The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1951
Page 5
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PAGE EIGHT m.YTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^ BiiiiiiiiiM CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION John Dcf-rr 12-A Combine, ernhrr 2 cjops, fri splcnrtlri condition, ['ho 6W. 10 15 ]ik Tle ilnptton tj'pftwi'Hf fonrtltlon and looks Li>;c [ We lirive two innrlunr. 1 j need this one I'h. 3211. I !•»•. lor |*5. ntl 'lo no: 10 3fi jik 23 Dally mtp litter lion: Minimum c-J I time per I 2 line 3 Unit day £ llm« per !ln« p^r day 12 tlmrk jicr lino ycr tiny .. Month per line Count live nvcraco words to rhe U Ad ordered £or throe en six dim 1 * n stopped before e-xplr:uinn vail tof rhn eil for The number of tlim-i the appeared niui fteljuf-tmriit. or bill mi All ck)<-!,mr-d Advertising f<i|>y hii mlttrr! Ijy persons r^.ttditiK ouislrle Ihp rlty rmiFl b<> norcimnank'd by rii Kates may ca*t!y tic cnnipmrri f the above (able, AdveriLMrv-; orctereil for Irn^nUfit i sertions laV-p* rho niii- mm; lab!*? No responsibility 1.VIL1 he tak^n more than our Incorrect lr.?ntlon li'SO Dodge Pickup. Inquire F •a'6 Shoii 10 16 rl: : Watwin, Rl I. 16 pi: : fil'EN'CERS HfMOi und Sly'p, look and Ire) yoi DOc best, phont! -1302. n'trr 1 30 ji m., bo* V:3(J a..rn. Mrs John 10 r* pk : AJJ Courier Ne or rrjprt u rcuriru-d In Mvtr pronr Cypress, Col ton wood iwn-| hor. 2U mi. X.W. of Half' Moon. Ph. 0303. G. 0. Klou-ors. | 10-1 pk 1M j H. .t M E Main, Salts Co. Ph (SS 9 2D thp right to rdll J 1 Apartment for Rent f " mlshr<l :ipt ' pr {J H n° Modern 2 *m l;ir Ph. 4565 or 2595, USED COMBINE BARGAINS! All makes arc here for you _ ! to chouse from . . . priced as low as $150! See us before you - (buy. (You'll lie {{lad you did!) wTeek'Vf tnia.TA IMTLKMKXTS, INC. !, unfu , llr.or ir. spt , with tml- furnncc fins. Clor-e In; tile brlcfc. 8-17.50. ph. 2fil2, night anpfi 10,15 pV: 21 >ins A: hnth. Ptlvate unlxirn- 2 Electric water hoiitcr New piip^r. Clcnn. f.itrfy living Aloi)* 1 f?e this. Nice (or working plrls or couplrs. On Main St. Ph. 2671, ofm 5, 3135. 10 13 pic 27 Modern npt-, 3 rooms nn<t bath, newly dccorfitrd. pood fnrnltviro, ens e<|u1p- nit-nt, Ph 3373. F. SUnon. 951 rk if 3 rm. 11 nfur. npt.. private bath, good location. Ph. 3325 10,fi pk ll'fi 3 room unfurnished opt,. redecorated. Flu 2350 or 60R6. Small Apartments, furnished $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Servfces AUTO GLASS New or Used WADE AUTO SALVAGE Phone 37S5 9-26 ck tf Don't rndBugcr your tnmlly with IftUHy tires—BUY LEE TIKES. CHAI'.MAN SERV1CF. STATION Main and Division Phone 25C3 12(13 cfc tf 322 So. 2m). Phone MW2 0-2.') ck If USED COMBINES If it's a used combine yon want—seo us first! We have a very wide selection — All Makes & Mode,'.-! • Cash or Ttrrns 61 implement Co. ' N. Iliway 61 Phore 2M2' 8-81 ck tf (IrcKfitr [or *ale. Plcnse li;6 p m Mrs. Cilaclys Mr Kr- iirt. ^^o, ion jik ?n Hudson; ealrrs, J l h. p m. S room fill hcntt 97ftl or C;i2fl aft ion p vlrifl room suite; roM sieve; pt: typewriter; safe, meat sllcrr; tnhle, circulator; rnfe botiths. Pli 25ftn. 10 1ft pk 11 13 oil Pure bred nostonn, 1 wk.s. old. S25, Mr«, Joe Shanks, ph. fl)3a. 10; 10 pit 23 AUTO ATJD FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Personal Servlre Ocnern! Contract p\irchfisc Carp. ICG South 5th. FhOtiT RB03 Serv/ces Masonry Work Brick, Blorfc or Tilt* Repair nrpwiills. roumlnUoixs nnd I chimneys; veneer work nnrt neu- con- | structLon. rcnKonnhlc. Free cstlinalrs. ( call 2366. H. G. Smith. KV10 pit 23 Wo rtn custom bean ihrcshinir. W. T Loll^r K Son, BLyibevlllf. Ar>:., Ph. <J541. 10 \1 Pk 11 12 FOR SALE: 41 acres with store.-1 room residence, .rge linrn »n«I Q tiler buildings, located on HlKhwAy 25. tl2.f>00.00 phis pen lory ol About 56,000.00. I W) ncre hill fur in. Good «mvrl pit. 1 *C,fXX).00. Five room house on three j litres ot li\n«l In Drxtpr. 13.0000(1. 80 ftcrcs \\ff miles west of Tiemte, 1 Five room house, Clood burn. Other ItnilLtiLnKS. 415,000.00. i 3M acre-s, 2'^ miles Fouthf n&t of [ruxLco. 2&0 ftcrps In rnltlviUlon. GootI ' bill 1<JINKS An Ideal Hencriil purpose fnrm. 1211,000 00. 79!ir acres, 2 1 2 miles Northeast of DPS t PI. fil) In hlKh sTatfc of cultivation. B nioin liovi&e. Bus rin ml. *] 80 acres. All buildings practically new. This la R good Block, (nnn. S6..SOO 00. Restaurant In cood town. Ncl in- coinf S300 lo S-100 per month. Ront 540.00. A pood btiislne-is tor $.1,000.00. IE you wixnt to buy or sell rral esirite til, write or Kff mr. Joe O. Hartlcnn. Rcnltor Dexter, Mo, 10 19 ck 2i> \Vashing Mitchinc.s repaired, al! makoR. RlyUicvillo Machine Shop. Phone 2S28. 3-fi ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair tind clorks Gnatnnteert PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 103 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 111 \V. Walnut r!lr>ne 5^2 Plenty of Parking Space StoncvtUe. cotton seed, ph, Lots. Ph. 2,177, Riniih-Coronn po , . 10 ID pk 26 10,19 pk 26 10 15 pk 23 OIL rlreulntni tti A-l condition. PI). 41B4, 1311) W- Ash. 10,10 pic 26 Florence table- top stovp 421 Dotl- pnn. Pli. 6629 niter 530 p.m. 10,10 pk Ifi For Sale, Real Estate Real Estate Farms—City Property LO-XNS If into:ostr(J In Buylnur or f-^Ulnu sec Noble Gill Agency REAL PORS — Cecil Ivirls — Glencoe Rids. Ph. 6863 For Sale. Misc. ' J30 ci I! Kirr lr:i.-!ir ptonf ^ntr.s R:n,Tll *^tps k-fn ni PI) 40f'7. in 4 r>k 114 X1':\V liOAlKS NI'NV mid modern is this a.t- IT'S NOT JUST THE PRICE It's The '49 Ford . $1245 lit 1 re's I he hitn morlcl car you'vp fieri] \\\,\ lining In tiny! A 101!) Ford rustrini ill-luxe Turtitr Sf'tlnti iM|iji|i[H'f| witii heater iiiut i;Lis->;ivifiK nvt-r- dri\c; rjijiiil-lnnUinu hlm-k tin- isti. '49 Ford $1095 \Vli;il a value! Inia^itif ;i KIIOI! lookinj; I'ortl Tudor Sc<t;m for unly S10»5! WJii-ii ywn filiiMpw the sli]itJii< finis],, you'll kmiw it's ;L Hut: Jtn- (IJ» ;(fitJ lifcilrr, t«w. '47 Ford $595 TJiaTs rlplit—yriu rrrnl U rcjr- rrrtiy. This is A sharp 1017 Fnn3 Tudnr S nil an for only 5.>95r Ij|i]i|>|K'«l Mflli ;\ t;iin.l hratcr, Uiis Ford Is Hie popular gun mi;tul Rrcy colrir. '49 Ford $795 Phillips Motor Co. has (lie liii'kiip lor you! This '4'J Ford is :i lircklipra gneil buy .il SJD5. Want to drive H? (•OIIH- on ilowii lu tlri>n[liv»\ i C'hirk;i- viutu in IIHIlicviJJe , . . ifi remly lo go! '48 CMC $645 This CMC 1-1/2-Ton Call -t ( liiissis Truck is offorfcl to .ion mm ftir juM $6151 If dial's the liiml of (ruck you've e ol on jmir mind, thru ilon't piss lliis one up. It's a buy: '47 Ford $695 ."Uakt! a ht^Kor (ruck (raile hy romiiifc to 1'liiilips ^Inlor Cn. in Ulylhrrvillp. This l-l/2-Ton Cab & f'hassfs Truck fs priced jit a low, in*' 5603—so drive clou n loniorrow. '39 Oldsmobile $325 '48 Ford If you're looking fnr ;i pncnl liny in n rhca;>, olilrr nunli'l c:ir, llicii seir this ",{'\ Olds, .lust S32. r i! Jl's got luilh a radio :iml n beater AND a price tag thnl's mighty IIMV. $795 Hero's [piite a buy on a Pick- mi. Tills ',i-Ton mrxlcl is a good>lonkfng tnick (lus new crfjim pnint Job). It'll give ynu n tot of service al our low price of $795, Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 IMPORTANT! Farmers! Don't forget to clean your spray rtg PUMP. It corrodes and damages during the winter. Bring Jl in to us for cleaning and checking. Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceofa, Dial 520 — Blytfieville, Dial 2371 Htlp Assiirrd Incoma VOUR OWN UOS5I Man or Woman Exclusiv territory now open for now -Southcni Uf-Ue Jumbo Supervendor. The rage of clip nai!^... Plr-Hl lime ad- vertlf.pd In ihls arc:,. A lesirrt and proven biifiitx'ss-d^prrssion proof and an l/mufdlate iiioii.'i"-nia'r£('r. No &cl[- '"(,'; no e-xp(>rLc-nre ncrclrcl. Ideal part- time work to fiian. with profhs up to 1^00 niunihls'. Full time profits much Invest Only S510 to J810 estlnpllt fully s fraiirhlsft, utid by Your ]i eqiiL'pmm Llbrrnl lliiniicl«l a rRpld expunslon alte For personat letter-fle-f.: write Klvlnfr »f?c. rpfrrenrp^ and telephone number. Don't put H off. Write lodny. BUCHANAN SALES COMPANY Sup<rvend Department P. O. Box 1209, Bhreveport, La. 10,15 pk 23 For Rent or Lease ____ For rent or lease. CHEAP, Pool room j»nd restaurant combine. Only one in town New equipment- Heason — too many Irons In the fire. Bultdln? Included. Lloyd Booker, Holland, Mo. 10 18 pk 25 For Rent Well located 2-bedroom bouse on Kentucky. Close to park. In «oorJ condition. Priced to sell this week. See or call MAX LOGAN. Realtor Lynch Hid),'. Ph. 20I.U [ 10-IS ck 25 Female Help Wanted \Vrviurd: EdllciUed \vomco to earn pootl Incdnip while rpndpring valuable service. Sell World Hook Encvclopedla. 1 ; In southeast AJLsFOurl. Write or c[Ul Don C. Davis, 702 Grand, Caruthers- vllle, ph. SO^M. 10 18 pX 25 Baliy REAL ESTATE If interested in a homo or farm, see us. \Ve have anything from n vacant lot to a plantation. CITYWFARM LOANS CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 1U> S. 3rd. St. Hiytheville, Ark. I'll. 2751 or 'I2C8 10-3 ck tf slitfir to keep 6 [nonihs I h»by In my home from 7:30 a,in { 4 :.-0 p-m daily r.trop: Sactirvlay Sumlny. References required, rh."? IO;1B P Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Plannod Protection 124 \V Ash 31 GLENCOE HOTEL BUILDING 48 Ck tf 3 room furnished house, ij blo'cV: Central School, PI. 2087. 10,18 pfc ll 1 Desirable two b e d r o o m house, L501 West Walnut, Call 3153 or 3418, available Oct. 23rcl. Will give tease for year. 10-18 ck"ll-l large room xmfvirnlRhr Rose St.. Ph, 3406. a honst?. 115 10.16 pX 23 2 bedroom apt., propane heat, electric lim water heater, hardwood floors. show or In tub. enrhagti disposal. Over Iforner-Wllson Motor Co.. It's nice. $40 monlh. George M. Lee, Ph. 6961. 10;i6 ck 23 Storage h 3349. Uorttrn Courts, Ph space conveniently located- 10H PK ll[4- Apis., L 9115 house Ph. 6259 Mrs. Hollywood Continued from Page 4 scon announce a property settlement with Bob Topping and details contract > of a .separate maintenance agree- S^™'" i y"?:,.™™^™ be no ""'"^iate Keporls are reaching Hollytvo<xl Iliat .Susan Feiers is ill and »ill have to return to movie town fr>r another operation. 1( mo;ms that ! Susan will abandon her TV series in the east. t * * * Dorolliy Parker, whose re-mar- rriage to Alan Campbell is again j on the rocks, is writing nis*ht dub; material for mimic Arthur Blake, i » • • The same sources ivbo insist that Garbo went, to Paris for facial plus-1 tic surgery are also letting it drop that Liudn Darnell underwent body I plastic surgery in Bermuda. * • * European tourists report they've been seeing Parley Granger and Shelley Winters at all the favorite tourist spots—they're strictly rubbernecks. Despite the "it-won't-help-Hollywood 1 ' advice, agent Leon O. Lance H'ill go ahead with his lawsuit.? against powerful fllmtown ten per- centers for "stealing" his star clients. Unflir. 3 room '. E J.ft;vrence. 5 room stucro house, wired for elec- unknowns with 1,arice. stove, hardwood floors. 300 Sawyer • • • Movie Queens Involved are Ruth Roman, Nancy Olson, Terry Moore i and Kim Hunter, who started as , St.. Ph. 4565 or 2 room house 2S3S 10:12 ct" tt white only. Pit 3349 2 im. house, pa •tly turn. Ph. 6J13. 10; 19 pk 26 house. 325 N. 5th. 10.19 pk 26 For Sale, Can and Trucks WrpcVed '-J6 green Dodge Club Coupe. City driven. 18,000 mlies. Radio & heflt- er. For Inrormatloo call Paulean Shanks, 1521 Hearn. Phone 2869. 10;iB pit 25 Private Rooms 5 rooms ;uxi bath. Complete with hiirdwood floors, modern iintli. Approved for GI loan. Ivst iniiilttl loan payments •?,'H per month, including taxes and insurance. See or i-a!l MAX I.OCAN. Realtor Lynch Hldg. I'h. -J():;.l 10-18 c\i 2r> hr;<lroom. Close er Ph. 2552. hrrtroorn. 2 beds, hfM, ph, 3325. In. Con 1018 l Ten or ladles. 10 17 pk 11 17 oearooms. Ph 2813 105 pk 11 5 »3«hdroor Co "'-""™">' l FOR RF.XT: Business Property on the corner uf Walnut & Franklin, in Rlytbeville. 3 sizes of buildings to fit any business area now offered T'jike one or all. For information, contact PAUL BYKUM. »-26 ck tf .SO model Chevrolet 2 ton truck, new motor. 26 ft. Carter trailer. Lloyd Booker. Holland. Mo. ]0;i8 pk 25 HECKSHER WKSTKND AUTO SALES Ph 4274 - and Kenwood We Finance "Cheapest Good CRTS In Town" 25 Cars *t Trucks We. Rent Cars <t TnicXs 6,20 tf Lost and found I.fldlrs yellow gold Bulova wristwatch REWARD. Flnrter please write Sandra Heathcock. Hermondale. Mo. 10 1C pk 25 All Hollywood's cheering the comeback of Gloria Saunders in lo;n pk 26 i -3000 A. D,." "Red Snow." and other films. Plastic surgery removed the .scars of nn auto accident a couple ot years 320. HOW ABOUT TAVERNS? Irving Brerher. who conceived the "Life of Riley" radio show, lells ' a hair-raising carly-clays-of-tcle- vLsion .story about his filmed video version of Riley. Brecher. now directing Betty Hutton in "Somebody Loves Me." made 13 half-hnur Rilej- shows with Jackie Oleason in the title role because Bill Behdi.v was tied up with movie contracts. After the 13th show, the beer .sponsor cancelled out with the complaint: "The show doesn't play well In cocktail bars-" "I tried to convince (.hem that it played very well in homes." Irving wailed, "but they didn't seem to care." There's still hope of Riley Wonted to Buy for office Dr.. niythr C. A vllle. For Rent or Sate As recer.tiy a no railroad* in 10 10 J 12 suitable . Miller. 549 Parkway 10 17 pH 20 1900. there were al] of Arabia, ac- corrling to the Encj'clopcdia Britan- \YAUDS WLYHT. KK.l'Al TIRKS It F, 1H~C F. 1» lii'i ! tractive ,~> room house, and I Now's the time to have err-' bath. Hiviv.oway and attached i tified WiM-dcap tires moiinteil I jjuriiKO. atlic fan, floor fuvn-1 (withotit chjirjre) on yniir car. ] ;u'e and rnll tlt)\v'ii stuiis.^e ; Get sure trad ion in deep mini lot. Choice neijrh'Hirlioinl. l )lu '-' m enl will *• >dli> nnd snow b>'st nualilv ma- ed street, at 707 Illinois. FIIA ' <-„ , ..'.ill 'IHKATKF. ' ni; seven niirhts week .• bounty, doinjr jjoodl s l.imii down, balance' installments each fall starting llloL 1 . Kin- details write Uox -7, c o t'niirier News. 10-1!) pk 2(\ '2 lii'iliMnjn bonie \\'ith carport and itrivnway. Immediate possrssimi. Sm;ill down pay- Business Opportunities \VANTEO DISTH1BTTOR OR DSAIFH •urrr nf r<i[ltlni:<ivi^ Ice Crfnin .V 70 TV with Bendix. on . ox . I'honr 1017 Notice terials nn<l \vorkmans1iiii. Hurry to \VanK- t 10 r r in EifMiUn rcady low pi ice. \Vardcap--ii.On-li',. top rap. 88.23. KxchaiiKO. No loiU-r;d tax; Moiit^omrry Wnrcl 406 W. 3[air, Hiytlirviilr, Ark. 10-1S ck 2L . ,. . . I. c. ROBINSON LX:MLKU co. Save Money When You Huy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GL1N HAftKlSOX & SON* KL'RMTUKE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tf approved, price ?12,000. New and modern 5 room house and bath, same neighborhood, same street I'lIA approved, price ?lo.(ii»0. Modern :'. liedroom house on ! Pecan Avenue, in top conrii-' tion. I All 3 houses close to now hiffh school. j So« or Call JOHNNY MARR Realtor Phone .Jill Res. Phrtne 2590 in-K, ck tf 10-18 Help Wanted. Male 50"~~w:\! _50 J10.000 WHAT TO DO IN CASK OF AN AC. PIDFNT- I! vrMir P!\r tp rt^mflccrt Ir 'f.o lid kri"v nurnrtt ^111 glvr ; r:'-.-" [TLtin l.^li on nnv repair worX nr !'.i't r.r n.^rr Dip whulp rnr Is palm':! v.^t 'us: thr ri^TTnucrrt pArts F"roi» - -'trLi;i;r* hnr wrfrk^r service cnll 6'.™I i.^-. ^ - r,*K n:.:!i:s nORNFTT Ht'n- Si« S.M KS 51!. E,M1 Main Shoe Repairing ,, v Tair s;tlr?inon. SLTi.Ono for good Fale.-inon. ?r>n.(i(in for (op sulosmon. Th^ K;y?hf«vll!r Shop Shop hnn n-.ov <l (nvvi !'"'<) S 2nd to 131 F. -^th. *n\ H '.v 'rKrt* ifi 11 For b*"tlfr shoe rrp^lr The Hlythrvillr Slioe Shop 121 K. 3th 10 IS pk 2 Sunday School Contlneud trom Page 4 continued disappointment and . .-rcininK dcteat. he never weakened.' i or cave way to recrimination or de-j 'siuir. His character In adversity I ! shnne bright Riul stronK. i j What. then, of his emergence to i splendor and power? That has been | the test of many a man who has; conquered adversity, and many in; that test have Tailed, cornipted by power and success. Bui Joseph iii | :i j bis hith t'levation preserves the' ^jsimplf realities ot honesty, honor,' and drvotinn to high purpose. The dreamer becomes the man of action, practical lo the last degree, a tnr-sreinz statesman, planning «'e!J. anrt through his planning sav- inc his oun people and the nation that had called him to power. It is obvious that we need Josephs today. We need men. who with sagacity and abihlv to plan and perform have the Tine Integrity and the purity of purp.ise that underlay all Joseph's character and acts. More modern statesmen and planners micht well take Joseph as their moriel. Mack Sennetl. who owns enough full-length features nnri two-reelers trom the old Sennett Picture Co. to Itecp TV screens supplied for .several years, just said no to nn offer for a full-hour video show. He wants double the proposed money. Some of the stars Mack will introduce on TV when his asking price is met include Bing Crosby, Donald No vis, Phyllis Haver, Gloria Swanson. Marie Prevost, Carole Lombard, Mabel Normand and W. C. Field.i. Who Takes Care Of Your Car? Are they doing A good job? If you don't have complete confidence in the service you're now getting, then try T. I. Seny Motor Co. Friendly, expert service saves you money ............. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 K. Main Dt«ltr FhtiM 1122 Sign of Quality Used Cars And Trucks 19-19 Chevrolet deluxe 5-]>assenger Coupe., low mileage, rims perfect, equipped with deluxe radio, heater and defroster. . .only ]•« IS Ford V-8 .5-1'assenper Coupe equipped with radio, heater, defroster and spotlight 1917 Chevrolet Fleetmaster 4-door Sedan . . Jots of extras. . .only 1950 OMC 1/2-Ton Pickup Truck. .. driven only 15,000 miles ." 19-19 Chevrolet "/,-Ton Pickup Truck in A-l condition. . .red finish 1 n Ifi CMC '/2-Ton Pickup Truck .. .here's a real good one, priced a( only 1947 Dodge li/J-Ton Triick with factory- rebuilt motor.. .fi good tires., .body! . .spc). 19 Ifi International Cab and Chassis with 750- C4AC x20 tires all around.. .new red finish, .spell yWS D J9J9 Chcvrolel lonjr wheeloase Truck, blue finish, 750- x 20 front tires, 825x20 rear. Come in and see this one. . .the price is right. Easy GMAC Payment Plan . Remember, Yon Can Alw»ys Get A Good D«l »t $989 $889 $1195 $895 $589 $595 SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 381 Wtst Walnut rk*.* 4578 Open Nights Until 9 p.m. * OpenforBusiness MODERN HOME Interior Decorators Highway 61 S. C. J, BURR1S UPHOLSTERER Phone 8061 CULLISON STUDIO Now Located at 100 W. WALNUT For Appointments Phone -1197 or 6736 Siudio Hours K a,m,-7 p.m, FREE PARKLVG HORNER-WILSON t the first to see for In frar. a.<; m.iny as 36.nno.OPO of turpentine have horn orh-T p; Kemp isenhun1. 11 I.. BLAKE CO. IflM ck 112 i,,, For Safe or Trade 10.18 ck 31 | trade. I'i;, Jor s^l^ JO. 19 plf REPAIR SERVICE A11 applUnre*: rcfriRerAtsrs, (rcewrs, ranRc*. mini waxhtrt. Kadiot tad -tm^U appliances, All our work Is R«aranl«f<L Adams Appliance Co. SHEET METAL WORKS OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil milla. Custom Shearing up to W inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 • 1950 Oklsmohile "88" with the flashing Rocket Kngine! A pretty blue 2-door Sedan, C1CQCI radio, heater, while tires $IOwD« • '1!)50 Ford Club Coupe equipped with radio, heater, overdrive and white C10CAI sidewall (ires y I VwU! • 1946 Ford 2-door Sedan with both CCTCl radio and heater.. .what a buy at Vv/3! • 1!) 17 Chevrolet 3/1-Ton Pickup in perfect shape. Has practically new tires. C7JE1 The price? Just $ f 49! • 1919 Dodge 1 -Ton Pickup. . .get your- CCCkCI self a bargain al Horner-Wilson. This truck vOvD* • 191S International 1 '/ 2 -Ton Truck. Mileage is low tires are practically new. CCOCI And yours for only Vv«/3! WANT A NEWGMC? Don't delay getting that new GMC Truck! Why? ^c ve got 'cm now... yi-Tnn to 4-Ton models, short and long wheelbase. AND you'll get a better price NOW for your old truck. Come hy tomorrow. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO YOUJ OUsm«bil«-GMC Truck Decler € Used Cor Lot ... 3tO E«t Main Strtef Just Call 6151

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