The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 14, 1995 · Page 59
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 59

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 14, 1995
Page 59
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COLUMBIA HOUSE BRINGS YOU Sting—Field* Of Gold. This "Best Of Sting'album includes We'll Be Together: v All This Time: more. 7A&M) 11>555| I Slash's SiuNctolt—H'» Five IO 1 Clock Somewhere. Be The I Ball: Take It Away: Neither Can I: \ elc. (Gelfen) 120*2461 I The Best Of Sade—Includes t Paradise: Sweetest Taboo: I Smooth Operator: No Ordinary I I Love: and more. (Epic) 110-3791 FOR I Mary J. Bilge—My Lite. I Intro. Marvin Interlude; Don'l \ 1 Go: I'm The Only Woman; I I'm Goin' Down: and others. l(UptowrVMCA) 113*3M| t Aerosmith—Big Ones. Their grealesl hits album contains 15 I big songs like James Got A t Gun: Rag Doll: Love In An I E/avafor, etc. (Gotten) 111*4661 PLUS ACHANCE TO GET EVEN MORE MUSIC FREE! Barry Whit*—The Icon The Unplugged Is Love (A&M) 111*286 Collection. Vol. One— "=—=» Featuring Eric Clapton, I R.E.M.. Ellon John. Lenny Kravite, more. (Warner Bros.) 110-874 Bonnie Rain-Luck Of - - The Draw (Capitol) ShaqullleO'Neal- Shaq-Fu: Da Return (Jive) 110-835 Don Henley—The End Of The Innocence (GeHen) 363-802 Loul* Armstrong- Bon Jovl—Cross Road (Greatest Hits) (Mercury) 110*395 Megadeth— 4 Him—The Ride Amy Grant—House Ol Luther Vandro**— Anita Baker—Rhythm Youthanasia (Capilol) (Benson) 110*148 Love (A4M) 101-667 Songs (Epte) 101*600 Of Love (Etoktra) ' 101*121 Dan Hartman—Keep The Fire Burnin' (Chaos Recordings) 117*010 Nat King Cole—The Greatest Hits (Capitol) 117*713 106*340 Doug Stone—Greatest Sandi Patti—Find It On Hils-Vol. One (Epic) The Wings (Word/Epic) 106485 108*753 Helen Baylor—Live Experience (Word/Epic) Eric Clapton—From The Cradle (Reprise) 101*873 Patty LoveleM—When 100*933 Fallen Angels Fly — >i 101*048 The William* Brother* (MCA) Malaco) Gloria Estelan-Hold Me. Thrill Me, Kiss Me The Tree (Gelfen) (Epic) 110*486 415468 U2—The Joshua Tree _, _ , . . (Island) 354-449 Pau Sj'njrfraceland M ^M^ Peter Gabriel-Shaking Warner Bros.) 345-751 Cnopin ; Ballades. - - — •• • Michael Card—Poie'ma Etudes And Mazurkas (Sparrow) 113-654 (Sony Classical) 119-016 "Tale* From The Crypt Pre**nt* Demon erry/ Knldht" — Oriq. Sndlrk. 116-&2 Featuring Pantera, Ministry.Megadeth. more. (Atlantic) 117*200 hnml t u Danzig—4 (American) Boston—Walk On 489*377 (MCA) 460*483 e (GTS) ^™ Pretenders-Last Of 488*100 The Independent Travis Tritt— Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof . , (Warner Bros.) 460*244 Soundlrax) Allegations & Things Left Unsaid (Atlantic) 481-614 Helmet—Betty (Inlerscope) 486-381 Harry Connick, Jr.— She (Columbia) 488*437 Jade—Mind. Body & Method M.n-T,cai Song (Giant) 106-831 iHAL'Del Jam) Ba*ia—The Sweetest a 114*082 Illusion (Epic) 477*331 Tina Turner—Simply Vivaldi: The Four Sea- The Best (Capilol) sons. Nigel Kennedy, 433*342 Eng. Chamber Orch. Yo-Yo Ma/Bobby (EMI Classics) 414-672 McFerrin-Hush (Sony Madonna—The Masl.) 432-930 Immaculate Collection (Sire/Warner Bros.) 414*557 Rhythm, Country ft Blue*. Featuring At Green & Lyle Lovelt. Aaron Neville & Trisha Yearwood. etc. (MCA) 474-536 Tom Jone*—The Lead And How To Swing It (Inlerscope) 108-597 •Playtyme Is 102*327 (A&M) 467*860 Beethoven) (Sony Classical) 11 14*504 Sndlrk. Featuring B. Springsteen. N. Young, P. Gabriel, etc. (Epic Steve Green—People Heavy D. ft The Boyz— Need The Lord Nuttin'But Love (Sparrow) 113-847 (Uptown/MCA) 478*354 * — ! Newsboy*—Going The Bed Of David The Black Crowe*— Shake Your Moneymaker (American) 462*184 A-TIMM — 472*928 p u blic (Star Song) 15*797 Sanbom (Reprise) [0485 V.-X S. Athlon, M. Becker, C. Dent*—Along The Road (Sparrow) 103*192 Barbra Streiaand-The Concert—Live At Madison Square Garden (Columbia) 103*638/393*835 rramaine Hawkine— Higher Place (Columbia) 110407 Selena—Amor 'rohibido (EMI Latin) 477*646 Glp*y King*—Love & Liberia (Elektra/ Musician) 469*817 Han*— Dondo Jugaran Los Nifios (WEA Latina) 466432 Exequiel Pena—Yo Vendo Unos Oios Verdes (FonoVisa) 119457 Lot Bukla— Inateanzable (Melody/ FonoVisa) 107*672 Lul* Enrique (Sony Lu'» M '» ue ]r s <;9 und ° Tropical) 102440 Romance (WEA LaUna PlacMo Domingo—Do Mi Alma Latina (Angel) 103*028 Banda Macho*— Gracias Mujer (FonoVisa) 116*921 Criatian—El Camino Del Alma (Melody/ FonoVisa) 107496 India— Dicen Quo Soy (Sony/Soho Latin) 106448 Fam*—Enamorate (Sony Discos) 114*371 Jerry Rivera—Lo Nuevo And Lo Major (Sony Tropical) 114*405 Liberation—Para Eslar Conligo (FonoVisa) 119-040 Steve Perry—For The Love Of Strange Medicine (Columbia) "Schlndler'i Lit!"— Orig. Sndlrk. (MCA) The Very Beat Of The Platter* (Mercury) Aaron Neville—The 472*795 Grand Tour (A&M) 457*200 George Duke—Illusions (Warner Bros.) 117*065 Arthur Fiedler ft The Boston Pops—Salute ToC The (All; B Very Beat Of INXS lanlic) 111*351 Jon) Mitchell — ZZTop—Grt. Hits (Warner Bros.) 438*010 Cheap Trick—Grt. Hits (Epic) 428-656 Billy JoeKB—Grt.Hits, Vols.14 2 (Columbia) 336-396/396-390 "The Jerky Boy*"— • Orig. Sndtrk. featuring Collective Soul, Coolio. Turbulent Indigo Green Day, House of (Reprise) _ 110*437 Pain and more. — - (Atlantic) 117493 _ Julio lgle*ia*— Crazy (Columbia) 482*1 Heieklah Walker And Prince—Come (Warner Craig Mack—Project. The Love Fellowship— Bros.) d 101*238 Funk Da World (Bad Live In Atlanta ~~ ~ Boy/Arista) Q| 108450 (Benson/CGI) 100*198 W««-Snare My World Little T*«*«—Kick A Little (Warner Bros.) The Unplugged 103*457 Collection, Vol. One- John MeHencamp- ^I'tHL!!? S? np lon ' Dance Naked R.E.M., Elton John, (EMI) 106*290 Take 6—Join The Band (Mercury) Spin Doctors—Pocket Full 01 Kryplonite (Epic/Assoc.) 428*482 Garth Brooks—No Pearl Jam—Ten (Epic/ Fences (Liberty)411*587 Associated) 428-433 Newaong—People Get n) 118*737 ,3.ou Red Hot Chill Pepper* -Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Warner Bros) Q 428*367 Ready ( 1982 47*433 474433 Gong/Island) 337457 alternative 'Seal (1994) (Sire/ (WamorBros.) 464*741 j Toad The Wet I Sprocket—Dulcinea '.[Columbia) 482*166 [Live— Throwing Copper 1 (Radioactive) 478*362 I Nine Inch Nail*—The •Downward Spiral (TVT/ .Inlerscope) a 476*739 jSarah McUchlan— il-umblmg Towards Ecslasy (Arisla) 473*389 Gin Blossoms—New Miserable Experience (A&M) 463*737 Stone Temple Pilots- Core (Atlantic) 453*043 tone Temple Pilots— gurple (Atlantic) 465463 ie Cranberrie*- i Everybody Else Is Doing i. So Why Can't We? | island) 465*859 JHelly-Kmg ~ (Sire/Reprise) 118487 Green Day—Dookie (Reprise) 476*549 Bush—Sixteen Stone (Trauma Records) 118*885 ie Stone Roi Second Coming (Gelfen) 118*439 Pearl Jam-Vs. Jayhawka—Tomorrow The Green Grass (American) 118495 Liz Phalr—Whip-Smart (Matador/Atlantic) 102457 (Epic) 465*427 Weezer(DGC) 101491 BoyillMen-Cootoy. lughharmony (Motown) 424*754 The 3 Tenor*—In Concert: Carreras/ Domingo/Pavarotti Carpenter*— The Singles 1969-73 (A&M) 236485 Krone* Quartet- Performs Philip Glass (Nonesuch) 119*107 The Jerky Boys 2 (Select) B 107479 Gladys Knight—Just For You (MCA) 107*177 "Pulp Fiction" Orig. Soundtrack—Featuring Urge Overkill, Dick Dale. Chuck Berry, and more. (MCA) Q 107*151 (Arista) Selection* with two number* count a* two aelections— write each number in a separate boi. a Contains explicit lyrics which may be objectionable lo some members. PICK CDs or CASSETTES- GET THEM ALL AT ONCE! 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To Shove (Geflen) GeraM Levert—Groove p«» alethenv Groun 48*544 On(eastwest) 102*19 ^"tjve^lere^GeHen) 185.755 Lenny Kravitz. more. (Warner Bros.) 110-874 107445 COLUMMA NOim 11B-430 (Reprise) 460*972 Transfer-. (Atlantic) •Tonin' 108-654 Joshua Redman— Moodswing (Warner Bros.) 106472 David Benolt—Shaken, Not Stirred (GRP) 103403 Clay Walker—III Could Make A Living (Giant) 103-440 Mark Chesnutt—What AWayToLive(Decca) 103*283 Janet Jackson- Rhythm Nation 1814 (A&M) 386*918 Wynton Marssll*—The London Concert. Haydn. Roberta Flack- Roberta (Atlantic) 102*772 Tracy Lawrence—I See II Now (Atlantic) 102*582 Brook* ft Dunn— (London) 423-418 Class.) Hummel, Fasch.(Sony ' WaiUrf On Sundown "Higher Learning"— Ong. Sndlrk. featuring Misla Grimrn. Tori Amos, Ice Cube. Rage Against The Machine, etc (550 Music/EP soundtrack) Q 117477 113*035 (Arista Nashville) "Boy* On The Side"— Orig. Sndtrk. featuring Sheryl Crow, The Cranberries. Bonnie Railt. more. 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