candidate. St. John's Bazar and Turkey Dinner, Sunday, Oocto- be^llth. Dinner 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. Children 50c — \dults $1.00. Public invited. C-6 U. BUY S. SAVINGS BONDS The Middle Atlantic States By JOHN A. CARROLL United Press International , PITTSBURGH (UPI) — With only-a mopth remaining in the campaign, 65 electoral votes in five Middle Atlantic states appear headed toward the Democratic eamp of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Republican leaders in New Jersey, Delaware,. Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania' hope they can salvage, other elective offices should a Johnson sweep come about in their states. At a. glance: The Democratic campaign is reported running so smoothly in Maryland that the party's senatorial candidate, Joseph Tydings, says it scares him. Republicans claim they can carry the state. In Pennsylvania, both parties are concerned with s i g n s of apathy in a substantial segment of the state's more than five- million eligible voters. Democrats predict the state .and its 29 electoral votes will go to Johnson. Republicans admit privately Barry M. Goldwater is trailing, but claim the situation could change if their standard- bearer gets considerable exposure in the state. A Goldwater leader in West Virginia summed , up Barry's chance in his state this way: "Unless something develops in the next 30 days, it's pretty remote.". At stake in. the presidential race in West Virginia are seven electoral votes. Delaware Demos Confident In New Jersey, most political observers consider Goldwater's .'prospects of winning the Garden State's 17 electoral votes as dim—at a very best. Bergen County, a heavily populated GOP stronghold, could hold the key. Democrats in Delaware remain confident they can deliver three electoral votes to Johnson and also elect all statewide candidates with {he possible exception of Gov. Elbert N. Carvel, who is trying to upseat incumbent Republican Sen. John J.. Williams. "' Political prophets in Ohio believe a landslide is shaping up for Republican Robert Taft Jr. in his quest for a seat in the U. S. Senate. If it comes, it could help the GO? national ticket in a crucial state. While the Johnson camp in Maryland appears to be in complete harmony, it is different' among the Republicans. Tw,o of the state's GOP leaders have refused to endorse the Goldwater-Miller ticket. They are Baltimore Mayor Theodore McKeldin and David Scull, former head of the Republican State Central Committee. Seeing a possible opening, Democrats are 'soliciting Mc- j Keldin's support. Goldwater forces are lining i up backers of Alabama Gov. : George Wallace, who captured 43 per cent of the vote in Maryland's presidential primary last May. Hot Senatorial Race On the- Maryland senatorial scene, incumbent Republican J. Glenn Beall is facing a tough battle in his contest with Tydings, the son of former U. S. Sen. Millard Tydings. Pennsylvania with its big block of electoral votes will play a vital role in the selection of the next president. However, political soundings at this stage 'there is a low-level rate of interest on behalf of voters. One prominent Republican put it this way: "I haven't seen a campaign like this before. The, voters are not getting fired up •at all . . . Wherever the candidates discuss some particular issue, I get the feeling that voters are just standing back and saying 'how about that?' " A Democratic counterpart, predicting Johnson will carry the state, concedes it will be accomplished only if the party can get a large turnout at the polls. He admitted that "apathy" presents some problems. Both Johnson and Goldwater are booked for. campaign swings into Pennsylvania later this month, hitting the state's two largest cities — Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The attention being given Philadelphia reflects its probable role in determining which way the state will go in the presidential balloting. In 1960, the late John F. Kennedy piled up an unprecedented plurality of 331,000 votes in 'Philadelphia on his way to capturing the state. Eye'.Negro Vote ' • Republicans admit ,that if Johnson's margin in -Philadelphia goes beyond, 200,000 votes, he'll be tough to stop. One GOP official expressed :l concern with the Negro vote in Philadelphia, which he estimated as virtually solid Democratic . "probably about 200,000, which will s'tart us off with a big deficit that we'll have to whittle down." ^ The picture in West Virginia shows heavy odds against Goldwater. -. : "Things are going "about the way we expected," a key Republican commented this week. "I don't think any of us were wildly optimistic from the start. I've always felt there was an outside chance and I still feel that way." In the Mountaineer State's gubernatorial race; former Republican Gov. Cecil H.-Underwood -and- Democrat Hulett C. Smith are locked in a "close struggle.'" Democratic Sen. Robert C. Byrd, who has done vejry little .NFO ON THE GO—Earl Nelson ot Lake Preston, S. D.. points to smashed windshield of his truck, broken during a National Farmers Organization demonstration at the stockyards In Sioux Falls, S. D„ and a Sioux Falls policeman holds a dog ELS farmers line up "at the stockyards. Some 800 NFO members were on hand, and rocks were thrown at livestock trucks and eggs were thrown at police. FOR REAL'—You probably thought It was a joke if you saw a photo of Barry Goldwater in railroad engineer cap a few days ago, but here he is at the throttle irt Indiana, so there! He piloted for two miles ?oins Crown Point However, there have been frequent reports of Republican de- campaigning, is an c ^tiVon fa- fections in Bergen County, vorite to beat his Republican. Goldwater will make his first challenger, Cooper Benedict. Defections Reported In New" Jersey, Bergen County gave a ,70,000-vote plurality to Richard M ! Nixon in 1960. CLEAN-UP VALUES ON HOOVER PRODUCTS campaign appearance in the state next" Wednesday night. In Delaware, Democrats are confident 'and Republicans are hopeful. Most professional politicians' of both parties are of the opinion now that — barring major changes — President Johnson can take the state. A Johnson victory, according to the Democrats, could carry just about all of their statewide • candidates into office 'as well. An exception could be in the senatorial race between incumbent .Republican Williams and Democratic challenger Carvel. ' HALLOWEEN PARTY A Halloween party will be conducted • by Double Dozen Home Demonstration club at the home of Mrs. Carlos Bockover, 1013 North Main street on Tuesday at 7:30 "p.m. Mrs. Wilbur Eikenberry will be co-hostess. Vote.^ and the choice is yours? Dontvote... and the choice istheirs! Register... or you hayeflfi choke! Published as • public service in coop- srstion with The American Heritage Foundation and The Advertising Council. FRIDAY MEETING On Friday at 7:30 p.m. members of Home Craft Home Demonstration club will meet at the home of Mrs. Don Clouser, route 1, Windfall. Co-hostess will be Mrs. Lloyd Brinson. Devotions and program on room arrangement versus lighting will be given by the hostesses. CLASS TO MEET Cosmos class will meet at the home of Mrs. Sara Crull, 420" South Independence street on Wednesday at 2:15 p.m. WOMEN OF MOOSE Women of the Moose 616 will conduct initiation at the lodge on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Raymond McCubbins and her committee will have a program on Moose. Heart. Mrsi Maurice Singer will have a : program on Moose Haven. St. John's Bazar and Turkey Dinner, Sunday, Oocto- ber 11th. Dinner 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. Children 50c — Adults $1.00. Public invit- C-6 'Island Of The Blue Dolphins" 7:15 — "FBI Code 98" 8:50 Now Thru Tues. DOUBLE FEATURE This unoiu»l and exciting motion picture is top entertainment for the whole family I I I ' DIANA PLUS TH1S-ACTION PACKED CO-HIT "FBI CODE 98" JACK KELLY WEDNESDAY 25c BARGAIN NIGHT "TARZAN'S 3 CHALLENGES" Opens Thursday - Double Feature NANCY KWAN IN.'TAMAHINE" IN COLOR • AND "SURF PARTY"

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