The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1944
Page 8
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r MGE BLY1I1EV1LLK (ARK,); COURLEE NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, 19<M Cardinals Win Over Cubs, 2 to 1 Passeou Pitches 6-Hitrer But It's Not Good Enough By Unlkd Treis All but two of tlie 1C ""jo league teams took yesterday oil. Those two—the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals hooked up at St. Louis, and tills morning the Cubs are sorry-they bothered to play. Trie Cardinals won 2 to 1 on a three-hitter that'gave rookie Ted Wilks his S3lh victory of tlie season against just one, solitary defeat.' . • .. The veteran Claude Passeau turned hi a noble job for the Cubs. He held the pennant-bound Reclbirds to six hits—but there's no holding those cardinals. Tlie Detroit Tigers will open a vital series with the St. Louis Browns at Detroit today. This four- game set will give the fourth-place Tigers their last chance to do something about that American League pennant that the Browns seem to be making off with. The only 20-game winners In the major leagues-Hal Newhouscr and Dizzy Trout of the Tigers—lead llielr bengals against tlie only team In (he: league that lias been able to beat the Tigers regularly. The Tigers have won from the Browns just three times this seasoi while losing 11 to the league-leader.'; And tne two proud SO-game winners—Trout and Ncwhoiiscr — well, thej've lost five of those i gnmcs, though they accounted foi all- three of the victories. Trout will start in tonight's con test, and the Tigers wilt have li take at least three out of the fou games to stay in the race. Today's American League car lists New York at Washington, S Louis at Detroit, Chicago at Cleveland, nnd a Iwin bill between Boston and Philadelphia at Boston. On the'National 1 League side It's BrooUjn at New York, Philadelphia a doubleheancr'.at Doston, Cln- cur \uusr£\ouS CF , FAMILY DOPE BUCKET Nashvif/e Vols Increase Lead On Idle Crackers By United Press Only two games were played In ' Southern Association last night, in a aouoieuuauer uu UUMUII, oin- •-:- .,. ,. rt ,_ .i.,,,!,,,, i n clnnati at Chicago, and Pittsburgh «'ith "ib Noslvlc Vols winning o m ct r,,,,<o advance to a full-gAinc lend on tnu at, St. Louis advance idle Atlanta Crackers. L The Vols—behind the IS J pitching of their star Little Rock Club Signs New Players for 7945 LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 25 (UP)— Little Rock Traveler's Is back roni the National Semi-pro Tour- !t)!ic::t "•(• Wichita, Kan.—nnd an- three-lilt pool, unearthed 54 bottles of beer, presumably buried by bootleggers nooga, 8 lo 1. Tepler - defeated Chatla- whose hideaway on Rogers' lot was dismantled several years ago. And an outstanding pitching performance marked the other game L-loyd Brown turned in a two-hll shutout ns Memphis defeated Little Rock, 3 to 0. Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. Nashville 36 Atlanta 34 Memphis . 32 New Orleans 25 Mobile ....24 Birmingham 21 Little Rock 20 Chattanooga 17 AMERICAN LEAGUE " W. Jj. ft 69 51 .57 04 55 .53 62 55 .S3 62 56 .52 56 6:i .41 17 17 21 30 20 29 30 30 Pet .079 .66' .604 .455 .453 .421 .401 .32 St. Louis Boston New York Detroit . Chicago Cleveland 57 Philadelphia 57 Washington 51 NATIONAL LEAGUE Vf. L. St. Louis .'...'88 29 Pittsburgh 6D 48 Cincinnati G5 49 Chicago 51 62 New York .....53 65 Philadelphia 45 61 Boston 45 70 Brooklyn 45 74 •T j. r, KSKIIVKU 1IOUQUETS Man for man, woman for woinan, ound for pound I wouldn't trade ic little city of Osccola for any her in these glorious United States hen It comes to snorts and getting ic job done. As rabid as Brooklyn ins are over their "beautiful Bums", icy don't have a tiling on Osccola ttwnry. ; For Instance, take the horse show .aged by the South Mississippi ounty Ijlve Stock Association at Jsccola Wednesday night. It'was my cry good pleasure U> be on hand or llml spectacular event and afn rank to admit I have never seen show of any sort click oil with norc precision. Jt was as smooth as Ilk. Everyone and everything was ust right, couldn't be better. There vas not a hllcli from the opcnlni drains of the National Anthem am he Invocation by the Rev, T. L ..awrcncc, pastor of the First Pres jyterian Church, until the finale he Walking Stake, and the som i.OOO enthusiasts must have been a ilcased as I that there was no delay 10 waiting for the next event, n indecision, cither on the parts o the officials or the contestants nn Ihelr mounts. The .show was complete, thorough, and very good. The customers were back home at an early hour. UNSUNG HKUOINE Of course, the horse show committee, led by L. C. B. Young, Mayor Ben P. Butler, Charles R. Coleman, and W. J. Driver Jr., and the woman's committee, composed of the wives of these four plus Mrs. J. H. Grain, Mrs. C. J. Lowrance, Jr., Mrs. Hale Jackson, and Mrs. Rufiis _ _ „ Branch, deserve a big hand. But Business Manager Ray Winder of those in on the know tell me that ig, He did that with the finesse f a master in Ills definite way cff Roland, former local merchant low a native of Paragould, said o 1m, "Sam A Leath Is a credit to the how horse business. More than hat, he Is an institution. He ha contributed ns much to Die successe if these horse shows as any. one sin ;le man." To which we add an extra nimble "amen," based solely on thl one performance. When looking around for n capa Me judge In the future, official the real unsung heroine of the very successful event was Miss Marjorle Doyle. They say she was entrusted ounces he has signed three play- W llh many of the big and little dc- rs for the 1045 season. tails that mean the difference be- Wlnder says he has signed Roy|twcen success and failure of any Howard—for the pasl two seasons undertaking and she came through in outfielder with the Coleman ijcnullfiiily, and I do mean beau- Rangeis in ihc Victory League; ,tlfully; Did you sec that glittering might Investigate the picking nuali lies of Norfleet Turner. Seated i ;hc some box with me, Norfleet w;i a consistent winner picker all even Ing. He named the three winner in order, in the walking stakes. An that was no small feat, if you as me. I didn't come close. JUDGES SHOW JUDGMENT While there'is a great deal I don know about the line points of tlioi oughbrcd horses, I liked the way tl various judges, Fred Walker, Frank lln, Tciyi.. who handled the wnlkli classes; and Herbert McLaln, Cor- slcana, Texas, the gaited and roadster class ofilcial, worked. They appeared to know their business, lost little time checking off their selections. Their nominations didn't always pan out with my choices, so what? The difference was they know horses, and I don't. So there! I liked the business-iikc manner of Melvin Waggoner, the .Osccolan, who handled the show as ring master. When the call was issued for the line-up there was a quick response and no lost motion. The announcer, J. C. Slayton, Dyersburg, Tenn., kepi the crowd informed as to what was going on. The most impressive part of his . announcing - was he didn't talk too much, as many have done He said what was necessary and let us look at the show. TELLS OF SON Before the program I ran across ostmasUn 1 George Doylo, who nev- inlsscs a sporting event of any nt, size and description. During ur chat he told me u couple of In- crestlnjj things, about his son, Junr, who is In Uncle Sam's fighting orccs in the Pacific. A friend of his who has returned o the Stoles has told the Doylcs Junior Is stationed on one of ic Marshalls and Is doing "all ight", which was welcome news In- eed. Junior wrote a few days ago that ic was standing In front of his bai - acks when a negro soldier passed >y In rapid stride. As he passed the oloreci boy slowed down, turned walked back to where George was .landing, and looking closer into Ills ace blurted: "Ain't youall from Osceola?" "Xes, I am", Junior proudly ic- ilied. "So am I," said the boy with a ;rin that carried from ear to ca and bared his shining white row of teeth. "I'se one of Hale Jackson' niggers." Junior also told his parents .of bombing account and his narro escape. He was blown Into the wa ter but was able to swim to shore none the worse from the ordeal, sav shock and "slight'^dampness. Spitz Names Spitz 'Spitz' KANKAKBE, III. (UP)—"Scotlie" Clopper, city dog- commissioner, admits to having seen double several times In his life, but when lie looked at the dog license nppllcn- ion book In the city hall recently he • thought he was seeing triple. .nwicncc Spitz had obtained cense for his while Spita iamcd "Spitz." Yesterday's Results SOUTHHKUN LEAGUE Memphis 3, Little Rock 0. Nashville 8, Chattanooga ]. Only games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE Open date. NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis.2, Chicago 1. Only game scheduled. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Nashville at Memphis, night. Atlanta at New Orleans. Chattanooga at Birmingham. Mobile at Little Rock. NATIONAL LEAGUE Cincinnati at Chicago. Philadelphia at Boston. Brooklyn at New York, night. Pittsburgh at St, Louis, night. AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis at Detroit. Chicago at Cleveland, night. New York at Washington, night. Boston at Philadelphia, twilighl- jilght. ' , v Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Friday and Saturday Vernon Valasi. a 17-year-old catcher, ami Harold Carney, a first base- mnu. Howard—now batting display of feminine pulchritude in the center of the show ring? Beauties all, fit prospects for Ear! Car- .407—for- ro)1 ._ s vanities, which features beau-. nierly played wllh Fort Smith and lilnl cren tures. Jersey City. | Le St , W e forgot, do not overlook \ the relatiTcly small part of Sairi'A. Dried aromatic petals of n Lealh of Paragould. Listed; as T>ad-' flower, the jcoclilnnrnzll. arc dock master, the veteran show round to a powder nnd used to horseman was charged with the rc- flnvor chocolate In Guatemala. sponsibility of keeping the show go- .46 .46 .4! PC .753 .600 .570 .451 .449 .402 .397 .378 llos Has Three Hearts CANON CITY, Colo. (UP))—After butchering hogs lor more than a quarter of a century, Pat Alarcon, who works in a slaughter house at Canon City, was dressing an anl- inai recently \vhen lie made the unusual discovery. On each side oi the heart was a perfectly formed smaller one. BERLOU 10 Year Guaranteed Moorhproofing (Protects CLOTHING— RUGS—FURNITURE^ DRAPES—BLANKET?—etc. Ask for the schedule of reasonable prices. , HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 8—Show Starts at,8:15. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show, Starts 1:15 He*d uouner newt w»ot Loose Talk can cost Lives! 'Tunisian Victory' A War Documentary You Won't Want lo Miss.. SHUIAL: "Dcscrl Hawk"-^ Short - T . Last Time Today 'SEVEN DAYS ASHORE" with • .'. AVally Brown A Alan Carney I'aramount News Short Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blythcville, Ark. Phone 2011 Saturday "LAND OF THE HUNTED MEN" with The Range Busters CHAPTER 6 'The Three Musketeers' Topcyc Comedy Saturday Midnight Show The Falcon & The Co-eds 1 Will! Tom Comvay, .Jean Krooks and Rita Cortlay Sclcctcil Shorts Sunday and Monday. Pretty Ann Curtis takes breathing spell after prevailing in national •.vomen's A. A. U. Senior Outdoor swimming championships at Kansas City, where she prevailed in the 100 meter free style io and the 1500 meter events, r>, THE OLD JUDGE SAYS... Sare 50% On TRUSSES Steel and Blaatlt STEWART'S Dr ut S t • r • Main & Lake Phone 28ZZ PRESCRIPTION PreihMt Stuck Gn»«nl«d Beat Prie*» Kirby Drag Stores GULF ' SERVICE STATION Corner 5th and Main N'ow Under Management of 0. E. 'Nick' Nicholson Washing - Greasing Simonizing - Tire Repair ONE STOP SERVICE Judge, would you mind tcllin 1 Charlie here what you told me the other night walkin' home from lodge. 1 can't word it just the way you did." "Sure thing, Tim. Here's what I told him, Charlie. There's no such thing as votin 1 a nation, a state, a county, or even a community dry. We had proof enough of that during our 13 years of prohibition. What you really vote for is whether liquor is going to be sold Itgally or illttolly.,, whether the community is going to get needed taxes for schools, hospitals, and the like, or whether this money is going to go to gangsters and bootleggers. That's the answer, boys... simple as A-B-C." _ • Saturday OWL SHOW 'I KILLED THAT MAN" with Ricarcio Cortez, .loan \Voodbury & 1'at Glcason Selected Short S'unday and Monday WOMEN IN BONDAGE' with Gail Patrick, Gertrude Michael i Tala Bircll RKO News Short: "Halfway to Heaven" "All 1 said Kits, 'In ten more Jays ht'll be in Iceland'" Keep it under your STETSON CHICKASAW Wcit Main Near Zlsl 8t Sat «Urla 12:45; Kon. start* l:V> Night «hows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:4S Continuous shows Sal. and Bon. „.. MSsflAVISOT THE COVER GIRLS " c^itr ; » COIUMJIA P1CIOID WJIKVlMl i Paramount News Comedy New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Friday and Saturday Double Feature "THEOLDCHISHOLM TRAIL" with Johnny Mack Drown & Tex Hitler and "COWBOY IN MANHATTAN" wllh Leon Errol SERIAL: "Adventures of the Flying Cailcts" Comedy it o4ttninrr,tfiHf9ntaitd by Ccnjntnti cj Altaltelit Btitrait InJuilitu, In*. . Sunday and Monday "SHEPHERD OF THE OZARKS" wllh The Weaver Bros. & Elvira Universal News Comedy Sieison "STRATOLINER" Put on o soil Stetson "Slralolincr" and walk wish your chin up and head high. Tho zip in ils slreamlines, the latest slyto in ils narrow band and binding will lill your heart and spirits. It's the hat to soar inl Made by the exclusive Slelson Vila-Fell' Process. $7.50. 7.50 Friday : "Rl DIN'WEST" ;• •' with Charles Shirrcll Scriul & ijliorl i 322 Main Street {Saturday "THE DRIFTER" with Huslcr Cr;\bbc & Al St. John Serial & Short Saturday OWL SHOW ' : "LADIES IN WASHINGTON" with KonaM Graham & Trudy Marshal Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday "PASSAGE TO MARSEILLE" with Humphrey Bog.irt Fox \cu~s A- Sliorl

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