The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1950
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Editors Eye Atom Secrecy m. m , . 4h ' . m *.- ' ' ' ' • . ' B FAOB PI** Nation Said Hearing Peak Of Readiness By Sterling F. Green WASHINGTON, April 21. (/Pi- Pour hundred editors, assured that on is nearing its postwar of armed readiness, turned a critical eye today on atomic bomb secrecy. Members of the American Society of Newspaper Editors were told by Rep. Mahon (D-Texas) that the 1951 defense dollar will be wisely and prudently spent. "We'll soon be In a better position of readiness to fight than we have been since the end of the shooting in 1945," reported Mahon, chairman of the House armed services appropriations subcommittee. Mahon said legislators were convinced that $1^,000,000.000 will provide the armed might needed to discourage' any Russian designs, in spite of General Divight D. Eisenhower's testimony that another would plug some weak spots. tvery Flylnjr Saucer "We don't propose to go up and down In our spending with every flying saucer that skims across the horizon." the Texan said. "We want to develop a steady, adequate program and stick to It." Though 'the Soviet government is spending 40 per cent of it.s income on defense as against this country's 32 per cent, Nfahon said, the Russians lack long range bombers "or any other "overwhelmingly powerful arm with which to strike directly at the United States." The editors' uneasiness over atomic censorship was reflected in todibfs program. On the platform of <|K ASNE's annual meeting here they matched Dr. Henry D. Smyth, member of the Atomic Enegry Commission, against an editor who last month had to burn an issue of ills magazine because the AEC objected to a story in It. The editor was Gerard Piel. editor of the 100-year-old Scientific American. Because of an article on the tydrogen bomb, 3.000 copies of the monthly were burned and the type melted down," at AEC's instigation. Incident Poses Question The magazine said the Incident raised the question "whether the commission is thus suppressing information >which the American people need in order to form Intelligent judgements on this major problem." The article, by Haris Bethe, Cornell physicist and former physics chief at Los Alamos, was printed at about the time that the AEC Issued a request for all persons how or formerly employed by it to withhold discussion of the hydrogen i boqj^ project: -X. . , ... > '-^ •fiterday's meeting heard Basi ; I/. ^Palters,. chairman of the society's committee on world freedom of information, caution againsl • "moves to bring about control bj the armed forces of the atom," he added: "It surely Is possible for newspapers, without violating any sec urity, to discuss all questions on the future of the bomb so that th< public does not abdicate to politicians and military men 1U own responsibility to decide." " Walters, executive editor of thi Chicago Daily N e^v s and athei Knigh newspapers, advised the society to "keep the 'spotlight o: publicity" on officials who handle atomic problems. No Hyslerla Reason At last night's session, the editors were told by the Army's asslstan chief of staff for planning that thi recent shooting down of an Ameri can plane by Russian fighter plane "it not a reason for any hysteria. Hep. Mahon, in the course of questlon-and-answer session, refer red to IJeut. Gen. Alfred Gruenthe an editor's query: does the shootini over Baltic waters maek wor mor Imminent? Gruenther said American militar leaders believe "warfare is not lin mlnent unless such incidents are Pjated." The attack leaves the mil Iftfy "uneasy about the spirit be hind the attack on our unarmc plane," he added, but the steps tak en so far by this government appea sufficient. Program Is Adequate Mahon told editors that Congres Is providing an adequate program of military research to keep this country to the fore In the development of new weapons'. Since 1947, he said, the Unlte.1 States has spent $2,800,000,000 on research—more than It took to develop the atomic bomb. Within a few years, he said, the country may possess a guided missile that will fly "5.000 miles and hit ths target." Those who worry lest the mllltaiy RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday & Saturday "FENCE RIDERS" with Whip Wilson OUR OW-W-R-R-R FOR FAME —"Carlo," the crooning dog belonging lo Lt. George Allcs, stationed at the Rhine Main Airport, Germany, Is tuning her pipes lor the big opportunity. Accompanied by Lieutenant Alles on the piano, Carla groans one of the two tunes with which she hopes to impress Horace Hetdt, amateur tnlciit scout on his visit to Germany. (Photo by NEA-Acme staff correspondent Bert Ashworth.) Wilderness Library Incorporates After Support by Herd of Goats HARRISON, Ark., April 21. <AP) -Ted Richmond's Wilderness Ij- irary has been incorporated. Richmond, a veteran of World Var I, founded the library on Mount Sherman (Newton County) borne 20 years ago to provide literature for Ozarks Mountain dwellers. Richmond has maintained the library in his cabin. Except for donations of cash and materials, :he library has been supported by the income Richmond derived from a herd of goats. Circuit Judge Garner Fraser chartered wilderness Library, Inc., a benevolent, non-profit organization. It's stated purpose is "to continue and enlarge the splendid service rendered by Ted Richmond during :he past 20 years through the Wilderness IJbrary by administe- program is big enough for this critical era, he said, should remember that too large an expenditure can defeat Its purpose by . weakening the economy which supports the military machine. ing-to the financial needs'of said library." Besides Richmond, iiicorporutros include: the Rev. John G. Wire, the Rev. B. N. Wire and Woody Murray, Harrison, and Mrs. Cora Pinkley Call, Eureka Springs. Richmond said one purpose of the corporation will be to raise money for operation of the library. It will be continued at its present site, but. corporation offices are -here. The charter specifically designated Richmond as superintendent as long as he is physically able to hold the job. Train Collision Sends 19 Persons To Hospital BOSTON. April 21. </P>—A rear- end collision of two heavily packed New Haven railroad trains in a driving rainstorm last night sent 19 persons to the hospital and shook up scores of others. All of those taken to the hospital were released after treatment for cuts and bruises. The railroad said In a statement that "for some reason" the eight- car 5:14 p.m. local bound from Boston to New Bedford failed to stop for a red warning fuse dropped by the 5:08 p.m. train headed for Providence, R.I., and plowed into its rear. The Providence train, the road said, had dropped the fuse after stopping for a red signal on one of the three main line tracks in the Roxbury District. A road spokesman said the New Bedford local was traveling "at restricted speed" and there was no derailment except for two wheels on a coach. Service was delayed for three hours, however, as local • and through [rains were Ijift Jammed all the way back to Boston's south station, four and a-half miles away. Burglars Co. Ltd. Lands in Clink TOKYO, April 21.-flF)—"Robbers and Burglars Co., Ltd." went out of business today. Us president began as a Junk dealer. But business was bad. So he organized a new company. He found plenty of clients who wanted a robbery or burglary cornmlttted. President Haruml HIrata assembled six employes, all skilled in robbing and burgling. The company collected a commission for its service. Business flourished. Hirata took to wearing a morning.coat. Police came this morning, and they weren't looking for dividends. Now if morning-coated Hirata and his staff want to declare dividends they'll have to do it from Jail. Insecticide dust is more dangerous to honey bees than sprays because it drifts more. Ghost of Honor Gets Goose Pimples At Speech for Mystery Writers that succeeds It may b« possible to make perfectly goou hearts for blue babies. Bj NEW YORK. April 21. (a")—The Mystery Writers of America held their annual clambake last night I" an atmosphere of fluttering bats' wings, corpses In the broom closet d i dagger In every chut. Pun? There hasn't been so much moclc mayhem since the late Mr. Bluebeard started using his wives' necks for meat cleaver practice. Bluebeard, of course, wasn't kidding. These whodunit authors were —or so they said, anyway. Take the menu, for Instance. It led off with chilled hemlock cup (hemlock being a deadly poison), got down to business with a soup called "witches' broth." came through with bared breast of duck euthanasia (or the main course. Creme de la crime After the dessert (creme de la crime: the annual awards were presented. "Edgars," they're called —In honor of Edgar Allen* Poe. a fair hand at the horror business himself. Then came the stage show. In which the crime writers kidded the goss-plmples off their Industry anil each other. . Why did Poe take to clrlnk? One of the skits explained It: ne hcd a premonition of the radio horrov programs that send 20th Century children Into nightmares. Bride and a Ha«fc What does a bride do when the finds her husband Is trying to pol- Eon her? A skit disposed of that problem In no time. The bride killer! several birdj with one flask and Jed the poison to her mother-in-law. The mystery writers—who supply gore and suspense to the magazines, book publishers, movie, radio and television—really are gentle souls at heart, Or so they said, anyway Their clubroom l s in the heart of the slaughterhouse district. To get in, you elbow your way through a forest of carcasses. Beef carcasses Don't wear your best clothes. Blood stains are hard to remove. Ghost of Honor Bela Lugosl, the screen spine- chiller, was on hand as guest of honor—only the program called him "ghost of honor." Somebody suggested that -he should make » sjieech. Lugoel, who makes like vampires and assorted other creeps before the cameras, paled. . "A sweet family man ... a henpecked husband like mo . . stand up In (ront of these writers?" he quavered. The blood-aim-irnmo'er brigade got no speech from Bela Lufiosi. New Hurdles Halt 'Mercy Doctor' MANCHESTER, N.H., April 21. W) —Dr. Hermann N. Sander had two new. hurdfe'placed in his path today.- '• ; • '- : '•; The ypunj country doctor, whose license .was, revoked by - the state board . of-registration in medicine Wednesday, was dropped from the staffs of two .hospitals, last night. Two other hospitals had barred Saturday Owl Show "IT AIN'T HAY" with Burl Abbott and Ix>u Costelto Sunday, Monday & Tixsriay , "SQUARE DANCE JUBILEE'? with l>on Barrr •nd Mary Beth SKYLINE DRIVE IN Blytheville Highway 61 North 1 . ' ' . ^ ' Showing Last Time Today: Danny Kaye in "A SONG IS BORN" (IN TECHNICOLOR) Wilh An All Sfar Band, Including Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, and Many Olhefs. Saturday, April 22 WHITE CROOKS PLUNDER INDIAN LAND... Kew FBite P-fey Operation Reported Because they were not. mentioned In the Bible, potatoes were at first avoided by some devout Scots. him previously. The 41-year-old physician was acquitted last March 9 of killing a woman cancer patient by air injections. The state board revoked his license for- what it termed "morally reprehensible action in deliberately Injecting" the air.. • ..tttlllm|«|n>tti* r»d imn hi Mlvt- «nn«tf« for turtle*! Sunday and Monday OODY TIME By Howard W. Blakeslee Associated Press Science Editor BOSTON, April 21. (ff>) — A new blue baby operation, which might be called three-leaf clover surgery, was reported to the American college of physicians today. The operation is an Improvement over the original blue baby surgery ot Dr.. Alfred Blalock, Johns Hopkins. The new operation was Invented by Dr. Blalock and Dr. Russell Brock, London, England. One of Dr. Blalock's colleagues, Dr. William Scott, Baltimore, reported It. The blue baby's color is due to the failure of the right side of the heart to pump blood Into the lungs. The failure Ls for one of two reasons. Either the funnel at the top of the heart, through which, the blood passes on its way to, the lungs, Is too narrow, or the valve at the top of the funnel does not work properly. The - first operation gets around this trouble by making a detour for the blood to pass around both the funnel and the valve. It Ls not a cure. Occasionally the bypass fails N E W Boz Openi Week D»yi 1:M p.m i: Matinee Saturdays £ Sundiji ' Mat-San. 1 p.m. Cont Bhowtni, Manila, Ark. to grow as fast as the rest of a baby's heart. The new operation is used when the valve Is at fault. This valve Is shaped like a three-leaf clover. II lies flat on top of the funnel. The leaves lift as blood passes upward through them. But they won't bend downward, and no blood can leak back Into the heart below." The trouble comes when the three leaves' edges grow together. The new operation uses a knife to cut the leaves apart. Usually two cuts are enough. This Is done by pushing a sharp, pencil-shaped probe Into the heart. The probe has a sheathed knife at Its end. The knife makes the separations In the clover leaf. Studies are now under way to find means of enlarging the heart funnel when it Li too narrow. I: Also Tirsf Wjihi'ville SIiowiiiK 38W I'lus Carlouns Sat. Only 0 2 1% Hits JOHN' WAYNE In "Without Reservation" I'lus ROBERT MITCHUM In "West of I'ec'os" BLYTIIEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE Last Day • 2 llig Uits I.DM nnit AISNKIt In "E'arlncrs in Time" S ROBERT TAYLOR In "The I!fil)c" Serial • Cartoon THEATRE OSCEO YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Sunday & Friday 'BELLE STARR'S DAUGHTER" with Rod Cameron Also Short. Saturday "BAR 20 RIDES AGAIN" with Hopalont Cauidy Alx Shorts Saturday Owl Show "KID FROM CLEVELAND" with George Brent and Lynn Bar! Also Short. Sunday & Monday "BRIMSTONE" with Rod Cameron and Adrian Booth ^^^^^^j^jim atlni Friday & Saturday 'FALSE PARADISE" William Bo;d u "Hopalont Cusldj" 3-INCH ROCK WOOL BAITS O 7Q *-•' ' Saturday Midnite Show 'HOLD THAT BABY' with Leo Gorcey and the Bowery Boya nun. mvuuR • MCX r»*« ••« n* i« AIUJIT trtmi * HKirsruu • s IMH» . in* nn it Sunday & Monday "THE THREE MUSKETEERS" (IN TECHNICOLOK) with I,an» Turner, Gene Kelly, Jane Allbon Slay 8—15 cooler, save up lo 30% on fuel. Kraft paper cover. Easier to install! INSULATE! ROCK WOOL Reg. 1.3S Slay 8-15° cooler, save up lo 30% on fuel. Fireproof, lightweight, easy lo mslall. INSULATING BOARD i by 8' Bheet . 1 Q0 Builds, decorates, deadens sound, insulates. No wacp or sag. Use as-is. Vi" Ihtck. STURDY GYPSUM WALL BOARD 21 C Size 16" i 48" <ach Mak» smooth, attractive walls at low cost. Fireproof! Will nol warp, buckle or crack. INSULATING CEILING TILE « K). ft 3.75 Builds, decorates, deadens sound, insulates. No warp, rot Use os-'ii. Vi" thick. DECORATE WITH TILE BOARD I'er square ft. Reg. 33c Low-cost, otlroctive. Easy lo clean. Durable, easy lo install. Choice of colors! LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency & Main Rear Git; DrW Klytheville, , Ark. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION 'n a majority of cases Irwesti- goled In several hospitals and links, subnormal Kidney function was Improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use ol Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor hai diagnosed our condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, un- reated mineral water may be very iane!icial. Try il for a few weeks. I it delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. 3rossrown Whiskey Shop Main & Division MoantainYalley Water "Say It With Flowen" Blytheville FLOWER MART Memphis fllwaj Phone M*Z SAVE YourTeniper and Men} bj Installing the HEW 1/fC-T/ME Screen Frames Y«§1 It'i tro»l H»T»r •q*Io will yom »••< lo wdiry iboul window iac««a Inn** Noi d you bi«.k pout b.rlt l poiUttin. Now you c*n i»y goodby* to «U th*t * . . la lev* i, BBC&UI* Alum»-F*b IcatD«» v* tn*d« ol ALUMINUM. CUa't ruit. Can't v*«ip. AlwiT* fit. N*v*r D*«d pointing, • craping or lliLaij. And 80?6 Hght*r w»1ghl. So •v*a • yoangtt*! can k»ndj» with tut. And . • . wonrUitul ntwil Alofflft-FtW 1/erae* «?• pilcad within • iplial*i ol nld-faihJonad wood f/4raail But 7011 tjml cu*tom-aiado, cu.tom-filUd hamai OF ALUMINUM! Pfeon. or wilt, ut lot FBU Manufactured In BIylheville Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 E. Main Phbne 4469 SPCRTING GOODS fishing & Hunting License. "Jimmie (!" 12 fl. IJoat Aliiminuni Boats, 12 & 1-1 f(. 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