The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1946
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1940 BI.YTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB Russian Writer Raps U.S. Papers Misrepresentation Of Soviets Claimed In Magazine Article NEW YORK. J,ily •><). (UP) — llva EnrenlMiirg, Soviet writer, to- lay slim-ply attacked the American press lor aliened misrepresentation »lfc Russia and asserted that at. no i ^TiHt do Amerk'-.m ami Soviet, interests clash. Writing in Colliers, Ehienhourg amended that much Inrorinalion ippeurliiK in the American press ibout Russia was raise or distorted, "id led to tension hi American "id Soviet relations. "Nowhere do our interests clash *Itli those of the Americans — neither on the map O f the world :ior in our hearts," j,e said. "Air.er_ <!» is a bit; country and Russia s not very small. We can live i'.i Peace and we must live in pi-ace. We do not want to force our ideas 5r tastes on others. I think thai •vc can ICiirn a tjreat deal from lhc Americans and the Americans :an learn a great, deal from »s." Kiircnbouij,', now in Paris, lias just concluded a two and a ii^'l • month visit to the United Stales Pretty Stenog Irks Fat Woman Attending War Profits Inquiry mdcr the sponsorship 0 [ the Slate ''Department. He charged thai the American iress was preoccupied hy the "iroii urtain" which was alleged to hide Russia and the soviet Zone in Ku- ope from the rest of the world. "Actually," he .said, "Russia is licidcn from Americans I ) a smokc- ccen of lies and this screen is the :reation of many American news- copers. The wind will disperse >i iinokescrccn. What will disperse u icrccn of lies?" Euvcnboiu'g blamed diplomats as •veil as newspapers for clashes between Russia and the United State:;. "Why must we ciuarrel?" lie isked. "Diplomats love to lalk al i round table. II is llicir lavorltc )icce of rumilurc. Let us say •rnnfcly lhat the round table of Ihi Jf/Mornals has too maiiy sharp cor- "Hut the people are not diplomats and the people can truly sil cgcthcr at a round table and otn 1 .wo peoples can sit next lo each ilhor; they have much to unite ] hem and nothing to divide them I except lies and slanders." By FKKDERICK V. OTI'.MAN United rrcss Stiff C'orrrsixmitfllt WASHINGTON, July 20. (UPI — A fnt huly on the sidelines snifilecl audibly when Mrs. Eleanor H. Hall, a genuinely beautiful brunc'.te | stenographer in a baby bonnet of white straw, told the Mead Committee she considered her employers crooked. Mrs. Hnll, who wore a dress which indicated her knees acre beautiful, loo, added thai these employers were Ihe Garsson munitions lobbyists. "No, no, no," the fat lady mul- ,ercd. She dabbled at her nose with ler handkerchief. Nobody noticed her. The pretty stenog told of wrapping silver vanity sets as presents for the wives 1 of Army generals and cigaretio cases for the s|»ouse.s or ofticcrj lower In the ranks. She told about parties and whisky by lh c case and how Ihe men for whom she worked put mysterious *1OOU bi Into mysterious envelopes with mysleiiou.'i indications they were (or Hop. Andrew J. May of Ky. The fat lady continued to dabble. She continued to inutlcr. "And Ihis Louie C. Sarclas," Mrs. Hall testified, "tills office manager who said 1 was emotionally 'upset, wns correct. I was emo- 19IU. oiler for sale a I public. iuie- llon. lo 11 ii> hlBlu'st bidder, uixm a credit of three (31 months, t'.io fullowliiK lands beloiujliu; lo the said Kslale. lo-wlt: l.ot Twenty-two (I, 32), in Block Two (U 2), of tlie Westcnil Subdivision lo the City <>f Hlylhcvllle, Arkansas. .Said sale is made for the purpose NUTICK <>r (iltANTIN'<: OF l.IQlKm I'KKMIT Notice Is hereby nlven that the J am | purchaser of such sale will l>» Commlssionei- of Hevemies of the; required In give note, with approved State of Avkunsas lias isswd a jiur- seem It v. tor the pun-huso price. nil. No. 202 to Elmer Hall lo sell ' ind dispense vinous or spli'iluous l<|tiors for bcveraye al retail on .he premises described as Norlh Main Street, l.uxora. This permit. issued on the 1st day of July, siild (>ktal« are hereby nntllled In clllliny Administrator, properly i'.«- tlientlenled. wUliln six (Ui inumlis ' " 11 ' "' Uu ' "' sl U "'' !1 " tlie debts of said e.slale. The address of lhc itiuk-rslKiicd and expires on the HO day of June, 1947. Elmer Hall Pcfinittee. 1113-20 "I puyiiiB the debls of said estate. Ancillary Administrator Is I'li'sl Nu- lonal Bank, lilythcvllle. Arkansas. This Ihe ISth day of July. till'!. HKHMAN OAIU/TON Aiu-llliu-y Ailmtnlslriilur uf the lislale uf Hay A. lleiin. Dm'iis-.vl. 7|30-a7-B,3 Dated Ibis the 10th day of July. 1918. Kosle U-e l.lttlejohn, Adinlntstralrlx. 1113-20-37 \World War I \Buddy Offers His Eyesight DETROIT, July 20. (UP)"— Jir | I'odcl, who .saw his buddies blinded n the Argonne Forest during World |A'ar I. nanls to give his eyes to veteran of World War II who | net tlie same fate. The 63-year-old former hospital | irderly is going to die anyway— •nvnvbe tomorrow, maybe in three vAntlis—no longer than five years ! .or sure, the doc says." He is sllt- | erillE from a fata! malady. I Todcl went lo see Col. Walter E. i :;ole, head of Ihe Michigan Army | I Secrniting District, and asked him ; I'could you please find a CU who | 1 leeris my eyes more than I do?" "If I could help some poor fellow | i-ho has Bone over for us during 1 he war. I'd like him lo have my | 'yes." he said. "I'm too old. I ricd to enlist in Ihis war and I nanagcd to get in the Merchant | vlarincs. "I made one trip to England, but I vhcn I came back thc x brigadier ;eneral sent for me. asked my ige and told me I was loo old. 3ut that doesn't mean I haven't ] ;ot darn good eyes." Tortd says he stays at homo I i-hilc his wife. Jennie, GG with | I'hom he came here from Bowling jiecn, Ky.. in 1029, works in a aundry. "1 do the cooking and cleaning met Ihe washing at home," n? 3\f- "I take walks, and I RO lo h* ctocery store lo .shop. But I cflild do that without my eyes. All i'd need would be a eaiic." Cole thanked T'xid and said he I could post notices of his otter lor ivery veteran in Michigan lo read ] -or have read to him. "You really want to clo Oils' ,e asked, as Todcl prepared to I cave. "I'd be tickled to death, Codd replied. ltonally upset. You can't help being emotionally upset when you work for a bunch of crooks." "Why you..." began Ihe 'tit icly. The cops shushed her. Mrs. Hall added that Sarelas, ho identified himself as a scnsi- ive soul and a barilcme, also was n amateur photographer, she said re took photos of the generals '^ he parties given by the Messrs. Jenny Fields, Ihe ex-convict turned obbylst, and Joseph Freeman, 'he •apital representative of the 1(i nunitions corporations of the Uar- sson brolhers, Murray and Henry "Hmpf." the fat lady said. "And thul wasn't oil." Mrs. Hall old Ihe fascinated senators. "Tins Mr. Sarclas confessed to me le had forged my name to the back of my paycheck. He stil owes me $40." The fat lady's face turned red She sobbed. She blew her nose I'he photographers snapped her doing same. She sal (here until Sen. Mead complimented Mrs. Hall upon doing her patriotic duty oy testifying frankly. Oh. oh," Ihe fat lady cried. "Why you hyphenated" hyphen- hyphen, you." She went after Mrs. Hall with her reticule. "Ladles, ladies," cried Sen. Mead. Mrs. Hah ducked. Two cops pushed the fal lady into the wall, but they couldn't, quiet her. she said she was Vcnetia Doukcs, the sensitive soul's sister, and she was sensitive, too. "Out you go." the bigcest cop said, giving her another push. Out she went, while flash bulbs bounced on the marble floors and Mrs. Hall fixed the bonnet which somehow KOl pushed over her eye. The co]>> lushed Mrs. Doukes to the elevators, Sen. Mead blinked, and dignity returned belatedly to the Senate of the U. S. A. WAUNINXi OKDKIt Tlicta Johnson Vail is hereby wai'ned to appear in the Chancery Court for Ihe Chickasawb'.i District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer Hie complaint Hied against her therein by Robert Adolplins Vail, and upon her failure so to do. said complaint will be taken i\s confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of said court this 12th day of July, I'.llti. HARVEY MOR11IH Clerk. Reid. Evrard .V Roy Attys. for PUT. Oscar Fendler, Ally, ad Litein. 7[ia-20-27-«i3 IN Till: rilOHATK COUUT I'OK Till; <'IIICKAS\W!A DISTHH'l (>]•' MISSISSHT'I COUNTY, Alt KANSAS. Ill the Matter nf llu- Kstatc uf Itoy A. Kfan. lld'casnl. NOTICU TO (ttrniTons Notice Is hereby nlven (hat the undersigned was on this day up pointed Ancllliury Administrator o the Estate of Hoy A. llcan. Deceased All persons having claims iignl Boys Wanted \:i Yvnrs uml ui) In OuUly ill Itlyllievillo Country Chili I'loiisimt Work—(loort I'uy Sl't! WENDELL EATON Clul) Professional lllvflicville Country Club IN THE NtOHATi-: COUKT FOR Till: ClIICKASAWHA IHSTIUCT OF MlSSISSlPl'l COUNTY, \K- KANSAS. In the Miiltrr of the Instate of An- dcrsnn Bulliils. Deceased, No. I GO 1 ! Kosic tec l.illlujolm, Administra- trix. NOTICE Notice Is hereby t-lven that the undersigned, as Administratrix o] the Estate of Anderson Bullins, Deceased, will on the 30lh day of July Phone 2882 for A Taxi O. K. CAB Jack M;irsh, Owner Need 24-hr. Service I TAXI!! Coll Bonded and Insured Bill Wundcrlich 968 Form Lands For Sale! Locations in Northeast Arkansas ',\nn Southeast Missouri. All sizes Tracts—<!() acres up. On Good Ilroatls. School lius and mall route. Power line. Good buildings. C. E. GOLLADAY Kanclio Hotel Hnyti, Mo. Phone 931 for better TAXI SERVICE , Fur lonp trips—!i or more to | Memphis or l.Ullc Hock, near | train fure for round trip. LOCAL CALL . . . Twin Gables. . . 35c Midnight Inn . 50c Golf Club 50c Manila $4.00 Osceola . . $4.00 Other places In comparison. J. R. Payne, manager Lake anil Main F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP A $ 64 Question! Question: How much will it cost me to learn to fly? Answer: Yes, indeed, that is a $64 question but the answer is—$64. For a short time we arc offering you u guaranteed solo course for only $64. Enroll now and enjoy the thrill of flying a Piper Cub all by yourself. Passenger Rides $2.00 Has .lust Installed LARGE MUTAK LATHE MKTAT, SHAPER AND KMpi.ovKit Well Known l.wiil [Machinist Willi Years of Kx|ieriiiiH'i! WE ARE NOW EQUIPPED TO DO ANY Si7 JOB ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Is Our Sl'KCIAl/1'Y ALL WORK IS GUARANTEED Plume 21!)2 N. Second HOOD FLYING SERVICE STEWART FIELD Diiil 2717 Hitfhwuy IS Kusl Owned ami OLtcnilcil by (relic lioucl and IM. Slcivart Roth rock DRUGS Phone 451 Read Courier News Want Ads Baby Chicks, All Summer Heavy breeds, 3 to 30 days old. rices reasonable. Good supply feeds nd poultry supplies. North 4th al Elevator Feed Store. Refrigerator Service Fred l,awler ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., inc. J IV. Admas Mgr. I 'hone ZOU 206-08 W. Mil MIL LIONS TO LOAN I*? Farm Loans |"G.I." City Loan F.H.A. Loans Also: Conventional Loan. 5-7 & 10 Years on Good Residence and U u s i n e s s I Property. W. M. BURNS REAL ESTATE and | INSURANCE COMPANY I'HONE- 33G1 We Kill Your Pests furnish labor, material and ijuipmcnt. Cost is nominal—Call ir free estimate. With DDT Eliminate Flics, Mosquitoes, loaches, Water bugs, Moths nd other insects. DEAL'S Paint & Wallpaper Store 07 S. 1st St. Phnne 463 Blytheville's Newest Litjiior Store invites and your own you to visit Used Ice Refrigerators -50-75-100 Good Used Singer Sewing Machine—KCWH like new NKW CEDAR CH10STS—New Perfect Sleeper Innerspring Mattresses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Main Phone 2302 All onr Employers are War Veteran*. CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! Kor n <|uick sale see me. I have buyers for homes. Lint your projrerty wilh me. My commission is 5%. I have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 Ho. Second rhones f46 or 20J» We can'L eimnmtce your (hul- i]]jj ALL your favonle litiuoi^ here, bill we do IIEIVO 5orne of Ihcin, and we're here to serve S'our needs. When it's Good Liquor You Want TRY JOHNS Liquor Store Across From Ritz Theater SPECIAL 10*38 6 Ply Tractor Tires Reg. Price $75.78 (LOSE OUT $ 60 Attention Farmers! Don't be caught short this Fall and Winter. No one can forecast the coal situation. Buy yours now from Planters Oil Company and save time and money. Play safe!!! PLANTERS OIL COMPANY No Waiting! No Delay! \ In Arkansas - Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOANS On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY ANDREW J. FLORIDA, Vice-President PHONE 210 Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas RADIOS REPAIRED AUTO or HOME SETS. ANY MAKE-ANY MODEL We I'ivk-up unil Deliver J. H. Flowers, Mgr., Radio Department LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. NOW OPEN! Hb'llievillc's Only Exclusive Used Car Dealer WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS AND TRUCKS TOP PRICES PAID See Us Before You Sell! If You Want a Keller Car, We Can Deal! Sec Us Today Bud Wilson Auto Sales Phone 2037 Franklin and Main Sts. MANILA, ARK. PHONE 65 WASH TUBRS KMCHERTf! AN 1 , )»<GlE! Vflu PROMISED ME ON YOUR WORD OF HONOR NOT TO COWE HERE AN' WP.KE A SCENE '. HOW WHERE'P WD&fTTHMM? / HE'S FA'MTtD OTDNT YOU TftL H!»A WE GIVE HIS ROOK\ TO THEWv TEACHERS 7, HELLO, OPERATOR.' GIWWE WPOUCE QUICK* OH.THWE you AR;. CMfTAFEUEKSt-EEP WTHOUT TRIED TO MUROER USIHOUR BIOS! EXPLAIN TO TH6W.— GIVE THE M.ARM.' BOSVJELV_'SGE.TtU"iG

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