The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 10, 1946 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1946
Page 14
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-ta '"" " """ "' ' ^ ''*" - 3l3RKEEEr;_:Dee. 10. .University ,-it California coaching 'problem,' - with students, demanding the resignation of Head Coach Frank Wickhorstand most of his staff, was expected, to highlight tomorrow's " meeting of the student body. Action on students' demands for^a shake-up after^tftl?,. 'disastrous foot-, ball season wasKifolstporied. at last week's aaesting'at'thetrequest of Dr. Monroe' E. De^tsch; vice Lpresident. and provost .of the university, :Who, yesterday-, took'iull responsibility fofe the delay;. tov ',^ . ' - - •Deuiscti,-"after making It clear that , California;, athletes ;~would remain amateurs "In: the "strictest sense-of -the word, said a ^delay'in-considering WickhorstV'clise" was necessary be- iause "the least 'that* could _be done gwould Be to seek to ascertain all the facts. Certainly, Mr. "Wiekhorst, who returned on the eve of the last meeting, was entitled to an oppos- tunity to set forth the situation' as he saw it.'! WITH, WEST TEAM PKOVO, Tnah, Dec. 10. Off)— Center Eeed Nilsen, Brigham Toung University's grid captain whose .accurate toe helped win two games for the .Cougars this year, has been asked to play with the "West team In the East-West game at San Francisco-New Tear's Day. ' ^ifio^.Co^sfudnfeirencer'correeting November 30 and thus will get only what he-called? a "misaDDrehension" 13 "days ofjdrilj while Illinois-will get What Jie- called a "misapprehension cur,rjent on'the "coast, today-disclosed ! the full' that nothing ,lnj,ffie P, C. C.-Big Ijfine,Hose-Bowl pact prevents the Big_ Ninelifrom. sending the same team -westj. Svery x -year—of 'the pact. ; Reports .had been generally- ac- cepted^Jhat^the -Big Nine opposed ^"* Bowl agreement. school on, succes- " ' , Sphmidt disclosed" the terins of the pact after "it 'was. formally approved . by theucbnfeTence'ih ~ ness that included prelimifiary work on ~the-ri94,75_ football schedule. ,^ Another .Policy Magnetic Hunts Oil Sources MONTGOMERY,' Ala., "DecMO: OP) Vaughn Mancha, Alabama center on last year's Associated Press All- America, 'has been named to' the southern squad for the Blue-Gray football gaine here'December 2g,jand- Temple's end John Rogers to tHe .northern, team. The additions gave each squad 23 .men, one shirt of the alloted number. ' • '- > " ' LOS ANGELES, Dec.'''10. Cff)—Six dubs -will start a 140-game-schedule of the class C-~ Sunset -Professional Baseball League: April 26,-President Bill Scbroeder- announced." ' - , He "said -formation /of ~the" league Tvas completed at,the'Tannuar baseball conference .here' last .week;-- with Reno and Las \Vegas,, Ney;,'- and.'Ei Centro, Riverside, ' San^ ^Bernardino" and Anaheim.^Calif.; 1 -.clubs-as members." ." > ~ " of the which :', The sehefule ^as due 'for a working' over". agaia today", aftejr'the officials discuss .conference "policy on veterans' --athletic eligibility", veter-. apsjl)eheflts%nd' regulations regard- irig -transfers. .:"',J ~' Revealing-, other-', details, "closed %'sb.op'.' ^agreement 'raised' a jfarJore^ among west coast 'grid fans, Schmidt said' the two conferences would , split. the net profits of the 'Rose "Bowl- game, on a 60-50 basis. JPeams representing each conference will ,divide'< proceeds according to previous- arrangements. Schmidt 'said the -Big' Nine would be allotted- 12,500; tickets- to the game, more "than any? i visitors have received in.the.past.- , The-", agreement "also stipulated that i£"_eljher ..conference team plays the weelE after,^Ehanksgiving"it is entitled to- only OS "-days instead, of 16 Only 12 More Shopping Days Till Christmas fill * '"HiT ~ -^i • This ¥ear Gri •-£* T l/viiC!' ferlrls Garbardine PANTS Wool Fine quality custom tailorfeBT Slacks of Princeton Gabardine. Pleated or plain fronts with Talon Zipper fly. Five choice colors to choose from in sizes 2S to 42. - Get them now for Christmas: t--r > Other Pants $9.95 to $35.0fi . . Other Gift Suggestins Bath Robes ....... $7.5O to $25.0O Sport Coats . .. . • . . . . $22.50 to $35.00 Leisure Jackets . .... $16.50 to $35.00 Scarfs ...'...•*•.... $2.5C| to $5.00 Pioneer Carters ..... . . 55t£o$1.00 Poker Sets ..... . . . $10.00 to $25.00 Western Belts . . . . . . . . . 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L.'-A.-~annonnced that the Bruins' projected' game with Texas Christian University next .-faU -lias been cancelled because- of "schedule difficulties;" Ackerman said he,didn't know "yet about a proposed game with Iowa. ' - ' Idaho and Montana, perennial weak sisters of th& conference, f re- -maUied very much in- the picture despite reports either or both, would ask to leave the conference and j despite Montana's unsuccessful -attempt to switch to the Big'Seven. ' Still on the agenda at the F. C, C. meeting was" a proposal to appoint a commissioner - of basketball, whose primary duty would be to train and assign basketball officials,' A general tightening of athletic regulations, in- line with National Collegiate Athletic Association recommendations, seemed certain of adoption during the meeting. -• The general,impression was that fewer games would be scheduled;' with southern and southwest schools unless- they met N. C. A': A. standards on subsidization and recruitment of players. Fox Promises to Win Over Gus Lesnevich PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 10. OB— Billy Pox, fresh from his forty-second knockout in 42 professional fights, promised today that he'd flatten Gus Lesnevich in February and lift the light-heavyweight title. Blackjack Billy tangles 1 , with the Cllffside, N. J., titleholder at Madison Square Garden February 28. The 20-year-old Philadelphia'fistic sensation unleashed a barrage of body blows last night* to knock, out Shelton Bell of Youngstown^ Ohio, at 1:15 of the lirth round in their scheduled 10-rounder at the arena. Bell, who had been down- three times in the third round from head blows, was in acute pain on reaching Tils dressing room and'was taken to* Presbyterian ..Hospital where an examination indicated he had. suffered severe bruises of the stomach and ribs. , ON FIRST HOP—Georgia's Rabbit Smith really gets ;ip to catch taueMown pass in frout of Georgia Tech's George Mathews In game with North Carolina. * ells, Snides in Cage Victories; Methodists Win In a very close tussle, Bell Club defeated Bakersfield High School .in the Industrial League basketball play last night, 23-22. Schnaid of the Drillers was high point man for his squad with 6 and Johnscn of the Bells had 7 to top his sciuad. Sniders • Cyelery defeated La Gresta Village, 23-15, with Stone of Sniders leading the scores with 7 points. Tonight's games are Starr and" Ransome versus Eagles, Vincent Cyelery versus J". C. Penny in the Industrial League; Presbyterian versus Trinity Methodist, Mexican Mission versus Nazarene, in the Church League. In the Church League, First Baptist swamped tho Mountain View Methodists. 40-20, with Fowl of First Baptist winning high point honors with 12 points. ' After a slow start. First Methodist nosed*out Full Gospel, 31-29, in spite of Frank Gift'orcl, forward on the Gospelltes. running wild and sinking the ball from any spot on the court; Gifford rang up 22 points before the Methodists devised a defense to stop him. The box scores: 1 JACOBS BETTER NEW YOEK, Dec. 10. OB—Unless complications set in, Boxing Promoter Mike Jacobs is expected to be taken off the critical list in the next 36 hours, according-to-his physician, Dr.. Vincent Mardiello. -Yesterday Heavyweight Champion Joe - Loufs •was permitted to -see him at St. Clare's Hospital where he' was admitted a week' ago 1 suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage. The promoter recognized Louis immediately. TELLS PLA&S Football Season Winds Up in Wave of Oddities NEW YORK,'Dec. 10. UK —The string quarterback, didn't figure he FIRST BAPTIST , fe ft pi tn Braahart, f 4 n 0 8 Hummer*, f 1 OS ; ll'nhriitiic.ii 1012 Mesh, s 1012 METHODIST fO It (f 111 , f a i r r o 4 l>!m*y,f 1 .c i .B 0 Johnson, s 1 1 0 3 S'zatrrayer.g 0 01 Or H*>pohi«v, 5 0 00 0 Pon! 6 0 1 12 Finch 3016 Morrison 4 0 1 8 '.Witts 0010 j Johnson 000 0 Hale 0000 T«httr" 20 0 10 43 FIRST METHODIST whacky weekly results probably should rate as the prize oddities of the regular 1946 football campaign, but there were *nough. screwy happenings on the field to make even some of the beaten coaches smile. For instance there was the day Washington and Lee and West Virginia battled in a sea of mud at Charleston, W. Va. The slippery ball was fumbled, as is usual on such a day. Things became even m'ore complicated when West Virginia recovered a Washington and Lee fumble on the final play of the first quarter and the ball was moved to the opposite end of the field as the teams changed sides. The players, coated in inud, made. the long trek and West Virginia went into a huddle. As the West Virginia quarterback snapped out "play 95-X" a lone pjayer pulled quickly out of the group and sheepishly lined up with the other team. It was Washington and Lee's Bill Chipley, an ali-Southern Conference end, who didn't know he was with the wrong team until "95-X" was called—a play he never heard of. It was a blustery day when Washington and California hooked up in a Pacific Coast Conference contest. Gerry Ajustin, Washington's third BILL OF RIGHTS WEEK ' , SACRAMENTO, Dec. 10. UP)— ALBANY, N. Y., Dec. lO^'UPI— Col- ; Governor Warren Monday pro- j gate University's retiring football claimed the period from December coach, 68-year-old Andy Kerr, said I his only present plan for the future was "to keep my connection with the Shriners' East-West • game as long as I can." " , ; 9 to 15 as Bill of Rights week in California, noting the latter date was the one hundred fifty-filth anniversary of the ratification of the i original Bill of Rights. would see any action in an import ant game like that so he put on an extra se't of long underwear to make himself more comfortable on the bench. But Washington's first two quarterbacks got hurt and Austin was sent into the game. He got hot in more ways than one and reeled' off two touchdowns. The extra set of longies was discarded at the end of the half. In the Rice-Texas A. & M. game. Referee Abb Curtis blew his whistle but in the din none of the players heard him. Rice was in punt formation and as the center snapped the ball towar.ds the waiting kicker, Curtis moved into the play and took the pass from center himself. No gam! Paul Crowe, St. Mary's halfback, was an awfully mad gent for a while in. the California tilt. With a clear field ahead and en route to a touchdown, an official ran into his path and Crowe went sprawling. Crowe wasn't as burned up as Stanford on one play in the Washington State set-to. With Stanford on the offense, an arbiter took a position so close to the play that ths Indians couldn't shift. By the time the official withdrew and the shift was completed, the play was stopped and Stanford was penalized 5 yards for taking too much time. | R«d, f Katem, f Scare, c D.Pruett, ; 1 Kato. g Bltcns White Fisher Neil Stab! DonPruett la tt pi IP 021 T.W«ton 3 0 0 4 Totals S 4 1 20 FULL GOSPEL 10 It pi tn F.Oiffmd. ! 0 1 340 10 I Stmnis. f 11 0 4 4 1 0-1 2 I Harbin, o 1153 0 0 2 1 0 0 3 0 0 1 1 1002 1002 1345 0202 0040 Oct«hy (1020 0000 0 0 0 0 0010 Totals 8 15 12 31 B. H. S. f> ft Bf t!> Anderson, f 1 0 0 2 llarrelt, f 0 Ncliniuit, f 2 020 1 ,0 0.3 0010 00 : 0 0 Totals 12 5 17 M BELL CLUB (0 It pi til WlmmiT.-f i> (120 Hoard. ( ''. f 0 t 1 1 2114 s i a li'nbriilue.o 2014 Harts, o . 2 u » 4 Weber, 0000 I/.Zuerkcr.j 0 • 0 '0 0 10 2 j Miller, f 0.1 002! D.Husrkfr.t 1 202'.. .Thoaiaa, I GIbbOds, 8 Huster. c JBarhcr, f Hays. E Shubln, B 0000 Sparser, a . a .0 Heli. B j Kitclicn. i Fraysher. g 0 Totals 11 2 5 'J4 i Tot»l.< 1" 4 7 2o First quarter soore. llaker.sfipli! 14, !He!l 2: I.PI-- oart ciuartfr si^rc. Itaiu'isfietil IS, Hell. 0; iliirtl qu»r!or score, HakfsrleM i'fl. JMI. 11. Mich scorer 11. H. S., Sehnaidt. 6; Hell club. Johnson. J. SNIDER'S CYCLERY LA CHESTA VILLAGE FIGHT POSTPONED SYDNEY, Dec. 10. OB—The British empire lightweight championship fight between Titleholder Ron James and Australian Vic Patrick, .was postponed one week until December 21, because James was deemed unfit to continue training. James is recovering from a cold. it H ft tn 1012 1 4 (0 ft tl til 2044 iis:: 0131 Barrett Fruit! 1214 Tmvi'U Hall 1002 Murray B, SIMM 2 0 n * llngeri: 100 Soozn 02^2 Cabrera II 0 0 (.1 Qrartan 0 1 3 1 ! K'jflzer II 11 1 liarirfi 0 0 -1 0 I Williams I 2 ,0 .1 Sheimam 0 1 u 1 [ Tiitsunu 0030 Macon 0020 Stone, 3 1 07 iTotab. 8 7 10 23 Totals 5. B in 14 First quarter acorf-, Solder's C. a Crexta 1: RW-- pnd Quarter score, snitle's 8, JA CJre?>ta 6; third aUarter score. SnidePi IS, .J* rta«u 8. Jdcli scoer c»yh team, Holder's, Stone 7: I* CreMa, loeb 1. -..•:' ONE OR A HUNDRED!! Think of KELLY , IB when you think of Yes, sir! YouTE"GO" farther,, longer on Kelly tires. 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Twenty-third and Union Avenue Phone 8-8611 Bakersfield 'V T T 1 Yankees Pile Into Miami for 31-0 Win MIAMI, Fla., Dec. 10. • UP)—The power-laden >«"ew Tork" fgotbaH Yankees piled up an easj' 31 to 0 trr- umph over the hapless, Miami Sea- hawks in the Orange Bowl Stadium here last night before a turnout of 7090. • The Yankees,, eastern division champions of the All-America Conference, scored in every period and hung tip their tenth victory in 34 starts. They have lost three and tied one; The Yankees play the 'Cleveland Browns, western, division "winners, for the championship December 22. iAIi Salt in Utah ! Isn't in Great Lake REDJIOND, Utah, Dec. 10, (U,R)~ Believe it or not—all the salt ir. Utah isn't in the Great Salt Lahe. • The mine is the only rock salt mine between Kansas and the west coast. Ninety: per cent of the salt in the region has been Thmed"by one family. William Poulson discovered the salt and he and his family have been the chief workers in the mine ever, since. OUTSTANDING PHII^DELPHIA, Dec. 10. Jack Kelly, Jr., 19-year-old' national single sculling champion, was. declared . the outstanding American oarsman of the year by the Vesper Boat Club last nigh't. 1 The youthful Philadelphian, son of a one-time Olympics champ, was defeated in the finals of the Royal Henley Regatta in England. - ADVERTISEMENT SLEEP TONIGHT '• - , _ - . .. tosslagVlHumbling ana get up in;tbe morning worn- out^ exhausted. It you do not sleep well -because of nervous tension, nerves need qaietJng,' tryJSB0A- T4SS. Ingredients -used- by Doctors. TJ?e only t as directed. Satis-" faction or money back. ' ^~ • , " . Available art W-,% "Th« Rexali 15 Chester Phon» 5-SOI9 THE "HOT RODS" Are Here Every Sunday Afternoon BAKERSFIELD SPEED BOWL , Spsasered by the SaHfornia Roadster Asjoeiaiisn Time Trials 12:30 P. M. Races at 2 P. M. Free Bus Leaves Santa Fe Bus Depot, Twentieth and K Streets, at 12:3O and 1:45 P. M. 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