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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 25

The Timesi
Shreveport, Louisiana
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THE SHREVEPORT TIMES 25 Friday, June 10, 1949 fmi mini I i jinn i mjujnyw "iw Here's an Idea Too Good to Be Dropped papal knight. Pat was our labor arbiter for years. He has as many friends outside the labor field as he has in. When my manager, Dema Harsh-barger, toid me she has built a cabana beside her trailer at Treas KWKH KTBS KRMD KMT 11M KC CBS 719 KC NBC 1040 KC ABC 1530 KC RIBS 5.00 WATTS lkwD5kwN 250 WATTS 1.000 WATTS 4 By IIEDDA HOPPER FRIDAY MORNING Itebnrial Slated For Etex Officer Henderson, Texas, June 9 (Special) Heburlal services for Second Lieut. John A.

Hughe, who was killed in Hamburg, Germanv on April 7, lf45, will be held at the Crim chapel here at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. Burial will be In Lake-wood Memorial cemetery. Lieutenant Hughes was bom at Longbranch on Nov. 0.

1922. reviving are his Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes. Long branch: thrr-e brothers.

S. Hughes, Andrews; A. 1). Hughes, Tacoma, V'ash4 R. Hughes, San Diego.

Califs and three sisters. Mi's. t'. D. Osbome, Hawkins; Mrs.

J. B. Heeling. Htmts-ville, and Mrs. Sam Shambiln.

Dallas. V.V.- JO VF C- 5:00 lArk-La-Tex Jubilee Silent :15 lArk-La-Tex Jubilee Silent :30 IArk-La-Tex Jubilee Silent :45 lArk-La-Tex Jubilee Silent 6:00 IThe York Brother I 'Trading Post Start Day Rieht Farm Facts News Trading Post start Day lcht and ijohnny and Jack Call of the Cross Start Day Rieht Folk Tunes :45 Brothers Call of the Cross Start Day RiKht Scotty rang. 7:00 (New-Mfirandy VewiM. Wayne Martin Agronsky News Monroe's IHarmle Smith Musical Clock Rhythm Ranch Avem Mayhem :30 Uohnnv Bailes Musical Clock Music Tnr Friday Sports Premiere :43 IZ. ClemenU News Vews M.

Wayne Monroe Mayhem 8:00 (Morning News o'Clock Call Breakfast Club News Monroe's Williams Presents the Breakfast ub Avem, Mayhem :30 iBailes Brothers Brichtest Music Breakfast Club Monroes Avera :43 'News Concern. Vou in Shreveport Breakfast Club Mayhem 9:00 IMorning Hits 'red Waring Mv True Storv News Hymn .13 (Arthur Godfrey Story. Crocker Bar-B-R SOIArthur Godfrey load of Life Mag. of the Air Roundup :43 Arthur Godfrey Brighter Day Meditation Bar-B-R nflup "I V0O (Arthur Godfrey Dr. Paul Hen Party Pa I 1:15 (Arthur Godfrey Love and Learn Hen Party 10 Clock Tunes :30 'Grand Slam Jack Berch Ted Malone Against the :45 I Young Dr.

Malone Elisabeth Salassl alen Drake Jiiorm 1 .00 (Wendy Warren Cowboy Jam bo. Welcome Kate Smith I -13 Aunt Jenny Presents Your Travelers Kate Smith Sings I (Helen Trent Favorite Stars Mu. from Hwood Lanny Ross :43 (Our Gal Sunday and Requests Peggy Lee Heatter Hungary claims to have arrested. 100 Yugoslav-trained agents. FRIDAY AFTERNOON 1 -00 (News Clement News M.

Wavne iBaukhage. News Cedric Foster lySliljSSS jJSrtSSi Cowboy Jambo. Lullaby Rhythm Med Maxwell I Z. (World Wide New. with Ton Stars Reminis.

Rhythm The Haon.v Gang 43 iGuidintf Light and Requests News to Now Eddy Arnold HTMS? oR? QuelS Jof Bay gift SrTom lL. "ooiDavid Harum Life Beautiful Record Previews Bob Poole Show IS IHilltoo House Ma Perkins Dorothy Dix bod hpoie onow :30 Robert Lewis Pepper Young House ParU Bandstand i45 i Robert Q. Lewis Right to Happi. House Party Bandstand "rmlwisning-1 Well Beat Backstage Wife Kay Kyserls Col- News Camo- IS the -Clock Stella Dallas lege of Fun town Radio 30 Winner Take All Lorenzo Jones Ethel and Albert Camptown AS IsVddle Serenade Widder Brown Make a frote Rad' 'nnitixAMK Serenade Hellen Morton Modern News Tea and Warmie Smtth Portia Faces Life Romances Trumpets til "ffi riSove Contrasts in Mews Interlude Tea Trumpets 43 IGloSvie'? Boggle Music Disc Jockey Jr. 45ILO well Tfhomas The Westerners Johnny Lujack Tom Mix ure Island Park near Laguna Peach, I thought she was nuts When 1 weekended there, I re versed my opinion.

I am. She's really living. So are the 1.j0 couples in residence there. You couldn find a more beautiful spot the world. Overlooking the Pacific, the park boasts two private beaches.

It's like sleeping on the deck of an ocean liner. People there nave tne Jiappiest laces i ve seen anywhere. And why? No worry 1 talked with hankers, a newspaper publisher, doctors, a retired gen- feral, businessmen. Some have lived mere tor live eais, owiers just discovered how to live. A couple from Bel Air spend every weekend there.

At home they employ five gardeners, at Treasure Island they're their own gardeners. Flowers tumble over each other, and everyone does his own work. Unless you keep your plot tidy, you lose it. A businessman's wife from Chi cago, wno was told shed never walk again, is there. She doesn't walk she runs A couple from Boston want to sell their business and stay there permanently The place is near a golf course, the San Clemente Yacht club, and the new Laguna Tennis club.

It's owned by Jake Kuntz, a Pennsyl vania Dutchman, and George Hein helps run it. I'd made up my mind to see Polly Moran in "The Woman," but by I went to bed instead. It's only a few miles from Hollywood, but it's in another world free from trouble, bickering and worrv. Dorothy McGuire was sitting on the floor in a friend's home in Beverly Hills playing with a baby. A visitor arrived, but Dorothy continued to concentrate on the child.

When she left, the visitor said, "You certainly have a nice babysitter." "Yes," said the friend, "she can act, too. Her name's Dorothy McGuire. Kenso Cesanzo was sent to Stromboli as dialogue director on Ingrid Bergman's picture. The dialogue was all in Rosselini's head, so Renso was taken on as an actor. He plays the second male lead, which gives them one more person besides Bergman who speaks English.

But then all the dialogue's dubbed in after the picture's made anyway. "Quo Vadis." made in Italy 33 years ago, was dug up by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. They gave it special showing and it laid a great big egg. Arouses Controversy FRIDAY Sunncr Club Headline Edition Fulton Lewis. Jr.

6jSH Vth 8how :43 (Edward I R. Murrow NGarhart DHa.vmes Show Inside of SporU -ToolThT-Jsck Cirson Band of Amcrlc; H.rnrnetr. This p.rl. rc-H Theatre Fddie Cantor Break the Bank News Snorts rord Theatre Kdd jor Brcak the Bank Baseball Game 30 fv Goodnwife The Sheriff- Shrc eoort v. Hussey My Good Wife Roll Call "orTiphillin "Mort-i.

Dragnet Green Playhouse, Dragnet Show versus IDirk Jurgen'a Snorts Newsreel Treasury Band ort Worth :45 I Orchestra Jack Berch Show Trvrm (News Frank Paga Newsf-Gearhart World at Large SrorTDWort I 1:15 jSoorts Final World News Medical Ass Baseball board I (Ha.vride Hit Parade Snortfolio Mutual Or. -New :43 IHayride HitParade Frank Sinatra L. Welk Orch. Parade" News Meadow- News-SINE! Mutual Orlh. I :15 IHayride Hit Parade brook Club Mutual Orch.

:30 1130 Club "3arlCe Mutual :45 11130 Club Band New tZZL 1 fl30 Club SINE OFFI SINE1 I :15 11130 Club I 11130 Club j5J1130 Club 1:00 INews :05 ISINE OFr Hollywood. EmeriC Pressburger nd Michael Powell, who produced rx1 directed "Red Shfes," will be here this weekend to show Samuel Goldwyn "The rimpernel," ith David Niven. They'll also confer with Sam and Gary Cooper about making "The Life of Hans Christian Alex Korda would also like to be a partner in the venture. All five have been talking about this story for many years and this is their opportunity to make it. Scenes v.ould be shot in Denmark.

I hope It's done. The idea is too ereat to be dropped. Here would be a film for all ages. Owen Davis, ho drowned a few weeks ago, was orkin on television show for Mary Garden, who arrives from Friday night on CBS-KWKII The Jack Carson Show 7:00 P.M. My Favorifo Husband 7:30 P.M.

Philip Morris Playh ouso 9 P.M. Tune To in 1130 kc. 94.5 mc. KWKH-FM NOW 5 MUM I JU I "'I lit i i itii mm innriian -mJi 8 WW BEAUTEOUS "Metropolitan opera soprano Dorothy Kirsten (right) is going to sue television comedian Milton Berle (above) for an impersonation of her on his program which, she'll sue, was "just horrible." Singer Catherine Mastice did the impersonating, in a blond wig. Grandma's Mate Is Different Now folumbus, Ohio (U.R) The modern girl is looking for different things in her future husband than grandma did, a survey by an Ohio State university graduate student re vealed.

The quality grandma looked for in a man was whether he was a go-d provider, but two generations later, the girls are looking for men with personality, interesting hol- bies and Interests similar to their own. Marvin R. Holler, 30. of Cleveland, has found out quite a few facts about courtship practices during three generations as he makes a survey for a doctorate in eo-ci ilogy at Ohio State. For his research, he sends questionnaires to three generations of ALWAYS the BEST Ones lie 36c 50c OPEN 1:43 Now Showing Paramount Picturt slorrlnf JOHN PAYNE GAIL RUSSELL SIlKlINLi HlTDtN GEORGE HAYES DICK rORAN with I0UARD0 NORIEGA MNPY HUU 1 MAP? fUH HUGHES 'BUGS BUNNY t'olor Cartoon Latest News SAT.

MORNING SHOW Uc-31c OPEN 9:10 "DEEP in the HEART of TEXAS" With JOHNNY MACK BROWN and TEX RITTER Plus LAUREL and HARDY Comedy OPENS 10:45 A.M. Admission: Adults 25c: Child 9c FURIOUS DEADLY for fearless end the brave women who followed them I Up Selected bjil Ah) jf Photoplay Magazine fjiMi as the rwTfaTl: Outstanding Action Poromoun UW'M 7 Quart Daily Is Man's Whisky Capacity, Science Concludes EVENING KWKH-FM (Frequency Modulation) 94 MC P. M. 12:30 World Wide News 12:45 Guiding Light 1:00 Smile Program 1:13 Big Sister 1:30 This Is Nora Drake 1:45 Perry Mason 2:00 David Harum 2:15 Hilltop House 2:30 Robert Q. Lewis Show 3:00 Wishing Well Beat 3:15 the Clock 3:30 Winner Take All 3:43 Saddle Serenade 4:00 Saddle Serenade 4:15 Harmie Smith 4:30 In the Groove 4:45 Groovie's Boogie 5:00 News Sports 5:15 Weather Forecast News 5:30 Curt Masscy 5:45 Lowell Thomas 6:00 Beulah 0:15 Jack Smith Show 0:30 Club 15 6:15 Edward R.

Murrow 7:00 Jack Carson Show 7:30 My Favorite Husband 8:00 Ford Theatre 9:00 Phillip Morris Playhouse 9:30 Dick Jurgen's Orch. News Frank Page 10:15 Sports Final Handless Veteran Has Manv Friends Chicago (U.R) Lawrence Borko, 30-vear-old handless veteran, sud- Scotland In September. Glenn Ford's looking for a story which would co-star himself and Eleanor Powell. lie would also like to direct it. We'd like to see Eleanor on the screen again.

Bing Crosby's in the laundry business and doesn't know it. Brother Larry brought out a new product which preserves the color and fabric of clothes. Paramount' used jt on their stars' stockings, and call it perfect. Contract stars get their hosiery free. Snmptimpe iney use is to zo pairs per picture.

The Audie Murphvs denv they're blessed eventing Yvonne De Carlo was in Texas when she heard that she would marry Jacques Mahoncy, stunt man. Yvonne had nothing to do with the story. Elizabeth Taylor's engagement to Bill Pawley, Jr. has teen-agers in a twitter. Other 17-year-olds are saying, "If Elizabeth can marry now, whv can't If they marry this fail it ill create an amusing precedent, because Elizabeth still will have to attend school.

Question Is: Will Bill carry her schoolbooks They're a swell couple. Tomorrow night Janet and Adrian will show the color motion pictures they took on their African jaunt to the Norman Chandlers, Leonard Firestones and a few more friends. I can hardly wait. Adrian said when he first ran them and saw how close he'd come to a giant elephant, he nearly fainted. But while taking the pictures, he hadn't a tremor of fear Hunt Strom-berg, tried his hand producing plays in Xew York.

He was suc cessful, too. Now Daryl Zanuck has signed him at 20th Century to develop properties that have been gathering dust. When he finds one to their liking, he'll produce. New York's Grand Central Terminal has always fascinated me. I've always wanted a room topside to watch the hustle and bustle there.

Paramount'8 bought "Manhattan Madness," which takes place in Grand Central. The leading character is a railroad detective, and will be played by either Ray Milland or Alan Ladd Don Loper took his bits and pieces meaning clothes to New York for a three weeks showing. Emmy Burlingham will be back there to launch them Pat Casey's friends everywhere are delighted that he has been made a SWIM IN SAFETY Life Guard on Duty at All Hours POOL IS OPEN 12 Noon 'til Midnight TOP-O-TH E.HILL 4 Milat Out Mindan Rood Charles and Nita Jennyss Take Pleasure in Inviting You to Shreveports Newest AIR CONDITIONED RESTAURANT Specializing in Country Fried Steak Jumbo French Fried Shrimp $1.25 Crisp Country Green Salad With Our Own French Dressing 40c Noon Lunches and A la Carte Dinners 75c and up Children's Plate 35c, 50c Music No Cover Charge SUNDAY DELUXE DINNERS $1.50 THE GYPSY 323 Market St. Across From Washington-Youree OPEN! ON THE RANulS -v A mm LOU nnATT rnrTrilA i I i in ft ff lu CUT U. S.

SAVINGS BONDS MAY 16 JUNE 30- k-dm THESE THEATRES ARE CO-OPERATING lie 36c 51c NOW SHOWING iMturtny TAMIROFr Mint M.ttrrv wiuncno John Litel -ALSO COLOR CARTOON NEWS STARTING SUNDAY WAYNE MORttS JAMS rAKT 14c 36c 51c NOW SHOWING Randolph RAINES jrJc COLOR CARTOON NEWS STARTING SUNDAY 14c-25c Alwaj Today and Saturday 7" Virginia Circv-J. Weissmuller "JUNGLE JIM" Helen Parrish-C. Starrett 'Quiick on the Trigger" SUNDAY and MONDAY "You're Not So Tough" "Man from Colorado' 14c-31c ALWAYS 2:00 PM. TODAY ONLY DOUBLE FEATURE "INDIA SPEAKS" 'NIGHT TRAIN to MEMPHIS', 111 llil I i W'lU'l III tHi'li A 14c-25c ALWAYS LAST TIMES TODAY Dan Dailey- Celeste Holm 'Chicken Every Sunday Musical News 14c-25? ALWAYS 2 P.M. LAST TIMES TODAY William Elliott Adrian Booth "The Last Bandit' -News Cartoon Novelty LAST TIMES TONIGHT Judy Canova ALL WEB femes of age 36c S.

Sumnirev ille in PIDD1V HEAD" -Leave Us Chase If ALf evict 1US lOMITTCaV HI Cartoon News Chap. 4 "Jesse James Rides Afain" I rTLMTIJ rrcS Of TEC. rORBIDDEJf LA zones or sLW '-mm iu rm IjMMieM. mmm mm women those of the college age level, their mothers, and their maternal grandmothers. A total of 1,500 women 500 In each generation have been questioned, and one of the unchanging customs Holler has unearthed shows that it always has been the man who has picked up the check.

It was a little easier on grandpa, how ever, since grandma says 'dates were less frequent then and much time was spent in the parlor, where you didn't need a big bankroll. OPEN 2 P.M. 14c-36c LAST TIMES TODAY "CRY OF THE CITY" With Victor Mature and Richard Conte Cartoon News OPEN ADM. PHONE 10:45 4c -56c 3-0615 LAST 2 DAYS QifcfDilh DlillGIIT! WALT DISM'S SO DEAR TO MY HEART lUKUVtS-KUUNIOHDI HARRY tRT-IUN fATItM and BOBlr OdiiCOtl HO PlCtUtlt, IM. cotoiuTECNNiCOLCR STARTING SUNDAY Hi Lusty Thunderous WALTER BRENNAN PHYUIS THAXTEI FRANK FAYIEN TOM TULIY OPEN JL.

ADM. jL. PHONE 1:15 7T 14c-51c T-242T OW SHOWING Jws everything! tr, Open i Adm. 1:45 14c-3fic Today JOHN GARFIELD in "innn: fix? irriT 1 The experiments showed the maximum toleration of dogs for alcohol is from 186 milograms per hour, to 2:10 milograms for each kilogram of weight. Given more, the alcohol builds up in the system causing unconsciousness or death.

Translated in terms of a 154- pound man and 100 proof whiskey, it gives man a capacity maximum of one quart a day. Newman says the dog's ability to handle alcohol is approximately that of man, weight for weight. Dr. Leopold Wexburg. director of the District of Columbia rehabilitation program for alcoholics, says this capacity figure appears accurate according to his observations.

Hut he says there are a great many people of 154 pounds who can't take this amount. Some people have constitutions that place their drinking capacity much lower. This capacity, among other things, is governed by your metabolism rate the rate at which your body consumes food. Altitude also affects body functions, and generally high altitude reduces capacity for liquor. The state of your health figures in, too.

And if you eat food with liquor it slows down the effects. From a drinker's standpoint, one imbiber summed It up this way: "I think I can drink more than a quart. The trouble first quart I can't count Alexandria Elks Plan for Flag Day Alexandria. La. June 9 (Special) The Alexandria Elks lodge is arranging a program in observance of Flag Day, Tuesday, June 14.

lodge officers eaid Wednesday. A public ceremony will be held at the Elks home, fourth and De Soto, at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Elks officials requested business houses to display the American flag all day Tuesday. Roll Film Developed PrinUd and Exposure 24 Hour Service-Mall Orders Handled Promptly PHOTO COPIES DISCHARGE PAPERS, ETC.

4-HOUR SERVICE Mail er Briny, SILVER'S MOVIE SNAP 402 Inai Shreveport, is, after the'div found he had a lot of friends he bad never known. Borko got a GI loan for a home, but the terms specified the home would have to be painted. He did not. have money lor paint or labor. Twenty fellow veterans, most of them unkown to him, heard of his plight.

They swung into action with paint furnished by a realtor and did the job in one afternoon. I.M ak III in i is By ROBERT E. GE1GER "Washington, June 9 (JP. Science has concluded man's whiskey capacity is a quart a day. Dr.

Henry W. Newman of Stan-j ford university medical school, San Francisco, says a man if he's average probably is in error if he boasts of more. One quart Is the capacity of nn average man weight around 1.14 pounds at sea level in pleasantly icool weather, drinking 100 proof 'whiskey. Heavier people may have slihtly greater capacities, (The doctor wasn't saying, bv any means, that a person can driiiK quart a day without harmful effects. His-thesis was that if thu average person tries to drink more he courts unconsciousness or death.

Washington physician said tint, on a quart a day. the average person would be a "drunken People who boast of their ink-i ing capacity take issue with Dr. Newman. They say his estimate is far too low. Dr.

Newman, writing in the magazine Science, says chronic drinkers fall mostly into two classes: modest people who say they never take more than a couple of beers, and the kind who exaggerate and say they tilt two quarts or more of 100 proof whiskey every 24 hours. That's why he set out to determine man's capacity scientifically. He worked with dogs. He gave them an alcohol-wator mixture, and also injected alcohol into their blood. Those experiments demon strated the rate at which the dogs' bodies disposed of the alcohol, converting it to energy or otherwise utilizing it.

Fast, Fiee Delivery rreorrlptlona Drugs. Liquor. Totacco GREEN WALLS DBUO PHONE 8-1 MZ The Nicest Little Bar in North Louisiana Foot of New Traffic Bridge BOSSIER AIR CONDITIONED ATTEND The Junior League HORSE SHOW June 10, 11 TICKETS AVAILABLE At the Following Stores, HEMEN WAY-JOHNSON ANORESS MOTOR CO. EVANS SPORTING GOODS PEACOCK'S JEWELERS SEIBER BROS. McCRORY'S MUSIC DEPT.

J. PENNEY CO. or PHONE 2-4138 is i i in ill bo" -m IB er I Be- mWmm ill hi rxrrBra i i if I I I III I I I rl fflXUM7i7i lie 4 Fine Blended Whiskey! 90.5 proof. 60X grain 1 -y jjf neutral spirits. Frankfort Distillers N.Y.

I Plus JTiJS I If I mmmgMgmsmmmgs, i color Vl 7-1 if iHff I (PR ive-Tn- theIto SHREVEPORT TIMES SUBSCRIBERS! EAST KINGS HIGHWAY AT PATTON PHONE 8-2465 ADULTS 45c CHILDREN 9c TODAY and SATURDAY I mJXM GOOGIE WITHERS -Jtt A NEW WESTERN fi GLYNIS JOHNS I 1 ('TL1WSTAR 13 BORN! II ie psa mm KKSTOC L'fc' I Jh crAnrj 1 LAST DAY I fW 1 ABBOTT AND COSTELLO rimat Smiley Burnett. 4r I c.roiHy9fcetff "HOLD THAT GHOST" flHtiUl I LUjI CLLU THEY'RE A RIOT TLX XIMtWU. A 'tit? When you do not receive your paper, please call the Circulation Department 6012 OR 3-7139 A paper will be sent to you promptly by special messenger. PLEASE CALL BEFORE 9 A.M. SHREVEPORT TIMES CIRCULATION DEPT.


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