The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 12, 1971 · Page 60
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 60

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 12, 1971
Page 60
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HOMES FOR AMERICANS to 'fi um SPACIOUS SPLIT LEVEL: The main level is divided by a curved stairway and has two baths, one of which adjoins a master dressing room. The lower level has a foyer area with access to the garage, family room and basement. The living and bedroom levels have 1,460 square feet. Plan HA689C was designed by architect Lester Cohen, Room 704, 48 West 48th Street, New York, N.Y., 1003fi. Plans may be obtained by writing him. Here's the Answer By ANDY LANG AP Newsfcatures Carpet Tiles A.—About a year ago I put down carpet tiles in our family room. They are the type that have a foam rubber backing with a stickiness so that no adhesive had to be applied. A couple of weeks ago I decided to move a few of the tiles to another location. Now they are beginning to pop up and it is evident that the adhesive has lost its grip. What can I do about this? A.—The adhesive used on that kind of tile is of the non-drying variety and should not have lost their gripping ability. What is more likely is that there is a lot of dirt and dust on the bottoms of the tiles. This condition prevents the adhesive from securing itself to the floor. Go to a carpet store and get an aerosol can of spray adhesive made especially for this purpose. Spray it on the backs of the tiles and press them in place again. Follow the directions on the container on the correct amount to use, since overspraying will destroy the gripping effectiveness. Q.—I want to change the color scheme of our bathroom. Can such things as wall tiles, the tub and the toilet bowl be painted different colors? A.—Yes if you remember a couple of painting fundamentals. Paint will not hold to a glossy surface. And every trace of wax, dirt and dust must be removed before starting to paint. Ask your dealer for the proper paint for those types of materials. You've given yourself quite a job. Acoustical Tiles Q—I finished a room in our basement except for the ceiling. I want to put up acoustical tiles. Will this stop upstairs noise from coming down to the basement? A.—To a limited extent, just as any extra material placed in that area might help prevent the passage of some sound. But what it will do Is keep the noise in the basement room from going upstairs. In other words, acoustical materials are not designed to check outside noise from coming inside. They are intended to absorb sound that is generated within the room in which they are installed. Q.—We have a rustic summer house that is not completed. The subfloors are down but not the finish floors. I'd like to get the pegged plank effect in at least Many Uses For Bench Benches do not a garden make, but they certainly add to the enjoyment of outdoor living, on a deck or patio, at poolside, or under a shady tree. One bench that can be built for lounging as well as storage combines good looks, utility value and ease of construction. Its 12-foot length and two-foot width, combined with a built-in five- foot western wood screen make it unusually useful as a yard divider. Just a few other possible uses include: a sundeck, with foam rubber cushions; potting shelf; buffet or snack serving table; and as a game and garden gear cabinet, with two hinged lids. Easy for Handyman Building the bench requires only moderate handyman skills, using sturdy outdoor lumber. Favored softwoods for this type construction include Douglas fir and western pines, hemlock or cedar. The 12-foot length adapts to the average-sized outdoor living area and is suited to stretched- out relaxation for two persons. The same structural system can apply to a shorter, longer or wider bench. The frame of 2x4-inch lum ber is supported by at least three legs on each side. The legs also are 2x4s, notched into the frame and secured with flathead stove bolts. Facing for the bench is optional and can match the house siding, such as board and batten. Height of tlie screen and spacing of the slats are builder 's options. SAVE MONEY ON HEATING BILLS Install General Electric Gas or Electric Moving a Do-It-Your self Project (C) 1971 N.Y. Times News Service NEW YORK - When Mrs. Maoelue Henderson moved from New York to Detroit recently, her family considered having her possessions shipped by a professional moving company. The estimated cost was $600. To save money, her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ezekiel McKinney, decided to rent a truck and move the furniture for her. The cost: $157. Tills family was not unusual. In a nation where almost 20 per cent of the population moves annually, a growing number of families are spurn­ ing professional movers and doing the job themselves. The trend has been spurred largely by the nation's economic slump and the increasing economic slump and the increasing rates of professional moving companies. No national statistics have been compiled to document the growth of dc-it yourself moving. But officials of companies that offer trailers and trucks for rent say that their surveys indicate it is growing much faster than the nation's population. In Boston, David Cogan, a manager for Ryder Truck Rental Company, one of the nation's major operators of one-way truck rentals, said: 1 "Two years ago we had 35 trucks in Massachusetts. Today, we have 400, and we could rent five times as many as we have at the end of the month, when most people move." Truck Rentals Up In Atlanta, rental companies said the volume of truck rentals was up 15 per cent above 1970, and in San Diego, the manager of a rental agency - reported, "we're booked up three months in advance." Several Southern California agencies said there their 1971 Rent-A-Van business was run­ ning more than 50 per cent over last year, propelled largely by layoffs in the aerospace industry, which were forcing many people to leave the state in search of jobs. Hertz Corporation, the Rent- A-Car-giant is a relative newcomer to the Rent-A-Moving- Van field, but the forecasts that its business will grow at a rate of 15 per cent annually for some time. During the last year, Hertz has Increased the number of agencies with "One-Way" (rent it in one city, leave it in another) truck rentals from 1,500 in 300 cities to 2,100 in 1,300 cities. Hiring a U-Haul trailer to move a load of furniture across town is not a new practice in American life. Among single people and young married couples, serviceman and others on tight budgets, it has baen fairly common for some years. According to observers of the trend, the practice is becoming much more sophisticated. People are tackling more ambitious moving projects in terms of distance and the volume of furniture they move. The U-Haul trailer is still two of the rooms. Can you tell me how to do this? A.—Use wood dowel plugs over countersunk screws. You can buy dowels in various sizes. A hole, the size of the dowel selected, is drilled to a depth of % inch in the face of the flooring. A smaller hole for the screw is drilled in the center oE the plug hole. After the screws are driven securely, plugs cut from the dowels are glued into place over the screws and sanded smooth. Interest Compounded On Old Coupons PIERCE, Neb. (AP) - Don't throw away old coupons before they're hatched, say brothers Ruben and John Meinke Jr., who farm near here. The Meinkes have something to crow about because they just redeemed a 25-cent coupon offered buyers of chick mash in 1930 by Nutrena Feed Mills, now a division of Cargill, Inc. The coupon was part of a nest egg saved by Uieir late father, John Sr. Interest was compounded at 0 per cent. The Meinkes received $2.82. Takes Lucky Look MONETT, Mo. (AP)—Mayor C. E. Rodrick saw an unsealed, unimportant looking envelope with no return address on it atop his desk and was about to toss it, in the nearby waste basket. But he decided to have a look inside. It contained a cashier's check for $1,146, the proceeds from a sale of city sewer bonds. Deck Revives Yard In these days of national land use studies and master plans, it may be worthwhile to take another look at your own little plot of ground — there may be an unused bonanza awaiting utilization. Quite often a strip of yard alongside the house will be supporting some grass and a few shrubs or trees, hardly enough to pay its own way as land prices continue to soar. Such an area is a natural place to add a deck, expanding outdoor living space and bringing design interest to what often is the plain side of a house. A deck also can improve access between house and yard, one family learned when they added a deck off the family room and along a previously ignored stretch of grass. Roof Overhang A roof overhang was built on posts and beams at a jog in the house, to afford shelter to sliding glass doors. The deck, of 2x4-inch Douglas Fir laid flat and stained a soft green matching the house exterior, was placed at floor level to eliminate a step at the doorway. Railings of 2x4-inch fir, edge out, and 2x6-inch cap surround the deck. At two ends the railing posts are doubled to clasp board legs of benches. Bench seats are 2x4s laid flat, with cushions. i In addition to the built-in benclies and a table with four chairs for alfresco dining, the deck is large enough for entertaining purposes. The improved access to the back yard or the front of the house is with added walkways leading from steps at each end of the deck. An interesting touch is to use engawas, wooden walkways of slightly spaced 2x4s on edge, instead of regular sidewalks for these passageways. Giving INew Degree LEEDS, England (AP) Leeds University h a s announced the first master of science degree course in environmental pollution and control in Britain. Eye-Catching Phrases May Help You Sell Your House By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures In some areas the house market is so quiet people are becoming frantic. Competition is keen when a buyer has a choice of 20 or more houses. Many people complain they Buyers Like Woodwork Good design, large plots in the best part of town and all the right appliances are basic features of custom homes. Builders like George Alliegro of Huntington, N.Y., go a step farther to meet the demands of discriminating buyers. Alliegro, whose Colonial homes are snapped up as fast as they're built, makes extensive use of stock woodwork such as entryways, panel doors, windows, and shutters to provide the details customers admire in authentic restorations of fine old American homes. He gains special effects by using stock ponderosa pine accessories such as staircases and fireplace mantels; he combines stock moldings to create authentic copies of Colonial cornices, window trim and paneled wainscoting. In some dining rooms he faces built-in cupboards with stock china cabinet fronts, and pantry shelves are hidden behind folding panel or louver doors of ponderosa pine. Ail tliese stock millwork items are available at local building supply centers ready to install. haven't had a "looker," whereas a less pretentious house may have sold as soon as it hit the market. "I know I can sell this house, if I could just show it," commented one man. He has a real estate agent, and he advertises the house. His problem may be typical. Sometimes the love we feel for a house is an obstacle to its sale, says a woman who has had the experience. We romanticize it because of meaningful things, all personal. But these are things prospective buyers don't see and we can't even put them into words for real estate people or classified advertisements. Across Message You must get across the message that your house is worth a look-see, she says. Her own house was on the market one year before she realized that a catchy phrase or two might intrigue a person to read the classified ad. Her short ad was amended to include "fine old trees, deck, barbecue area." That's all there was to it, she says, and she managed to sell the house. Other eye-catching phrases could be: park-like plantings ... small pond ... brook ... pine grove ... swimming pool ... studio room . cul-de-sac .. fireplaces ... skylight ... southern exposure ... northern light for artist or writer ... patio ... lovely garden ... dog run ... workshop in garage. People like to feel they are getting a bonus with the house. The bonus adds charm. A prospective buyer might buy a house smaller than he needs to get one or more charm points. He will remodel it to suit his needs. Give the idea some thought and you may come up with something special, Many people are price-shopping, particularly for starter houses. To sell a house as a bargain, "reduced for quick sale," is a good phrase. "Sacrifice" can attract young people. If an owner can provide mortgage help, that too, will attract young people. A house may be distinguished as "marvelous place for children." Many people look for areas where children will have playmates. If a house is in a small-house community, young couples might like to know it is "a young neighborhood." Charm Important Charm is important. It may be worthwhile to spend a little money on planters or a potted tree. An avocado tree in the corner of a living* room helped sell one house. The owner had grown it from a pit and it was a great conversational piece. The potential buyer was overwhelmed when the owner magnanimous ly said she wouldn't take it with her, "it sort of goes with the room." Sin in Milan NEW YORK (AP) - Principal photography on "The Sin," starring Sophia Loren and An driano Celentano, will be filmed in Milan this fall. The story centers on a nun working as a nurse in a hospital and a headstrong young patient. Page 22 The Hutchinson New* ' Sunday, September 12, 1971 popular. But so are, increasingly, 12- and 18-foot-long vans, which can handle up to five or six rooms of furniture. According to F. L. Wyche, executive secretary of th« Household Goods Carriers Bureau a trade association of movers, the growth in haul-it-yourself moving has cut noticeably into commercial movers' shipments of relatively small—1.500 to 2,000 pound—loads over short distances. But he said that movers had not suffered from the competition on long-haul jobs. Most interstate companies, he said, are booked solid through October to handle the second part of the industry's two annual peak periods — the weeks after schools close in June and in the fall. CENTRAL HEATING Throw out your inefficient furnace. Cure cold rooms, drafty floors, high fuel bills. I>r'Frce Estimate Call Harland Lcgg GENERAL Air Conditioning & Heating Co. 706 W, 2nd Phone MO 2-0141 NEW KIND OF FURNACE Half-heat for mo it cold weather Full-heat for $tvere wtath«r Carrier •k Steady, quiet operation ic Wipes away cold draft j * Less Stop-and-Go heating * Corrosion-resistant, Strato- steel* heat exchanger * Powerful blower to push air to farthest corner EASY TERMS -IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION free Estimates—Day or Evening ^ ^^PjgfffjfjM/A 69 Years Serving ^ [KJVvW: ^The Hutchinson Area. & Inc. 225 S. Main • MO 2-3351 The dryer you put your dothesin can be as important as the (Mies you put in the dryer. To keep your clothes good- looking longer, choose a new gas clothes dryer. Gentle gas dryers tumble clothes through soft air currents, kept at the proper temperature. Soft, fluffy drying results ... for a fraction of the cost of any other automatic method. See your dealer or... THE GAS SERVICE CO. Natural Gas lor Home, Business and Industry O Building or Remodeling I Call • ED WEIGEL 1 3304 No. Elm I Hutchinson, Ks. 663-9804 Is your furnace ready for the long winter months ahead? Don't get left In the cold this winter. We'll giva your furnace * complete checkout, and make repairs and adjustments at the lowest possible cost, if you need a new furnace, we'll recommend a Chrysler - engineered unit perfect for your home. Chrysler Airtemp has a complete line rt gas and electric furnaces and air conditioning equipment for every home and business need. "We Service All Makes" Joe's Air Conditioning & Heating Company Route 1 Phone 316-662-0770 Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 JOE THAXTON, Owner CUMATt INOINCEntO SV ^ CHRYSLER waja CORPORATION STOP INDOOR DRYNESS! Don't spend another winter plagued by the many problems of too-dry air in your home. With a Chippe. wa Humidifier on your furnace, all you do is set a dial in your living area, and the proper humidity is constantly furnished, automatically. No water to carry. No pans to fill. Ideal for compact furnaces . . . rustproof Phenolic housing ... no "white dust" . . . and uncomplicated, trouble-free operation. HUMIDIFIER Call Harland Legg GENERAL AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING 706 W. 2nd MO 2-0141 Surround yourself with Comfort Install a SINGER Home Environmental Control System COMFORTMAKER HEATING — Pleasant warmth with the fuel of your choice. Gas — Oil — Electric COMFORTMAKER COOLING — Invigorating freshness even on the hottest day. ELECTRONIC AIR CLEANER — Removes up to 90% of dirt, pollen, even tobacco smoke from circulating air. POWER HUMIDIFIER — Adds moisture to heated air -— Helps ease dry nose and throat conditions. DEODORIZER—-Neutralizes offensive odors. Keeps the air in your home pleasant to breathe. These are the components that provide the ultimate in indoor comfort. Plan on the complete system and save or, Install the basic heating and cooling units now and add the rest as your budget permits. • Get the FACTS from your SINGER Decker-Mattison, Inc. HEATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING 500 West Second Phone 662-2339

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