The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1949 · Page 22
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 22

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1949
Page 22
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PAGE OX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Uewe/ry Stores in Blytheville {Have Service Record Which (Dates Back to the Pioneer Days »> elhce the days when American Indians wore amulets and charms I about their necks and arms to keep away evil spirits, and noted casually £th»t they looked p r»tty there, and then turned around and traded Long Inland to bur ancestor* for $24 worth of beads, the Jewelry stores have fpliyed a part In the American Way of Life. » In Blytheville five establishments* — ?d«vot« time and talents to keep- Jlng the more than 15,000 In Ely- Women Seldom Rated as Geniuses, And Few Can Qualify as Morons and the trade area well (•upplled with anything from a good ':]uck charm to a piece of luggage {or a t»'o-carst diamond. 'i The five stores have a collective {net worth of perhaps a half mll- Jlion dollars stirted In 1906 when J. JW. Bader established what ts now : Guard's. * Guard's appeared on the store ;front »s its name in 1923. when the Jatore .was located adjacent to the ."Isaac's building. In 1936 it moved -location 209 West 1U present Main. The oldest Jewelry store In Bly- f 'theville, still Guard's ranks with |th« most modernistic 'In the state. . i The newest Jewelry store for Bly- Uhtville is Dreifus Jewelry Company, jsaid to have one of the largest store {(inventories between Memphis and •;St. Louis. The store is a branch of f the Memphis store, and has brought *to Blytheville's trade area the bene- ffils of a vast buying power, usual ; 'only to larger towns. | Famous name watches, china and fcrystal and small appliances such {'as radios and luggage are featured fat Dreifus, which was founded here September 5. 1946/and has occupied Its 316 West Main location since then. i Arriving In Blytheville Just before Driefus opened shop, Is Haymotid Schmuck, .who operates Sclumick's Jewelry Company at 202 West Main. On January 19, 1946, he began the Jewelry field In Blytheville, after Gordon Herrlck had operated Her- rlck's Watch repair shop in that location for about 20 years. J. H. Gilt this year was made manager of FJIaaptrick Jewelry Co., which opened Its sixth branch office in Memphis last week. The Blytheville store was opened In 1041. There were similar stores In ceola, Sikeston, Paragoutd Memphis. The store features In particular the watch repair service of J. O. Upton, who has been In the business for 24 years, five of which have been in Blytheville. At the corner of Second and Main is the fifth establishment catering to brides with crystal, silverware and the third-finger-left hand decoration, and the man of the house with a lighter or the easy shopping place for the correct gifts, owned and operated by Pat O 1 Bryant. Osand By Hal Boric ' • NEW YORK (AP)—Tell the average woman she's a genius, and what happens? * -/'• She Immediately begins wondering if you are trying to break It to her easy that her years are show- Ing, her nose needs powderlng-^r her face needs lilting. In any case she takes the compliment with deep suspicion, But If, on the other hand, you remark to her, "you're no genius, Esmeralda," she gets downright annoyed. She unsheathes her claws and demands to know why,'' Waverley Root gives some of the reasons In an American Mercury magazine article flatly entitled, "Women Are Intelectualy Inferior." Naturally Root doesn't infer that women arc mentally lower than Barbary |pes, the giant panda, polar bears or the praying mantis. He simply rates them lower than the only other sex they share'the human race with—that simple creature of good will, man. •At least he holds this to be true on the topflight I.Q. level. Genius, the man says, is strictly confined to the iiitilc. • . v Barked by Woman Researcher Root says this isn't just one fellow's uplnEon. Il'e cites a study made by Mrs. Cora Sutton Castle who sifted six encyclopedias looking for eminent women and fauna only Tiny figurines o rmammoth China pieces are also sure to be ' found In another place where looks and durability arc watched by the customer and the seller. at PENNEYS PAY Wontens CCTTCN HCLJ/E DEE/JEJ A widt selection of fine prints in a variety of stylet, some with zipper*. Florals, stripes, cheeks and solids. Made to sell at a much higher price. 88 CCTTCN PCI NT § Another "salute" to King Cot- ton. Fine Percales in a host of "sewoble" patterns. Ideal for school frocks, house dresses and many other uses. First quality. 17 e yd Mens CCTFCN TWILL J1HICTJ An extra heavy weight cotton twill gabardine shirt. Fully san- forized shrunk, generously cut to fit. Forest brown, 14-17. 868 listed. "It Is a sad commentary o» the MX," commented Mrs. Castle dismally, "that from the dawn ot History to the present day less than 1,000 women have accomplished anything that history has recorded as worth while." Getting nt the root of the matter, Hoot says that genius Lf creative and that while many women have shown fine talent—such as June Austen, the Brontes, George EJtot and Emily Dickson—none have reached the peak of greatness. "There are absolutely no feminine names, none at all, which can stand beside those of the really peat—no Beethovens, no Mlchuel- angelos, no Shakespearcs, no Tol- stoys." And Root says women can't escape this truth by blaming It on tlie tyranny In which men have held women through the ages. He says you can't explain female lack of ger:ius by lack of opportunity--the girls Just don't have the geutus factor In their chromosomes, those llt- e gadgets in the sex cells that ntrol heredity. Some lucky men Fewer Feminine Idiots But listen, ladies, to the masculine unity for being so smarty— "It is also a fact that idiocy is ore common among men than mong women, who may \veli con- der themselves happy to rank low- in genius for the sake of rank• higher In sanity." Root Inclines to the belief that nluo, anyway, is only the rich usln of madness. "You are indeed, mesdames. bard from genius," he said, "But what it? Genius. fron»= nature's point view, is a dangerous abnormality; nd she has dealt handsomely by e women hi exempting them from But Mr. Root certainly loses any aim to genius himself if he thinks at will satisfy the girls. This Is e day of the demanding female,! nd if she wants genius she'll get j —even If she has to carry her ual rights campaign to every Lrbmosome under the American Rg: It ought to be easier to change a umb little chromosome than the Ind of a determined woman. Womens r CCTTCN ELANNELETTE GCWNJ Cool nights ore hew. You'll want several of this warm flan- nelette gowns. And just look at this low price. $122 1 Mother and Daughter Welcome /mposter, Who '/dims to be Kinsman BERLIN — </F) — A mother and aughter in Berlin welcomed home iclr lost son and brother in Nov- mber 1949. They thought he looked range, but they remembered he ad fought through the war and cen a prisoner of the Allies. For three years he lived with the imlly. Then one night he left town nd his employers said company unds , were missing. Later ,..the lother. got < a letter of apology liich said the man she had^wel-' o'med was really her son's'doUblc. Then she was notilied that her on had been found—escaped from Russians after, long captivity, fother and daughter thought the mn was the same one who lived ith them for three years. They oubted that he was the real son. imilly the sister found a shirt in is room that she had mended In Is previous stay. Although he de- ted the charge and still claimed o be the real son, a skeptical ;e sentenced him to five months n Jail. Congressmen are not required by aw to attend any session of Con- TC53. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1949 Thursday-Friday-Saturciqy 10-pc. LIVINGROOM GROUP Special 3 Days Only SUITE CONSISTS OF Full Size DAVENO, duran covered Large PLATFORM ROCKER Attractive Occasional Chair Needful Cocktail TABLE Useful End TAfcLE Book and LAMP TABLE 2 Large THROW RUGS 23-WayTABLE LAMPS 'Hurricane Boudoir Vanity Lamps ' Special 3 Days I HUBBARD & SON Furniture Phone 4409 BlytheviUe FOR MANY ON KING COTTON DAYS Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 113 East Main Phone 2302

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