The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1949
Page 17
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BLI'IHIVILLK (ARK:)'"' COURIER NEWS PAGE' >UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hooplc r weHr^ .own* ^ ^ JR.WILLIAMS -me MtSJJTE KAA.N AND THE HOUR. HAND- KAO.TVMSC*/ usrt WME ieua. i .._... —.... p^xeeo^-iw* i - A&OlJT I SAY 6ALLfVAMfriM6 MOTHERS, WHO vJO»*-( 9TAW WOM» I ~ •» SLOW 3O**»'fi-^iO*e, ARt TO •LAUeKW. . 50 w* cem-) OPOOW. C«ZIM«."; I'M j A COP A LOADED , CISAR.' — AMC WHAT DOVOU ^MAOSOtEUM Oft ' ^ R00£tt *WENiHfrl 4' GETS flOLUMG j. 6*23* 4ud Puppy feeds Fish > ILEWISTOWN. Mont. W>-A gun •ub put a mud pupps—a young Blamander—into a small aquarium |m> the idea that tlie creature's ansformation into a salamander lould be an interesting exhibition. kit they reckoned without a tven trout and a Rainbow trout 1 the same tank. The mud puppy §mcd Into supper tor Hie trout Ing before he could change into a ^lamander. T ft MUCH LAWilrtCE MSTMUT1* «t MX JMWCl • Hugh Lawrence Nelson FM and AM |7 Tubes Plus Rectifier | List en to the Bait Game In Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH D R EIFI S |U»t Dreifui .. . Wtar Diaaaarf II, Mi \l\l\ '.< XXXV U told me once about men, and women like Mollie," Bea said thoughtfully. "You told tne about your plan of campaign. Are congratulations in order?" MabeJ Jones smiled. "Right now 1 don't think he cares much for any woman. He did ask me V) stay on the island while he went for supplies." v "Are you going to?" "Maybe you've forgotten the four of why us came in the first place? I haven't. There's nothing on the mainland 1 want, nothing 1 can't have here. But whether I slay or nol depends some on you." "On me?*" Bea asked in surprise. "Yes. You've got something on your mind. You weren't playing with the funicular for the fun of it. You don't think Lilly Warren killed herself." "Do you think she did?" "I didn't know much about her," Mabel replied, "but 1 wouldn't have thought she'd be the kind to hurt herself." "She was drinking," Bea said thoughtfully, "and Harding had liool You go oui ol your way to hunt up trouble for yourselves." "Maybe. But you see what it means if it was done like that. 1 " "Ob 1 see, Anyone of us cou!d have done it. If we'd had the gun.** "Exactly." "You suspect anybody?" "Not for sure." Bea satd. "I don't have any proof. But there's one thing certain. We didn't have any trouble on S pea re Island until those four were shipwrecked. * And they knew Lilly from before." "We've had plenty trouble since then," Mabel agreed. "I'd thought some about asking Nona McGuire to stay on here with me if you others go back. I don't think she's happy. 1 guess, though, it wouldn't be so good to trust any of them. Why don't you stay with me?" "Not I,** Bea said firmly. 1 never thought I'd see the day, but school- teaching begins to look better and better to me. Why don't you ask Agnes Firth?" "I may do that," Mabel said. "But you still haven't answered my question about what you're going to do*" "I'm nol going to do anything/' Bea said "How could 1? I don't down tf you want. But you made the choice yourself you know." "1 didn't understand. 1 wanted to have tun." Henry Harding got up and walked out into th«j rain. Bea Cotgrove hesitated. From the corner of her eye she caught the gesture Mollie made to Fred Sill well when she thought she wax unobserved. Bea saw the slight nod Sillwell gave to show h* understood what the girl wanted. Miss Cosgrove stood up, stretched. "It's getting close , in here," she announced. "The air's suddenly bad. Guess I'll take a little walk too," JJENRY GOUGH HAR DING'S hair was already matted with rain when she reached his side. "I couldn't stay there. I had to leave. Why did she come back?" "She probably wanted som«- thing," Bea said. "Wanted something?" He exploded. "Wanted something? What could she expect to get from no* now? I was witling, eager, to give her so. many things. She could have had my name. If she wanted to be a queen, she could have ruled with me over Speare Island. But FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER The Acl Change* COM. t»tt IV MIA MAVtCC. MC. T. M. RIO. U ». *r>T Of r. reSWW^IPKiISS ^^^r-ttW*-/ ?V ' a»a» x^3 I ' j *S **' Lt MUCHACHA "Since I got this summer job, everybody keepi reminding me of the dough I owe them—ev«n my parents are money-mad!" OtSC-JKWY IKfUOCS LAItlf/ IS BfATIHf, LiKO'S T'Mf WIW HILDA' PRLSCILLA'S POP The Optimist BY AL VERMEER told her he wouldn't choose hi tor his wife." "A reason, good or not Why didn't it convince you?" "Why should she get in the funicular car to kill herself? Why wasn't there more blood?" "You think she was shot somewhere else and put in the car?" "I don't know. And I really don't know how much blood there should be. But—well in «U the books I have read about murders, there's always a point made about how much blood there is. So I thought about it and I figured she might have been shot in the tunnel under the main house, and her body sent down. Maybe whoever did it planned to weight her body with rocks and sink it in the cove. A mysterious disappearance." Mabel Jones smiled. "People ^•ith your reading and imagina- know anything for sure." TITOLLIE STARK visited the camp shortly before dark. Nona McGuire got up from her place beside the fire and made a low, mocking bow. "The queen! Queenie herself! And how is her royal highness by now? And the king? All well and cozy I suppose. The rail** "Don't be mean," she pouted •when I'm lonesome. George won't talk." Glad to hear he has some sense left," Nona wid heartily. "You're mean. Aren't awy of. you going to ask me to sit down by the fire and gel warm?" She looked toward Henry Harding as she spoke, but he gave no sign of being aware of her presence. Mabel Jones said, "Come sit why? Why did she have to do whal she did to meV "She's young. Impatient." "Why should being young make ler impatient? It's the other way around. I was kind, considerate. [ - took her youth into account. I didn't hurry her. Why I was going to marry her! Marry her. you understand! Give her everything. And she chose to go with that young fool. I should have killed him. But 1 was stunned. Shocked. So much disaster." He balled one huge fist and struck his other palm. "I do not see why. all this should happen to me! What have I done that I should be punished so?" She answered clearly, "Look into the past. Perhaps R is something in the past." She saw his body stiffen, knew he had heard. She barely made out his muttered command, "Leav* me now. 1 must think. Leave m« alone." (T* Re Continued) [LESTER; WHY ARE YOU SITTING HERE IN THE OARKf / I WANT TO BE SURE , I'M LATE FOR DINNER, YMR.NUTCHELL. BUT DOESN'T THAT MAKE YOUR FATHER ANGRY? NEXT TIME LATE HE'LL REALLV SOMETHING '1C FLINT He Said $20,000 BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE Read Courier News Want Ads. COMPANY T0l\> Real Phone 521 Phon* 3075] MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH G. C. Hawks 328 E. Main Phone 3292 "I know GtHfRAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION is a 900^ place to get a loan on (K* car, fctrt, rfo you hare to talk about it all night?" 4% HOME LOANS Elberl S. Johnson Fhe Equitable Life Assurance Society PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete cnlTerU. 12 Inch to tt inch, pUin »r reenlorced- Als* Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chickea houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate . . . Phone KS1. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. WONDER WHAT GOT INTO THAT CHARACTER SEUIN6 THE JUMPING BEANS TO GIVS Mt A« EXTRA CMCKAGE ? I'M MAN6W6 ON TOOTI6HT [VtNWWONOER WHY DtO MX) ARGOE ME WTO TXNN67MW? CJeanw/hile, Jose, the jumping bean man, was seething. POLICE ? DO voo WISH SOME MOT BILLS 1O FIND? SO, StNOR AtEX V RAPP TUIpKS HE CAN I, ST4B IN THE BACK JOSC FOB H» WO.OOOJ WE SHALL ME.' WASH TUBES V WOE. W¥ H °LP VER Y Kft.LL.IKMC \| HM.KM WAWTSTOMOVE* OIVIH'' AN (BON CIXLJM* ^ P» <3fc»! MJDCUTWTOH ^,, ' &Toue uNoce- rTiLTr NEMH. • / 7^ Cars Can'l Take H rW)ITH &ROAR THE CMZ- WLCWS FOCWftKC...TUE CA6LE SWAPS TAUT— BY LESLIE TURNER AW. GNATS! DE5E PM>->LAME CARS WOWT STAUD UP Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The Ideal pray to remember ipcrlaJ occasion*. Also other types of camera* for real BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3fi47 TUDEBAKER, NEW STUDEBAKER '49er Cuts Cost Amazingly BUGS BUNNY Efficiency Plus VW4.TS&. IDEA O' SlTTiNf TriERE. | GETTIN' FAT? VA SHOULD 6E y V, r OH'<lr4' OUT ON V£R WHV 00 I | TO DO THIS N-NOW ? ALLEY OOP A Health Cruise? BY V. T. HAMLIN •WELL. WELL IF IT It's a new kind of (ruck—with new engineer inn that gives lop gasoline mileage—with new structural stamina that can take punishment indefinitely. So don't just trade models — TRADE MAKES and get ft truck that thousands call, "THE THRIFTIEST TRUCK IN TOWN." Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly SludeUkcr Doter" Railroad A Ash Phone 88* •S T U D E I AK E r CEETAINLY OO! *£'$ AN Y<7ULL FiMP IT MUCH HEALTHIER BO2MS BUCKET •>&s: BUT HOW ELSE INDUCE YOU TO ACO7MPANV IE O» CCEAN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES That's Kilty BY EDGAR MARTIN

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