The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 10, 1946 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1946
Page 6
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g .Tuesday, December 10, 1946 ®ijeJBabergfieft CaltformW MEN'S DRESSING ROBES ..... $10.90 Hayotrand cotton, fabric with novelty rayon dot design! Colors of maroon or blue. Sizes small, medium a'nd large. '. PENNEY'S MAIN FLOOR LADIES' QUILTED SATIN ROBES . $14.95 Lovely robes to Rive to Mother! Floral prints on peach and tearose backgrounds! Sizes 12 to 20 and 3S to 44. PENNEY'S SECOND FLOOR GIRLS' COTTON ROBES ...... $3.! So warm"! So comfy! Beacon cloth robes with novelty checks! Piped binding! Sizes 2 to 6 PENNEY'S BALCONY SHOP . BOYS' COTTON ROBES . . . ... $3.98 Colorful jaquard designs in rich colors! Sizes 10 to 14. PENNEY'S DOWNSTAIRS STORE Slippers for "Dad" Onera type,. brown corduroy. ~ " Sizes 6 to 10 Slippers for "Son." Brown felt loafer style * { Of* phish in blue or red. Sizes 1 to 5 V » »*»® Sizes 12 to 3 PENNEY'S MAIN FLOOR Slippers for "Mom." Finest black kid. with Hollywood platform soles and heels! Sizes 5 to 8. "0" width Slippers for "Sis." Bright, s SORRY ... NO PHONE OR MAIL ORDERS ON ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE 2018 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9731 BUY NOW FOR COMPLETE SELECTION 20TH AT CHESTER MAX FACTOR Special Makeup Sets Complete Beauty Kit . . . Face «. ^g^ t*f Powder, Pancake Make-Up, Rouge, , ffiSk 99 Lipstick, Skin Freshener, Cleansing njH Cream and Cologne ... gift boxed. " ^^ Otter Max Factor Sets, S2.50 to $11.80 Shulton's Friendship's Garden PSanfafbn Box -Cologne and Dusting: Powder Tuya Gift Set.. Manicure Set Shave Bowl, After-Shave Lotion C<0fee>tffc YardSey Men's Set ... *2 50 3-Piece Set for Men (Hems Subject to 20% Federal Taxi ARTISTIC READING FOR TWO GLUBS ^Magti-Kfi^d League Is Entei^^|lby Puppeteers -•Puppets xereN.-presented. in- a*j with Mrs.' 1 Payne were Mesdames Christmas "stoiT". fe ^Little;." Theater [D. ~M.'Mills Frank Philbrick, Ed Guild Friday as a^surprise" prcgramJ Pothler, and "Mary Hawkins. Mrs. when Infants Friend'League held!Payne had returned from a few jits annual Yuletide party vat the =ioi'ne pf | Mrs. J: B." Pa'yrie, 2311 Nineteenth street ,Scaring. Jhe- entertainment," with"--jthe^" H li5 tor more Standard School -jiiippete'ers and, their "sponsors, .wasVMrs. -A. E. The- daker, who sangffcarols^aiia led the guests in" general" singing of Christmas" favorites.'., Mrs. Ted Reese' was in general "charge - of," the puppet show, assisted by Mrs. D. M. Collins, Mrs.. ,'J. 'E. 'Brown and Mrs. Angus Johnston. *"' — Mrs. ,S. H". Bobinson, .president, two clubs Monday, the Woman's Club in the afternoon and the Business and Professional "Women's Club weeks stay in Westport, 'Conn., the Jin the! fevening.- It was artistically Provides First .'Home Talent Entertainment for Afternoon Group; Is, Well Received at Both i, Speech class o£ Business and Pro-1 trou at the dinner meeting, presided '• Sessional "Women's Club presented, al over by Dr. Violet Martin. Prelim-i Christnias play In concert style for Ker-n Man Tells of. Life at Dhahran on Persian Gulf inaries were in charge of Doctor evening -hefore the party. Special guests," were Mesdames E. M. Martin, H. Harris (ComptonJ -and H. 'Ryber. Members attending were-'Mesdames i.. G. Helm, S. A. Woody, A. W£ Rench, Don Minner,' " presentd on both occasions, the eve- j Dennen indicated a good ning's Audience 'derived -the more; and fine representation from Bak- satisfac^ion as the Voices reached to I ersfield club. Attending in addition the center curtain in the'Spanish i to " ! ~~ T very strict. A right hand is off for stealing:, first offense; Dennen were Mrs. Alice Mrs. Martha Holt, Mrs. i ballroom of Hotel Tejon with ease, •„,-,, . „ • whereas the projection lacked vol--| ^IJ^' *!?• ***«™ H '™' .Charles Bradford, I, G. Helm, Flor- ume to extend to the far Reaches of ! Pe n -- , J-'e. a visitor 'from Los Angeles, ence Drake H. J. Sellers, , A. E. Thedaker, L. O, Nelms, Carl "Weichelt, • G. L: Slaughter, Beth Riley, TL. M. Hendseh, E. H. Gottschalk, Sara Lynn, D. * M. Siddall, 3. D. Morris; T. 'H. McCay, J. F .conducted the meeting and. hostesses j Mullen and J. 3. Bustard. hall. Br e Mr T i Brauen. Mis Dot a 1 interpreta-1 Mrs. Marguerita Golden, Miss Vei-a tions were worked out with pleasing Lyon, and Miss Monte Bedwell. The quality and the whimsical spirit was at all times uppermost. Fattest part fell to Miss Grace Lawrence, with Miss Vera 1C Gibson a close second, state president, Miss Lily llawkin-' son. Los Angeles, was present as were Mrs. Mary Hall, Ontario, Mrs. i Bessie Stewart, Bell and Miss Vir- stute board. and much of the success of the pro- i ginia Curry, Fresno duction hung on narration, handled \ m»mber= I by Miss Dorothy Donahoe. The pro- - Martin, Mi«Ts MonteT Bertw*ll MrV i ^ at * is like to «« in a country J candy, is a familiar sight. Food on Jessica Hern, state auditor "and' 600 i" eai " s tehind the times, is de-[ the coast is good, but not. so good Howard L j in the interior, lie writes. ct meet- i Booth, 2227 Chester Lane, who has ss liene ; been ' at Dhahran in the Persian program Quif since last February, with the American Oil.. Company, j the left foot for the second offense camp is situated on a sand spit and beheading for third. The be! heading is a signal for gathering i of a large company of spectators. Mr. Booth wrote of the natives observing- Ramadan the ninth month of the Mohammedan year, wUh stuirt fasting. The observance lasts 30 days after which "Christmas" is , observed with "wa'git acole" and ! "wagit mooi" or lots of food and ,lots of water. Ohristma.s is. followed , by another Christinas in SO days. j lie described a trip to Jr.bail. a native town -10 miles up the gulf. ' One-story buildings of native lime, stone T&-O chariH-t'oristic. and the streets are, narrow and crooked. (Cries of "Baksheesh ,Sahih." mean- ling "a gratuity, mister" fill the air. [The town water supply is an ar' tesian well where native women are ) washing-clothing, bathing children, I and fillips' goatskin water bags, on • one side of a partition and men are | bathing and loading- water hags on ;donkeys, on the other side. Animals i are drinking from the same well. iA few olender bushes, banana trees, alfalfa, salt grass and a fow melon vines constitute the "garden." Mr. Booth boarded a new Constellation plane at Bin-bank for the trip- in February. Frnm Xfw York he continued to Gander,. Xcwfouml- land, Ireland. 7'aris. and Knrne. chairman of the day, set "the atmos- j mas . el ' a - and tplfl of meetings of art! He flew to his destination and has In the latter citv only a few rooms phere for the production in pleasing I secuon - Alec Smith spoke on the j since reverted to an ancient mode' of the hot*l in which ho ~t-iveil manner at the afternoon meeting, i symphony orchestra and Ml<=s Mary | of travel, the camel carman, for a were safe to use From Rome 'the The feeling of 'Christma,-- was con-: > -' llen Hagen on the Tuberculosis : trip into the heait of the deceit travelers continued to Cairo h-ivinsr veyed in stunning j?tage* decorations i Association program. Mrs. Tomer-l country. Secintr the native people a fj ne view of the pvrunids nnd and in a Christmas reading by Mrs. j ' In thanked all who hart served on i eat live grasshoppers with the relish Sphinx ,in Egypt before conduclinc- -Leslie Robinson. The latter, practi- i decoration, tea hospitality, courtesy that an American would show for the trip at l>lrihrtn ' ' '" *• cally sight reading, as the performer i an<1 Program committees. ~ — ' received the material on the day of Mrs. Lillian Beardsley headed the jgram, first home talent entertainment for Woman's Club this season, measured tip to the standard set by earlier programs. Each "characterization was a distinct one, as presented by Miss Ev- j elyn Schilling, Mrs. Dudley Caldwel!,. 1 Mrs. Dorothy Vance, JUrs. LuVerne. i Shatto, Miss Betty Gould, Mrs. Neva Mrs. C. L. Tomerlin. presiding orei _ the Woman s 1 Club meeting ! announced - that "Santa's Friend"' ' committee, headed by Mrs. R. E. , Gignoux; will welcome more foods < canned goods, fruit, clothing and | money, for its "adopted family" at I Cliristmas George E. time, and Bqhrenburg that Mrs. | \vill- appre-1 ciate jams and jellies for fit)- women Gen- ! Lawson. Miss Lois Menderhausen, j, ' ( L nlrt f . n .,, , „ f , Miss Dorothy May Gibson and Miss i ", i r ' M ?J° ' vS ^l f I Florence Bortzer. Mrs. Laura Nlch-1 !j?J f TI i™ , - v ols supplied the piano music-that! ?-" en - out at Thanksgiving tune by provided atmosphere and .tied the I scenes together. IDirector was Frank Wattron, teacher of the speech class. Presenting a streamlined history ' Mrs. C. B. Small's appointment to safety committee and reported on a success-1 . ,, , - , ,,. ,,,> of the class, now beginning its elev- *L' 1 dance headed by Mrs. Donald} —I'lintu by Dorman Howard L. Bonlh jenth year, and telling the profes-, , ,,.,, . , , „ ! sional classification of each cast ' nollnoe< - 1 Bible section s meeting for j the summer the thermometer hov- ] member, and the background of Mr. iloncia . v with. Mrs. Lafayette Banes , ers between US and I:MI. Winter' AVattron, Mrs. A. B. Campbsn' Discussing novels of the early Christ- • weather is not unlike Bakursfield. '. land Ireland 7'aris =et "the atmnsl' mas el ' a - and Iolfl of me-etmgs of art! He flew to his " presentation, wa t s a. distinctive feature of the business meeting. Burt Brown supplied the -tree for the j stage. " Adding- much to the evening hour j were vocal solos by Mrs. "Walter' Jaynes, soprano soloist, whose "The j Cradle Song of the Infant Jesus"' i and "Bird Songs at Eventide" were' : in happy, harmony with the fairy,' I tale. She was accompanied at the' j piano by Mrs. Harold TeTuncq. | j Bird notes filled the air at Worn-1 j an's Club, during the reading of the j : fairytale. decorations committee for the business women's dinner. Business Girls to Meet ThkJEvening Group Under Y. W. C. A. Wing Sponsor Successful Donee Miss Dona hoe introduced Mr. Wat-' r^*™™* Gil ' ls Club ° E the If you're going home... or leaving home for Christmas... Please make your holiday train reservations now! If your Christmas-New" Year plans include a trip on the Pacific Coast or to the East, Southern Pacific has a fleet of fine, fast, dependable trains to serve you. However, we expect travel to be iheavy during the coming holidays. So if^you want to enjoy the comfort and weatherproof safety of train travel, we suggest you make your train reservations as soon as possible. Pullman accommodations should be reserved in advance. Ifyou plan to travel by chair car or coach at our lowest fares, you can reserve seats in advance, too—on many of our fastest trains. Our train service has been greatly improved this year. Prewar refinements have been restored and many of our trains are faster than ever before. * This Christmas, try the train. S-P The friendly Southern Pacific 800 Baker Street Phone 6-6461 ... MARK WILSON, Agent 5S1 ANTIQUES Sparkling crystal ciiaudelier,' three rose prisius suspended by chains of crystals, Sey- eral bisque figurines. Some pairs. , Handmade linen dinner cloth with 12 napkins, with cutwork and handmade lace. Tair vases \yi|h cherubs and tulip CUIK. Pair-bisque figurine lamp bases.. Slippe'rs. Wide variety of cups and saucers, powder and candy jars, plates, pickle casters. TRULY EXQUISITE GIFTS The Antique Shop 2122 First .Street - Phone 2-7722 STORE-WIDE Pre- Christmas Sqle GOATS With and Without Fur- Regular $98.00, now $49.50 Regular §45.00, now S29.98 Regular $24.98, now _....|19.98 Wool.Dresses gj! 8for$24 - 98 $24.98 for $14.98 "$29.98 for $22J>0 $16.98 for $8.98 All Winter Coats Included in Sale SWEATERS and SKIRTS JACKETS % and'/ 2 Oft Many Other Spectacular Values COLLEGE SHOP 201Q.Chester Avenue ; ;tion will meet tonight'at the home ' of Miss Freda Bryan, 1415 Oregon i street. Miss Dorothy McAdam, executive director of. Y. W. C. A., announced that more than ion young adults attended the "Ip-nst Frolic' 1 dance sponsored 'by the''Business Girls Club Saturday night. Miss Mary Anspach was general chairman. Music was furnished by Bob Sisson's orchestra. Ping, pong and l bridge were featured also. j The Business Girls will hold a' Christmas party Monday night at j the home of Mrs. T. J. Clanin. 231S I Twentieth, street, at 7:30 p. m. i Second Son Born Monday to Les Carpenters Big Pacific Crisis Is Solved as Kings Wage Competition on Good Deeds MA.IURO, Marshall Wand*. Dec. I police all met at the government 10. (U.R)—The navy's mililary govern- f house Mith Rogers, ment setup on Majnro Atoll K yno- j ile salved their wounded feelings viding its adminii-tr.iUve officers i''J' pointing out that both sides ac- with some laughs along with the ' '"ally were trying to do sport and headaches. ' that there was no cause for" friction. The kind's shcmk bands and sheepishly adminH they were making a mountain out »f a tnole hill D. of V: Slates Bectioofarfy- Klprtion of offief-rs will bp lield when of I'nion Civil "U'ar A'eterans nieot Thursdiiy at. 8 p.m. Lieutenant William Hows, a military government official from Paducah, Ky., outlined for repotteis touring the Pacific islands what ihe natives on nearby Laura island believed was a "criM«." The principal village on Laura is in the unfortunate position of hav- two kings. Iving Lainlon is i I J recognized by ihe navy as the hereditary king of the village. King Jit.ari is head of the minority part}. Trouble in the village was'touched off -when King Jitan s -in subjects! each gave a nickel to the lied L'i-o>«. i When King Lanlori's following , out about the contribution, at -Memorial thev a]J hicked ,„ wUJ| -Folknvmg the Jitan countered bv taking a large i mas party fo . .business meeting an aniuirirchrist- .supply-of bananas and cocoanuts to Red Cross headquarters. That' was to much for X.a:n!on, who sent word by boat to Majuyp that trouble was i breawing in the "Wllaee. members and their families will bo held. Kach participant will bring a gift, not to exceed HO cents in cost, for exchange, nnd there will he en lor- tainmpnt a.nri refrcshnifnts. Tho Another prospective all-American Majuro to Laura in a navy cr.ish , . , .boat, lie was met at the pier bv was born to Mr. and Mrs. Les Car- both kings who wanted to tell thei'r penter at 2:20 p. m Monday at Miss \ side of the story first. In diplomats I-neses Maternity Home. Mr. Car- bargaining fashion Rogers -u- penter is football coach at East ranged separate conferences Bakersfield High School. each king. The child, the couple's second son, | weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces. Rogers, made the 22-mile trip from ', commiitfe includes Mesdames Mary' " * ' B - -Smith, June Alforcl and Belva Stewart. with On the next day, the king"--, their : chiefs, heads of families and Inca! VEOX TO ATIKM) MKETING County Clerk R. J. \\. otl , v iu at . tend a meeting Wednesday at Santa Barbara nf the state Assembly interim committee on elections, it was reported tnday. CUDAHYS PURITAN 4 Yes sirree! Folks come a-runnin' when the smoky aroma of Cudahy's Puritan Bacon comes waftin' through the air. And wait 'til you taste., the mild, smoky sweetness the tender crispness in every golden-brown slice. minm! Ask for Cudahy's Puritan Bacon today and see if you don't agree with Curly that it's the best-tastin' bacon in town!

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