The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on September 30, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1964
Page 6
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Wednesday, Sept. 30,1964 GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE... SUPPORT YOUR OWN COMMUNITY FUND IN TIPTON! IF YOU WORK OUT OF TOWN - AND THE FUND MO^EY IS DEDUCTED - ASK YOUR EMPLOYER TO SEND PART OF YOUR DONATION BACK TO YOUR HOME TOWN FUND--GIVE ONCE FOR ALL! National Window By LYLE WILSON United Press International Out of the feverish night- wing Democrats who hope, as either the senator or junior partiier 'of a labor alliance, to capture the Democratic par- mares of a presidential cam-j ty „ That definition makes a paign comes a warning to conservatives of all parties. It goes like this: "The ADA will getcha if you don't watch out!" The ADA, of course, is Americans for Democratic Action. It is a far left but strictly non- Communist; Political outfit that often wags the Democratic dog. What conservatives are to watch out against is the election of Hubert Horatio Humphrey to be vice president of the United States. Humphrey was' a founder of ADA. The event took place at a public dinner on Jan. 4, 1947. ADA objectives were various, such as: —To discover a substitute for Harry S Truman as 1948 Democratic presidential nominee. —To—(jpsume leadership of • Communist, American liberalism (far left brand). —To keep bright, shining and aloft the political symbols of FDR's New Deal. And to go on from there! ADA has gone far. But it has not embraced state socialism as charged. It does not advocate state ownership of production and distribution. But ADA is hooked by the deficit-spending, total welfare state and wants massive government control in all social, economic and related areas. These commitments combine with ADA's restless tendency toward change-for-the-sake-of - change to afflict conservative citizens with the gollywobbles. Gladly Pleads Guilty As viewed from conservative watch towers, ADA is subject on all counts. To many of these conservative suspicions, ADA "joyfully pleads guilty in the wordy passages of its annual policy pronouncements. Some ADA spokesmen have recorded their belief in the free enterprise system. Others don't bother. Several years ago the staff of the Senate Republican Policy Committee accused the ADA of formulating in its program a blueprint for state socialism in America. Humphrey, as a former ADA chairman and now a permanent vice cl-.airman, snapped in lot more -sense than does the accusation of state socialism against ADA. Capture of the Democratic party is in process. The labor alliance is a fact. . Has Great Influence ADA has massive influence in the Democratic party—and will continue to have — with or without Humphrey as vice President. The powerful alliance with labor is chiefly through Auto Workers President Walter P. Reuther. The late President John F. Kennedy, who admitted to being a trifle uncomfortable in the presence of ADA'ers, literally stacked his own administration with ADA members in an effective appeasement of the lefties. Most of them still are on the job. ADA is well represented in Congress, in the judiciary and notably — in the executive branch. Today's ADA policy is likely to be U.S. policy day after tomorrow. There once were at the same time four ADA assistant secretaries of state: W. Averell Harriman, G. Mennen (Soapy) Williams, Philip H. Coombs and Carl Rowan. Election of Humphrey as vice president would strengthen ADA's hold on the federal government — but probably not much because of the hold is already so great. No Democratic president ever would be likely to check ADA political influence. He wouldn't dare! Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: Mary Hensley, Tipton; Robert Mundell, Forest; Jack •Sutton, Hemlock; Lila Holt, Elwood; Helen Day, Center; John Sullivan, • Windfall; Vivian • Fisher, Kempton. I ON THE FARM FRONT (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By BERNARD BRENNER United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI)—A de- OlSMiisALsTshirley "Ma"rsh. l J ision . scheduled for mid-Decem- Kempton; Elizabeth Bradley ber in Western Europe may Kokomo; Charles Weaver, Tip- hav f long-range im- ton; Janie Morrison, .Nobles- ? act ° n ? e Plenty of Amer- ville; Altha Alphaford; Kok-, lcan feed 8 ram Producers, offlo; Barbara Grove, Kokomo. Mid-December is the current •BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Ger-'deadline for adoption of a uni- ald Sottong, Tipton, girl, 2:25 f °rm feed grain _price system p. m., September 29. Pressure (Continued from page 1) Red China (Continued from Page 1) some of Peking's non-Communist neighbors. They also pointed out that the initial test would be likely to enhance Peking's prestige within the Communist world. This would make it more • difficult for Moscow to read Red China out of the international party if that is what the Kremlin is trying to do. FOR BARRY AT 101 BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (UPI) —Elmer E. Records, 101, plans to vote for president Nov. 3 for reply that the policy "committee | the 21st Ume and his _ favorite report was "a piece of plain candidate is Se old fashioned Republican dem-' water - Records candidate is Sen. Barry Gold- relatives said agoguery, undoubtedly written by a political sophomore of the •McKinley vintage." The Republican group had defined ADA as "a group of left Thelma's Beauty Shop is reopening Wed.. Sept. 30, with Janet Dolan as operator. he has been "an avid Republican all his life." NOW YtfU KNOW By United Press International The term bottled-in-bond on whiskey bottles is no guarantee of quality but refers only to the regulatory procedures under I which the liquor is bottled and , taxed, according to the Licensed I insecticide, and not left standing C-311 Beverages Industries. | without proper maintenance. in the-European Common Market. If the price level is low or moderate, American farm experts believe sales of U. S. feed grains to Europe will increase dramatically in the^ y a a r s ahead. There is no assurance that the Common Market price de- ched- the conference or as an amendment to some other House bill. As.ihe House marked time Tuesday, the Senate ground .cision will be made on through a number of routine u,s - Two previous deadlines had actions looking toward prompt to be postponed because Euro- adjournment of a Congress that P 6311 governments could not in its two-year life already has .agree on uniform price leveL kept lawmakers here longer than any since World War II. LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)—Livestock: Hogs 5,000; br.rrows and gilts Export sales of American feed grains reached 16.2 million tons in the year ending last June 30. This was the fourth consecutive year in which exports hit a new record. The Agriculture Department says gains may continue in the (future because of growing pros- steady to 25 lower; 1 and 2, 200- per jt y in Europe and several 225 lb 17.10-17.25; 1 to 3, 190-24 other parts of t h e world. In lb lo.75-17.10; sows steady to 2 these areas of rising consumer lower; 1 to 3, 280-350 lb 15.00- ii nc0 me, demand for meat and poultry is climbing rapidly. This, in turn, means a steadily demand for feed 15.75, few 280400 lb 16.00-16.25; 2 and 3, 350-550 lb 14.00-15.00.... Cattle 1,400; calves 75; steers 'expanding steady to 25 higher; few heifers 'grains " £ e ™ y; Ch u'^ f'VJZc But us - 0fficials sa y the ° ut 26.00; small, load 26.25; high look could be less opt i mistic if 90 °j £ ™ W „ rA°' C !. "• 2s,2s f 5 ' European feed grain prices are good 22.00-24.50; high good t low choice heifers 22.50-23.50; good 20.00-22.50; cows steady; utility and a few commercial 13.50-15.00; bulls, generally steady; utility and commercial 15.00-17.50; few .utility .18.00; ver.lers generally steady; good and choice 23.00-28.00. . Sheep 600; spring lambs 50 higher; choice and prime 22.0023.00; good and choice 20.0022.00. pegged at a high level. This could result in boosting consumer prices for meat and poultry and that, in turn, would mean less demand for feed grains. Inside Indiana (Continued from page 1) or uncertain capabilities." Bontrager at Marengo Tuesday night called Hartke "'vacillating Vance from Vanderburgh" and said he changed bis mind about selling American wheat to Russia when he "felt tug from the White House string." CONTROL HORNFLIES Hornflies are the worst pp«t of beef animals. They can be controlled effectively with back- rubbers, but the rubbers must be continually charged with an Administration farm officials are planning a series of moves next month to underline government support for farm co-operatives. The steps will include the opening of a co-op exhibition at Agriculture Department headquarters here Oct. 6. The exhibition will be designed to show how federal agencies are Court Action In the matter of the estate of Lela Fern Arnett; Dorsey A. Green, administrator: Administrator's final account and petition' to make .distribution approved. Supplemental report ap^ proved. • Affidavit of death of Albert C. Land filed. Last will and testament admitted to probate. In the matter of the estate of Oliver Rayl; Gerald Rayl, administrator: Hearing on petition for authority to sell real estate set for 9 a.m., December 1. Petition for removal of administrator filed by Curtis L. Rayl. •In the matter of the" estate of Cynthia F. Ferguson; Citizens National Bank, executor: Peti : tion to sell real estate filed. Hearing set for 1:30 p.m., October 20. Executor's petition to sell personal property at public auction filed. Navy . (Continued from 4) quarterbacks, figures to provide some stiff competition for the 1963 Heisman Trophy winner. The Texas Longhorns, rated No. 1 in the nation, were picked a solid 14 points over Army. Each is 2-0 for the season. The 9rojans of Southern California, ranked No. 2, are favored by six points,over Michigan State in another big intersectional game, while Alabama figures to roll over Vanderbilt by four touchdowns in a Southeastern Conference clash. In other leading games: East: Penn State G over Oregon, Pitt 20 over William and Mary, and Syracuse 21 over Holy Cross. Midwest: Notre Dame 6 over Purdue, Washington 6 over Iowa, Nebraska 6 over Iowa State, Illinois G over Northwestern, Ohio State 12 over Indiana, and Kansas 7 over Wyoming. South: South Carolina 3 over Georgia, North Carolina State 4 over Maryland, Mississippi State 6 over Florida,' Georgia Tech 10 over Clemson, Duke 14 over Tulane, North Carolina 15 over Wake Forest, and Mississippi 19 over Houston. Southwest: Arkansas 2 over Texas Christian, Texas A&M 3 over Texas Tech, Baylor 5 over FARM MARKET TRENDS Major livestock terminals re ported slaughter steers and heifers closed the week generally^steady to .25 lower, with extremes .50 off. However, - a late advance in Chicago left prices of steers steady to .25 higher. Cows sold .25' to .50 higher. Bulls were steady to .50 lower.' Vealers were $3.00 lower at St.'Paul, Minn., but generally steady elsewhere.' Seasonally increased numbers- • of feeder cattle sold steady to $1.00 lower, but at Omaha, increased marketings of feeders held fully steady. • . Liberal marketings, coupled with a record cattle slaughter last week, afforded ample supplies of beef. Good day-to-day distribution of receipts was 'a price supporting factor in the live trade. Best demand was centered on steers,and heifers grading choice or better steers over 1100 lbs and heifers over 900 lbs. Receipts at 12 markets 'totaled 231,000, largest since mid- July, and among one of the larger runs this year. This was compared to receipts of 224,000 a week ago, and 212,000 last year. Hogs continued with liberal receipts and a. lower dressed pork trade. Barrows and gilts were steady to .75 lower. This was the fifth consecutive week that some weakness prevailed in the market with the exception of Chicago and Indianpo- lis, where barrows and gilts sold .25 to .50 higher. Sheep sold lower for the fourth week, under the bearish Foreign (Continued from page 5) before the. discovery pf America by ChiistOphfcji.Cplumbus. British.- newspapers dubbed him the'"faceless? 1 earl'.' when Macmillan first tapped him to become foreign* minister. He has overcome that and makes full use of the shock value of a sharp wit behind a generally unprepossessing appearance. Recovering from spinal tuberculosis in 1941, he remarked that the physicians had done the impossible. "They've put backbone into a politician." For Sitters Who Snooze There you are, Jane Doe, ail- American baby-sitter. You've subdued the goblins tlie youngsters declared they heard outside the bedroom. You've gotten the little rascals off to slumberland with sleepy- time stories that were so convincing. So much, so, in fact, that there you sit in the quiet of the living room, fighting off the sandman. If the parents return, they'll find you sleeping on the job. i What to do? It's simple. Just turn to page 41 of a new opus from experts in Uncle Sam's Children's Bureau. On Page 41, there beings instruction seldom mentioned in a baby-sitter's guide — "how to stay awake." "Although, a few parents won't object to a sitter sleeping on the job—especially late at night—it's not such a good Floating Campus Ready to Sail The University of the Seven Seas, a 482-foot floating campus is ready to embark on its second season. During its 108-day fall semester, the M. S. Seven Seas will sail to the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, conducting classes for its student body aboard ship and during 49 days in ports. The university has 40 faculty members and hopes to sign aboard an enrollment of 500 college students. Last year, about 270 students enrolled. According to Dr. E : Kay Ni-, chols Jr., president of the university, many colleges accept credits earned aboard the ship by students who later transfer to land-locked, colleges. The univesity will sail from New York on Oct.. 19 and make calls at Lisbon, Barcelona, Naples, Pireaus, Beirut, Alexandria, Port Said, Suez.JBombay, Colombo, Singapore, Bangkok, Saigon, Hong Kong, . Keelung, Taiwan; Yokohama and Honolulu before ending the semester at San Diego on Feb. 3. It will sail from San Diego Feb. 11 for the spring semester. The minimum cost for one semester aboard the ship would be $2,265, according to the university. Rates for one semester range from $1,590 for dormitory space to $2,190 for rooms shared with either one or three roommates. Tuition comes t o $500 and there is an additional charge of not more than $175 for mandatory field trips at the ports of call. The university said $300 more would be a reasonable amount working with co-ops to help im , prove the economy in rural | Oregon State, Missouri 13 over areas. ,, Oklahoma State, and Rice ; 14 : Officials said October was ove . r West Vu "2 ln | a - . chosen for the observance be- 1 , f ar West = California 7 over cause governors in several' Minnesota, Colorado 7 over Kan- states have been proclaiming f a _^ state ' UCLA 7 over stan " Octobe r as "Co - operative LESSlHERE FRESH GROUND BEEF 3 lbs ro *o^v $1.09 ROUND STEAK EMGE'S BLUE RIBBON BEEF SALE 07l STEAKS lb. O/C lb. BEEF ROAST lb. 49c Lean Pork Shoulder Steaks 3 lbs >o* *1 09 CUBEDfORK CUTLETS 55c POUND EXTRA LEAN Ground Beef 31b. For Only HOME MADE Hot or Mild Bulk Sausage 3ib.:; I 00 MORRELLS SMOKED Sliced Beef 3 Pkgs t,Jk ATTENTION FREEZER OWNERS We are extending our BEEF SIDE SALE. Buy now, take up to 6 months to pay at a low 6% service charge. You may .also pay on our 90 day plan. No service charge on the latter. Act now and receive 50, '/ 2 inch pork chops free with purchase. TIPTON MEAT MARKET 117 S. WEST ST., TIPTON, IND. . Phone-OS 5-4410 Month" for some years. " Government officials, from President Johnson down, have beem emphasizing in recent speeches and statements their support for efforts to strengthen farm co-ops. Sidelines (Continued from page 4} pie who asked about me and have expressed their concern. I appreciate it very much. Please tell them all that I am fine and getting along very well." He explains that the U. of Hawaii is quite different , ( from other colleges because of attendance there of people representing so many races and religions. Athletes do not stay with each other but are put in rooms with natives of the island, who speak pidgin English and many of them are difficult to understand. His own roommate is from the main island of Hawaii and has two other brothers in the University with a sister one of the school's teachers. Harvey has gone on tours of the island with friends and is doing a lot of surf-board riding. He says "Surfing is a/great sport and I enjoy it a lot." As to basketball, the boys are currently working out on their own about two hours a day, with regular practice scheduled to get underway Oct. 15. He is tickled to death with his showing against members of the varsity, in ford. In the pro games: NFL: Philadelphia 2 over Pittsburgh, Chicago 3 over San Francisco, Detroit 5 over New York, St. Louis 8 over Washington, Baltimore 8 over Los Angeles, Cleveland 11 over Dallas, and Green Bay 11 over Minnesota. AFL: New York-San Diego even, Houston-Kansas City even, Buffalo 9 over Oakland, Boston 10 over Denver. Tipton Ted (Continued from page 4) also dropped. The Top 20 Reitz received two first -place votes and the other went to Cathedral. JThe breakdown, with first places and total points: 1. SB St. Joseph's (5) & Kokomo (2) 90 3. Ev Reitz (2) 69 4. Elkhart . 52 5. Indpls Cathedral (1) 50 6. EC Roosevelt . 41 7. Indpls Ripple 38 week's close, spring slaughter lambs sold .25 to $1.00 lower. their lowest level of the season. \ Soybeans ended' the week with heavy losses. from last week's high closings ' and depressed other grain futures on the Chicago Board of Trade. Soybeans dropped as much as 7% cents .a bushel from last week 's close; The market reflected heavy liquidation by longs. ,idea." the Children's Bureau influence of increased receipts cautions in the guide. and a lower dressed lamb | "imagine how you would feel; for additional expenses, such as trade. Compared with, last,if anything went wrong while text books, personal expenses you were asleep." and sightseeing tours. , Here's the government-a ? - This year the university will Slaughter ewes were . steady; proved strategy designed t o also offer a seminar for adults, feeder lambs steady to .50 keep a baby-sitter alert. JThey will study the arts, his- higher. In the past four weeks, Do something. Studying i s , tory, sociology and current ev- spring slaughter lambs have I good. It means you have to ents of every country visited, dropped $2.00-2.50, and are at 1 concentrate to keep your atten-1 College credits will not be given i i. y on on vou>re jjojng _ (So.for the adult course this just isn't a plug to help you develop your mind.) But if thtat doesn't work and you find youself slumbering, try some other activities. Samples: splash cold water on your face, wrists, or neck; eat or nibble at something that takes, heavy, chewing. Fingernails-don't qualify. Better: peanut brittle. • 'What else is good: taking a slow walk through the house. If all these activities don't keep you awake, try to whistle, sing or recite poems to yourself. If you don't know any poems, try making up some.' Closing prices- for' wholesale grade eggs delivered to Chicago were generally unchanged to .03 lower per dozen with the decline mainly on mediums. Chicago wholesale butter prices were mostly unchanged from last week. Cheese •. was • unchanged to Vi cent higher. Live poultry closed unchanged for the week. The university, headquartered in Whittier, Calif., is incorporated under the laws of California. Warren Needs at Home Proper Lighting CHICAGO (UPI) — Modern classrooms are scientifically designed to promote'and encourage learning, but the home atmosphere sometimes works against it. A key element for • a proper learning environment is a high level of well-balanced an'd evenly distributed-lighting. The book, "Light, Vision, and Learning," recently published by the Better Light Better Sight Bureau, has this to say: , "While all of our senses are important in providing us with VITAMIN SHORTAGES Vitamin research at Iowa State University shows shorta- { ges' of vitamins A and -E occur in finishing cattle rations when hay is witheld. 8. SB Washington 30 impressions of the world around 9. SB Riley 23 10. Indpls Sacred Heart 15 11: Bloomington 14; 12. Gary Wallace 12; 13. Hammond 7; 14. East Chicago Washington 6; 15. LaPorte 4; 16. Michigan City 3; 17. South Bend Central, Evansville Memorial 2; 19. Terre Haute Schulte, Tipton 1. INGLEWOOD, Calif. (UPI)— Funeral services will be held Thursday for composer - Nacio Herb Brown, 68, whose hits in- informal [ eluded "Singing in the Rain," scrimmages, and although he is | "Pagan Love Song," "Tempta- confined to freshman basketball tion" and "You Were Meant his <first year, feels confident,for Me." that if eligible, he could make the varsity. Brown died Monday of cancer in San Francisco, where he Don't forgt that address, fel- had been undergoing a checkla's: 2555 Dole Street, Honolulu, |up at the University of Califor- Hawaii, Room 135. -. |nia Medical Center. Leatlierfflan4f(irfis FUNERAL HOMfc Of born* 5-2425 Tipton Uabuluu Service IPTON'S FINEST FUNERAL SERVICE SINCE us, it is well known that we receive most of our knowledge of sense of sight." Proper lighting should enable rately and comfortable •with; a a student to see quickly, accii- mim'mum of distractions.'' • '' * Some designers are even experimenting with windowless classrooms to provide maximum control oyer the lighting. .Yet, in view of new knowledge about the role of light' for learning, many students return home daily to the contrast of poorly lighted home study, areas. • General Electric Company lighting specialists observe that as a child advances' in his schooling, homework can require as much as five hours of study a day . generally at a FARM CENSUS SLATED The farm population in the United States is estimated at about 3,860,000 persons or 7 percent of the total population. A census of American agriculture is slated to begin this November. ' PINKEYE HITS CATTLE (Pinkeye affects cattle of all ages and breeds, though white- faced .cattle seem more susceptible than others. It can cause a drop of 25 percent in milk production and rapid loss in weight. FARM VALUES HIGH The average value of land and buildings per farm in continental U.S. as of March 1 this year was $47,950, ranging from $14,300 in West Virginia'to $403,600 in Arizona. States above $100,000 were Arizona. Nevada, California, Florida. "Wyoming and New Mexico, in that'order. (Continued from pane 5) on either the roof of the building or an adjacent overpass. "No second rifle was found in either of these places or in any other place," the commission' said: "The shots that struck President Kennedy and Governor Connally came from the rifle found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository." BUY U. S. SAVINGS BONDS fixed position and critical eye- use. Study conditions, especially as they involve lighting must be carefully controlled if studying is to be effective. Parents sometimes forget that seeing is work that consumes energy. If light is inadequate or improper for the job, speed decreases, accuracy suffers and the job' becomes increasingly uncomfortable. Many children do homework under the light of a single lamp time when electric lighting is itbat may be improperly design- needed. |ed or poorly positioned for the] The critical elements o f job. He may be fighting glare' homework are concentration, a i— directly from the lamp. SOFT WATER RENTALS Complete Automatic Water Softener Salt $1.50 Per 100 lbs. McPHERSONS 126 . Main OS S-4483 DIANA Ends Tonight WhatAWayToGfri WEMASCPPE-COlMBYDtLUXE • 2d.—— Shows At 7:00 and 9:05 p.m Thurs. - Fri. - Sat 2 Technicolor Hits! "Wild Bill Hickock", "Buffalo Bill" and "Calamity Jane Ccme To The Aid Of Texas Rangers! COMPANION FEATURE! A breathtaking movie of suspense and danger! Opens This Sun. A girl's adventure on a lost Island! Islam mtohins PLUS~THIS HITI "FBI CODE W" i

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