The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BIATUUVIUJC (AKk.) CUOK1£B M£W» 121 Known Dead In Cruiser Fire Divert Tolu Thrw Mora Bedi«< from .'- Charred Wreckage ..TORONTO, ont., sept. it. w>>— The known 'dead pulled from the 'flanM-swept S. S. Noronlc stood at 121 today is divert groped below file sunken deck: of the charred erulM ship in search of 84 passengers still reported missing. Red Crow officials expressed the belief that many of those unaccounted for after the panic -spread - ing blue Saturday had gone to their homes without reporting their nurvival. Canadian authorities had feared the death toll might reach 206. • Hope that first death estimates night have been high rose when divers reported yesterday they had not found the "50 or 60" bodies "firemen said they believed were trapped In the burned-out cabins. The ship settled to the bottom of her dock slip after the early morning blaze. Three charred forms were taken out of the submerged, cabins last night, bringing the known dead in an emergency morgue lo 121. •;' Dr. W. S. Stanbury, national com- v mlssioner of the Canadian Red ACCUSES FATHER—Leslie E. Jahn (right). «, tennis coach, was booked by Hollywood, Calif, police on suspicion of Incest as a result ol Cross, expressed his personal be- accusations made by his tennis champion daughter Laura Lou Jahn 16 «ng«rr s wi^acco^d torpid He dcnied the a "^' io '« ™* »« Ms daughter made them because' he be found "safe at home in the •United States." Most of the ship's 511 passengers were Americans. ;. Long lines of grief-stricken rela- , lives sought, meanwhile, to make .identifications among the blackened "corpses laid out in an improvised 'morgue, formerly used as an exhibition building. ;' By early today only 36 bodies had 'been identified. ~ Even as the divers searched last Anight flames flared up again in '.the charred hull of the $5,000,000 ;Noronic. Firemen with chemical extinguishers boarded the vessel and reported a few minutes later that ;the smouldering blaze had been put Tdown. Lewis is Silent ,; WASHINGTON, Sept. 19. (AP) — :John L. Lewis today kept silent on •the shutdown of the coal mines. ,' The United Mine Workers leader EX-RED TALKS—M a u r I c e jMalkin, above, a former Cain- imunist, told a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee lh« Communist •[Party in America \t afraid it 'will b« "liquidated" if Congress passe* a law making the party illegal. He said the prospect has Red leaders so worried that •three "top-layer" agents from Moscow have been sent to this country to help keep the parly on its feet. Malkin said he helped organize tie Communist Party in Oiii country in 1919. refused to permit her to have dates during tennis tours. They are shown together earlier this year, reading about her net victories. (AP Wirephoto) Connolly Urges Arms Aid Plan To Prevent War WASHINGTON, Sepl. 19. (AP) — Senalor Connally (D-Tex) lold the Senate today the United States mnst help Western Europe rearm in order to "keep ourselves and our friends free from war and the threat of war." Connally opened debate on the $1,314,010, foreign arms .program. Endorsed by the Foreign Relations Committee, which Connally heads, the program Is the administration's latest move to strengthen (rlendly nations against Communism. Without mentioning Russia by name, Connally said that one European power now has 6,000,000 men under arms while Western European nations have little in the way of arms lo protect themselves. He added: "In this shrunken world in which we now live, we cannot afford to permit our friends to remain so weak that Ihey will Invite aggression and be picked off one by one like pigeons In a shooting gallery." This weakness, he said, "invites aggression and aggression, if allowed to continue, inevitably brings war in its wake." Negro Woman, Apparent Hit-Run Victim, Dies Mary Lee Parker, Negro of near Burdelte, who was found about 10 o'clock Saturday night on U. S. Highway 61 near the swimming pool In Osceoln. died at Walls Hospital yesterday at 5:10. She had a head Injury and was unconscious when discovered by a motorist who notified Night Marshal J. a. Osceola. Mississippi County Sheriff William Berryman. whose office is Investigating the case, sairt the woman apparently had been hit by a vehicle. Two Bays Suffer Fatal Injuries Near Trumann Inadvertently Omitted Words Cause Tangle in Figuring Refunds by NLSI JONXSBORO, Sept. .. ..., boys were killed this morning near Trumann, one when he fell from a tree, the other when he *u struck by a bus. The six-year old son of Roy Richardson died before reaciiinj a doctors office after tallins from a tree at his home six miles *-fss of Trumann. Harold Wayne Robinson, H, sou of Mr. and Mrs. Sid H of Clarksville. died a fe-r rnin'siis after reaching a doctor's oifi;*.. Hi was struck by a bus oae ™n« nonij ^ erf Harrlsbvirg Comer, eirhi EiSss south of Trumann. J Two words inadvertantly omitted^ from a news Item on Ol life in- surant dividends in Saturday's edition of the Courier Newr may have left some veterans In this area wondering why their anticipated refund was rather small. The portion of the dividend computation formula omitted called for multiplying (he number of months a policy has been held by the amount of insurance carried I n thousands of dollars. This results In a factor that could increase by as high as ten times the amount obtained from using the formula as" Is was published. After multiplying these two figures, the next Is to multiply Ihls product "iv the dividend rate. Fv>r veterans who took out their policies when their ages were 40 or less, this dividend rate Is 55 cents. Here are the dividend rales (or veterans whose age was more than 40 when they took out their National Service Life Insurance policies: \Ee 41. 42 cents: 42. 49 cents: 43, 46 cents; 44. 43 cents: 45. 10 cents: 46. 37 cents; 41. 34 cen's: 48. 31 cents; «. 38 cents: 50, 25 cents: 51. 24 cents; 52. 23 cents; 53. 22 cent.-. 54. 21 cems; 55 or more. 30 cents. At\d here is the WHY the (cnuula works: Suppose a veteran, held his N'SI-I policy for 43 months <s$ of the month In 194S that corresponds lo Ihe month in the year h? took out the r»::cy: in this case, for instance, from policy csle of Jan. 1, I9M. to Jin. 1. JStS>. Call this figure "A." Take the * mount of tasur.i.ioe In thousands of dollars. If the policy is ior S10.CO3. tiie 10: (or S50CO. use Assume ihst the veteran !s SO j In ihis ess* the dividend rate , -rcrald be 55 rents (55>. CiU this iCoir mul:ip!y A tim-5 B times C. In st.e sbjve ">his j fK^-i Tx 4-5 dn:*s 10 times .5 i <**«, Kjf tnxxu'.: o! ihe divide i Body of Oseeolo Negro is Found On Frisco Trock Jesse Williams, 25 year old Negro tenant of the Tal Tongate farm in south Mississippi County, was decapitated, apparently by a train, either Saturday night or early Sunday. His body was discovered In the vicinity of the Negro school, immediately north of Osceola, by Louisiana Williams (no relation to Jesse), Negro who lives near where the body was found. Willlama notified Night Marshal J. G. Pendergrasl, who with Deputy Sheriff Cliff Cannon and Deputy Constable Charles Cannon, made the investigation. The death of Williams, who leaves a wife and three children, was the second of its kind within about 24 hours in the Osceola area. Avellno Oliva, ^fexican farm laborer, was found dead Saturday morning about 6:30. He, too, apparently had been struck by a train. Frisco Railroad officials and the Mississippi County Sheriff's office are Investigating both deaths. Livestock Obituaries sent word to reporters that he would have no statement of any kind today. Presidential Board Rejects Union Demand WASHINGTON, A presidential em day rejected a nnxa o railroads assign on Diesel Saying there Is tra fireman on anr iypt o! locomotive DO— in turned down ih* the Brotherbcod Firemen and The beard demands for: 1. A fireman o and 2. Equalisation men on oil bumlnE comotivfs iriih PET burning and rMts»2 Recently the denied a plea oi th* .i>ocomotive Enzinesr* Engineer on dlesels- Coal Mines Deserted MUSKOGEE, OtU_ —Dave Fowler, United ers dlstricl president. -s.ia Vjin E2 coal miners in his Ark2nis.E-Orii- hoina area were out. He estimated that 6X>'i tr-;t>Ti were out—evenly divided b»-.v«3 Oklahoma and Arkansas mir,»'*. Fowler said "we're no: :<£.-rjr them to go out: it's a TC action." Mrs. C. D. Kinney Dies In Hospital in Memphis Sirs- Jodv Kin- -f <f C- D. Kir^-y. were f-i J.; 4 px3. tc-iiy a i the base y morn- u li* GLr^»T-?_sjn«y Hospl- vfcere she hid been i ;u-as^7 Jar th; p=it three veefcs. ffiis iiii been ^ ts^ saTerai rr-cnths, and •s£ i=. fcis T-iiniiT all fc;r life. s -"V-Sg of the llethodist =Lsr i^i:b£r.d is asscciated •d P-rc~^re Cocn- NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, I!l., Sept. 19. (JPl— (USDA>—Hogs 13.000: weights 180 Ibs up 50 cents to 1.00 lower than Friday's average; later deals mostly at full decline: lighter weights and sows 50 to 75 lower: bulk good and choice 200250 Ibs 20.50-21.00; top 21.00; later deals around 20.50; few down to 20.25; odd lots 260-300 Ibs 19.0020jfl: most 180-190 Ibs 19.75-2050: 140-110 Ibs 1825-20.00-. odd lots 100130 !b pigs 15.25-17.75: good sows 400 Ibs down n.50-19.00; over 400 Ibs 15.00-17.50; most slags 12.0014.50. Cattle 9500; calves 2500; little done early; vealers 2.00 lower: medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 20.00-27.00; common and medium cows 14.00-15.00; cnn- i ners and cutters largely 11.00-13.75; ! medium and good bulls 16.W-18.25; cutter and common bulls 14.0015.50: good and choice vealers 25.0030.00; common and medium 1700: 24.00. F. E. H'Ci- . ,..._ „. Tritr. ici^ arrived >l!!Ti i^TsrEl CiTi Z.rO TO DC with rjir jriicits', cxr: *£- -s-Jl be unable -.: t— KZ£ ssrn:*«. s>-= =ai stricien SrT^-iL^-iis yesterday K.~Lj?i io have the oper- jie Mrs. Kin- KT'J i^raiTri. '.—•} MHI. M. H. Kin:•* TjiEr. s-d ?,'_b>J7 U. Butler i-j-fee-rtEs: i-x,-.hf- daughter, li. O. Ifet--in of Tyler; two =£.-£- A. C.!}- and H. T. I<£-J:CT. ~Lt~-ih of Sly^cc-nUe, and two ESlSTi. Un. MrrUe Crawford of Lr^'i^-V. C&L- tr.d Mrs. Lula Baker c^ 3r7"ir_£Tiil*. 3-irisi *-£s in Memorial Park Csr:£i£r7. *r.d th=- Holt Funeral Hcni-* -E-2-s in charge cf arrange- SKY LINE DRIVE-IN THEATER SKY I DRIVE-IN THEATER MONDAY IS "BUCK NIGHT" FOR ALL KAISER-FRAZER OWNERS All Kaiser-Fraier Owners Admitted for Just SI Sunday and Monday Night Feature "A DATE WITH JUDY" Wallace Beery Elizabeth Taylor Carmen Miranda 2 Miles North of Blytheville — Regular Admission SOc Box Office Opens ot 6:30 — Show Starts at 7:00 da> »nd .Sonda?: < thowinl rrom 1:00 New Opening Time Boxoffier Opens 6;,10 p.m. Show Starts 6:45 p.m. —ALSO— CONRAD XACJKI. in "THE VICIOUS CIRCLE NEWS • CARTOON Tuesday, I Day Only Family Thrill Nile Adults I5c: Children I»e ", ft tmM ' « W«ITH WMPW "Th« 1 ROOSEmi Story" "•^wu —ALSO— "Callinr on Michlian" •"Whitney Had a N J Miles North ol Blytheville Bo\ Olfice Opens al 6:34 Show Starts 7:00 I.asl Time Tonight "A DATE WITH JUDY' with Jane Powell, Wallace Beery, Elizabeth Taylor and Carmen Miranda Added Attractions Tuesday Wednesday 'TARZAN AND THE MERMAIDS" with Johnny AVeissmullfr Brenrta Joyce • nd Linda Christian Added Attractions YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Box Office Opens at 6:45 p.m. Week Nights Show Starts at 7:1* .Matinee Saturday & Sunday I 1 p.m. with cvntinwms ah*winft • I^sl Time Today F»nlet(e fiodd.rd 'ANNA LUC AST A" with Rroderictc Crawford News A Comedy Tuesday MURK'S BARGAIN NITF. All Seatl 15c "Mother Wore Tights" Bttljr Grabk. Dan Dailey Als« Shorts EXPOSITION Continued From Pag* On* herds in which "black-leg" ba« been found have been cancelled nd fair officials stressed that no diseased animals have been permitted lo enter. The Main Exhibit Building this year is being devoted to commercial exhibits since all other types are being set up In the Women's Exhibit Building. A display of new automobiles, representing all the dealers In Blytheville. Is to be set up In the center of this building. Booths for displaying everything from appliances to zippers are being erected along the ivalls. In tents nearby, farm Implements, tractors tires and other automotive and farm equipment will be displayed. Another tent has been erected to house the poultry exhibit. Warmer Weather Seen The U. S. Weater Bureau in Little Rock predicted this morning that partly cloudy and warmer weather would prevail for the fair opening tomorrow. Added to the fair this year is the National Crochet Contest—in which a division for "men of all ages" has been set up. Gate prices this year will be 20 cents for children and 30 cents tar idult*. frtt parklnj will be available on a &U and ooe-half acre plot north ot Missouri Street and ju»t west ot the fairgrounds As they did last year, fair ofJielala are keeping vehicular traffic laside Walker park to a minimum. First on the grandstand entertainment scheduled will be Luck IxiU aim iiis car-smashing Hell ---•"-"«w»i w U113 &no at « p. m . tomorrow Wednesday u expected tobe^? S age shows made up of varied »Ju will be presented in front <x Tut grandstand on the remaining ni Admission to the grandstand these nights will be SO cent „. « • .T..I u^ WV V^Ul*. The fair will c i ose lt g — - —— NEW Box Opens Week Days 7:UO p.m. Matinee Saturday & Sundays Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Showing Manila, Ark. Shows EVERY MIGHT Last Time Today "IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING' with Ray Milland and Jean Peters Also ShorU Tuesday "SEARCH FOR DANGER' with John Calvert Also Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Sunday & Monday a Kid... BUT HE'S WANTED OH 62 CHARGES; ^^ BADBOY A fAUl SHO»r Produ UOYD Ji N *- NOLAN • WYATT J*MI< iI»Nl[Y GLEASON -CLEMENTS < "*'™* rzriTkt \M ««n^ no k VICKERS AUM MURPHY! •n KLMK- UmilM- ri«*t«<>i mt mn.t>iiM»i mt vMM .l n *> »»»*rt 0 l.i r^- IM.M. ^ 5, .,„ h , „ IW1». •;*•. r 3 **rr-i .-I F* rf is,, Warner News A Short Tuesday BERGMAN AVKTM FLEMIIK PMOUCTION uu» ir TEcniKOtoii • fat o» mouj««n WALTER WAKE* • «TO« FUMING *~«4 (7 MM KIXW,« . ^«« >, •« I ^, ^CT^M Matinee Admi<ni*ii 5*r- A 75c Nirht Me * $1.J5 WHEN You Go To THE HOSPITAL O WHO WILL PAY THE BILLS I Our new comprehensive policy covers hospital confine, ment resulting from either accident or sickness, in recognized hospitals anywhere in trie United States or Canada . . . ancf can be written to cover YOU and YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY. Hospitalization is an expensive experience—you owe it to yourself to investigate our HOSPITAL PREPAREDNESS PLAN . . . find out how much it does and how little it costs! Our Insurance Department now offers one of Ihe must complete policies written todav, at a moderate cost. Farmers Bank & Trust Co. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT Phone 312] DEFOLIATE .. by AIRPLANE Perfect coverage. Defoliant available at competitive prices. SCRAPE AGRICULTURAL SERVICE 2 Miles South of BlytheriJIe Phone 4388 Huffman's Prediction's Come In and See Our Entertainer She Reads Your Past, Present one 1 i!1 Future Come in and ask for a FREE READING. ... Sept. 26 through 29th. EAGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL Second & Walnut OUR NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER 4427 Nunn Provision Co. SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work tor gins, a | fa | fa m j,, Si oj( mj|fe Cusloll hheanng up lo 1/4 incn thickness m±^* mmons T '" Ship IF YOU LIKE THE BEST

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