The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 2, 1964 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1964
Page 5
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Friday, October 2, 1964 tHiTIRTO^PAItY TRIBUNE PAGE 5 SELt TRADE* Hi HELP CLASSIFIED RATES 1 insertion - 4c per ward 2 uvwrrions _ 7c par word 3 <n»#rfion* . 1c per word 4 insertions - 11c per word 5 inw rficra . 13c per word 6 ]rwertions 14c per word Minimum rate — $1.00 Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the „d is paid within 10 DAYS after the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers • should check their advertisements in the first issue they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made tfter the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL - 15c per tine. MEMORIAM — 10c pw line. CARD OF THANKS — f 1 JU Call OS 5-2115 before 10:00 A. M. for insertion same day, iwcept Saturday—call before 9:00 A. M. CANCELLATION — UNTIL 10:CS A. M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE Cass, per col; inch 50c 1 inch per mo. daily $18.00 Each additional inch - $11.00 (RATE QUOTED ARE LOCAL) fOR SALE-REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—Apples — Grimes, Jonathan Turley Delicious. On State Road 28. One mile easf of Kempton roadl Mitzenberg Orchard. P-23 •FOR SALE—Mums. 5 miles So. of 28 on 31, West of the East Union Church. 50c you dig. 65c we dig. Bring shovel and containers. 10 o'clock till dark Supday 1 o'clock till dark., C-4 FOR SALE—Toy terrior pups. 3 male, 1 female, White. OS 52212. C-l FOR SALE—Hamilton gas clothes dryer, excellent condition, electric sweeper, various sizes storm windows. OS 5-6988. C-314 FOR SALE—All State Moped motor bike 1958. Excellent condition. May be seen at 129 E. South St. OS 54933. C-314 FOR SALE—Septic: Tank. Call King, Windfall LY 5-3385: . P-29 SMALL APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE —.Irons, Toasters, Space Heaters, Vac. Cleaners, Hair Dryers, etc. $1:50 Plus Parts. Free pickup and return OS 5-4186. P-314 FOR SALE-^FirepIace screen, new rug with pad size 8.3 x 11.7; : 5 varnished interior doors and 4 light fixtures. 222 or 230 Walnut Street. P-314 FOR SALE—2 Glow Boy, Globe ' coal stoves. A No. 1 Condition. Ready to go. Phone Sharpsville, Robert S. Wolford. C-314 FOR ;' SALE—5 room modern '•• house, garage, gas heat. Good location on Columbia Ave. 5 room modern house on S. East St. Large lot, 2 blocks from court house. 5 room house on Ash St. Good condition, gas heat, city water, out of city limits. Several nice building lots on State road 2 miles from Tipton. E. G. Foster. Phone OS 5-2439. P-313 | FOR SALE—Apples. Jonathan, Northern Spies and Grimes. Harry Clark, Sheridan. PL 8-5514. C-l FOR SALE—Modern 2 bedroom home, good location on North Main Street. Call OS 5-4464. , • P-314 SEE LEWIS D. HARPER for real estate sales and listing. •Insurance loans. Phone OS 56060 and OS 5-6139. 121 S. Independence: Fri-Sat-tf FOR SALE—Apples and cider. Lester Illges, OS 5-6795: P-3 NOW IN BULK—Royster ferti lizer from our new overhead bins! No waiting in line! 4-ton spreaders available. For plow down or wheat fertilizer call Adler's Seeds, Inc. 963-5397. C-21 FOR SALE—4 single and 2 double hog houses one 40 bushel round .hog feeder. W. L Vandiventer, Goldsmith, Ind. P-313 (iM( - GENERAL MOTORS ' CORPORATION TRUCKS imO04 Vm TO «0 TON* SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacmun cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sew er Cleaners. C-tf 24 HR. TOWING SERVICE CjALL: BARNEY GOODNIGHT DAY: OS 5-4549 NITE: OS 3-6l6(J SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. FOR SALE |*OR SALE—Spinet organ, excellent condition. Reasonable. OS 5:6263. C-tf Singer Five Months Old ?39.24 Full Price JLovely walnut cabinet model. Assume six payments of §6.54 riODthly. The machine monograms, appliques, darns, sews forward and reverse, equipped to zig -zag. Warranty included. Call OS 5-2135. C -tf FUEL OIL WHITE GAS any amount at station WEBB OIL CO. 215 S. Main Tipton SINGER ZIG-ZAG $37.23 Full Price Take up seven 1 payments of $5.32 monthly. Walnut cabinet included. Makes buttonholes, fancy designs, sews on buttons, monograms, a p p 1 i- qiies, blind hems, etc., all built into this machine. Warranty included. Call OS .5-2135. C-tf FOR SALE—Pumpkins, Jack-O- Lantern type. Truck load Sat. and Sun. John Duckworth, Kempton, Ind. ';. C-314 • MEN. WANTED ' EARN BIG MONEY—$7,000 to $15,000 par year as a Concrete Form Setter or as a Professional Diesel Semi Driver (over the road). No experience necessary — those who qualify will be trained in four short weeks. For free information cut out this ad arid check career desired. Mail today to: DIESEL, 2805 East Washington |Ave., Madison 4, Wis. No obligation of course. Diesel ( ) Form Setter ( ) Name _j£ Address Phone Age — HELP WANTED, MEN AND WOMEN WANTED NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER wants trainees for the Concrete and Trucking Industries. Also trainees ~are wanted for Motel Managers and Claims Adjusting. Only those! wanting to succeed need apply. See our ad under instruction column on this page. FULLER BRUSH territory open in your county. 'Full or part time. For more information write to 2417 Pinehurst Lane, Kokomo, Indiana. C : 3 FOREIGN NEWS COMMENTARY By PHIL MEWSOM UP I Foreign News Analyst Whatever the outcome of the current crop year, the indications are that both the Soviet Union and Communist China l will be importing western grain [for years to come. While both are striving des- jperately to increase yields, the reasons for their inability to (feed their own peoples are much the same—bad management, bad transportation, bad I weather and lack of incentive among the peasant'producers. •A group of Canadian businessmen who visited the Soviet |Union last year was led to believe' the Soviets were interested in regular annual purchases of at least 500,000 tons [Of Canadian wheat - | Record In 1961 ! There were possibilities that 1964 purchases of $500 million would be increased to' $1 billion in the spring of 1965. Red' China's purchases of western grains kit a record of 5.6 million metric tons in 196i. Purchases fell to 5.4 million tons in 1963 but this year' already had equalled the 1961 record as. of June 15. Largest suppliers of Red China's grain needs have been Australia and Canada. Others have been South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Argentina, Mexico,- France, West Germany, Cambodia and Burma. Incidentally, the implications of Red Chinese purchases from South Africa, denounced by the Chinese as a "Fascist state," were not lost upon the Russians in their propaganda war against Red China, nor upon the African nations which have declared a trade boycott against South Africa. •Pattern Noted As result, the Red Chinese assured irritated.Negro leaders they would have no further dealings with the South Africans. The uses to which, the Soviets and Red Chinese have put their foreign grain purchases follow a similar pattern. The Chinese have allocated most of their foreign purchases to coastal cities, thus easing the pressure on inland peasants and on their transportation facilities. The Russians have indicated that even in bumper crop years they would be interested in Canadian shipments to eastern Soviet ports. Costs would be FOR SALE—1956 Pontiac. Good condition. Low mileage. Call Mrs. Fred O. Smith, 963-5868. P-314 USED CARS FOR SALE—1957 Chrysler, $250. 20 shotgun, bolt action. OS 56229. 2 ' P-3 FOR SALE — Apples—Cider- Popcorn. Hainlen Orchard, 2 miles east of Greentown, turn north and follow signs. C-42 SINGER Five Months Old $38.06 Full Price Lovely walnut cabinet model. Assume six payments of $6.34 monthly. The machine monograms, appliques, darns, sews forward and reverse, equipped to zig-zag. Warranty included. Call OS 5-2135. C-tf FOR SALE—Apples and cider. Smith Orchard, 1 mile north, , Yt mile east of Sharpsville. C-tf FOR SALE — Awnings, storm windows and doors. Ornamental iron. A. J. Butz. Phone OS 5-2646. ' C-tf FOR SALE—Certified MONON and REED seed wheat. $2.50 per bushel recleaned, treated, and bagged. BYRON LEGG & SONS,. Windfall. LY 5-3645 or LY 5-3573. C-3 For Your Car Need* See ROSS THE EMBLEM OF QUALITY ^ .20 S. West St. Ph. OS 5-W41 TIptaB FOR SALE—Quality used cars. THROGMARTEN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St. 1960 T-03IRD for sale. P. S., P. B., radio and heater. Will sell or trade for older model car or truck. Phone Atlanta 192. C-2 • J -", T'lTO L. P. Gas Service OR INSTALLATION No Equip. Charge (100 lb borHes) " Prompt Service TENBROQK SALES, INC. Phono OS 5-2054 114 So, Main St. I 'ipton ; Indiana EXCELLENT, efficient and economical, that's Blue Lustre carpet and upholstering cleaner. Rent electric, sham- pooer, $1.00 Carney's Drug Store. ~ C-314 INSTRUCTION Trained personnel earn $7,000 to $15,000 in'any of the following fields: Professional Diesel (over the road) Driving ( ) Concrete Construction ( ) Motel Management ( ) Claims Adjusting ( ). Those who qualify will be trained. FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE. For free information cut. out this ad and check career desired. Mail to N. T. C, 2805 East Washington Avenue, Madison 4, Wisconsin. No obligation of course. - Address Fhone Ate FOR RENT European Russia to Siberia and the maritime provinces over transportation facilities which, like those of the Red Chinese, are overburdened. AH of this is of interest to make purchases with cash which otherwise would be going into armaments or heavy industry. Advertise In The Tribune FOR RENT — Country house. Immediate possession. OS 56959. C-314 | FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment for rent upstairs. OS 5-2348. C-l FOR RENT— 3 room furnished apartment, all utilities, redecorated O 5-4922 after 4. C-tf FOR RENT—3 room apartment unfurnished gas heat, downstairs front. 117 Second St. Phone 'Frankfort 654-5946. C-tf SEPTIC TANK Vacuum cleaned. All price ditching witjh backhoe. Reasonable. Charles Anderson, Elwood, FE 2-9265. C-314 FRONT END ALIGNMENT — Wheel balancing, EBERT Sinclair Serrire. Phone OS 57125. C-ti SERVICES—For plumbing and heating call O'Dell and Ro^e OS 5-4545. 518 E. Jefferson. C-tf YOU MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. Riddick Piano Co. , C-tf CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank all friends who sent cards and flowers during my extended stay in Tipton county Memorial and Methodist Hospitals. Donald L. Barr P-313 FOR SALE—'60 Chevy $775; 2 '57 Chevy St. Wag. One $450, other $395; '55 Chevy $125; '57 Chevy $325; '58 Ford $285; '59 Buick Con. '58 Buick $475; 1 Pickup Chevy truck. Floyd and Jim's U. S. C, 333 Sweetland. See after 4 P.M. P-4 LIVESTOCK FOR SALE—Auto and truck springs, main leaves,' extra leaves for building up, center boljs, • and overload angles. Elevator Auto Parts, 538 N. Main Street. P-313 FOR SALE—Gray silk suit, 2 lace dresses size 18V4, 2 blouses size 38. Phone OS 5-2417 Cleo McCullough. C-314 FOR SALE—Puppies, reason able 1 . OS 5-6985. C- FOR SALE—Top quality feeder pigs. Phone 2 on 89, Atlanta. - C-tf FOR SALE—Eggs—1 mile south on Road 19. : P-4 FOR SALE—Petro Oil Conversion Burner, 275 Gal. fuel tank with, connections, water pump, thermostat, gauges, etc. All- ingood condition. $75.00 complete. Carol Lord, OS 5-6375, 220 W. Adams St. P-314 CERTIFIED Hampshire boars, ready for heavy service. Good selection of gilts,- registered or commercial. Phone Atlanta 25. J. W. Ralph Bishop, R. R. 4, Tipton, Indiana C-2 FOR SALE—Nice feeder pigs May .toe seen after 5 p.m Salome Henderson, R. 1, At lanta. C-314 1250 CATTLE FOR SALE. 250 good and choice steers, 800 to 900 pounds. 550 choice calves, 300 to 600 pounds, 150 Holstein steers. 200 medium steers and heifers (cheap price) CATTLE PUT OUT ON A GAIN BASIS. W. V. PALMER. Phone 873-2921, Mexico, Indiana. C-314 FARM. DITCHING, bulldozing, back hoe work, pan work. Black top dirt, 7 yds. $14.00 Phone J & W excavating. Tipton OS 5-6381, Alexandria 7242104. C-tf WANTED — Furniture Upholstering wd Repair. Lawrence PicJETeH, OS 5-4358. C-tt WANTED TO BUY—3 bedroom modern home in Tipton. Send full particulars to u3ox.T.c/o Tipton Tribune. P-314 What's New? , A new golf tee eliminates hooking and slicing, it says 'here. The manufacturer claims that the tee, made of plastic, cuts down on wild shots. The itee looks like an ordinary one, I except for lettering which shows the golfer where to hit and where to aim the ball. The manufacturer said the design was worked out on engineering principles to help the golfer to longer, straighter drives.. KING SEPTIC TANKS and Sewer Cleaning at a fair price Licensed and Bonded toy Ind Board of Health. Windfall, LY- 5-3385.' . P-29 Gardening Begins North, South, East or west, the pace of gardening quickens in September. Summer is over and a. new gardening season is unrolling. In all parts of the country it's time to feed the lawn with a high-nitrogen plant food to strengthen it before winter. It's also time to start new lawns and thicken .thin ones by seeding wherever northern or cool season grasses are grown recom -li7sV ''than'"shipp"ing wheat" from mend the gardening experts of : " ™— •-- «!•---=- __J the Union Fork and Hoe Company.'In most warm areas sods, plugs or sprigs of St. Augustine, Bermuda, centipede or zoysia grasses may be set out. Rake Leaves Now . Whever leaves are falling, keep them raked up—a good steel broom rake is ideal for [•this—so they will not mat- and choke out the lawn or other) plants beneath them. In the vegtable garden clean up and destroy or toury the residues of. any crops that are past. Then take your spading 'fork—or shovel—and turn over any empty areas and seed with winter rye. This will grow all or much of the winter, according to where you live. In the spring, turn it under and it will supply the valuable humus needed by all garden soils. Plant Bulbs Now September is the ideal month plant Madonna lilies, fall cro- Icus and colchicums and all the spring - blooming bulbs "except,} tulips. Hold these back for at least another month. Except where the soil is rocky, use a turf-plugger-bulb planter. It will save much time. This also is a good time to feed roses (V6 cup per plant) with any good low-nitrogen plant food. You can use the same material to feed your trees. --To do this, put the fertilizer into crow-bar holes made under the outermost tips of the branches of the trees., not near the trunks. It will build strong roots at this season and the results will show next year. Spray camellias with an oil or any other spray recommended for the purpose to get rid of scale insects. Where wild onions are trou blesome in lawns, spray one or more times, as necessary, with 2-4, D to which a good sticker has been added. Do not use the same sprayer for anything else Divide Perennials Divide summer and fall-bloom ing perennials that have become too thick, but not spring-blooming ones. You can also take cuttings of choice plants of Madagascar periwinkle, double petunias, etc., and root them in moist sand to carry them over the winter. This is an ideal time, too, to set out both broad-leaved and needle-bearing evergreen Make the holes noticeably lar ger than the ball of soil and fill with good soil that'has been suitably enriched with humus and plant foods. KNOW YOUR SUBMARINE SCHOOL NEW LONDON, CONN.—HOME OF ' THE SILENT SERVICE. SINCE THE EARLY 7900'S MEN OF THE UNDERSEAS FLEET HAVE TRAINED AT THIS EXCEPTIONAL BASE FOR "PIG BOATS". RIGOROUS TRAINING AND RAZOR SHARP PHYSICAL CONDITIONING DISTINGUISHES THE MEN WHO SAIL THE NAUTILUS, SKIPJACK AND TRITONS OF THE ATOMIC AGE. AT NEW LONDON THE ESCAPE TRAINING. TOWER STANDS A TALL LANDMARK; MUTE TESTIMONY OF THE DARING DISPLAYED BY TODAY'S SUBMARINERS. ft/ft "V* > The latest in tote bags for the growing girl features a pocket to carry the doll of one of those' doll-and-wardrobe combinations. The bag comes in alphabet print design, is laminated, and has. a plastic lining. An umbrella matches. A new garbage bag is made of heavy plastic and designed to be discarded along with its contents. The container, which can ,„ . . , . t0 i hold up to 40 pounds of refuse, the West not only as evidence- ms t a iled readily in ei- .of Co^mmumst failures but also t{]er a wa „ bracket or upright for the fact that both Commu- t d The bags come . 50 to a nist giants are being forced to • .... MALE HELP WANTED WANTED—Man 21-40 years old for truck driver and delivery. Apply in person from 9 to 4. Town and Country Food, Tipton. C-l A new electric fan operates without bearings, to give what the manufacturer calls a per petual motion to its operation. iThe fan shaft rotates in air and not against metal or ball bearings, can operate at almost any (speed, and will work through a tremendous temperature range .— in cold that would congeal grease of conventional bearings or in heat which would melt I the usual lubricants and burn lout shafts or bearings. FOR SALE—Hampshire Boars. Ray Webb, 3 miles east of Arcadia. P-4 SERVICES PORTABLE WELDING SER- VffiE.r Tony Hancock, Kempton. Phone 947-2210. Shop in Groomsville. P -7 GOT TERMITES? GET A FREE INSPECTION- GUARANTEED PROTECTION The Modern Arah Wa * ft I till Te/epfcon* TodayJ A. B. COCHRAN AND SON, INC., Tipton Pt»n« OH 5-M0i (Satisfaction Guaranteed! Make Septic Tanks Work Like New ASK YOUR DEALER FOR TIPTON COUNT* FARM BUREAU CO-OP package and are contained in a pop up dispenser. SORORITY TO MEET Tri Kappa soroity will meet at the home of Mrs. Walter Mocre, 436 Green street on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ATTENTION — HOG PRODUCERS STEWARTS' HAMPSHIRE MEAT HOG SALE THURSDAY — OCTOBER 22nd — 6:00 P.M. — AT FARM' 50 BOARS — 50 REG. OPEN GILTS — 150 COMMERCIAL OPEN GILTS IVorlil'g largt 'Kt producer** of te.sted swlnc. Complete Information— we test the entire litter. All the top proven meut bloodlines. Last ten litters ttLI'urilue Station—'.feed conversion i.Qii. daily Ruin 'l.tiO. 'We tiave" used and are nou ; uslne; 'more Certified Meat Sires than iiny breeder. Recently sold 150 hntf* that had 55.21 lean euts—yield "0.7. Biff boars, for immediate use. Feed conversion, carcass information and hackfu't probe on every uulmal In catalog. Catalog on request. Lunch, available. t,. t. & MANFOKD STEWART, K.U. 4, FRANKFORT, INDIANA CLASS PARTY FRIDAY Stanaerford cl'ass of West Street Christian church will convene for a party on Friday > at the church at 7:30 p. m. PHI BETA PSI Phi • Beta Psi sorority will meet at the home of Mrs. David McGaw, 404 Green street, on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. MONDAY MEETING Helpers club will meet o n Monday at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Ray Nash, route 1. MEN WANTED We can use extra men (IS years or older) either part, time or full time during the month of October. Apply at plant office on State Road 28. Pioneer Corn Company, Inc. FACTORY TO YOU BUY DIRECT — SAVE MANY DOLLARS NO DOWN PAYMENT MANY SIZES - - - MANY MODELS HOUSES I GARAGES $4350 only S39 per mo. S Bedroom — Includes . Inside Mutcrlnls, I'lumblne. Heatinc. M'lrlne & Cabinets One Car Two Car £*365&*570- Write To—UPRIGHT BUILDINGS, INC. ROUTE 2, LAFAYETTE, INDIANA PUBLIC AUCTION We will sell at Public Auction at 903 North Independence Street, in Tipton, Indiana on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1964 AT 1:00 P.M. 2 pc. green living room suite; 2 pc. pillow: arm green living room suite; upholstered rocker; chrome folding wheel chair; maple chair; oval coffee table; lamp table; radio-phonograph comb.; swivel desk chair; typewriter desk; chrome and plastic office -settee and 2 chairs; shelves; portable phonograph; open bookcase; coffee table; wicker tables; folding screen; studio couch; lamps; 4 poster bed room suite with innersprlng mattress; featherbed; window fan; three Clopay doors and tracks 40"; two dinette sets; chairs; round oak table and chairs; gas Ironrite ironer; General Electric refrigerator; Sellers cabinet; new pressure cooker; two other cabinets; splash back sink; cooking utensils; iron bench; electric range; Handy-Andy Microscope set; rubber floor runners; picture window; inside doors; Rural mailbox on post; car top carrier; pickett fencing for flower beds; books; two electric irons; daybed; cupboard; winter bouquets in pots; one lot used lumber and garage door; and a fence stretcher. SIX ANTIQUE DOLLS; other Items, including a 36" chain saw TERMS—CASH NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS PR;&MRSJ.W. CURKSON-pwners CHARLES O. MULLINS — Auctioneer Phone Osborne 5-4805, Tipton, Indiana 1957 Chevy Bel-Air Htr.—V-8 (Sharp) * * * 1957 Dodge 4 Dr. Sedan—(Sharp) * * * 1957 Buick Wagon * * * " 1958 Olds 4 Dr.—Htr.—"88" * * * 195S Plymouth 2 Dr. * * * 1959 Olds 4 Dr. Htr.—(Sharp) 19G0 Olds '98' 4 Dr. Sedan >|: * 1960 Ford Fordor 6 Cyl.—(Stick) * •* % 1960 Chevrolet Convert.—V-8—Stick 1961 Ford Wagon 4 Door 1962 Galaxic 500 4 Dr.—H. Top * * * 1963 Irnpala 2 Dr. H. Top—(Stick) * * * 1963 Fordor H. Top V -8 * * * 1964 T-Bird 2 Dr.—Hard Top * * *1961 Falcon V-8 2 Dr.—H. Top COMPACTS 1961 Comet Wagon 4 Door * * >;t 1962 Corvair 2 Dr. 4 Spd. Trans. * * * 19G0 Falcon 4 Dr. Sedan — Like New Straight Stick * * * TRUCKS 1960 H. Ton Pickup 17,000 actual miles .* * * 1948 G M C 1 Ton Omaha Gr. Bed— Stic Rack * * * 1954 1 Ton Ford Grain and Stk. Bed * * * 1953 Ford % T. Pick Up DON ROSS MOTOR SALES Inc. 'Low Overhead Lot* 120 S. West St. Tipton, Ind.'

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