The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1946
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1946 fJOOLI GOXJB1M PACE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*iir /•>. p., a.. ,„, HU4M «i n |x. •CMIOCU: Ulniimu, Ck.ri. __ tu. I til*, tw, II,. , II, J '"••« P« lint M< «•/ !»• • tl»M t.r 11.. g,, «„ _ •. ' «mt, per II u. p., d», T. U tlu, e , p., Ua . „,, tmj 6 , » Montk ^r HD. 10, UlUQt fi¥. >T«rM* WOfdl I* U. ll»«. Ad. ordered tor thrix or •!* tlmw »< tidied b«t M « ezplntloB will b. tk.rgoj tor lh« Buibur ol time. Hit «d »K[n>«reJ Ma xljii.luiunt ol bill All OlXblfleJ Adjortiiijii eopf lib» tle-l \>i iiorion* rcildiiitf oul.ljs of ckn cllr uivit t>« «ccoi>H'"i("J l.r Uilfl •o»jr be e^tllr computed from the above table. AJttMltln, on ). r f. r trr«(nl*r UMr Uoiii ulei ifc e on. t \ at ,» t «. No r.-«|.oi].il,!],tj will bo taken lor more l»»n one Incorrect iom'rtlon ol mnj •!••> tilled ad. For Safe Wanted to Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. 6-3-ck-tf OM kodiVi >nd cAiuertt for purl*. O'flloen'g Htuiilo. 411-ck-ll <Ve gle Tin »y ca.h for utud Jurnltur«. one ts or a kou** 1 . loll. Call 'rjo'i, Al- Hardy Furniture Co. a|)0-eV-l[ Services elllpil wljlle Inily xmnll family. (.' Si'foiiil .St. ilyuscs mnvt'<l Rtiil foutnlmiuris rf;>alrf<l. 'illl -IIHJ or bl'O Prank Oui-kiH. ISlli avy your voieo recorded. \Vc have 11 bHHil and orchestra innaiu nml m<- Bust's. Itidour rtnd uutiluor bimiul *y u-ins for rent an<l fur «*!.>. ItlyllHvi! Knitlii S«l>|ily. n-luiliunla only. 112 S I', flioiio -107. 7;S-i-k-.S <JL LOANS If you want a 4% GI Loan to fmy a home, sec MAX LOGAN, LYNCH BLDO. I'hone 2034 or 502. 6-14-ck-tf .Mil—-y-ll.uj i^. :,' ;lll<[ II' fll'. !.:!!.• M'"lrK. l)wii:l!l Hlnilli. U(. -1, S!n>r- Ti'-va^. t:.Mild ,1,-liv.T. 2<>-[.k-:M l'|.r,;l:t pi '•< f.x.l I'rlfiilalru. 320 K. I).iv!i. |.!ir,,,. -^^ 1^7-|.>:.21 KlluTla |,..arli,.», frnils. nK>l«ns. K ' rii'!. I'li'iily c,f n:.:.l. N,.« IniMliiin—S.iiuli Divisi.iu St. I'liinu. 'Jli:>i f.,r ili>!iv.-ry. .KIK SlKS'l'HIt lilll). , ^7;i7-|.k-Hll7 SO ni-ri'S Uiriil -I iuili>« S.VV. of B.'ll. ISonil l.arn. ft-nxnn liniisv, '> l.'i, ; .ni )i,,i,;,'s. flrcirKilv. 51011 pur a. -Mrs. J. J,. J,i'\vis, Doll. Ark. 17]>k^i Whe« you oil .tova need! cleaning or repairing oall 8984. All work KU»r- fcnU'cd. ' IT'lik-ilL II:,mini:..I,- ruil^l clntli. TJ" in ]tiirl:ilile ly|iev cottiiilion. i'ln |>i[LOii|il>le (lesi ili-.iin.-K-r. Al>» l'." iUT in rnse, in e I7.J HU'ele, Mil. - Chnniiilon. (.'nil l.nwji mow«^. ikar|ienei1 and repair*. All tj[.[a and kindi. We .iied.lliB in IIOM-QT mower tti.rpei^ng and Liotor ovurbanliuK- Yea, H'p pick up aiid deliver. Ulrlbetllle Macklno Uku|>. II Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work Dejta Implement Co. I'hone 864. 3-15-ck-tl KWKP wlut you have Hint don't w /or wbm we havn you do want. *. iKi&cliork ^iinr&ntceil. Klbert llutfiimn Swap Slioji, 401 K»at Main . Klreel 1'hone 859. a-ck-l Business Opportunities Jolin Docro and -Ulis Ctmli . lirnco Ityril, l.vacliv!ll«', .Ark Hii.'.,':t 4. NO" CASH " MONTHLY TERMS ' KALI, TERMS Paint Ho«ly Work, Recondition motors, Simonizinif and Seal Covers. Wrecker ' Service, Night ant! Day. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ford & Mercury Dealer 5th & Walnut Sis. Phone <ir>:5 HOME AND AUTO STORKS Franchise and merchandise available for new :i;i-i sociatcd stores. Hepresen-1 lativc will be in Memphis, 'I'ennesseo at Pcahody Hole! from August 1 to AutriisI 5 to interview interested parties. Investigate before you invest. Write, wire or call Kenyon Auto Stores, Dallas 1, Texas, for an- pointmenf. 7-lf)-|)k-2(> 1'20 a^rres. (;'JIM! five rniini frame dwell< inr ^ i;i'<Jil iinrns, |.U-nty uiit-liiiihJiiin^. [.•iiinily c.rcliiir.l. I lU-u In cultivation. i JI). liiitlein DIL nr;\vel road. 1'rui: ^ V' IH'li, t-:irl rash. ' jll -:ii;ie.s, .l-ruiun (r:uuc clxvuIlinL;. ]!:im anil ulliirr iim-LiLlliLLiit:t;. :'.l-ji rww ciin-. i;:ll;iutir ti.T.*tll)-o. I'rii'P ^L^DII. .1 U C1IAIM.N, iliinilii. Ark. 15-iikll For Rent ; Must sell 7l> tuns of • e.n'g co;il cheap at. once due ; to change in location. '• Phone 517 or 252(>. Pride J & Usroy Coal & Constrnc- fi tion Co. 7-15-ck-22 •I'll,, laliorah.ri- thai rn-c'iilly d<-v^l',|>fil rn^s an<L ii|ilinlsti ..-y lias tu-i-n ori^»- Ii;H!M« qualitr I'lll-lineal lir«jdln-ls /'T cjvt-r 1UU ya-ars. (ii-l l''ina >'i)iuu al !>.•»>•* I'ami nncl \Viill|u>|».-r Hli>n-. Hvl Buiilli Kir>t K1-, lllytlliiVillu. JouVJ^ Ueiirooin Riijoinlng Latk. Call 27S!) " Nice Inrgo Ijcilronm, close in. :HO W ncilrnoin 311 N. Dili. Phone 2338. 2i,kS flifi] rooms. 1010 \V. Vin For Fine Portraits it's O'STIilSN'S STUDIO . Picture frames made to order i O'Stccn Studio. 4-24-ck-tf ' .Small,. iin dinuh llii'may ' lil, Mn.k t»r hal.\ bilildiriK xvirli lisijit: ii»^itrrs in l.nt-lx, for ronl or l.-a>'-. Taylor's ti r«n-'T> . KV-i-k-'Jo ' KIM- I.urn.T I' "il i t M..>v. ^u- ,|iiir,' i,i>M l!(,y lir.i.. Highway l.-i pliiHU' W.U. l:p-|ik-2l : LAND KOli SAI.K ' 4U .icr.-s ,-Mr.i c I lalnl, jnM nciljli and .-a.l ,.l .->;>,,. »r.-h. IV,,,i.,,i. : C'ouiiU .M,i Ha- !!••«• l.-n«'iii 'inu-i'. , | I.,. I, l.iiiWin--. |.r.-lty -!.:..!.• X ;r..- '1'1'i- J- l'"i' l' £ t lvl- "i*' 1 ^'' - l *J'^ * II' liiH.-' Iili.l Inr >:>!,- in Jl l.m^ luuv. .'I V ;-i'n waul a 'nnv ! Ilii- i- il. lil.M.KS LAX!" CO. Halo KliL:., i>l ."itu Cily llatl : I'.' |;k-'j:i Lost i:ii-rlr,-i liatu-ry .harder. I'liini- :(li::L». l;>.|.!i.iil Slint-rfiT fountain !"• Taylor Fr.'i-nirni' * :|| Sturv Kinmnl. Call T.I NOTIC'K OF GRAXTINO OK I,IQV>OK 1'KKMIT Notice is hereby (^tvcn llin- I Coinniissinnor of Revenues of thp State of Arkansas lias issued i pov- mit, No. 180 to Welch F'osifv, Footer's Main St. Liquor Store, to sell and dispense vinous or spinti;' liquors for beverage at retail cm tar premises described ns lOfi West Main Street. BlyUievillc. This permit Issued on tiie 1st day of ,5;tly 1H4G and expires on the 30 day o June, 10-17. Welch roster 8'L-lli New Union Head \V»i»<] ltrnll«'-r» corn I'LCkr-r, Ni-w. 10 Ft. l-riiin ilrill. srnBH n.'«l oll.vliiiivnl, A I Knlnry line, tnuil ronililion. 5 piuil farm »«Kim9; I l.:«t« tv,-d mill; l-llli; ( 1 mill: •> ni.-lnl witlurini; trnnnl's: it «>«'l Wiil«»iB Iroiujlis, II" ir-^lri'i - IfJO-L-al. UIMdinu wntt-r Miti.l-s: il ton slcaill l-oiui UL.'.il A. inin.ral salt. Various liorM- .Irairii tnllo.. *el r-tc rtiono 2L>2;{, lllytln-villv. Kn.l ri.-.'ii^n. 1;l-ck-ajl JFtiy your w::tcr softener from a dealer who does their own installation and guarantees soft water irom now on. Planter's Hardware Co. 7-10-ck-lt Help Wanted i Millwrights & Mechanics for : regular maintenance work. , Contact Sii|>crinteiidcnt. . J Swift Company Oil Mill • ^ Hlylheville./Ark. • ' .'T-lO-ck-T-'^'l Middle nped rolnrr<\ »-i>man to rare for children und l-ol]> wilh liousework. Call or write -l-M," Co fonrier Xvivs. Wonted to Rent Wanted: Three or four mom unfurnished apartment for newcomers to Hlylhevillc. No pels other than two small children. Call Courier News, I'hone -101. 17-tf Jacob S. Polofsky, former gen- cnil sccrctnry-trcasurcr of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (CIO), has been elected president of the union to succeed the laic Sidney Hitlnvm. Polofsky was associated with Uillman through all of his 30 years of labor leadership. ItKWAHl) (nr 3-1 or wnr<- tnivm niv.itl- incnl nr li<%n«-j Call 2-lsn-M, Coin), 111., rolliTt I .nil in Pro));!. 1Glk2:i to PHlLLiPS MOTOR CO. While Prices Are The Highest Bring Ycmr Car or Truck to Phillips, Where You Con Get The Highest PR5CE No Red Tape—Conic in Today!! P H I L L I P ~S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—KlylhevlUe, Ark. Tel. 453—454 WASHER SERVICE Philip Frel Vacuum Cleaners, F»ns, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. ADAMS. . Fhone 2071 M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration Air Conditioning Service Engineer 1211 W. Main I'honi! Day 22(10; ]Vi(;li( 2808 Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .». W. Adams. lUcr. innri 2071 20U-08 W. IMa Ice Cold Worermelons Peaches Blytheville CUKH MAUKKT 130 East Miiin Street 'INSURANCE „,„ Z311 j For Complete Protection . ACCIDENT & HEALTH . liOSFITALT7,/VTION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS •TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd CHAS. IsrrrNER To Our Service Department For a Check on Your New or Old Car The very best- in Body Repair and Paint Jobs — Complete Motor Overhaul and Tuneups — Our Super Service Station is fully equipped with trained personnel ro take care of your needs. Langsfon-Wroten Co. Sales—BUICK—Scrvk= U. S. Tires Mobilgas OPEN 24 HOURS WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 aOfi-03 W. Mntn Political Announcements Tti4 Ourtw Ifm BM k*m •utljartied Ui utDoanei UM fuilow- I>'inocri*tlo primary: ilMUFF AND COtXBUTO* JAOK PIN 1,1 Y HOUIMBOM WI LI ,1AM BEKRVMAN COUNT* JU1KIC GENE E. BRADLKT HOLAND Q KEEN FOR TAX AHSKH80K DOYIJ5 HENDERSON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CLIUL HARVEY MOHIU9 COUNTy COURT CI.EKK EUZAIIKTH BLVrHB COUNTY TKKAHUUB DE1.LA I'URTL* •TATP. HKfKKSKNTATIVB ALENE WORD r.. O. KLKKMAN I.rsUS "UUK1E" BPW3K L. H. AUTHT W. J. WUNDERl.IOH (For rt-elrrllon) • BTATK KENATOB J. LEE BEARDEN JKPFERSON W. Sl'BCK <;UU;V;IT JUIH;:; K. Q. VVAHD 1. M. CIREGIl CHARLKS W. LIGHT JOB FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Ihvy. (il ;it Sliilt* l,ine Hum: Itl.vthcville 714 Expert WORKMANSHIP There is nothing thnt will give your car that "New Car" appearance as much as a beautiful new paint job. Your cm' is worth real money, t<J<lay and you will be proud to drive H after it has been thoroughly repainted in our wcll- e<']uipi>ed paint shop. You can linvc the choice of latest modern coloj u und be assured of a first class job. ^T^tvr,'.'^;^/.. „„ -"~i-i--i Drive in and Let Us Make a Price on Your Car W. J. Pollard Agency Safe, sound insurance protection, properly applied. Phnn« 3S1S (llnncoc Jlotrl mag. FENDERS! SMI COVERS If your fenders are nil banned "p . . . ft ml shabby looking, our hotly . men will .stuitKhtcu them all out . , , . rcfinish them like new. We are well equipped to handle nH types o£ body. work. WASH AND WAX If your car IB well wnxctl the dtrt mul RT\mc will wrtsh olC vyiili hnvdly • any effort at all. Save the finish by leltiiiK us W.m your car. nice to tftive a ctir with new seat!' covers. Dirty, worn-out seat covers' or upholstering nre an "eye-sore'' ami soil your clothes as .well. ' Everything Thai Is Best For Your Car Whtlhcr It !• Motor work', Body work or anything that your car needs . . . w» rtrc service headquar- tcrn. Drive in f*r free Inspection and estimate. ,. CHEVROLEI CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" honoRrnplis — Records and Accessories. IlaUt'ry and Jiioclric Radios 1!) W Main Phone 3443 CITY GARAGE & Welding Shop A 11(0 Repairs, Welding Mi. 874 .10(1 E. Main "End of the world" rumors can be trncncl back In cnrllesl nnlliinlty. U** Onfy, Fqc **fy- £«9iMe«r«d Parts. ! Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Ptrfcei trpalrhig for todxj*« ei- qnisUu funtwear >c^ur«l when re- hullt In aur modem ihop. . •>4 a r* w. M rt \ *i' DON EDWARDS '"J'ltc Tyiicwrltrr Man" itovAi,, sairru. COKONA m& KKMINGTON I-OUTABI.E 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONK 3382 (Every Transaction MUST HE SATISFACTOIIY) ROOTS ANTliiRU TiUODlKS Co<i<l Sec us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and- lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically,; Have your brakes checked for safety. W« have- a complete lubrication department. Vi We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. r { T, i. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stocks of Fnrja For CUryslrr Frodact* F. Main Phone 2123'I mid Hello BY EDGAR MARTIN TWcV'Rt ft SRCXt^D COUPLE '. LOOKH MIND VtTT^'3 MV GO TO PftCEWTS l . SOMtHOVJ, X OTULtO TO WfiV-E FOR THt NEW FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Acid 'IVs( BY V. T.~ HAMTl.TCW HAVE VOU F^'ER. HiD AMV e-CPERIENCE MMil , COU6HUUT3, YOUNA MA.M? J L CAN SELL (WELL.MO. •y- 1 Mi. 1 AW-.: BUT THEM / .._. -- ..._ PROOF/IF0 VOULL FILL THESE ORDERS, I'LL. / — GET MORE if HEAVEMS ! J TO &ETSV ' ! IVE GOOD REFEREMCfeS . AMD I CAN GET ALOM& WITH 7 *5- / ^-^"^ ' ^f *'j, - — KE* SERVICE._<*.£! T. H. Ren. U " ALLEY OOP Hero II BY MERRTL1, BLOSSEb- AMOTTA DAY... HO Hur*^-." JUST LIKE DOSJ'T KECKCM HAPTA B5 ROCV T'SLEEP T NIGHT. WONDfcVj

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