The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1947
Page 8
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BLYTHEV1LLB (ARKJ COUHIER NEW! MONDAY, JUNE 1C, 1947 bents in U. S. Hamper-Germany • Food Situation May S«t Bock Recovery < Of Nation One Year BY WIU.IAM f. McMENAMIN United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, June 10. (UP)— •Former President Herbert Hoover's hopes for German economic recovery by'1950 Iiave been set back at least a year by a "calamitous" chain of recent events in this country and Germany, according lo lA&sistant Secretar yof War Howard O- Peterson. Felcrsen, who relurnctl Friday from a tour of Germany, said the critical food situation there would open the door to Communism and that vigorous steps wore therefore being taken to relieve conditions in the U. S.-ritish zone. The program calls for: I. Increasing Uie daily ration level in the American-British zones from 1550 to 1,800 calorics on Oct. 1. for his crop production. 5. A program to stimulate German exjxjrl-iinport activities. Pclerscii said that even the ration of 1550 calories has not been met In Germany cliirliiB the last six weeks. W Warned this on: I Fiilurc of the German farmer to meet production goals by 250,000 tons duriiiR the l»sl 5'<=ar. 2. An additional shortage of 200,000 tons caused by failure of tile United Stales lo meet its shipping commitments to Germany. He blamed this on Mississippi River floods, Eric Caual floods and a grain elevator strike in Buffalo. Peterscn said the American Colton Shippers Association had put up $1,OCO.OOO lo finance an American program for shipment ol raw collon into Germany lo be p:iid for in finished goods. Sporl for 7.00 Visitors OKLAHOMA CITY (UP)—Keeper Leon BloiKlhi hns discovered that two of tlic city zoo's alligators nre blind. He said their eyes were put out by visitors who losscd pou bottles, rocks nnrt other objects at the reptiles lo make them move. 3. Closer supervision of the German farmer to make sure he meets his food production quota. Peterson said the farmers are well fed while city dwellers arc starving. 3. Increase shipments of from the United States. More than 600,000 tons of wheat and other foods •' are scheduled to leave for Germany hi June. 4. A concerted effort to stimulate industrial production so The farmer can receive tools and other, essential consumer goods in return; WAUNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chicka- siuvbn District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. James D. Sweat, Plaintiff vs. No. 10.039 Betty Jean Sweat, Defendant The defendant Betty Jean Sweat is hereby warned to appear within | thirty days In the court named in food the caption hereof ami answer Hie complaint of plaintiff James D Sweat. Dated this 23rd day or May, 1017. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Betty Smith, D. G. Attorney for Plaintiff: H. G Partlow. 5j2G-G,2-9-lG rrrwr,*? fTa 11 To ! I \ ' ' '.'•-• Some Idea of Ihe size of the new giant H-3G bomber Is given by figure of mon slondinK on the horizontal tail set-lion of Ihe experimental cralt. Built by Consolidated Vultcc Aim-all, Hie latest Army plane has n take-oft gross weiglil of 210.000 pounds, carries ( enough gas and oil lo lultc a car around Ihe world, anil tan droo n '15-ton bomb loud. ^BVMATECLHOWEFARNXAM, By MATEEL HOWE FARKHAW DISTRICTED BV NEA SERVICE, IMC. * _ STOIlYt AFIH UM of Kloril'K tlinrrl:i|£V I tYhrii .S:tm li»st*l« *ln- K< H JoU l,I*trml Of offlTlllK lit n»d her mother mi iillo\v:im- • he InkeM an :ii>llvc (Usllki- i him. Hvcryinif rnlcHnlim I-'lc»i and £.-,m tut thrlr TflllMI fro ikrir jMmc-ymoon. All KIII-S nc unlll llir liill« for 1'luriiN Iniii KCIIU. ivhleli .Sum hml offi-ft-d limy fur, br^in lo come Iu. I'T'HE bills came in an avalanche, !'•*• from dress shops, linen shops, | baby shops, shoe shops, specialty I shops, from milliners, Jrom clc- ' parlment stores. Sam told Father in confidence that he had allowed Flora a thousand dollars for her trousseau, hut she had spent over $3400. Sam was disappointed and bitterly hurt. He felt that Flora had taken reprehensible advantage of his good nature. •- -Flora's excuse was that a thousand dollars seemed such an cnor- mous sum that it hud never even ] occurred, to her that her hills 1 wwo5d add up to that amount. | Flora was frightened and cxtreme- 1 ly contrite. She assured Sam that j she had enough clothes both for ' herscH and Gloria to last years j and years. She suggested that Sam j put her on an allowance—n few i dollars lor pin money that she i didn't have to keep track of and I could spend as she pleased. Sam, j charmed at Flora's tractahility, i gave her an allowance ot a hun- i dred dollars a month. But Flora : "was to run up no charge accounts, i cxc apt' • for household npcess it ies. jlf she wanted extras Uiat-i-nri'inlo I real money, a fur coal, lor in- I stance, she was to come to him. ' Flora laughed and clapped her J hands and lold Sam he was the ' most, generous old dear in the j whole wide world. { So the first rift in Ihe lute was | healed and happily healed, al- j though it did leave scars, j But then Mrs. Tolliver's -bills i Tverc dumped on Sam, the bills iMrs. Tolliver had run up in the I past four or five months. They '.amounted to $1500. "IV/HEN they first arrived Sam sent tlicm all back, explaining briefly that they were nol his and that hu knew nolliinK aboul them, lie did nol mention them lo Flora. A week laler the storekeepers waited on Sam in a body. They explained that Mrs. Tolliver, a short while before the marriage, had assured (hem that Mr. Forbes would lake care of everything. In the presence ot her debtors Sain called Mrs. Tolliver on the phono. "Did you," he asked her, "tell the merchants of this town thai I hod aulliori/cd yon lo send the past or current bills of the Tolliver family to me?" "Oh, Sam, I'm so awfully sorry," Mrs. Tollivcr said hurriedly. "I meant to speak to yon about this. I am cxpcclinK money from Mr. Tolliver any tiny. I Ihouglil you could just put your name on the bills or sign a note or something, and it conld all be straightened out and nol cost you a penny." : I never sign notes or put my name on other people's bills," Sam snapped. "Oh ... I didn'l know. I understand so little about business. I'm sorry I bothered you with such a {rilling matter. Looking on you as a son . . . Please tell the merchants I shall pay the bills in full a very short time." Sam told the uneasy merchants o send him the bills, itemized in nil, and he would look them over. The men knew very well that Sam. was not'lcgally responsible 'or Mrs. Tollivcr's debls. Moreover, Sam was a valued cuslom They sent him the itemized bills lhal aflernoon—sweetbreads, lur- keys, Virginia hams, guinea hens, fillcls of beet, oul-of-scason fruits, boltlcs o£ porl and sweet wine, hothouse flowers, 20 tons of nn- thracilc coal. Sam could hardly believe his eyes. ^ , CAM went straight lo the Tolli- vcrs'. Mrs. Tolliver and Annabelle were in the library, Anna- belle'wearing n heavy swcater,"Y Mrs. Tolliver wrapped in a shawl, j; There was no fire on the hearth,'' and the house was cold. Tlic clam- ' my house, the .shivering women, only added lo Sam's already considerable rage. There was plcnly of coal in the cellar, as be well knew. Mrs. Tolliver came lo Sam and kissed bis check. She said in a clicked voice lhal she wanted him lo know she would always be his friend; she looked on him as a son, ami under no circumstances would she quarrel with him, no mailer how deeply be burl her. lie laid Ihe fat pile of bills on (he table. "I want you lo look Ihcse over and let me know whether or not they are correct. It seems incredible that four women could have eaten the amount of fond you are charged for. When you have checked the accounts, you can let me know." lie slarled for the door. <j . .* "Just a minute," Aunabcllc commanded. She picked up Ihe bills and skimmed Ihcm Ihrough hastily. "They seem to be in order," she said coolly, "but since you insist that we check every loat of bread and peck of potatoes, we shall <lo so. You seem lo for- gel, Mr. Samuel Forbes the husband, lhat when you were slill the lover you lold my mother, indeed urged her, to see that Flora had every comforl." •*&• -. Sam said: "I wanted Flora to have everything necessary, everything in reason. I told your mother so, expecting her to cnme to me if she needed money. I did nol, however, authori/c her to run uy hills out ot all reason and charge • them lo. me, as she and you very well knew," .---^fiW "We knew nothing of Ihe kind. We had no money, as you must have known, and you had authorized my mother to see that Flora was properly led and cared for. We took you at your word. Tint perhaps you expected Flora to be fed and us lo starve. Perhaps • . •" "I woidd as soon argue with a basketful of eels as any member of Ibis family," Sam interrupted and took himself home in a towering rage. "'V'/ rffcj* (To Be Continued)' '' Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawbft Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. THTTNER KILL WILSON CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repairing, Screen Work, Painting, Replacing Windows Steps, and oilier work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2801 Read Courier News Want Adi. 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THE VEIN; IT MM BE 10 LOCME THE M.ODEl AFTER. 25 VEAR.S, So I on 1 ^; D.iie Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way CASES SMACXSTO .' JUDGE REWCHY'SJ/A 3UR^ CAM DO MORE HARSH HftMDUMG OF PETTY rfi.-T.HMGS tOA ^\f^^5 THFxM 1HEV DO TO A HIDE M A. TAtJMERY, M/X3OS/ BUT 1'UL Gl\JE THE OLD COLLE6E , VELL FOR AMV60DY \WO / DEMPitJD5 PROOF TllOT tile HODPLES WEVER MfVJe STOOD fOR DESPOTISM^ !~-X v U_ B COUNSEL, CALL FOR A 3URN AND FIGHT/ REPERee KhJO^SS HOvJ fO COl!MT By J. R. Williams LIT IIP AN.!' GET IM THER(- AM' HE LT> M? HUNT f.\OWEV TO PAY JC'U'.-XT BLViTED C.O P.' NSV \^'!t : E KiEVEC LEAVES MK A G1PEOU PXPP H> DECIDED TO GO WITH ME TO QUESTION MMiMMXl KOOVTZ TUi^ SEE™AT B\ LE-SLIE -~ X W£ *- m '-V EUEC - 4 / s? BEtTER\ MINU1E HERE IN / SOU 00! MtD ^lEP OH \ CH^tESTOM VWTrt I HOPE THE IT, EhSf.-) HaU.HOCEf.-.eE ECCEHTEIC W.MOST I SEE1MC-SOU SCON!\ f.\B..KOaNT' Pl.(XMt; /- .,, . A \MIL8E TOE!/ ~-" iiNEir REP KYDKK DilulLd J8Y EDGAR MARTIN / USELE SG — S HF \ ( NEEDS A LEiiOM-- ) V\VIY MOTHtC? •^via^g^. J-CT r,c;.v/ >' ..; t-/6 f50\-J DOl^'f FORG£Tt3 PUT A GOOD 5HOT Of VOPf. ISS THE CARROT'S .iV-JIS t05S' Ert frlSOLJlSrt -\-A WlNPOvO IMto fHDfJPER^ ri iTDMHiiKrXj^Msre: W or/^<V3yTTris;\^ : irtiKC i r. ALI.KY oor Onl of Hie KryinR ,VIC FLINT A I,idle Sui'iivisc CY MICHAKI, O'MALLEY and KALI'H LANE 3t iook some persuading, but we finally talked Bat into -taking us to see Connie. YEAH, ITS ME, HONEY. SORRY TO BOTHER YOU HUE THIS BUr IT'S KINDA JUST crve ME ft wimrte TO PUT MYMOUTHONSIRAI6HT, BAT. YOU SHOUIO HAVE PHONED. . DIDN'T VOU TEll f,\E YOO WERE HOT ALONE, BAT 7 WHAT DOfS MEAN THIS WAS MY IDEA, T 1 MOSr CERTAINLY DIO-^ " I'M AFRMO.l UNDERSTASD\O.-|LY THAI'S HOT THE WAV ' YOU IOID BAT I FORGOT [ I PUT IT.' I DON'T THINK V.'AS A GSHTIEMAN WHEN /VOU OVER I»W5 A6ENUE- t CAME TO SEE A*T TH£ SPECTACLE Or >M_tE> CCP F1GHT1N5 ^ pRUSTCWED CA.T LEAPED IXTO TH= ROVAL BO> TO -<>& \_ >\ \ y-r JUMPING O ! JTA THAT BOX TH£ A^HN^ SvA-5 QU'C< THl O.N MY F.\ZT... y ( INTO ^ •HINK-NS^J, ^Etdt! By V. T. II AM LIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Tour KKEI) HARM AN "/)tM &'ifcr-^ ^ /Wwof / ^IW Cf\\\K> ttO ! I \NV\AI THt 0\-0 =itAP NOUfe UNCLt- H.9\<b VVOYiM TWt COOP I', 6li"V CtKT i •5^ \r-l.te: Bls& r ~~~

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