The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 10, 1946 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1946
Page 13
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NS^te V P^>A;\ , re\aHOB Twent y5 ttr|e $J! Nazidom's top.H>edV cal: expertsV d heard/themselves ae- 'Cused of "wholesale murder and unspeakably , cruel, tortures" ..Monday ' "SS^•; WM »!'-«w:-W«l- for their wsard. experiments, on^human guinea , pigs In-concentration .camps. ' W, ^ n £, Jtfiti =8 Walter Seals "off Olympiav Wash.,;-opeBed'the guinea ' Pig.-trial,, the ,first ota long list-of „. subsequent',proceedings"Mn the ;Wabe 'of the .conviction? of the Ger' jman Goering gang._ ''<• .The J mu>ty .old. "Nuernlierg courtroom where the. first big-war crimes trial unreeled was packed for the *-• new trial. The scene was much the r samaras;when r the Nazi leaders were being .tried. -- ' One-Woman Defendant A. splash .'of-colpr-amicst tfie drah chaniber In the*s.palace ot justice was -the bright .purple dress with while, collar -worn by Herta Ober- fcauser, the only woman among the defendants^'' -•* - ,' The charges'agajnst the 23 were crimes against humanity, war crimes, and common design or con- apiraey /to commit - crimes against humanity. ' * ' They, were the mechanics of the ruthless Nazi program of experimentation, on human-;beings. Their mo- live was a search/for scientific principles which couid bemused in the , ''German war effort. - f. Pracflced-FanJastfc Horrors ' Sterilization, abortions, freezing, pressure chambers 'and other fantastic - horrors were practiced with- out stint by ,the<NaziB, according to the charges, ~ : f , ,.' "' , ', " r " TheTJnited-States; opened its case against the Nazi ' physicians and medical administrators', 'for their fatal-,experiments ' on', of concentration, camps who, according to Brigadier-General" Telford Taylor^ the chief prosecutor, "came in wholesale lots and-were treated worse than-animals," , .,>•>' The prosecution's Si-page opening statement -labeled tha trial as not merely aT trial «f persons but" also oi a, "barbaznfiS" system" and a grave .lesson foEc*th« -seorld. Obligation 4o Humanity . "These defendants,are responsible,! .for ^wholesale insjrdef-and Tinspeak-i: ably cruel' tortures,"' the prosecu- [ tions said. "It is our deep obliga- j tion to all the-peoples ot the world! to show why and how these things! happened." * Justice Seals said the opening statements' for the prosecution would be limited to one day-and the defense to two days. Court will recess at noon Saturday, December 21, until January 2. Among the defendants are the per- sonal'physicians of Hitler and Hemrich i Himmler, one woman doctor, and the deputy reich "health" leader. All of them will hear their fate from the same prisoners' box recently occupied by Hermann Goering, Julius, Streicher and the other .Nazi officials. An American military tribunal will try this case. Russia, Prance and Britain will try other suspected war criminals in their'own zones. PERSONAL MENTION RECENT DINNER GUESTS of Mr. and Mrs. Peter. Channeson, Shaf, tcr, were Messrs, and Mesdames j ; Charles Manley, Norman Polasky "and Doctor and Mrs.. Keith Mc> Kee of Bakersfield; Mr. and Mrs. "" MerSe Taylor of Tulare. formerly of Bakersfield, and Messrs, and ' Mesdatees - Paul Newell and Charles Burns, Barrie Burns of Shatter. E. E. FREEMAN,, 54, of the Savoy Ho'tel, Taft, 1s a patient at Taft Community.. Hospital, where he was brought Tuesday, following an industrial accident near McKittrick la which he sustained sev- - eral broken ribs. He is an em- ploye of Shepherd & Roberts' Drilling Company. WASHIR TROUBLE? Phone5*5829 WITH&M'S 1919 "EYE" STREET Building MRS. PETE BENDER, Shatter, entertained with a bridge luncheon recently. Guests were Mesdames Rolf J'acobsen, Pal Kelley, Peter Ohanneson, William Bender, Fred Ruhlman, Ed Brown, Robert McClain, Harold Freedman, Henry Neufeld, Merrill Thomas, P. L. "Arnold, Glen Putman, Ted Vignola and Tip Henderson. MRS. THOMAS DE HAVEN of Caliente Canyon, who has been confined in the Kern General Hospital for the past three months .because of injuries sustained in an auto accident, was moved last week to the home of Mrs. Helen Duff Pratt, of Caliente Canyon. MR. AND MRS. BURRELL REED of Caliente and their two sons, Ronald and Warner, and Mrs. Carrie Reed, spent Thanksgiving in Bakersfield at a family gathering given in the home of Mrs. Reed's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Richford. " SANDRA L.EE was the name given to the daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kempkem, 304% Lincoln street, Taft. The baby arrived at Taft unit of Kern General Hospital December 3. Mr. Kemp- kem is an employe of the Standard - Oil Company. MR. AND MRS. ALEX PEREZ of 116 Monroe street, Taft, welcomed a daughter at the Taft unit of Kern General Hospital December 4; weight, 6 pounds, 13^ ounces; to be called Diane. Mr. Perez is -an employe of Standard Oil Company. MR. AND MRS. GLEN HERROD, 403 Harrison street, Taft, have announced the birth of a-daughter at Taft unit of Kern General Hospital December 4; weight 6 pounds, 13 ounces. Mr. Herrod is an em- ploye of,the Frozen Food Lockers. MR."AND MRS. L. DICKSON of Johnsondale, are the" proud parents of a, son, born November 25, at Kern Valley Community Hos- 1 ,pital in Kernville. The baby weighed 7 pounds, -8 ounces at birth and has been named Leonard Lee. 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