The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on December 31, 1985 · Page 24
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 24

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1985
Page 24
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The Salina Journal Plus Tuesday December 31,1985 Page 4 Bent paper clip or staple replaces lost eyeglass screw Dear Heloise: The screw holding the side parts on my eyeglasses has had a tendency to fall out unobserved. After going to the place where I bought the glasses to have them take care of the problem, only to have it reoccur, I decided to find a better way. I first used the small part of a paper clip by cutting parts off and bending it. Then I tried using a staple that was taken out after stapling thick newspaper. One end was straightened out so it can go through the holes. The straight part can then be bent so it will not come out. It works great! A paper clip, staple or thin piece of wire can generally be found to do the job when it is not easy to find the proper replacement screw. — Norman S.Schlaifer You certainly are ingenious! Did you know most opticians sell replacement screws for a very modest price? They come with a little screw driver in their own little kit. — Heloise Dear Heloise: I have a suggestion for mothers of young babies. My third little girl is five months old and active. Getting the bath water the Heloise's hints KING FEATURES right temperature has worried me. So I use an empty 16-ounce shampoo bottle with spout and fill it with the bath water, I spray my arm and if the temperature is right I put her in. I use the rest of the water in the bottle to wet the top and sides of her head. This works easier than using a cloth which seems to need alot of rinsing. She also likes the water sprayed on her belly. — Linda Spangle I bet she does. You're a smart Mom, and give that cutie a hug from me.—Heloise Dear Heloise: When vacuuming up sudsy soapy water with my wet vacuum I add a tablespoon of antacid to the water canister. This cuts the bubbles and stops the vacuum from oversudsing. —Barbara Hyman Dear Heloise: Have you ever been at a railroad station, airport, or any public phone to find you don't have the change for that important or needy phone call? Trying to have your dollar bill converted into the change you need by a passerby is usually very difficult. My solution — carry a few postage stamps. Everyone can use them and usually people are quite willing to except a 22-cent stamp for two dimes. You get that emergency phone call change and they get a bargain of 2 cents saved. — E.E. Johnson Dear Heloise: Some time ago I read about how to clean silver coins, flatware, etc. I have a method I'd like to pass on to you. As my old "Aunty" would have said, get that big aluminum stew pot and mash up a square or two of aluminum foil. Drop the foil in and cover with water. Let it boil then drop in your small pieces of silver, flatware, etc. "Cook" them about five to 10 minutes, then wash 'em in hot soapy water. They'll shine like a brand new half dollar. — Reta I tried your tip and it worked on most of the pieces.—Heloise Whales killed electrically In 1852, Dr. Albert Sonnenberg and Philip Rechten of Bremen, Germany, patented an electric whale killing machine. Unwanted facial hair appears with menopause Dear Dr. Donohue: For four years I have been keeping my blood pressure under control with daily doses of Tenormin and Dyazide. I am 60. Six months ago I developed the problem of unwanted facial hair. Could the medicine be connected? I have never taken any form of hormone medicine. Please give me your opinion on this and if there is anything to help eliminate this. — A.R. I read and reread the adverse reaction literature on both drugs and find no reference to facial hair growth listed. Rather than repeat the information printed recently on this subject, I'm sending some literature. But let me say this: Many women in the menopause years notice some facial hair growth, usually a fuzz on the upper lip. It's usually benign unless accompanied by other masculine changes, like a deepening voice, loss of breast tissue, or (in menstruating women) menstrual irregularity. Those women should report to their doctors. The doctor will be chiefly interested in doing tests to see if there is an increase in male hormones, which might represent tumor of a gland that produces these hormones. That is not usually involved. Then the woman can look for ways to remove or camouflage the hair. It's more of a problem in dark-haired women. Some kinds of drugs are being studied, which hold promise for controlling this unwanted hair growth. Dear Dr. Donohue: I have severe sleeplessness. I have tried the sleeping pills prescribed. They worked OK, but they compromised my daytime functioning. My work is quite sensitive. Any answer for me? Do I just have to adjust and get by on a couple of hours a night? — J.U. I'd just as soon see you find some Doctor Donohue NEWS AMERICA non-narcotic answer. But for the present, you can go back to your doctor and ask him to prescribe a short-acting pill. Meanwhile, look into the safer answers. You'll find discussed in the booklet "Why Can't You Sleep?" For G.P. — Scheuermann's disease is compression of the inner part of backbones, producing a somewhat hunched appearance. Its cause isn't known, but it is sometimes called swimmer's back, and may be a problem with those who specialize in the butterfly stroke. It doesn't happen to all, of course. And in fact, most butterfly stroke specialists don't have it. Bracing is sometimes necessary to realign the bones to permit regrowth. (Write to Dr. Paul Donohue in care of News America Syndicate, 1703 Kaiser Avenue, Irvine, Calif. 92714.) 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