The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 1, 1964 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1964
Page 8
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PAGE 8 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Thursday, October 1,1964 PEACE PANEL— President Johnson meets in Uie White House with his new Peace Panel, composed of prominent Democrats and Republicans appointed to advise the President on foreign policy and defense planning Clockwise from Johnson: Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. McGeorge Bundy. Morris Leibman George B Kistiakowsky. John Cowles, Dean Acheson. Arthur Larson. James J V/adswurth. Paul G Hoffman. John J. McCloy. Omar Bradley. Eugene Black. Allen W Roswel! L Gilpatnc. Arthur H. Dean, Secretary ol State Dean Rusk. This is the panel's initial meeting. . ew SometUng new for home building !ani remodeling, new cabinet hardware designed to make full use of overhead of, • overhead space. The stystem permits up­ permost wall and cabinet shelves to swing down at a, fin! ger touch to comfojrtable shoulder level turns hard- to'- 1 reach space into readily accessible storage area. Shelves ^remain parallel to the ground while being moved — can not tip or spill. High torsion springs allow easy movement of any load. Special sets are available for load applications of 150 to 200 pounds. Easily -installed by carpenter or handy homeown- •and collectors — said to be completely • maintenance free and priced competitively with painted metal systems. The all- white solid vinyl components never require painting. The material is tough; will not buckle under the weight of ice or snow and will support the weight of a person on a ladder. Clapboard siding of a new man-made building m a t e r ial that looks and cuts like wood but has the strength and fire resistant qualities of rock. The siding is said to be incombustible; will not conduct electricity; is not affected by termites or rot since it is predominately inorganic; has neglibi- ble shrinkage or expansion. Primed at the factory, it can be painted with either latex or oil-base paints. The material's high degree of stability is said to require less frequent painting than conventional materials. Moisture vapor will pass freely. We can use extra men (18 years or older) either part, time or full time during the month of Ocicber. Apply at plant office on State Road 28. t ' Pioneer Corn Company, Inc. A grillework ceiling panel* in a smooth satin-white finish that can be installed as is or painted as desired. Ideal for use with recessed lighting fixtures, it can be installed by means of standard suspended ceiling gird systems, attached to furring strips or ceiling joists or framed with mouldings to form individ- ' ual suspended units for decorative accent. Suspended below i the original ceiling it provides considerable sound absorption and this can be increased by use of a fiber glass blanket i backing. A noylstyrehe foam board insulation for roofs, walls, ceilings and floors. The strong, rigid, lightweight material is said to have exceptional thermal properties; to act as an effective moisture barrier even under concrete slab; bonds to other surfaces easily; provides an excellent surface for plaster cement and accepts lamination with a wide range of materials. A single floor-and-ceiling sys- 'tem in. a double-duty, seven-ply fir panel that can be used as a roof decking-celing or sub-floor- ceiling. The panel has an attractive abraded ceiling surface, achieved by shot-blasting which, removes soft surface growth, leaving ;n high relief a weathered pattern of the' harder gain in the wood. The unabrad- ed side can be covered with any flooring material without underlayment or building paper. Panels are four by eight feet, tongue-and-grooves, and spans between exposed beams I may be four feet on center. j A rigid vinyl plastic rain-car- j /)/•_ SchoOmeVer ;rying system — gutters, down-i ' spouts; connectors, inside and outside corners, elbows, caps ALWAYS F.HST QUALITY INFANTS' NEEDS infants' Print Crawlabouts $ 1 TO .-J t' FITTED CRIB SHEETS FN" PERKY PRINTS! 66 2 for 1 For iunior explorers! Machine washable cotton corduroy crawl a o u t s for girls and boys. Prints on dark or light grounds. Sizes Snug fitting crib sheets of Sanforized cotton won't slip or pull out! Tape reinforced edges for durability!; Another great Penney value! One Dozen Heavyweight Gauze Diapers 2 44 Now's the perfect' opportunity to stock up on infants' necessities. Full size 21 x 40 rectangular shape, pinked edges, quality gauze. TODDLERS COTTON KNIT POLOS 1 to 4 2«« $ 1 Busy little runabouts stay neat and comfortable in long. - sleeved cotton knit polos. Re-in- forced snap - shoulder. Closing Penney - priced! Pre-Schoolers Coiduroy Boxer Longies 99' sixes 2 to 7 Fine, pinwale cotton corduroy longies at a very small price! They're machine - washable — Penney — made to last Blue, red, olive, brown do you have the card that does everything? OPEN YOUR PENNEY CHARGE ACCOUNT TODAY! it's the card for every purchase, the charge plan for every person! •• Remember! You can Charge It "at ' PENNEYS •(Continued from paae 3) wary, office of administration, Ball State Teachers 'college; Dr... Herbert Schoomeyer, dean of men, Butler university; Robert T. Chupp. assistant professor of journalism, Franklin college; George Wagner, General Motors corporation; R. H. Price, manager, Indiana Business college; Dale Robinson, administrative .counselor, Indiana State college, T e r r e Davis, alumni association, Indiana . State college, T e re Haute; Wililam Bain, 'assistqnt dean, Indiana university.} Ttomas Hatter, International Business college, Fort Wayne. Other Colleg Representatives Also, Victor Bogle, director. Kokomo campus of Indiana university;- Paul S. Bowman, director of admissions, Manchester college; Patricia Jeffers director of admissions/Marian college, Indianapolis; Max E. Banker, director of admissions, Marion college, Marion; George •Falen, assistant dean, school of humanities, Purdue university; E. Sterl Phinney, director of administration, • Taylor university; Dr. Radcliffe, director of administration, Tri -State college, Angola; Lawrence Brown, project engineer, Delco Radio, Kokomo for Valparaiso Technical Institute, Valparaiso; Lowell H. Hildebrand, director of admissions, Wabash college. Refreshments were served to !the group following the sessions in the school cafeteria by the Home Demonstration clubs of the county. Next year, college night will be held on September 27 at Sharpsville-Prairie school, o f Sharpsville. The following committee' has been appointed to formulate plans for next year, Mrs. Patricia. Moore, Tipton high school; Larry Olson, of Northern Community school and Sister Caroline of St. Joseph Academy. Cardinals (Continued from page 1) 8). New York at Milwaukee — Stallard (10-20) vs. Lemaster (16-11). (Only games scheduled) Friday's Games Phila. x at Cincinnati, night Pittsburgh at Milw, 2, twi-night New York at .St. Louis, night Houston at Los Ang., night Chicago at San Fran., night NZVV HUSGAND -Actress Jayne Mansfield responds languorously to a hand kiss from her husband. Thomas I. Ottaviano in New York as she announces their Sept. 24 wedding in Mexico. He's her manager, and is known professionally as Matt Cimber. Ke'll diiect her in Diav in Milwaukee, Wis STAIMDIN CAMPAIGNER— Mrs. Christopher Soames, wife of the British agriculture minister ana Sir Winsion Churchill's youngest daughter, talks with George Wakeham during a, campaign visit to the Old Folks Home In Sharnbrook, England. She is representing her husband, who is hospitalized with injuries from a horseback riding accident. President (Continued from nage 1) Hospital Notes TUESDAY MEETING Members, of Double. Dozen Home Demonstration club will meet at the home of" Mrs. Car- | tn fnrmnr Serretarv of State! ADMISSIONS: Forest John- los Bockover,1013 North Main ! ts\ ss ™.£3 i7sjsn^^\^^- u ^^ the Marshall Plan for European • J J ' ~ Major League- Leaders By United, Press International National League W. AB R. H. Pet. Clmnte, Pitt 151 608 91 208 .342 Clarty, Mil Aaron, Mil Torre, Mil Allen, Phil Brock, StL Santo, Chi 128 436 68 144 .330 141 565 102 185 .327 •150 585 86 189 .32 160 624 121197 .316 153 625 108 196 .314 157 579.91181 .313 Wiliams, Chi 158 629 !97 196 .312 Flood, StL 159 666 95 206 .309 Maye, Mil .151 579 ;94177- .306 'American' League Oliva, Minn 157 658 107 211 .321 Robnsn, Bait 160 600 80 189 .315 Hord, NY 145 535 61 167 .312 Mantle, NY 139 455 88 139 .305 Robnsn, Chi 137 512 80 153 .299 Frehan, Det 141 508 69 152 .299 Kaline, Det 142 516 76 153.297 Powell, Bait 131414 71121-.292 Bresud, Bos 155 556 83 162 .291 Ystrzki, Bos m 554 75 160 .289 Home ,.Runs National Lea g u e — Mays, Giants 44; Williams, Cubs 32; Cepeda, Giants 31; Callison, Phils 31; Hart, Giants 30.. American Leageu — Killebrew, Twin:' 48; Powell.Orioles Cards 117; Santo, Cubs 112; Torre, Braves 106; Callison, Phils 104; Mays, Giants 103. ..American League — B. Robinson, Orioles 112; Stuart, Red Sox 109; Killebrew, Twins 109; Mantle, Yanks 107; Colavito, A's 102. Pitching National Le.-.gue — Koufax, Dodgers 19-5; • Bunning, 'Phils 18-7; Marichal, Giants 20-8; O'Toole, Reds 17-7; Bunning, 18-8; Jackson, Cubs 23-11. American League — Bunker. Orioles 19-5; Ford, Yanks 16-6; Peters, White Sox 20-8; Pappas, Orioles 16-7; Chance, Angels 20-9.' Johnson Asks (Continued from page 1) Union have pledged to support the ILA strike, which began in New York and some other port hours before the midnight deadline. About 20,000 seamen and 10,000 truckers vyere idled along with the longshoremen. Major (Continued from page 5) ' • t referred to as the Alumni area. In this area the team is entertaining fans ,and wearing out grass. Almost anyone with minimal training can Quarterback the game in this portion of the field. This area does enable the team to open their attack and exploit the weaknesses exhibited by the opponent defense. 35 Yard Line to T-D In a!! other areas of the field the offense is limited to three runs or passes before the punt but in this area the team receives a BIG BONUS DOWN. Fourth down mav now be utilized to gain another first down. In this four down zone the offense must strike hard. The team must not commit errors that result in penalties and they must apply constant pressure cn the defense. The team will employ the scoring plan that has been predetermined on the basis of scouting information and any weakness exhibited by the opponent during the game. Mrs. Rockefeller (Continued from page 1) . succeeded very well in his role, and the children are normal, healthy and contented." ; Gagliardi added that consideration of evidence taken in a three week hearing last month "does not warrant a change in the custodial arrangement which the parties themselves concluded" at the time of the mother's Idaho divorce so that she could marry Rockefeller. Neither of the principles nor the judge were in the courthouse when the decision was made public by Gagliardi's secretary. The older c'.'.ildren — James, 13, Margaretta, 11, Carol, 8, — are already living with their father in his New York town house. The youngest child, Me- iinda, 4, has been living with the Rockefellers at their Pocantico Hills, N.Y., estate,- and Gagliardi ruled that she "must be returned to her father." Lions Club Fish Fry Saturday October 3,19G4 Sharpsville Fire Barn recovery: "Gen. Marshall recognized— and we firmly believe—that permanent peace requires European civilization to develop within its historic boundaries. This is our aim. This is the real road to freedom for those behind the Iron Curtain." John.'.on devoted part of his speech to a call for excellence in politics, and public service. "I believe the performance of American government can and must be improved — and the standards of American politics can and must be raised," he said. The Johns Hopkins address was the second- campus engagement for the President in four days. He spoke Monday at Brown University in Providence, R.I. He said today he felt campus appearances by a president was appeaances by a pesident was a good idea. "I regard it as wise for the flame of learning to be applied occasionally to: the seats of power," he' quipped in his speech. Three Months (Continued from page 1) bond pending an appeal. Mullins' -brother,, Ivan, 33, Glenview, 111., is scheduled for trial Oct. 12 at Fort Wayne on similar charges. Eschbach said he was convinced Garrott made no personal gain from the misapplication of' funds and that he had given up all his personal assets to pay back as much as possible. Among those attending the courtroom hearing Tuesday was* Garrotfs father, I.. Floyd Garrott, chairman of the bank board and a former Indiana state senator. REUNION SUNDAY Ekin, No. two and Swamp school reunion will be held at the Ekin school building* 0 n Sunday. A basket dinner will be served at noon. ville; Wendell Bolton, Arcadia: Wilson Hubbard, Tipton; Mack Roberts, Tipton; Ralph Webb, Hobbs; Frank Fritch, Tipton; John Lee, Tipton. DISMISSALS: Earl Mason, Tipicn; Mildred King, Kokomo; Rosemary Crouch, Tipton; John Sullivan, Windfall; Dan Angel, Arcadia; Annette Shock, Tipton; Lcanette Burkey, Tipton; Rufus Barnett, Kokomo; Flossie DeVault, Cicero; Neuman Thompson, Arcadia; Rita Chester, Tipton. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hensley, Tipton, boy, 5:30 p.m., September 30; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackford, Atlanta, boy, 8:40 p.m., September 30. TOWIMO SERVICE CALL: BARNEY GOODNIGHT DAY: OS 5-4549 f NITE: OS i-616«5 SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. C.Y.F. CAR WASH 8:^0 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. .Saturday In West Street Christian Church Parking Lot PICK UP AND DELIVERY WATCH THIS News Paper for Exciting New SHOW DATES ELWOOD MOBILE HOMES Inc. FE 2-5061 U.S. 37 Elwood, Ihd. AMBULANCE SERVICE..... anytime Day or Night Our Two Ambulances Are Fully Equipped With Oxygen FUNERAL HOME 216 W. Jefferson OS 5-4780 COME AS YOU ARE! BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY! D l A M A Now Thru Sat. I J\ P| §\ = Matinee Sat. at 2 P.M. Wild Bill Hickock . . . Buffalo Bill Cody . . . Calamity Jane . . : legendary characters of the West live again in this action packed outdoor adventure!!! I EASTMAN \ UNIVERSAL RELEASE COLOR/ PLUS THIS TECHNICOLOR SUSPENSE HIT!!! Dark purpose TECHNICOLOR. hiruiui ptcoucitin > uMiyi muu Sun. Thru Wed; Continued Show Sunday Startijig, at 2 P.M. TWO TOP-FLIGHT FEATURES ! ! ! Like Robinson Cursoe She Lived an Incredible Adventure on a Lost Island! land id jjolphins . ^ COLOR COMPANION HITI THE STORY OF AMERICA'S FBI AS j.c k K.U Y YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE! Ray Danton Phil Carey —In— FBI CODE 98

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