The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUNE 10, 1!M7 COURIER NEWS Bears Take Lead In Southern Ass'n Memphis Chicks Win Twin Bill Toppling Pels from Top Spot ATLANTA. G:i.. June 16. (UP) — Tht'iY- was ;i m:v lender In ilii> Southern Association ll:is cluisc to<!:,-. ii nrars— the ''daffy Doii^- ilu> Southern loop— held r. one ami 1-2 same lend, havint; cU'Uosc-cl (lit; near two-month old Ni",v Orlrans i-t'S'iiiie by sweepin;! n (loiiblriu'adcr from Little Rock yes- U-L<l:iy while the P,'liran s dropped two to M'.'mnhis. Koiuhp.iv: Roy Whitnker scattered rU-hl hits n^. liis Mobile tcamtntues l<iol: I lie (ir;t ijanip from Little 1 n.Kk 5 ID 2. A six-run Mobile rally in the linn! frame won the ni^lit- '•iii; for lefty Paul Minnnv 8 In •! over (lit 1 efforts of Al "Pie" Pii- rhotn. I.lHle Pock'.s hsuxi lurk huiler. Put McGlolliin took over for thr R?ars in the last frump ris Hi" Pi-hs srored one. Flunk blanked the Orps- er'iit City rlmitcr.-; in the first of Hie Ne'.v Orleans-Memphis tangle and tiie Chicks eme-ived with a f\ to 0 win. Burnev Cook, a former Memphis I wirier himself, was the vk-tim of a nine hit Memphis on- ?~huif'ht. A last inning rally won for the Chirks in t-he .second encounter. TritiUni: by one run, :Iie Prolhrnmm counted twice to dowi the P,>Is 5 to 4. Nashville's embattled Vols dropped hack to fourth place in the leit'ii'.e .standings today after a surprising ciisnlay of bnse-knocks by t-he usually punch'ess Atlanta Craek^ 1K s ye- c .iertl:iv. Thf Crux downed the hard-liittint: Vol.s in both ends of oubteheader. 9 to 7 an/I 8 to Cracker initial tilt to aid his own cause. Elmer DinrH, Vol 'gardener, smncketl a Joiir-Wstrr for the Vols with Iwo on in ihe first Riime. Leo T\vurdy slr.ried on the hill for Nashville but w:i s relieved by Neil Sauliu who was" charged will: the loss. Five errors inaired the Atlanta win. fu the second «ame Shelbv Khi- ney turne ( | back the Nashville batsmen v.iili six hits while the Crackers toinu-hed .seven blows, one a Iwo-nm homer by Babe Ellis. Zebulon Eaton saved the day for FACE F1VS.V . ?. rj« : ev Adkins. veteran rip,h™.»nder, homered in the Kirby liros. Drug. Stewarts Drug and tirug stores cvcrywtiera Safety Device 'investigated in Tram Accident CLAKKKVHLK, Toim.. June VI Or) - lie.T.sliijiiUon comiinird to- lay into ihe neeldenl Friday which snw » iiviijht Iniln nnd three rius minxi' ihrrjHuii ,i Hal-Hull), opened lrawbiulBc. un< l into ihe^Ciimbor- and liiu'r. currylni; Ihe rnulnra- ind fin-iiiiin to llu'ir deaths. iivcsiigutHi's soiiBht to determine why ii derail failed to fund!)! which iniriiiuliy would hiive Mu|>i«'>l i\ I rain ,- im >hi i; from ulthur dtrec- n If ;, n L .leetrleal connection lo [he true its on Ihe bridge was bro!'.en. 'Ihe derail safely device hntl been in caii'mtlon n i th L . urlclKe fur yeiirs. having been installed some, nine a Her a passenger iruln pliuip- ed through the bridge In a Mnnhii act-Idem 41 years «B<>. Meninvhlie, the body of M. K, Carter, the fhnnaii. was fcuind rioullni; about a mile downsircum yi'slerday. The body () f j ( ,hn Hindi, the eiiijiiieer. had been recovered I Ka tin-flu)-, lloih men were from 1'ir IS, Telui. Head Courier New.s Winit Ads Dry Cleaning Concern Adds Rug Department O;:enlnn ol r. iiig-c'ieaulni; d..'p:irl- inenl of ]>t'< i-U'.ss Dry Cleaners w:is ivnnoimced lotlay by Jioyce Moon 1 , owner uml inunngci. In cpanhiB lhi s dcp.irlmeril, |h L « size of the Pi'i' Cleaners hulld- Intl. Jlti South rranklln, was doubled and nil new mnehlneiv installed lor the niB work. Mr. Moore said. , . Alter cleaning, lie said, a re- I siziiiK .service is siven .ill HIT; lo restore them lo thi'ir ordinal.sli:,pe 1 and size. | Orders lor run i:iu«..:iu; are accepted by shipment as Well as lo rally, he .s.ild. Army Security Agency Enlistments Now Open nllr.tmenis in (he Regular Army for the Army Sosurlty Anency are low open to certain qualified civilians. It wa s announced today by Stulf scrijt. Don C. Seal ol the Heciultlnij Office here. The Army security Agency needs per.somie] for duly ns Iranslalon, taljulntlim iiiiichlne opemlors, clcrk- lyplsls. voice interceptors, radio- InlelllKence control chiefs, telephone switchboard operators, radio operators and cryiiloBi'nplicrs.Scrnt, Heul suld. Veterans of any branch, of (he Armed Forces who incel certain ciiiiillfiorillons may be enlisted *to li(! sracle they held prior to dli- charKe, he said. • «-„.. . f'OUK I.KL'T—Siotix City Sue, a lioness at Baltimore's Driml Hill Zoo, gave birlli lo tinintupk'ls. Although one died these four are expected, lo .survive. The liitle. fellow at the liyhl pul up qiiilc a squawk al having his picture taken. Civil Liberties Union Objects to Taft-Hartley Bill NEW YORK. June in. <m>>—Tiie American Civil Liberties Union 111-4- ecl President Tnnnan today tu veto tlie Taft-Hartlcy labor bill because six provisions were "a direet violation of labor's civil riglits." A letter sent 10 the President by the organization's board of directors named the following provisions s objectionable: "Tit!e II authorizes the issuance of etnnt injunctions nijon motion of the attorney general to restrain strikes affecting national hcal'.h and safety. We believe that such legislation is not only unnecessary, but fraught with ppril to the maintenance of civil liberties in labor disputes which do not actually designed to protect the interest <if one of the disputants first and public Interest, second. The possibility ol misuse of this procedure Is thus apparent. , Little Rockian Re-elected CIO Union President the Birmingham Barons yesterday to give Frank Tcagan a 6 to 3 win by homering with two mate s abD.v.-cl over Chattanooga, dene 'Babbitt woiked one frame for the 'Barons in a relief role. Vernon Curtis. Alex Zurkowski and Dick Weik toiled for 'Nooga with Ctirtis the loser. Curve- ball artist Roland 'Miller blanked the four hits in the nightcap as the Lookouts survive;! 2 to 0 and regained third plac F-Yank Nelson was the loser. All s eries will be resumed tonight.. strike at national healf., and safe- Dead/ine in August For Applications for Terminal Leave Pay "Any .special statute designed lo deal with such situations opens ttie possibility of its beiiiH invoked: /}! before a national emergency exists; B) in cases where such an finer-1 The deadline for tiling applicn- lions for terminal leave p?.y Is Ail|!. | by Staff Sert;t. Don C. Heal uf the Army Itect'uiting Office here. A Ijilt now belorc Contjve.s:* would make terminal leave bonds negotiable although at present iliey may bo used sis payments on conversion ol National service Life Insurance, lie .said. . Whaf Is It? THE RAZORBACK LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. June in. • UP) — Lee. Tucker of Ultle Ri:ck remained as president of Ui c Arkansas industrial Union eoiincli. CIO, today, following his re-election at the closinc scsiion of the union's 10th annunl convention here yestertlny. Other officers elected were Charles Carter of West Helena, vie 1 ! president; and Charles Catlin of Fort Smith, seoretniy-treusnrer. During their two-dny session tlia union leaders sent :i teleyratn ;,o President Harry Truman requesting that he" veto Ihe Taft-Hariley labor bill recently passed by Con- grcss. Similiir wires were sent to Arkansas Senators John L. McClel- l>in find J. w. FlilbtiHlit. rcquestini; that they sustniu the President'.! veto. Sash and Door Group To Fight Grey Market MEMPHIS. Tenn., June 1C. (UI'> —Delegates from u Sointiei-n states convened here today foi- a meetiiiK of the Southern Hash ami Donr Jobbers Association with means of combaliny the "yrny market" schedule^ to feature discussions. The "gray market" consists of channels through which sash and 1 door material often brines prices 25 per cent above normal. DRUG SPECIALS SOclPANA 39c 35cKLENZO TOOTH BRUSH . 25c 75c LIST.ERINE 59c 50c LYONS TOOTH POWDER . 39c SQUIBB ANGLE TOOTH BRUSH 49c TARTAN SUNTAN LOTION . 50c REX SALVINE for SUNBURN 50c VETO DEODORANT, 2-25c Jars 26c OWENS DRUG STORE YOUR NEW REGULAR ARMY WANTS YOU TO KNOW HOW 400 Million Dollars for telephone growth in the Southwest... 'c'll spend an eslimatecl <100 million liars lo carry out (lie fivt'-vt'nr tclrplionc . . i - dollars lo carry out me nvt'-vear telephone construction and improvement program in (lit; Southwest. A year ago it seemed that we could do llic joh for 250 million dollars. lint today the joh is bigger, largely hecause of the continuing heavy demand, for telephones; and costs have gone up for hoth materials and labor. There are about 235,000 people wajt- ing for service in (he 700 towns we serve in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and a part of Illinois. Applications are .still coming in, at a tale of about oOOOO a month" We have outgrown fhe expaniion plans we made a year ago, even before' new equipment we ordered could all be delivered. That means new and bigger plans to enlarge telephone exchanges. They include: more sections of switchboard . . • more cable and copper wire, more con- duit . . . more poles, more trucks, more tools . . . more new buildings and additions. We need more and then still more of most of the thousands of things used to give telephone service. They take time lo make and they must fit in with present equipment. We'll have the trained men ready to install the new .equipment ns it arrives, construction crews ready to string wire and place cable, splicers to conned lens of thousands of wires, installers lo put in telephones. It's the largest construction program the telephone company lins ever undertaken, and it's marked HUSH. We want lo calch up with the demand for service and then gel ahead foster with the program lo provide the most adequate aud modern telephone service ever known, SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY VOLUNTEERS ARE SELECTED out <* «y«nr 100 VOLUWIWIK vino 20.24^ IHliillHI • ^»>° pass the mental tests J n.36% mw- • • • f * u to pass the physical K •< -± Mto? iftii . . . fail for moral or sub-standard 6.42/p -m\ • • administrative reasons % TOTALS'-' ; - --.,'. f 38 02% -IMMilMHHMMH ' - -. - • • M to P«M ; mi«»IHI»»»«"«" M " MMI ° re 0<eePfe<1 (Based on «gur~ *or January, 1947; wh.n 3S,47C m en enlisted ond 17O2 emended their enl.stment*.) Wfould it surprise you to know that only about 60 out of every 100 volunteers for the new Regular Army can measure up to today's requirements for a soldier? Only the lop G07o of American youth—mentally, morally and physically—can pass the rigid tests. There are reasons for this which your Army wants you lo know: 1| The men we send oversea* must represent you to ' millions of people who are struggling towards democracy. They must be typical of our best. n The truly modern Army requires a far higher type ™ of soldier than ever before. The wide use of scientific materiel and the broad program of research necessitate a superior man. Your Army must lead Ihe world in the caliber of its men if it is to provide , adequate defense in the atomic age. These are reasons why Army enlistment standards today are higher than ever before—why vour new Regular Army, although comparatively small in size — is performing its world-wide duties well. In Japan, for excL-npfe, ours it tfw tmallfft occupation force per ccpila in world history — yet rn«r* it no record of greater achievement in such a sfiorl cpac* of timt. * If you can measure up to these standards, you will find enlistment in the new Regular Army n good career. You will live and work with friends whom you will value always. You will have opportunity for travel and high adventure, nncl a chance to qualify for Officer Candidate Schools nncl Technical Schools. Above all, you will have the deep satisfaction of doing an important job for your country. Ask at any U. S. Ariny Recruiting Station about the many opportunities open to men who volunteer for three years. U. S. Army CHOOSE U. S. ARMY RECRUITING OFFICE Organic urbcin. material |j • moslly Weak,WateryBloo«l Blamed for Making Men and Women Look and Feel Older THAN THEIR YEARS How do Von frcl tit the enri of A d»y? ii that, old lime pop nml drive lacking} Jlnvo yon chocXed-np on your blood fitrcadh lalcly? Thousnnils now renaming plowing Rood looks and vitality UiroUKh thy rcloano of vibrant energy to every inmclo, fibre, cell. Kvcry <Lrty—every hour—millions of tiny rccl-blood-cHlrt imiat pour forth from ttio mnrrow of your bones to re- jjlncu UIOAO Unit nro worn-out. A low bliiotl count may orrcct yo\i In ccvcral" wnys: no nppelltu.nimerwcliOit, no ciler- KV- n KCIUTA! riin-ctown cotHlltlon, lack tif rcfilBtnnce lo liUcclloii and dlscnsor" Tci cH ii'nl relief you must keep up your Ijlooti ftrcumh. Medical nutharltlei,- tiy (vimlyHlrt of Ihe hlood, hi\vo by posi- lU'y nroof fliou'ti Dint SSS Tonic-fa hiii:i/.Itil',Iy cltccUvo In bnlUllUfr up low blood ftlrrni'th In, noii-ortjnn!c nutria ILonul nuctuln. TJiK Is duo lo the MSB Ton I a fcrmulii wlilcli contnlim eiioclal and patent nrilvatLn« Ini-rwUeiita, Al^o, syjj Tonic hplpsj yon cn]oy the rood ycm eat by Increasing the unslrlc <HKr»tU'o Juice wEii'ii IL in noii-orKan|- cnlly too lltllo or sctinty—thug the fltom- nch win tmvu HUlo cftMso to get bnlky • wLUi na-i, bloat nnd civo oil tlmt sour food t'tsu-. Don't v/nitl KrirrRl7.e your body with ioh. fLXl-blood, Btatt-on HHa Tonic now. n vlKorouri bloiHl burnc-s your whole body, urc^tor freahneRs nnU hlrt'ni;ih nliouhi mnko you cjit better, alei'p botiiT. fri.-] bolter, work belter, piny licticr. tmvo n healthy color ulow In )-onr hkln—llrm lU-Hh nil out hollow plnctifl. Mllllo]i.i of bottles oolcl. citt a biMllo from your <lrii« slore. cay 'tonic helps DiiUd Sturdy Jleftlth. »prn ill 7:00.p.m.; Stnrls 7:30 p.m. l/ist Time Today "THE VIRGINIAN {In TtThnicHilorj with .Incl Mcf'rra, Ilrian l^milnv Srtiiiiy Tufts I'arumuuiU News Also Hlinrls Tuesdiiv PAL NITE "The House on 92nd SK" wldi William I'.yllic, I,tuy>l Nolan Kiiiiie llassi> Serial: "The V!i;iluiti>!i" Also Hhorls RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday - «- HUNI STROHBERG pf H£DY LAMARR Womoiu ' GEORGE co. s! a«m a LOUIS ,SAND[RS-HAYWARt) A Hunf Strombng P/orfjtrfon RclcJ«<J ihiu UniUd ArtUt* KKO News A C'omc:lv New Theater Manila's Finest Shows KVKKT NIGHT Matinee Saturday * Sunday • IUi Opens Week Dan 7:** p.m. B*i.-8u. 1 p.m. €.nt Bbcwtaf 2nd Floor City Hall Blythevillc, Ark. Last Time Tottar "GALLANT BESS" A M-G-M Picture Onrjc Tobias, Marshall Tliomnson Also Short Subjects Tuesday "Three On a Ticket" with Hugh Beaumont, Cheryl Walker Selected Short Subjects ' ;

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