The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1968 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1968
Page 12
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i ttotvt — Blythevffle (Ark.) Courier News — Tuesday, January I, flff Raggie Culiom and Debbie icourse was served with Macks Nelson returned to Ole Miss ear |jer in the evening. Tuesday after spending the hoi- days with their parents, Mr. Abigail Van Boreo — «— His Bride Wears Mayonnaise in Bed DEAR ABBY: I have been married for exactly one month. The other night 1 discovered thai my wife uses MAYONNAISE on her hair before she goes to bed. She has (he preposterous idea that it makes her hair grow faster. She claims that lots of women use it. 1 have never heard of this before, have you? I would like lo find out if what she says is true, as I don't care lo smell mayonnaise all night. NEW HUSBAND DEAR NEW: I am informed by my hair • raising experts that mayonnaise contains o protein property which is beneficial to the hair. But there are hair conditioners on the market ,, which are more effective, and smell better. Tell your wife that when you go to bed with a tomato you prefer to do without the mayonnaise. DEAR ABBY: When my mother-in-law baby sits with my children, I always find later that she has done some "house - cleaning." Scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaning out cupboards and closets, or something of ti;at nature. The problem is, my husband and I take different views on how I should react to this. Regardless of how good her intentions may be, I am irritated and resentful because I think she is trying to tell me that I am not a very good housekeeper. Abby, I I may not be the world's greatest, but believe me, I am clean and neat, and nobody has lo help me. Now, whenever I know (hat she is coming to baby sit, I feel compelled to clean extensively before she arrives. And even then, she always finds some "work" lo do. My husband says that I am wrong — that anyone else would be delighted lo have such a mother-in-law. I know I can't change her, but I would like your point of view. IRRITATED DEAR IRRITATED: It is bad manners to "h o u s e clean" another's home under these ' circumstances. You may not be able to "change" his mother, but either you, or your husband could ask her to change her ways in this regard. WILSON NEWS •••••••••••• •••• MRS. W, A. HOGAN, Jr. and Mrs. Jerry Cullom and Mr. and Mrs. R, H. Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cullom mtertained their bridge club asl Saturday night. Playing as special guest was Mrs. Cul- om's mother, Mrs. S. A. Regenold of Kennett, Mo. Winners at bridge were Mrs. 0. E. Sadler and Mr. Cullom. Mr. and Mrs. BIythe Clark, Mr, and Mrs. Horace Moore, Mrs. Nancy Trimue and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Moore celebrated New Year's Eve at the River- During games a dessert |mont Club in Memphis. BootLei I DEAR ABBY: My heart went out to that mother who wrote to say that her husband's constant criticism of their two small boys at the dinner table upset them so terribly they could scarcely eat, and often left the table in tears. My husband was a fine man in many ways, but he too Insisted upon making the dinner hour the time for criticizing our son. Today, at the age of 20, our son is suffering from stomach ulcers — probably from long years of bickering at the dinner table. He is a fine young man, and he and his Dad really love each other. I realize that my husband was only trying to teach the boy, but how much better it would have been had he chosen another time. I hope that mother can persuade her husband to keep meal time a pleasant, relaxing occasion, and to save his criticism for later. EARNED TOO LATE — oy max iturm — A new, effective inoculation icine. o prevent measles is available | "The federal government is n the Bootheel and parents with young children are being ! urged to see that their children receive its protection. Dub Pate, health educator of Ihe Pemiscot County Health Center, said the center is pro- iding the vaccine for indigent & World Report, say about it: aged nine months to children 6 years. A recent edition of U. S. News had this to backing a major effort to get an inoculation program going at the local level throughout the United Stales. The 'measles season' January through May, is close at hand. Health authorities point out that measles is often a severe disease, leading to bronchopneumonia, middle- ear infection and encephalitis." Pate said he knew of no mass Astrological k Forecast * By CARROLL RIGHTED •o tfttmlM you loncut, not* piracriph oppoilt« dates which Inclutft your birth dmte. WEDNESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: Discussing business or personal interests at pleasant and in- eresting places can bring to ight the right answer to some foced problem you have with another person who will be a MCNMfht fjMKIt* IM. but think before you speak. Say nothing that you may regret or have to retract later. Do not take any risks in driving, walking, etc., especially in P.M. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You are able now to get support confidentially from bigwig, especially where property is partner or an opponent in the Jconcerned, but you have to be future, depending upon how you j very practical. Make your bud- currently handle this present;get more workable for the days ahead. Economize where pleas- this situation that requires tact, gen- leness. ARIES (Mar. 21 lo Apr. 19) Be sure to carry through with any promise you have made in- ure costs too much. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Don't be so'forceful where your ideas are concerned, since you stead of trying to wiggle out of could get into some trouble with t. Taking time to get health' them. Listen to what good pals and home improved can bring have to suggest instead. Get ine benefits. Be careful of your ! 0 ut socially in P.M. and find diet if you are overweight or 'greater happiness. underweight. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) JDec. 21) You have to be confi- A regular contact is very opin- dent and practical in handling onated so be sure to entertain,,'business matters, so c o n t a c t show affection for proper re-j higher-ups and get things done suits. Showing finest talents tonight. Talk over ideas with persons who can help you to ! those who are expert in your in the Bootheel suggesting It took 40 years to wipe out : that Parents who are not in: diphlheria and whooping coughl d 'g enls talk lo their own through inoculations, eight « ans ab °ut it- years of shots to eliminate polio as a threat. But Public Health authorities are hopeful that measles will be eliminated as a health threat by 1969, four years after perfection of a vac- Early Car Wash CONFIDENTIAL TO "PATRIOTIC IN NORFOLK You were more IDIOTIC than PATRIOTIC. I h o p e you got his name, rank, and serial number. Problems? Write lo Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self - addressed envelope. For Abby's new booklet "What Teen-Agers Want To Know," send $1.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. measles incoulation programs | advance is wise. They are in a | field. Theri you make big head- •• • •• ' jne mood right now. way. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) J CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. Finding better method for im- 20) Find a better way to gain proving harmony at home is those aims that mean so much advisable; show that you are to you and show that you are truly interested in their wel- determined to get ahead It is believed that commercial fare- Stop being so wrapped up GROW. Get into some educa- car washing began in Portland, p n yourself. This could have tional outlet that can make you Ore., in 1912. The automobile been tlle trouble in the past, i a more interesting and produc- MOON CHILDREN (June 22;tive person. to July 21) Look ror some form i AQUARIUS (Jan. 2i to Feb. of enlightenment in some area 19) Imperative you give home now, and steer clear of a battle and family more attention than between a good pal and one you had anticipated if you want who admires you. Change your; everything there to be ideal, ways with mate. Stop trying to others- may try to take your find a way out because of some .'time with the unimportant. Do EASTER BONNET? No, it's a decorator crab that hat camouflaged itself by decorating its body with tube worms. Crab lives at Miami's Seaauarium. PROPOSED BUDGET OF EXPENDITURES TOGETHER WITH TAX LEVY FOR FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, 1969 TO AND INCLUDING JUNE 30, 1970 The Board of Directors of BIytheville School Dislrict No. of Mississippi County, Arkan- follows: 22>/4 mills is for the operation of the school; 22% mills is a continuing tax previously voted for bonds now outstanding; and 7 mills will be a continuing building fund tax^for a proposed bond issue of approximately $843,000, which will run approximately 20 years, to: sas, in compliance with the j issued for the purpose of cpn< Constitution and laws of >the structing and equipping he\y Slate of Arkansas, has prepared, approved and hereby makes lublic Hie proposed budget if ixpenditures together with Ihe ax rale as follows: school buildings and making additions and improvements" to existing school facilities, and said building fund tax will con' slilute a conlinuing annual ^ Teachers Salaries .... $1,514,884 i until Ihe principal and interest laundry was housed in a 60x40- foot building. Covered wilh mud and dirt, an automobile was driven in one end of the building and would emerge, 15 minutes later, from the olher end with its brass burnished and enamel charge. shining, for a $1.50 "Flower Animals" Seat anemones are delicate 'flower animals" but they are extremely dangerous when approached too closely. Their hollow tentacles each have a poi- leneral Control nstructional Cost (Operating Fund) .. Transportation —... Operation of Plant .... Maintenance of Plant Fixed Charges Other (Operating) 90,405 i of the proposed bonds are paid | in full. Surplus revenue from the 104,386 building millage may be used 30,370 for other school purposes. . ; 150,000 i GIVEN this 5th day of Jan' • 74,970 .. 61,188 uary, 1968. BOARD OF DIRECTORS OP BLYTHEVILLE SCHOOL DIS Capital Outlay - .892,612 TRICT NO. 5 OF MISSISSIPPI outside temptation. Be true. LEO (J u 1 y 22 to A u g. 21) not permit this. Debt Service 244,429 To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures I the Board of Directors proposes PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) a tax levy of 52 mils, divided-as Await a better day for recrea- Listen to what good allies have j ~ tion that could prove to be quite'to suggest for your progress people who will be very det- expensive right now. Make im- and you get rid of problemati-ermined about anything that he, provements of a charming na- cal affairs that are bothersome, or she, wants to do so be sure ture to any real estate you own. Find the finest modus operand! to use gentle form of dispelling Enjoy your home in P.M. Do'possible. Stop being so unsure'natural - bprn anger and then some cultural reading. of yourself. iyou get good results with your , . ... , . . .: _„ _ ° w * jvuiov*". ivuu ueu KUUU icbuab willi yuui sonous barb win which they VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN proglny. You, yourself must be pierce and paralyze their vic-jCallirig some meeting that is TODAY ... he, or she, will be j the inspiration in this interest- f; .vital to your progress is fine|one of those fascinating youngling life. Law is best here. COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Wm. H. Wyatt, President Dell S. Briggs, Secretary •1-9 THE EXTRA TAKES EXTRA CARE OF YOU EWE TAKE GffW£ AND SAVf! Martin's January Clearance Sale Continues! And with many more days of cold weather ahea d, now is the time to select winter clothes for the entire family and save money while prices are slashed for clearance. MEN'S SUITS MEN'S By Curlee and - Botany 500 Sewell Reg. $85.00. Reg. 79.95 . Reg. 75.00 . Reg. 69.95 . Reg. 59.95 . Reg. 49.95 . Reg. 39.95 . Now $63.75 Now $59.95 Now $56.25 Now $52.50 Now $44.95 Now $37.50 Now $29.95 Sport Coats & ALL-WEATHER COATS Reg. 49.95 . Now $37.50 Reg. 45.00 Reg. 39.95 Reg. 35.00 Now $33.80 Now $29.95 Now $26.25 BOYS APPAREL REDUCED! ONE GROUP BOYS JACKETS AND SWEATERS f /2 Price ONE GROUP-25% OFF LARGE GROUP BOYS DRESS PANTS & Casual Pants f /2 Price OUR COMPLETE STOCK SIZES 8-20 BOYS SUITS V2 Price BOYS SPDRT SHIRTS CAPS AND GLOVES 25% OFF Reg. 29,95 . Now $2145 LADY MANHATTAN • Dresses •Skirts •Slacks ONE GROUP •Blouses PRICE MEN'S SWEATERS Sport Shirts Felt Hats OFF * * 25 MANY MORE ITEMS AT REDUCED PRICES! MARTIN'S The Store For Men and Boys Large Group Mens FELT HATS V2 Price

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