The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 14, 1995 · Page 30
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 30

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 14, 1995
Page 30
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C10 Sunday, May 14, 1995 PUBLIC AUCTIONS The Salina Journal PUBLIC AUCTION Starting at 10:00 A.M. KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY College of Technology SALINA, KANSAS SAT., MAY 20TH Located at 2200 Scanlan, Salina, Kansas Zenith Data System; Macintosh 512K; MCS Adam Software/Data General; Data General Computer System; Adam Software IMB-PC D.G.; Adam PC Network Software D.G.; Adam Donor Management; (2) Apple II-E Screen Disc Drive; Apple 470599 D639921 M79802; Apple 456399 D777020 M79233; 16 K-RAM Apple; Warco MKIII VOR Receiver/Transmitter; 5 1/4 Floppy Disk Drive External #005734; EICO Transistor and Circuit Tester; 2 Wiltron Model 6301PF AM/FM Generator; Mcintosh Tube Type Amp; 2 HP 410 B VTVM; EICO 250 VTVM; EICO 261 VTVM; Kay Electronic Co. Lisna- Sweep; SigndCorps Wavemeter Test Set; 2 Millivac MV-22B AC Volt Meter; Keithley 503 Milliohm Meter; Keithley 503 Mil- liohm Meter; Hewlett Packard 415 A SWR Meter; Hewlet Packard 430C Microwave Power Meter; Hewlett Packard 400 D VTVM; 3 Paratronics System 5000 Logic Analyzer; Southwest Technical Computer; 3 Hewlett Packard 182C/1601A Logic Analyzer; Analyst 2000 Logic Analyzer; 2 HP 410B VTVM; Floppy Disk External 5 1/4; Hewlett Packard 606A RF Gen.; 2 Hewlett Packard 606A RF Gen.; CMC Model 901 Counter Timer; Bell Aircraft Corp X-Band Sig. Gen.; EICO 965 Bridge; General Radio Sound Level Meter; Ailtech Model 501 Function Gen.; Ailtech Model 501 Function Gen.; Collins Radio R-388 Receiver; Collins Radio R-388 Receiver; General Microwave SNR Meter; 11 EICO 315 Generator-Signal; 2 General Radio 1209A Oscillator; General Radio 1215-B Oscillator; 4 Clements SG-83B Signal Generators; 2 HP 608D Signal Generators; 4 MicroWave Components, Inc. 51OA Power Supply; 4 General Radio 1217-C Pulse Generators; Tektronix 191 Signal Generator; HP 506A Tachometer- head; HP 500B Frequency Meter; Bruel & Kiger 2409 Electronic Voltmeter; Sprague TO-4 Capacitor Analyzer; 2 HP 400D Voltmeter; General Radio 1203-A Power Supply; 2 Milli- vac Instrument Corp. MV17C DC Voltmeter; General Radio W20M VARIAC; Hewlett Packard 204C Audio Oscillator; Hewlett Packard 209A Audio Oscillator; Krohn-Hite 4200 Oscillator; Krohn-Hite 2000 Function Gen.; Heath Kit 5M-110A Freq. Counter; Hewlett Packard 414A Auto Volt Meter; Hewlett Packard 467A Power Amp; Opto Electronics, lnc/Opto-8000 Counter; Hewlett Packard 5221A Electronic Counter; 2 Fluke 71 OB Impedance Bridge; 2 Leeds & Northrop Co. Wheatstone Bridge; General Radio 1001-A Signal Generator; Hewlett Packard 608B Signal Generator; 2 Hewlett Packard 612A Signal Generator; TS-382 C/U Audio Oscillator; Hewlett Packard 650ATest Oscillator; IEC Daisey Wheel Printer; HP 41 OB VTVM; HP 400D VTVM; Veco 250-CA Impedance Bridge; Tektronic 561A Oscilloscope; HP 6400 Logic Development System; IBM Selectric III typewriter; Swintex 8012 Typewriter; Panasonic XX-P 1124 Printer; Tape Recorder S#010424; Apple Printer S0878736; 006068 Texas Instruments Home Computer; Ribbon Inker; Laser FD100 S#111647; Laser 3000 S#30236; HP 400D Voltmeter; 2 Fluke 8038 Differential Voltmeter; HP 1215A Oscilloscope; Tektronix 561B Oscilloscopes; Tektronix 2A60 Vertical Amp; Tektronix 3A6 Vertical Amp; Tektronix 3A75 Vertical Amp; Tektronix 3A72 Vertical Amp; Tektronix 2B67 Horizontal Time Base; Tektronix 3B3 Horizontal Time Base; 377 Audio Generator EICO; RCA Wa- 44C Audio Generator; RCA WA-44C Audio Generator; Tektronix 100 Scope Camera; Simpson 604 Multicorder; Intellec 8 Microprocessor; Motorola Keyboard and Display Board; Motorola Memory System; EICO 1030 Regulated Power Supply; Nicolet Apple Software; Apple Pascal Software; Micro- Professor Z-90 Based Micro Controller; Apple WordStar WordProfessor; Micron Eye for the Apple; 9 HP ZOOCD Wide Range Oscillators; HP 200CD Wide Range Oscillators; Apple Card A488; Apple Microteck SU622 Card; Apple Color RGB Monitor; Apple Qwerty Inc. 68000 Emulator; Apple 5 1/4 Floppy Disk Drives; Apple Upp Grade Kit lie; Motorola 68 02 Micro Trainer; Simpson 312 VTVM; Apple Serial Printer ImageWriter; 6 Weston Model 80 Analyzer; Z286 Computer W13, 1/2" Drive, s/n 945CF3134; Zenith Data System Keyboard; AT&T Model 1307 Answering System #920137M; Panasonic Easa Phone Answering System; Model KX- T16424, s/n #9BCQB16354; 9 Boxes Magnetic Tape - Reel to Reel 1,200' to 2,400'; 3.75 Boxes 91/2x11-3 sheet carbon paper; 4 Boxes 14x11 - 3 sheet NCR paper; 2 Boxes 9 1/2 x 11-2 part NCR paper; 3 Boxes Assorted Cabling; 4 Assorted Magnetic Tape Rack Units; 2 Boxes Misc. Junk; 1 Box Asst. Binders - 14 7/8 x 11; 6 ea. Zenith DOS Ver. 4.00; WordStar 2000 Rel. 2; Harris 3110 Card Reader; Harris 5530 80MB Hard Drive Assembly - 5530; #1270092-901 Power Supply; Harris OpCom #2938; Data General Eclipse S120 Components; 2 72MB Drives, Tape Drive; 5 Collins VHF Fixed Tuned Receiver; DC Micro Amp Meter Triplet; AEC TT-22 Semiconductor Test Set; General Radio Company - 546-0 Audiofreq. Voltmtr.; Kay Electronic Co. Vari-Marker; UHF Loop Antenna Meter CA-1008/A; Barker & Williamson VHF Tranceiver; Radio Receiver BC-733-D; DuBrow ME-30 C/U AC Voltmeter; HP 4308 MillWatt Meter; Boonton Radio Corp. ZOZ-8 FM Sig. Gerv; Frequency Meter - U-221AH; 3 Bores New 8" Floppy Disks; 9 Boxes Computer Storage Tape; Northwest Instramant Systems; TBL 68000 Based 9 Terminal Unix Box; Motorola CY-615/URR Radio Receiver; Gertsch FM-3 VHF Frequency Meter; Bendix Radar Parts; Bell & Howell Batt Charger; Hewlett Packard 430C Microwave Power Meter; Regency EC-175 Electronic Counter; Hewlett Packard 624C X-Band Test Set; Hewlett Packard 540A XFer Oscillator; Western Electric Milliwatt Ref. Set; HP 5532A Electronic Counter; Beco 250-B Impedance Bridge; MarConi Instruments Ltd. TFBB Universal Bridge; 2 Micro Wave Horn Antenna; COSMOS Industries 333 Inv. #002365; EICO 377 Audio Generator Inc. #901456; EICO 377 Audio Generator Inv. #901479; EICO 377 Audio Generator Inv. #901458; General Radio Precision Capacitator T22-D; Weston 622 DC Mil- liampmeter Inv. #004548; Hickok Electric AC Voltmeter Inv. #002644; Westinghouse PX-5; Paratronics 100A Logic Analyzer; Paratronics PC12 Setup Box; Daystron 2B3 Inv. #002642; 4 P.A. Horn Speakers; Leeds & Northrup Fault Finder; EICO 1030 Regulated Power Supply Inv. #002085; 13 Heath Kit ERW-3400 6800 Learning System; Bell & Howell Video Camera Inv. #002459; Bell & Howell Video Recorder Portable #002740; Bell & Howell Video Recorder; Koala Pad Touch Tablet for Apple; Apple Super Serial Imager Card #006863; 2 Apple Appli Card; Apple Card A488 #005785; Microtek Apple Card; Micromint Apple Sweet Talker Card; 2 Apple Parallel Printer Cards; Apple Q Nerty Inc. Q68 Card; Apple Apparat Inc. Programmer #005786; 4 Commodore Printers, 005869, 005688, 005689, 005686; Apple Mouse; Apple Cooling Fan; 2 5 1/4 Floppy Disk Drives; 3 Apple IIGS Computers; 11 Triplet! Model 850 VTVM #000903, 901344, 000906, 000905, 901345, 000904, 000902, 000910, 000909, 901; Metal Router Table #000981; 4 EICO Model 249 VTVM 000911, 90356, 901357, 901355; Weston Model 80 Analyzer, 901451, #901472, 901308, 901142; 3 EICO 680 Transistor & Circuit Tester; HP 400D VTVM 000744; Ballantine 320 A AC Voltmeter; 2 Zenith 25" Color Televisions #005312, 005313; 26 Rockwell AIM-65 and Case Accessories, 0053+1, 0053, 005342, 005575, 005034, 005562, 005340, 005341, 005355, 005589, 005578, 005579, 005039; 2 KIM-1 Commodore, 004600, 005037; Tektronix 561A Oscilloscope; Juki 6100 Printer; Mixing Tank and Filter Press; Apple Monitor; Barben- Coleman GC; 3 Barben Coleman GC Controllers^ Coulson Coulemeters; 3 Coulson Coulemeter Controllers; KOCH Total Reflux Pilot Plant; 3 HACH Trace Capillary Analyzer; Worthington Const. Temp. Bath; Craftsman Table Saw; HIAC Automatic Particle Counter; Zenith Data Station; Beckman IR Analyzer; Beckman Air Purification Unit; Spectra Physics SP4100 Computing Integrator; 15 AT&T computers and terminals; Zenith computer; Pro-Writer printer; Epson printer; Apple printer; Perkin-Elmer Computer; Beckman ?; Precision Scientific Heater; Appleton electric lightbulb holder-no bulb; Mystery Box; PH Meter; Juki 6100 daisywheel printer; Perkin- Elmer Sigma 15 computer; fluid mixer Hamilton Beach; Box Junk; pulverizing mill; Spectra Physics Computing Integrater; Zenith Data Systems Monitor; 2 oak library card catalogs-60 drawers, 60"h x 42"w; 2 tool cabinets -.wall hung; 3x6 sliding window unit; oil drum rack; 2 Kenmore vacuum sweepers; 2 storage trunks; emergency lights and 110 volt batteries; exit lights; 2 small hip style tool boxes; hydraulic floor jack - 5 ton; set Mitchell auto and truck shop manuals; large truck tire chains; auto parts - shocks - sealed beams - battery; hold down clamps; Heckendorn main frame and wings - newer; 2 steel drafting tables; 2 wooden drafting tables; 12 steel desk chairs; 3 12" x 3' x 7' metal shelving; metal desks, all sizes and styles; 4 metal tables 30" x 36"; 10 roll out book storage shelving; 3 1/2" x 4' insulation - fiberglass; 6 bags of sand floor grout; 16 wood/metal school desks 1950's style; 150 metal school desks - 1970's style; light green metal frame; green boards, misc. sizes; blackboards, misc. sizes; 4 - 2 compartment study carrels; wood trim and wood door jambs; 2 wooden doors, solid 1 3/4 x 3' x 7'; 4 wooden doors, solid 1 3/4 x 3' x 6'; 2 hollow doors, 1 3/4 x 3' x 6', pre-hung; 6 steel doors 3' x 7'; 2 steel frames, 3' x 7'; 21 sheets of vinyl covered sheet rock; 20 3' x 6' folding tables; 2' x 8' table tops (walnut color); woodworking vise; Proficorder item model 936- SER237; 2 computer desks (wood), two tier; microrecorder RAV model-1 ser 70; 7 hardness testers with electronic gauge; Bendix micrometrical div. profcorder; 10 test (electronic gauge) Merz Eng.; Magnaflux testing machine; 2 Cleveland Ind.-AC Electronic gauges; Microtrol gauge; Sheffield Accu- tron electronics amp.; 3 Moore test gauges; Federal Test Gauges; Check-flat 3 (flatness measuring tool); metal stool; wooden plan stand; cordless phone; paper shredder; Pitney Bowes mail machine and supplies; floppy disk case; Okidata printer; Laptop Zenith Model 181, dual 3.5" floppy, assorted disk, has case and power pack; 3 orange chairs (in hall); brown chair (in hall); bookends; binders; d-Base III V.1.1. Robert "Bob" Shank & Associates P.O. Box 84 New Cambria, Kansas 67470-0084 (913) 823-7420 or (913) 823-6536 Terms: Cash. Not responsible for accidents. Announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed material. CLASSIFIED "Working For You' FURNISHED APARTMENTS WEEKLY RATES, $99.00 & up. TV's & phones, 5 restaurants- 1/2 block, ground floor front door parking, coffee 24 hours, fax & message service 24 hours. Kitchenettes available. Village Inn, 453 South Broadway. 827-4040. ONE BEDROOM, Efficiencies and Studios. Paid utilities, carpet, laundry facilities. Quiet. No pets. Deposit and references. For appointment call 823-9369. SCREENED PORCH lor summer, 1 bedroom, gas, water, trash paid, laundry facilities, $260, 825-4111. $75 WEEKLY, clean 3 room, nicely furnished apartment on South Santa Fe. No smoking preferred, no pets. 825-9219. STUDIO APARTMENT, furnished, water, trash paid, laundry facilities, $165, 825-4111. EXTRA NICE 1 bedroom with garages available, laundry, close to Elmore Center, 827-1376, FURNISHED HOUSES- DUPLEXES $80 WEEKLY plus utilities, large 3 room duplex, Whittier School area, redecorated, clean, no pets, no smoking, 825-9219. ONE BEDROOM, references required, $250, no pets, after 5:00pm 827-5708. UNFURNISHED HOUSES- DUPLEXES CLEAN TWO bedroom brick duplex, full basement, central air, gas heat, washer- dryer hookup, $375 plus deposit. (913)823-8122. HOUSES-LOTS FOR SALE HOUSES-LOTS FOR SALE $85 WEEKLY, clean, carpeted, redecorated home on North 4th. Children welcome, no pets, no smoking preferred. 825-9219. AVAILABLE MAY 15th, 2-3 bedrooms. Basement. Garage. Air conditioning. Stove, refrigerator. 823-1500. TWO BEDROOM house for rent, 425 Missouri, $350 month, stove- refrigerator furnished, (913)827-5816 Or (913)827-1300. THREE BEDROOM house, 3103 Foxboro, $300 deposit, $425 rent, taking applications, 823-6528. NICE TWO bedroom home, air conditioning, $385 month, 823-6544. EXTRA NICE 2 bedroom duplex with garages available, central air. close to Elmore Center, 827-1376. NICE ONE bedroom, clean, carpeted, rent is negotiable, available soon, 825-9099. TWO BEDROOM townhouse, 11/2 baths, laundry hookups. $425. Call 823-6476. ONE BEDRO.OM, remodeled, water & trash paid, $245, 823-7412. AVAILABLE JUNE 1, spacious one bedroom home, centrally located, (913)827-1387. SLEEPING ROOMS SLEEPING ROOM, next tc bathroom, television, parking, $25 weekly. 827-8888. THREE BEDROOM. Wheatridge, $550 month plus bills, year lease. Call 825-4018. UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS SOUTHWIND On Schilling Road. Quiet, clean modem apartment with central air, carpet, blinds, .all appliances, washer, dryer hookup, no pets. 1 bedroom, $280 plus deposit, 1 bedroom with garage, $330 plus deposit; 2 bedroom with garage, $380 plus deposit. 823-1375, 823-3501 or 823-3381. $75 WEEKLY, 2 bedroom home on Broadway. 825-9219. TWO BEDROOM duplex on Greenbriar Circle. Call alter 6pm 825-6123. IRON CREST $50 Move In Special One bedroom studio apartment from $150-$230, water/trash paid, laundry room, downtown location, close to shopping, doctors office & hospital. Call for showin'g (913)827-5944. TWO BEDROOM fourplex, including range, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal. Quiet location, no pets, $365- month, plus deposit. 825-6660 or 825-9900. SMALL ONE bedroom apartment, stove, refrigerator. No pets 606 Johnstown, rear apartment $225 plus $225 deposit 823-7503. SOUTHGATE APARTMENTS, 2 bedrooms, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, central air, balcony, carport, laundry facilities, water, trash paid, 825-4111. HOUSES-LOTS FOR SALE FOR SALE TO SUCCESSFUL BIDDER House only - not the lot. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, living room, dining room, kitchen and family room. Total square feet approximately 1100, located at 511 Idlewide, Salina, Kansas. Successful bidder will be responsible for the following: removal of the house, all city permits and fees; removal of all existing utilities to city specifications, removal of the concrete slabs and foundation. (This house has no crawl space for basement, built on slab). All necessary moving permits and fees. All fees and licenses associated with the pro- iect. Contractors working on project will need to provide proof of liability, work comp. and auto insurance. Project would need to be completed no later than August 31, 1995. Available tor showing by appointment. Call (913)667-4755, Ext. 249. All bids must be sub] mitted no later than May 30, 1995 to: Mr. James Hall, Great Plains 1 Mfg., P.O. Box 218, Assaria, Kan! sas67416. ONE BEDROOM, bills paid except electricity, $275, stove/refrigerator, 214 North 12th. 825-4842. ONE BEDROOM apartments, $185, $195. No pets. References and deposit. Siler Apartments, 825-1551. ALL BILLS PAID 1 bedroom a'partment, $75/week Call 827-7020 IRONWOOD PLAZA Two bedroom with patio 823-5093 or 827-2953. PUBLISHER'S NOTICE | All real estate advertised in this I newspaper is subject to the Feder| al Fair Housing Act of 1968 which makes It illegal to advertise 'any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, familial status or handicapped or an Intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.' This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. TWO BEDROOM brick duplex, stove- refrigerator, air, laundry facilities, close to Asbury. 825-4111. STUDIO, one bedroom apartments, refrigerator, stove, no pets, deposit. 825-8355. TWO- 1 bedroom recently remodeled apartments, $250 a month. 825-4367. TWO BEDROOM mobile home, some bills paid. No pets. Deposit, references. 827-1865. ONE BEDROOM, bills paid including cable, $180 month. Call 827-2150. it sells. You Profit. Classified. UNFURNISHED HOUSES- DUPLEXES RENTALS AVAILABLE 2 bedroom, king size bedroom, $350 1 bedroom apartment, $280 1 bed. apartment, most bills paid $285 1 bedroom duplex, $240 1 bedroom mobile home, S195 Rental office 1825 Dover Drive Open: Monday- Friday 9am-5pm 827-7020 MOVING-MUST SELL! Recently redecorated older 3 bedroom home located on double lot in Lindsborg. Central heat & air, original woodwork. Extra large 2 car garage with office space (ideal for small business or your car hobby). Come see the home you could live in this month! (913)227-2759 or 227-3242. RELOCATE TO McPherson. 4 bedrooms, 31/2 baths, Countryside Lake Addition, finished basement, 2 car garage, oak kitchen, 2 woodburning fireplaces, 2 patio decks, garden house, main level laundry and family room, & more, unbelievable, $169,000, (316)241-2451. Ellene McKean & Associates. BY BUILDER New three bedroom, full basement, double garage, cedar deck, oak cabinets and trim. 200x435 lot. Private well. Blacktop road. Bennington schools. Price reduced. Attractive financing to qualified buyers. P.h one (913)488-3422,488-3771. Beautiful ranch style home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, basement- over 1,800 sq.ft. of living space. Located just 3 blocks from Coronado School in a quiet cui-de-sac. NEW CONSTRUCTION! Call L.D. Henderson Construction 825-5351. SPACIOUS TOWNHOUSE, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen appliances included, covered parking, courtyard. Washer- dryer hookup, water & yard maintenance paid. No pets. $575/month. 827-6889 or 827-6650. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: Small two bedroom house, basement, garage, fenced yard, central air. 707 Sheridan. $435 per month, lease required plus deposit. 827-7775,. after 6pm. Appliances stay. SHARP. TWO bedroom brick duplex, off- street parking, full basement, washer//dryer hookups, kitchen appliances included, no pets. $435/ month, 827-6889 or 827-6650. THREE BEDROOM house, 2216 Linden Drive. 13/4 baths, laundry, central air, attached garage. References and deposit required. $600 monthly. 826-4127 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. NEW LISTING: Two bedroom house, stove, refrigerator, garage, fenced backyard, storage shed Available June 1st, 1 year lease, rent $425, deposit $300. Call for appointment (913)668-2389. TWO BEDROOM HOUSE, mid town, 312 East Bond. Large living room, 2 car garage. $380/month, available June 1. Call owner, Alan, (913)962-1907 after 5pm. VERY CLEAN 3 bedroom witti attached garage. No pets or smoking. $500 a month, 1 year lease. Call McCausland Company Realtors. 825-1661. BEAUTIFUL TOWNHOUSE, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, open door plan. No pets. Minimum 1 year lease. $675 plus deposit, 829 Meadowbrook. (913)825-5351, TWO BEDROOM house with attached garage, central heat & air, available June 1, $375, 856 Navajo, lease, deposit, references required, no pets. 823-8485. EXCELLENT TWO bedroom house, 841 Sherman. S395. water & trash paid, oft-street parking washer & dyer hookup in basement. Call Don Smith 825-1458. VETERANS: FIRE your landlord! You can afford to buy a house today. Call Realty Associates, 827-0333 for details. TWO BEDROOM brick duplex, fireplace, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, central air, basement, laundry hookups, 825-4111. THREE BEDROOM, 1 bath, fenced yard, no pets. 1408 Gypsum. $400 month, $400 deposit. 823-2385. CHARMING 3 bedroom rancher just listed. New main floor decor plus finished basement, vinyl siding, extra parking and large fenced backyard. Priced in the low 70's. Call David Holmgren at Realty Associates Inc., 827-0331. 503 CLAREMONT, great location, unique floor plan with 3 bedrooms, 1 3/4 baths, 2 car garage, main floor laundry, finished basement, inground sprinkler, Roberta Kaufman Realtor, (913)825-4186 or 825-7502. .DELIGHTFUL COUNTY home with a view hard to beat. Features steeped ceilings, walkout basement, 4 baths, and large master suite plus two other bedrooms. Minutes trom Salina. Carol Duggan Real Estate, 823-7200. SAY 'HELLO' to a good buyl To see this 3 bedroom rancher with 1 car attached garage, metal siding and large fenced yard call RW Realty, (913)825-1297. Priced in the mid $40's. THE SMART buyer will not overlook the value in this 2 bedroom home. Ideal starter home or Investment property. Priced in the low $30's. Call RW Realty. (913)825-1297. KENTEX PAYS up to 95e on the dollar for your owner financed real estate lien notes-Nationwide. Same day close. FREE quote. 1-800-890-8674. DESPARATE CALIFORNIA seller says: '$1,000 down and take over my loan at $440 per month." House at 900 South 9th, call 825-1062 or 825-0881. KENTEX PAYS up to 95e on the dollar for your owner financed real estate lien notes. Same day close. FREE Quote. 1-800-890-8674. GOV'T HOMES For pennies on the dollar! Little or no down payment! Yes! Call Toll Free 1-800-700-7383 Ext. HP1216 Lee Diehl Everything I touch turns to "SOLD" mou I tarn tuaaef «,7. c 827-3641 827-7345 HIIITIIIIITIIIII 112 N.PRESLEY OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-4 PM NEW BRICK HOME BY BUILDER 1,925 sq. ft. on main floor. Whirlpoqjrtkth, utiful oak trim through\ out, covered patio. Baringer Construction 823-6777 or 827-3229 IIIIIIIIIIIZIIIIII Bennington Locker Building Downtown Corner Location 12 miles north of Salina via U.S. 81 or 1-135. 4,500 square feet of space. Will Sell "AS IS" PRICE $6,900 SUNFLOWEREALTV Contact Carol or Kathy at 392-2102 Monday-Friday or 392-2839/392-2128 Thinking of a New Home for a New Season... YOU DESERVE A TOP PRODUCER •Experienced •Full Time •Multi Million dollar producer •Referral System There's no substitute for a REOW Top Producer p< ct-iat.e — Riverside 82S-520O • (800) 82S-02O6 HOME INSPECTION 6 SERVICE'S^ INCORPORATED Certified Professional Inspectors 90 Day Warranty 2075 S. Ohio, Suite 7B (913) 826-9963 1-800-201-9963 For professional service that's a step above the crowd, call Terri Blester. The Perfect Mother's Day Gift ********************************* j * Over 900 sq. ft. on main floor. 3 bedrooms, 825-5200 or 827-2128 ^a.hs. Priced under $60,000. * ^HHHr^HMHHr^HHr***^HH^^Hr*^*1H^^***** OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-4 PM For sale by owner, 1 1/2 story cottage, 4 bedrooms, new carpet, new plumbing in bath, new paint inside and out. 1 bedroom, laundry, dining and living room downstairs, storm and storage cellar. Located in south Salina on 602 Maple. Asking $49,500. Perfect for 1st time home buyer or small family. Call 823-1243 for more information. Riverside REALTORS ..... 825-52OO • (8OO) 825-O2O6 Each Office Independently Owned and Operated. HOUSES-LOTS FOR SALE FOR SALE BY OWN tft 2 bedroom townhouse, large master bedroom, fireplace, nice neighborhood, 1994 construction, 1,100 sq. ft.. $59,900. 733 Faith Drive. Call anytime 825-6344. HOUSES-LOTS FOR SALE SPACIOUS THREE bedroom home, carport, basement. Priced In the 20's. D-2 Real Estate, 825-1508. THREE BEDROOM house with 2-unit duplex all in one. (316)824-6355. • HAVE LOCATION for small shop buildings. Price low, negotiable, 913-827-9076. COUNTRY HOME, full basement, four acres. Call 488-3407. WANT TO RENT YOUNG. MARRIED couple with 2 dogs wanting to rent a house with a yard In Salina or surrounding area. Will build fence If needed. Please -call (316)544-9102, after 6pm or leave message for Jennifer at (316)544-2088. FARMS & FARMLAND How Do You Meet Somebody & it Doesn't Cost You A Penny? Place A GONIMECTIOIM LINE Ad. There is NO charge for placing the ad. Just fill out the coupon in Monday's, Tuesday's or Friday's Salina or Wednesday's Journal Pius. OUT OF TOWN REAL ESTATE OUT OF TOWN REAL ESTATE OUT OF TOWN REAL ESTATE COUNTRY AT ITS BEST 1-800-499-6182 80 Acres - level prime farmland north of blacktop at New Cambria 80 Acres - Cropland, Osborne County.. 80 Acres - 46.9 creekbottom 8.7 CRP south of Carltbn. 80 Acres - Dairy (S. of Manhattan), nice home. 80 Acres - East of Hunter with home. 114 Acres - Farm south of Marquette on blacktop. 136 Acres - Executive horse ranch west of Brookvilte.'- 160 Acres - McPherson County, 17 acres pasture, 148 cropland (Alfalfa). 160 Acres - Southwest of Smolan - excellent cropland, hunter's paradise. 160 Acres - Southern Ottawa Co. blacktop. All in CRP. 171 Acres - Prime cropland W. of Tescott on the bottom (north of Hwy. 18). 700 Acres - Lincoln Co., pasture, crop and CRP. LAND AUCTION MAY 15th - SE/4 7-13-1 DICKINSON CO. FOR GEMMILL TRUSTS HOMES ON SMALL ACREAGES 7 Acres - With nice farmstead, NW of Abilene. 8 Acres - East of Abilene, home, shop (35x60), and more, low 50's. 8 Acres - with 4 Bedroom 2 Bath, 2 car garage; 50 x 52 insulated building - 5 min. from Abilene Executive Price. 1 .54 Acres - 3 bedroom home, 50x75 steel building, close in. West North Street location. 5 Acres - Northwest with home and machine shed. Miltonvale - 4 bedroom home, large lot, 1 car attached and 2 car detached garage. Very nice. . "Now Is a great time to list your farm." Call Today For Valuation at No Charge. MEMBER KANSAS SOCIETY OF FARM MANAGERS ft RURAL APPRAISERS Since 1878. Off ice (913) 825-1316 604 Barney 825-1316 V John Omli, eve., 225-6708 Ray Caldwell, eve., 283-4317; Bill Mclaughlin, eve., 263-0201 Eric Blomquist, eve., 667-4012 Ed Shannon, eve., 427-3242 WHERE FARM REAL ESTATE AND GOOD SERVICE COMETOQETHIR AND I ASSOCIATES. INCl HEAL ESTATE'MOONS Would You Like To Own A New Home In A Small Town Only 15 Minutes From Salina? The SOLOMON STATE BANK is working together with Farmer's Home Administration in providing affordable housing to qualified buyers in Solomon, Kansas. If you have a small or no down payment, but have a good credit and employment history, you may be eligible. Monthly house payments are based on twenty percent of adjusted gross income. Applicant's must meet ' FmHA income requirements. The information below indicates whether or not you may qualify, dependent upon family income and size: FAMILY SIZE MAXIMUM INCOME One Person $18,250 Two Persons $20,850 Three Persons $23,450 Four Persons $26,100 Five Persons $28,150 Six Persons , $30,250 Ten local families have already benefited from this program. Five additional homes are currently under construction with completion in approximately 120 days. The homes consist of 1,120 sq. ft., I/: baths, 3 bedrooms, large single car attached garage and a full, partially finished basement. If interested in the program, please contact Dennis or Kirk at the Solomon State Bank, telephone 655-2941 or mai) financial information to: AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROGRAM c/o Solomon State Bank P.O. Box 305 Solomon, Kansas 67480-0305 The Solomon Grade School enrollment has increased sixty percent in the last six years. More and more families are moving to Solomon to enjoy the many benefits of small town living. Eicb dcpMJIor iuuml lo I lO FDI€ Solomon Stato LENDER Bank P.O. Box 663 • Abilene, Kansas 67410 • (913) 263-1332 P.O. Box 305 • Solomon, Kansas 67480- (913) 655-2941 ******************************* OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2 - 4 P.M. (Canceled if it's raining) 10 acres. Located 4 miles south of Gypsum on blacktop, 1 mile east. SE Saline School District. 930 sq.ft. home with 1/2 basement. 2 bedrooms, large living-dining area with country kitchen. Inside in great shape. Central air and heating with natural gas. Neat looking wood barn. 2 good metal sheds and 1 concrete block shed. Balance of acres in trees and hunting. $58,000. BUILDING SITES 3 Acre Lots - Located 8 miles north of Salina on 81 Highway. Triple Tree Landing Subdivision. Nice homes. 2 large ponds. Beautiful views. Bennington School District. $13,000- and up (includes water district hookup) 15 Acre Lot - Located 9 miles north on 81 Highway (county road to be rocked soon.) Lot 4. Creek, trees and meadow. Bennington School District. Water District hookup available. $29,500. 21.8 Acres - Located 3 miles west. 1/4 mile south on Muir Road of Happy Corner School on Muir Road. Ell-Saline School District. Water district hookup included. $45,000 80 Acres - Located 4 1/2 miles east of Mentor. 32.3 acres cropland - balance meadow. Water guaranteed. Southeast pf Saline School District. $50,000. CROPLAND AND PASTURE 159 Acres - Located 3 miles south and 2 miles west of Delphos. 155 acres cropland. Non HEL. Good production record. $112,000 with crop or $1 07,000 without crop. 160 Acres - Located 3 miles west of Barnard. All grass. Good windmill. $290 per acre Immediate Possession! LISTINGS - LISTINGS - LISTINGS!**** That's our need. Call for a free evaluation. *** Auction Results- Sale held May 9th at the Golden Wheel Senior. Center, Minneapolis, KS, for Raymond Larry Bloomquist and Deanna Amstein of 320 Acres of Ottawa County land was very well attended and bidding was active. Both tracts were located southeast of the 81/Delphos Rd. Junction Sale #1: 160 Acres. NE/4 21-9-3. All cropland was bought by Melvin Allison of Delphos for $117,000/$731 per acre Sale #2: 160 acres. SE/4 16-9-3. 107.7 acres cropland - balance pasture was bought by Melvin Allison of Delphos for $64,000.00/$400 per acre. $20 for closest guest to selling price was woi| by Jim Gawith of Minneapolis. Thanks to everyone for attending the sale. For more information call Knowles Kountry Real " Estate (913) 825-6741 or come by the Red Barn at 145 N. Ohio, Salina, Kansas. Home Phones- • JERRY KNOWLES 913-825-4091 STEVE BURR 913-827-4010 WAYNE JOHNSON 913-825-1456 MEMBER OF THE KANSAS SOCIETY OF FARM MANAGERS AND RURAL APPRAISERS 4OWLES COUNTRY HEAL ESTATE FAX (913) 625-6752 (913)825-6741 1-800-8Q5-LAND 145 N.Ohio Salina, Ks. 67401 •w a • It '4 % 1

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