The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on September 29, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Court Action In the matter of the estate of John B. Findling, deceased; Citizens National Bank, trustee: Petition for authority to distribute income granted. Ruth M. Pumphrey vs. Gar net D. Pumphrey: Complaint for divorce. Hearing set for 2 p.m., October 5. In the matter of the estate of Gladys Campbell, deceased: Ralph Parsons and Lora Burton, co-executors: Schedule and affidavit for inheritance tax purposes filed and referred -to the Tipton County Assessor, the Tip.ton County Assessor, as inheritance tax appraiser, for report. In the matter of the estate of Tom George Kirages: Schedule and affidavit for inheritance tax purposes filed and referred to the Tipton County Assessor, as inheritance tax appraiser, for report. Waivers of interested parties filed. Tuesday, Sept. 29,1964 WOMEN OF MOOSE Women of the Moose lodge No. 616 will meet for their exe cutive meeting at 7 p. m. followed by their regular meeting at 7:30 p. m. on Wednesday at the lodge. Presidential Outlook Thelma's Beauty Shop is reopening Wed., Sept. 30 with Janet Dolan as operator. C-311 FLASH FLOOD - Virgil Timmons takes a sad look at M> car In Boerne. Tex., swept up .against the house by a flash flood. The flood swept several houses off their foundations. 'Anti-Noise' (Continued from page 1) Tipton Lions Club a portion of its property on the northwest side of the city. The land will be used for park purposes Mayer Rench said the city's southside park is not eaisly accessible to children living on the north side. Youths in that area have been tending to play on the Lions Club property. The club will retain use of the building and adjacent parking areas during the term of the lease. The 10-year rental agreement includes a one dollar fee. Street Commissioner John Plake outlined to the Council the repairs needed at the municipal swimming pool. Plake pointed out that water still is leaking from the deep end of the pool, despite replacement of the floor there. The cement in the shallow end is beginning to clip and crack and may need to be repoured. Tt is becoming difficult to patch, he- said. Councilmen discussed repairs and possible replacement of the pool. Action was deferred, pending an inspection of the pool by a Portland Cement Company consultant. In routine action, the Council approved Civil City Claims 599 o 627 in the amount of $8,658.94. The figure includes about $7,200 in payroll claims. The Council also approved utility claims 701 to 736, in the imount of $18,875.98. Rural utility service contracts were au­ thorized for Harrison A. Smithson and L. Guy Orr, both of Route 1, Tipton, and for Harry Conaway, of Route 3. Former (Continued from page 1) He has also been in adminis- Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: Everett Long, Atlanta; Joyce Sottong, Tipton; Mary Thomason, Elwood; Leona Pansy, Tipton; Barbar Groves, Kokomo; Adeline Young, Kokomo; Margaret Ea- trative positions as Principal of ton, Kempton; Kay Everting, Madison - Marion Consolidated j Elwood r Schools Hoagland India na| D , SM ' ISSALS: Esther Rocha , prior to taking the post a t. Tj tQ Ben R t Tj t Jackson Centra, in Harmlton^y Booher) Tipton . Djana Raquet, Tipton; Elita Silnas, Greentown; Evalyn Hinkle, Elwood; Charles Hollings worth, Central County. The new superintendent i s married to the former Frances Baylor of Speed Indiana, and 0akford Kenneth Earl, Kirk- h " fn,,r c " nc T " h " a J um ° r at lin; Alma .Fischvogt, Atlanta onald, a senior in high school; Louis, a high school sophomore and- Harry who is in the 8th grade has four sons, John, Purdue University; Donald, a „ , „ . , TI ' Becky Crouch, Tipton; Homer Brinegar, Tipton; Maurice Dealer, Marion. of junior high school. Mr. Guenther will move to Tipton as soon as he can locate a four-bedroom home in this area, and arrange to ,be relieved of duties as Superintendent at his present location. CARELESS DRIVER BICESTER, England (UPI) — Mrs. Elizabeth Bilty, 89, reportedly Britain's oldest licensed motorist, was fined $14 TO ENTERTAIN AT TEA Monday and disqualified from _ I driving for three years on a "•""* 'careless driving charge. By EDWARD FLATTAU . United Press International ALBANY, N.Y. (UPI)-HFour years ago, the Kennedy-Johnson combination ran far ahead of its own ticket in New York state and defeated the Republicans by 385,000 votes, The same names are on the Democratic ticket here again, but the order is different and the fates of the two candidates are not necessarily linked on Election Day. In a state notorious for ticket splitting, President Johnson is favored to " win decisively in November. Robert F. Kennedy, the late President's brother and Democratic senatorial candidate, however, is currently rated only slightly ahead of his opponent, incumbent Sen. Kenneth, B. Keating. Ideological Split The Republicans, whose dominant position in New York is jeopardized by the strong Democratic challenge this fall, are. under added pressure because of an intra-party ideological split. Not since the National Republican Convention in San iFran- cisco has the rift between conservative and liberal factions of the GOP been evidenced as openly as it is in New York. This is the state where Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, former foe of GOP presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, has pledged support of the national ticket but prefers to say "vote Republican from top to bottom" rather than specifically mention Goldwater's name. Non-Goldwater Backers This is the state whose two Republican U.S. senators, Jacob Javits and Keating, have disassociated themselves from the national GOP ticket on grounds certain Goldwater views are ir- reconciable with their own. It is here that the Conservative party, comprised of dissident right wing Republicans, has been formed to run its own candidates against those of the [two major parties. Such disunity creates problems in contests down the line for the Republicans, who narrowly control both houses of the legislature despite the Democrats outnumbering them by 400,000 registered voters. Dissension in GOP ranks is a contributing but not a major Mrs. Robert Orr will enter- jpARTY SHIP tain at a tea in her home, ' north of Normanda on Friday SOUTHAMPTON, E n g land afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m. in (UPI) — An oil firm has hired honor of Mrs. Clair Berry who the 35,600-ton ocean liner Mauis visiting in the Normanda retania for the party next' rearon for the predicted John- community for a few days. The month to mark the opening of son victory here. Berry's served the Normanda a new refinery. I Lean Toward Democrats church prior to accepting a I "There was difficulty in find-' Observers note that the key charge in Kentucky. 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William E Miller of Lockport, N.Y., have repeatedly denied that they are "writing off" New York. However, their personal campaigning in the state has been minimal. It was recently reported that some state GOP leaders were advising local candidates to play down any association with Goldwater for fear of being buried in a Johnson landslide. The most optimistic, appraisals by Goldwater campaign managers across the state are no better than "It will be a very tough fight but I think we'll win." White Backlash Looms Most observers believe the white "backlash" against the Democrats from race riots this past summer in New York City's Harlem and upstate in Rochester will be offset by liberal Republicans defecting to Johnson. The Senate race between Kennedy and Keating has overshadowed the presidential campaign in many sections of the state. The 38-year-old former attorney general is seeking his first elective office against a congressional veteran of 18 years who attained prominence with his disclosures - on the Cuban missile crisis. Nationwide interest is focused on the contest because of the implications in the outcome as well as the background of the candidates. RFK Draws Crowds Should Keating lose, the liberal wing of the Republican party would receive a severe setback in its drive to regain- control of the party from the Goldwater conservatives. If Kennedy wins, he will have established a base from which he could make a bid for the 1968 Democratic presidential nomination. Many currently give Kennedy the edge on the basis of the rec- 1 prdv <breaking crowds that flock to.csee.fhim in every corner of the state. Keating, 64, claims he is an underdog to the glamor and nostalgia of the Kennedy name. He has a large, if not as vocal following and possesses a record which- the former attorney general has been hard pressed to assail because of its liberal bent. Keating has accused Kennedy of being a "carpetbagger" from Massachusetts who entered the state merely to further his political ambitions. He scores Kennedy's lack of experience and dares him to attack his record. Refers to Brother Kennedy refers constantly to his . association with his late brother and pledges to carry on and fight for the Democratic administration. He bids for the liberal vote in both parties by stressing • his basic attack against Keating — that the senator has not totally repudiated Goldwater. The Conservative party, whose gubernatorial candidate in 1962 polled 140,000 against Rockefeller, could hurt Keating's reelection chances. Angered at Keating's refusal to endorse Goldwater, the Conservatives nominated a college history professor from New Yorjc City, Henry Paolucci, to run for the Senate. Paolucci, a political unknown, hopes to get 100,000 votes as "the voice of Goldwater" in the state. Political "Glamor Boy" Whatever support he does receive would be drawn from Keating rather than Kennedy. Other candidates whose fate is of special interest are Republican congressmen John Lindsay of Manhattan and Seymour Halpern of Queens. Both men have liberal voting records and have refused to join the Goldwater bandwagon. Lindsay is a political "glamor boy" who has frequently been mentioned as a future candidate for governor. Democratic Congressm e 'nJJ Samuel S. Stratton, who vied against Kennedy, and the controversial Harlem representative, Adam Clayton Powell, will be two others whose performances will be closely watched. Gfbss yrdid Puzzle ACROSS 1. Contours 7. Chaste 13. Nautical rope loop • 14. Newspaper • - director 15.Letter ; 16. Compass point 17.—Angeles 18. Syllable: music 19. Number 21. Camera stand 23. Girl's name: 24.—Passos ' 26. Cord 27. Parties 29. Consecrate 30. Comparative suffix 31. Tenure- 32. Powders 35. Braced frame 39. Opera solo 40. Horse: Gypsy 41. Golf club 42. Later 44. Rub with oil it 46. Russian .. river 47. Eggs 48. Good: FT. 49. Germanium: chem. Antwtr to Paul* ••••HO HBI3HHa as oiaa EH EHEU •••• anaaaaH HHoaH EBB EDE3U , BQDH Baa HHHH •D San BBB mm EHQDHE] HQEJEJEE OBBHHE] BHHHGIB 50. Hunter 52. Starer 54. Is impertinent 55. Ancestors DOWN 1. Rushes 2. Hail 3. Metric measure 4. Liars 5. Comfort 6. Slim 7. Dissolves 8. Smell 9. Disenchanted 10. And: Fr. 11. Wise men. 12. Barters 20. Silkworm 22. Dessert 25. Bone 28. Goddess of dawn I 29. Insect / 31. Easily I crumbled ) 32. Claws ; 33. Asian j country 34. Ignited \ 35. Terbium: i Chem. 36. Prefix: three 37. Lengthier 38. Goes into 40. Graduates: colloq. 43. Bacchanalian cry 45. Christmas 51. Manuscript abbr. 53. Concerning Phils Lose (Continued from page 4} National League W. L. Pet. GB Cincinnati 91 66 .580 St Louis . 90 67 .573 1 Philadelphia 90 68 .570 VA San Fran 86 70 .551 Wi Milwaukee 82 73 .529 8 Pittsburgh 77 78 .497 13 Los Angeles 77 79 .494 13V4 Chicago 72 84 .462 18V4 Houston 65 91 .417 25V4 New York 51 105 .327 39!4 CONDITION IMPROVES The condition of Ed Planalp, route 1, Arcadia is reported improving following surgery recently. Friends may a d d r es s cards to him at Methodist Hospital, room B-454, Indianapolis. Monday's Reshlts St. Louis 5 'Phila 1, night Los Angeles 2 Chicago 1, night (Only games scheduled) Tuesday's Probcble Pitchers Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (night) — Cardwell (1-1) vs. McCool (6-3) or Nuxhall (8-8). Philadelphia at St. Louis (night) — Bennett (12-13) vs. Sadecki (19-10). New York at Milwaukee (night) — .Parsons (0-1) vs. Blasingame (8-5). Chicago at . Los Angeles (night) — Buhl (13-14) or Burdette (10-9) vs.Singer (0-0). Houston at San Francisco" (night) — Johnson (11-16) vs. Estelle (1-1). . Wednesday's Gr.mes Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, night New York at Milwaukee, night Phila at St. Louis, night Chicago at Los Angeles, night Houston at San Francisco Barry (Continued from Page 1) that direction. , "At the top of my agenda, as president, would be the assignment of the best minds in the field, to a full study of lawlessness in this land, to a study of the handcuffs which have been placed on law enforcement •agencies by. the courts, and the ways in which, without intruding, the federal government can encourage a uniformly The Almanac By United Press International Today is Tuesday, Sept. 29, the 273rd day of 1964 with 93 to follow. The moon is approaching its new phase. The morning stars are Jupiter, Venus and Mars. The evening star is Saturn. English admiral—lord Nelson —was born on this date in 1758. On this day in history: In 1789, the U.S. War Department formed a regular army with 700 men to serve three years. In 1918, the central powers in the European war were beginning to collapse as Bulgarian signed an armistice with the allies. In 1923, Great Britain began governing Palestine under a League of Nations mandate. In 1941, the U.S. and Britain agreed to send supplies to the Soviet Union to help resist the Nazi invasion of World War Two. A thought for the day: The English scientist, T. H. Huxley, said: "If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is the man who has so much as to be out of danger." To vary the morning oatmeal, add VS cup of raisins to the water just before stirring in 2 cups of oats. Top each serving with cinnamon-sugar. Makes 6 servings. $ The term enriched on packages of grain foods means that the important B vitamins and minerals have been restored. high level of law enforcement, ^ are ribofla vin, respect for law, and effective legal procedures for the protection of citizens and their property." The GOP candidate headed into the vote - rich Midwest aboard the- season's first whistle stop campaign train. He is scheduled to make 33 stops on the trip, which ends Saturday at. Chicago. DESSERT SUPREME Serve individual wedges of blue, cheese, softened to room temperature, with fresh or candied fruit, -wafers and nut meats for dessert. Pears, apples and peaches all go well' with blue cheese. On a lazy su- san or large platter, arrange the cheese wedges in the center and surround with quartered sections of fruit, nuts and assorted crackers. niacin and minerals lost when the bran and germ are removed from the kernel during the milling process. Store salad ingredients in the refrigerator — if prepared ahead of time — without the dressing. Keeping them co o 1 helps prevent loss of nutrients. ANOTHER BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD BEING FORMED No age limit or territory re. striction for charter members. WRITE TO: CONNERSVILLE BROTHERHOOD & SISTERHOOD P.O. Box 93 Connersville, Ind. ELK'S STAG This Wed., Sept. 30 - Virginia Baked Ham Also Peach Pie 6:30 - 7:30 P. M. All members urged to Attend! -i. DIANA Now thru Wed. 2 Shows At 7 & 9:05 A big bouncy glittering entertainment package packed with taught galore and a cast of top-flight starsll Dean Martin — Dick Van Dyke — Bob Cummings in— WHATACP -WHATAPAST! WHATASKOWI £y 20m CENTUHY-FOX PRESENTS What A Way £ *,* CINEMASCOPE • COLOR BY DELUXE OPENS THU RS-- COLOR HITS! "DARK PURPOSE". & "THE RAIDERS" CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF TIPTON

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