The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1950
Page 17
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THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1950 yATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OH, HCW ffLAP I AM IT HAPPENEP AT ONCB--AI-MOST »4- STAX1TLV-- BEFORH WE GOT TEN MILES OUT OF PONT GLCWT- •CU AIW'T OW TH' PAVIM' V6T.' WAIT, DON'T JUMP/ WHERE'* HIS NIBS THIS Y6AH,X MISS. -(He OLD BOY AROUWD THE- PIATTER LlKe T. MISS A STIFF CAN 6PEAR A FORK- LOAD WITHOUT A 6COKEN ARM OR A LONG LECTURE OM .. '.« LORDSHIP DIDftrT COME HOME HE LEFT VESTBRDAV HAD A PART1MS MESS F(?OM Me .'IKE GRAMMAR WAStlHf FAiOCV BUT THE WAS CLEAR—TO OBTAIN EMPtOVMENT PAMCAK&S AMD 5AU5AGES.' BORMTHlgTV VeARS-TDO SOQl-i j^ — * «. ~r.... .• JOB OR. ELSE = Coprri^t 1950 by Kit. fa> NEA SEKVICE. IMC Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PAGE SEVBNTEEM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLO68t« Perish (h« Thought s Political Announcement The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 25 and August 8. FOR COUNT* JUDGE Roland Green FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE U H. AUtry Re-election Post No. 3 Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No. 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleeman(For re-election Post No. 4> For State Senator \V. R. Nicholsou K'tucky No. 31 Fescue Pasture Mixtures, Alfalfa, SEED CORN : State Certified COTTON SEP and SOYBEANS BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1900 W. Main Phone 6856 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Callihan 110 So. First St., Rlytheviife SAVES MONEY! I'rompl Service Expert Workmanship HT-C ALUMINUM CHIMNEY COVERS KfOM BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. So Hiway 61 -Phone 2434 /"•LKMHNCY leaned back on the wooden seal ot the waitinp room at the BH.nrra- yia £mr>loyment agency and wondered wb* it was necessary tor prospective employes to sit on anvlhinp o^iite so hard. I*he room was hnre and austere: decorated, thou.ah that hardly seemed the word. bv n larrje square mirror. It wns prnhahly put there on the wall ns a hint to those hemp cnllpti upon to interview important clients of the firm to. make sure that they nre- sehled a scniniifonsty neat appearance. Clemency looked at her reflection in it and the reflection looked back at her without any of the satisfaction which an ornamental young woman of 22 has the right to feel, with the knowledge that she Is rather charming to look »t up to now. this canicular Toung woman had found good looks rather more of a liability than an asset. Quite a number of .-7omen seemed to prefer their children's nursery governess to be elderly and not so ?ood looking. She was conscious of mounting nervousness [f she didnl get a job soon she would have to go home, and-that-was the last thing she wanted to happen. The'little flower-decked railway station at Belsham Lacy, the country town in the West Country of England where her father's legal practice was established, seemed like a prison gate. . At'that moment the door of the inner sanctuary opened and tiie tall, fair girl who had gone In last came out. shutting the door behind her. "* Clemency glanced at her, boning to ash the outcome of the Interview to which the girl baa been called 10 minutes ago fhelr eyes met, as though tn answer to her thought, the other paused beside her. * "No luck. She wanted me to go abroad, but 1 (loot Intend lo tie myself up. When my fiance comes back trom Germany we'll 6« getting married.™ • • • office door opened again and Miss Simson, the proprietress of the agency, looked out. "Miss Norton." She beckoned. Clemency rose at once to obey the summons, with a smile *t the J fair girl. Miss Simson drew the dour she •was holding a tittle closet. "Ju«t a minute." she said tn a tow votcc. : "It's no use wasting any more ot ' my client's tame unless you are willing to consider a post abroad r— North Africa?" | . North Atrtcal Farther than i Clemency had ever Hoped to go (Visions ot things >ne Bad always j yearned after sbone brilhanUy out. Her hean gave a little excited leap, but tier roice—stM nad a particularly pretty speakmg voice—was calm a* she answered: "I've no objection to going anywhere abroad.™ "Good." Miss Simson motioned her to to How A» she entered the Inner office she said: "1 don't think we need despair Mrs Amberly. Here Is th* other young woman about whom 1 spoke, I think she would suit you." "That sounds too good to be true " There was a touch of acidity In the slow slightly drawling voice. Clemency's flrs« impressions of Syne Amoeriey were that trw looked u though stw nad stepped out of the pages o» • tashion magazine and that st» wae one at the mosi breath-Ukmgly tovery creatures she nad svei seen She had dark red ban and the 9awle» skin thai goes with n n» wtmte effect was so dazzling that Clemency did not attempt to analyze them Miss Simson said: -III leave you Cleucncy noted that Sjrtf Ambcrln hmd > ithtloct •I tad temper about her lip*. to talk," and disappeared through another door on the other side of the room. • • • AMBERLY lit a clgaret as she appraised Clemency. Then: "Are you sure you are will- Ing to go to North Africa?" she asked, "Make up your mind definitely before we go any further. It would be too crashingly boring to find out all about you and then have you say. like that Idiot who just left, that you don't want to 'travel'.* "On the contrary," Clemency replied quietly, "there Is nothing I'd like better than to travel" "Good." Clemency's prospective employer 1 * smile seemed spontaneous and brilliant, although it did not change oer eyes- They were strange eyes, almond shaped with an uncommon shade of hazel- green, with a line of gold around the edge ot the iris. She continued: "I've one tittle girl, nearly four years old. She's rather out ol Hand at present. 1 brought her back for a tonsil op- eraOon, and her governess with her. 1 thought the governess would go back witi> me— but she suddenly derided that she must stay n«™. .A most abominably dirty trick— she knew we were due to leave next week, and she let me down at the last moment I don't think any reference she gets from me will secure her another tobl" Mrs. Amberley'i mouth set, and Llemency noted that when she vas nrx smiling there was • distinct suggestion of bad temper, almost of cruelty, about the line at those red lips. realizing for the first time that her prospective employe was standing, Syrie said carelessly: "Do sit down. I hate looking up at people when I'm talking to them.- and as she was obeyed: "I suppose '' k>olted after < * udreo "»"No. but mo my fond oir children aod good with them. The matron of the school will give me a reference Arid I looked after I friend s children for several weeks last summer." Syrie's icugfc was brittle. "What about your family? Frankly, relations are an absolute curse.- My family would not interfere with we." said Clemency quietly. *» father 1> a solicitor in Devonshire where nil. father and irrand- ratner practiced before him. He I* mamed again aad I prefer not W "ve at ftoroe- Syne looked at Her more clow- ly The jiri was pretty— unusual, too. that golden Hair with mow enormous brown expressive eyes. Syne had oo objection to the "iod looks at >rl y gjpi wfH) was „„, likely to trespass on Her domain— and Baba'» governess would hardly be likely to do that As for the men of the household— If only Jon would show some Interest tn a pretty face, it might help to solve a problem. And Piers—Syrie's eyes were suddenly secretive- Mrs. Amberley'i soft, slow voice' said: "We 'ive on an oasis near a place called El Barata—about JO miles from Biskra. But 30 miles In the desert is just nothing, rhe house belongs lo my husband's brother Piers Amberley. it belonged originally to a sheik and was left to Piers by an eccentric relative. We went there because my husband bad been—ill." An odd. furtive expression crossed the beautiful face and was gone In an instant "We'll probably stay there. Piers cant bear his younger brother out ot his sight." She puffed on her cigaret jyjRS. AMBERLEY drummed tht tips ol ber exquisitely manicured nails on the table. "What , want," she said frankly, "Is some-, one who isn't afraid of responsl-' bility and who will be able to take Baba ofl my bands. Ot course, I'm tond of the child, although Pd rather have nad a boy If I bad to have one. Jon is sentimental over infants. He oughi to have mameo a girl who would have crowds of the creatures and gone gooey over them. However"—she shrugged— "1 dont intend to do anything about that I'm not shocking ynuT' "If people dont like children they just dont," said Clemency "Exactly. You aod Bab* iwvr one wing of the house practical!} to yourselves and your own courtyard. There's a car for your use when you want to go out and car arrange time ofl. We nave ar Arab nursery maid who's quite good I'd like you to agree to stay for two yean." "You might want me to leave long before that!" "Not as loog as Toa <-,,,, „„, the duties 1 have outlined. rh» salary is 200 pounds a year." "It sounds wonderful." 'One more thing. Ar« you engaged or anything like that?" ^NoUving." "You wool suddenly want to get married then?" J 1 «*>"»<» think it the most uo likely thing in the world." "Then, will you be ready • week from today? And car you conx and see me at the Savoy tomor row at «r~ "1* you care lo take up my reference* quickly, i could star! tomorrow." uxj Clemency. "Ob, bother the relerences. I'tr. stir* you wool disappear with m> jewelry." Syne'« laugb could De pretty, though It wa» « UttJ« harsh. "Come tomorrow As i matter of fact. I want to go out of town tor the week-end and If you were with B«b«. It would be • relief Ah. what's your namef Norton Clemency Norton,' (T« n« c«aUn«ed) A total of 1,M8 races will be run during the 196 days of the New York racing season. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. N1ES & NIES lAll Types Cieepl Cancer) SM M.iln RlTlhri-lllr Arfc GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUBI. _ KEROSENE FUKf, OIL - DIESEL FUEL OH, & GREASK G. 0. POETZOILCO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: 116 W. Walnut Hulk Plant: Promised Und SUftRP PUYERS,DOOT GIRLS B»r US! , , 1 CAUTSTAWDir/ M Next week we will discuss the question of husband participation when wives are on reducing diets!" I'RISCILLA'S POP This Changing World BY AL VERMEEB LIKE MY NEW LIPS-TICK, DEAR? IT COST A BEFORE WE WERE MARRIED YOU ALWAYS KISSED ME ID TRY MY NEW LIPSTICK! YOU'D KEEP IT UP TILL I'D HAVE TO PUT ON SOME MORE' YES, BUT IN THOSE DAYS I DIDN'T HAVE TO P«Y FOR VOUR COSMETICS! 1 The Boy Comes Througl BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAN» /THAT COWARDLY BRAT DOESN'T KNOW IT, BUT THE KEROSENE HE'S DUMPING ON THE FLOOR 15 COINS TO INCINERATE' HIM AS WELL AS FLINT AND THAT BLOND. THERE'S A KNIFE IN A\Y POCKET, CHRISTOPHER. DON'T MEASTMf ktO MOVING.! KTH« CHECK 10 S« WHAT HE* COINS/ CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNKB THEM PAVMINTS TO \THE PUGH BOVS) BUT I MIZ COWDEEY IS ftLL XFIGUEED IT IWJST K SOME IM SILUEE. SO i HMDS OUT |U TOWN WHO GETS A FIVES? CKftWSED INTO SILVER Douftes MOST 1 MOUTH- TH' PUGH 60 VS! IT DON'T WftKE ^/EITHER Of 'EVl ftfcTISTS, SENSE! THEV AIN'T I MK.COBB? THIS HEftD'S TH' KIND TO PAV A BIT CEUDt BUT IT'D ANVBODV ANVTHIN61 TAKE SOME SKIIJ.TO GET WITHOUT A FISHT. XjHJS LIKENESS OF PMJ BESIDES — MIWBEr.,,BUT HE DIDN7! « *DLL CONVINCid DAN WAS KAD S WO'M. THEmVTHE PllSd BOV* GOT MOW PROM JUST A COUPIR \CHEVENNE. OH,IFWEO«IIV H*D THE PAPER. THAT BIEW MMV— DUMB DXES, I WAS WON DEE IN 1 IP PAN COULD* -ER- SCULPTED HISSELF? ICMMODJ COMKHKE BUGS BUNNY The One anrt Onlv BUGS,WILL YOU HELP ME PUT TOGETHER MY MODEL ,.' LE'S SEE, PAST HO GOES INTO ZF... ..NOBODY ELSE MAS GOT ONE LIKE fry Come Oul Here. Bub BY V. T. HAMI.IN WHAT IS IT, AL? r / SHH; PONT SEE I HOLD IT. A THING: MOMENT- NOW... WATCH YOUR HOOTS ANT) HER RUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIJt wo w ,v life'. NEVER

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