The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1968 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1968
Page 7
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«Sfli«vflle (Ark.) Courier New* — Thursday, January It, MM- Page Reserves Still Short on Equipment By FRED S. HOFFMAN Ap Military Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. Army divisions and brigades nlzing their gear. In May 19W the Senate preparedness subcommittee corn- that form, a strategic reserve to P lained stateside divisions were . meet any new crisis abroad, are j burdened with over-age vehicles short nearly one-fifth of their .and tracked iquipmtnt which major equipment. !„„ BeW d riven « tn excessive This situation exists more that numhsr nt miles" two years after the Defense De- num6Br of ml partment began putting in heavy orders for gear and supplies to support a big military buildup for the Vietnam war Asked for a report on the present equipment situation in the strategic reserves, the Army replied Wednesday: "The active Army divisions and brigades currently stationed in continental United States have on hand approximately 82 per cent of their authorized . .major end items equipment." The Army defined a major end Hem as' one which in itself performs a function" such as trucks and tanks. The new report said fewer than 12 per cent of the major items on hand ire lesi than first-line quality. The preparedness subcommittee charged in March 1M< that the Army's divisions in the United States were not combat, ready because they were being used to train draftees and recruits. Secretary «-f Defense Robert S. McNamara acknowledged this was to, A separate Army report, furnished on request to The Associated Press, showed this problem has been overcome. The ire below full slrenfth tnd Unit, lourcel Mid, ran|e between »J per cent and 100 per cent, of full manpower, There art four Army division* in the strategic reserves. They *r« the lit Armored Division and tnd Armored Division, both it Ft, Hood, Text*: the !th Mechanised Division it Ft, Carwn, Colo.; and the find Airborne Division at Ft. Brill, N.C. A new division, the «th Infantry, li beginning to tike shape It Ft. Campbell, Ky, It will probably dot be combat-ready until lat* this year. When the United States decided to take the big plunge in Vietnam in the summer of IMS, the Army'l Mriteglc reserve wss made up of eight divisions plui two brigade*, jt estimated only about one- Army said no basic trainees re- half of the shortages will be: main in the ranks of it* divi. filled by June 30. Beyond an across-the-board psrcentsge the Army declined on security grounds to provide a detailed breakdown of abort items. But while the strategic reserves are short of their allotted equipment, the Army apparent* ly has made progress in moder- and brigades in the United Furthermore, virtually al! those units are at 100 per cent strength, with many pf their men Vietnam combat the Army said. Only two divisions, one mechanised infantry and one an armored division division, NOTICE Proposed Budget of Expenditures Together with T« Uvy for Fiscal Year Beginning Julyl, 1M9 to and Including June 30, J970, The Board of Directors ef Gomel! School District No. I of Mississippi County, Arkansas, n compliance with the requirements of Act 403 of mi and of Amendment 40 to the Constltu- ,ion of the State of Arkansas, ave prepared, approved, and ereby makes public the pro- osed budget of expenditure* ogether with the tax rate as ollows: 'eachers Salaries .... $466,810 General Control ........ 20,000 nstructional Cost (Operating Fund) 'ransportation Deration Of Plant Also forming in Important part of the strategic reserves are two Marine divisions, the 2nd based at Camp Lejeune, N.C,, and the 5th at Camp Pendleton, Calif About one-third of the 5th Marine Division It in Vietnam, i Roughly the tame illce of the 12nd Marine Division is afloat on normal rotation duty in the Mediterranean and Caribbean or stationed at the U.S. Naval Base at Guaiitanamo Bay, Cuba. Sources said both Marine divisions have some minor manpower gaps but are in pretty good shape so far as equipment is concerned. 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MAia : Mall Of fen «!!«« Dawdling Ho May Create Red Boon By JAMES MARROW I AP News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) *~ The North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong have good reason to kick themselves for dawdling. At the! same time Ho Chi Minh, the chief dawdler, may have done communism one of its greatest favors. The dawdling was in failing to try'to Uke oyer South Vietnam faster/The favor v?as jn niaKing Americans, after their experience in 11)15 war, perhaps a li> tie more' reluctant to get into another one lifce Hi It's impossible at this time to. draw a sharp distinction, if any, between the Viet Cong and Communist North Vietnam. It can be assumed, until history proves otherwise, that Ho Chi Mmh's North Vietnamese were the directing force and chief hllper in men and supplies for the Viet Cong When the Viet Cong, in the late 1950s, began tlieir guerrilla war to overthrow President Ngo Dinh Diem's government of Soutiv Vietnam, they operated on a smajl scale compared with the forces in the field now,. The shadow of the United States, which had been backing Diem since 19N, lay aero?! the country, But it was hardly a frightening shadow then, It had been helping Diem hut there Lawrence F, OWw t J* clode » ewMHHiW btmlK the likeness of Thomas Jefferson and a 10-cent air- bated on a "tone-fort' jwr> trait sued Jan. i. was go certainty <hjs would get into war for him, Even by I960 the United States had only 7«§ men there, not as a fighting forc.e but s§ as, sistants, consultants and trainers. The Viet Cong increased in numbers and MK*.s* ag the years passed. By the ed of 1JHS4. this country had 18,000 men in Vietnam nut by then the Sajgpn .government was in danger. Diem had proved no match by himself for the Viet Cong which tjie country throttled. Yet, although In all the years since 1954 the United Stales had stayed out ef the fighting, it was something the Viet Cong and North Vietnam had to think about. What would the Amerj. can? do if the Viet Cong w«e on the verge of taking over the country? Recent history wai not a pej* feet guide. In the years after World War Jl the United states had helped Ghiwi Ka his nationalists on mainland China but stood aside when the Chinese Communists crushed him tolly and took ever the mainland, But the United States tad done exactly the oppeslto when, after withdrawal from South Korea, the. North Korean Reds Invaded it in 1950, Immediately the United States Wimfed bwk la and wai involved far yews IB war ftat drove the North " rean? baek to where they hM started, ' So the. Viet gong; and Vietnam would only guess what this country might do if " Vietnam were near tetal ? by the Beds. Apparently they assumed 'the united States would not get involved. It wai a. wrong guess. They", proceeded «tewly in. stead of using their utmost effort to take, ever South Vietnam fast before the United States, which had been building up its forces en a tiny scale, eoul? make up It? mind about iRt«r> vening, Once the Communists had taken eor,tro!, this country might very well have decided it was too late to move in. Although this country now saems determined to see the war to an end, H has been i costly, bloody, drawn-wit struggle, thanks to the dogged deter mination of Ho Chi Minh, an< the end is not in sight. This county, split over war, has been forced into bitter soul-searching. President Johnson has not only lost some pbliti cal power but has been abusec more intensely than any presi dent in Uiis century. This exparlence-the east of tli* war in lives and money, the division of thinking and unhip- pin«ss at home-may nuke flw United States «lot more reluctant to get involved in the future for the sake of a small nation in Aiii or elsewhere threatened by Maintenance of Plant ... 25,000 Charges ........ „ SO,W :apital Outlay .......... 10,000 3ebt Service ............ 1?,000 To provide for the foregoing proposed bu,dget of expenditures he Beard of Directors proposes i tax levy of 45 mils. TO? t»X evy includes the present contln- ing levy for the retirement of •resent indebtedness. aiVJEN this. «th day of Jan. isry, 1968. Gosnell School Dlstriot No. < f Mississippi County, Arkansas. C. A. Moody, President of ioard Andy Bevill, Secretary ef| Board. 141 35,000 47,000 NOTKSE Proposed Budget of Eipendi- 4res Together with Tax l«vy or Fiscal Year Beginning July , 1969 to and including June 30, 970. The Icard of Direetors ofJ0ell School District No, 33, ef Missis* ippi County, Arkansas, in oon> slianoe with the requirements of ict 403 of 1951, and of Amendment 40 to the Constitution of lie State of Arkansas, have pre- tared, approved, and hereby make public' the proposed budget of expenditures together with the tax rate as follows: Tegchers Salaries .... $162,781 ,...,.. Control :, MM nstruetional Cost (Operating Fund) . . 7,000 um 14,309 15,500 ' JU7J . Operatipn of Plant , tfaintenanee of Plant Fixed Charges ,,,,, Capital Outlay ..„ . Debt Service To provide for the tefegon tepaied bufliet ef exf endjtures: e losfd' of Blreotors nrepses a tait levy »f 51 mill!, This tt* levy Includes the pjesent eontto' «in| levy fW ** Mtiremejit ef present indebtedness, r f jVBN this «n day of January, }$M. Dell Schwl District No, 33 ej Missisiipp! Gminty, Artansis. 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