The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on December 31, 1985 · Page 15
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 15

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1985
Page 15
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Pakistan returns to civilian rule after eight years under military ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) President Mohammed Zia ul-Haq ended 8% years of military rule Monday, praising the armed forces for saving Pakistan and warning Parliament to avoid discord if it does not want the military to intervene again. The new civilian government immediately announced the end of a state of emergency imposed in 1965 and used by successive civilian and military governments to suspend civil liberties and curb opponents and dissent. Zia remains in office as president and is still army commander, but he restored the constitution and announced that military courts were disbanded and all martial law offices closed. He also announced that the military governors of three of Pakistan's four provinces were stepping aside for civilians to take over and the fourth governor was leaving the army. But the opposition, consisting of nearly all of the nation's political parties, said that Zia's lifting of martial law was a sham and that Zia Buffalo killings protested GARDINER, Mont. (AP) — A buffalo hunt claimed its first three bull bison Monday, but a soon-to-be-built fence paid for by an animal protection group may keep other buffalo safely in Yellowstone National Park. The three bison were shot just outside the park by hunters with special licenses. The shaggy beasts had wandered out of the park over the weekend, triggering the state's first buffalo hunt in more than 25 years. Animal protection groups said the deaths of the buffalo could have been prevented and said they would try to reduce further buffalo kills by paving an estimated $30,000 to erect a fence to keep the animals in their sanctuary inside the park. "We're definitely concerned," Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman Ron Aasheim said of the fence. "But we don't know that much about it yet," Park Superintendent Bob Barbee said earlier he doubted that a fence would be effective in preventing the buffalo from roaming out of the park. The 2%-mile-long fence will be built near the northern border of Yellowstone on ranch land owned by the Church Universal and Triumphant, said Noel Larrivee, an attorney for The Fund for Animals. The New York-based animal protection group has opposed Montana's bison hunt and went to court in November to try to stop it. U.S. District Judge Russell Smith denied a restraining order preventing the hunt, but the lawsuit remains pending. The Legislature authorized the special buffalo hunt earlier this year, deciding that hunters should be allowed to stalk buffalo who wander outside the park. Last year, 88 bison who wandered outside the park were shot and killed by state wilflife officials. and the army would continue to govern behind the facade of the new civilian government of Prime Minister Mohammed Khan Junejo. "We have served democracy to the best of our ability," Zia said in a speech to a special session of Parliament in announcing that martial law was lifted. The commanders of the armed forces listened at his side. Zia passionately defended the military government and the armed forces' seizure of power on July 5, 1977, for what Zia had said would be 90 days. He said in his nationally broadcast speech that the country was on the brink of civil war and the government of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was tyrannical and out of control, leaving the armed forces no choice. Bhutto was later executed. The president said the military restored the economy, created internal stability, boosted Pakistan's international standing and laid the foundation for true democracy. Zia warned legislators not to repeat the mistakes of the past by dividing this country of 90 million people with political quarrels and factions, saying, "This is the only way to avoid the imposition of another martial law in the future." The Parliament building was under tight security as Zia ended Pakistan's third military government «ince its founding in 1947. Heavily tinned police ringed the hall where Zia spoke. Police also kept watch in major cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi in case the opposition tried to mount protests. "Gen. Zia, who has been at the head of martial law from the start, is still there and he's still holding the reigns of power," said Tikka Khan, secretary general of the Pakistan People's Party. "We want Zia to disappear. He's got no right to be there." Zia was declared winner of a referendum in December 1984 in which he ran unopposed for a five-year presidential term. The constitution has since been amended to give the president greatly increased control over the government and legislature. (First Published In The Salina Journal December V, 1985) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY. KANSAS In the Matter of the Marriage of PATRICIA M. STEBBINS and RONALD M. STEBBINS Pursuant to K.S.A Chapter 60 Case No. 85D 432 NOTICE OF SUIT The State of Kansas to Ronald M. Stebbins and oil other persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed In the District Court ol Saline County, Kansas by Patricia M. Stebbins praying for o decree ot divorce and related relief, and you are hereby required to plead to said petition on or before the 4th day of February, 1986, in said court in Salina, Kansas. Should you tail therein judg- ement and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. LEGAL SERVICES OF NORTH CENTRAL KANSAS ELLEN MITCHELL 234 North Seventh. Sutle D Salino. Kansas 67401 (913)825-8147 Attorney forPetitioner (3tsp) Philadelphia mayor calls for racial unity PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The city that gave birth to the U.S. Constitution must overcome an outbreak of racial violence and once again become "a model for religious and racial freedom," Mayor W. Wilson Goode said Monday after meeting with community leaders. "If there is a silence on the part of leadership to the burning of a house, to a crowd in the streets saying 'blacks can't live here,' people may then decide it is all right," Goode said. Goode made his comments after a private meeting with business, civic and religious leaders in which he urged them to denounce racism. "When you say over and over again that it is wrong, that it is unacceptable on the part of any neighborhood in the city, people will get the message," he said. Goode imposed a state of emergency five weeks ago after 400 whites protested when blacks bought homes in their southwest Philadelphia neighborhood. One black family Goode moved, and a few days later the home burned. Authorities said it was arson. The state of emergency prohibited gatherings of any kind. Goode said he would replace his state of emergency order Friday with "a long-term strategy to make sure these problems don't repeat themselves." He would give no specifics on the plan, but said it would protect the health, safety and property of all citizens and ensure the quality of life in all neighborhoods. Goode said Monday that he was optimistic about restoring Philadelphia, where the nation's first human rights documents were drafted and ratified, to its historical status as a model of freedom. "In two years we are going to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution," Goode said. "This city was created as a model for religious and racial freedom, and we have to continue to be a model for this nation in that regard. ' 'We have to send a message that in this city which William Penn founded 303 years ago any person, regardless of color, can live in any block he wants to live in." Winnie Mandela arrested again after highway chase JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) — Police arrested Winnie Mandela after forcing her car off an airport highway Monday and pulling her shouting from the vehicle. Mandela had returned to Johannesburg in violation of a state order banning her from setting foot in South Africa's largest city. The 50-year-old black activist was Mandela whisked to a police cell at Kruger- sdorp, 30 miles west of Johannesburg, where her lawyers said she would be held overnight. She was to appear in court today to be charged for the second time since Dec. 21 with defying the white-led government's ban. Mandela's arrest occurred shortly after her arrival at Jan Smuts Airport, where she met with her lawyers and then took off in a car with her Developers' plan to turn mall into mausoleum upsets officials The Salina Journal Tuesday, December 31,1985 Page 15 Special Notices 35 LOSE, GAIN or maintain weight the Herbal Way with the Nation's No. 1 nutritional progam.-.MIndy or Gene 823-1757. DANCE AT The Eagles Lodge, \U> North 7th, New Year's Eve, from 9:30pm-12:30am, J15 per couple, In- eludes party tavors and breakfast LOSE WEIGHT the Herbal Way Proven 100% Safe and Effective. Krlsty. 823-3889. Logt-Found-Strayed 45 LOST: 300 Block of Missouri, three year old black and tan German Shepherd, collar and name tag- "Duke"; and four year old CoUle, collar and name tag- "Cassle". Reward offered! Please call 825-7425,827-4910. LOST: December 23. Female German Shepard. Black with tan paws and ears. Name -Duchess. We love and miss her. Please call 823-8572 after 5:30. Special Notices 35 Special Notices 35 Classified Advertisements Dial 823-6363 Or write PO Box 740, Salina, Kans. 67402 10 WORDS MINIMUM $1.50 Minimum Charge I time, per word 15' 3 times, per word 35' 7 times, per word 52' 31 times, per word $1.93 Rates apply to residents in Salina retail trade area only. Open rate Is 15' per word or $9.00 per col. inch per day on weekdays, $9.60 per col. inch on Sundays. SO' Postage & handling charge on all non-contract want ads if cash does not accompany order. Cash with order _ -..., SAVES YOU 1070 (For ads placed 3 times or more, plus the SO' handling charge) (Add 4 words for Blind Box Number) BLIND AD SERVICE $1 if replies picked up $3 if replies are mailed * li iV DISPLAY CLASSIFIED Ads Will Be Accepted 11 am 2 days before insertion 4 pm Wednesday for Saturday II am Thursday for Sunday One day earlier than above if over Vj page. At least one day earlier than above on holidays. $200 REWARD. Medium sized or- angish brown and white dog, four white paws, "Jake". Desparatel Belongs to sick child. 827-603«. LOST: TWO Shlmano fishing rods with reels. Call 825-0923 after5pm. Schools-Instructions 49 CAREER EDUCATION - choose from 9 career programs. You deserve the best. Call Brown Mackle College. (913)825-5422. Help Wanted 249 COUNSELOR'S POSITION Open at St. Francis Boys' Home In Ellsworth. Bachelor's degree, Including 15 semester hours In Behavorial Sciences requlrec. Base entry salary $12,000 plus benefits • higher entry for comparable experience. Send resume and transcript to Rev. Gary Verell, St. Francis Boys' Home, Box 127, Ellsworth, KS 67439. PLEASE CHECK YOUR AD! I The Salina Journal Classified Department makes • every effort to avoid errors, but when we handle • hundreds of ads each day, most ordered by tele- | phone, mistakes do occur. • Please check your ad the first day of publication • and call before 10:00 am that day for any needed | corrections (1:00 pm Friday for Sunday correction), m We can then give you the necessary credit and cor- • rect your ad for the earliest possible edition. The | Salina Journal regret: that we cannot be respon-1 sible for any errors beyond the first day if you fail J to tell us about it. I CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. J (913)823-6363 J • •••••••••••••••••••I I Business, Personal and Professional SPECIALSERVICES In Easy-To-Find Alphabetical Order. Alterations & Sewing 55 APPLICATIONS NOW being taken for contract hauling route from Her- rlngton, Llncolnvllle, Marlon, HIII- sboro, Ramona and back to Herrington. Must have good dependable V* ton pickup with topper. Apply at The Salina Journal, 333 South Fourth, Salina, Kansas or call Kevin McCarthy at 1-800-432-7606. family and headed toward her home in Johannesburg's black township of Soweto. But moments after Mandela's car passed Johannesburg city limits en route to Soweto, security police officers in six unmarked cars raced alongside the car at speeds up to 60 mph and forced it to stop. Mandela's arrival came after she spent a week in Cape Town visiting her jailed husband, outlawed African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela. When she left the airport with her daughter, Zinzi, and two grandchildren, Mandela had told reporters she was' 'going home" to her house in the black township. But police surrounded her car on the edge of a four-lane highway and tried to get Mandela to surrender peacefully. She refused to budge when a police officer leaned into the car and said, "You are under arrest. I am sorry, you must come with me." HARVEY, 111. (AP) — Harvey's economy is gasping for breath, but city officials don't consider the community dead and are not looking kindly on two developers' proposal to convert an abandoned shopping mall into a mausoleum. Developers Jim Heart and John McCall have proposed spending $60 million to turn the boarded-up, weed- infested Dixie Square shopping center, once used as a set for chase scenes in the "Blues Brothers" movie, into a mausoleum containing 140,000 crypts. The developers figured the mausoleum would breathe new life into this blue-collar community of 36,500, which is losing about 1,400 jobs because of the closing of an Atlantic Richfield research facility, an Allis- Chalmers plant and an 80-year-old metal forgery. But 600 area residents have signed petitions opposing the development, and the city's four councilmen have all signaled their opposition. Councilman Otis Gilmore noted that a senior citizens home is on the edge of the property. "One person put it kind of sarcastically and said they don't relish the thought of waking up every morning and looking out over a mausoleum," Gilmore said. "It doesn't give them a very bright outlook for the day." Heart said he was having a difficult time understanding the opposition. "Harvey is definitely on hard times," he said. "From what we can determine, there hasn't been any other serious proposal (for the mall.)" After 14 years of operation the mall closed down in 1979, partly because of competition from other area malls. The city took deed to the property in July, and its approval would be required for any redevelopment. Heart said the mausoleum project would utilize idle property, put it ELMORE CAFETERIA taking ap plications for conscientious person to prepare foods. Experience is helpful, but will train. We are looking for a person who wants a long term job. Contact Leonard Rago, Manager, between 8am-2pm, Elmore Cafeteria, or 825-5436, for appointment. ALTERATIONS: PANTS, coats, tapels, zippers, dresses, skirts, lined coats. Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm, 827 1386. SEWING, MENDING and alter ations, shortening skirts and pants. 825-4737. ALTERATIONS ANY kind, zippers, pants, skirts. Neat work. 823-8056. Baby Sitting & Child Care 65 MINDY'S LOVE-N-Care has open Ings for full-time, days only, nutritious meals, preschool activities, lots TLC. 823-1757. MOTHER OF two pre-schoolers would like babysitting In my home evening and night shift. Will take drop Ins. Call 825-1929. NURSE OR Medical Assistant for doctor's office. Prefer experience In general office procedures and assisting physician. Must enjoy working with people. Good benefits. Send resume to Box J-138, Salina Journal, P.O. Box 740. EASY ASSEMBLY work! $600 per 100. Guaranteed payment. No experience/no sales. Details send self- addressed stamped envelope: Elan Vital- 836, 3418 Enterprise Road, Ft. Pierce, Florida 33482. LINE MECHANIC WANTED: 5 or more years General Motors expert ence required. Apply In person, Warta Buick, Larry and Barbara Toothman 2222 South 9th, Salina, Kansas. REGISTERED SITTER would like to babysit. Reliable and reasonable 823-9329. EXPERIENCED DAY Care. Al ages. Franklin area. License pending 825-8352. DEPENDABLE CHRISTIAN mother has opening for child over 3 Nights OK. 827-4805. Carpentry * Masonry B5 Funeral Directors & Monuments 11 GOVERNMENT JOBS. $16,040$59,230 year. Now hiring. Call 805-6876000, ext. R-9444 for current federal listing. MONUMENTS • LET our years of experience guide you In this important decision. In our 3rd generation. Our 53rd year. MEMORIAL ART CO., Inc. 1608-10 823-2981 Personals 29 SKI KEYSTONE1 Luxurious 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo In Chateau d'Mont across street from slopes. Laundry andjacuzzl In unit. Night time skiing trom Gondola. 913-483-4376. DIETERY SERVICE Supervisor for day shift. Must be certified. Apply Kenwood View Nursing Home, be tween9am -4pm. EOE. DIEHL CONSTRUCTION, Ronnie and Jerry. Basement walls and foun datlon repaired or replaced; Land scaping to stop water from running In leaking basements; Deadmans In stalled in leaning walls; Undergroum lawn watering systems Installec Concrete driveways, patios, side walks; Roofing siding, fences bull framing, drywall, texturing, cabinets paneling, plumbing, electrical, etc Pictures and references of prevlou |obs. Over 20 years experience. Free estimates and financing available Licensed, bonded and Insured. Senlo Citizen discounts. 913-827-3804. WANTED: COCKTAIL Waitress, part-time work, starting minimum wage. Call 825-9537 or apply In person after 5pm, Sale Barn. HEATING AND Air Conditioning Systems Installer. Only experienced need apply. Salina Heating and Air Conditioning, 827-5571. RN OR LPN part-time. Apply at Kenwoodview Nursing Home, 900 Elmhurst, Salina. 825-5471. EOE. PREGNANCY UNPLANNED? Birthright cares. 1414 South Santa Fe, 823-3113. Free tests. Confidentiality. Special Notices 35 NOTICE Classified Ad Deadlines 11:00 AM 2 Days before insertion for Display Classified. 11 am Thursday for Sunday 4 pm Friday for Tuesday. Ads over 16 page 1 day earlier than above. The deadline for WANTADS and deleting want ads before normal expiration 1:OOPM day before insertion. 10am Friday for Saturday 1 pm Friday for Sunday. 1 day earlier than above when holidays are involved. The Salina Journal reserves the right to edit, reject, reclassify, or refuse any copy. INCOME OPPORTUNITY. As semble products at home. No expert ence. Details. Call 1-813-545-8726. AIRCRAFT REFUELER, shift work and weekends. Apply at 2524 Heln, Flower Aviation. JERRY JOHNSON Construction Basement walls and foundations re paired or replaced. Let us waterproo your basement. Will repair cracks t stop water leaks. Landscaping fo proper water drainage. Concrel driveways, sidewalks, and patios In stalled. Pictures of previous lobs wit excellent references. Quality wor with financing available. Over : years experience. Licensed, bonde and Insured. 913-623-7791. REPAIR ON cracked or bulgln basement walls and foundation. C ment block laying and concrete wor Licensed and bonded. Free estimate Gilbert Ruhkamp, 823-2069. KEVIN TURNER, Constructlo Remodeling, repair, trimming, cu torn built cabinets. Quality work wl references. 827-5122. STARKEYS IS now hiring short order cook. 827-4825. BAHAMA MAMA Looking for weekend waitress help. Excellent starting pay. Apply to 245 North 5th. TRAVELAGENT Experienced or training preferred. Send resume to Box J-142, Salina Journal, P.O. Box 740. Full-time Account Representative We are looking for a mature, responsible person Interested In permanent employment. Must be 18, bondable and good driving record. Job Includes: TV, stereo and appliance delivery, collections and other duties. Experience not required. It you are a neat, ambitious and self-starting Individual, please apply In person at ColorTyme, 1109 West Crawford. G 8, G CONSTRUCTION. Concret carpentry, roofing work. Remodelln and new construction. Insured, censed, and bonded. 625-0115.823-886! CONCRETE WORK, any typ Basement walls repaired. Licensee bonded. Free estimates. Jess Wllbu 823-8884. CONCRETE WORK, baseme walls repaired. Licensed, bonded, I sured. John W. Holcom, 913-827-51 after 5pm. BRICK WORK, cement wor Building and additions. 823-2357 ev nlngs. HEITSMAN'S DRYWALL, carpe and vinyl floor Installation. 823-7084 823-6079. Cleaning 8 WINTER SAVINGS on carp cleaning and housecleanin McGlnley Carpet Cleaning, 827-9963. Cleaning 89 CARPET CLEANING CARPET-PRO825-2627 CARPETS 8. UPHOLSTERY CARPET MAN, 825-0835 Member of Professional Carpet Cleaners Association SERVICEMASTER Quality Assured Mastermaids - 825-6761 Furniture Repair 105 FURNITURE REFINISHING, re- airs. Free estimates, plckup/dellv- ry.8Z3-8935 after 4pm. Nursing-Rest Homes 145 IN-HOME CARE- Need a home for our Loved One? We offer: Private in- ome care for Elderly and Disabled, eautlful Victorian home. Quiet reel, close to leisure years. Licensed urse in the home. Premises wheel- hair accessable. Bath with patient ft. Insurance cases welcome. Two rlvate rooms now available. Furnished/Unfurnished) 913-827739. Moving-Storage 149 MINI WAREHOUSES and outdoor raller storage. All concrete construe- lon. SAFE. Call 823-6003. MINI AND Commercial Storage, 25 Izes, three locations, 24 hour access, 23-7B38, It no answer 823-6892. CONVENIENT SALINA location, itore car, boat or R V for as low as $25. 'leasecall 825-2221. MINI STORAGE, many sizes, 24 lour access. 2141 Centennial. 825-2134. Odd Jobs 159 CONVIENIENT LOCATION close o I-70 and I-35 Interchange In Salina. Upto 14,000 sq.ft. dock high warehouse pace available. Call 913-825-2221. Painting & Papering 165 QUALITY WORKMANSHIP, 'alnting and paper hanging. References. Free estimates. 827-6634. Plumbing-Sewer Service 185 FULLER'S SEPTIC Tank Service septic tanks and lateral lines Installed and repaired, commercial and residential pumping. 823-5295,823-3564. Tree Trimming- Removal-Spraying 205 HEART TREE Service and Stump Removal. Dry firewood. 823-2198. Upholstering- Carpetlng-Draperles 209 FURNITURE UPHOLSTERED. Samples, free estimates, experienced. Jerry's Upholstery. 825-8559. Miscellaneous Service 215 RENTAHostessI Reasonable rates. Evenings only. (Dinners/Parties) 8239258. SNOW REMOVAL, parking lots. 827-5421. drives and Word Processing 219 PROFESSIONAL RESUMES, word processing, mailings. Reasonable rates. The Printed Word. 825-0887. PROFESSIONAL RESUME Consultation and Preparation, word processing. Data Print, 825-6726^ Read The Salina Journal Classified Section For All Your Needs. Today's patterns 'FREE RIDE' home for those who shouldn't drive. 'NEW YEAR'S EVE'. Please call: Century 21 BJ's Realty 827-9347 or Judy at 827-2650 or Forrest at 827-5775 back on the tax rolls, put people to work, and bring in new business for flower shops, gas stations, office equipment suppliers, restaurants and banquet halls. It would create 300 construction jobs. "We haven't even asked for jiny tax breaks," he said. Unemployment in Harvey, five miles south of Chicago, is about 12 percent, almost 3 percentage points higher than surrounding communities, according to John Henderson, Harvey's director of planning and development. "And our recent plant closings will make the situation worse,'' he said. Bob Skurla, director of a regional economic development council that represents 37 suburban communities south of Chicago, has taken no position on the proposed mausoleum but said, "The longer that (Dixie Square) building sits empty, the more it will cost to repair the damage that's being done by the weather." PROFESSIONAL AUTO SALES If you are a persuasive, service-motivated individual and would like to join a professional organization which will train you to sell quality products and service, then consider: TOWN & COUNTRY, Inc. 101 S. Concord Minneapolis, Kansas67467 We Offer: Salary-based Pay Plan Disability and Life Insurance Major Medical Insurance Demonstrator & Gasolirfe Individualized Training A Quality Reputation You Provide: • Commitment, Enthusiasm & Excellent Communication Skills A willingness to work hard No Experience Necessary. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Call Wayne Lott, 8 am-5 pm, Mon.-Sat. at 392-2118 for appointment. 4625 SIZES 8-18 Easiest — 2 main pattern parts. No waist seam, zipper, buttonholes. Note shoulder pleats. Pattern 4625: Misses Sizes 8 to 18. $3.25 for each pattern. Add 75e each pattern for postage, handling. Send to: Anne Adams Pattern Dept. 384, Reader Mall The Salina Journal, 62-08 Northern Blvd., Woodslde, NY 11377. Print Name, Address, Zip, Size, Pattern Number. Fresh fashions in SPRING - SUMMER PATTERN CATALOG. Free pattern offer. Send $2 + 75C postage. Books $2.95 + 750 p&h. 135-DolU & Clothes On Parade 133-Fashion Home Quilting ANNE ADAMS 689—Knit "him" a handsome 2 color pullover in 3-ply sport. Note rib stitches at shoulder. Directions for Sizes 40-44 included. Send $3.25 plus 75C postage, handling, for each pattern. Send to: Laura Wheeler Crafts Dept. 366 Reader Mall, The Salina Journal, 62-14 Northern Blvd., Woodslde, NY 11377. Print Your Name, Address, Zip, Pattern Number. '86 Needlecraft Catalog 150 designs. $2 + 75C- Books $2.95 + 75c p&h. 130-Sweater Fashions-Si 38-56 127-Atghans 'n' Dollies 124-Easy Gifts 'n' Ornaments 117-Easy Art ot Needlepoint LAURA WHEELER PATTERNS CRAFTS

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