The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1949
Page 5
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^TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1949 Judge Acquitted By Georgia Jury Atlnnton it Freed Os Assault Charge Involving Law Partner ATLANTA, Sept. 20. (IP)— A superior court Jury required only 59 minutes, liter five days of testimony, to acquit Judge Robert Carpenter of attempted murder. Courtroom spectators cheered as the Jury foreman, hat In hand,' last night announced the Jury had acquitted the 44-year-old jurist of attempting to kill his forr:er friend, Attorney ,'ohn Lockwood. Judge Carpenter smiled and tried to blink back tears before turning to clasp his attractive 20-year-old step-daughter, Barbara. A few minutes later the Judge and Barbara escaped through Jtiwdlng well wishers to the pri- vity of the chambers in Fulton County court house where he presides over civil court. Lockwood, a 53-year-old former Philadelphia lawyer, was not In the courtroom when the verdict was returned. The state charged Judge Carpenter pursued Lockwood four blocks the night of July 27 and shot him four times in the face Lockwood Is attorney for Mrs. Carpenter In her divorce suit. On the witness stand tl:e judge would Hdmit only to shooting at Lockwood, exclaiming, "If ever a man was justified I was." For five days the trial swirled "round the relationships between Lockwood and Mrs. Carj>enter and b?t<v jn the judee and another woman. Mis. Estclle Manful. Mrs. Carpenter's 42- year -old mother, Mrs. Minnie Sullivan, took the stand yesterday to swear the Jiidrie once entered her bedroom in 13+3 and made "some dirty advances and remarks to me." Mrs. Sullivan said she promised the judge that if he didn't get out she would kill him. Admits Aflarrk The defense promptly put the Judije back on the stand where he declared: "The only improper advance I ever made to her was to knock her do«-n the steps when she came rtotne filthy, lousy drunk, using vile iCzngimge in front of Barbara and ^per playmates." Twice during the trial Lockwood K.IS placed by witnesses in Mrs Carpenter's bedroom, once when Mrs. Carpenter was drunk and at home. To this testimony, Mrs. Sullivan MM she was with Mrs. Carpenter both times, except for about 15 £?rt™«»r~ '" "" """^ Lockwood testified that the nlsht'E Sh ?' I 1 " a " d M ™ ^Tenter had been trying to catcl, the Judge hy tourist camp with Mrs. Man"He also told the court that he ?"?', sa *' the J u "« In a New York I blanket * V ° m ^ C ' ad O " ly !n Thorujrtioul the trial the jud-e Hm d " crll ? e ? « 'he Innocent •h7< W "l° t by ^""" tltlon." mmty " nd l re P u As for Ix>ckwood he painted himself as a friend who was trying to ' . Wayne Gregg and His Orchestra To Play for Annual Cotton Ball vic- s leal jjfiinks Are Cut Off For Tippling Canines In Prestwich, England CRESTWICH, England -MV-With bloodshot" ey« They got a shock ' Their drinks are c iit off Dr. C. H. Wade, the city health off.cer. said the wave of tippC b ' the ""' , hlave habits," h, beer Antiseptic Ointment Aid Ftr Bruises, Burns, Cuts For bclpiul totiieplic .id i n r «li«fi»- Iht pain <nd diiconlorl oi .ilemll :*uied Dinar «kin iirililioni nd abrt . lioni, lafttiicltl culi. Minor intlicc bucni, suabuio «nd bruiiti, BI« Gi OinlBinl <l directed. Xedictlid lo cl PRESCRfPTfONS fresh Slock Guaranteed Besl Price* Drug Stores FOR SALT CONCRETE L-. c i L r!»lTi« «-i 6 inch«. "Mleriat. ^ SEWER TFLE - A. H. WEBB Hinhw,, M .( sutl Phnne 7H Wayne Gregg and his orchestra will provide the music at the annual cotton Ball Oct. 7 which will close the two-day orograni of the 10th National Cotton Picking Contest. It was am -uiiced todya by Louis Lynch, entertainment chairman of the contest committee. Gregg's band will come to Blythe- vllle for the Cotton Ball after wind- Ing up an engagement at the Casa Loma In St. Louis. Before the Cnsa Loma booking, Gregg and his orchestra played an engagement at the Trianon Ballroom In Chicago. Following the performance here, the band Is booked for an engagement at Prank Daley's Meadowbrook on Pomjiton Turnpike in New Jersey. Gregg's orchestra, appearing nere through arrangements with General Artists Corp., Chicago, is a H-piece outfit specializing in dance music of a moderate tempo. The all-California orchestra features Don Gilbert, guitarist-vocalist, Lois Chapman and a voMI group called the Mel-O-Airs. Gregg also handles many of the vocals. In addition to the dance circuit assignments, the orchestra has made numerous recordings and radio appearances. The 31-year-old Gregg began his musical careers when lie was 18 as a vocalist with Clyde McCoy's Sugar Blues" orchestra. After four years with McCoy, Gree3 joined Jack McLean and his "Melody Lane" crew. In 1942, Gregg Joined the Army Air Force. He was discharged as a staff sergeant three years later af- ,,,., a lo al ter serving as a radio operator, l tile dance. Wayne G regf Gregg returned to the McLean Orchestra and soon took over the baton when McLean left the organization. Tickets' 1 for the Cotton Ball will go on sale here Oct. 30, Mr. Lynch said. The Cotton Ball, to he held in the Main Exhibit Building at Walker Park fairgrounds, will be- em at 9 p.m. Oct. 7. Starting time of the Blytheville- p nie Bluff football game scheduled lor that night has been moved up 30 minutes to 7:30 p.m. to permit Jans to attend both the game and U.S. Senator Asks Court To Drop Charge Against Driver Who Killed Son BENTONVILLE. Ark.. Sept. 20 TV—Dismissal of a charge of negligent homicide against the driver of an -".utomobile involved in wreck which killed U.S. Senator John L. McClellan's son, John L. McClellan, Jr., near Rogers last spring, was asked by the senator. Circuit Judge Maupin Cummins granted the request yesterday. Four Arkansas Children Meet Violent Deaths By Tile Associated Tress Four of Arkansas' seven known violent death 'victims the first two days of this week were children. Kenneth Jones, 13. died beneath the wheels of a tractor from which he fell near him home at Hasty (Newton County) late Monday. Earlier the same day, two children were killed nrar Trumarm (Pomsctt County). A six-year-old boy was fatally injured when he fell from a tree. An 11-year-old boy was killed when he was struck by a bus. David Dean Davis. 7, of Round Pond (St. Francis County) died at Forrest City Sunday as the result of injuries suffered ir Guilders Devalued •THE HAGUE, Sept. 20-W>i~The Netherlands devalued the. guilder today. The government fixed the exchange rate at 3.80 guilders to the dollar, it previously was 265 guilders. Army Engineers Ask for Bids on River'Mattress' Faced with a sharp cutback civilian personnel as a. rwsult of recent reduction In force order, Ci L. H. Foole, Memphis District ei Sineer, today announced that bic for the construction of articulate concrete mattress on the banks < the Mississippi River are belr Invited from contractors. This Is the first time In th 19 years during which tills lyp bank protection has been in 11 in the Memphis District that tl work has been the subject of bic ding by private Industry. This ha been due a large measure to tl highly specialized types of equip ment required and the limit working season, normally from bout July to January. The work to be aceompollsh under the proposed contract w consist of grading of banks. Incluc ing clearing and removal of snai in tlie under-water area; plach of a gravel blanket from five I ten feet vertically above and belo the water surface; and assemblin and sinking articulated concrei mattress. Paving of the upper portion <, the banks will be a separate con tract. The work will be carried on ., Burke Landing in Coahoma Count Mississippi, nnd under present plan but not definitely Included, at Hel enn, Arkansas, and Westover I Phillips County. Arkansas. The to tal length of the three items wl be 10,900 linear feet of revetmen and will Involve 730,000 cubic yard of bank grading, 8,900 cubic yard of gravel, 36,000 squares (area o 100 square feet) of under-wate mattress and 1.400 squares of con necting mattress. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, in Sept. 20-(,P,_(USDA)-Hogs 10""• 500; weights 1BO Ibs up lower than yesterday's 50 to 75 average- Public Hunting Area Bids All Are Rejected By Game Commission LITTLE HOCK, Sept. 20. lift— A bids on construction at the nev public hunting area in Arkansa and Jefferson Counties were re jected as ton high by the Slat Game and Pish Commission yes an yeserday's average- e an s ommission yes hghtcr weights unevenly 75 to 1.50 ler(l! ^ lower; sows steady to 25 lower- Tlle commission hn- estimate; OUlk Qfin<\ nnrl nVini^n. onn n-« .. ' lllC Pflst ft \ * I ^41 flfl/l Tli« !».,, _„! _ good and choice 200-250 Ibs 2000-25; top 20.25 freely; odd lots 260-300 Ibs 18.75-20.00; 180-190 Ibs 19.25-20.00; 140-170 Ibs 16.75-19 00' few 10.25: some late sales 1850 down; 100-130 Ibs pigs in light !m P r' at 14 ' 00 - 16 - 3 0: few 16.75; sows '00 Ibs down 17.25-18.75; heavier SOWS 15.00-17.S5; few down to 1475- stags 12.00-14.50. Cattle 7,000; calves 2.000; inquiry irom replacement buyers but virtually nothing done on steers- general bids unevenly lower on steers and heifers; cows dull; few early deals weak but very little done- bulls steady; medium and good 16.00-18.S5;, cutter and common 14.00-lD.50; vsalers 1.00 higher; good and choice 26.00-31.00; common .-. and medium 17.00-25.00. the cost at $150.000. .. seven bids was J174.827. he lowest o Coroner to Investigate Missouri Man's Death POPLAR BLUFF, Mo.. Sept. 20 If)— Coroner Grover Oreer said nn inquest will/be held tomorrow In connection with 'the fmii shootin last nie;]it of Cletus C y Barnes 32. a farmer. Officers investigating the cas said Mrs. Ethel Barne*. the man' wife, told them he was drinking snid he became melanchol decided to kill himself. Hi got a rifle, Mrs. Barnes said »n< while she was trying to fake l away from him it went off He di« after being taken to a hospital. She and as the youngster's father kindled at his home. The explosion occurred Moses of Biblical fame stuttered Vacations Last Longer... There's a way lo slrelch vacations ond holidays yet be bock on lime. And thai*! to lake plenly of snopjholi of each outing . . . ,h en yol/ ,, hove , ols lo show ond "live over" later on. Slop in now for two or three rolts of Kodak Film for your comero . .. il ma |,«s your pi< .| ure loUag sim . pie and sure. For best resulls from each ihol, bring your exposed rods of film to us for prompt, careful developing and printing. in snapshots GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE Angry Motorist, finding Alley Blocked, Sets Out To Remove Obstruction LITTLE ROC", Ark,, Sept. 20. . KRAUT QUEEN-Marguerite Raymond, 17, voted ''Sauerkraut Sueen' at the annual Sauerkraut Oay festivities in Korreslon, 111 ramples some of the stuff aflcr Deceiving her title. Visitors ate nore than two tons of sauer- traut, along with a ton of wieners, during the goings-on. Rise of Soybeans in U.S. Said to be Spectacular WASHINGTON-Wy-Tn. 40 years soy beans have risen from almost lolhing i one of the major US i :rops, Says W. J. Morse of the US ' Department of •Agriculture. The de- ' partment first became Interested in the crop in 1908. The beans were imported from -hina. At first there was little use uade of them in this country Mostly they were planted when' some other crop failed. Then they were used for many years mainly is » forage crop. After 1930, however, soy beans legan to have a place in many crop relations. Now they are widely used is a cash crop. The beans are sold tor food and industrial uses. Allowance Payments In Germany Confused BERLIN. Germany—ypj_ r n tne confusion that reigned in the clos- ng days of the war, Frau Schwar- zennauer got a higher family allowance for her soldier husband than she was enlltled te. Recently, she received a letter from the bank through which the jovernment payments were made. It said she had to pay the money jack. Her husband, Paul, protested to the bank. But the officials were stubborn: "Take It up with the German army command," they said. The army command ceased to exist In 1915. '^-Police today were looking for an ill-tempered motorist who, they said, rammed a new model nanel truck blocking an alley in downtown Little Rock, then decided he didn t do enough damage with hU car, got out, smashed the truck'i windows, climbed on top at th* truck tnd proceeded to dent in th* top by jumping up and don on H A TYPE AND SIZE TOR EVEKV FAMILY! liberal Terms - - i Trade-lm Frlglcfalr* maV«t lhr*« dlfUrtnt typ.i of r.lrlg.ralon. Nin» model* In all. So com* In and IMC* your Frlglelalr* »«ifrlg«ra!or. Powered by lh« rrlgldair* M.i.r-Mlw, mo;« food ilorag* ipoe* than «v«r, fonioui Frlgidalr* Qulckub* Trayi.,. oil lh« special f«otur»« d*>erlb«d below! Remember, genuine Frlgldair* Refrlg*ra!or» are made only by Frln> ldclr«, o division of General Malenl ''MORE FKIGIPAIR£ E1WE IS MORE. AMERICAN HOMES THAN MY OTHER MAKE I (A) Frlgldalr* "Maitor" R«frlg*.aH>n M* mum itorog» room, gmirout (r«m ipxi, vtntMi V*(M. MI Sloii-loppKj Hydrotor |w Iruili, vtplaUts. Haidy M* ftii tat. *«.«,/,». u »». From 18*75 (8) Frlgldalr. "D« Lux," R*frl«OTatari 4 odvnntn9« of "Jtodir" moM, p| H u, bfKkmi* CM lor fio»n lood storajo. Aluminum *Wv«. ladiM^ran, hr ' iggf, imoll orticlK. SiiB: 7, », II «. ft. p^m 289 75 (C) Frigldalra "Cold-Wall Imperial." FM moni|r con buy.- combination rafripratw wd IMM iKker-Top holds 70 !h. rf from IM*. CoU-W*K J 424.75 ADAMS APPLIANCE CO ING J. W. ADAMS, 20B-208 West Main Phone 2071 relaxes you f 'CONTROLLED COMFORT'* rom today • Perfect rest and relaxation, and irresistible comfort, are yours to enjoy every nighl ... on a genuine Spring- Air mattress and box spring. Scientific, Spring-Air inncrspring units pro- vnJe luxurious "Conlrollcil Comfort" prepares you for tomorrow ailvanlagcs (aulomalic adjustment to every hotly curve and hody moveiiient) lo e^-cryonc regardless of tlieir weight. Jlclails explained ai right. Come in for dcmonslr.iiion and ih e "real inside Hory" aiiout Spring-Air «dvanl.i E c». IUIFACI COMPORT CONTOUI COMPOIT I r »pnn|[ toils pvc »of,, | urioiu itjpport to all body Jwirt *nH *f-sri»] huovtne Iia h t« *rU «< UM bod, KJ Firm wjppoit lo hnvW Mr- tioni of the body it pro^irfeti by SHIP COMFORT So WADE Furniture Co. Trade With Wade and Save"

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