The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 10, 1946 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1946
Page 12
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; December 10, ]946. tEfie iiafeerSffelb CaJittntfen FOR FEUlsRS REGULAR £ i Reg'Iar fellows like clothes for Christinas, too, so we've selected wardrobe Items—at such 'low prices!—to please him Christmas morning and after, whenever he wears them! ' . SPOHT SHIETS Featuring Don Rancho, Sun Up,- Metro aud E&W Sport shirts. They're long sleeved, in Oxford cloth, broadcloth or spun rayon in plain colors and checks. Others with a cotton flannel front,, corduroy sleeves and "back- - $ Sizes 6 to 16. From _.;. SLACKS 23% woolj with pleated fronts, for youngsters, sizes 2 to 8. Four pockets, suspender button-on style. $ Tan, blue, brown „ "„; - Tan Gabardine Slacks, 8 to f6 3 $3.95 SMALL SIZE WHIPCORDS Something the younger boys can always tise—suspender" style whipcords in navy blue or brown. Sizes $1 OQ Sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Four pockets .-. „ -.L»Q«7 LARGE SIZE WHIPCORDS For your older youngster, brown or blue -whipcords, in sizes S to 16. They're sanforized shrunk, vat dyed : and extra full cut for comfort. Four pockets SWEATEES - Boys' slipover sweaters in brushed rayon or 100% wool, worsteds. "V-neck style, two front pockets. Light blue, tan, navy, wine. . $9 Q{f $ Sizes - 8 to 16 , £*«79- to POL© SH!HTS Boys''fancy polo shirts with striped .fronts, plain, black? "Grew necks'to fit snug, and long sleeves for added $1 , warmth. By Thermo. Sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6..-. 1.85 CREW SOCKS 1 * 'Newly arrived! A big shipment of boys' crew socks by Trimfit has just come in. Choose from- colorful stripes and plaids in comfortable cotton socks. Sizes 1 to 8%..__ _ KIDDIES'PAJAMAS Balbr'iggan pajamas, type, in sizes 4, 6 and,,S only. Regularly priced at; $2.23. $-| At- Wednesday's" special .......I -L»«7t5 DRESS SHIRTS Boys' dress shirts, In prints, stripes and figures on light backgrounds for all dress-up occasions. $r "" ' Sizes 10 to 14 ^...: UNION SUITS Cotton union suits for youngsters, sizes 4-12, with short sleeves, knee-length legs. Only a few of these, $1 QQ so hurry! While they last _______________________ : _____________ JUpI? UNDERSHIRTS Athletic undershirts, in white. Only the finest combed yarns used for extra resilency—to -withstand .QQ/» many tubbings. Sizes 6 to 12 Ot/C arlcerA MEN and BOYS' SHOP, 948 Bakar Street SHIPMENT OF BRAND NEW 1946 NASH MOTORS Can Be Installed in Nash Cars 1937 Models tiirough 1942 Models. Prices From , and up Installed , BRAND NEW .- ;3FAGTORY MOTORS; Guaranteed Fast Guaranteed Servicemen All Makes of Cars. Get Real Prewar Service i'',. -at -'•"•"'" and s iriJ anflH Streets PHONE 8-8688.- ""- '-JiboU Uon^ of "tfi4 SfaBpn'al-HousIifg" A%enljy^renibyal r oty6uli3i)rig;!,-aa3ie« ,... oi an emergfcncyijconinaissibnlto rutf the federal ?veteian8^JiousJng.-program •Were among: recommendation;? of!the 'American-, Legion. Con- national" housing problems _putllriiad- and explained by Richard' Vail^f^resno, -national oommitteernan^ Monday at a luncheon f ln BafceraEfeKT'Irin. j i -, ~" - Thft-luncheoajwastgiven, bfe-Wal- ter ' and Lumber- came here'iinderntJie' spbnsdrsHip "of the Lumber" D'ealers*'Association of Northern California- "aiid-,was "introduced by Bbbert X~Wright,,'former dean of. men\at--Batersfield Junior College and present/ executive vice- president of the, ^association. - -' Member of Commlltee ' Vafl. was^-one -of-Seven".cbmnjittee- men ^appointed a£ the'jAinerican Legion convention- atfSai Francisco to investigate ; bousing-' 9onditions nad building' problems!-in 'the United States. -He-'probed conditions in California, Oregon,''.Washington, Nevada,- .Arizona./, t^tah ",and Idaho.* Other c'ommitteemen," all World War II veterans were Richard C. Cadwallader,_ chairman .and ,national vice- commander, Baton^ Rouge; Hayward S. Cleveland, Pbrt.'rJVashington, "N. T., J. D. Sawyer, Middletown, Ohio; Artliur Marcus, Gifeecdale, Wis,; A. Clark Murdock,, Omaha, Neb.; J. Stank,MeClure,-.,Kansas. City, JMo., and Robert E. Pos'ton, Indianapolis, Ind. ' ^ ', . ' . Following; field~ttrips* : into their regions, the commltteemen .went, to Washington and ; heard testimony from housing and' building authorities, according to- Vail. ' , The recommendations of the group, after deliberations \ of the testimony and. the fihdingsr ;of' the field trip investigations were reported as fo!-' lows: ",.-''- '' - R«eommehdations Filed' - ' Abolition of thejNatibnal Housing Agency and the'"offica of Housing Expediter. • -j ,- - • _ Creation-by Jhe|-President of the United. States of an _ Emergency Housing 1 Board, composed of seven members all -veterans of "World ~VVar' II. The board shall choose a full tinje executive known as a "co-ordi- nator." „£»• Congress should iempower^fne" FHA to guarantee 100 per cent loans for homes to G-Is tor ,a. period up to 40 years with interest at 4 per cent, and also authorize FHA to guaraatee up to' 100 per cent of the cost of construction of' new-'multiple rental housing projects liontaining-not less than eight units. ' Rent control should be handled by the Federal Housing Administration and that it should' co.ntinue until'the governors of each .'state certify that sufficient rental-'accoramodations L are available ,to house* all'persons • desiring- to rent or'.uatU?-the numbe'r of new housing unitsPprovided in' the counties since, V-Jf 1 day- shall equal 26 per cent «f the number -of persons in that county, who served"in" the armed forces between December 7, 1941, and V-J daj:,\and that landlords shall be,, grantedTan 'immediate- 10 per cent 'rental-increase. Grant In^Aifl ' Congress enact legislation providing a 20-per-cent grant-in-aid to states, territories'"and District of Columbia-whicl^'jprovide a, matching 80 per- cent^ from- the 'states for "the purpose of providing rental units, to veterans of World-Wat II and their widows. » , « All priorities shalljbe abolished and the veterans, preference be^likewise . Wdrk--Agency. Civilian Production Administration shall maintain rigid controls on all non-residential . constructio'n until Buch time as the Emergency Housing board -shaUi advise that termination is not -.detrimental to the emergency'gram. ' ' ' r',/," liocal. Housing Agency -" A^pplication tor non-residential construction j. be judged and decided by district committees which shall consist, of 'eve^. veterans of World War II not "employes -of; state, local or federal governments, ilaximum nonresidential building quotas be -established for each district. Congress requires every federal agency and 3 department -to file a statement twice a' year with the department of commerce to. show the -amounts ot materials, supplies and equipment "on- hand by locations for construction', maintenance and operation. of real propeVty. Present^" incentive payments to manufacturers of building materials' be discintinued, and no- further federal funds be used for the purpose of providing' ^guaranteed market contracts to feanufacturers" of prefabricated or industrialized housing; - Congress is to enact legislation to -facilitate the settlement of labor disputes and such legislation is to require unions to operate under charters requiring public statement o£ all incomes, ^salaries- and expenditures' and that unions and management be required'- by" law. to be fully-responsible legally and financially for aii contracts to which, they are parties. . ^ TO MEET WEDNESDAY .. - Jefferson P. T. A. will meet at C 2:30-p. m. Wednesday in the school lor a -business" meeting, to bf followed-by a program. Children of the school will present a selection of Christmas carols. Miss Doris Briscoe and Miss-Doris Rogers, teachers, will be featured in a piano duet. Mrs. Henry Young will preside.' come In - tef , "«"' tfe able 24-HouTf 7 Day* «'W«ek Service - IflcCQY Truck tfra Co. Complete GENERATOR •. T f-v-- f SERVICE - , < Ignition and ParU OPEI^ftlR AUTO SUPPLY 200 Ninetianth Street " , , ' > -j r ^^, -v^r i-I i ' Wright's Brake Shop' . . '. , l n r heel .Alignment ' ^ r TH9RTIETH and CHESTER a- -c. v-,-',- rPhon«.for, T Appointm«nt -' d; i>Hce?ce!iinss._als6^t'a -be* . , 4 Federal HPublic .Housing Authority be returned to the jurisdiction of tOe.' lornian-JCBA Hidifi Ttitpboto STARTED FUROR' 1^ Ruth k Br'iggs, former ,WAC captain .and now secretary, to Lieutenant Gen-- eral "VV. Bedell Smith, "ambassador to Soviet Russia, is reported to be thfr one wto revealed- details of Elliott Roosevelt's informal talk in which he is said to have condemned American policy and praised that 'of the Soviet. Miss Brings was once rumored engaged to Elliott. , r P. E.O. Christmas Party Is Bec.20 - Christmas party of Chapter HT, P. E. O. Sisterhood will be held'Fri- day, December 20, and not Friday of this week as originally planned, it was announced today by Mrs. A. B. Tieck, president. The party will be held at the home of Mrs. A. L. Hickman, 320~Quincy street, at 7:30 p. m., with-Sirs. Nellie Minner as program chairman. A Brief business •meeting- will precede • the program and there will be an exchange of gifts between "Christmas" mystery sisters. Mrs. Hickman has told members that they will be welcome to bring holiday house guests. ' Soviet Offers Bonuses 'for. Baby Output, ,' MOSCOW,"" Bee. 9. OIR—An all- out effort is being 1 made by the Soviet government to win the current battle on u the motherhood front. Facilities . and. bonuses for married _ mothers •with large families 1 anS' for unmarried, mothers are to be Increased. The' presentation of "Glory of Motherhood" and ".Medal of Motherhood" awards la to be stepped up. Tha production -of infants' clothing and other necessities Is to be increas%d. Maladministra- tion- of any of the units dealing: with mothers and their infants is to be rooted out, under new decrees. The battle opened July 8, 1944, when the presidium of the U. S. S. R. Supreme Soviet-issued a decree entitled "Increase • of state assistance i to .pregnant women, mothers of i many chHaren and single (unmar-j ried) mothers, on protection of [ motherhood and children, on setting j up the title of 'mother-herpine' and] on setting up the order 'Glory of | Motherhood' and 'Medal -of Mother- j hood. 1 " , | Participants "on this new front I got the support for which they j were looking from the Supreme So-} viet's budget.committees this year.: It increased to 4,000,000.000 rubles' the subsidies for large families. The i 1945 appropriation had been only i 2,100,000 000 rubles. ' i PROSPECTIVE HUBBY IS TOO CAUTIONS ~ _ i s XOPEKA, Has., Dec. 10. UP)— L.' P. Brooks, assistant attorney general of Kansas, shied away froni explaining the legal ins and outs of wedlock to a prospective bridegroom, saying that caution has its limits. A Kansan wrote the attorney jgeiieral, wanting to "know all about the marriage law . . . and all about the divorce laws, because I never did Jike to get into anything I couldn't get out of." Try the New and Appliance Company Twenty-first and Union - Where Parking Is Easy and Shopping Is Quicker HOME OWNED AND OPERATED Robert L. Wood — Ralph P s Zellers, friendly Personal Service Christmas Special One Used Rebuilt Washing Machine on Sale Wednesday GAS and ELECTRIC HEATERS Large and Small LARGE STURDY ALL STEEL WAGONS (Roller Bearing) TOYS-TOYS-TOYS Christmas Decoraiions^aad Gift Wrappings SOver Star Tricycles from $9.95 - Desk Lamps, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps Folding Clothes Dryers Folding Ironing Boards Electric Irons - Toasters - Casco Heating Pads Radios OUR PRICES ARE LOWER and Parking Is Easier at 2100 Union Ayenue good have -weather driving your car , w . Shell has e ear service designed to stop trouble before it happens. It goes like this: Tire Inspection: Your, Shell Dealer will examine the trea'd carefully, and, if necessary, switch-tires around for maximum safety and best mileage. If tires need retreading, he'll help you. He might even have a new- tire for you! Lights: Your Shell Dealer will clean your lights and replace burned-out bulbs_^ Battery Check: Your Shell Dealer will make sure that water level is up in all cells, that your battery is able and ready for cold weather starts. If battery needs charging, he'll do it for you promptly. And he's getting some new batteries now! Windshield Wipers: Your Shell Dealer will check blades —and ', replace them if necessary to give, yo,u safe clear .vision Radiator service ,.. fan belts .-.-.. spark plug cleaning . . ..there are dozens of ways your "Shell Dealer can help you to good bad-weather driving. Stop in today—or tomorrow at the latest, Let your Shell, Dealer help you to good bad-weather driving t fe^JSfcJ^-Jfti^k^^?^^

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