The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 10, 1946 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1946
Page 4
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3: SUCCESS, N. T., Dec. 10. -TheTtTnited Nations permanent headquarters committee, stil! divided in support of east and -west coasts as location of-the 0. N.'s permanent home, found its efforts to reach,a 'decision stalled today by a United States move to postpone any verdict until next year. - The proposal to defer decision unill the next session of the TJ. 1ST. general assembly presented last night by Chief United States Delegate Warren R. Austin got a decidedly cool reception from his fellow members of the 54-nation committee, but no vote will be taken on it until the committee's next meeting, tentatively set for tomorrow. The committee began its session yesterday with the expectation of making at least a decision on whether the permanent peace capital should be located at the Presidio in. San -Francisco on the west coast, but Austin's move for postponement of the entire question provoked fresh debate which prevented any voting. Only L. D. "Wilgress of Canada supported the American move to let the site issue ride another year. He said the United States government must have sufficiently good reasons for asking postponement and the committee should respect the wishes of the host government. v HEADS RED CROSS "WASHINGTON, Dec. 10. "SPresident Truman today reappointed Eat,il O'Connor,to a one-year term a? chairman ~ot the American National Red Cross and head of the organization's central commilte,e O'Connor is former law partner of the late_ President Franklin D. 1 Koosev"elt 3>r,* ( !>/-A. -Duhridg&^residertt df> the California Institute ",of Tecli-, nolofy,,fears the away and-navy" may "Mil pare science.'' -__ "JFigfcting organizations," said' Dr. Bubridge, who during the war* was head of Massachusetts In&ti- - tute" of Technology ra'diatioVlal)-" oratory, wJjieh ielpeu develop military radar) "are hardly adapted to peacetime program of research in pure science, which grows by spontaneous curiosity and the ability and persistence of highly gifted individuals'." '•If the' army and navy spend all their research funds solely for applied research 0:1 weapons," he told a civic luncheon , Monday, "they will either kill pure science by drawlag men away Irom it or will find tbeir applied (scientific) job being done mostly by second or third rate people." Progressive Club Plans Children's Yule Party Plans for the annual kiddies Christmas party wll be completed at a meting of the East Bakersfield Progresive Club at 7:30 p. m. today in Pyrenees Cafe, 601 Sumner street. The party for children of club' members will be held Friday nii;ht -in Washington School auditorium. Santa Clans-will be there. -- ' When even the small fry are enthusiastic about a gasoline-maybe you too should use It in your car. BEACH B8STSIIBOTSR OF KERU COUNTY 400 Sonora Street Phone 2-2436 And for your future convtnience r ,.~.,r,~*J|hj apply for a Beacon Credit Card ».. 1^ HI.. U»,,-«J_=J I J. ' - • --' ;. .- .- . . 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Floor and Forced Air COOLER SERVICE Sheet Metal — Ducts — Installations Valley Air Conditioning Company 727 Sumner Street Phone 3-0388 , ^ "-- -s *^ .! v* "Z~Z", ,^" *j. e tf e- ^rv^' 'i . - Charles, ^W: TlCop'p ;' ,0%; Vermont? teacher _, of -English' '-language \ jn Japan," foe," 2l";years, r ~to1d JSawanis Club members" atA their -Monday luncheon -at - Bakersfield- Inn, K to "Turn your' attention from Germany and f Japan.^'who^offer ,' Httle threat to -world peace, during^"- our lifetime, to the rising-Mack'-cloud of communism." " - ~'-'< ^ _ Mr, Copp, ' who ^vaa 'once 1 arrested for anti-Hitler, assertions, in a Japanese classroom,.- emphasized that if we can show 'the Japanese that democracy and Christianity will work better than anything they have tried, they will adopt those doctrines. He urged sympathy and co-operation with all liberal movements in Japan. He stated^ that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a great "gift" to the - United 1 States, which prevented, the defeat of Great Britain and saved American-idemocracy. Judge JVarren 'Stockton, program chairman", introduced the speaker, who as an English instructor was in the >mploy of" the Japanese 'government. Don'Kinney^of the Taft Kiwanis Club, and Austin Simons were luncheon guests. ** Marriage Licenses Awarded toil? Pairs Marriage licenses • were issued at the county clerk's office to the following 17 couples. - •* Kelrnan Frederic Hlnes, 36, VPilma Jean Lang, 25, Long'Beach; Rosario Vaccaro, §0, Bakersfield, Florence M. King, 30, Los Angeles; Raymond Taylor .Trotter, 2g, yera A Barbara Burtch, 17, Bakersfield; "Lee , TV. Kirkpatrick, 26,"Ramona C. McDon-" aid, 18, Fellowsp Lonnie Lee" Jones, 21, Tupman, Dorothy Louise Anderson, 17,- Bakersfield; Robert Ellis Curnow, 23, Oildale, ^Barbara Norman, 23, Bakersfield: Floyd Harold Depew, 37, Jean E.-Armostrong, 30, Visalia; William' H. Bentley, 28, Wesley. K. Lim, 22, ^Oakland, Florence K". Chow, 22; Bakersfield: Floyd Loren Branch, 48, ., Bessie F. Browney, 41, Mojave! Nestor Sandoval, ,20, Rosie.Huro, 18, Bakersfield; Leopoldo C, Gardea, 23, Arvin, Elisa Gutienez, 17. Bakersfield; Henry L"ee Pehwortli, 43, Bakersfield, Pearl Biirns Makley, 41, Tulsa, Okla.; Marion Calvin Loughridge, 32, Letha Murphy, 32, Wasco; Kay W. Lessley, 26, Ruby Alene Gifford, .20, McFarland; Lawrence Macias, 36, Ozie "Minnie Pearce, 37, Delano; James V. Ho'n, 22, Lois W. Neeham, IS, Delano." -.- "Dan 1 Duke, fiery-as- isistant'* prosecutor, in Cook's", office •who- flattened, Columbia" President .-Emory Burke- a few weeks ago in'an A'tlanta"courtroom with.-a' right to tbetfaw. ',>'>-" •'-' " - ' x "Sheldp%said the.anti-JCazi league - opera tlves<v£ei-B sent here pn orders of Herman Hoffman, chairman of •jtbe. board -who-is"also chairman of the-.Kfew' York 'county criminal; Jcourts-bar. Fountain Pen Camera office across the hall in ,the capitol and plastered the columns-with big stickers showing the white robed figut'e of a, Ku Kltix Klansman, ri^ ing a white' horse. Tha words "today, .tomorrow, 1 forever""', wei'e spashed-white on a red background. The confessions were inototized and incorporated by "Cook Into an official report to' Governor Ellis Arnall. ~ • Cook said the Fulton county Superior Court^ grand, jury would Be asked for additional indictments Sheldon said Miss Forrest worked I Against Burke and Secretary"in-the Columbian' office one week Founder Homer I,. Loomis, Jr4 as a' and used a fountain pen camera to take microscopic photographs of vital and important 'letters, dictation' between President Emory Burke and Secretary Homer Loomis and other revealing correspondence. She _told r her employers she experienced no trouble in gathering the 1 material because the Columbians were careless in their office routine, tossingiletters and papers-all over desks, on the floor and into the trash baskets. Solicitor-General E. E. (Shorty) Andrew's of the Fulton (Atlanta) county Superior Court announced after a long conference with state legal and police authorities that he would asfc a grand jury, now in session, to drop all other matters and investigate the Columbians Friday. To Seek Indictments* Andi-ews .said the jury at present could only investigate the group for illegal, possession of dynamite and will seek indictments on this count. While Cook was giving newsmen details of the story behind the closed doors of his office, someone visited the reception room or the governor's result of the confessions by Childers and "Waller. Both are already under indictment on charges of usurping police' authority. - Sworn to Secrecy Childers 1 " confession was ha the nature of turning state's evidence against Burke who allegedly made him swear not to reveal the "secrets of the organization which Childers said were given to him at a meeting in Atlanta. The Columbians, lie said-Burke told him, were using hatreds of JNe- groes as a wedge to gain the sympathy of white people and planned to go on iiom there when they got control of things,. .Childers said Loomis told him they had enough guns and ammunition to blow the Negroes up in Atlanta. Loomis had letters from Germany, Childers said, about plans to send arms and ammunition to this country". Childers. said that after running all the Xegroes nut of Georgia, the group planned to oi-gaiiize in other states "and keep going like that and finally take over." ^ Congregational Men Hold Dinner Tonight tinder the sponsorship of the Meg's Club a'father-so T n dinner will be held .at 6:30 p. m. today at First Congregational Church at which Joe Moody, Los Angeles businessman, will be featured as the guest speaker, . With arrangements for the affair under the general chairmanship o£ L. W. Hedge,' the'- banquet will be the first function of the newly revived Men's Club of the church. Mr. Moody is moderator of the Congregational Conference in the south- land. Committee chairman foi tonight include Harold J. Burt, -music Mexican Attempts to Beat Own Record SANTA MONICA, Dec. 10. GB— Abelardo Luis Rodriguez, 27, son of a formtr president of Mexico, left this morning in his P-51 Mustang for Mexico City in an effort to better his own record from here to the Mexican capital. Last June 29 Rodriguez flew a P-51 Mustang to Mexico City in 6 houra, He stopped to refuel at and Mazatlan but 17 jpinutes. Hermohillo planned to go straight through today. ,. ; Rodriguez, former R. A. F. captain, had 550 gallons of gas and said THi.COURT CALENDAR JUDGMENTS FILED E. P. Zanetti, et al, vs. B. F. Peters, et al, dismissal with prejudice. E. Zanetti. et al, vs. B. F. Peters, dismissal with prejudice. i Mildred TVhJtley vs. Joseph .Miller, et al, dismissal with prejudice. J. P. Butler vs. J. C. Siemens & Company, dismissal with prejudice. Herbert TTilliam Dewing, et al, vs. Joseph Miller, with prejudice. Petition of Lupe Medina to compromise claim of Alice Medina, granted. CIVIL SUITS FILED Edward \V. Moody vs. Francis E, French, et al, complaint to foreclose lien, S542.12. Herbert H. Cowan, et al, vs. Frederick H. Hill, et al. quiet title. Clement Jlorin, et al, vs. James, T^eo Toillion, personal damages, ?23,SOO. ~ New Russ Concessions Speed Work % ., vV^*!f&*^ f. -, j * , of foreign Misters on Peace Pacts Oil Production Down in California Fields California crude oil production declined moderately during October, averaging 8G5.701 barrels a day, down 9S3 barrels from the September average, it was reported today by the Associated Press. The report stated that October production totaled -6.S3(i.744 barrels, while stocks on hand ro«e 2.58!),68, 1 ! barrels to a total of S5.7J6.01S barrels. Drillers completed 107 new producing wells with an initial production of 20,OGS barrels a day, according to the American Petroleum Institute. The state had 23,406 active producing wells. NEW YORK. Bee. ' 10. (UR)—j 1 Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Mol- j otov today abandoned his earlier de! mands for a customs union between Yugoslavia and the Free Territory | of Trieste after the Big Four council | I of foreign ministers had selected \ Moscow as the site of their next j session on Germany. •• i It was another of a series of con-) i dilatory moves made by Molotuv i ! both on the peace treaties and in the I United Xations. j Setting aMrte discussion on Cormany to give Molotov time-to set new instructions on German peace | treaty procedure from Moscow, the council of foreign ministers returned to a few loose ciuls o£ the Italian treaty. t In a. two-hour session, the thir-1 j tieth here, the council: > I. Wrote into the Trieste st.itute t a specific prohibition against economic union or associations of exclusive character between Trieste I . and any other country- Molotuv ] j withdrew his objection to the prohi-' bition, he saul, because Yugosla\ia s demand for u customs union no ', longer exists. t ' 2. Argued f utilely about giving j commercial and private plane/s the right to land in Trieste for fueling! and repairs. Molotov objected espe-1 cially to giving such right to l>ri- < vate planes, s-aving he didn't T\anti them in the- .'itoa and proposed that' in distress they could go olse\\ hero.' 3. Agreed on most points on tin, i plan for a free port within the flee territory o£ Trieste—a port to scive, a'.l oC central Europe. The council! agreed on an 11-nation international j commission to supervise operations> and admimsTfratJii oC the free port, i and entertainment; Forest Lynn, dec-i h( ; w °uUl fly at about 28,000 feet orations; -Howard Harper, tickets i with oxygen equipment. He ex- Dr. John S. Whitenck, Jr., food; and ! Pected to average 410 miles an hour. others.. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT. 1 n-~*»*ea : j Family Welfare Agency ~ Will Study Problems Yes,,yoti get quick rdief from sniffly, stuffy distress of head colds when you put a little Va-tco-nolin each nostril. 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Shortly after the prosecution rested its ca«e Monday defense attorneys disclosed they planned to call the convict witnesses in ha effort to save the lives o£ Sam Shockley, Clarence Carnes and Jliran Thompson, the three men on triai for murder. Among the oonvirts to be summoned are Rufus "Wlutey" Franklin, Henri Young and Louis Fieish, •the.. defense said. TRIAL, CALENDAR" Chester Bowles, administrator. OPA, versus Fred A, Pimpell, rent violation. Patricia Mary Beecher versus Clifford William Beecher, annulment. MORE Ways t® ge to MORE Places EAST! ncrease in Rents This Week Predicted ,*u '~ LOS AXGEL.ES, Dec. 10. OP)— Burton E. Edwards, secret.a-y-man- ager of the Los Angeles County Apartment Association, predicts a 15 per cent increase in rents will be authorized by President Truman he- fore Wednesday midnight and that federal rent controls will be gradually relaxed after new year's. Edwards told a meeting of the association Monday night that his forecast was based on conferences with federal rent control officials during a recent visit to Washington. He said landlords muy be required to: grant tenants yearly leases. All buTdrie~Killed as C-46 Crashes . TOKYO, Dec. 10. UP)—An army C-46 transport- plane crashed two minutes after taking off from Itami Airfield, Osaka, today and all aboard except one person were killed, Fifth Airforce headquarters said. The number of passengers and crew members was not reported. Headquarters said cause of the crash was not known. Iranian Troops Invade Azerbaijan Continued From Page'One a slender tie but has refused to allow Qavam's troops to enter its province, Qavam said the invasion v,as to enable central troops to supervise | parliamentary elections. HP main- i tained they had this right because j Azerbaijan was part of Iran. j The chief of the Iranian general staff announced that government troops attacked across the frontier at 9 p. m. Monday toward Mianeh, first Important tow n in the province. Mianeh lies about 30 miles north of the frontier. Government reports paid the attack was opened in four sectors along the mountainous frontier. The main column was aimed along the Tehran-Tabriz road, which runs through a long gorge toward Mianeh. The chief of staff announced that Takab and 12 other Azerbaijan Iron- ! tier townships along the Ghaflankuh j mountains had been captured. | Qavam's staff chief said tin e<> i main columns were attacking toward i Mianeh. One was advancing along ' the main highway, the secoml east, ut the Ghaflankuh mountains ami the third from Takab. , LATTA TO SPEAK Frank Latta, county museum direr-! tor, will speak on the Dtilton out-! laws at a meeting of. the California! Natural Gas Association to he held 1 at Camp 11-C hall, Taft, Thursday, evening. •• i Selection of Moscow- was exported to bring early Soviet support u-. tl>- American plan for giving littl'- tlnlted••Nations: a -bigger chance t-> state their views on Germany lv. fore the Big Four reach decisions. The Big Four foreign uiinisto!.-, planning to finish their, work hoiv this week, .decided Monday niphi that they would begin dnii'ting tli- Gorman and Austrian peace treatir> in Moscow on March 10. But .Secretary ot" State' Jamc-s F. Byrnes placed two major conditions on that decision, 1. That the soviet union guarantor to let the work) press report !h.' meeting as freely as the press li.i- been able to report those hoUl ii- Paris and In New York. Soviet Foreign Minister Viachesiav A!, ilolour. gave such assurances. 2. That the Big Four name ?pe<:in! deputies on Germany here \vh.. would begin hearing at once thi- views of the little Unitnd Nations— especially Germany's small, nr-ie:h- bors and the British ' dominlon.- Molotov asked for a little more tun- on this demand. Authoritative American source- revealed that Byrnes threw his support behind Moiotov's invitation iV • the council to meet in Moscow nexi on the theory that Molotov wi:' adopt a more co-operative attitur.!- on the German treaty if the draft in ^ is dune in Moscow. Molotov issued the invitation Saturday. Eariy Moxilay Byrnes toM his Amprit'Hn i'o!ioat;'(:--s he. was i;. ing to support Molotov's bid. i|. expressed belief that the mere fa.-i. world history books will record tin German .settlement as "the Treat'. of Success" may encourage the Soviet Union to attempfat all cost to avert a stalemate. Bakersfield! 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