The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on December 30, 1985 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1985
Page 17
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Fun The Salina Journal Monday, December 30,1985 Page 17 You can call Mom only when... The Far Side Crossword By Eugene Sbeffcr To bug or not to bug .Mom on her job. , . That is one of the burning questions that face youngsters with mothers who work outside the home. Naturally, there are no blanket rules, because emergencies do arise, and Mom would insist on being called. But there are a few guidelines to follow. First, you must ask yourself: 1 — Will Mom drop dead when she hears this? 2 — Can she find a plumber after 5? 3 — Will she carry out her threat to move to another city and change her name? If you answered yes, no, yes, you might try putting the incident in a proper perspective. For example, if there is blood to report, consider these questions: Is it yours? Your brother's? Is there a lot? A little? On the sofa that is not Scotchgarded? From a loose baby tooth or the $80 one that they are still making payments on? Will the bleeding stop? Was it an accident? Can you shut up about it and pass it off as an insect bite? Another example: When every kid in the neighborhood decides your Tank McNamara Erma > Bombeck * LOS ANGELES TIMES house would be a neat place to play because there is no adult at home, ask yourself, "Do I want to spend my entire puberty locked in my room with no food and no television? Do I need friendship of a boy who throws ice cubes at the bird? Will Mom notice we made confetti in her blender?" Other situations you can be definite about: When a group of children decides to wash the cat and put him in the dryer and wants to know what setting to use, call. When you and your brother are hitting and slapping over the last soft drink and you want a high-level decision on who gets it, don't call. When a couple of men in a pickup truck tell you your mom is having your TV slipcovered, your silverware stored, her jewelry cleaned and your 10-speed bicycle oiled, call. When you are bored and have nothing to do and just want to talk, call your father. Crime doesn't pay LOS ANGELES (AP) - Here's new evidence that crime doesn't pay: the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced not long ago that an Emmy for graphics and title design had been awarded to the canceled NBC show "Partners in Crime." That was the show, starring Loni Anderson and Linda Carter as two former wives of a San Francisco private detective who take over his business after his death. The show died shortly after the private eye did. However, hold the envelope. Red-faced academy officials admitted it had been a mistake. The Emmy actually went to Agatha Christie's "Partners in Crime," which was telecast on the PBS "Mystery!" series. The Family Circus THERE S TO BE A Wjei-COMlMG COMMITTEE. NO,IT'& NlOT COT-TOM OK TME ROSE BOVUl- For Better or for Worse ACROSS 1 Garden plot 4 Italian city 9 Doze 12 Eskimo knife 13 Biblical place 14 Slender finial 15 Gopher State 17 Clown's accessory 18 Large bird 19 Old World lizards 21 F. Lee Bailey, for one 24 Learning 25 Osaka sash 26 Dad's retreat, perhaps 28 Richard or Marni 31 Male voice 33 Barely passing grade 35 Assistant 36 Tinsel Town award 38 Corrida cheer 40 Trig, function 41 Roman poet 43 Sell abroad 45 Straight 47 One — time 48 Those in office 49 — Ernie Ford 54 French king 55 Home-run star 56 WWII area 57 Dancer Miller 58 "Get — " of TV 59 Pale DOWN 1 Lazy sponger 2 Samuel's teacher 3 Press for payment 4 Appeared 5 Guaranteed 6 Tokyo, once 7 Dorsal 8 Spanish kingdom 9 Land of Enchantment Avg. solution time: 26 min. nnnnn rcnnp nnnn nnnn nnnnnn nncin nnnn nnnn i.innnnn nnnn rniuinnnnn iiiiiir.niH iiniuinnnriciiinaMii uunnn nnnn onnnnn unnn nnnn ni.mnnn nnn nnnn c.nnn nunnnn nnnmiiiniinnnnnnii unpinn nnnn nnnn nr.ii.itin nun nnnnnn nnnnn nnnnn nnnnnn nniuin nnnnnn nciotin finnan nrmnnn nnn muitm nnnn nnnn niuinn nnnnnnnnnnnnncin; nnnn nnno nnn nnronnn nnnn nnnn nnnann unon nnnnn rinnnnnnnnunnon nnnnnn nnnnnannn unnn rinnrmn nnnn nnnn nnnn nnnnnn unna, nnuu onnnu Ans. to yesterday's puzzle 10 Samoan seaport 11 Farm animals 16 Marshal of France 20 Pavarotti specialty ' 21 TV sheriff 22 Arabian , • garments •' 23 Badger State 27 Prefix for plasm or natal 29 Scent 30 Snug retreat 32 Except 34 Mrs. Roosevelt 37 Lariats 39 Scope 42 Reverie 44 Dance step 45 Spend it in Milan 46 Privy to 50 Blue Eagle org. 51 Homonym for so 52 Schedule abbr. 53 Eternity i UJCWTHlS FORSET It, COMMITMENT! I rTEfloy To SETTLE. DOWN I M INl LOVE UJlTHSOtfEOME. SOPFOSE/IRlS rtEflMSyOO'PSE SfV/INQ- NO? "Know what? Washington, Lincoln and Jesus were all born on holidays." Ziggy Hagar the Horrible VUR THERE'S THE 8=25 PIE RIGHT ON SCHEPOLE O 1985 Universal Press Syndicate ~ ^J* 12-30 T»tMU7t{*ev\ 12-30 CRYPTOQUIP CZNBFIQGBG'R TBPIQGB JF SQUPWRCFZ IJ SQUBI, PTBNBG RIQZBFIR RQFW UF. Saturday's Cryptoquip: DRAMATIST FOUND PLYING HIS TRADE — HE MADE A PLAY FOR GRADUATE STUDENT. Today's Cryptoquip clue: P equals C The Lockhorns *l MUST WARN YOU ALL OF LORETTA'S COOKBOOKS HAVE UNHAPPY ENDINGS!" Peanuts THEY HAVE THESE THINGS WITH LITTLE SQUARES AMP NUMBERS ON THEM... „ THEY USE THE NUMBERS TO KEEP TRACK OF THE PAYS, ANP MONTHS, ANP YEARS ANP EVERYTHING... THAT'S HOU) THEY KNOU) ANOTHER YEAR HAS 60NE BY, ANP A NEW ONE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN.. •*& ^4 © iBBSUnlted Feature Syndtc»t«.lnc. Hi and Lois VVHAT PO YOU THINK' OP THE I THINK IT LOOK'S GREAT FOR OUT THE Wizard of Id ft'fo Beetle Bailey Rex Morgan M.D. REASOM TO BE UNCIVILIZED, \& THERE? WHV WERE VOU SO CORPIAL BEFORE YOU SEAT HIM UP? EXCUSE ME, BEETLE, WOULP VOU KIWPLY HOLP STILL WHILE I PULVERIZ.E YOU* WHEN HARRV DEMISON APPEARS AT DR.MOR&AN'S OFRCe FOR HIS INSURANCE PHYSICAL, HE EXPRESSeS LUCV'S CONCERN ABOUT THEIR FATHER .' YOUR FATHER IS IW EXCELLENT HEALTH' FOR A MAW OF FIFTY- TWO t THE FACT THAT HE'S INTERESTED IN A YOUM6ER WO/VNAN DOES NOT ANEAMTHAT H MENTALLY ILL .' THE A6E DIFFERENCE IS AL/V\OST -SO YEARS / MY " SISTER WORRIES ABOUT THE YOUM6 WORM'S MOTIVES.' CAM IT BE DAP'S MONEY"? rr COULD ee THAT SHE JUST ENJOYS BEIH6 WITH YOUR FATHER .' \BRXHff ]f£XM6W V. 5T <2?'1te7iar- Blondie Born Loser 0OSS!I JU6T CLOSED THE C SIMMONS DEAL.' ^**S THAT'S FOf? RUINING THE KLINE- CONTRACT YESTERDAY I WANTEP TO DO IT THEN, BUT I FORGOT NOW, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SIMMONS DEAL .' 12-30 WOULQAM AKTIHC1AL

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