The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1949
Page 2
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PAG1 TWO BLYTBTVILLl! (AM.) COUKM Bradley May Get Atlantic Pact Job General is Boomed v As Key Figure in ; Knitted Defense Plans WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. (*) — Oen. Omar N. Bradley, chairman of tb* American joint chiefs of staff, appears certain to become the key figure In the Atlantic Pact military organization. The military organization, consisting of a series of defense planning committees, is to be created her* Oct. 5. It Is expected to come up with a set of unified defense plans for the whole Western European - North American - Atlantic Ocean area in about six months. Speed in laying out at least *he gener-' plans of a unified strategy Is considered essential now by the state and defense departments. One reason is Congress may make full- scale American arms aid to Europe at least partly dependent on the existence of such plans. That is one of the major new points in the bill now before the Senate. . While th° American member of the 12-nal'on military organization has yet to be designated by Ihe President, defense and diplomatic officials said there seemed to be no doubt that he would be Bradley. The M-year-old general is noted for getting along with people and getting things done. He la already regarded highly by Europeans as the leader of that school of military planners who contend Wester Europe can and must be held against an; aggression by Russia. In public statements Bradley has declared it to be this government's policy that security. Instead of abandonment and later liberation, Is the keystone for Western European military planning. To that end Bradley has urged Congress to authorize and finance • program of American arms aid to Europe. "The essence of'our overall strategy Is this," he fold Congress July SO. "There is formidable strength and an obvious economy of efforts, resources and manpower In this collective strategy, when each ns- tlon ia capable of its own defense as part of a collective strategic plan." The Atlantic defense setup, which was blueprinted here Saturday by the 11-nation council of fnrelgn ministers, gives the United States a dominant role. State Department officials said other countries insisted it should be that way—an evident recognition of pre-dominant United rtates military power and its importance as a source of military assistance for the other alliance members. •',. ' 1 '„.•*- .;- -V, MO MESSAOI P«OM U1 FfUOW n liltillm t»t>» MIVI turmtlr to tar* «r«r ISMfe Austrian Treaty Talks Resumed In New York City WASHINGTON, Sept. 20—(/Pj_ The State Department announced today Soviet Russia has agreed to resume four-power negotiations on a treaty with Austria. The negot' '.ions, interrupted at London on Sept. 1, were renewed today in New York. The Stale Department said that Andrei Gromyko, acting Soviet foreign minister, consented to the new talks at a conference In Moscow with the American, French and British ambassadors. fAYMC Wants Vocation Agriculture Training Job at Jail; Constable Restored at State College Turns Him into Prisoner Obliging Willie Gets Small Farming Area Hit Hard by Fierce Tornado J Lrrnji ROCK, s*pt, x. <AP)~A muH but "very violent'" tornado •truck • rural are* east of Little Bock Sunday night. Fred Blazer »ald dimage esti- nuited at *l,00fl was done to a large combine ahed and repair shed on the Blaier Brothers farm and W. M. I*rrif estimated similar damage to buildings on his farm. *ttat» Police 8gt. R. E. Brown, PSC Orders Natural Cos For Pocahontas by May IS LTTTLE ROCK. Sept. 20— (!P\— The Arkansas Public Service Commission yesterday ordered natural gas service for Pocahomas by next May 15. It issued an order directing the Fort Smith Gas Company to begin construction of a gas distribution system there within 123 days anci to "render gas service" within 237 days. In its application, the company, recently given a franchise by the city of Pocahontas, propsed la construct a distribution system anrl a six-mile pipeline to connect with the Mississippi River Fuel Corporation'^ line/ • Today's PSC ordef pointed out that the Fort Smith Gas Company has no commitment from the fuel corporation to supply gas, but that It hart obtained n.wuranco of such a commiiment prior to completion of the distribution system. PARAGOULD, Ark., Sept. 20. (/T) —The East Arkansas Young Men's Club will seek to restore vocational agriculture training at Arkansas State College, Jonesboro. Directors meeting here Sunday named a committee to study means of hiving th« course resumed at the Jonesboro school. 'Hie state Board of Education recently withdrew its approval of the training course when federal approval was denied. The U. S. Office of Education report said sufficient vocational agriculture teachers are being trained at the University of Arkansas The EAYMC committee is composed of Ed Ross, chairman. O B Scott, Paragould, and Harold Jinks Plggott. Lot's wife is never mentioned by name in the Bible. who lives In the neighborhood, cie- r scribed the storm as "very violent.'? Several trees on his farm were damaged. President Swaps Boats In Middle of Potomac, And So Does His Aide WASH-NGTON, Sept, 20-MV- Presldent Truman has changed boats In the Potomac. So has Mai Gen. Hurry H. Vauglian. The President and some friends- Including his military »Ide and several navy officers—set out Sun- r'eTattl 0 ^ "" Pre . siaeni '* C «P Wind and waves stopped the races. Mr. Truman wanted to go home. But the little White House cruiser, the Margie, wouldn't start 11,'s -.named after the President's daughter, Margaret Truman. Another cruiser, the Lenore, was sent along side and took Mr Truman and his party off. Tox Institute'* Director Offers Advice for PWA KANSAB crrr, **pt, ». <»> -^ ublic work* enfineera j*»terday rot the Uxptjrera' view trow • woman. Mr*. Mabel Walker. »eeutlri director of th« T«i Inatttutt, Inc., New York, warned the annual Pub- lie Works Coiifreu thit "If you don't vateh out, th« humble little tup*y*r BUT make a mockery «£ your mo«t cherished project." "The Individual 1* the ultimate architect of the city." ihe aaid, Th« dectaiana he makea u an individual, coupled with thon he make* with his neiifhbora, will determine the city pattern of the future. The apeclallst can merely U( alon«. preridfnj the technical know-haw lor the Individual. In making plans for the future, w« must he extremely careful to rrallu that we are trying to plan the clty'i public works for the people, and not the people for the city." Jam«a W. Pollin. acting deputy administrator for the General Services Administration in Washington told the Congress that construction of pu' -'e works fulfills a vital function neceasary to our economy and way of !lfe, yet manr person* hilled the long rune planning of the Federal Works Agency a* nreoara- tlon for "another era of "boondoggling." A4«mpMi Congressman '«.»,-/• f _ u/ '» *° rr Y CfUmp VYOfl t Accept Bridge Honor . * BENSON, N^C., sept Constable Brad McLamb went to Willie McLamb's house but couldn't 2Hfi hl! V' T he const » We wanted Billie (nl relation) on a charge at issuing a worthless check. He 1 MEMPHIS *»nt arched the town but found no | dJfTSIL* ^rnphls trace of Willie. | aayx he's sorry E.H. Crump has last Sunday the 'constable stop- . declined to let the new Mississippi ped by the- Benson jail. A newly Bridge here be named after the hired workman was cleaning a cell. Shelby County political figure. Tl-.: officer closed the cell door, j The Congressman said In a radio turned the key. wilie was a prisoner, address Sunday night: "We would have no new bridge were it not for Mr. Crump." Tn« Bridge commission voted to , Actress Elizabeth Toy lor Co//s Off Her f ngag.ment -William D. Pmwley, jr., Mm of roiaaionYehoicY' the lormer Brazil, said yesterdany he and Elizabeth Taylor of the movies have "mutu- MoPaf ally agreed" to call off their en- gagemenc. Asked if the picture commitments of Miss Taylor in Hollywood had anything to do with the decision, Costing State $20,500 Daily Judge Decides 76 Years Too Long to Hold Club Over Prisoner's Head ST. JOSEPH, MO.. Sept. 20—MV-The federal government is of the -onjnlon that waiting 16 years In -/prosecute a man is too long. Defendant in the case was Ernest William Howell. alias Major Rlch- LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 20—(/?>)— --- ..-.., The Missouri aPcific itrike 1* cost- Pawley said: ing the Arkansas Hig.-way Depart- 'Yes. that had something to do ment (20,500 a day, Oortrnor Mo *'th it." Math »ld vealerday. Pawley had no other comment, j He »«I d the cost—more than Miss Taylor's engagement wan ut- *200,000 since the atrike began Sept Homiced by her mother, Mrs. Fran- •— Is In increased coat of transporting and rerouting materials to the II highway construction Job now underway. The figure* do not include dun- age to highways because of Increas- cis Taylor, June was set for the 6,.' bub no wedding. date ard/Johnscn, charged; with linpei-. sonating 'an officer and transport- Ing false securities in interstate commerce.' - ;: : <. T ' Federal District Judge Richard M. Duncan dismissed the case after he was Informed the man was in the Nebraska State Penitentiary, would not be'released until 1965 and then the state of Kansas held prior claim on custody. The origin of coffee t s uncertain, but one story is that it wan first , made in Abyssinia about 87S A.D. unnlca. ed, traffic or salary of regularly employed highway departm ent workers who are idle because of lack or materials. -. V The Missouri Pacific strikers withdrew their pickets from • the railway mall service itation here without explanation Bunday. i»eia>-R*»Ma«i Wood cha'coal or charred wood differs from ordinary wood in its exceptional resistance to decay, according to the Encyclopedia Brit- w'rys you tin/ling .new *Sa/on Styling' rTIOTHT, with thrilling ne* "Sal™ Slvling" . . . Lincoln proudly X oners jou the man beautifully fathioatd automatic interior, in Ihe worldl , All arc exclusive wiih Lincoln! All have completely new unhoUlerr f«br,«, smart new appoinlmems, and that special touch of "W R h fchiou which make the 19 19 Lincolns America's most niMinclive «rs-i n *rfe ,s well as o«f. And .11 are available with that lasl word in iiitomalic luiury— HVDRA-MATIC transmission 'I invilc your in5pcction of "* ie "««"' »«• AMERICA'S MOST DISTINCTIVE STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut and 1st Stfeet Blytheville, Ark. 12,000 Persons Attend [forty for Elephant , LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. J (AP>— An elephant and an IT ISN'T A HORN—Fourteen-year-old Albert Dodig had the right to blow his horn—oops, we mean cucumber—after exhibiting the 2«-meh vegetable he grew in his back yard. The Cleveland. O., youngster, veteran of three years ot hoeing, i-oes in for Ihe king size in cucumbers. , S ed 12,000 persons ate cake together Sunday. . The throng shower! up at the LiU lle Rock zoo to give Ruth, the elt. pliant, a birthday parly. Rutli was iiernjitted to go off her feet tall and weighing about Mo strict, diet. to taste the first piece of cake eight uy seven feet iquare, five pounds, Then youngsters and adultt alike— the number of whom was es- : tiniated by tlie parks director— filed by for their pieces. Ruth— who had been given a special bath, pedicure (polished toenails) and singe for the occa«ton-~ provided the entertainment. Sru went through a routine of trlcte sh« learned a in circus years ago. CHANGE of LIFE? Are you going through the functional middle age' period peculiar to women (33 to 52 yxs.)? Do** this mike you suffer from hot flushes. feel « ntrv- ous. high-strung, tired? Then BO try LydU, E. Plnkham'i Vegetable Com* pound to relieve inch *j?tnptom», Plnkham's Corn pound also has what Doctors call a stomachic tonic crti : ^LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S aSXl YOU CAN WIN $1,000 In Blyrheville'i Annual National Cotton Picking Contest Clip Out and. Send In This Entry $1,000 First Prize Total Awards—$2,500 Special Prizes for Women Hurry and send in your rnlry blank for Ihe contest will be held on Friday, October 1. Anyone is eligible; just e n- tloM 510 with your entry blank and mail to Nailona'l Cotlon Picking Contest, Box 707, Blylheville, Ark. But do U t<xUj! Sponsored by Ihe Blythevillt Jinior Chamber of Commerce ENTRY BLANK National Cotton Picking Contest P. O. Box 707 Blytheville, Ark. I hereby apply • fur permission to enler the lOlh AN- .VUA1, WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP COTTON PICKING CONTEST to be conducted at BlylheviJie, Arkansas, on October 7, 1319. I a;ree to abide by Ihe rule! covering the Contest. Name . ; ..... . .............. St. or R.F.D ...................... City ...... .................. t< ......... ->f Dale ............... ........-.. c . c °'r21 n . y Thls A PP llcatl ° n > ' GLORIOUS CLOUD-DRIFT BY FASHIONED BY The full or rtuee-quim, length oat. . . boih in Slroock's wonderful warmth- wiihoui.wcicht Cloud-DrilL (Lcfl) The lon s coj[»,,h nc^-straight back, Iirjrc norm collir. double plunge pockeis. In Fine Rtd. Emerald Gt«n, Toast. Nutshell Brown, Ljtct Niry.Siro S lo!6. " (High!) The thtcc-quartcr coat »ith new straight ba<k, enormous In Sunny Gold. Hire Red. Emctald Green, Toast or N'avy, Sii« 10 to 16. See What's New i atWhitsitt's Miss Whitk's Shop

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