The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 17, 1947
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNK 17, 1JM7 Emily Wixson, Society Editor Phone 74th Birthday Observed At Family Dinner Party •B. E. Hodge was 74 "yrar s old Sunday and to celebrate the occasion S 1 * of ' lis seven children cn- terto.ined at the home of a daughter, Mrs. H. H. O'Neal, with a birthday dinner. Mrs. Hodge shared 'the special day with her husband. In addition to their sons and daughters present were 14 grandchildren, three r'reat grandchildren, and many of llioir friends. One or their grandsons. Donald Buck, nine, came by jjianc from- Corpus Chrlsti., for the event and to spsnd the Rummer with his grandparents. ;-The birthday cake centering the table-was topped with" 74 candles. Photographs were taken during the afternoon. Mrs. Walter Day. Leads Program for Auxiliary /Mrs. Waller Day .vj-i In charge of the program presented ycslci- duy afternoon at a ineetin.?: of the Woman's Auxiliary •>! Firy; PITS- uyterian Church. The program topic,' "T Am My 7!rothcr's Keeper." was t:\kon from tiie study book, "Thy Will lie Done Nov/." The group sang "Help fjomo- Ixldy Today" with Mrs. Willard Pease presenting the ^:iio part. Mrs. G. W. Dillahitnty save tiie scripture reading, taken from Oolo.ssians. 'Mrs. Ross Stevens C'imlucted n business session for the 2 p j members present. • • • Universal JWig.on' Is Bible Study Topic •A BiblJ stiyly on universal'reli- pion v.'3S given by Mrs. H. )''• Brooks_ yesterday afternoon ut the Roynl. Service meeting of the. Woman's Missionary Society of Firs*. Baptist Church. 'The study was liased on .scrip- June Bride Bits of New Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hn/cr and, Mr. »i:cl Mr.s. Clatiili! I'.owland we'll U) nate.-.viUe Sunday lo lie with .\fr. and Mrs. Ho .viand's <lui[;l)tsr, Mrs. O. C. IlictK. the Hcv. M;-. Hicks, and iheir itifunt ttnu^hle'.-. Mrs. Rowland remained tor a t'A'o weeks vlsii. Mr.s. ./Aim W. Co: lie «"'! chllil- rcn, ICino'yn :unt Fri.'d of Menipiii") iirc visitniK Cocko's purenls, Mr. Rnd Mrs. Miiivln Nunn. David H'lrkhiad. son 'of Mrs. ! .'ohnny M:;nre. left by plane Hat- unlay for I,os Angeles, Calif., tu •usil'his fathtr.'llersehel UnrklKMd. j Mr. and Mrs. John Jjy.n; of I/.ike ! Providence. f.:i . spent last we.'k [ here \vlth their parents, Mr. and Mr:;. Mrs. ,Iohn Calvin Hill of IV..IH-j A. «. D;.,.,,. and Mrs. Myrtk: liy- Iscd Land \viis helme her nvi'-n.i:,e i ],.,.. They were ami.i>|>.in:?d 'tud: June B Mi.--.-; Hiiiwio .I.yni 'Vi.l,; to Lake f'rovideneo ov PJIUIU Hi'f.n ilaiiiihter nf Mr. and Mrs. I/ u. , Wrii-'ht. v.'hu will .sjie.i.l tv,:i weeks Hull i Tiie At The Hospital* Itr.VTIIHVII.I.K HOSPITAL Admitted: Mrs. Charles Langstou, cicy, Mr.s. Edison Krcch, city. Tvli'B. Hosie Nave. city. I'atsy Kay Costlier, Mani'.-.i. Mrs. Luclen Gaines, city. Dismissed: Mrs. s. H. ncustock,, Armorcl. Mrs. Henry Woods, city. Mr.s. Howell Allen and hub/, city. Sntkos Vonedfus, Luxoi'a Births: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bob n Hardln, Dell, a diuigiilcr yp.if i - WAI.LS HOSl'IT/VI, Dismi^cd: Karbara Brooks, Stcele, Mrs. C. C. lilirton, 'jily. Nettle Ruth Daniels, city. Mrs. Golda Gtnn. Sleelc. ISAt'TIST HOSPITAL. Mr millll'i nimnissed: Vie Dickson, Joiner. Qsceolans Are Hostesses In Memphis to 14 Guests Exercises Will Be Held For Bible School Pupils Commencement exercises for 182 students of the Vncallon l»i>!e School ol Kirst Hnptisl church will bn liclcl tomorrow ul 7 |> in. at the cluiu'h, the Hcv. D. H. liledsoe. prlm.'l|>ul of the school, announced today. Tnc Beginner cleiiartment. tnider direction ol Mrs. C ,s. Bagyetl, will have the tirsl part ol the program, followed hv Ihe Intermediate dc- l.jium'iit. Mrs. Ebb Carson will clim.t the Intermediate uroup, I v.'hir-li will .sh!'_' a 5|>«:iul ehorn.s. | and will c'jin))!'ti> with the Junior ! dep.nimeiit in : i IJihle drill. Mrs. i l-'ui'Ulrr Kn;;huid will he in charfjo, [of tin' Junior boys and nivls. I Mrs. M. C. Oiitlav; will close the imiKJinu by leading the Primary ! children in a special Hiblo GJui/. program. Immediately follo'.uilK :.lv2 imv.rnni, visitors will be cmuluctcd llirmiKh the illipluy of iiot«bon>:s mid handwork of (he different The Rev. A. L. Tabor Will Conduct Revival Tiie Hcv. A. L. Tabor of Tuckerman will conduct a Revival meeting beginning June 23 ul the Church of Christ in Dell. Tlie public is invited, it announced. Fire Follows Explosion In Home in Harrison OMHRIEON, Ark,, June 17. iUP> —An explosion of undetermined origin followed by a fire, gutted the home of Mrs. Delia fission in Harrison early this morning. The plosion, believed to have been ca.ii- cd by artifirjiiil gas, was ):a:-id for several blacks. •Mrs. Gaston and her son escaped from the wrecked biiildi::g without qiiatc tax revenue." Mr. Truman had vetoed the GOP bill as inflationary, unsafe an.I unfair to the lower income earners. He called it "the wrong kind of tax reduction at the wrong time.". -Republican leaders accused him 1 ijlylheville. ionhle riiu., eei.-mouy si>lcnin!;:eil by I lie Hcv. liny MeU>ster, ixistor of Yuri)•• i-l'u iscd Land Melhodisl cliinrht;. his home on Franklin S'.iee',. ~Mrs. Sam Hill was i;ie nwtron (if honor. She wire blue 1 tires. 1 ; with a t-or.-.a-^. <•[' while gardenias. The bride';; dross was i:i lishl blue ami >;h*: pinned a r;->iM.!:.- i.t pink carmitiotis at her shoulder. Mrs. Hill was graduile.l t ; vs Spring from Ulytheville llit'.h School and Mr. Hill, Navy veteran with service in the Pacific Tne- atrr, ul: ; o was e,riulualed Blythcville HH;h School. Adnliiie Lee Hostess lo Baptist Auxiimiy OS-CKOLA, .Taekson and June 17. Mrs. Hale Mrs. C. J. Ixnvrance worried GCl> post-mortem £['0it;)s and eherry Demoeratic confabs. Her.uMiean,. dusteu'ii ;..:'j.uHi SE.T- fnvcd leader 'iiaKeck. He clearly dc-J?etcd. The vote wns laken in a drainn- pac/.ed half-hour. Speaker Martin. of ploying "cold-blooded politics." put Ihe question to the House: They charged that be was follow- "Will the House on rctonsideiv.- ing the philosophy of "tax and tion pass tho sill, the objections of tax. spend and spend, elect and the President to the contrary not- eluct " . withstanding?" The veto wa s certain to become | <™rnu.n H.r^l Kiui^^R, a major issue In next year's '""""" "' ju.,>ii..u.i a der,tial rampa[;jn, In his veto message, Mp. Truman qi'liucd that with the nation's economy, going at lull tilt, this '.vi- ho time' to reduce inx?. [ i. Instead.' l:e said, any surph] s should be a[)plied to reducing the huge public debt. He also said the hill would be inflationary and would risk plunging 'he nation into a bushier-: inrtndatovy. i.. Committee m i'lt'stion. Under roll :-!ill vote f , n serious injii:y although tho woman recession. .•uflered burns about the shoulders. .Republicans rejected those argu- Ti.o Wast, blew one wall o[ tho nients. frame VtriKtui'e to the ground,| Moments before the fateful i sjhiillcrod windov.:, !:; :'.:'j.;ini.n{| House roll cull. Halleck ainu-d aii- p:t) llimllls. 'I'ht' pubiitr attend this sen ice. the said. is invited to buildings and left two curtains Water Safety Classes Under Way in Park three tops in the yard. Tennessee Club in Memphis, l-.jnor of Mia. I-'red Jacobs Jr.. I'sgc 1. It w:i-> estiniiiti'd thr.t the iv'asnre 4S.- ' Hiti-ell Jr.. of fiew the idlest of Mason parent:;, Mr. :-.tul 11 1 Vacation Bible Kch«oi .-.tudei'ts L )f .who have allfiulcd cinss---; during; I , I times set lor reiiistr.iii.m lur the | w :nlil iviv • saved the nullni Ihe table from which the four- w , |( ,.,. s , ir , lly SW imml.i'« ,h, :i .,.., at' son 000 intoine luxpavors iibou-. .$•«.- eoiirse lunetien,, was serve,! w l.s ( Mul , H . i|)ul |,,,,,[ in Wi ..!f:er l=a;-k. | (K)O.OOO.Oeo a year, fdilercd wilh yellow and pink car-| tl ,., v ,.,,,,1^,.,. ,|il.s nf'i-rn.w:> be-luri ti o\ Icje!'. at the Red" CIDSS uffn;" 01 the Hlytlievilli' Y, it w is alinulllleee today. Thc-M 1 students will be :'.)lo\ved li take fii^t elusses Thu'-scla/ niorniii-.i nations. The p,u°st of honor was presented an or: hitl eursage. Out of town liiiests were Mrs. formerly of Okla- ' ; j Thomas upward, ttire s from the book of Psalms. Miss Atluline IjL-e was hostess •M's. J. O. Barnes was leader for 'last nigh; al the liome of her the program, -ontitled "The Colored ' ™ (s ' Mr - ""d M". .John to R-JCC" "rsrticlpatlni! on' the pro- members " f Yiinng Woman's AHX- pjam wfre Mrs. Lloyd Stickmo'i. Miss Betty Woodson and Mrs. E. C: -Brown^ • • : A feature, - iu keemn(f with tiie prrsram th^einc. was music bv Nearn vocal" trio oi Tru-r.lght Bap- j Miss CMthrrine Graham R-.IVU the devotion:-.! i ' Ul!1 T »' First IMplist Church. .I In addition to the 14 members j present was a ir.iesl, Miss Kathryn e Powell, secretary this Slimmer at l ' 1[1 cliureh. tirt Church. Mrs. Tom Jackson inccting with prayer. Circle Meetings Held , Fqr Methodist 'Women 'pircle groups of the Woman's Sn- akim: part <ni the closed the I pr«n!'<"n were Mii; Jaycc nhoades and Miss Lee. The hosic.Sj was assisted In serv- ii!T by her mother and Miss Nella Simpson. Dcsscii Bridge Given ForGEOCIiib, Gueslr. M. P. Day. His host met him jvs- teiday in Memphis. Condition of Dr. J. M. Walls, uhri h!i B been seriously ill Ihe !»-it 10 days, was little clr.uiKcd lod:iy. Mrs. N. .!. llumiJhrey. Mrs. Jos- Hllll.phrev llilfl Mrs C. M. Oliv.-r spejit Saturday In Memphis. Dr. and Mr.s. J. L. Vanilfjoser and t'.vo tlaiiL'hti i s. Dehna and Doreta, of Kmith\-ille. Tenn.. eame ov-.'r hv ]jlane Bund ly lo visit Mrs. Van- Hooscr's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. 10. Neiil. Mr. and Mrs. Kdwiu-d CJasry and small son, James William, have relumed home froai Sniitln'ille. Term. 'Mj-s. Roy Fret : inan of Trentorl, Tenn.. spent Sunday wi'.h her .st:;- ter-in-law. Mr.s. .1. If. Etkins. Condition uf Mr.s. Mike Mercmo}'. wlin li:i B been feriouslv ill In th.' Baptist Hosiiilal in Memphis, is inn-roved. Mrs. M. Kiiulc spent Saturday in M'-inphis with friends. Mrs. Mildred Trail, public sehMl vou:e and pi;iuo instructor for sev— er;il Nurth Mississippi Conn*;. 1 s-chdols mid Calvurv Baptist, will Inivr- tiunorrow for'o lo study fur six weeks at the ConscrVT- lorv of Musle. Miss Emily lierry. of Kiinsas Cl'y Mo, who will rerve Miss Lynn Jackson ns tuaid of honor when she brcomes the bride, o! Joe Me'rfnne." hi lit" Jim' 1 , fiirived \'esterdav to be Ihe juicst of the bride-elect her parents. Ma>'or and Mrs. R. ?l. Citv. housr^uest of her'aiint, Mrs. Fred Jacobs Sr., and Phil I'.nrks or Bedford, Vn. Mrs. \Chow Mcin Diftnnr Party Q; ycn bv f G;CEOt/A: June 17.—.Mr. and '.frs. w. !•'. Heal] entertained seven ccupt^s ot the yoilnf; married ^ronp Hnndiiy nii-ht. with a elunv inein diuiiEu 1 at ttieir home on /EJeinmes Aventie. Mrs. Bcnll was assisted by Mrs. Ilrttve Nelle Starr in serving. 'I'lic Bursts w.-ro seated at hicli- vidiui! tallies, which were centoivd v.ilh small vases tilled with Summer flowers in mixed colors. Presbyterians Meet Royal Service Program Given (it Bt;r>tist Meeting O'"KCI.A. June IV The W >-':, Missionary Union of First I'ajiisl c:inireh met yesterday at- leriuxni lor ri Royal 8er\ r ice pr,"- fi-ain. led b;.- Mrs. Fraiik Williams. Mis. Williams' topic was "The AiiiiTirnii" Mrs. U. II. Blackwood save the ttev<>lional :tntl others on the pro- urasn were Mrs. U. T Mitnii, M:'S. I'.-iv Co:: mill Mrs. Jetlie Driver. A social hiiur followed tile inest- iiu:. ^hen sandwiches, cookies and l:nn:-h ivcre served lo the '.it inem- bei>: present. Fi rittty of Christian Service of Methodist Church met yesi'jrclav af- tcf^noon for program mid soeir.f ses- &ions at homes of vnriyus nie:nbeiR. ^Circle One met with Mrs. Hjr"ey Morris and Mrs. T. J. Bailey e.t lh^ Mprris home. Mrs. Bailey cave Ilia devotional and Mrs. Jie Fera^tson. tli£ Bibla study. Mi-s. Albert Hollin,;..worih was hostess and Mrs. William Wyatt. co-hostess, to memoivs of Circle Two. Other than circl= mcmhevs. giitsl.s were .Mrs. Huyii Wliilstu. WSCS president, and M,s. Alien a. Slswart. Mrs. Wyatt t »avi- ihe Bible- study. •Circle Three members met wilh M^rs. W. L. Horner, when Mr?. Jic-rnard Gooch gave ih'; Bibl^ study. ; Mrs. L. E. Old gave the devotional for Circle Four, vhich mot with Mrs. Gean S. Atkinson and Mrs. Homer Wilson it the Atkinson home. Mrs. B. A. I.yuen the Bible study. Mrs. Charles Wylie was hostess to Circle Five, for whtet Mis. Jclm Foster gave the devotional a:id Mrs. George Pyles n«d ths Bible study. Circle Six members were {.'iirsis of Mrs. U. S. Branson and Mrs. W. 1, Denton at the Branso.i home. Mrs! A. C. Haley gave the devotional an<; Mrs O. N. Hawkins, the Hibl-; ttud Refreshments were served in social hours at each session. Miss Dorothy Jean Hi^sinsnn m- llonnld lertained last ntKht with :i dcss"''l Texas-, \. ill bridge for memb.Ts of the CH'Xi Clnh jmd two other auesls, Miss Ernilj 5 " Berry of Kansas City, liouse- Ciiest of Mi;s Lynn Jackson an i her oaicnts. Mayor and Mrs. F:. P. Jackson, and Miss Mary Sue Howe. Miss Bcrrv will II L - curst or Hie Jtaksons until the wi-ddlm; of he 1 hostess June 2o to Joi- Mellanev. when she will .serve as malj] of inor to Mis.s Jackson. Arrangements of sweet peas and rosrs liecornte 1 ! the enterlainins rcoms. T r ir^t srorc -went to Mrs. Rnv Whtttlngtort and Miss Berry won liridgo. * • • Mrs. Sclierc- M<?slos5 To Club With Rook Par! y Mrs. Cornelius Schcror \vu.s luvs- tcss to OWC club mrmbn.s inrihc-irj weekly party. I Also quests were Mr. 1 ', T, \V. Meal j and Miss Jeiumine Bclicrer. I rrydrangens find other Hiunnioi' flowpr.s decorated thr bonii 1 lo [(ii'iti n sot lint; 'or tlic f;ronji, Mrs. Loon Scltoiov won hi^h .^coic i>ri/c in arternocri rook prunes, second ]iif;h \vc*nt to Mrs. I.etulcn- nic Fov.'Icr and rooko lo Mrs 'I'. W. Ncal. The hostess served a phitc of :is- sortcd party foods. be of Corpus Chrisli. the Finest of his New Plastic Cast Means trip Home grandparents. Mr. ami Mr.s. n, H Ilodsc. and Mrs. Buck. He came by plane. Mrs, Ray Enlerlalns Wilh Party for Club Mrs. Tirrnmn Huv eutertalnecl the Conjilo Club Friday uiirht «t her hoii'e on Kast Missouri Street wilh n I'.iwn paru 1 . Guests other than the dull mem- nens were ^!r. anct Mrs. Herman Turner. Mr. and Mir,. Bill Turn.T and Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred May. Business Meeting Meld For Calvary Church WMS The Woman's Missionary Society of Calvary Baptist Church met yesterday afternoon at the church for a brief business session and pi\)- uram. Mr.s Harry Bnrnetto pave the Mission .Study proyram mi stcwarri- ship. A curst was Mrs. I. M. ly 'if New Orleans. Mis. nr.i:,l<n;l 1 clisniissecl the yroup. Daiighlcr Born \ A daughter was born 'I'hursda afternoon to the Hev. ami Mr.s O. C. Hicks in Batosvillc. ] Their first child, she has been named Margaret l-'ranees. Mr.s. , J'ic-ks i s the former Miss Sara ' Fr.uices Rowland, daughter ot Mv. and Mrs. Claude Huwland of Blv- hcville. OrfrF7.'I A. JllIlP livlci i::n Auxiltury the hnrno of Mrs, Joe Cramer will) Mrs. AUiui Si'ai;i avns n.s co-hostess. Twenty-si:: members attended. ! Mrs. P. P. .tylnisnn «nvr tbo. ilfvoUonal und Mr.s. Clror^e Doyl_ l ' wng pro'-r:itn K 1 td* i r. Her lO')i^ \v.\s ".I A-n Mv urotht-r's Keoi:or." Ot,tiers wlio took purl werr? Mvs. Av- Ihnr Holers. Mrs. L. C. llnclson and MI-S. lr?i WriKhl. A sahid court \viis sewed following thf! meeting. -^. ^ '* ** Mrs. Mitchell Honored Ky Miscellaneous Shower Mrs, Dallas Mitrhcll was honurrd whrn Mrs. Gloria Ilocl^*. MLss Olfjra llod^i-. iMiris Cihulys Ho;lg-? niul Mrs. B. 13. Hody,c entcrtauv.'d with a mi.i- rllanoons shower at Mr.s. Gloiiu I hull's hnmc. Tlu- Mitchell Iinnu- fi'iith' \vas burned. When the 2f> ji^esls jilnyoil ^;imrr>, nri/c.'i wt'Vp nwarcircl U> Mi 5. Mitchell and Mrs. Odis Aasiin. 1U- froshincuts woro seivo'J. jfles Prepare n.-The ,Pres- | D ', f j -, JL-, O»*n? et Monday in DSilS tO ^.ggM.Ul » . 0 For Staatum There hud been sortie !''!':, if braten. 111? Republican: i-uilld tiy lo l>"at f.u. Truman lo ihe puncll ••:i any la:-: reduction rcxt year by [>:>:ffl!i.U th_> vetoed bill and makingj .1 efTectivc next Jan. '. . Hut Martin's stftte;n-Mi'. tint this .vcnild be the last say or; t^x?.; lids year put ai rest any such plans — if they existed. Martin made Ills .stal'immt t.ftei a 'meeting of the H 'ijnljlk.Tii .Sleer- iti.-. Committee. If Hull of Wisconsin ami Aii- ilL-rsen of ;Minnesola hail gone nloiitf \vith the rest of their COP iiilleaRuii, the veto would have h'.'t-n overridea. 1'h'y ^^•ere the cnlv lti-"ulilicans who vnteil a«aim:t 'ihe bill. ' 'liaise Democratic Leader Sam !"V.>y'.JurM said the vote bore out Ins l>r (l"-!H>n that it would be sustained. hnl Ui:il the vote would close. "I'm '.'hid it wa K sustained." nay- burn said "I was opposed to Ihif kind of t:-x provision at this lime Whi-l. we , liould do is pay off some of our (iclns while there is h income and while we have ade- other blast at Mr. Truman. • House is Turbulent "We srurn his specious arfM'- ( mcnt that the government mir;t take heavily of the people's rnoiuy ind snciui it." HailcLk said. "ITiulirr :he fiscal program that we fte- :nblicans proposed, we would rc- liu-e tho bnrlget, retluee taxc. s :mct slill have left more moncv lo aii- llly to tl\e national debt than the President, in his proposals, tlioi |'it, we etiuld pay." •POT nearly 10 minutes after the Titial results was announced, Speaker Martin tried to achieve order in the turbulent House. Vainlv he rapped his gavel to break ii]> For Your Children's Summer Visaf The Too Late *o Classify For Sale of Trade For Safe For Rent and hos- Coming Events WEONESDAY Mis. W. Marion Williams Mrs. L. D. Chamblin will be lesscs with an informal parly fro:n •1 to G o'clock complimenting Miss Lynn Jackson, bride-elect. THURSDAY Mrs. Loy Welch hostess to Oc- tette Club. 2 o'clock. Gay G.irri^an will be hostess to members of the Junior Miss CHib. Mrs. J. c. Fraxler will entertain ONB Club. Pathfinder's Class of First Methodist Church meeting at the church V:;iD p.m. lor social. l-'UIDAV Mrs Lcndcnnic Fowler hostess tn CISC Club. At least Hire: 1 cities niove.l toward f.-rmai application for the fi-onoscd memorial stadium in A.'k- an.-.:ii today' but nt noon n:j formal notices had b^en rocvi-ved by the Madium tommissioii. L-'sli:' M. Sperk, of Csceola, state r>pref*:Tiln- tlvc and scCji-etary of 'he comniis- slo!l,"!:»id. lie had not received nny \ 'letters notifying him of any city's tlccision lo Lid on the ^ntctun 1 . Mu'.vrur. in Hot mir'uu:s, lli.ji. Lloyd Darnell and Jack .Nelson c,f the: Chamber of C^ommecc- 1 , said they have mailed their notice to Speck, saying that Hot Spri'.las will, bid on the milli.ln-doi'ar project. In Little Rock. D. Pete chairman of the Chamber or Corn- mere? Stadium Committee, announced that he wijl noluy SlJC'jk today thai. Little Rock will nii'kc an official bid for the ruli'ic-tic field. And in North Little Rod; the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce Stadium Commit" 1 ?, met last night and officially decided tu ubniit. a bid for 'the :;i"jje,:t. This fiberglass-plastic cast, which looks like a strapless evening gown, is going to give LI. Carolyn Hocevar, 25, o£ Pontiac, Mich., h«r first home leave after three years in the Army Nurse Corps. Her back was ser/ouslv Injured in an automobile.accident in Belgium 15 moriths ago. Jp until now she has'-been.ln a plaster cast J° «»vy it immobilized her. The new lightweight cast allows her lo sit up in bed for the firs! time and will assure her a comfortable ,._ . trip home from Percy Jones Hospjtal, Battle Creek Mjch. mother's Fticnd massaging preparation helps bring c.7se ?.i^ comfort to expectant mothers. M OTjreR'R rniEND. nn c.Ttnilsttcly prciwrcd rinnltlcnt. 1.1 Mscful In nil coiKllt'.ons vvhorc n blnnd, inllrt ntiodyn.i mnspaeo nirdlxrn In ^l-.l-.v lubrlcnllon Is Ooslrcrt. Onu riuulluoii In which iramrn lor more tli;\n -;o ycnrs Imvo used It !a nil npnllcatlou for<sni;liifl the Kody iKirlng l>roi:naucy . . . li helps keen tho fkiii ,«olt nnit pllnnio.. . thus nvolilhn; imiicccsr.iry cU-,coi;Hort iluo to drync.u nnd tightness. H rcfrcshrs null tones t!lo £Kin. A .n l[lcat nw.r^KonppIIcatlon for tho numti, tlnclhis or burnlne Kcns.itloiiB . for the tired' , The skin . or cramp-like pains in iho legs. Qnlckyy nbsorbcH, Uollghtfui to^nse. ICighly jirfilscd ^jy users, mmiy dorlors awy druBftlxt for Mother's Fricmi—the Bkm cmollleiil and lubricant. Do try It, Mothers Friend INDEPENDENT GARAGE MEN • We now hovo a large stock of new Chevrolet crfgincs and block as- semblies. ! Get all you need now ! I ! while we can give you j i i i maximum discounts.! ; ! LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. From Adams' RECORD BAR I'Ucy sny Hint vmiciv >t life . . . it" so . . ninly fnjfiy st.iflinu :: '•'LW Uincs Eroni our iv ):u'. 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